Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 6/19/01

By John
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Karen: You won't even know I'm gone.

Frank: I am going to miss you every minute.

Karen: Oh, well, me, too, you. But I have to go. Lucy says Serena's been so down lately.

Frank: So take her to the mall or catch a movie.

Karen: No. I want her to feel important. Serena and I are going to have a New York adventure she can brag to all her friends about.

Frank: Well, you just come back to me safe and sound, all right?

Gabriela: Well, I'm a little shaky, but you didn't even wince.

Joe: I'm pretty numb right now.

Gabriela: This test will come back negative, too. Try not to worry?

Joe: Whether I'm HIV-positive or not --

Gabriela: You're going to be all right.

Joe: What I've been through this past year has really made me think.

Gabriela: How precious life is?

Joe: That for sure, but probably even more importantly, how lucky I've been -- great family, friends, an older brother who sacrificed his own education so I can go to medical school, a lady in my life I'm just crazy about. And for some strange reason, she hasn't kicked me out the door yet.

Gabriela: Well, maybe that's because she's crazy about you, too.

Joe: And so I've been thinking. I'd like to give something back.

Gabriela: Like what?

Joe: Well, you remember that little town in the Appalachians that Eve was talking about?

Gabriela: Yeah, Bounds Corners.

Joe: Well, when she couldn't go, they were left with one part-time nurse and no doctor.

Gabriela: And you're thinking about taking that job and leaving everything and everyone behind?

Joe: Yes. Except you. I'm hoping you'll come with me.

Alison: Jack!

Livvie: Oh, my God!

Jamal: What, are you crazy, you stupid rookie?

Alison: Jamal, are you ok? Are you?

Jamal: I'm fine. Jack blocked the shot, baby.

Kevin: What the hell did you think you were doing?

Andy: All right, come on, let's --

Kevin: You could have killed one of those kids!

Andy: Let's cool down!

Officer: Woods had a gun.

Jamal: I'm clean. I don't even carry a piece.

Alison: No, he didn't.

Officer: I swear, I thought he was carrying a gun.

Andy: Yeah, well, nobody got hurt. Can we all keep that in mind?

Livvie: Hey, Jack, are you sure?

Jack: I would have known if he would have hit me. I'm all right. He missed us both.

Frank: Hey, I got a great idea. Why don't I go along and be your driver?

Karen: Serena and I have reserved seats on the train.

Frank: But when you get to Manhattan.

Karen: The subway. Serena loves the subway.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know, I just thought --

Karen: I know, I know, but I just promised her this would be a girls-only outing, you know, just the two of us on the town.

Frank: Well, it might be more fun with a chaperone.

Karen: Ooh. Oh, you know, you're right. I'm going to call right now and make reservations for you at the manicurist's. That's our first stop. And then it's a makeover at Saks and -- oh, yeah -- Tiffany's.

Frank: Oh, Tiffany's, on a resident's salary?

Karen: Well, we were going to try and sneak in cream cheese and bagels and try and have breakfast there like Holly Go-lightly. And then it is off to NoHo, SoHo, lingerie stores, juice bars, fitting rooms --

Frank: Enough, enough. I got it.

Karen: Yeah, right. For us, heaven, for you, a tour in hell.

Frank: What happened to seeing the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty?

Serena: He's kidding, right?

Karen: Yes, yes, he is.

Serena: Phew! You want to come in and vote on my outfits?

Karen: Sure. I'll be right there.

Serena: Ok.

Karen: She is so excited, she's about to burst.

Frank: Yeah, well, don't let her. I want both of you back here in one piece.

Karen: Well, you're going to get me back here in exactly the same condition I'm in now. Cross my heart -- no body piercing, no body tattoos -- unless it's very tiny, tasteful heart with your name in it.

Frank: Yeah.

Karen: Yeah.

Frank: Well, how am I going to get along without you?

Karen: Oh, let's see. I could give you something tonight that you could spend all day tomorrow thinking about.

Serena: Karen!

Karen: Hmm. After I get my traveling companion stowed away.

Joe: I'm sorry, asking you to leave town like that. I shouldn't have put it all out there like that to you.

Gabriela: No, no, it's ok. It's just -- well, I thought you were settled here in Port Charles till the end of time.

Joe: I guess that was the plan until --

Gabriela: Until you were faced with your own mortality.

