Port Charles Transcript Monday 4/30/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Frank: Yeah, hi. Who is this? Frank Scanlon. Look, put Karen on, ok? I -- 555-0122. What do you mean that's your number? How long have you had it? Oh, that's impossible. No, I am not playing a game with you. I'm just -- hello? Oh, man. I don't get it. It's like a bad dream.

Joe: You all right?

Frank: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, I -- I apologize.

Joe: What was that all about?

Frank: Don't ask, ok? Just forget it. It was some kind of a practical joke, but the whole thing backfired or something. I'm not really sure myself, but I'll figure it out.

Joe: All right, let me know when you do.

Frank: Yeah. Sure. Hey, can I ask you something?

Joe: Yeah, sure.

Frank: The other night I was out on a run and I ran into Rhonda.

Joe: Oh, Frank, you're not going to bring this up again, are you?

Frank: No, look, look, I just -- I gave her a lift, all right, but she left something under the seat and I'd like to get it back to her. Any idea where to look?

Joe: Did you try Jake's? She's got a stool dedicated in her honor.

Frank: Jake's. Right. I'll give that a shot.

Joe: Hey -- are you sure you're all right?

Frank: Yeah, yeah. I'm just a little short on sleep, you know? I'm sorry. I know I did sound kind of nuts.

Joe: Kind of, yeah.

Frank: I'll get eight hours tonight, all right?

Joe: Do that, will you?

Frank: Yeah. See you tomorrow.

Joe: Ok.

Gabriela: Joe?

Joe: Hey. Hey, what's up?

Gabriela: What's up with you? What's that look about?

Joe: My brother.

Gabriela: What about him?

Joe: I think he might be losing it.

Chris: Here you go. Drink that. It's herbal tea.

Eve: Thanks.

Chris: Welcome. So, anything else I can do? Anything at all?

Eve: Ian's baby.

Chris: Yeah. So what's next?

Eve: I have to tell him.

Chris: You just found out yourself.

Eve: I know, but he has a right to know.

Chris: Once you've had time to think about it and the moment's right.

Eve: No, no, he has to find out right now before he finds out from anybody else.

Chris: Like who?

Eve: Oh, come on, you know this town. Nobody keeps a secret for very long.

Chris: You got me there. Come on, I'll drive you there myself.

Eve: Ok. He'll probably be with Arianna, so I'm going to have to page him. At the very least -- we'll find him somehow.

Rhonda: Hey, watch where you're going, you big-shot doctors.

Chris: Pour yourself back in the gutter where you belong, Rhonda.

Rhonda: Yeah, get out of my way, you losers.

Eve: Come on, Chris.

Rhonda: I'll have a double bourbon, quickly.

Sam: You know, if I was trying to kill you, you wouldn't be screaming at me now.

Jamal: No, no, don't even.

Alison: That is your idea of an apology?

Sam: I said I was sorry. You didn't want to hear it. It was dark. I didn't see you. And I wasn't aiming.

Alison: Well, I'm not exactly that easy to miss.

Sam: We're in the middle of a back alley with a light out. You're not exactly a billboard, either. You're lucky I'm good and I didn't totally lose control.

Alison: Yeah, that's funny because I'm about to lose a little control.

Jamal: Ali, no, no.

Alison: Jamal, I am not going to take trailer attitude.

Jamal: Let it go. Look at me, look at me. Don't do this. Don't. Just go inside. Leave it to me.

Alison: You don't know how lucky you are.

Jamal: Ali.

Sam: That's right. Good doggie. Trained her well, Jamal.

Jamal: Accident? Yeah, right. That was deliberate, and you know it.

Sam: That's right, I deliberately didn't hit her. But if Zach had been driving -- and next time he might be -- we both know he wouldn't have missed.

Frank: Karen? Come on, answer.

Woman: Hang on.

Frank: Oh.

Woman: One minute.

Frank: Thank God. I am not crazy. She'll clear it up. It'll all make sense. Just --

Woman: Sorry to keep you waiting. I just got out of the shower.

Frank: Uh, I'm -- I'm sorry to bother you.

Woman: No bother. Can I help you?

Frank: I was looking for someone.

Woman: Anybody in particular?

