Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 5/2/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Ian: There you go. Ah. Drink up. It's good for you.

Arianna: Ian --

Ian: Drink up. Mmm, mmm.

Arianna: It's delicious. Thank you. And thank you for bringing me back here.

Ian: Hey, this is your home.

Arianna: I can't tell you what it means just to look out the window and be able to see the sun rise.

Ian: I was thinking. Maybe I should get up early and watch them with you.

Arianna: You don't have to do this.

Ian: I don't mind getting up early. I mean, you know, it's all right.

Arianna: You know what I mean -- spending every single minute with me.

Ian: Right now there's nothing more important than you.

Chris: Eve, would you relax? This is routine.

Eve: There is nothing routine about having a baby. Especially when it's like this.

Chris: Look, I know that Ian should be the one here with you today.

Eve: It should be the happiest day of our life. We should be out celebrating instead of going to some out-of-the-way doctor and using some fake name like I've committed a crime. Maybe I have.

Chris: What's that supposed to mean?

Eve: This child's life is at the expense of another's.

Chris: Eve, Arianna still has a chance.

Eve: A million to one and it's getting slimmer.

Chris: Look, I'm sorry things worked out the way they did. And I'm sorry you just have my hand to hold onto today.

Eve: Hey, I'm grateful for that hand.

Doctor: Eve Miller?

Eve: Yeah, that's me.

Doctor: And you must be Mr. Miller, the lucky father.

Eve: Uh --

Chris: Well, yes. Yes, I certainly am. Nice to meet you.

Kevin: Thanks for waking me up the way you did.

Lucy: Well, thank you for cooking me such a yummy breakfast.

Kevin: Hmm, my pleasure.

Kevin: Can I ask what's so funny?

Lucy: I was just reminded of Archie.

Kevin: Archie. Aww. My kisses make you think of a 70-year-old man.

Lucy: Well, no, but I can't help it. Just the thought of Estelle and Archie making out like a couple of teenagers. It's -- it's cute.

Kevin: You think we'll be that cute when we're their age?

Lucy: Oh, we'll be much, much cuter. Ooh, I got to go.

Kevin: Hmm?

Lucy: I do. I have something I sort of need to do.

Kevin: What? What?

Lucy: It's kind of a mission of mercy. So, I'll catch you later, Archie.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Can't wait, Estelle. See you.

Lucy: Oh. Joe. Hi.

Joe: Lucy, have you seen -- there he is.

Lucy: I'm -- I'm fine. Glad you are.

Joe: Kevin, hey.

Kevin: Hi, Joe.

Joe: You got a minute?

Kevin: Sure. What's up?

Joe: I'm kind of worried about Frank.

Kevin: Any more than usual? I'm sorry. What can I do?

Joe: Look, he was acting kind of strange last night, looking for some girl he claims to be in love with -- a girl named Karen Wexler. Rhonda Wexler's daughter.

Kevin: Rhonda Wexler --

Joe and Kevin: Doesn't have a daughter.

Joe: I know. Only he's convinced himself for some reason that she does.

Kevin: Well, maybe she has a daughter that we don't know about.

Joe: No, uh-uh. He insists that this nonexistent daughter works here at G.H. and that we're all supposed to know who she is.

Kevin: Karen Wexler.

Joe: Yeah, ring any bells?

Kevin: No, I've never heard of her.

Frank: Rhonda! Rhonda.

Frank: Rhonda.

Rhonda: Oh -- God. Frankie, it's you. Come on, I told you to leave me alone.

Frank: I have to find Karen.

Rhonda: Come on, I told you to stop asking me that. Get out of here.

Frank: Not until I see the computer. You told me it was here.

Rhonda: Yeah, well, I lied.

Frank: Rhonda, where is it?

Rhonda: Oh, it doesn't matter. Come on, just go.

Frank: No, it matters to me, Rhonda. Where is it? Tell me where it is, Rhonda. Where's the computer? Where is it?

Rhonda: Why do you want them to think I'm a crazy person?

Frank: Rhonda, just tell me where the computer is. Tell me!

Rhonda: It's in the basement. It's where -- hey, you can't go down there. You can't go down there. I got to do something. Got to get him out.

Frank: I'm coming, Karen. I'm going to find you. And I'll bring you home.

Rhonda: Hey, Joe, it's Rhonda. Your brother's really crazy. He broke into my house.

Joe: Calm down. What's Frank doing?

Rhonda: He keeps on talking on and on and on about this girl, and I can't get him to leave.

Joe: All right. Put him on the phone.

Rhonda: No, no, no. You come over here and get rid of him, ok? I'm going to call the cops.

Joe: Colleen, will you sign me out? I have to go.

Colleen: Sure, of course. Is Frank all right?

Joe: No, I don't think he is.

Kevin: Joe, what's going on?

Joe: Frank broke into Rhonda's house looking for her phantom daughter again.

Kevin: I'd better go with you.

Eve: Well?

Doctor: Excellent. 110/80.

Eve: Are you sure? I mean, because -- I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous.

Doctor: Well, that's natural, especially since you've already lost a child.

Eve: I don't think I could go through that again.

