Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 6/27/01

By John
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Lucy: Abe, you -- you do remember me, don't you?

Abe: I remember someone who looks just like you whacking me over the head with a bedpan. What did you bring this time?

Lucy: Oh, you know, I said I'm sorry about that. I -- I certainly didn't mean to hurt you. I'm not a violent person, believe me. I'm actually a nice person.

Abe: Well, nice or not, I'm not supposed to have any visitors.

Lucy: I know. I'm not an ordinary visitor, though. I happen to be on the hospital board here.

Abe: That give you permission to torture the patients?

Lucy: I'm not here to bother you. Listen, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a very good reason. I really think we need to talk about what happened to you in those woods.

Abe: Oh, no, we don't.

Lucy: Yeah, we do. Listen, what was it? Was it an animal attack? Did something attack you? Is that what happened? Can you just tell me what you remember?

Abe: Why? Why should I?

Lucy: Because I need your help. Because I have this friend, Abe. His name is Jack, and I think the same thing happened to him that happened to you in those woods.

Caleb: Patience, Caleb, patience. This is all new to you, isn't it, Olivia? You're trying to deny your feelings. The more you try, the more you know I'm always going to be there, no matter how hard you try to shut me out.

Jack: Oh, Livvie, I missed you so much.

Livvie: And I missed you, too.

Jack: I need you. I cannot stop thinking about you when I'm not with you.

Livvie: Shh. I'm just so happy you're here now.

Jack: You smell so good. And you feel so right like this.

Livvie: I know. It's the only thing that does feel right. Everything else, Jack, it feels so strange. I can't explain it. Even my dreams.

Jack: I know. All right, mine, too.

Livvie: But you're here now and none of that matters. I just want you to make me feel safe again, like we are the only two people in this world, and nothing can come between us, and no one can hurt us.

Jack: Believe me, I want to be that person for you. I want to be that place you go, the one you turn to.

Livvie: And you always will be. Alison and Jamal told me to stay away, that you were dangerous. But I told them that they were wrong, you could never do anything to me, and whatever they think, they're just -- they're overreacting. I mean, they are. Aren't they, Jack? Jack? What is it? Look, I need to know the truth. I need to hear you say it. Hey, look at me. Are they wrong? Am I safe with you, Jack?

Livvie: Jack, answer me, please.

Jack: Livvie, what exactly did Jamal and Alison say about me?

Livvie: They said you took on Zach's gang in the alley with your bare hands and nearly killed them all. Is that true?

Jack: I don't know.

Livvie: So, then, it didn't happen.

Jack: No, no. Look, it's possible.

Livvie: Jack, I don't understand.

Jack: Livvie, neither do I. All right, something has changed. Something's different inside of me, and I don't know what it is. Now, I know you can see it, too.

Livvie: All I can see is that you're angrier and you can't wait to fight. The way you went after Chris the other day, Jack, that's not you.

Jack: But it was. And you know what? I might be putting you in danger.

Livvie: No.

Jack: Yes. You might not be safe with me right now.

Livvie: I can see deep down inside you, deep into your soul, and I know you would never do anything to hurt me.

Jack: But, Livvie --

Livvie: Never, no matter how lost or confused you are.

Jack: Yeah. You are the only pure thing in my life right now. Everything else has changed. It's all different, but not you. You're the only thing that I haven't lost.

Livvie: And you never will.

Jack: Livvie, I need to know that I can hold on to this, that our love is always going to stay strong.

Livvie: Of course it is. And of course you can because I am not going to leave you, Jack. You know that.

Jack: I can't live without you.

Gabriela: You forgot to sign your revised schedule again.

Joe: Sorry.

Karen: Oh, you guys don't have to worry about those much longer. You're both on your way to all new forms to sign at the clinic in the Appalachians. It's a pretty exciting change. Although, we will miss the heck out of you both.

Joe: Actually, Karen, you'll just be missing one of us.

Karen: Oh?

Joe: Gabby changed her mind. It's just me going.

Gabriela: Joe, please.

Joe: Please, what? Don't you want the world to know you've met the man of your dreams?

Gabriela: Stop it.

Joe: Why? He swept you off your feet in record time, didn't he?

Gabriela: The forms, please.

Joe: Make sure you file it sideways and where it belongs.

Gabriela: Excuse me, doctors.

Joe: Sorry.

Karen: I don't believe it. When did all this happen?

Joe: One minute we're planning our lives together, the next thing I know, it's some enchanted evening and she sees a stranger across a crowded room.

Karen: Well, there's got to be more to the story than that.

Joe: Well, that's all she'll tell me.

Karen: Maybe I should talk to her.

Joe: Why? I mean, she's not changing her mind, and I wouldn't take her back even if she -- who am I kidding? I'd forget the whole thing if she would.

Karen: Joe, this doesn't make sense. I know how Gabby feels about you.