Joe: Look, I feel so strongly about wanting to make a real difference, Gabby, to take my passion for medicine and channel it into something I can really be proud of.

Gabriela: You're a good man, Joe Scanlon.

Joe: But I'm also selfish, selfish enough to want you by my side.

Gabriela: So, you're saying you and me in a dinky little town with one stop sign?

Joe: Might not even be electricity or running water.

Gabriela: A cross between "Gideon's Crossing" and "Coal Miner's Daughter."

Joe: Hey, you can pursue nursing by day and a career in country music at night.

Gabriela: No! No. After I perform at the Nurses Ball tomorrow night, that is my swan song.

Joe: Seriously, does this move appeal to you at all?

Gabriela: Yeah. It does.

Joe: You'll be giving up a lot.

Gabriela: But look what I'd be getting.

Joe: Well, I just want to wait until we get my test results, and then I can call the clinic in Bounds Corners.

Gabriela: Call them now, Joe. Just go for it, no matter what happens. I mean, we never know what life has in store for us.

Garcia: There was an APB out on them. I want to take them in for questioning.

Kevin: Sure, after some target practice.

Officer: I told you, I thought Woods was reaching for his gun.

Jamal: Please.

Lucy: Obviously, he does not have a gun.

Jamal: And at that range, you could have taken us both out.

Alison: Yeah, just thought of it -- I'm still shaking.

Kevin: Well, I'm filing a complaint.

Andy: Look, I'm glad you two are ok.

Lucy: Oh, Andy, I bet you are. A wrongful death suit would have ruined your little summer, huh?

Andy: But I still have questions for you. This biker chick friend of yours, Sam Norris, said you were dead.

Jack: Do you think maybe she's wrong?

Andy: Well, she wasn't wrong about this, Zach Vernon being murdered. Says you killed him.

Alison: What?

Kevin: Oh, now, hold on just a minute.

Lucy: Don't say anything, ok. We'll get a lawyer.

Jamal: No, you know, it's ok, it's ok. You cops come in here with your guns blazing, convinced I killed Jack, who's obviously still breathing, and now you're saying I murdered somebody else?

Kevin: All on the word of a pretty unreliable witness.

Alison: Yeah, and Sam, she's nuts.

Kevin: Maybe you should go back and question her again.

Lucy: I think that's a great idea because this interview, officer, is over.

Kevin: Well, if there's nothing else, we all know where to find each other, right?

Lucy: Yeah, just in case Jack wants to sue the police department for reckless endangerment.

Andy: Stick close to Port Charles. Let's go.

Lucy: Ta.

Kevin: Livvie, are you all right?

Livvie: Yeah, I'm ok.

Kevin: What about everybody else? Everyone ok?

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, we're cool.

Livvie: Yeah, we're all ok, Dad.

Lucy: Ok, they're gone, so now finally you can spill the beans. What happened? What really happened? How did Jack manage to disappear off the face of the earth and then reappear again?

Joe: All right, great. Thank you. Goodbye. Our house has electricity and running water.

Gabriela: A house? We have a house?

Joe: Well, they were getting a place ready for Eve, right near the clinic, with a wraparound porch, pre-Civil War. And when Mrs. Hall heard that the finest nurse in the nation was part of the package, well, she went to go paint the place herself.

Gabriela: So it's all set?

Joe: Well, we're at about 90%. She still has to run it by the clinic board. And, of course, I didn't tell her about the other news we're awaiting, huh?

Gabriela: The HIV test is none of their business.

Joe: It will be if the results come back positive, Gabby.

Gabriela: Hey, can we just take one step at a time, please?

Joe: It could be positive.

Gabriela: And if it is, we will deal with it together. You want to take me home?

Joe: Always. Come on.

Lucy: Ok, we're waiting. I really want to hear what happened with Jack's mysterious disappearance.

Jack: I don't know what you want me to say.

Livvie: Look, I told you already that Jack just left town for a while.

Lucy: Oh, you know, I never bought that lame embezzling story. I never thought you'd do that.

Livvie: Can we talk for a minute?

Jamal: Yeah.

Jack: Yeah.

Livvie: Look, it's kind of been a really crazy night. All you need to know is that Jack's back and he's ok.

