Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 5/8/01

By John
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Chris' Voice: You have a second chance here, Eve, to give a baby everything that you've always hoped for -- a stable home with a mom and a dad.

[Wedding music plays]

Chris: You won't be sorry, Eve. I'll spend every waking moment making our lives perfect. No doubts, no regrets.

Eve: No regrets, Chris.

Chris: Well, then, let's make it official. Reverend?

Ian: Shall we begin?

Eve: No.

Mary: Well, someone should have heard from Frank by now. I mean, we should have stayed in the Recovery Room and waited for him.

Victor: Bob will let us know if he comes by.

Gabriela: More than likely he'll turn up back here soon.

Lucy: Yes, that makes perfect sense.

Mary: Oh, well, nothing makes sense. Suddenly Frank's obsessed with somebody named Karen nobody's ever heard of.

Joe: No news so far.

Gabriela: Did you leave a message?

Joe: One with Emilio and one on Frank's cell phone.

Victor: All right, then we're doing everything we can do.

Gabriela: He's got to come home sometime.

Mary: Then what? Then we all jump on him like some ambush out of an old western?

Victor: Sweetheart, it's not an ambush. It's an intervention.

Lucy: Yes, and, you know, Doc is very good at ambushes.

Lucy and Kevin: Interventions.

Kevin: And let's not make me out to be some sort of a miracle worker. Don't forget, I already scared Frank off once. He may not be willing to listen to me again.

Joe: He may not be willing to listen to anybody. I'm afraid to say this, but I think Frank's losing it.

Ian: Any luck, chief?

Chief: They're gathering the items as we speak. It shouldn't be long before we have what you need for your journey.

Frank: It's just incredible, the whole idea of going back in time.

Chief: Oh, it's dangerous, Mr. Scanlon.

Frank: I don't care. We're talking about Karen, putting the world back the way it was so she can exist again.

Chief: There are no guarantees.

Frank: I am just asking for a chance to go back and disable that computer so there's a chance Karen can be here again. That is worth any risk.

Chief: When I give you the herb, you must focus on Karen with all of your will. With your heart, most of all. It's your love for her that holds the power to transport you back to the time and place where you can undo what was done and make Karen part of this world again.

Frank: It's just unbelievable. 1973 -- I'll actually be there and be able to talk to people, interact with them.

Chief: Remember, the fewer you interact with, the better. The dangers are many.

Ian: You're taking a journey to fix a mistake. Focus on that.

Chief: Now, you'll be tempted by many things, see much you'll wish to change, but you must not. Do only what needs to be done to save Karen or you could change everything, Frank, here, for everyone. Now, never forget that your tiniest move could alter history as we know it.

Mary: Joseph Scanlon! Don't you ever let me hear you talk that way about your brother.

Joe: Look, Mom --

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What -- what if -- Joe, come on. What if Frank is actually telling the truth?

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: No, I'm serious. Let's just think about it for a minute. Weird things happen in the universe, things we can't explain. Miracles happen. All kinds of things happen. What if Frank is actually on some incredible journey?

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: What if --

Mary: Well, why couldn't he be?

Victor: You know, she's right. I mean, anything's possible.

Lucy: Yes. What? What? I am just trying to help here.

Kevin: Don't. Not now, ok?

Lucy: But, Doc, think about it. What if there actually is a Karen Wexler, and what if Frank is really, truly connected with his past somehow? Eve did it, and Ian did it, and they did it through that chief on the island.

Kevin: You made your point.

Lucy: You know, you didn't think Eve was crazy.

Kevin: Lucy, if I thought it would do any good to talk about this here, I would, but all we'd be doing is hurting people who are already suffering if we get into a discussion about it in front of Frank's family.

Lucy: Ok. You're right. You're right. I will zip it for now. And whether it may or may not be true, I think it is and I think you need to kind of zip your narrow-mindedness.

Kevin: If I were really that narrow-minded, I wouldn't be as crazy about the way your mind works, now, would I?

Lucy: So you're really kind of crazy about the way my mind works, huh?

Kevin: I'm with you, aren't I?

Frank: Can I ask you a question, chief?

Chief: Ask. And if you're lucky, I might have an answer.

Frank: What happens to me if this works? I mean, when -- when I go back to '73?

Chief: What becomes of your body?

Frank: Yes.

Ian: The shell remains here. You will look to this time like a man in a sleep from which no one can wake you.

Frank: A coma.

Chief: To unenlightened eyes.

Frank: Well, I've got a family full of those, God bless every one of them. But Joe. Joe -- he won't stop running tests, Ian, if he sees me stretched out and stiff but still alive.

