Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 5/9/01

By John
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Kevin: "There are as many theories on obsessive fantasies as there are fantasies." Oh, that's a big help.

Frank's Voice: She has these beautiful, full lips, high cheekbones, and the most incredible smile.

Kevin: Frank's mystery woman. Hello, Karen. Except you don't exist. What if Lucy's right? What if she's right?

[Knock on door]

Kevin: Come in.

Colleen: Oh. Sorry to bother you, Dr. Collins. I didn't expect you in this early.

Kevin: Actually, I've been here all night.

Colleen: Is everything all right?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, just a project I'm working on. What can I do for you?

Colleen: Oh, your 9:00, Mrs. Hansen, called to cancel.

Kevin: Oh. Well, good. That'll give me more time.

Colleen: For your project?

Kevin: That's right.

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Colleen?

Colleen: Yeah?

Kevin: Do me a favor, will you? Reschedule my whole morning.

Colleen: This project of yours must be pretty important.

Kevin: More than you can imagine. Excuse me.

Colleen: Yeah.

Eve: Oh, man.

[Telephone rings]

Eve: All right.

Eve: Yeah, hello?

Chris: What, so I propose marriage, and you up and leave?

Eve: Chris?

Chris: Yes, it's Chris. How many other marriage proposals are you fielding?

Eve: Well, yours is at the top of my list.

Chris: I see. So you're ditching all of us, then?

Eve: Well, don't take it personally.

Chris: Eve, how else should I take it?

Eve: Look, Chris, I just -- I have a lot on my mind, and I just need to get away and be alone.

Chris: I see. So you're going to think about my offer, then?

Eve: Well, I'm definitely going to think about your offer and everything else.

Chris: All right. Well, that's great. You know, it's just I was worried about you, you know, when I got your message saying that you were leaving.

Eve: Yeah, I know. It's just that a lot of things hit me all at once, and, you know, that's why I need to get away and try and get a handle on things.

Chris: I understand. I just want you to remember that I really do want to be there for you and the baby.

Eve: Ian's baby.

Chris: Yeah, I know. But you can't be with Ian.

Eve: Thanks for reminding me.

Chris: I'm not trying to give you a hard time here.

Eve: Look, I know, I know. I know you're not. I'm just -- I'm just a little touchy these days, that's all.

Chris: You have good reason.

Eve: Right, which is exactly why I need to get away. Ok? Just for a little while -- time alone to think.

Chris: Well, remember, I'm just offering a safety net. You know, no pressure.

Eve: Chris, I appreciate that.

Chris: Where can I reach you?

Eve: You can't. See, that's the point. I will get in touch with you.

Chris: Eve, are you sure about all this? There are three flights a day leaving for Vegas. We could be married by dinner.

Eve: No, I am positive, ok? I'm absolutely positive. I will call you. Don't worry about me, please. All right? Now, I'll talk to you soon, ok? Bye.

Chris: Yeah, bye.

[Eve starts engine]

Frank: You look like hell.

Ian: I'm in good company, then.

Frank: Yeah. Did you get any sleep last night?

Ian: Uh-uh. Not much. Arianna's getting worse. If we don't find a donor soon --

Frank: Look, I told you --

Ian: I know, I know -- Karen.

Frank: She exists. Or she will, as soon as I go back to 1973, disable that computer so Cookie -- Rhonda Wexler -- and I never connect. Then she can go to that dance and meet Scott Baldwin.

Ian: And Karen will be born.

Frank: All I need are those herbs that you and the chief were talking about to take me back.

Ian: Well, they're on a flight from the island this morning.

Frank: Man, this -- this all sounds so crazy.

Ian: Yeah. What'd you tell your family?

Frank: Fishing trip to Alaska. I think they bought it that I'm burned out and I need to get away. They'd lock me up if they knew what I was really doing.

Ian: They'd lock all of us up. But as long as they believe you. All right. I got to go find that plane, get the package, and --

Frank: Hey, Ian?

Ian: Yeah?

Frank: Thank you.

Ian: Well, thank you -- for Arianna, for Eve, for me. Let's just hope it works.

Frank: It will work. I will bring you home, Karen. I promise.

Frank: Thanks again for the time off. It's kind of an emergency, but I'll be back on the job as soon as I can. I will. Thanks.

[Doorbell rings]


Kevin: Frank.

Frank: Hey.

Kevin: Glad I caught you.

Frank: I was just headed out.