Kevin: Livvie, you were so upset when you thought -- sorry -- you stole from the bike shop. What really happened?

Livvie: We'll work through that by ourselves.

Lucy: What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Kevin: It means butt out.

Livvie: Yeah.

Lucy: Oh, really? Well, you know what? I have to tell you we were really, really worried about you, so it's a little hard not to have an explanation. I thought you were going to have a nervous breakdown.

Jack: Look, ok, I would never hurt Livvie on purpose.

Livvie: Lucy, I just think when you get involved, things tend to get a little bit more complicated.

Lucy: Oh. Well, thank you very much. You see? I'm right about that thing that Shakespeare said, you know, that when children are around, you sort of have them turn into sharp serpent's teeth. Remember?

Kevin: Yeah, I remember. You do know how worried we were, don't you?

Livvie: Yes, I do, but you can stop worrying now because Jack's back and everything's going to be ok.

Jamal: Jack jumped right in front of me.

Alison: I know, and the cop was so close when he fired.

Jamal: Yeah, Ali, I swear I thought that bullet hit Jack.

Alison: It's a miracle, Jamal.

Jamal: Or something.

Alison: What do you mean, "or something?"

Jamal: I mean, that cop pointed his gun straight at me and Jack jumped between the piece and me, and he doesn't get hit?

Alison: Well, just be grateful that he's a lousy shot.

Jamal: I don't know, somehow Jack cheated death -- again.

Alison: We buried him out there in the middle of nowhere. We buried him alive, Jamal.

Jamal: No, no, no, no. He was dead. I was sure of it. He was dead.

Alison: Look at him. How could he have been?

Jamal: He was not breathing. There wasn't a pulse.

Alison: We just couldn't tell that he was. Look, maybe -- maybe he was in a coma or something.

Jamal: I made a coffin for him.

Alison: My God. Imagine if he couldn't have dug himself out.

Jamal: Ali, I nailed it shut. Ok, we buried him. We covered it up with dirt and everything. Look at his hands. No cuts, no bruises. The guy's walking around like he just off of work or something. I mean, does he get off with zero, zero injuries?

Alison: Well, look, maybe he's just a fast healer or something, or maybe you didn't nail the coffin as tight as you thought you did.

Jamal: No, I got to find out.

Alison: How?

Jamal: Well, you know, as soon as it's light, we're going to pay his grave a little visit.

Alison: No.

Jamal: Mm-hmm. Hey, you guys ready to pack it in?

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: Yes.

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: I'm tired, and my head's, like, splitting. I really want to go.

Jamal: Yeah, we all should get a little rest.

Jack: Yeah, I'm really fried.

Livvie: Dad, I'll call you tomorrow?

Kevin: Yeah, please do that.

Livvie: Ok.

Jack: I'll make sure she's ok.

Lucy: Hey. See you later. Ta.

Jamal: Bye.

Lucy: Bye.

Jack: Bye.

Lucy: What are you doing? You're just going to let them leave like that?

Kevin: Well, there's nothing else we can do tonight, Lucy.

Lucy: Tonight, ok, so in the morning we follow up on this.

Kevin: I didn't say that.

Lucy: Doc, come on, those kids are hiding something -- a big something.

Kevin: I agree with you, I agree with you, but this time I just have to take Livvie at her word.

Lucy: Oh, no.

Kevin: Lucy, she needs us to trust that if she says it'll be ok that it will be, all right?

Lucy: Never you mind that it won't be.

Kevin: Well, you don't know that, do you?

Lucy: Yeah, I do because I can hear a little voice.

Kevin: You mean the little voice that says, "Lucy, it's late, let's go home and get some sleep?"

Lucy: No, the little voice that's saying there is something very weird going on in those very weird woods.

Kevin: I don't hear that voice. So why don't we listen to my voice since it's nearly dawn and just go home.

Lucy: Doc -- pooh.

Gabriela: Here.

Joe: We didn't get much sleep last night.

Gabriela: Who can sleep? I'm so wide awake, I don't even know why I'm bothering with the coffee.

Joe: Stage fright?

Gabriela: No. Actually, visions of you and me starting our new life in Bounds Corners kept me from thinking about performing at the Nurses Ball.

Joe: What are you singing again?

Gabriela: You're just not going to let me put that out of my head, are you?

