Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 5/15/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Granya: What did you decide?

Ian: Not tonight.

Granya: Well, you've got to make a move.

Ian: I'm not in the mood for games.

Granya: Well, I am. So to keep it interesting, tonight -- tonight we'll up the stakes.

Ian: What are we playing for?

Granya: How about the truth? Tell me about Eve.

Eve: What are you doing here?

Michael: Sitting, watching the moon. Just wanted to make sure you got back in one piece.

Eve: Really? Anything else?

Michael: I know how easy it is to get lost out there.

Eve: Yeah, well, I found my way.

Michael: Ok. Look, I -- I didn't want to make you nervous. Maybe the directions helped?

Eve: They didn't hurt, thank you.

Michael: All right. Well, now that I see you got home ok, I'll -- I'll be heading back.

Eve: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You have some kind of nasty scratches on your arm there.

Michael: I'm sort of restoring this historic building. I guess I get a little clumsy sometimes.

Eve: Well, maybe you better let me take a look at those just to be on the safe side.

Michael: "To be on the safe side?"

Eve: I have some antibacterial inside. Why don't you come in?

Michael: Out here, it may not be such a good idea just to invite a complete stranger into your home.

Eve: You know what? You're right. Good night.

Eve: Hey. Look. I'm a doctor. You got to trust me on this. I know what I'm doing. That looks like it could be infected. Will you come in and let me take a look at that?

Michael: You really think that --

Eve: Yeah, I do.

Michael: Ok.

Frank: Carolyn! No!

[Car screeches]

Frank: Oh. Oh, my God. Carolyn?

Man: Is she ok?

Frank: I wanted to warn you.

Man: I never saw her. I swear she came out of nowhere.

Frank: Just get on your cell phone and call for help!

Man: Ok -- my what?

Frank: A pay phone, any phone! Just go, move! Get an ambulance!

Man: All right.

Frank: Carolyn. Carolyn. Listen, if you can hear me, open your eyes. Open your eyes, squeeze my hand, anything. Oh. Oh. Listen to me. You just hang on, ok? Just hang -- help's on the way. Oh. I am so sorry. With all my heart, I wish this didn't have to happen. I wish to God I didn't know this was the day that you had to die. Carolyn, don't -- don't, don't move.

[Carolyn moans]

Frank: Don't -- don't talk.

Carolyn: How is --

Frank: Is she what? What?

Carolyn: No --

Frank: Save your breath.

Carolyn: Oh, no.

Frank: Shh.

Carolyn: You have to tell me. How did you know this was going to happen? Who are you?

Ian: What are you bringing up Lambert for?

Granya: She seems to be on your mind.

Ian: Well, she is.

Granya: And why do you think that is?

Ian: You're not going to give me a break here, are you?

Granya: When have I ever?

Ian: She asked me to go away with her.

Granya: And you passed on happiness again? I warned you about that, Ian.

Ian: I had no choice.

Granya: You always have a choice!

Ian: I gave my word! I promised Arianna I would be with her.

Granya: To the bitter end, which is why instead of being happy and being with Eve, you came back to Arianna.

Ian: She's sick, she's scared, and she needs me. Why do I even bother talking to you?

Granya: Because you think you've got no one else! That's why I'm here, isn't it? Oh, the great St. Ian -- when are you going to get over yourself? You're just one man, trying to do the work of a whole army. Well, you better cut yourself some slack before you lose the war and the woman you love.

Michael: You really are a doctor.

Eve: What was your first clue?

Michael: "Lacerations."

[Eve laughs]

Eve: So you're restoring some cabin out here?

Michael: Historic building.

Eve: Really? What kind?

Michael: The old kind.

Eve: Ok.

Michael: You came up all this way on your own?

Eve: Yes. I'm not one of those weak females who can't take care of themselves.

Michael: Oh, I didn't think you were. How long are you planning on staying?

Eve: Uh, I'm not sure. All right. You're all done.

Michael: I -- I appreciate it. Maybe I can return the favor sometime.

Eve: No. That's not necessary, really.

Michael: You sure? I'm a pretty good cook.

Eve: Look, I came up here so that I could get away from everything.

