Port Charles Transcript Thursday 7/12/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Ian: There you go. Hot chocolate for you.

Eve: Mmm.

Ian: Ah. How's that?

Eve: Amazing.

Ian: Yeah? How about the loving husband who got up at the crack of dawn to get you the stuff?

Eve: Mmm, just as amazing as these eclairs. And I plan on showing him just how appreciative I am as soon as I polish off this box.

Ian: Oh. How appreciative is appreciative?

Eve: I knew there was an ulterior motive.

Ian: Is Michael still sleeping?

Eve: Oh. Yeah, I almost forgot.

Ian: Wish I could.

Eve: What?

Ian: Nothing.

Eve: Ian?

Ian: Hmm. We need to talk.

Eve: About what?

Ian: About our roommate.

Eve: Ok. Is there a problem?

Ian: I don't want him staying here, not another night.

Jill: Lucy, I've been trying to reach you. The board meeting has been pushed back.

Lucy: Oh -- that's a good thing. Hey, we can have breakfast together.

Kevin: Yeah.

Jill: Uh, no, you can't because there's an officer waiting in the on-call room. He said to send you in as soon as possible.

Lucy: A police officer?

Jill: There's been another murder.

Kevin: I guess I'd better get in right now. Thank you, Jill.

Jill: You're welcome.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I want to go with you.

Kevin: Uh -- Lucy --

Lucy: No, come on, Doc. Partners, right? And I promise, hmm, mum's the word. I won't say anything. I'll be quiet. I'll be good.

Kevin: Quiet?

Lucy: Silent partner.

Kevin: Silent?

Lucy: Yes. I'll be a silent partner.

Woman: I keep telling you -- I don't know what happened to Garth.

Kevin: Andy?

Andy Capelli: Hey, Doc. I'm glad you're here. This is Joyce Jennings.

Joyce: J.J., ok? J.J. And I already told him everything I know. I just met Garth. We were getting, you know, kind of friendly. Next thing I know, Garth takes off with the queen of dirty dancing, out the door with that slut. And then I heard he was -- oh, God.

Andy: Look, I'm sorry, J.J.

J.J.: Look, I just want to throw some water on my face. You got a place?

Frank: I'll show you.

J.J.: Ok.

Kevin: Ok. Anybody want to catch me up?

Andy: Our friend J.J. was with the last of the three broken necks found in the past few days.

Emilio: Frank and I found the first, bottom of the ravine.

Andy: Zach Vernon, and then some vagrant John Doe in a warehouse alley.

Kevin: No marks on the bodies?

Andy: All three bled out, Doc, and there was no blood at the scene.

Frank: And they all three had that look on their face.

Lucy: What? What look?

Frank: Like they'd all peeked into the mouth of hell before they checked out.

Andy: The department can't help thinking that there might be some kind of wacko serial killer prowling around.

Frank: Hey, heads up, guys.

Kevin: J.J., you feel better?

J.J.: You know, I'd just like to go home. You can call with any more questions. I'll be there.

Andy: Fine, J.J. I'll give you a ride. Dr. Collins?

Kevin: I'll be in my office.

Andy: Thanks. After you, J.J.

J.J.: That's the slut.

Kevin: That's a nurse here at the hospital.

J.J.: Well, you don't understand. She was with him. She's the woman who took off with Garth.

Chris: Sam. I was wondering where you were. You never showed up at the Recovery Room.

Sam: Yeah, that's because your brother tried to kill me.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Sam: I'm serious. The guy's not human. He's not human at all.

Jack: Jeez. Even a hardwood bench would be better than down here. What the --

Caleb: Of all the churches in all the world, you happen to stumble into mine. Well, now that you're here, what are we going to do for fun? Too bad, Jack. So it's just us.

Eve: Ian, Michael has been nothing but sweet and loving ever since --

Ian: Yeah, a little too much of both, as far as I'm concerned.

Eve: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. After everything we have been through together, you're not honestly saying that you think I have a thing for Michael.

Ian: I'm not saying that.

Eve: Well, then, why are we having this discussion?

Ian: What I'm saying is I don't like the way he looks at you.

Eve: Ian, he's a priest.

Ian: He's a man, Eve. He's a man.

Andy: So you did leave with him?

Kevin: Andy --

Gabriela: Did I meet a guy named Garth at a bar? Sure. But I didn't know he was dead until you told me.

J.J.: Please, her hands were all over him.

Emilio: Hey, wait a minute.

J.J.: Bumping and grinding like a 20-year pro.

Emilio: Hey, watch it. That's my sister!

Frank: All right, calm down, calm down.

Emilio: Hey, hey, nobody talks about my family --

Andy: All right, that's it. Out of here. Get him out of here now. Let's go.

