Port Charles Transcript Monday 5/7/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Alison: What are you doing racing?

Zach: Looks like you have some business to deal with, huh? Later.

Alison: I cannot believe that you did this.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, how'd you find me, hmm?

Alison: No, it wasn't Jack, ok, because I couldn't even beat it out of him if I wanted to. And now I know why -- because he was trying to save your life because I feel like I could kill you!

Jack: Whoa, hey, whoa.

Livvie: Alison, Alison.

Jamal: What are you tripping off of? It's over!

Alison: No, it's not yet because I want some answers!

Jamal: To what?

Alison: First of all, what are you doing racing again? And second off, that $25,000? Yeah, I thought that it came from Nana, although she tells me it didn't. So I want to know who gave it to me.

Eve: You didn't just say what I thought you said, did you, because I could've sworn you just proposed.

Chris: I did.

Eve: Oh. Oh, to break the tension.

Chris: No. No, I'm serious. Come on, Eve, I mean it. I want to marry you.

Eve: Ok, it's official -- you've lost your mind.

Chris: Why? What's so crazy about it?

Eve: Well, because I'm pregnant with Ian's child, for one.

Chris: Yeah, a child who needs a father -- a father Ian can't be, but I can and I want to. And I'll be a good dad. I promise you that.

Eve: Is this an attempt to make up for all the lousy things you've done in the past?

Chris: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I just care about you?

Eve: No.

Chris: Oh, come on, Eve, you know we've always had this connection, ever since the first day we met.

Eve: Right, two bad guys -- only I saw the light.

Chris: Yeah, well, maybe now I'm trying to do the same. Come on, Eve, we can really make this work.

Eve: You're serious, aren't you?

Chris: Yes, I'm serious! So what do you say? Come on, Lambert. Will you marry me?

Ian: Oh, Frank, Frank, Frank, I know you want this woman Karen to exist. So do I. Especially if she can be a donor to Arianna.

Frank: But you don't.

Ian: I just -- I don't --

Frank: What, what, it's insane?

Ian: Yeah. But --

Frank: What?

Ian: That thing you said about me loving Eve and not just for one night but for always -- those are the exact words I used with Lambert.

Frank: And Eve told Karen. How else do you think I know?

Ian: But this is impossible.

Frank: Hey, hey, hey, a lot of impossible stuff has happened lately because I talked on an old computer to a sad little girl in 1973, and that girl was Rhonda Wexler, Karen's mom. I messed with the past and I screwed up the future and Karen was never born. But somehow, some way I've got to fix that.

Ian: All right, all right, all right. I'm not the one you should be talking to.

Frank: Oh, if you're talking about another shrink --

Ian: No, no, no. Would you relax please, Frank? Someone else.

Frank: Who?

Ian: If you believe that this is true --

Frank: What, that I connected to the past? Absolutely.

Ian: All right, then there's someone who would know this, someone who can help you. Come on.

Jamal: Look, all right, here's the deal -- Zach muscled me to race.

Alison: How?

Jamal: Well, you know that 25 grand you got?

Alison: Yeah?

Jamal: Well, Zach set you up, baby.

Alison: The money came from him?

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, he knew you'd bite. And once you did, he started laying on the heat.

Alison: What, by, like, threatening you? Me? He threatened me?

Jamal: He said either pay up with the dough or -- or race.

Alison: So then you raced.

Jamal: Look, Ali, I'm not going to let anybody hurt you, ok?

Alison: Oh, my God.

Livvie: Alison -- Alison, are you all right?

Alison: This is all my fault.

Jack: Hey, hey, I was the one who talked you into taking the money.

Alison: No, I didn't have to listen to you. Jamal, you could've really been hurt today.

Jamal: Look, but I wasn't.

Alison: Yeah, but what if it was like the last race? You know, like -- like the one where they fixed his bike, ok? That guy can't walk anymore.

Jamal: Ok, but that didn't happen, and it's not gonna because I'm never racing again.

Alison: You said that before.

Jamal: Look, I had a debt to pay. Now that I have, I'm out of this.

Sam: Aren't you going to say hi, Jack? Nice seeing you, too.

Zach: Is everything cool now?

Jamal: What do you want?

Zach: Your time.

Jamal: I'm listening.

Zach: Alone.

Chris: So should I take this excruciatingly long silence as a good sign or bad sign?

Eve: Don't push it, Chris.

Chris: Come on, you're not going to get mad now, are you?

Eve: Yeah, you know what -- I am going to get mad. I'm going to get good and mad.

Chris: Why, because I offer my hand in marriage?

Eve: Just because I can't be with Ian doesn't mean I need some sort of shotgun wedding.

Chris: Hey, nobody's forcing me to do this, Eve. This is something I want to do.

Eve: Because you think I can't raise a child on my own.

Chris: What? No, no, I mean, I'm just trying to be helpful.