Doctor: As long as you take good care of yourself this time, you shouldn't have any problems.

[Intercom buzzes]

Doctor: Excuse me.

Eve: Oh, Dr. Fransen? One thing about the blood work --

Dr. Fransen: Oh. I'll put a rush on it just to ease your minds.

Eve: Ok.

Chris: Thanks. We appreciate it.

Eve: Why are you pretending to be the father?

Chris: I just figured it would make things easier, that's all. Wouldn't have to go into your whole life story.

Eve: Yeah, but it's nobody's business who the father is.

Chris: I know. Nobody's but Ian's. Are you ever going to tell him?

Eve: I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.

Chris: Eve, you understand that there are options.

Eve: That is not an option.

Chris: Eve --

Eve: No, Ian and I can't be together right now, but we love each other more than anything, and this baby is a result of that.

Chris: All I'm saying is --

Eve: I know the timing couldn't be worse, but there is no way that I am going to lose this child.

Ian: Come on. You'd be much more comfortable in bed. All right.

Lucy: Who are you?

Chief: A visitor from Tirama Island.

Lucy: Oh, my gosh. You're the chief, aren't you? You're the one. Your -- your holiness.

Frank's Voice: "Have I ever let you down?" "No." "Then believe me when I tell you going to this dance tonight would be a very big mistake." It was all real. Oh, my God, Karen. What have I done? I changed the past, and now you don't exist.

Lucy: I just -- I can't tell you what an honor it is to meet you. I've been dying to. I've been thinking about it every minute since Ian told me about you.

Chief: Told you?

Lucy: Yes -- you know, about all the past lives stuff.

Chief: He shared that with you?

Lucy: Yeah. I mean, we happen to be very close friends, and -- and -- actually, you know, I know he wanted to. He probably just didn't think that I would believe him, but -- ok, I sort of had to coax it out of him. In fact, I sort of -- it was like pulling teeth. But he was happy he told me. He really was glad once he realized how glad I was to hear it because he knows I really believe. Listen, I believe that everybody -- the universe sends you somebody through the ages. Like, through hundreds and hundreds of years and all your past lives, you meet this person, and you get to relive them if you can and -- you know what? I think about it sometimes and I just get totally speechless. I can't talk.

Chief: I can see that.

Lucy: It's totally spiritual, isn't it? I mean, it's so enlightening. If a person got to actually experience that and go through it, it would change their lives forever, huh?

Chief: You wouldn't by any chance want to visit Tirama and visit your own past?

Lucy: No. Yeah. I would. Oh, gosh, I would. I would give anything if I could do that. It would mean everything.

Chief: Perhaps it could happen, in good time.

Lucy: Really?

Chief: I'm sure you know you're possessed with a very special gift.

Lucy: Do you actually feel that?

Chief: I could feel the presence of a kindred spirit even before you entered the room.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness. You are a very wise and very perceptive man. Oh.

Ian: Lucy?

Lucy: Hi.

Ian: Hi. What are you up to?

Chief: We've just been getting acquainted. Your friend is most charming.

Ian: Ah. Yeah, that's what I'm scared of.

Chief: Well, if you two will excuse me, I was just going for a walk.

Ian: Hmm.

Lucy: Could I touch you? I mean, shake your hand? Please? Oh, thank you. I -- I can't tell you -- I'm so honored to meet you, really, and could we maybe talk later?

Chief: I'm sure we will.

Lucy: Thank you. Ta.

Chief: Goodbye.

Lucy: Goodbye. Ta. Bye.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: That's the guy! That's him! Wow, that's the chief. I can't believe I touched him. I've met him and I've touched him.

Ian: Lucy -- Lucy --

Lucy: He's here in your place in Port Charles. What?

Ian: Lucy --

Lucy: What?

Ian: What are you up to?

Lucy: I -- I -- I -- oh. Hold on. I brought you -- I brought you something. Here, I wanted to give you this. It's on the hospital's home hospice care for Arianna.

Ian: Thank you.

Lucy: But you know what? I am not absolutely sure you're going to need it because sometimes unbelievable, amazing things like what just happened happen. I mean, miracles, even.

Ian: Yeah. Well, we're clean out of miracles. Do you want some tea?

Lucy: No, I don't. I want you to listen to me. Look, miracles can happen. You don't have to necessarily believe in them and they can happen. Wait -- what if -- just what if -- go with me on this -- if Arianna got all better --

Ian: I want to hear this.

Lucy: Ok, you're going to hear it because I've been thinking about this. And we, the four of us -- you and me and Kevin and Eve -- we've all gone through a lot of craziness.

Ian: Oh, no -- maybe I don't want to hear this.

Lucy: No, listen to me. To find -- no. We find each other and the destiny thing happens, right? So you're going to hear it because I have to tell you this because I am your very good friend, and I just -- I can't do it. I can't sit by and watch you do this.

Ian: Do what?

Lucy: Completely ruin your life.

Eve: I want this baby more than anything.

Chris: Eve, if it's because of the baby you lost --

Eve: No, no, no. This is because this baby is already a part of me, and it's a part of Ian. And it feels right. It feels like this is the most right thing I'll ever do.