Kevin: Do you have a minute?

Frank: I have a plane to catch.

Kevin: Right, to Alaska.

Frank: Yeah, that's where I'm going.

Kevin: Well, this won't take very long -- just a second.

Frank: So, what's up?

Kevin: Look, Frank, I've been thinking about what you've been saying about this Karen and talking to Rhonda Wexler in 1973 --

Frank: Look, I told all of you last night -- I'm fried, ok? Too much work, not enough sleep. I need a breather.

Kevin: You're just going to take off like that? No luggage?

Frank: It's in the car.

Kevin: You have your fishing gear?

Frank: That, too.

Kevin: Just can't get away fast enough, huh?

Frank: I really do need to cool out.

Kevin: Well, fishing should do that.

Frank: That's the plan. So, thanks for stopping by.

Kevin: You must be pretty close to this person.

Frank: What?

Kevin: Your friend in Alaska. Who'd you think I was talking about?

Frank: Yeah, we're pretty tight.

Kevin: Must be to go all that way. Who was it again?

Frank: Nobody you'd know.

Kevin: Yeah. Sorry, I can't help wondering.

Frank: Just wondering if I'm still wigged out is more like it.

Kevin: No. That's not it at all.

Frank: Then what's with all the questions?

Kevin: To be honest, I was hoping I could come along. I mean, I could use some time off myself, and I tie a mean fly.

Frank: I don't think so.

Kevin: Well, come on, there's always room for one more on a fishing trip, right?

Frank: Not this trip.

Kevin: Why not? Because there isn't one? We both know you're not going on any fishing trip.

Eve: I can't believe this. Why now? Why?

Eve: No. No, I'm not taking any chances this time. I'm going to take perfect care of you.

Eve: Hi. This is Dr. Eve Lambert. I'm calling again. I called a little while ago. I'm stuck here. I really need somebody to come out. Normally I wouldn't mind that much. I can change a tire myself. I'm not one of those wimpy kind of chicks, but I'm -- I'm on my way to a medical conference, and I can't really get messed up right now. Thank you. I appreciate it.

[Turns radio on]

[music plays]

[knock on window]

Eve: Oh, that was fast. Ian.

Eve: Well, you're not the auto club.

Ian: I can be if you want me to.

Eve: What are you doing all the way out here?

Ian: I was on my way to the airport.

Eve: Why?

Ian: Picking up a package. Lucky I came by when I did.

Eve: Yeah. Well, you know, you're always there to help a lady in distress.

Ian: Yeah. Why don't you give me a hand? I'm surprised you haven't changed all four by now.

Eve: Yeah. Yeah, well, you know, I figured I'd just -- you know, why am I paying the auto club for anyway?

Ian: I don't know. Now -- what, you're just going to stand there and watch me work?

Chris: Will you file those for me?

Gabriela: He even asks this time.

Chris: Please?

Gabriela: When I get a chance.

Chris: And I put up with this attitude because?

Gabriela: You're crazy about me.

Chris: Had your chance.

Gabriela: Don't tell me you've moved on.

Chris: I can hear your heart breaking.

Gabriela: Anyone I know?

Chris: Weren't you just too busy to file my charts for me?

Gabriela: Have you seen Eve?

Chris: No. Why?

Gabriela: Some of her patients were asking about her.

Chris: Well, I gave her some time off, you know. I'll cover for her.

Gabriela: I didn't know she was on vacation.

Chris: Yeah, well, you know, everyone needs a little time away now and then. You know, recharge the batteries, come back all fresh and, you know, start over. A whole new life, maybe.

Gabriela: Right.

Man: Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Chris Ramsey.

Gabriela: Right here.

Chris: I'm Dr. Ramsey. Oh, you must be Mr. Hester.

Man: Oh, that's right.

Chris: Yeah, I've been expecting you. Why don't we talk in my office?

Mr. Hester: I think I have exactly what you're looking for.

Chris: Wonderful.

Frank: You think I'd just make something like that up? A fishing trip to Alaska? I mean, come on. Why would I say that if it wasn't true? Ok. The fishing part isn't real. Or Alaska.

Kevin: But you are going somewhere.

Frank: Yeah -- look, I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. It's just that I've been seeing this girl.

Kevin: Aha.

Frank: And I thought I'd take a few days off to go see her.

Kevin: Oh, she -- she doesn't live here in town?

Frank: Used to.

Kevin: And you don't want anyone to know because why?