Frank: Karen -- Wexler. Is she here?

Woman: I don't think so. Not in this apartment, anyway. Did she just move into the building?

Frank: She used to live here in -- this apartment. I thought.

Woman: I've been here a few years now and I've never heard of any Karen Wexler. Sorry.

Frank: Thanks.

Woman: Well, good luck finding her.

Frank: What the heck is -- is wrong with me? What's going on?

Eve: Chris was right. I'm pregnant. And it can only be --

Ian: Colleen? I'm checking Arianna out of the hospital. I'm taking her home.

Colleen: Sounds familiar.

Ian: The forms, please.

Colleen: Waiting for you.

Ian: Thank you. Lambert, what are you doing?

Eve: I was just looking at my test results for liver donor.

Ian: Oh, can I have a look?

Eve: No. I mean, I'm not a match, and you knew that all along. You were right. I should've listened to you from the very beginning.

Ian: Well, you shouldn't be upset about wanting to help.

Eve: I wish there was something more I could do.

Ian: Yeah, we all do.

Eve: You know, we'll find a donor for her, ok? We will. Just hang in there.

Ian: Yeah. Arianna's exhausted and so am I, so I'm going to take her to the loft. She'll be more comfortable and I can take care of her there. I'm taking her home.

Eve: I understand.

Ian: I know you do. I know. I got to work on this paper stuff here.

Eve: Ok. I think that what you're doing for Arianna, taking her home and making her comfortable -- I think it's a wonderful thing. And give her my best, ok?

Chris: Hey. Just saw Ian leave. How'd it go? How'd he take the news? Eve? You didn't tell him.

Eve: I couldn't.

Chris: Why not?

Eve: Because -- with everything else he has on his plate right now?

Chris: So you're not going to tell him?

Eve: I've got to. I do.

Rhonda: Hey, could I please have another drink here, wherever you are? Hey, hey, how come everyone gets a drink but me? Come on, I need another one right here.

Frank: Excuse me.

Rhonda: Hey, Frankie! Oh, baby, you look so cute. Come on, put yourself down right next to me here.

Frank: You do know me?

Rhonda: What, are you kidding me? I'm not that drunk, all right? I've been watching you grow up ever since I paid you to shovel the snow from my stoop.

Frank: Rhonda, listen --

Rhonda: Hmm?

Frank: I need to ask you something, ok?

Rhonda: Yeah, sure. It'll cost you a drink.

Frank: Fine, fine, but first let's talk about your daughter.

Rhonda: My daughter? I don't have a daughter. You know that.

Frank: Sure you do. Her name is Karen. She's --

Rhonda: No! No kids. Come on, you're wrong.

Frank: Then how come I recognize that locket, huh?

Rhonda: What, this here?

Frank: Yes, Karen never takes it off.

Rhonda: No, no, no, this belongs to me. No, I used to wear this all the time. I still do. It belongs to my sister Carolyn. You know, she's not here anymore.

Frank: Rhonda, listen --

Rhonda: No, you listen to me. You think that if I had a daughter or anyone who thought twice about me, I'd end up like this? First my sister dies, and I get blamed for that by my dad, and then he drinks himself into the ground, and I have to bury him. Yeah, who's going to bury me, Frankie, huh? Who's going to bury me? Because I'm all alone. Hey, come on, I need another drink and I need it right now!

Frank: Rhonda, please --

Rhonda: Hey, hey, come on.

Frank: Listen to me.

Rhonda: Stop torturing me.

Frank: Rhonda, Rhonda, I don't want to make it worse for you.

Rhonda: Yeah, well, guess what --

Frank: Listen, you know me. I don't want to hurt you.

Rhonda: What do you want from me? Why do you keep on bothering me?

Frank: I lost someone very important to me and I'm trying to find her and I need your help.

Rhonda: No, I need a drink.

Frank: All right, fine, fine. Rhonda, I'll buy you a drink, ok? I'll buy you two, the bottle, whatever. Just listen to me! Rhonda, listen, Karen told me that Scott was her father, Scott Baldwin.

Rhonda: Scott Baldwin, yeah. Oh, that's a very --

Frank: Rhonda, concentrate. Listen, you had a one-night thing with him.

