Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 4/25/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Kevin: Oh, boy. Look at all these messages.

Lucy: Wow. Hey, let me do those. Let me answer these for you. You know, I can call -- no, I'm not going to call them. Better yet, you give me the answer to each message. I'm going to go face-to-face and personally give them your answer, ok?

Kevin: No.

Lucy: Oh. Well, then, I'm going to call on my little cell phone right here and order flowers for your whole entire office. You know, nothing says "I'm sorry for hiring that divorce lawyer when you really weren't ready" like posies!

Kevin: Lucy, enough. I told you -- I'm not mad anymore.

Lucy: Ok. Oh, here, here, here. Let me do that for you. Voila. Here you go.

Kevin: Oh!

Lucy: Oh! Uh-oh.

Kevin: Whew. Now I'm mad.

Ian: How's it going?

Chris: Well, her vitals are weak, but they're steady. She's resting.

Ian: Good. Good.

Chris: Hey, you know, I wanted to tell you, that was an impressive team effort the other day when we delivered that baby. It was nice to bring someone into this world rather than --

Ian: Yeah, I know, it was -- it was good.

Chris: You look like you need some rest. Why don't you go grab a shower, get a nap?

Ian: I'm not leaving you, Chris.

Chris: I understand. But let her get her rest, ok? Yes, and, you know, it's not going to be long before the hepatin's done its work and her system can support a liver transplant. We just got to find a donor.

Ian: Our prayers might have been answered.

Chris: Did they find a donor?

Ian: Eve's got a lead. It sounds like a solid one.

Karen: I'm sorry I've been so hard to get a hold of. I've just had a lot to think about lately.

Eve: I know, but Arianna's nearly ready for a transplant, and she doesn't have much more time, and you're a perfect match.

Karen: You know what I'm worried about, Eve? If I agree to the donor operation, I'm going to have to take painkillers.

Eve: I know, and you are understandably concerned about getting hooked again, but, Karen, I know that won't happen. You're a much different person now than you were then.

Karen: Once an addict, always an addict.

Eve: Please, Karen, you might be Arianna's only chance.

Karen: I told you, Eve, I can't go back there. I can't risk losing myself and everything I've fought so hard for.

Eve: So, are you saying you won't do it, you won't be Arianna's donor?

Karen: I'm saying I can't. You'll have to find another donor. Eve, are you still there?

Eve: Yeah. Yeah. I heard you.

Karen: I'm so very sorry. Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Frank: Karen, look, I know you said you wanted to be alone, but I don't think you should be.

Karen: Well, isn't that my call, Frank?

Frank: Look, I know you're mad at me and scared, but I'm not going to let anything come between us, Karen, so talk to me, please, because like it or not, I'm not going away.

Ian: Arianna? Are you all right?

Eve: Arianna? Arianna who? You must have been having some good dream. But you're stuck with me.

Ian: What are you doing here?

Eve: Well, do I have to spell it out for you?

Ian: So I can just reach out and grab you and kiss you?

Eve: Well, it's definitely encouraged because I'm right here, and I'm all yours. We're together like it was always meant to be.

Ian: God, I missed you, Lambert.

Eve: I'm never leaving you again. Never.

Karen: This isn't a good time, Frank.

Frank: You've been crying, Karen. What's wrong?

Karen: Nothing.

Frank: You expect me to believe that?

Karen: I just told Eve I can't be Arianna's donor. I feel selfish and cruel and in no mood for company.

Frank: I am not company, for God's sakes. Talk to me.

Karen: Will you leave me alone, Frank?

Frank: Karen? Just give me one minute, all right? Then I'll go.

Karen: One minute. But all bets are off if you start talking about computers that can type their own messages or any of that time-travel craziness.

Frank: I promise, although I'm not so sure it's crazy.

Karen: Oh --

Frank: Karen? I want to be here for you, like I wasn't last night. If you can't be Arianna's donor, you need to let yourself off the hook and stop beating yourself up.

Karen: A woman is dying and I'm not lifting a finger to save her. Do you know the guilt I feel?

Frank: Well, all I know is if you're not 100% sure you're making the right decision, you shouldn't do this.

Karen: I can't let someone down.

Frank: When are you going to stop this, Karen?

Karen: Stop what?

Frank: Your whole life has been about taking care of someone else -- your mom, your patients, your friends. When are you going to finally take care of you?

Karen: It's hard to do that sometimes. I just don't know if I have the strength to stay off drugs again. They nearly killed me last time, Frank.

