Port Charles Transcript Friday 5/18/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Eve: You brought all this food. The least you can do is share some of it with me.

Michael: It's getting late. I should be going.

Eve: And?

Michael: And I won't be able to find the trail of bread crumbs I left to find my way home?

Eve: Look, I decided to leave, so, what, we're going to just let all this great food go to waste?

Michael: Well, I never could stand the idea of wasted food.

Eve: Great. I'll set the table.

Lucy: Fingers crossed.

Kevin: Fingers crossed.

Lucy: Right.

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait.

Lucy: What? What?

Kevin: Don't you think we should discuss how we're going to do this first?

Lucy: What is there to discuss?

Kevin: You don't think Scott's going to wonder why we're grilling him on Rhonda Wexler?

Lucy: We just tell him.

Kevin: Oh, right. What was I thinking? "Scott, you know, you may have a daughter with Rhonda Wexler, but she was accidentally erased because Frank Scanlon -- well, he got caught up in a time warp with a teenaged Rhonda back in 1973."

Lucy: Ok, I get your point. So we calmly, slowly, gradually ease into a very calm explanation.

Kevin: You know, I still think the fewer people that know, the less chance we'll have of being committed to Ferncliff.

Lucy: All right, we need a plan. We need an idea, some sort of excuse or something.

Kevin: I got it. Oh, this is going to be great.

Lucy: Do you care to fill me in on what it is?

Kevin: Just follow my lead, but remember be cool.

Lucy: Cool.

Kevin: Cool.

Lucy: All right.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Scott: Hiya, lovebirds. What, did I goof up on Serena's schedule again?

Lucy: No, that was last week. No, this -- I'm actually -- no -- not here to pick up Serena right now.

Scott: Just a visit?

Lucy and Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Sort of, yeah.

Scott: Well, come on in.

Kevin: Oh, great. Thanks, Scott.

Scott: Serena's upstairs. Supposed to be doing her homework, but I bet she's reading her scuba diving magazines.

Lucy: Yeah.

Scott: Um, are you guys going to want some fish sticks?

Kevin: Not me, thank you.

Scott: Oh, good.

Lucy: I want one. I -- thank you. Listen, actually, I would love to see Serena later. It's just we're not really here to see her per se. We're here sort of just to have a nice visit with you.

Scott: What kind of trouble you in again, Lucy?

Kevin: Oh, no. No, no. She hasn't done anything, for once. It's just that --

Lucy: Look, Scott, we need to hear everything you know about Rhonda Wexler. It's very, very important. In fact, it's a matter of life and death.

Frank: How long have you known the Wexlers?

Mary: I don't think you should go around there anymore, Frank. As I told you, Harry Wexler is a very unpredictable man.

Frank: I know, I know, and I'll try to steer clear of him, but --

Mary: But what?

Frank: But I have to go back there, to the Wexlers'.

Mary: To find this girl? The one you're in love with? Are they the only way you can find her?

Frank: They're part of the way, yeah.

Mary: What?

Frank: You don't happen to have some more iced tea, do you?

Mary: You're changing the subject.

Frank: True, but I really am thirsty.

Mary: Are you sure we never met before yesterday?

Frank: Pretty sure. Why?

Mary: Because there's something you're not telling me, and I think I know what it is.

Frank: What do you mean?

Mary: You're not who you say you are.

Eve: It's hot chocolate. I hope you don't mind.

Michael: That's fine.

Eve: Wow. That's an unusual ring.

Michael: My father gave it to me.

Eve: Can I take a closer look at it?

Michael: Yeah.

Eve: What is it?

Michael: Our family crest.

Eve: That's beautiful. What does it stand for?

Michael: Oh, it's a -- it's a long and boring story.

Eve: Oh, come on, I highly doubt that.

Michael: Trust me.

Eve: Ok. Well, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you married? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Michael: It's getting late. I should be going.

Eve: It's my hot chocolate, isn't it?

Michael: Your hot chocolate's great. I just -- I have someplace I should be.

Eve: What, you got a date? Is that it? You got a hot date?

