Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 6/20/01

By John
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Alison: You know, I just can't get over it. The coffin, the dug-up grave -- I mean, it's all just -- it's --

Jamal: Unbelievable.

Alison: Yeah. I was blown away before just having Jack back with us -- I mean, walking and talking.

Jamal: Breathing and --

Livvie: Yeah, well, it's pretty amazing. That's all.

Alison: How do you suppose that the coffin got all torn up like that?

Jamal: Yeah, Jack, you still haven't told us how you just got out.

Livvie: It's a miracle. That's why.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah. I'll give you that. It sure was, but I'd still like to know how Jack pulled it off because last time I checked, he wasn't a miracle worker or anything.

Jack: Come on, guys. Would you just give it a rest?

Jamal: "Give it a rest," Jack? Yesterday we woke up believing you were dead, dude. We put you in the ground. We buried you. And now you show up today alive with barely a scratch on you, and you expect us to just make like nothing ever happened? Nah, nah, I don't think so. Not until you give us a good enough explanation of what happened out there.

Ian: You all right?

Eve: Yes. I'm ok. Even under the best circumstances, divorce is --

Ian: It's never easy.

Eve: Yeah. Yeah, but, you know, Kevin and I -- we want to move on with our lives. And I love you.

Ian: And I love you. So what do you say, tonight, just the two of us, quiet evening?

Eve: Well, I think that sounds really wonderful --

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Eve: But it's the Nurses Ball.

Ian: That's tonight?

Eve: Mm-hmm. And we both have to get ready.

Ian: Yeah, right. Yeah, we -- we should. Great.

Eve: You don't want to go to this thing, do you?

Ian: No, no, I'd love to go. Great.

Eve: Come on. Ian, I know how much you hate these things.

Ian: I want to go.

Eve: Well, you know, I was just thinking -- I mean, thanks to this little bundle of joy that we have going on here, I probably will not even fit into my Nurses Ball dress!

Ian: No, no, no. I think you're going to look great in that dress. We're going. That's the end of it.

Eve: Are you sure?

Ian: Yeah. It's our first appearance as an officially engaged couple.

Eve: Ok. All right. Then I'll just go try and fit into my Nurses Ball dress.

Ian: Great.

Eve: Great.

Ian: Kill me now.

Gabriela: I don't think I can sing tonight. I woke up this morning, and my voice -- it's all hoarse and scratchy. Do I sound hoarse to you?

Alex: No.

Colleen: You sound like you always sound.

Joe: Are you still trying to fake a sore throat?

Colleen: Uh-huh.

Gabriela: Joe, I don't think I can go on tonight.

Joe: Will you stop already? You're going to be great.

Colleen: Good luck convincing her.

Gabriela: I'm know I'm being a bit silly, but I'm really nervous.

Joe: Sweetheart, it's the Nurses Ball, not Carnegie Hall.

Gabriela: Well, I'm not just nervous about that.

Joe: It won't be long now. We'll hear something by the end of the day, and then --

Gabriela: And then that's it. It's your final HIV test.

Joe: And we'll finally know for sure.

Lucy: All right. What's next on our agenda?

Don: Ok. Confirm the order of the musical numbers --

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: Right, but I -- hey. Wait a minute. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the Versailles Room picking out the flowers. The florist is --

Kevin: I was, I was -- Lucy -- something happened.

Lucy: What -- oh. Doc, I'm so sorry. I forgot. You picked up your divorce papers this morning. I'm sorry, I forgot. I'm sorry.

Kevin: Uh -- right.

Lucy: Are -- well, are you ok with that?

Kevin: I'm ok. Eve's ok. It's what we wanted. That's not it. It's just --

Lucy: It's just what, what?

Kevin: There was a water main that burst, and there's a -- not a pretty -- a very serious flood at the hotel.

Lucy: The Versailles Room?

Kevin: Completely underwater.

Lucy: Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I'm afraid the set, the decorations, the sound system --

Lucy: Oh, no!

Kevin: The dinner table --

Lucy: The quilt panels?

Kevin: Oh, those are ok.

Lucy: Oh, good. My dresses -- my gowns -- what about my gowns?

Kevin: Your gowns -- think Titanic.

Lucy: Uh --

Kevin: Lucy? Lucy, Lucy, Lucy --

Eve: Well, what do you know? It does fit.