Frank: Emilio, come on.

Andy: All right, we heard your version. It's her turn now.

Gabriela: I did meet Mr. Garth at the Artery bar. We did have a drink. He came on to me. He didn't get what he wanted. He was a little miffed by that, so I got up and left.

J.J.: Liar.

Gabriela: Look, officer, is there anything else? Because as far as I know, it's not a crime to meet a guy in a bar.

Andy: Yeah, you can go, for now.

Gabriela: Thanks. Bye, all.

Andy: So, J.J., you were saying that --

[phone rings]

Andy: I'm going to need privacy for this. Don't you move. I'll be back down here.

Kevin: Oh, don't worry. We'll be here.

J.J.: You got to believe me, it was her -- that nurse. I'm sure she had something to do with Garth ending up dead.

Kevin: But what makes you so sure?

J.J.: Because I saw him. Yeah, Garth and I turned up the volume, but I cool off fast, so I came back. But Garth was still wound up tight, acting really weird, talking to some spooky guy.

Kevin: Hold it. Are you saying that you saw him talking to someone else before Garth disappeared?

J.J.: Yeah, I guess so, some guy at the bar. What about him?

Kevin: Can you tell me what he looks like?

J.J.: Yeah -- like he thought he owned the place. Dark brown hair, handsome, eyes like -- oh, I don't know. Never seen eyes like that before.

Caleb: Wait -- don't tell me, Jack. You got garlic around your neck? Oh, come on.

Jack: But how?

Caleb: Stories. I love linguine carbonara, extra garlic, a little sprig of wolfsbane on top -- mmm. Wash it down with a big mug of holy water. Oh, I'll admit, I_-- I burn real easy in the sunlight. But all that stuff about shriveling to dust if we're out after sunrise? That's all Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, Jack. All those things you thought you'd memorized from the late-night movies? Wrong, Jack -- dead wrong.

Jack: Yeah, well, one rule works. I saw it myself. You can't lay one fang on me in the presence of love, in front of Livvie. That's why you killed me the last time you saw me.

Caleb: True. I do love Olivia. And you're right, Jack. I can't kill in the presence of love. But then again, I don't think Olivia's here now, is she?

Eve: I refuse to believe that you are jealous of a priest.

Ian: I'm not jealous of a priest. I am uncomfortable.

Eve: About what?

Ian: About a priest having feelings for my wife, feelings that he may or may not be aware of.

Eve: Ok, but, fine. So you want me to walk in there and tell him "I am so sorry, but my husband thinks you've got the hots for me, so you have to go?"

Ian: I told you, I don't even think he's aware of it.

Eve: Listen, Ian, whatever your suspicions are, they're wrong. So, please -- please just let this go. Ok?

Ian: All right.

Eve: Thank you.

Ian: For now anyway.

Chris: Here's $500. That should get you out of town. If my brother's as dangerous as you say he is, I suggest you stay out.

Sam: Oh, he is, big time.

Jill: Excuse me, Dr. Ramsey. We have a problem -- the blood bank.

Frank: I don't get it. So what if some bulldog biker chick runs her mouth off about your sister.

Emilio: You're right. It's not what that witch said about Gabby. It's Gabby. Something's going on and she won't talk.

Frank: Joe is worried, too.

Emilio: What?

Frank: Well, before he left, he asked me to keep an eye on Gabby, something about her falling for some guy in record time.

Emilio: Yeah -- head over heels. She won't even bring him to the house, tell us his name. She's throwing up all kinds of walls and driving my mom nuts. She's changed overnight, Frank. My sister's a stranger. It's like I don't even know who she is anymore.

Chris: Gabby, what's up down at the blood bank?

Gabriela: What do you mean?

Chris: Well, they just handed me the inventory. We're short.

Gabriela: What? That's impossible.

Chris: Apparently not. Now, I put you in charge down there. Now there's blood missing.

Gabriela: I don't understand.

Chris: The question is, who took it?

J.J.: Longer. His hair is longer.

Lucy: And -- and the eyes, that eye.

Kevin: Longer eyes?

J.J.: Bigger -- and blue.

Lucy: Yeah, and piercing, much -- much more piercing, like he can look right through you.

J.J.: That's right. That was it.

Lucy: Yeah, and the bridge of his nose -- it's thinner, thinner.

Kevin: Yeah, all right. You mean more like that?

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, and his lips are fuller.

J.J.: Redder.

Lucy: Yeah, and more cruel. Much more cruel.

J.J.: There, that's him. That's the guy.

Kevin: Are you sure?

J.J.: Oh, yeah. Oh, scary dude.

Lucy: Doc, she's absolutely right. She's right. That's him. I will never, ever forget his face.