Ian: Well, that's why we've got to keep him and everyone else from finding out about this. You don't want to worry them.

Chief: Or them trying to counter the herb's effects. There's no telling what could happen.

Ian: So maybe the safest place for you would be right here where the chief and I can keep an eye on you.

Frank: Well, right now, every single one of them thinks I'm completely nuts, so I'd better go over there, do some damage control. I'll come up with some kind of a story. I'll get them to buy it, and then I'll head back over here.

Ian: Frank --

Frank: Ian, it's going to work. It has to.

Chief: We'll be ready.

Ian: Yeah. Let's just hope we don't live to regret it.

Girl's Voice: And looky!

Eve's Voice: And there's -- look, oh, there's a little dolly, and there's an elephant there. How many giraffes are there?

Chris: I'm home!

Eve: Hi.

Chris: Hi.

Girl: Daddy!

Chris: Hey, there. How are you? How's my doctor-in-training, huh? You know, it won't be long before the three of us are sharing a practice.

Eve: That's right. Hey, you should see the painting that someone drew today.

Chris: Oh. Really? Can I see? Ok.

Eve: Why don't you go get it for Daddy, and then bring it back and show it to him, ok?

Chris: Hurry up. Hey. By the way, I canceled Friday's appointments so we can both make that recital.

Eve: Perfect.

Chris: There she is. Wow.

Eve: Uh-huh.

Chris: Would you look at that?

Eve: I'm telling you.

Chris: You know, you have made me the proudest daddy in the whole wide world because you're the best finger-painter in the whole wide world and the moon and the planet and the stars. Mmm!

Girl: Aren't you going to hug and kiss Mommy, too?

Chris: Well, of course. Of course I am. You know, there's plenty of hugs and kisses for everybody in this family. That's a great picture.

Eve: That could work. I could do that. Maybe.

Mary: You had us worried half to death. Where have you been?

Frank: I know. I'm sorry. I got all your messages. I just needed a little time alone.

Joe: Well, you look a lot better.

Frank: Yeah, well, a good night's sleep and a long shower will do that.

Kevin: Are you trying to tell us you're feeling like a new man, Frank?

Frank: What I'm trying to tell you is how embarrassed I am about the way I've been acting -- running out on you the way I did, stirring up all kinds of trouble. I will never work that many hours without a break again.

Mary: See, I knew it. I told you he's been working too hard.

Joe: Ok, so let me make sure I understand. Everything you were saying this morning about the disappearing woman --

Frank: Is temporary insanity. I'm telling you, I really need some down time, and I'm going to take it. I'm going to steal a little time for myself, get away.

Kevin: That's good. I know just the place.

Frank: Well, thanks, Kevin, but it's all taken care of. An old friend of mine in Alaska's got a spot -- no phones, no TV, just plenty of fish to catch, ice hockey to keep me busy.

Kevin: Well, I haven't been asked for my opinion, but I wouldn't be much of an in-law if I didn't at least offer it. I think the idea of you going away when you could really use to dig in what you've just been through.

Frank: Are you kidding? I just got past thinking about all of that. What I need now is fresh air.

Mary: Why can't we let him deal with this himself? He knows what he needs better than anyone.

Frank: Thanks for understanding, Mom.

Mary: I wish I could go with you. How about taking my rosary along? It'll help keep you safe, and a little part of me will have made it to Alaska.

Frank: You've got a deal. Now, I need to run out to the car, grab a couple things, and start to get ready.

Mary: I'll have the rosary ready when you come back. Where did I put my purse?

Victor: Maybe you left it in the kitchen.

Mary: In the kitchen?

Gabriela: We'll help you look for it.

Lucy: Frank, wait. Listen, could I just bother you for a minute? Could I ask you just one question about that woman you've been talking about?

Frank: Lucy, I just got finished --

Lucy: I know, explaining and explaining and explaining that there is no Karen Wexler. But there is a drawing that Kevin made for you of her, right? And I would just love to see it, you know, see if there's any resemblance, maybe, between Scott and this Karen person. I mean, you did say that Scott could be Karen's father, right?

Frank: I'm sorry. If I still had it, no problem. But I don't. I tossed it.

Lucy: Well, then let's dig it out. Let's go find it. You can get it out.

Frank: I'm sorry, it's gone, Lucy. Now, just let this be, would you, please? Hopefully by the time I see you again, this will all be behind me. I just --

Lucy: Frank, really.

Frank: There's no drawing and no Karen, ok? I'll see you.