Michael: Something like that.

Eve: Well, then why didn't you tell me?

Michael: I didn't want to be rude.

Eve: You're not rude. But I guess you should go. You don't want to keep whoever it is waiting.

Michael: Yeah, I don't want to do that.

Eve: Thank you for the goody basket, and thanks for staying to share it with me.

Michael: Well, thanks for the --

Both: Hot chocolate --

Michael: Yeah.

Eve: The horrible hot chocolate.

Michael: You have a safe trip back, ok, Eve? It was really nice meeting you.

Eve: Thanks. You, too. And, you know, who knows? Maybe we'll run into each other again someday.

Michael: Maybe.

Eve: Yeah.

Scott: Rhonda Wexler? Hey, let me get you a napkin there for that fish stick.

Lucy: Thanks.

Scott: I know what, you know, everybody else knows -- that she drinks. She drinks like a fish.

Kevin: Well, isn't there anything more you might recall about her?

Lucy: Yeah, you know, you've lived in Port Charles a lot longer than either one of us -- you know, maybe just something?

Scott: Why are you so interested in her all of a sudden? What is this life-or-death business?

Lucy: It's because --

Kevin: Since I've seen Rhonda in a professional capacity, I'm really not at liberty to say.

Lucy: That's right, so just tell us anything you could think of about Rhonda. Anything at all.

Scott: Since when does she consult on your patients?

Kevin: She doesn't. Lucy's interest is personal.

Lucy: Right. And the point is, we just need to know anything you can think of to tell us about Rhonda.

Scott: Well, I went to high school with her. They used to call her Cookie, and -- get out of my way. I want to get a fish stick.

Lucy: They used to call her Cookie, and -- and?

Scott: And, Lucy -- you know what? We didn't run in the same crowd.

Kevin: Well, there must be something. A visual, anything else you might remember?

Scott: Yeah.

Kevin: What?

Scott: Well, on a sadder note, her sister passed away when I was a senior in high school, and it really -- you know, it really sent her over the top there, and eventually her father had to lock her up in a mental institution.

Lucy: Right. Listen, pal --

Scott: Yeah?

Lucy: You didn't have, like, you know, a romance with her?

Scott: What are you talking about? What, are you saying I had sex with her? Why would you say something like that?

Lucy: Because Frank said you had a daughter with Rhonda.

Scott: What?

Kevin: So much for calm and gradual.

Mary: If you told me how it happened, how you lost her --

Frank: Oh, thanks, but it's getting late, and you're probably tired -- I mean, in your condition.

Mary: I'm pregnant, not sick.

Frank: Look, I've already taken too much of your time. Besides, I've got to go do what I came here to do before it's too late.

Frankie: Mommy, I want to take a picture of you. Thanks.

Mary: Something wrong?

Frank: No, it's just -- look, thanks again for everything. You have been so nice.

Mary: You take care of yourself, ok? And good luck.

Frank: You, too.

Mary: Come on, Frankie, it's time for bed. Bedtime.

Cookie: Frank.

Frank: Cookie. Well, I was just on my way to find you.

Cookie: Well, I need to talk to you, too. My daddy brought home this machine, and it was exactly like the one you described. A computer.

Frank: The computer. Oh, thank God, Cookie. Cookie, I've got to see it. Come on, let's go.

Cookie: I'm not going anywhere with you, Frank. And you're not going anywhere near my house till you tell me how you knew about that thing.

Jack: There's nothing like sleeping out under the stars.

Livvie: Yeah, I haven't since Girl Scouts.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Livvie: Ma and Grandma aren't exactly campers, you know.

Jack: Well, you are in for a treat because I am the ultimate camper.

Livvie: Well, I can see that already.

Jack: Well, I just thought this might help you relax, keep you from obsessing about Zach and that tape.

Livvie: Oh. Yeah, I still can't believe I destroyed his confession by recording that stupid song right over it.

Jack: Oh, there you go again.

Livvie: It was Jamal's only hope out of getting out of that race.