Frank: You have to believe in your heart you can handle this. It's got to be your choice.

Karen: Well, lately, my choices haven't exactly been the greatest.

Frank: Mine, neither, which is the other reason I'm here. Look, I really messed up last night.

Karen: Big time.

Frank: And I know it really shook you up to walk in on me babbling to the computer, beer in hand. It was a stupid, stupid move, and I'm sorry I hurt you. That is the last thing in this world I ever want to do.

Karen: When I realized you were drinking -- I mean, what were you thinking, Frank? You know how scared I am with my mom starting to drink and what that means.

Frank: I know. I know. But though this is hard for me to admit, something scared me, too, Karen.

Karen: You? Mr. Macho? Oh, this should be good.

Frank: I'm afraid of losing you. I am so afraid of screwing this up.

Karen: Well, things haven't been exactly the greatest between us.

Frank: And it's my fault, getting all caught up in these spooky messages, running off to save young girls.

Karen: Which we don't even know if they exist.

Frank: So? I am asking you for another chance to get it right, to remind you why we're good together. Just give me another chance, Karen, to be the kind of man you deserve.

Karen: You don't have to do that, Frank.

Frank: No, yes, I do. I do. I am fighting for us, Karen. I want you to feel safe and happy again. I never want to walk through that door again and find you crying all alone. So give me one more chance to make it right, please.

Chris: Hey! Eve, I heard the good news.

Eve: What? What good news?

Chris: Well, Ian told me that you may have a donor lined up for Arianna. Sounds like you're going to be a hero.

Eve: I told him that I was working on it. He has no right to talk about this with anyone.

Chris: Take it easy. What's the problem?

Eve: No, the problem is it didn't pan out. I'm not a hero at all. I'm a total screw-up.

Chris: No, you're not a screw-up, ok? Not at all. You saved Arianna's life a few days ago.

Eve: Right, only to have her wasting away in a hospital bed waiting for a donor.

Chris: Eve, we're all in this together, ok? We all want to find a donor. Something will turn up.

Eve: You know what? Don't say "something will turn up" like you lost a set of keys or something.

Chris: Come on. You know what I mean.

Eve: No, you tell Arianna that, ok? Because she's running out of time.

Chris: I'm just trying to point out that it's a team effort. You don't have to bear the weight of this on your own shoulders, ok?

[Pager beeps]

Chris: I got to run. But, you, lighten up, ok?

Lucy: Hi. You look kind of upset. Anything I can do to help maybe?

Eve: Oh, help? You mean like you're trying to help me out of my marriage by pushing along my divorce?

Lucy: I said I was sorry for that, one thing. And now I'm sorry I walked over because I just wanted to be nice to you.

Eve: You know, every time you're nice to me, something in my life explodes.

Lucy: You are having a really bad day, and so I'm going to adios.

Eve: In fact, I'm in all this trouble because of you.

Lucy: What? How do you figure that?

Eve: Arianna would not be in my life right now if she hadn't hit me with her car.

Lucy: Yeah, but she was driving. I wasn't driving the car.

Eve: Yeah, but I wouldn't have been on the street had Kevin answered the door, and why didn't he answer the door? Because he was in bed with you!

Lucy: Excuse me. Could you please keep your voice down? I just wanted to help you. Keep your voice down.

Eve: Ok. As a matter of fact, this whole mess -- this whole mess, like I said before, is all your fault.

Kevin: Eve!

Eve: It's all your fault, Lucy!

Kevin: Eve! Leave Lucy alone. I mean it. Back off!

Kevin: What the hell is going on here?

Lucy: Well, we were just having a little girl-to-girl chat.

Kevin: Yeah, I heard. Eve, if this is still about that lawyer, I told you Lucy didn't mean it.

Eve: Lucy never means it.

Kevin: All right, what's really going on here?

Eve: Do you want to know what's going on, Kevin? My life is a disaster! Ok? It is so bad, I don't even know where to begin to assess the damage. So excuse me if I'm a little bit on edge -- oh, God, I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm being a bitch, aren't I?

Lucy: Yeah, big-time. But I have been there, done that, and I think I own that t-shirt.

Eve: Wow. I'm sorry. Kevin, I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Forget about it. Is there anything I can do? We can do?

Eve: Thanks, but, no. I have no one to blame for this situation but myself. I have to be the one to fix it. And I think I know how.

Ian: Here's to our reunion.

Eve: To us.

Ian: To never leaving this room.

Eve: To never leaving this bed.