Joe: I thought I did, too, Karen. Look, I think I'll take you up on that offer. Can you talk to her?

Karen: I'll let you know if there's something to tell.

Joe: Thanks, Karen.

Karen: What are old friends for?

Kevin: Hello, Karen.

Karen: Kevin. Heard about a great new discovery called sleep?

Kevin: Ha-ha-ha. That's what I get for making it known that I make house calls -- every middle-of-the-night crisis.

Karen: Next time I lose it, you're my guy.

Kevin: Speaking of losing it, have you seen Lucy?

Karen: Yeah. She was here with Jack Ramsey a little while ago.

Kevin: Jack?

Karen: Yeah. He was pretty sick last night, but he seemed a lot better this morning. But when we went to take more blood, he just took off.

Kevin: And Lucy went after him, right?

Karen: Actually, she said something about the psych ward.

Lucy: You need to tell me what happened to you on that fishing trip with Victor.

Abe: I wasn't feeling well. Woke up on the ground. I heard Victor calling.

Lucy: No, no. You're right, that happened, but that happened later. First, you made a fire pit, right? And you pitched your tent.

Abe: My fishing flies. I left them in the car. I was on my way back when it happened.

Lucy: When what happened?

Abe: I fell down. I fell down. I woke up on the ground, heard -- heard Victor calling. I -- I felt awful.

Lucy: Was it an animal? Was that -- judge, listen. Listen to me. Was that what attacked you?

Abe: What?

Lucy: A beast, an animal, something attacked you. What was it?

Abe: I don't know what you mean.

Lucy: Yes, you do. Judge, yes, you do, and you have to tell me. Please, you have to tell me. That's the only way I can help.

Abe: No, I can't talk about that!

Lucy: Yes, you can! You can. Listen to me. If you don't want anybody else to know, I can keep a secret. I swear to you, I'm very good at keeping secrets. I promise. I swear to you. Judge, please, please just tell me what you saw.

Abe: Shh.

Lucy: Ok, you're going to tell me?

Abe: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Now! I'll whisper.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, listen. I promise I won't say a word to anybody. No! Oh! Oh! Oh! Help! Oh! Oh! Help, somebody!

Abe: I'll kill you!

Lucy: Oh! Help!

Lucy: Somebody help me!

Abe: No one can!

Lucy: Help me! You're killing me!

Abe: No one --

Kevin: Lucy -- Abe!

Abe: I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!

Kevin: Abe, look at me. Alex, get a sedative in here!

Abe: Kill you both!

Kevin: Lucy, get out now!

Lucy: Somebody help! Help us in here! Somebody!

Nurse: I got it, I got it.

Abe: No! No needles! No blood!

Kevin: Do it! Get it in!

Abe: Ah!

Kevin: Hold him!

Nurse: He's got enough in him now to kill a small animal.

Kevin: Hold him down. It's starting to work.

Abe: Kill -- kill -- kill -- kill -- blood.

Lucy: Oh. Oh, my God, Doc.

Nurse: I'll strap him down. Go.

Kevin: God, Lucy, are you all right?

Lucy: Are you ok? I'm ok. Are you ok?

Kevin: I'm fine, I'm fine. Let's just get out of here.

Lucy: Oh, Doc. Oh, for a minute there, I really thought I was a goner.

Kevin: Thought? You thought? Lucy, you weren't thinking at all. What do you think you're doing coming up to the psych ward --

Lucy: I was trying to get answers, Doc. I need answers.

Kevin: Trying to find out what happened to Abe in the woods, right?

Lucy: Yes, yeah, because I really think whatever happened to Abe also happened to Jack. It's connected.

Kevin: Maybe so and maybe not. It doesn't mean you can just come up here --

Lucy: It means I need to find something.

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, you can't use your influence as a board member to sneak into the psych ward and just snoop around for whatever you want. These patients are dangerous.

Lucy: I didn't know he was strong enough to break out of those restraints.

Kevin: Are you listening to me?

Lucy: Are you listening to me? Doc, please. There has to be a connection between what happened to Jack and what happened to Abe in there. Believe me. They both have a high fever. I saw the look in Abe's eyes trying to kill me just now. That same look in Jack's eyes when he ran out of the hospital. Doc, I'm telling you, they're both -- I don't know. It's like they're possessed.

Kevin: Possessed?

Lucy: Whatever attacked Abe in those woods is the same thing that attacked Jack.

Kevin: If there is a something.

Lucy: Yeah, well, if there is a something, I think this something may have affected a lot of people, this -- this monster.

Kevin: "Monster?"

Lucy: Yeah. A monster.

Karen: Gabby.

Gabriela: Oh, boy.

Karen: Do you have a minute to talk in the lounge?

Gabriela: In the lounge, huh?

Karen: We can do this later if --

Gabriela: No. No. Let's get it over with. It's never a good time for one of these. I apologize for the scene between me and Joe earlier.