Jack: Livvie --

Livvie: And then I get the bright idea of trying to buy his way out of it, which only ticked Zach off even more.

Jack: Hey, they're called mistakes. It's not your first, and it definitely will not be your last.

Livvie: Is this supposed to make me feel better?

Jack: No. But this will. No matter how bad you screw up, I'll always love you.

Livvie: I think that may have done the trick. You want to roast some marshmallows?

Jack: No. I want to keep kissing you some more.

Livvie: Oh, wait, wait -- speaking of s'mores, I got some graham crackers --

Jack: Oh?

Livvie: Chocolate bars, marshmallows -- all the --


Jack: Did you just hear that?

Livvie: Hear what? Oh, you mean like the last time we were up here and you tried scaring me right into your arms, huh?

Jack: Well, it worked, didn't it?

Jack: Hey, what's wrong?

Livvie: Oh, jeez, I don't know. I just got really cold all of a sudden.

Jack: Well, hey, I'm going to go get some more wood for the fire.

Livvie: Ok. Hurry back.

Jack: Before you can get those marshmallows roasted.

Livvie: Hey, how do you like yours anyway? Light or medium?

Jack: Black and crunchy.

Livvie: Ew! Are you serious?

Jack: Yep, the only way to go.

Scott: Lucy, I got two daughters, you know? Serena and Christina.

Lucy: Oh, I -- I do know that, pal --

Scott: But, listen, we were married, for crying out loud. Don't you think that if I had a kid with Rhonda I might've mentioned that to you?

Lucy: Well, yeah --

Kevin: Scott, if you'll just listen to what we --

Scott: There's nothing to listen -- Frank is crazy. If he's running around saying this, then, you know, he's got marbles loose.

Kevin: All he said was that it's a possibility.

Scott: I'll tell you what's a possibility -- that little green men are going to show up here in Port Charles, and they're going to come looking for you!

Lucy: Listen, just listen. Is it possible, just maybe, that you had a tiny fling that you just put out of your mind? Or maybe a one-night stand you don't really remember?

Scott: It's happened. You have completely lost your mind.

Kevin: Scott, we know how this can sound, believe me. But the answer to that question, as embarrassing as it could be, could be important to a lot of people.

Lucy: Pal, he's right. Please sit down. Listen --

Scott: Yes, I know.

Lucy: These questions are ridiculous. It's just that it's very, very important that you tell us. It really is a matter of --

Scott: Of life and death, as you keep saying.

Lucy: Yeah, it is, yes.

Scott: However, you have no interest in telling me why.

Lucy: Well, I can't. It's -- it's just -- please, please give us the benefit of the doubt. Please try.

Scott: All right. What can I say, you know? I think that she might've had a crush on me, but, then, who didn't back then?

Lucy: She did, huh?

Scott: Uh-huh. And she asked me to go to a dance once.

Kevin: Did you go?

Scott: Yeah, but I went with a freshman.

Lucy and Kevin: Oh.

Scott: And, you know, after all this stuff happened to Rhonda and she got sent away, I felt a little guilty about that.

Kevin: Is there anything else?

Scott: Oh, wait. About a week after her sister died, she was saying that she was talking to some guy from the future.

Frank: Cookie, Cookie, calm down. There's a logical explanation.

Cookie: No, there's not. My dad told me that Carolyn was the only one that knew about the machine.

Frank: Yeah, and she's the one who told me about it.

Cookie: What, right before she died, she perfectly described some stupid machine?

Frank: It was before she got hit, Cookie. You got to believe me.

Cookie: I have to go.

Frank: No, no, no. Please wait.

Cookie: I'm supposed to be delivering some pictures of Carolyn to the funeral home. I shouldn't even be here.

Frank: But you are because you know how much this means to me.

Cookie: No. I don't understand who you are or why you're in our lives. I don't understand why my dad could hate me so much. And mostly, I don't understand why my sister had to die.

Frank: I wish to God I had answers, but I don't. All I can tell you is I'm here to find Karen, the woman I told you about, the woman I love.

Cookie: What does some crazy machine have to do with that?

