Port Charles Transcript Thursday 7/5/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

[knock on door]

Kevin: Lucy, come on in.

Lucy: Doc! Oh, my goodness. Thank God you're all right. You're ok, right?

Kevin: Of course I'm ok.

Lucy: Everything's fine, right?

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, please keep it down. Livvie's upstairs. She's trying to sleep.

Lucy: Oh, sorry, sorry. I'm sorry. Listen, why -- didn't you get my messages?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Ok. Then why didn't you call me back and let me know that you're fine, you're ok?

Kevin: I did.

Lucy: No, you didn't. I was awake all night. I would have known. You did?

Kevin: Yes, and for somebody who was awake all night, you sounded pretty asleep to me. In fact, you just mumbled something and then you hung up on me.

Lucy: Oh, no, I didn't do that because I was -- awake. Wait a minute. I do remember -- I think I remember that phone call, but I thought it was a dream because I had the most incredibly active dream life last night.

Kevin: Why do you do this, Kevin? Because you love her, Kevin. Care to share, Lucy?

Lucy: I figured out another piece of the puzzle.

Kevin: The puzzle?

Lucy: The big puzzle. The one about the Stranger card and why it keeps popping up. See, I was just sitting there, you know, kind of reading my tarot cards, and I was listening to this psychic call-in show. You know, the -- actually, it's kind of more like an infomercial maybe, but they're on cable TV late at night, you know?

Kevin: Well, I usually watch the old movie channels, but please, go on.

Lucy: Yeah, I know that, but this woman came on -- a psychic named Madame Alicia. Now, first I thought maybe she was just this big, fat, you know, windbag, doesn't know what she's doing because anybody could do -- you know what? I could do one of those psychic call-in shows. I mean, if you can see at all with your mind instead of your eyes, which you really don't need to do --

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: What?

Kevin: The point?

Lucy: Oh! The point is there I am, Doc, I'm doing my tarot card reading, right? And all of a sudden, I somehow connect with Madame Alicia on the air. She's on the air. I'm at home, and we connect. Do you see? And we both came to this incredible conclusion right at the same time.

Kevin: Which is?

Lucy: I don't know exactly. But -- but what it has to do with is a baby boy.

Ian: Ok.

Eve: Gee, I'm thinking maybe I should stay pregnant forever. I could get used to this.

Ian: Oh, no, you don't. As soon as you have this baby, I'm sending you back to work, Lambert.

Eve: Ok, are you going to keep calling me Lambert now that I'm officially a Thornhart?

Ian: This is what I'm going to do.

Eve: What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Ian: Ok. Welcome home, Dr. Lambert, Mrs. Thornhart.

Eve: Thank you, Dr. Thornhart.

Ian: I love you, Lambert.

Eve: Don't ever stop.

Eve: Oh, man. I don't know if it's junior here or Michael's visit last night that kept me up.

Ian: What do you mean?

Eve: Well, I just couldn't stop thinking about Michael and how upset his brother got that I wore that wedding dress. I mean, I didn't know it was his old girlfriend's.

Ian: Yeah, well, maybe we should stay away from those brothers for a while.

Eve: We can't blame Michael for his brother being such a wack job.

Ian: I'm not blaming Michael. But his brother desecrated the church, left him in the basement to die, so I don't know what else he's capable of. And I don't like the idea of Caleb being anywhere near you or our child.

Gabriela's Voice: I don't even know your name.

Caleb's Voice: Caleb.

Gabriela's Voice: Caleb. It's so hot tonight, Caleb.

Caleb's Voice: Not hot enough.

Gabriela's Voice: What have you done to me?

Caleb's Voice: Given you a little taste of the good life.

Gabriela's Voice: I can't stop thinking about you.

Caleb's Voice: Don't even try.

Gabriela's Voice: But I miss you so much when you're gone.

Caleb's Voice: I'm here now. And I have what you need.

Chris: Gabby?

Gabriela: What?

Chris: I have a job for you.

Gabriela: Ok.

Chris: Now, you know we're understaffed, so don't give me any hassles on this. They need you down at the blood bank, ok?

