Port Charles Transcript Monday 5/21/01

By John


Livvie: Jack? God.

Alison: Livvie! Livvie!

Jamal: Hey, hey. It's just us.

Livvie: God, I am so glad that you guys are here.

Alison: Oh, my gosh. Are you ok?

Livvie: Yeah, but Jack --

Jamal: What, he still isn't back yet?

Livvie: No, and I looked everywhere for him. He was just going out to get firewood, and now I can't find him. You guys, you don't think that maybe Zach had anything --

Jamal: No, no. No, that's not his style. If he was coming after you, it'd be in the street. Plus, he's got no reason, I mean, now that I'm racing for him.

Alison: Yeah, yeah. Livvie, Jamal's right. You know, Jack probably just got lost or something.

Livvie: No, he has been gone way too long.

Jamal: Which way did he head out?

Livvie: Over there.

Jamal: All right. Look, you two stay here. I'll be right back, ok?

Livvie: No, way, Jamal. I am coming with you.

Alison: Yeah, yeah. Me, too.

Jamal: All right. Stay close.

Livvie: Ok.

Eve: Oh, my God. Oh, I'm sorry. Ooh, I shouldn't say that here. You're a priest?

Michael: Last time I checked.

Eve: Why didn't you tell me?

Michael: Because most people act differently when they find out. As you are now.

Kevin: Wait a minute. I don't even know what to tell this -- chief.

Lucy: Chief. Ok, listen, we'll just -- we'll just tell him exactly what Scott told us -- that Rhonda said back in high school, she talked to somebody in the future on her computer and that somebody had to be Frank.

Kevin: Do you know how bizarre that sounds?

Lucy: I know, but it won't sound that way to the chief because he is the foremost authority on time travel. Just ask Ian.

Kevin: Oh -- if time travel is what we're actually talking here.

Lucy: But, Doc, it has to be because Frank said he was going to get Karen -- his Karen back, right? Well, what else could it be?

Kevin: I don't know! I don't understand any of this. All I know is Frank is missing, and we somehow have to try and find him.

Lucy: All right. Well, don't worry. The chief will definitely help and know what to do.

Ian: How is he?

Chief: The same. And Arianna?

Ian: She's slipping away more every day. We need to find a donor soon. And this girl, Karen, that he talks about is still Arianna's best hope. Bizarre, isn't it? Let me see. Heart rate's dropping.

Chief: Something's going on.

Ian: What, in 1973?

Chief: His body is feeling the effects.

Ian: Effects of what? What's going on back there?

Frank: Let me go.

Harry: I'm calling the cops, like I should've done the first time I found you hanging around down here. You're not going anywhere.

Livvie: Jack?

Jamal: Jack?

Alison: Jack? Where are you?

Jamal: Jack, man. Yo!

Livvie: Jack?

Alison: Hello?

Jamal: Jack?

Livvie: Ow! Ah!

Jamal: Hey --

Alison: What's wrong?

Livvie: Oh, it's nothing, it's nothing. I'm fine.

Jamal: It's bleeding.

Alison: Ew.

Livvie: No, it's nothing.

Jamal: You need to go back to the camp and get a bandage on this.

Livvie: No, I need to find Jack! He's got to be around here somewhere. He can't just disappear.

Jamal: Livvie -- no, Livvie.

Alison: Wait.

Livvie: Jack! He's here.

Alison: Oh, my God!

Jamal: Yo, Jack.

Livvie: Jack.

[Knock on door]


Ian: Hey.

Kevin: Hi, Ian.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Hi. Listen, sorry to stop by. It's so late, but we really need to see you. Actually, it's not you we really need to see.

Kevin: Actually, Lucy seems to think that there's a friend here.

Lucy: Yes. Ian, it's the chief. I really -- we need to see him.

Ian: This is not the time.

Lucy: That means he's here, right? Ok, I need to see him. Chief? It's Lucy. Hello? Chief?

Ian: Will you keep it down please? Arianna's resting.

Kevin: Listen, Ian, we don't want to disturb her, really. It's just that Frank Scanlon is missing. We're trying to find him.

Lucy: And we believe the chief can help us find him.

Ian: Well, this -- he can't help you right now.

Lucy: Something is going on, isn't it?

Ian: What are you talking about?

Lucy: I can feel it.

Kevin: Feel what, Lucy?

Ian: No, nothing. She can't feel a thing. If I see or hear from Frank Scanlon, I'll let you guys know. Good night.

Lucy: Wait a minute. Well, if you don't know anything, what are these doing here? What --

Kevin: What are they?

Lucy: Look. It says "Mom" and it says "Neil." It's in the same handwriting. What do you think, Doc? Doesn't that mean that maybe Frank left these and somehow maybe Ian knows where Frank is? Is that the case, Ian? Do you know where Frank is?

Frank: I got to get out of here before the cops come. I'll never find Karen.


Cookie: Frank?

Frank: Oh, God. Cookie, thank God it's you.

Cookie: I can't believe you broke in here. Do you know how mad my dad is?