Ian: Wow.

Eve: Wow. Hmm.

Ian: Oh, I was just getting ready now.

Eve: Look, Ian, I told you we don't have to go to this thing.

Ian: No, I want to go. I do. I really want to go.

Eve: Ok. You know what? Tell me the truth, ok? You won't hurt my feelings, I promise.

Ian: The truth is I really want to take you to this party. Really do. So I'm going to take a shower.

Eve: Well, wait a minute. Wait -- no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You just hang out, relax, and finish your beer because I still have to do my hair, so we got plenty of time.

Ian: You sure?

Eve: Positive.

Kevin: All right.

Lucy: This can't be happening.

Kevin: We're just going to have a seat here.

Lucy: It can't be happening. The Nurses Ball is hours away. Hours -- just hours --

Kevin: I know, I know.

Lucy: Hours away.

Kevin: I know, Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, my gosh --

[Lucy gasps]

Lucy: Doc! The money. Oh, my gosh --

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: That beautiful money we give to AIDS research --

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: I can't give it to them now. I have to give them the money.

Kevin: Lucy, relax.

Lucy: I want to give them the money!

Kevin: Relax. Lucy, breathe deep. That's it. Keep -- keep fanning, Don. All right, Lucy, listen to me. We're going to focus. We're going to concentrate. We're going to figure this out, and everything is going to be fine.

Lucy: "Fine." "Fine?"

Kevin: Fine.

Lucy: How can everything be fine when everything is under three feet of water?

Kevin: Five, actually.

Lucy: Oh, my God!

Don: There must be something we can do.

Lucy: Some-- what do you suggest, Don? What do we do, buy everybody little bikini trunks and give them swim caps and plop them down in some sort of paddleboat and they watch a water ballet? I don't think so.

Kevin: That's not a bad idea.

Joe: Lucy, are you ok?

Lucy: No, Joe, I am not ok!

Gabriela: What happened?

Kevin: The Versailles Room flooded. We can't use it tonight.

Gabriela: So I don't have to sing? I mean, that's terrible.

Joe: Maybe you could find another place.

Lucy: Oh, thanks, Joe. That's kind of like saying, "Maybe Al Gore will be happy being a little college professor at some podunk university."

Gabriela: I know how hard you worked, Lucy.

Lucy: Oh. Gabby, thanks. It's not me. It's not me. It's everybody. It's all of you. We come together for this one cause one time a year, and it's so important to everybody. We do something positive for the universe. How in the world am I going to go tell everybody, "I'm sorry, it's all for nothing?"

Kevin: Then you won't. Lucy, the show will go on.

Don: Darn right it will.

Joe: Of course.

Gabriela: Absolutely.

Lucy: Thanks. Thank you. I appreciate your support, but I don't exactly know how the show can go on. And exactly where is the show going to go on?

Chris: Garcia, I'm telling you, this isn't the end of the story. Yeah, I know Jack's alive, but I still have a lot of questions. What -- yeah, fine. Take your call. Take a coffee break. Go buy some doughnuts for all I care. I'll get the answers myself.

Jack: I don't know what happened. All right, I have no memory of being in that coffin, much less how I got out.

Jamal: Ok, so what do you remember?

Livvie: He told you.

Jack: Livvie -- all I remember before I saw Livvie was walking along that road, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where to go. And then I came upon that river.

Jamal: And that's all?

Jack: Don't you think I would tell you, man? All I'm asking for is your help. I don't know what's going on with me. Believe me, I'm as freaked out about this whole thing as you are.

Jamal: Look, all right. Look, sorry for going off on you and everything, but there's just got to be some kind of explanation for all this.

Livvie: And you know what? Who cares how Jack got out of that coffin? He -- he is here now, and he is back, and we are lucky.

Jack: No, no. All right? Jamal's right. There's too many unanswered questions here. I mean, come on. How did I survive being buried alive? Huh? And how I got out -- you saw that box. Looked like some bomb blew it up. And how could you guys stick me in the ground when I'm not even dead? It doesn't make any sense.

Alison: No, no, Jack, you have no idea how sorry we are about that.

Livvie: Yeah. I don't know how we could've been so wrong.

Jamal: Livvie, you were there. You were the one that saw him take his last breath. And you guys felt how cold he was when we buried him, too, and you guys were sitting there all night long sitting next to his grave, crying, and there were --

Livvie: No, no, that's enough! Just drop it, ok?