Karen: No, no, no. This isn't an official thing. It's just friends talking, you and me.

Gabriela: Friends.

Karen: I'm concerned, that's all.

Gabriela: About my work?

Karen: Look, I don't mean to pry into your personal life, but Joe and I --

Gabriela: Were close.

Karen: I care about both of you, and I hate to see him hurt.

Gabriela: I wasn't looking for this to happen, Karen. But I -- I met somebody. From the second I looked in his eyes, I just knew.

Karen: So Joe meant what he said -- it really did take a matter of minutes.

Gabriela: I've never met anyone like him. I wish I could describe it the way that I'm feeling right now -- just thinking about him, my heart is pounding. I have never met anyone so charismatic. One meeting, and I just knew --

Karen: Whoa. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. One meeting?

Gabriela: That's all it took. When it's right, you just know. There are no doubts, no questions.

Karen: Gabby -- Gabby. One meeting?

Gabriela: He's got plans for me. Big plans.

Karen: What kind of plans? And he who? Does he have a name?

Gabriela: It doesn't matter.

Karen: Gabby, what's his name?

Gabriela: Names don't matter, not with us.

Karen: My God, you don't even know his name.

Gabriela: I don't have to, and I don't care. You meet somebody like this once in your life. And once you do, you can never get him out of your head. Never. You -- you can't get him out.

[Livvie moans]

Livvie: So good. I love you so much.

Caleb: I love you, too, Olivia. I've waited for you so long. So long.

Livvie: No. Stay away. Get away! Get away!

Jack: What's the matter?

Livvie: Jack! Jack!

Jack: What's going on?

Livvie: Nothing. I guess it -- it was just a bad dream. I'm ok.

Kevin: Jack's in some sort of trouble. I'm worried about Livvie being with him. Livvie, honey, it's your dad. Have you seen Jack?

Livvie: No. He's at home.

Kevin: But you're ok?

Livvie: Yeah. I was just sleeping. I'll talk to you in the morning.

Jack: Hey. Look, I don't like you lying to your dad about us.

Livvie: I just -- I don't want him to worry.

Jack: Well, I'm worried about you. I want you to tell me about your nightmare.

Livvie: Ok.

Kevin: She said he wasn't feeling well.

Lucy: Ok, so she's good? She's ok?

Kevin: Yeah, she's fine.

Lucy: Good. But, Doc, something is going on. You know my intuition is always right.

Kevin: Lucy, I haven't slept all night.

Lucy: No, no, please don't "Lucy" me, not now. This is so important. Doc, I know, I am absolutely sure something is going on out in those woods. And I'm sure there's a way to figure out what it is.

Kevin: Just exactly how do you plan to do that?

Lucy: Oh, no, no, no. Not me. This would be a "we" thing.

Kevin: What's this "we" stuff, Kemosabe?

Lucy: You're going to help me, Lone Ranger. Come on. You have to.

Kevin: I am?

Lucy: Yes, you are.

Kevin: I am?

Lucy: Yes, you are. Come on.

Joe: Karen.

Karen: Hey.

Joe: Sounds like you found her.

Karen: I don't know who I found, Joe. It looked like Gabby. We talked.

Joe: But it didn't do any good.

Karen: It barely made sense.

Joe: So what do I do? Do I try and get her some help?

Karen: From what I saw, it's not going to be easy for anyone to get through.

Joe: Even a professional?

Karen: I'm not sure. Gabby just isn't herself anymore, Joe. You were right about that. It's like something strange has gotten into her, something unexplainable.

Gabriela: Come to me. I need you. You're a part of me somehow. I can't get you out of my mind. Your voice. Your eyes. Your skin on mine. I've given up everything for you, thrown away everything I cared about. You said you would call when you need me, when you were ready. Well, here I am. And I'll be waiting when the moment comes. Whenever you're ready, I'll be waiting.

Livvie: So in my nightmare, there was this man, and just the look of him -- Jack, there was something about his eyes. And when I woke up, I thought he was in here.

Jack: In the apartment?

Livvie: He was staring at me. I saw him.

Jack: Livvie, hey -- all right, it was a dream.

Livvie: Jack, the door was open. He was in the hallway.

Jack: Hey, let it go, all right? Come on.

Livvie: Where?

Jack: Look, just trust me. Give me your hand. Come on.

Jack: So far, so good. Come on. Look. Nobody but us. All alone, ok? Feel better now? All right. Well, let's just shake it off. You know, you had a nightmare. Now you're awake, your eyes are open. And besides, we've got each other. And what's better than that, huh?

Livvie: You're right. I know you are. It was just a really bad dream, right? My imagination playing tricks on me. Hmm.

Jack: Hmm.

Caleb: No tricks, Olivia. No dreams. I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere. Not until you're mine.

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