Frank: Yeah, I have an idea. Look, untie me, will you?

Cookie: I never should have told you about the machine -- the computer.

Frank: You did the right thing, Cookie.

Cookie: I got you in trouble.

Frank: Just get me out of here before things get worse.


Frank: Oh, the cops are coming. Don't let them take me in. It'll ruin everything. You have got to trust me on this, Cookie. Cookie! All right. Hurry.

Cookie: I can't get it.

Frank: Cut it! Cut it! Oh. What are you waiting for?

Cookie: Because I don't want to hurt you.

Frank: Just do it! Ah! Ok.

Cookie: Are you all right?

Frank: I will be just as soon as -- oh -- ugh! The cops are -- I got to get out of here.

Cookie: Um, ok. Go through the back, and I'll keep my dad busy at the front.

Frank: All right. Thank you. You're a good kid, Cookie. Don't ever forget that.

Ian: Last I heard, Frank was on his way to Alaska.

Lucy: Well, then what are you doing with letters from him?

Ian: That's his business.

Kevin: And yours, apparently.

Ian: Like I said before, Arianna needs her rest.

Kevin: Look, Ian, ahem, I'm sorry, like Lucy said, to come here so late, but we wouldn't have if we didn't think it were so important. Frank is missing. We're just worried about him. He could be in a lot of trouble.

Lucy: Frank! Frank? Doc? Doc, you better get in here, quick. Doc? It's Frank!

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Look!

Kevin: What the hell have you done to him?

Frank: I almost had it. I almost disabled that stupid computer and I blew it. I'm so sorry, Karen. I'm trying so hard to bring you back and I just keep screwing up.

Frank: This is -- this is right where it happened. Right -- right here on this very spot. This is where I ask you to go steady. 28 years from now.

Karen's Voice: The dance!

Frank's Voice: I am taking the prettiest girl in Port Charles.

Karen's Voice: You're pretty sure of yourself, Scanlon.

Frank's Voice: But I am not sure about this. If this -- this amazing woman who's in my arms, who lights up my life, makes me feel like a prince will agree to go steady with me. You see, I've wanted to -- to ask you for a while, but the time had to be perfect. So what do you say, Wexler? You want to be my girl?

Karen's Voice: Yes, I -- I do. I -- I am.

Frank: Don't do this. I've come -- I've come this far. I'm so close to fixing things. Don't let me forget you. Don't -- don't leave me now, Karen.

Michael: Here you go.

Eve: Thanks.

Michael: What? Do I have one of those "got milk" mustaches?

Eve: No. You watch TV?

Michael: And listen to the radio. And on occasion, I've even known to talk on the telephone.

Eve: Ok. All right. I haven't had much contact with priests.

Michael: No kidding.

Eve: No kidding. You know, in fact, when I -- when I first met you, I thought you were --

Michael: A psychopath?

Eve: No. Maybe just for half a second. Only just for a second. But then -- then when you came inside and I thought you were flirting with me.

Michael: Well, I have to admit that the collar doesn't exactly make me blind.

Eve: Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. No, but you must hear that all the time.

Michael: No.

Eve: Oh. Well, so how do you do it?

Michael: Do what?

Eve: Stay true to your vows. I mean, you must have women hitting on you constantly.

Michael: Never noticed.

Eve: Really?

Michael: It's never been a problem. I know my path. I always have.

Eve: So what are you doing here?

Michael: Like I told you, I'm fixing the place up.

Eve: Right, but I mean what are you doing here? Why aren't you in a church or -- or a cathedral or something?

Michael: I was, but now this monastery's my church. It was -- it was a beautiful place once. And I made a promise to myself and God that it would be that way again. Now if I answered your question, I have one of my own.

Eve: Ok, go ahead.

Michael: Why are you here?

Eve: I'm looking for you.

Michael: Not here at the monastery. Why are you alone, miles from the nearest town, as if you're trying to get away from something? What are you running from, Eve?

Livvie: Jack, are you sure you're ok?

Jamal: Take it easy, bro. You all right?

Jack: Yeah. Ah, what -- what are you guys doing here?

Alison: Well, Livvie, she called us.

Livvie: Yeah, I got scared when I couldn't find you.

Jamal: Yeah, well, what happened, bro?

Jack: I was -- I was getting some wood for the fire, and -- and I guess I must've tripped over something. Maybe there was this log --

Jamal: Why, what is this, 10", 12" high, man?

Jack: Well, hey, it's not exactly light out here.

Livvie: Jack, what happened to your flashlight?

Jack: Oh, it's -- I -- I don't know.

Livvie: Hey, are you sure you're ok?

Jack: Hey, I'm fine, all right?

Jamal: Better take it easy, man.

Jack: Ow.

Jamal: You all right?

Jack: Don't worry about me, all right?

Livvie: Don't worry? I was scared to death when I couldn't find you. Anything could've happened to you. I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Jack: Well, what did you think, Hook Man got me?

Jamal: Hook Man? Who's Hook Man?