Eve: Well, forget about it because I don't need any --

Chris: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. Look, if you want to raise this baby on your own, go right ahead. But I know what it's like to be raised without both parents around and so do you. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think you wanted anything like that for a child of your own.

Eve: This is different.

Chris: Really? Ok, let me see here -- a single mom, no father. I don't see the distinction.

Eve: I am not my mother.

Chris: And I'm not my old man. I want a wife, I want kids, I want the family. But what, I'm Chris Ramsey, the bad guy?

Eve: I'm just saying, Chris, that there are plenty of single parents out there, ok?

Chris: And I'm not knocking any of them. Some of them are doing a great job. Eve, I remember what you told me the first time you were pregnant, about how disappointed you were that your son would be raised without a father.

Eve: Don't do this to me, Chris.

Chris: Don't do this to a child. You have a second chance here, Eve, to give a baby everything that you've always hoped for -- a stable home with a mom and a dad.

Eve: Ok. Maybe you're right. But I just want to know one thing.

Chris: What's that?

Eve: What's in this for you?

Ian: He must be in with Arianna. I'll go get him.

Ian: This is the man I was telling you about. Chief, Frank Scanlon.

Frank: Nice to meet you.

Chief: I sense a past here for you.

Ian: Well, this is Frank's old place.

Frank: It seems like a lifetime ago.

Chief: In many ways, it has been.

Frank: Well, I hope you can understand this because I am having trouble. What I know is a woman is missing and I have to find her.

Ian: This woman, Karen, could be a donor for Arianna.

Chief: But there's more, isn't there?

Frank: I love her very much and it's my fault she's gone, and Ian said maybe you can help.

Ian: Frank tampered with the past.

Chief: How did you do this?

Frank: Through this old computer. I communicated somehow with Karen's mom in 1973. Now, her mom, Rhonda, was going to go to a dance and she made it very clear she was going to sleep with some guy. I didn't know it was Scott Baldwin. He's Karen's father. Or he would have been Karen's father if I hadn't talked Rhonda out of going to the dance. And now Karen was never born. It's like she never existed to everybody except me. But I know she did. I fell in love with her. I -- I held her in my arms. I -- I can tell you every inch of her face. Like the way she does this -- this kind of half smile when she wants to laugh, but isn't quite sure she should. Or these -- these big, beautiful brown eyes I could just lose myself in. You've got to help me get her back.

Ian: What do you think?

Chief: Everything is possible when it comes to love. You know that yourself.

Ian: You think this woman exists?

Chief: This man speaks from the heart. I believe you.

Frank: Oh. Thank God. What do we do now?

Chief: When you changed the past, you erased her from time.

Frank: So how can I fix that? I already tried getting back on the computer to tell Rhonda to go to the dance, but the damn thing doesn't work anymore. So unless I go back in time and break up the computer so Rhonda and I never connect -- what?

Chief: There may be a way to do that.

Frank: To travel back through time?

Alison: I've got some things to say to them myself.

Jack: Hey, just let Jamal handle this, all right?

Livvie: Why would she listen to you?

Jack: Look, I messed up, ok? I admit it.

Livvie: The worst part is you kept everything a secret -- first from Jamal, then from Alison -- and you said you weren't going to do that anymore, Jack.

Jack: I'm not, all right -- not if it's about me. But this was Jamal and Alison's business.

Alison: And I made him promise not to tell anybody. Let's just hope that this is over.

Zach: It was good to see you back racing.

Jamal: Yeah, you'd better remember it because you'll never see that again.

Sam: You aren't talking about not racing again?

Jamal: You know what? That's right. Wish I could say it was a pleasure doing biz with you two, but --

Zach: I'm not done here.

Jamal: Yeah, well, I am.

Zach: Now, see, I don't think so. There's another race in three weeks.

Jamal: Well, we had a deal, ok? I raced tonight and it's over.

Zach: It's over when I say it is.

Jamal: Go to hell.

Zach: You want to take a chance on your lady's safety?

Jamal: Maybe I should go to the cops instead.

Zach: With what, huh? You don't got proof of anything. What?

Jamal: See, Zach, there's a little tape floating around and it's got you all over it.

Zach: You were wearing a wire?

Jamal: Well, you know, the last time we talked. So I figure that's probably good for 10 or 15 in state. Or is blackmail and extortion a federal rap? You know, I forget. I got to apologize, man.

Zach: You son of a --

Jamal: You'd better watch yourself, ok, because anything happens to me, my girl, or my friends, that tape goes straight to the cops. Peace. Let's get out of here.

Chris: Why does everything I do have to have an ulterior motive?

Eve: Maybe because it always does.

Chris: Not always.

Eve: Nine times out of 10.

Chris: Oh, I'm glad you're keeping track.

Eve: You make it easy.

Chris: Fine. You want a motive? I'll give you one. Maybe I'm tired of being alone, you know, living just for myself. Maybe I want something more meaningful in my life.