Gabriela: No problems here, doctor.

Karen: Think she'll listen to us?

Frank: Well, we have to try. We promised Joe we'd keep an eye on Gabby. Hey, Gabby.

Gabriela: If you're here to talk about Joe, I'm not interested.

Frank: Well, that's too bad because he's my brother and this messed him up pretty good.

Karen: Frank --

Gabriela: I'm sorry, but he's really better off.

Karen: Joe's just worried about you, Gabby. We all are. I mean, this has all been so sudden with you and this new man.

Gabriela: I know what I'm doing.

Frank: Don't you care about Joe at all?

Gabriela: I will always care about him.

Frank: Then why did you dump him?

Gabriela: You know, I can't talk right now. It's really none of your business, either. I'll get that!

Frank: What -- what -- what is this?

Jack: What are those for?

Jamal: To help us figure out a way how to dust this fool, Caleb.

Jack: I've been working on it, too. Actually, I was just out of here.

Jamal: Where you going?

Jack: I'm going to drive this through that bastard's heart.

Karen: Gabby, I'm sorry, but isn't this a little junior high?

Gabriela: Give me that.

Frank: So, it's Caleb, huh?

Gabriela: That's right.

Karen: Well, at least you know his name now.

Gabriela: You have no right to judge me or who I'm with.

Karen: Gabby, we're not judging you. I thought we were all friends. Friends care for each other. And if this is the guy you want, then you're right, it is your business. But, hey, I'd like to meet him.

Gabriela: Caleb likes to be alone. We mostly hang out at my place.

Frank: You don't go out?

Gabriela: We don't have to. Caleb says I'm all he needs. Look, I really got to go.

Karen: Married.

Frank: Huh?

Karen: He says he needs her. They never go out in public. Married. Gabby gave up Joe for some player.

[Pager beeps]

Karen: That's Eve. I'd better call her.

Frank: Yeah, yeah.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello?

Karen: Hey, Eve.

Eve: Hey, Karen, thanks for getting back to me so fast.

Karen: Oh, what's going on? Where are you?

Eve: I'm at Ian's. I was wondering if you might be able to slip away for a couple minutes.

Ian: Please. I can only deal with these pregnancy hormones for so long.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Karen: Tell Ian I would love to rescue him, but I'm with Frank.

Eve: Well, you can bring him, too. I have news.

Karen: Well, good news, I hope.

Eve: Just come over.

Karen: We'll be right there. Bye. Is that ok?

Frank: Hey, I could use some good news about now. Things have been way too weird around here.

Karen: Let's go.

Frank: Yeah.

Sam: Hey.

Chris: Oh, don't tell me. My brother taking on the WWF now?

Sam: Have you seen him?

Chris: Why? Has something happened?

Sam: No. But I'm scared I'm next. I'm thinking of, you know, maybe trying to cut a deal with him.

Chris: Well, don't.

Sam: Well, what am I supposed to do? Draw a target on my back?

Chris: Look, I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my brother. My advice to you is just steer clear of him.

Jamal: Yo, Jack, just chill for a second, ok?

Jack: Back off, Jamal.

Jamal: Jack, you cannot go out there just driving a stake through Caleb's heart.

Jack: Yeah, what's stopping me, huh?

Jamal: Him, for one. Jack, this guy is a full-fledged vampire. Ok, you're like a -- like half vampire, man. You can't go out there doing all the tricks he can do like disappearing and stuff like that.

Jack: No, no, I can if I become what he is.

Jamal: Yeah, that would mean you have to go out there and --

Jack: I'd have to kill somebody.

Lucy: Ok. There it is again, the Stranger card and -- Doc, the Baby Boy card. Again. Right there. This is what happens every single time I do it.

Kevin: What does that mean?

Lucy: I don't know. I'm not exactly sure. The Stranger card, it means the potential for real evil. And the Baby Boy card is -- it means innocence personified.

Kevin: Oh, well, did you know Innocence has a ketchup stain on the back?

Lucy: Ok, so I like to eat a lot when I'm doing my tarot cards, but, Doc, I think I need to talk to this Madame Alicia. Just consult with her. Set up a meeting.