Michael: I understand. I'll -- I'll be on my way. Oh -- hey, you do have one of those cell phones, right?

Eve: Why, yes, I do. And I know how to use it, too.

Michael: Ok. Well, just in case you are a long way from anybody -- and if you need a neighbor, I'm probably the closest.

Eve: Thanks, neighbor.

Michael: Hey. Remember to lock this.

Eve: You really don't think I can take care of myself, do you?

Michael: Just take my advice.

Eve: And you'll feel better in the morning?

Michael: Yeah. Thanks, Doc.

Eve: Oh, come on. All the way out here?

Carolyn: Somehow, you knew I was going to die.

Frank: Just hang on. Help is on the way.

Carolyn: There's so much I wanted to do.

Frank: Please don't -- don't talk. Just try to relax, ok?

Carolyn: I -- I've left nothing. I've done nothing.

Frank: That is not true. You have done so much for Cookie. And she is your legacy, a legacy that's going to live on. You will have a namesake. She will save so many lives and she will look just like you, and be like you.

Carolyn: "She?"

Frank: A niece. You will have a niece named after you.

Carolyn: Well, tell me about her. Please.

Frank: Well, remember when Cookie was little and she would say your name so fast that it sounded like "Karen?"

Carolyn: Mm-hmm.

Frank: That's her name -- Karen.

[Distant sirens]

Frank: Your niece. She will have your dream, Carolyn. She will have your dream, and she will see it through. She's a doctor. She'll be a doctor. And I will fall in love with her with all my heart.

[Sirens approach]

Frank: Karen will love and remember you her whole life. She'll never forget -- that's a promise. We will always remember you, Carolyn -- always.

Ian: I promised Arianna I'd take care of her, and now she's in there this close to dying.

Granya: Haven't you heard, Ian? You can't always control who lives and who dies.

Ian: I'm not in control of anything. Eve needs me -- I'm not there for her. And then there's Frank Scanlon -- put his life on the line for Arianna and for me.

Granya: People make their own choices, can and will, without help from you, and it happens every day.

Ian: But I'm a doctor. I'm supposed to help and protect people. I was supposed to protect you.

Granya: You've got to stop saying that. I had the most wonderful brother in the world -- a man who put everyone's happiness before his own, a man who'd walk miles to save someone he'd never met without ever knowing how to find his way home. You were always there to save everyone, Ian. Who's going to save you? Your life's there for the taking. Don't stand about being stubborn! Grab it! Wrap your arms tight around it and give it a good squeeze because you deserve it! Don't wait till the years are worn away and gone.

Ian: Just trying to make it better.

Granya: The world, you mean? Try starting a little closer to home. You have yet to fall asleep holding the woman you love in your arms. My dear brother, you are so busy saving the world. Don't you forget to save yourself. That would be such a waste.

Eve: Oh, good. Warm at last.

[Eve sighs]

Eve: Ian, I miss you so much.

[Door opens suddenly]

Eve: Whoa!

[Wind blows]

Eve: Great. Great, great, great.

Eve: That's great. That's just great.

Eve: It's going to be a long night, Eve -- a long, cold night.

Frank: Your dreams are safe, Carolyn. She'll see them through.

Carolyn: Karen?

Frank: Yes.

Carolyn: My niece -- a doctor. Take care of her.

[Siren stops]

[ambulance door shuts]

Frank: I will.

Paramedic: Stand back!

Frank: You're too late.

Paramedic: I said let us in.

Frank: I said you're too late! I know!

Paramedic: You a doctor?

Frank: I drive just like you.

Paramedic: I'm not getting anything.

Second Paramedic: Let's get her to G.H.

Frank: Too late. You're too late!

Paramedic: Ok, ready? One, two -- you want to follow us back to the hospital?

Frank: No. No, I know the way.

Cookie: Oh, no! Oh, my God, Carolyn! Oh, my God! What are they doing? That's my sister!

Frank: Cookie!

Cookie: What are they --

Frank: Cookie, no, don't! Don't!

Cookie: What happened? How?

Frank: The car. There's nothing anybody could've done.

Cookie: How do you know? Did you try? Did anybody try?