Eve: Well, you know, that may have worked on Livvie, ok, but it's -- no, actually, it did not work on Livvie and she wasn't --

Chris: I'm not jerking you around here, Eve. Yes, I've made mistakes. We've both made our share of mistakes.

Eve: Let's not make any more.

Chris: No, no, I really don't think this would be one. I'd be a great father, I guarantee it. Come on, look at it this way -- I mean, I already know how to change a diaper, warm up a bottle of milk.

Eve: I'm not Julie, Chris.

Chris: This isn't about Julie or Christina. I'm not trying to replace them.

Eve: Then what?

Chris: I don't mind the idea of starting over. You said that you were ready to pack up and leave Port Charles before anybody found out you were expecting. Eve, we could do that together. Find a little town where it's great to raise kids, start our own practice, make a whole new life for ourselves.

Eve: But we're not in love, Chris.

Chris: I know you love Ian. I'm not asking you to stop. All I want is a shot. At a family, I mean, you know -- the kind neither of us ever had. And hey, who knows? Maybe down the line it could be like a soap opera, right, where the couple really do fall in love.

Eve: Yeah. Yeah, but only if you fall out of love with yourself long enough.

Chris: Eve, I'm not going to beg. But the offer's out there if you want it. You know what? You're right. Just forget about it. It's a stupid idea.

Eve: Chris? Wait. Maybe it's not so stupid.

Frank: You're really talking time travel here?

Chief: In a manner of speaking.

Ian: Eve and I did it.

Frank: You went back in time?

Ian: Well, we visited past lives and we found that we've loved each other through many lifetimes.

Frank: Oh, man. This is -- this is bizarre.

Ian: Is it? And talking through a computer to Rhonda Wexler in 1973 is not?

Frank: Ok. So how do we do it?

Chief: Well, there's something I can give you.

Ian: There's a potion.

Chief: But without love, it is powerless. Only a love that is stronger than any other force on this earth can take you through time.

Frank: That is the kind of love I have for Karen.

Ian: Might work.

Frank: Then give it to me.

Chief: But there are dangers.

Frank: I don't care. I have to go back in time and pull that damn computer apart so Rhonda can go to the dance.

Chief: I don't know.

Frank: What -- you've -- you've got to help me. Please. Help me.

Alison: Ok, so then you're sure that this thing with Zach is done, it's finished?

Jamal: Like I told you a hundred times, Ali, it is over with us and him.

Livvie: Hey, are you sure you have enough on this tape of him?

Jamal: Well, yeah, if I need to use it.

Jack: Hey, Jamal took care of those creeps, all right? They're not going to mess with us anymore -- none of us.

Alison: Yeah, but let's just remember that we did dodge a major bullet here, ok? So next time, please just talk to me?

Jamal: Oh, you know, Ali, that does go both ways.

Alison: Hmm.

Livvie: Hey, I got an idea. I say we make a pact on it, ok? From now on, we are all 100% up front with each other.

Jamal: Honesty, yeah, 100%.

Alison: Ok.

Livvie: All right?

All: All right!

Livvie: There. Now the worst is behind us.

Sam: If Jamal turns that tape over to the cops, we're screwed.

Zach: He won't.

Sam: Yeah, what are you going to do about it?

Zach: Get the tape first.

Eve: I -- I can't believe I'm saying this, but us making a life together does make a crazy kind of sense.

Chris: So you're in?

Eve: I'll think about it.

Chris: I guess I'd better just keep the champagne on ice for now?

Eve: Well, can't drink it, anyway.

Chris: Ok, well, take your time. I know you've been hit by, like, 50 freight cars these past few weeks and I don't want to be number 51.

Eve: Ok. Listen, whatever I decide, I want you to know that it means a lot to me that you asked.

Chris: Now, I want you to remember something because it comes from the heart -- a heart that you don't think I have, I know -- but if you say yes, I won't let you down.

Eve: Thank you.

Frank: A woman's life is at stake here, her very existence! You have got to help me!

Ian: Frank, back off.

Frank: All I know is Karen is an amazing woman and I want her back.

Chief: I'm just not sure if I can.

Frank: But you were just telling me that you can --

Chief: That I have helped people go back to a past life, not to go back in time in their present form.

Ian: You wouldn't have brought it up if you didn't think it was possible.

Frank: You said this thing is powered by love. If the love I have for Karen isn't strong enough, then nothing is.

Ian: You told me not too long ago that there was a miracle on its way from far away. What if Karen is that miracle, huh? What if she's the one? You got to give it a try.

Chief: Perhaps.

Frank: "Perhaps?" What do you mean by "perhaps?"

Chief: You must understand that if you go back, none of us will know where you may end up. By trying to save this woman, you could very well get lost in time yourself -- forever.

Frank: I don't care. I have to try. Let's do it.

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