Jack: Oh, some dude who goes through the woods getting --

Livvie: Jack, Jack, please. Would you just cool it, please?

Alison: Look, can we just go, please? These woods are a little gothic for me, ok?

Jamal: That's what I love about you, Spunky. You're such a girl scout.

Alison: Ok, ok. Can we just go back to the fire and, I don't know, like, roast some marshmallows or sing "Kumbaya?"

Livvie: No, no, no, no. I think we should take Jack to the hospital right now.

Jack: No, you don't have to. All right, Alison's right. Let's get the fire stoked. It's freezing out here.

Eve: I'm not running away. I'm not. Would I lie to a priest?

Michael: Let's just say you wouldn't be the first.

Eve: I came here to get away from everything, to think and to find something to run to. My path hasn't been as clear as yours. I've run into a few hairpin turns along the way.

Michael: And you're in one right now, I take it.

Eve: I was married to the most wonderful man, somebody that -- he was everything I ever dreamed of, and I thought that we would be together forever.

Michael: But you're not.

Eve: One day out of the blue, I ran right into my soul mate, and I didn't know it at the time. But in that moment -- in that moment, everything changed. I mean, do you believe in soul mates?

Michael: All faith, Eve, is based on trust and commitment. Trust in yourself, in God, and those around you. It's ok, you can yawn.

Eve: I'm not yawning.

Michael: I thought you weren't going to lie to the priest.

Eve: I'm sorry. I am so tired. I just haven't been sleeping well lately.

Michael: Please, put your feet up.

Eve: Oh. Gee, don't mind if I do. Thank you.

Michael: Watch your head.

Eve: Ok. Oh, that's -- that's nice.

Michael: Good.

Eve: So go ahead. You were saying?

Michael: Well, we were talking about soul mates. So why aren't you with yours?

Eve: Oh, that's a long, complicated story. He's not exactly free.

Michael: Well, I don't know if any of us are ever completely free -- of our past, our frailties, our responsibilities. But that shouldn't stop you from loving and being loved. As it says in the Bible, "Love bears all things. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things. Love endures. Love never ends." There may be some other passages in the Scripture you may be interested in. Take for example --

Jack: All right, guys, come on. Forget about the flashlight and let's go, all right?

Jamal: All right. Well, then you can just follow us, then. All right?

Alison: Yeah. Well, I know if I ever got lost, who I'd want heading up my search party.

Jamal: Well, you're not getting lost because I'm not letting you out of my sight long enough. Ok? Come on.

Livvie: Hey, Jack, are you sure you're ok?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'll be fine once we get warmed up.

Livvie: You know, it's not even that cold out.

Jack: I know and it's just the weirdest thing. I've never felt like this. It's like -- it's like I'm frozen to the bone. Let's go.

Kevin: His pulse is weak. His B.P.'s probably all over the place.

Lucy: What's wrong with Frank? What's the matter with him?

Ian: He's in a state of suspended animation.

Kevin: I can see that. But why?

Ian: The chief gave him an herb, something his people have used for generations.

Lucy: To time travel. To time travel? Back to 1973. He did it. Doc, Frank did it. He's time tripping.

Kevin: Oh, I can't believe this.

Lucy: Wait! Wait, wait, wait. You said that Frank wanted to go back and find this woman, Karen.

Kevin: And you let him do it, didn't you? In fact, you even helped him.

Ian: If Frank is right, then this woman, Karen, is Rhonda Wexler's daughter, which means she's a possible match for Arianna.

Kevin: Well, of course. Why not? Risk someone else's life to save your wife. I'm taking him to the hospital.

Ian: No, you're not.

Kevin: He could die, Ian.

Chief: He is not ready to come back or he would be here now.

Ian: If we take him out of this, we don't know what it's going to do to him.

Chief: And he will not have succeeded in what he set out to do.

Lucy: Doc, you yourself knew what Frank might try, but you didn't stop him.

Kevin: I should have.

Lucy: But you believed in him. You believed. You had faith. You trusted your instincts. So do that now. Have faith in Frank that he can succeed at what he's attempting. Let him try.

Kevin: Lucy, we can't just leave him here like this!

Ian: I'll keep a close eye on him. If he's in any danger, we won't go on.

Kevin: You're right, you won't -- because I'll be here the whole time. Frank's not back in 24 hours, he goes to the hospital. Agreed?

Ian: Agreed.

Frank: I'm forgetting what Karen looks like. I can't do that. I can't let that happen. I love you, Karen. I have to remember you. I'm the only one who can keep you alive. I have to do something. I have to get back to that computer. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Something's happening. I stayed too long. They warned me I could die if I did. Oh. Oh. Oh. I have to hold on. I have to hold on. It's the only -- it's the only way to save Karen.

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Michael: I can't help but wonder how you could marry someone you like when you've been with somebody you love.

Lucy: Isn't it bad if he doesn't come out of the coma soon?

Kevin: If he doesn't come out soon, he's going to die.

Frank: I live in the year 2001.

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