Jamal: All right, fine, but we can't pretend like this didn't happen. Ok, we can't pretend like that -- like the coffin ripped itself apart.

Alison: Well, ok, maybe an animal, like, picked up his scent or something. That could happen, you know?

Jamal: Ok, Ali, then why didn't that same animal go and eat Jack after going through all that trouble?

Alison: I don't know, Jamal.

Jamal: Huh?

Alison: Ok, maybe at the last minute he decided he wanted a chicken or something. I don't know.

Jamal: Ali, that is the most idiotic thing --

Livvie: Will you stop, both of you! I don't care how it happened. I just care that Jack is back and he is here now.

Jamal: Ok, maybe you can dismiss the impossible, but I can't, ok? Sorry.

Jack: And neither can I.

Livvie: Where are you going?

Jack: To get some air.

Livvie: I'm coming with you.

Jack: No. No. I just need to be alone.

Livvie: Why did you have to do that?

Alison: Livvie, he is just trying to figure out what is going on.

Jamal: We got to figure out what happened, ok, so we can help him.

Livvie: "Help him?"

Jamal: Whatever Jack went through, it must've been pretty bad. And if he doesn't deal with it, he's in trouble.

Caleb: Surprised he made it back so fast.

Caleb: Doesn't matter.

Ian: Lambert?

Eve: I'll be right there, sweetheart!

Ian: What in the world are you doing?

[Eve giggles]

Eve: Well, I guess it looks like we're both in for a cozy evening at home.

Ian: I feel like I'm in a French farce. Why aren't you dressed?

Eve: I thought this was what you wanted.

Ian: No, we're going to the Nurses Ball. I told you for the last time, so go on.

Eve: No, but you said that --

Ian: But nothing. You're way too sexy in that shirt not to show you off. Let's go.

Eve: It is my best one.

Ian: Didn't look bad in the dress, either.

Eve: Hmm.

Hmm. I think I better go change, though, get back into that dress, because Lucy would kill me if I showed up at the Nurses Ball looking like this.

Ian: You think so?

Eve: Oh, absolutely. When it comes to her Nurses Ball, everything has to be perfect.

Lucy: I have called every single place in town, and no one can take us. It's over. That's it. It's just -- it's done. It's over.

Kevin: No, it isn't.

Lucy: Yes, it is, for me. I can't find anyplace. Let someone else take charge.

Kevin: Lucy, you don't mean that.

Lucy: Doc, I can't do this anymore. I cannot take another Nurses Ball.

Kevin: This isn't just about the Versailles Room, is it? It's about Christina.

Lucy: I can't stop thinking about her. I can't get her out of my head, you know. Two years ago, Doc, remember -- I -- I first saw her little face. And then last year --

Kevin: I knew this would be hard. But I also know that you're strong.

Lucy: I wish I hadn't sent Serena on a little trip with Karen, you know? I want her here. I want to hug her. I just -- I just want to know she's ok.

Kevin: She is ok. She's with Karen. They'll both be back in time for the ball.

Lucy: There isn't going to be any ball.

Kevin: Sure, there is.

Lucy: No, there is not. What part of this are you not understanding?

Kevin: Lucy, when in the history of this illustrious event has there not been a disaster?

Lucy: Well, it just sort of depends on how you define "disaster."

Kevin: Has it ever gone as planned?

Lucy: No, not exactly.

Kevin: Yet you always manage to pull it off. In fact, you do more than pull it off. Every year is better than the year before. And this year will be no different.

Lucy: Oh, Doc. You give the best pep talk ever.

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: And I love you for it. But, you know, you have to know when it's over -- you know, when to throw in the towel, when you've been beat. I'm beat. It's done.

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: It's done. I need to go down there and start telling everybody there isn't going to be any ball.

Joe: Be a shame if you don't get to do your big number.

Gabriela: Well, the odds are looking pretty good right now that I won't make it onstage.

Joe: Seven to one.

Gabriela: Excuse me?

Joe: Uh --

Gabriela: You mean people are actually taking bets?

Joe: I -- I went with you if it's any consolation.

Gabriela: You mean there are people out there hoping I screw up, people I work with?

Joe: They're going to lose their shirts because you're going to go out onstage and they're all going to end up loving you -- almost as much as I do.