Frank: You know my mom. A couple dates with someone and she's already naming the grandchildren.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Well, I see your point. Especially when you're just getting started out with someone.

Frank: Yeah. I just don't want to blow it, you know? She's the most amazing woman I've ever met. I mean, we connect on this level I didn't even know existed.

Kevin: That sounds serious.

Frank: Could be. That's what I'm hoping for.

Kevin: Are you worried that it might not work out?

Frank: It's just that I screwed up, and I've got to find her, straighten things out or I'll lose her for good, and I can't let that happen.

Kevin: Is that her? Is that the woman you're going to look for?

Ian: Ok. Lug nut.

Eve: Lug nut.

Ian: Wrench.

Eve: Wrench.

Ian: Scalpel.

Eve: That joke is so old and tired, even for a 19th-century kind of guy like yourself.

Ian: You're never going to let me live that down, are you?

Eve: Not for the rest of our lives. How's Arianna?

Ian: No change.

Eve: That package that you're going to the airport for --

Ian: No. No, it's not a donor. It's -- but maybe soon.

Eve: Really? Do you have a lead?

Ian: Yeah. It's a long shot.

Eve: Well -- a long shot? What do you mean by long shot? Like a 20-1 kind of long shot?

Ian: It's a miracle long shot.

Eve: Oh.

Ian: Yeah.

Eve: Oh, gosh! Are you ok?

Ian: Yeah.

Eve: Let me look at that.

Ian: That's all right.

Eve: No -- hold on. Oh, man.

Ian: Ok, finished.

Eve: All right. Let me look at that.

Ian: I told you I'm fine.

Eve: You know what? You always were the worst patient. Hold on a second.

Ian: It's not going to sting me, is it? Is it?

Eve: I hope it does.

Ian: Ok.

Eve: Ok. We're done, we're done. I don't think it'll require major surgery. It'll be ok.

Eve: I have to go. I have to go.

Ian: Where you going?

Eve: For a drive.

Ian: With luggage?

Eve: Come with me.

Mr. Hester: It's quite exquisite.

Chris: It's beautiful, but it's not big enough or special enough for this particular lady.

Mr. Hester: Oh. Well, she must be an exceptional woman.

Chris: And more. That's why it has to really suit her, you know? Something more unique.

Mr. Hester: I have just the thing. There isn't another one like it.

Chris: It's perfect.

Mr. Hester: We can size it later if you're planning to surprise your bride.

Chris: That's going to be difficult to do. She knows me too well. We've been friends for quite some time.

Mr. Hester: You know, in my experience, those are the best kind of marriages -- when you start out as friends.

Chris: Yeah, well, it's taken us long enough, but I think we're ready for the next step.

Eve: Let's just do it. Let's just get in the car and drive off.

Ian: And go where?

Eve: It doesn't matter -- anywhere as long as we're together, just us and our --

Ian: Our what?

Eve: Will you come with me?

Ian: I would love nothing more.

Eve: Ok, then let's just do it, ok? Let's not even think. Let's just love each other.

Ian: I can't. Not now. I'm sorry.

Eve: Ian.

Ian: I have to do this thing.

Eve: For Arianna.

Ian: For all of us.

Eve: Well, then good luck to us all.

[Eve starts engine]

Frank: How did you do this again?

Kevin: Well, your description was pretty convincing -- a lot more than that story last night, or even now -- this supposed trip you're taking.

Frank: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kevin: I think you do, Frank.

Frank: Look, I know you're convinced I'm losing it.

Kevin: No, actually, I'm not. You surprised? Believe me, so am I.

Frank: Are you saying you actually believe me?

Kevin: Do I believe that you actually communicated with Rhonda Wexler in 1973 through a computer and that you erased her daughter's entire existence? I shouldn't believe it, and every rational part of me tells me that that's impossible. But there's another part of me. There's -- I don't know, call it instinct, call it whatever you want. But something tells me that there's just things in this universe that don't make sense.

Frank: So you won't try and stop me?

Kevin: I guess it's a matter of trust, isn't it? And I don't believe that you'd be doing whatever it is you're going to do unless you were totally convinced that it was the only way.

Frank: You won't say anything to my family?

Kevin: No, but I want something in return.

Frank: What?

Kevin: If you need help, if you need to talk to someone -- and I don't care how irrational it might seem -- you come to me.

Frank: Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin: Good luck, Frank. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Frank: So do I.

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Ian: Has something gone wrong?

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