Frank: I was with her at the end. Believe me, believe me. She was gone before they got here.

Cookie: No! No! No! This isn't true! This can't be happening. I was supposed to meet her at Kelly's. If I'd only have shown up, we'd still be there! We'd still be laughing. I could have saved her!

Frank: No, listen. Cookie. Cookie, some things just happen. You couldn't have stopped this from happening. Do you hear me? No one could -- no one!

Granya: In the end, all your sorrow and sacrifice won't mean half as much as a bit of happiness, Ian.

Ian: All right. What can I do?

Granya: Forgive yourself for my death, for the children you fought for in Africa, for the few patients who have slipped through your fingers, for Arianna's pain, Eve's unhappiness -- especially that.

Ian: I wonder what kind of life Eve would have with me. I've caused her so much pain already.

Granya: That's a part of the game. You give your heart, you give your soul, you give yourself completely. That includes the troubles, too. And Eve knows that because those are the rules. She's out there somewhere, your soul mate, your much-better half. What are you going to do about it? It's still your move.

Eve: All right! Thank you, Girl Scouts of America. Oh! Ooh. Yes. Now, I just need some of those Thin Mint cookies to go with some hot chocolate. If only I'd remembered to bring Thin Mint cookies to go with the hot chocolate.

[Wind blows]

Eve: All right. Come on, Lambert. It's ok. You wanted to get away from it all and spend some quiet time in this cabin, away from it all. So that's what you got. You got a nice cabin, a nice roaring -- well, you got a fire. And you've got heat and light. Light, light -- more light would be good. More light. Never have enough light. Oh, there we go. Ok. Music! Yeah! Ok.

[Turns on radio]

Eve: There we go.

Eve: Come on. What are you doing? What are you afraid of? Lambert, you're ok. It's just a little -- a little wind, and -- and I don't know what else. I can take care of myself. And I can take care of both of us. I can. I can and I will.

Cookie: Why Carolyn?

Frank: Things just happen sometimes, and we can't change them, sweetheart, no matter how much we want to. I know how you're feeling.

Cookie: No. No, you don't know how I'm feeling! My sister's dead because of me!

Frank: That is not true.

Cookie: But if I were to only have been there --

Frank: Listen to me. You have got to believe that there is a plan and a purpose to it all. It makes all the difference.

Cookie: Do you believe there's a plan for why things happen the way they do?

Frank: I know there is.

Cookie: How?

Frank: The same way I know your sister wouldn't want you blaming yourself, especially when there is nothing to blame yourself for. She had peace in her heart, Cookie. Trust me -- she would want you to go on living the way she did, the way she tried to teach you -- loving, laughing, dancing, helping where she could.

Cookie: How do you know what she wanted?

Frank: I told you I saw it in her eyes. And I see a lot of her in you, too.

Cookie: I just loved her so much.

Frank: She knows that.

Cookie: But she's gone. And I'm all alone. And I'll always be alone.

Frank: No. No, you won't.

Man: Cookie?

Cookie: Daddy.

Man: What's going on? They said get to First and Washington.

Cookie: Um -- it's Carolyn.

Man: Carolyn what? What? What happened?

Cookie: She's gone, Daddy -- like Mama. They took her to the hospital. It was a car.

Frank: It came out of nowhere. The police will have all the information.

Cookie: I'm sorry, Daddy. She's dead.

Man: No!

Cookie: Carolyn's --

Man: No! Now how the hell did this happen? Now -- what happened?

Cookie: Daddy, I don't know! I didn't see it! I wasn't here!

Man: Now, you two were supposed to be together. You said you were going to meet at Kelly's.

Cookie: I got held up.

Man: So she was alone?

Cookie: Yes. But I didn't know, Daddy. Please.

Man: Oh, Carolyn. Not you, not you.

Cookie: I'm so sorry, Daddy.

Man: Here. We have to go.

Cookie: But, Daddy --

Man: Now, ok?

Cookie: Where?

Man: We got to go to the hospital and see my baby and say goodbye.

Cookie: Ok.

Frank: Karen, I have got to bring you back now more than ever. I have got to bring you back.

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