Joe: Oh, it was visions of you singing at the ball that kept me from worrying about my HIV results.

Gabriela: Well, wait till you hear me sing.

Joe: Come on, you're going to be great.

Gabriela: Well, anyway, after this whole performing ordeal is over, can we go to Bounds Corners and check it out in person?

Joe: We'll fly down on the first flight we can book.

Gabriela: I can see us now -- healing the sick, churning butter, weaving baskets, rocking on a wraparound porch.

Joe: Let's get my test results, all right, before you go opening our folk art roadside stand.

Gabriela: Don't you want to rock on the porch with me?

Joe: Forever. I love you, Gabby.

Gabriela: Then prove it by helping me rehearse for my routine. Just the thought of getting up in front of that audience makes me ill.

Joe: Well, when you're up there, just sing to me and to heck with what anyone else thinks.

Gabriela: Why did I let Lucy talk me into this?

Joe: Because you're sweet, generous, and fantastic, and it's for a good cause. Should I continue?

Gabriela: Well, if you've got nothing better to do, yeah.

Joe: There's nothing better than this.

Frank: Those don't look like good walking shoes.

Serena: We're not walking. We're riding the subway.

Frank: Do me a favor, ok? Take cabs. I'll worry less.

Serena: Cool. Thanks.

Frank: Now, you take care of your big sis, all right? You get her back here safe and sound and any doll you want is yours.

Serena: Dolls?

Frank: Hmm. Sorry.

Serena: That's ok. But Glitters makes this totally awesome, fully packed makeup kit. Deal?

Frank: Makeup? Hmm. Deal. Now, why don't you go wait in the car.

Serena: You're the boss.

Karen: You are, huh?

Frank: Kids. You got your cell phone?

Karen: Yes.

Frank: Tickets, guide book --

Karen: Yes, yes --

Frank: ATM card?

Karen: Yes, yes, Frank. If this weren't girls-only, you would definitely be invited, especially since you and Serena seem to have bonded.

Frank: Well, I am irresistible.

Karen: Oh, really? Prove it.

Frank: Hmm.

[Car horn sounds]

Karen: Shopping call of the preteen.

Lucy: Ooh.

Kevin: That bad, huh?

Lucy: Well, Doc, you know what it is? Everything seems topsy-turvy, all turned around, and what makes it worse, these are the strangest things of all.

Kevin: Did you close your eyes at all last night?

Lucy: No. No, come to think of it. I couldn't stop picturing us back in those creepy, awful woods.

Kevin: This whole thing with Jack has you all bent out of shape.

Lucy: Oh, and I suppose you're fine with it?

Kevin: Well, I'm glad he's back, if only for Livvie's sake.

Lucy: You're glad he's back? Well, I'm glad he's back, but never mind where he's been or what he's been up to?

Kevin: Well, I'd like some answers, too, but unlike you, I'm willing to wait until Livvie's ready to supply them.

Lucy: Oh --

Kevin: Now that I'm awake, I guess I should call the hospital and check up on Victor's friend. You know, I heard he needed stitches after you got through with him.

Lucy: Oh, no. I didn't know bedpans had sharp edges. Doc, that's not the point. The point is that Abe being attacked is somehow part of this whole puzzle.

Lucy: Hmm. If this bullet is actually the one that was fired from that cop's gun, it most definitely hit something.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: Don! It's me, obviously, but stop your yammering. I didn't even get to say hello. No. Absolutely not. We are not changing the order of the numbers. For goodness' sake, the programs have all been printed. It's too late. That was cost the charity -- no! I said -- Don, listen to me carefully and embed in this your forehead -- this Nurses Ball is going to go smoothly this year. Do you hear me? Not one hitch. Write it in blood!

Jamal: Jack, I'm telling you, you were gone, man, like no sign of life whatsoever. I mean, and the way I nailed that casket and put you in the ground, there's no way that you got out.

Jack: You -- you mean to tell me that's where I was?

Jamal: Except when we left you, man, that was sealed, man, with all kind of, like, brush and leaves, man. This looks like you exploded out of the ground or something, man.

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Kevin: There was a water main that burst.

Lucy: What about my gowns?

Kevin: Think Titanic.

Lucy: Uh --

Jamal: We put you in the ground, we buried you, and you expect us to just make like nothing ever happened?

Gabriela: Do I know you?

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