Frank: I -- I can't explain it. But I swear to you I am not here to hurt you or your family. You are a good person with a good heart. So please, Cookie, follow your heart and help me get to that computer.

Cookie: No. I can't help you. I can't, Frank.

Frank: Cookie, wait! Cookie!

Eve: Oh, no. Michael's jacket. Maybe I can still catch him.

Livvie: Ok, I'd say that is extra crunchy. Jack, where are you?


Livvie: Jack? Jack, is that you? You know what, Jack? This is not funny anymore. Jack?

Kevin: She actually told you that she talked to someone from the future?

Lucy: Pal, pal, listen. Did she say who it was?

Kevin: Or how she contacted this person?

Scott: Look, maybe I didn't make this clear, but she was nutty.

Kevin: Over her sister, right.

Scott: Yeah. You know -- you know, I feel a little bad about it now. I mean, maybe if I was nicer to her in high school.

Lucy: Yeah, but, like you said, you know, you were just kids back then, you know?

Scott: I know, but I was a bit of a ladies' man back then, and -- you know, I don't know, if I'd have taken her to the dance, you know, maybe things would've worked out different. So then she goes to the -- you know, to the institution. She gets out, and then she just starts drinking like crazy. It's, you know.

Kevin: Is that all you remember?

Scott: Yeah, that's about it.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Scott: Lucy, if I knew anything else, don't you think I'd tell you?

Lucy: Yeah --

Serena: Mom, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Lucy: Oh, hey, sweet pea.

Serena: I didn't know you guys were coming over.

Lucy: Well, you know, we want to see you, of course, but we were just -- actually, Kevin and I were here to talk to your dad, but I was going to come upstairs and give you a big, fat hug. Come here, you!

Kevin: Wait a minute -- where's mine?

Serena: Oh, ok.

Lucy: Hey, did you get your homework done? Did it go ok?

Serena: Yeah. Except dividing fractions is so boring.

Lucy: I know, I know.

Scott: Hey, you want me to check the fractions and all that?

Serena: Yeah, it's all yours.

Scott: Oh, great. Listen, are we all done here?

Kevin: Yes. Yes, we are. Scott, thank you. You were a big help.

Scott: I was?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Yeah. Actually, you have no idea. Listen, sweet pea, I have great ideas -- on Saturday, you know, when we're going to try and get that rock climbing-hiking badge -- the outfits I picked out for it, you're going to love -- love, love, love, love.

Serena: I can't wait to hear them.

Lucy: Good. Good, good, good, good. I love you. See you later.

Serena: Bye, Kevin.

Kevin: Bye-bye, see you.

Scott: Kevin, you know, I was hoping that that level head of yours, you know, would sort of rub off on Lucy, but it seems to be just the opposite.

Kevin: Well, you know, whatever of Lucy's rubs off is just fine with me.

Lucy: Bye, pal. Thank you for putting up with us, ok? I'll see you. Ta. Bye, pumpkin head.

Kevin: Bye-bye.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: Thank you.

Lucy: Do you know what we just heard? Do you believe this?

Kevin: Rhonda was in contact with Frank in 1973.

Lucy: Yes, exactly. So now what do you think?

Kevin: I think it means that Frank's story -- I can't believe I'm saying this -- is true.

Frank: Nellie. Nellie. Nellie, Nellie, you and I caused a pretty major screw-up. I have got to destroy you before Cookie and I ever connect.

[breaking glass]

Eve: Hello? Michael? Oh. Excuse me.

Livvie: Jack, where are you? Oh, God. This is not good. Something's wrong. Jack?

Livvie: Jamal? Hi, this -- this is Livvie. Something has happened. Jack hasn't come back yet, and I keep calling and calling and he doesn't answer, and I keep hearing these noises all around me and -- ok. Ok, ok. We came up to the woods just north of Port Charles to go camping overnight, and Jack went to go get branches and stuff for the fire and he hasn't come -- he hasn't come back yet. No, I don't know. I don't know, but it's been so long. Please. Jamal, I am positive something has happened to Jack.


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