Kevin: Hold on. Lucy, what is going on? How do you know what this man looks like?

Lucy: Because I saw him.

Kevin: Where?

Lucy: At the lighthouse the other day. This is the stranger that came to your door.

Livvie: Hello?

Jack's Voice: Livvie?

Livvie: Jack?

Jack's Voice: It's me, Livvie. It's Jack. Here I am.

Caleb's Voice: Olivia?

Livvie: What?

Caleb's Voice: Come to me.

Jack's Voice: Livvie, where are you?

Caleb's Voice: I'm waiting for you. Come to me, Olivia.

Caleb: I said come here! Someone's got potential. I'm -- I'm impressed, Jack. I am. Give in and cross over.

Jack: What, and kill someone? No. I'm not going to do it.

Caleb: You can live forever, Jack. Come join me, while the offer's still on the table, because you can't beat me.

Jack: No, you're wrong. I will.

Caleb: You can't. Look at me.

Jack: No. No, I will not let myself be like you. I will not be one of the walking dead.

Caleb: Then you'll just be dead, period.

[Caleb hisses]

Gabriela: There can't be this much blood missing. It doesn't make sense.

Chris: Well, have you noticed anyone coming out of the blood bank who hasn't signed off on the manifest?

Gabriela: No one.

Chris: Gabby, someone did. Now figure it out and take care of it.

Gabriela: Right, I will, Chris. I promise.

Gabriela's Voice: Don't you know it's a serious offense to tamper with blood, Jamal?

Gabriela: Don't you worry about a thing. I'll take care of it.

Ian: Better go or you're going to be late.

Eve: Ok.

Ian: Come on.

Eve: All right. Hey, you're going to be in the clinic in an hour, right? Do you want me to stop by?

Ian: What do you think?

Eve: I think I'll see you later.

Ian: Mm-hmm. Bye.

Eve: Bye.

[Ian purrs]

[Eve laughs]

Ian: Victor? Hey, it's Ian. Hi. I've got another favor to ask you. I need you to find out everything you can about a priest by the name of Michael Morley. Yeah, good. Thank -- the sooner, the better. Cheers.

Kevin: Lucy, you're saying that this man, this stranger, a possible suspect in three murders, came to the lighthouse, knocked on the door, and you spoke to him?

Lucy: Yes.

Kevin: All right, Lucy, what did he want? What did he say? What did --

Lucy: Aren't you listening, Doc? I -- I didn't want -- I didn't want to talk to him. I had this horrible feeling about him. I just wanted to shut the door.

Kevin: All right, Lucy. What kind of a feeling? By that, I mean what went through your mind?

Lucy: I don't know, just a deep-seated feeling that I had to get away, that something was very wrong.

Kevin: You're right about that.

Lucy: Doc, what does it mean? What could it be about? Why would the stranger -- why would this man be at your door?

Kevin: I don't know. That's a good question, Lucy, but we're going to have to find out the answer to that quick.

Caleb: Oh, that's it, Jack. Keep your distance. I can't hurt you if I can't touch you, right?

Jack: You think I'm afraid?

Caleb: Nothing is how it seems, Jack. Vampires are real. We've got tricks that haven't made the movies yet. And Olivia loves me.

Jack: You brainwash a woman and you call it love?

Caleb: Call it whatever you want. You know, she came to me on her own, and she wanted me. But I sent her home this time. You see, I'm in no rush. Once you're gone, she'll be mine for eternity -- all her love.

Jack: You don't know what that word means. You have no soul, Caleb. What Livvie and I have is real.

Caleb: Oh, I'll show you real.

Jack: Oh, the hell you will.

Jack: See? You're not the only one with surprises. I'm not as strong as you yet, but I will be soon.

Caleb: Oh, yeah. You're a talented boy, Jack. Very talented. Say goodbye.

Caleb: How did your last breath taste, little man?

Jack: Livvie.

Caleb: Oh!

Caleb: You're getting stronger. You must be feeding somehow.

Jack: Yeah, feeding. Getting stronger -- strong enough to kill you, you sick bastard!

[Caleb growls]

Caleb: Kill me? I'm going to rip you open and drink you dry. This time, you'll stay buried.

Livvie: Jack?

[Jack coughs]

Livvie: Jack? Jack? Jack?

Livvie: Hey. Is that you? Jack, I woke up and you were gone. Ugh. Hey. What are you doing down here? Jack, this place is really creeping me out. I really want to home now, please.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, you know what? Home sounds really good right now. There's no reason we need to keep running. I think I might've found out how to keep this under control. Come on. I want to. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

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Caleb: Jack Ramsey's growing stronger. Someone is helping him to feed.

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