Chris: I understand. I actually felt like that once.

Eve: You're still not over Julie, are you?

Chris: I don't know. It's just that, you know, I felt like we were going to be forever, you know?

Eve: She loved you, Chris. If it hadn't been for that custody battle over Christina --

Chris: Don't -- don't do that because, see, that doesn't make it any easier. Eve, I wanted revenge. I wanted revenge on everyone who caused her all that pain. The funny thing is no matter what I did, it never made it hurt any less.

Eve: Take it from me -- laying blame never does.

Chris: You certainly didn't learn that at home.

Eve: Yeah. Neither did you. That's why we understand each other so well. And that's why, just like you, I want a happy ending.

Dr. Fransen: Good news. The lab isn't backed up, for a change. I'll have your blood test results in a few hours.

Eve: Good. So that's it?

Dr. Fransen: For now. Meantime, take your prenatal vitamins and get plenty of rest.

Eve: I will. Thank you, Dr. Fransen, for everything.

Dr. Fransen: I'll see you again soon.

Eve: Ok.

Chris: Thank you. How about some lunch, huh?

Eve: Oh.

Chris: There's a salad bar place around the corner.

Eve: Sure, that sounds just great. Great.

Frank: Oh, come on. Come on, don't do this! Come on!

Joe: I brought Dr. Collins. I hope you don't mind.

Rhonda: I don't care. Just get that crazy person out of my house.

Kevin: Rhonda, where is Frank now?

Rhonda: He's down in the den -- in my dad's den, all right? I keep on trying to tell him to get out, but he won't listen.

Joe: Ok, just --

Rhonda: All right, he's not listening to me.

Joe: Rhonda, just calm down.

Frank: Work, damn it, work!

Kevin: Frank?

Frank: Go away!

Kevin: Frank, I'm here to help.

Frank: Please tell me you're not kidding. No one will believe me.

Kevin: About Karen.

Frank: You remember. Finally, someone.

Kevin: No, Frank, I -- I don't remember her. Joe told me.

Frank: I swear there is a Karen Wexler, who is now gone because of me. This computer is the only way I can get her back.

Kevin: Why the computer?

Frank: It's a long story, but if you help me get it out of here and over to my house, I'll tell you someday.

Kevin: The computer belongs to Rhonda. She's upset enough that you broke into her house, Frank.

Frank: Are you going to help me or not?

Kevin: I'm trying! But she's about to call the police. I don't want to see you end up in jail.

Frank: I can't go to jail, man. No way. I can't.

Kevin: Then leave with me. Right now.

Frank: All right. But I'm coming back.

Eve: She is beautiful.

Woman: You knew she was a girl.

Eve: Of course. Who could mistake her for a boy?

Man: You wouldn't have known, would you?

Chris: No, not in a million years.

Man: Me, neither. So I assume you two are expecting? Is this your first?

Chris: Yes. Yes, it is.

Man: That's great. Well, Lisa and I can definitely vouch for this parenthood thing.

Lisa: Oh, there is nothing like being a family.

Dr. Fransen: Hi. You can come in now.

Lisa: Oh. Good luck to you.

Eve: Thanks.

Chris: Nice talking with you.

Eve: You, too. Bye.

Man: Have fun.

Chris: You ok?

Eve: Why can't we have a happy ending?

Ian: I appreciate your concern. Just drop it.

Lucy: No, I won't drop it. You know better than this. You know you don't build a future life with someone just because you feel sorry for them or because you feel guilty. You build it because you love that person.

Ian: It's a lot more complicated.

Lucy: No, it's not because it wasn't your fault. What happened to Arianna you didn't do on purpose.

Ian: I know, I know.

Lucy: Well, then what are you doing? Why are you going to ruin your happiness and Eve's happiness and even Arianna's? You are throwing away three people's lives here.

Ian: I'm throwing away nothing. I'm doing what I think is right.

Lucy: Are you really?

Ian: Yeah, I am.

Lucy: Well, then you're a big dope because you were given a gift. This is a privilege. You and Eve got to go through all these past lives together, and didn't you learn anything from it? Because if you didn't, you're just this one-track-mind Ian.

Ian: I have a responsibility.

Lucy: You're darn right you do. You have a responsibility to fulfill your destiny and that -- that is with Eve because you have fought for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years to be together, and now you have it. Ian, come on. You have that one chance for a happy ending. So what are you going to do? Are you just going to throw that away?

Ian: Thanks for the pamphlet. I got to check on Arianna.

Rhonda: I don't need any more coffee, all right? I need a drink. You know, I think --

Joe: Rhonda, you ok?

Rhonda: I feel dizzy.

Joe: Rhonda? Rhonda. Rhonda.

Kevin: Maybe if I understood --

Frank: All you got to understand is I need to find Karen, and I'm running out of time.

Kevin: Why?

Frank: Because I am the only person in the world who remembers her, and I am terrified if I stop talking, looking, even thinking about her, I could forget. I can't let that happen, Kevin. I can't lose her. Please, you got to help me.

Kevin: Ok. I will. But you have to start from the beginning. Tell me everything you know about this girl -- this girl that you love.

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