Kevin: Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that.

Lucy: Well, I wish I could invite you, but I can't. You'd destroy the astral balance.

Kevin: Well, I wouldn't dream of interrupting the harmonic convergence -- only because I'd rather be here for Livvie.

Lucy: Oh. Yeah, that's a good idea. How long do you think she's going to stay?

Kevin: I don't know. As long as she needs to.

Lucy: Yeah. Would you be honest with me? Do you think Jack presents any kind of real danger to Livvie?

Kevin: That depends on what kind of danger you're talking about. Which reminds me, I want to check on her, make sure she's ok.

Lucy: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucy: Hey, I'll get it.

Lucy: Can I help you?

Caleb: I'm lost. You think maybe I could come inside and look at a map?

Lucy: Uh, you know, there's a filling station right down the road there. They'd probably help you there.

Caleb: Then maybe I could use your phone to call them.

Lucy: No. Sorry.

Kevin: Who was that?

Lucy: Uh, just some guy. He was lost.

Kevin: You didn't invite him in for green tea and offer to take him where he was going?

Lucy: No, not this guy.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: I don't know. I can't say. He was just very strange.

Karen: Hey!

Frank: Hi there. How are you?

Eve: Hi. Good.

Karen: Hello. You look so wonderful.

Eve: Thanks.

Karen: Oh. How's the baby?

Eve: Good, good.

Ian: We felt him kick for the first time.

Eve: Aha! He said "he." He wants a boy.

Ian: Well, no, I -- no, in fact, I prefer a girl. How's that?

Karen: Yeah, he wants a boy.

Eve: Thank you.

Frank: Yeah, you see, they always stick together.

[Karen and Eve laugh]

Karen: Well, you know, we could settle this by just doing an ultrasound.

Eve: Oh.

Ian: No, we don't -- it's not --

Eve: No, we don't want to do that, do we?

Ian: Why not? Yeah.

Eve: Really?

Ian: Yeah, sure.

Eve: Ok.

Karen: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute.

Eve: What?

Karen: Before we do this, you didn't call us over here just to tell us the baby kicked, now, did you?

Eve: Hmm. Well, should you tell them or should I?

Ian: You should do it.

Karen: Will someone just tell me?

Eve: Bam!

Karen: You're --

Ian: Married. We tied the knot last night.

Frank: What? Married?

Karen: I'm so happy for both of you.

Eve: Hey, you had a lot to do with making this happen, you know that.

Frank: So, how does it feel to be an old married couple?

Eve: Hey! I'm not old. He's old.

Ian: You look old.

[Karen gasps]

Ian: Let me tell Joseph, all right?

Frank: Yeah, um, about Joe --

Ian: What's the matter?

Caleb: I heard you calling. I never turn down an invitation.

Gabriela: Ah!

Caleb: You've been talking about me.

Gabriela: No, I didn't say anything!

Caleb: Don't -- don't lie to me.

Gabriela: I only told Frank and Karen how special you make me feel.

Caleb: That's because you are special. And beautiful and sexy. You do know there's someone else.

Gabriela: Livvie.

Caleb: Olivia. And you know I can't enter a house uninvited. And that witch is standing guard in the house where she's staying, and she wouldn't let me in. You, however, can go anywhere. I want her, Gabriela. I want Olivia so bad, I can taste her. But I'm going to need your help.

Jamal: You're serious?

Jack: Killing somebody?

Jamal: Yeah.

Jack: Jamal, I'll do anything to protect Livvie from that thing.

Jamal: Jack, didn't this guy just say if you off somebody, then you'd turn into some thing just like him?

Jack: That's the idea, man. Fight fire with fire.

Jamal: Jack, I can get you more blood.

Jack: Jamal, I could drink all the blood in the world and it might not be enough.

Jamal: Look, maybe there's another way. Yeah.

Jack: What other way?

Jamal: I was just reading this. No, no, no, no. Look, look, look. It says that a vampire cannot kill in the presence of someone it loves. There's your answer.

Jack: Huh?