Gabriela: Hmm.

Joe: Hmm.

Gabriela: You know, this is a pretty special night for us. It's one year since our first date.

Joe: Know what's making it even more special?

Gabriela: Mm-hmm?

Joe: I just got a call from Mrs. Hall. The board approved us. They want us in Bounds Corners.

Gabriela: Yeah?

Joe: Yeah, as soon as we can get there.

Gabriela: Oh, my God, Joe.

Joe: Oh.

Gabriela: This is the start of something great for us. I can feel it.

Joe: I hope so.

Gabriela: So I guess I'll meet you back here?

Joe: I've got my tux in the on-call room. I'll be ready to go -- if it's happening.

Gabriela: Yeah, well, with my luck, it will be -- seven to one.

Joe: I'll be waiting. No chickening out.

Chris: Apparently reports of your death were greatly exaggerated.

Jack: I got nothing to say to you.

Chris: Jack, wait.

Chris: Come on. Is that any way to treat your big brother?

Jack: Since when you have been a brother to me?

Chris: Jack, I went through a lot of trouble and expense trying to find you -- no help from the peanut gallery here, either.

Livvie: Because we didn't buy the whole concerned brother act any more than Jack does.

Chris: This from the girl who jumps from brother to brother?

Jack: Don't you ever talk to her that way! Huh? Do you hear me? Answer me! Answer me!

Ian: Well -- wow.

[Eve laughs]

Ian: I've never seen you look more beautiful.

Eve: Must be that pregnant woman glow thing.

Ian: Yeah, maybe. How long exactly before we have to be there?

Eve: Well, I think we have a little bit of time.

Ian: Hmm. I was just thinking.

Eve: Uh-oh.

Ian: You -- you undressed twice already, huh? What's a third?

Eve: A charm.

Ian: Definitely.

Alison and Livvie: Jack!

Jamal: Jack.

Alison: Jack!

Livvie: Jack, let him go!

Alison: Chris. Chris, are you all right?

[Chris coughs]

Alison: Are you?

Chris: He tried to kill me. You saw him.

Jamal: Stop -- Jack.

Livvie: Jack --

Chris: You're out of your mind. You know that?

Jamal: Get out of here.

Chris: I'm going, I'm going. You know something? You may be alive, but from here on out you're dead to me!

Alison: Chris --

Livvie: You scared me.

Jamal: What the hell was that all about, huh? You had a grip like iron up there.

[Chris coughs]

Gabriela: Oh. Sorry.

Caleb: Well, I'm not.

Gabriela: Do I know you?

Caleb: You will soon.

Gabriela: Excuse me?

Caleb: And very, very well.

Lucy: Yeah. Thanks. That's really it. That is really it. It -- it's official. The ball is off.

Kevin: Lucy, I still think you're giving up too easily.

Lucy: How could you say that? How -- "too easily?" I called about the governor's mansion. I called the head Moose guy about the Moose lodge. Nothing.

Kevin: Lucy, the woman I used to know would be out building a barn right now if she had to.

Lucy: If I could do that, if I had enough time, I would build it with my bare hands.

Kevin: All right, fine. Give up. Just give up.

Lucy: What else am I supposed to do, then? Oh, no, don't you dare give me that look. Come on, Doc. You know I'm dying inside here. I have to somehow find the words to tell those people downstairs that all their hard work isn't going to pay off, that it's not going to happen, and I don't have that big, fat check to give AIDS research. I don't have that to give, so I am letting everybody down.

Kevin: You're right. You're right. I guess there's only one thing left to do -- jump.

Lucy: Oh, very funny. You know, it would surprise you a lot if I actually took you up on that and jumped off -- wait a minute.

Kevin: "Wait a minute" is right. I know that look. You've got an idea.

Lucy: I think I do. I know I do. Doc, I have a great idea.

Kevin: Well -- what? What is it?

Lucy: I think I know where we can have the Nurses Ball! I think I know, but it's going to take a lot of people and a lot of work in a very short amount of time. But oh, my goodness, if we can pull this off, if we can make it work somehow, it could be fantastic.

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Joe: Hey. We were worried about you. Where were you?

Gabriela: Nowhere. I just ran into a friend.

Lucy: Where is Serena? What is this about?

Kevin: The train from Manhattan -- there was a crash.

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Karen: Anything? Any names?

Eve: Sorry.

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