Lucy: Yeah. But --

[music plays]

Chris: So exactly, how many proud and rowdy fellow high school graduates can we expect at her majesty's shindig?

Eve: Well, you know your daughter.

Chris: Ooh. Well, now, there's a bill I look forward to paying. You know, I was thinking, we should call the caterer --

Ian: Eve?

Eve: Ian?

Chris: Dr. Thornhart.

Ian: Dr. Ramsey.

Chris: It's been a long time. You just passing through?

Ian: Yeah, I was -- I -- I was never lucky enough to settle down. But you're a man of a great many blessings.

Chris: That's because I never took any of them for granted.

Ian: I never learned that.

Chris: Well, it's never too late.

Ian: Oh, it is.

Chris: Well, it was great seeing you again after all these years.

Eve: It was great seeing you.

Chris: You know, we really ought to get going. We'll be late picking her up.

Ian: Don't be late, Lambert.

Chris: It's Ramsey.

Ian: Right. Take care of yourselves.

Chris: We will.

Ian: Goodbye, Eve. Bye.

[Music plays]

Eve: Hey. Chris, it's me. I just want to leave you a message and let you know that I'm still thinking about your offer. But I want you to know that I just need a little more time. Time away, alone.

Granya: Ahem. Still your move, Ian.

Ian: I must be going mad. I don't know if this woman, Karen Wexler, is real or not.

Granya: Faith, brother.

Ian: Faith in what? That she exists or that Frank can bring her back safely? I don't want anyone else to get hurt.

Granya: Faith in what's in your heart, even if your mind can't explain it. You already know what to think.

Ian: I do.

Granya: Would you have brought Frank to see your friend without believing on some level that this could be possible?

Ian: No.

Granya: I didn't think so. Now, if this Karen comes back and she can save Arianna, that would mean that you and Eve could get back together. That is what you truly want, my brother, isn't it? But you're still afraid to hope.

Ian: But I do hope. I'm trying. I hope that Frank can find this woman he loves and bring her back here because if he does, anything's possible.

Mary: See? I knew we'd find it. All that worry for nothing. And your brother is fine, too.

Lucy: Doc, I just really have this feeling --

Kevin: That Frank is up to something.

Lucy: You have it, too?

Kevin: It just doesn't make sense to go from believing in someone's existence with all your heart to believing just the opposite after a nap and a shower.

Lucy: It doesn't take a psychic to know what's going on here. You know what he's going to do. He's not going to go to Alaska.

Kevin: You think he's going --

Lucy: Yes, he's going to look for Karen, this Karen person. Listen, no matter what he says, I know he believes she does exist. Don't you feel that? Doc, don't you?

Kevin: I think you're right.

Frank's Voice: "Dear Neil, son, if you're reading this, it means that something has happened to me and I'm not coming back. Never forget how much I love you or how proud you've made me. Thanks for giving me the chance to be your dad. There was a time when you first found out about it you weren't so happy, but you kept your mind open and trusted me then, and in the end, that made us both happy, right? Well, I'm asking you to keep an open mind again and trust that I'd never leave without a good reason. I did something -- nothing against the law or anything -- but I made a mistake. Most times, you've just got to live with it, only I've got a chance to fix things, and that's a chance I've got to take."

Frank's Voice: "I'm just trying to follow my heart, like I've told you to do. That's the one thing I want you to look back and say your dad taught you -- to know when your soul's speaking to you and to follow that voice wherever it leads because that path is the right path to take. Always remember that no matter where I am I'll still be with you and you'll be with me, too. You're a part of me, Neil. The best part. And you'll be traveling with me forever. Loving you with all my heart and soul, your father."

Mary: Frank?

Frank: Mom. Hi. Hi. Come on in.

Mary: Is everything all right?

Frank: Yeah, yeah. Everything -- everything's fine. I'm all packed, and things are going to be better than that. They're going to be great.

Mary: How could they not? You've got a guarantee.

Frank: I will keep them with me.

Mary: Do you know they were a gift from your grandmother on the morning of my first communion? And they've helped me so much through the years, in my hardest moments. So you hold them tight in your hand, and I know they'll protect you wherever you go and you'll travel safe. And you'd better bring home a suitcase full of pictures for me.

Frank: I love you, Mom.

Mary: Oh, I love you too, dear.

Frank: So much.

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Kevin: We both know you're not going on any fishing trip.

Eve: Let's just get in the car and go.

Ian: Where?

Eve: It doesn't matter. Anywhere, as long as we're together, us and our --

Ian: Our what?

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