Rhonda: Ok, Scott Baldwin wouldn't give me the time of day, you know? He barely even spoke to me, let alone -- he sure as heck didn't sleep with me.

Frank: Yes, you did. Think. It must have been, like, 1973. You had a computer, didn't you? In the 1970s, way before anyone else. Your father put it together, didn't he?

Rhonda: Yeah, so what? We had a computer. Nobody cared about it, you know, like everything else in life. How did you know I had a computer, huh?

Frank: The same way I know you were going to ask Scotty Baldwin to a dance with you. The spring fling, remember?

Rhonda: Oh, yeah. Yeah, the spring fling.

Frank: Yes.

Rhonda: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I wanted to go to that dance and I called Scott. Of course, he turned me down. But then I figured, you know, maybe I'd go anyway even though he had a date.

Frank: That's it.

Rhonda: I don't know, maybe he'd notice me, you know? But someone stopped me, you know --

Frank: Yes.

Rhonda: Someone convinced me not to go.

Frank: What did they call you back then, Rhonda?

Rhonda: Oh -- what do you mean, what did they call me?

Frank: A nickname. Did you have a nickname?

Rhonda: Oh -- I don't know what -- come on, what difference does it make?

Frank: A world of difference, all the difference. Rhonda, please, please tell me.

Rhonda: All right, all right, all right, all right, all right. Get away from me. Yeah, ok, I had a nickname. They used to call me --

Frank: Cookie. They used to call you Cookie.

Alison: I'm serious, Jamal. I am going to report that little leather witch, and you are coming with me.

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, whoa, to the cops? Are you nuts? What are they going to do?

Alison: Well, take away her license.

Jamal: Wait, wait, wait. That's not going to happen, ok? Nothing even happened to you. You don't have a scratch on you. All she did was give you a nice, big, fat adrenaline shot, that's it, and that's not a crime. Ok, even if we did get the cops to slap her wrist, they won't take away her license, ok, and you'll only tick her off.

Alison: Jamal, she could've killed me.

Jamal: Yeah, but she didn't, ok?

Alison: Jamal --

Jamal: Look, no, no, I'll -- I'll take care of it.

Alison: How?

Jamal: Trust me, ok? Nobody's getting off with a thing. Just let me do this my way.

Man: Excuse me.

Jamal: Yeah, can we help you?

Man: Yeah, a friend of mine told me this place had incredible muffins, but --

Alison: Oh, your friend's totally right. We do have incredible muffins. Actually, we have a pumpkin and some raisin bran still warm, and some carrot and blueberry, also.

[Telephone rings]

Jamal: I got it. Bike shop. Zach, you son of a -- look, we had a deal, ok? Alison is off-limits. You hear me? Ok? Either you back off now or I don't race. You understand that? Back off now or it's over.

Chris: Wait a minute. You were so determined to tell Ian. Eve, it is his baby.

Eve: Really? Well, that makes things more complicated, doesn't it?

Chris: The man deserves to know.

Eve: I know. But not today.

Chris: But you said that you --

Eve: Yeah, but he's taking Arianna home, probably to die if she doesn't get a donor soon. The last thing Ian needs to know is that I'm pregnant.

Chris: Don't you think he can handle it? He's a tough guy. He can come through in a pinch.

Eve: How is he supposed to feel when I tell him that the same night that we are already feeling so guilty about, the same night that Arianna was attacked is probably the same night that our baby was conceived?

Frank: You're Cookie.

Rhonda: What about it?

Frank: Of course you are. You're Cookie.

Rhonda: Hey, listen, don't do that to me, ok? Nobody calls me that now, and I don't want to think about then. Who told you what my old name was, huh?

Frank: You did.

Rhonda: What? When?

Frank: It was me, Cookie. I'm the one. I told her -- you -- you -- I mean, I -- I stopped you from going to the dance that night.

Rhonda: You're out of your mind.

Frank: I stopped you. I stopped you from sleeping with Scott Baldwin.

Rhonda: What?

Frank: I changed history. That's -- that's why things are the way they are. You didn't go to the dance, you didn't sleep with Scott, and that's why Karen isn't here -- because she doesn't exist. She never did, and I'm the reason. I'm responsible.

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