Jamal: Livvie. When you were in the forest, Caleb was going to off you before Livvie showed up.

Jack: No, no, I'm not using Livvie as bait.

Jamal: But it stopped him cold. Look, all right, fine. Fine, fine. Forget that, then, ok? If you do go through with this, who are you going to kill?

Jack: I don't know. I haven't thought much about it. Hey, I guess, someone who has it coming to him.

Chris: You really want to avoid my brother so much, why don't you just leave town?

Sam: I would, but I'm broke. You could give me money.

Chris: Why would I do that?

Sam: Because you feel sorry for me. Or because you're afraid your brother really might hurt me. Or maybe because you haven't stopped looking at my body since I got off the elevator.

Chris: Let's take a walk.

Frank: So, Joe left for the clinic in the Appalachians alone.

Ian: Can't believe that.

Eve: That doesn't sound like Gabby.

Karen: Uh-uh. This guy she's involved with has totally gotten to her.

Eve: Who is he?

Frank: Nobody seems to know.

Karen: Well, I know the type. Feeds her all these lines, how he needs her and tells her how special she is, but wants to keep their relationship a secret.

Eve: He's married.

Karen: Told you.

Frank: Now, how do you know that?

Eve: Oh, come on.

Karen: Because he doesn't want to go out with her. He doesn't want to meet her friends.

Eve: Wants to keep her all to himself.

Eve and Karen: Married.

Ian: Well, maybe he's just the private type.

Frank: Yeah, yeah, think of that.

Eve: You know, guys can be totally clueless.

Karen: Totally.

Frank: Well, I don't know what the guy's story is, but Gabby's a goner. She's been bitten by the love bug.

Karen: Oh, she's been bitten by something, that's for sure.

Kevin: No, that's serious. Where are you? Ok, I'll be right there. I'm off.

Lucy: Wait. No, no, no, no. You just -- you just worked all night.

Kevin: That was Andy. There's a man holding his wife and his 2-year-old son hostage. They need me to try and get through to him.

Lucy: That's terrible. But, Doc, are you sure you can help him out on three hours of sleep?

Kevin: Such is the life of the nutcracker.

Lucy: The what?

Kevin: Yeah, that's what they call us these days.

Lucy: What happened to good old-fashioned shrink?

Kevin: It's passť. Listen, I know you wanted to go meet with Madame --

Kevin and Lucy: Alicia.

Kevin: Would you mind waiting at least until Livvie wakes up? I just want to know she's ok.

Lucy: No, of course not. I'll be right here.

Kevin: Ok.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: Bye.

Lucy: Be careful.

Kevin: I will.

Lucy: Ok, ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Gabriela: Kevin, hi.

Kevin: Gabby, hey.

Gabriela: Is Livvie here? I heard she was.

Kevin: Well, she was sleeping the last time I checked.

Gabriela: I really need to talk to her.

Kevin: Well, I'm on my way out. Maybe Lucy can see if she's up yet, but that doesn't mean you can wake her. Come on in.

Sam: So I guess we're going to have to go to your place because I don't have one.

Chris: You don't really think I'm going to pay you to sleep with me, do you?

Sam: Look, I'm desperate, man. I don't do this, ok? I've never done this before. But your brother really freaked me out. Ok? He's crazy.

Chris: You don't have to do anything. But maybe we can help each other. Ok, something happened to Jack, and I need to know what it is. So meet me at the Recovery Room in an hour. I'll get you some money.

Jamal: So what are you saying? You're just going to go out there and kill somebody off the street? So -- so you think you're God now?

Jack: What else am I going to do?

Jamal: I don't know, but not this. If you cross over, you can't ever be with Livvie. Is that what you want?

Jack: If that's what it takes to keep that psycho away from her.

Jamal: Jack.

Sam: Hi, Jack.

Jack: Hi, Sam.

Sam: It's been a while, huh?

Jack: I was just talking about you, Sam. Hmm.

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Caleb: Very soon, Olivia will be mine. And after that, I'll finally have a family of my own.

Sam: What do you want?

Jack: Someone who doesn't deserve to live.

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