Ian: Cheers.

[Eve and Ian laugh]

Arianna: Look what you did to me, Ian.

Ian: My God. Arianna.

Arianna: You said you'd help me, protect me. But you broke your promise. Now it's too late.

Ian: Where's Eve? Where the hell is Eve?

Chief: Ian, you must forget Eve now.

Ian: What are you saying?

Chief: You know. You've always known. You and Eve must part. Your roads have separated. You can't be together.

Frank: Now, you're working up the energy to boot me out of here for good or I'm boring you to death.

Karen: I've been thinking about what you said -- that it's time I took care of myself. And you're right.

Frank: You've got to put yourself first, think about what you want, what you need for yourself.

Karen: And what I need to be happy, yeah.

Frank: Now, I haven't seen that in a while.

Karen: What?

Frank: You, smiling. I know I drive you crazy sometimes.

Karen: Sometimes?

Frank: I'm working on that. So, does that mean I get my second chance?

Karen: I don't want to fight anymore, Frank.

Frank: No. It takes too much time away from the good stuff.

Karen: And we have a lot of good stuff.

Frank: Yeah.

Karen: So we should forget about our problems and concentrate on us.

Frank: I think I can manage that. Mmm.

Karen: I wish I could freeze this moment. It's perfect.

Frank: Almost.

Kevin: That's right. You'll be fine. Bye-bye. Yes?

Lucy: Russell.

Kevin: Excuse me?

Lucy: Russell Crowe -- that's who you reminded me of when you defended me against Eve. You know, you were just so darn rugged and masculine.

Kevin: You mean as opposed to how I usually am?

Lucy: Oh, no! I'm -- no. That's not -- you know what I meant.

Kevin: Well, it was you against Eve. I chose you.

Lucy: Yeah, you did. I am so very glad. But I can't help feeling badly for Eve.

Kevin: I know. I do, too. Somehow it seems like that universe of yours just threw a few lives up in the air -- that would be yours, mine, Eve's, Ian's -- just so the people who should be together could be together. Well, we landed on our feet. To be honest, I'm not sure about those two.

Lucy: Neither am I -- I don't know -- but there's hope. You know, I mean, look, it worked out for us, so it could work out for them.

Kevin: Yeah, I hope so.

Lucy: Me, too. Listen, I -- I -- I need to make a teeny, just the smallest, tiniest little confession right here.

Kevin: Oh, I hate it when you do that.

Lucy: I know, Doc, but it's not like one of those. It's this one. Here it goes. Ok. You know how you accused me of wanting to hurry along the divorce because I was a little insecure about Eve? Well, I confess. You were right. I think I sort of kind of was. But not anymore, Russell.

Kevin: Yeah, I knew you'd see it my way.

Lucy: Yeah, we're meant to be together, Doc. We are so meant to be together. We are joined at the heart.

Eve: Ramsey, I've been looking all over for you. We have to talk about donors.

Chris: Yeah, well, I checked and rechecked the registry, but there haven't been any donors located since we last talked. I'm sorry.

Eve: Then there's one thing left for me to do. I read this report about someone being a liver donor that didn't have the same blood type as the recipient.

Chris: Yeah, well, it's pretty uncommon, but -- why? What are you getting at?

Eve: I'm part of the reason Arianna is in the condition she's in. I'm going to be the one to fix this.

Chris: You're not serious.

Eve: Yes, I am! I am going to be tested, and then I am going to be Arianna's donor.

Chris: You can't possibly think this is the answer.

Eve: We don't have any other options at this point!

Chris: Eve, you're grabbing at straws. It's the longest of long shots that you'd be a match.

Eve: I am going to be tested, and you can't stop me.

Chris: Yeah, I'm sensing that.

Eve: Ok. Good. That settles it. Ramsey, I don't know how to make you understand this, but I feel like deep down in my heart, I am the one that is supposed to save Arianna.

Chris: All right, look, I know how badly you want this. But what happened to the person that you had lined up, the donor who was a perfect match?

Eve: They don't want to do it. So it has to be me. It has to be me, ok? So, please, take a sample of my blood. Ramsey?

Chris: Fine! Fine, I will. Look, I think what you're trying to do is admirable. But I still have a question for you.

Eve: What?

Chris: What happens if you're not a match? I mean, you're pinning all your hopes on this and it still may not save Arianna. What happens to you then?

Ian: Yeah -- yes. Hello. This is Dr. Thornhart. I need to talk to the chief. It's a matter of life and death.

[Music plays]

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