Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 4/24/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Ian: Well?

Chris: Would you believe the computer doesn't search the registry any faster than the speed of light?

Ian: Maybe you should save the sarcasm until we know that Arianna's going to live.

Chris: Look, if you want to help Arianna, then work on her frame of mind. As long as she's convinced she's going to die, she's going to.

Joe: I've been thinking about that. We ought to consider an antidepressant.

Chris: That's a good idea. I'll talk to Eve.

Ian: No, you won't.

Chris: Why not? She just found a drug for a cancer patient --

Ian: I don't care what she's found. She's off the case.

Joe: Yeah, but if she already knows what --

Ian: Are you deaf, the both of you? I don't you want you mentioning Eve and Arianna in the same sentence, do you understand that?

Eve: I don't.

Girl: No, not Elly May. Granny. You know, Irene Ryan? Ooh, they say she's really sick.

Second Girl: Oh, come on, nobody's sicker than Elly May. I mean, did you see her clothes?

First Girl: Ew.

Second Girl: That accent? What a hick.

Cookie: Hi, Barb. Hey, Marcie.

Barb: Talking about Miss Hick.

Marcie: Did you see her outfit?

[Girls giggle]

Frank: So you really live in 1973, huh, Cookie?

Frank: "You are the only friend she has." And now you're talking to me! Oh, ow. Oh, man. Oh, what am I doing? I'm talking out loud to an old machine. I must have drunk more than I thought. I got to -- I got to get out of here. Oh -- let -- let -- let go! Let go of me!

Frank: What in the heck is going on here? What -- what is it? What do you want from me?

Cookie: Are you sure he wasn't here?

Waitress: I've been on all day, Cupcake.

Cookie: Cookie.

Waitress: Whatever. Nobody named Frank's been in looking for nobody. Sorry.

Cookie: Yeah. Me, too. So, you and Marcie are on the dance committee, huh? I know I can't wait.

Barb: For what?

Marcie: You're not going, are you?

Cookie: Well, why not?

Barb: Because you'll never get a date.

Marcie: Didn't Neil Armstrong bring you back from the moon or something?

Frank: Ok, ok, I got the message. I got it. Why is it so important for me to help Cookie? What -- what's she going to do?

Cookie: I'll be at the dance. You just watch.

Marcie: You mean standing around with the chaperone parents?

Cookie: I mean with my date. Just wait and see who I walk in with. Then I'll be the one who's laughing.

Barb: Ooh! Give us a hint of who it'll be, Biscuit. Please.

Cookie: Cookie. Just wait. You'll see. Oh, God. Why did I say I had a date?

Frank: This can't happen. Computers can't snag you and not let go. They can't connect you with somebody 28 years in the past and they can't -- ah! Aha! You are not going to suck me in, you got that? Not -- not if I don't let you. Not if I fight back!

Karen: Who are you talking to, Frank?

Ian: Eve --

Eve: Sorry. I was just doing research on one of my peds patients, but I can come back later if you want.

Ian: No, don't go.

Eve: Are you sure?

Ian: Yeah. I'm a little edgy. I haven't slept much is all.

Eve: You know, just because I took myself off of Arianna's case doesn't mean that you can't talk to me about it. You know, I mean, how's she doing? Have you found a donor yet?

Joe: Well, Ian did a hell of a job getting the word out. We got people lined up to be tested.

Ian: Yeah, there might not be a match.

Eve: Well how are her numbers?

Chris: She's still critical, but the numbers are getting better. She should be ready for transplant soon.

Ian: Arianna might be ready, but we may not be.

Joe: You never know. The perfect match could just be right around the corner.

Karen's Voice: Oh, I don't know what to do. This is a big step.

Eve's Voice: Look, you're my best friend. If this decision is too tough for you, we will find another donor.

Karen: Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on Arianna. She doesn't have much time.

Ian: You all right? Because if this is getting to you --

Eve: No, I'm fine. Everything's going to be just fine.

Karen: The computer's what?

Frank: It's talking to me, Karen.

Karen: Out loud?

Frank: No, it -- it types.

Karen: All by itself?

Frank: Look, I know this all sounds crazy, and I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't connected to 1973 a little while ago.

Karen: You what?

Frank: It's where she lives.

Karen: Who lives, Frank?

Frank: Cookie! Cookie! It's the answer to the mystery, Karen. This -- this computer is like some kind of time machine or something. Watch. Watch, I'll show you. Ok, Nellie, I'm here. Talk -- talk to me more about cookie. Why am I her only friend? How do you want me to help her? Oh, come on. Come on, Nellie, don't make me look like an idiot.

Karen: Frank --

Frank: Hang on. Just give us a minute.

Karen: "Us?"

Frank: Say something, Nellie. Type something. Come on, come on! What is going to happen to Cookie?

Karen: You bastard. Knowing how upset I was about my mother falling off the wagon? This is what you did for fun? You went out and got drunk?

Frank: Look, Karen, I can explain.

Karen: I don't need your explanation and I don't need you!

Frank: No, Karen, wait. Karen!

Ian: We got all these volunteers, not one of them is a good enough match.

Chris: You know how this works. You put out word for a donor and then you wait.

Ian: We can't wait. As soon as Arianna's strong enough, we have to do this transplant.

Eve: Someone will turn up.

Ian: Just like that?

Eve: No, not "just like that." I have a feeling.

Ian: You have a feeling? Good, good. Because if we can't find a donor, she's going to die.

Eve: Hey, I know what's at stake here. You don't have to tell me what's at stake.

Joe: All right, all right! There's no point in wasting energy arguing, all right? We all know what's happening here.

Ian: Nothing's happening here! That's my point.

Joe: Look, you're both feeling guilty. You both want her well, and not just for the obvious reasons.

Ian: Don't start, Joseph.

Joe: Look, you love each other. And if she gets better, you two might finally have a chance --

Ian: You don't know what you're talking about.

Chris: Come on, why don't you just be honest?

Ian: Honest? All right, honestly, you stay out of my business!

[woman screams]

Frank: Karen --

Karen: Go away, Frank.

Frank: I'm sorry.

Karen: So am I.

Frank: No, please.

Karen: You know, you said your apology, all right? I can't hear it.

Frank: And I can't just walk away and leave you like this.

Karen: You already have.

Frank: That is not true.

Karen: Think about it, Frank. Think about how it must feel for me to come to you for advice, for a shoulder I need so badly. And there you are, the man closest to me in all the world, drunk and blabbering about a talking computer and time travel?

Frank: Look, I -- I had a rough night. All right? I wasn't expecting company, especially you. I need to let off some steam and get some sleep and I -- I guess I had a few too many beers.

Karen: Well, that's all I need to hear.

Frank: Now, Karen, listen to me, please. Look, you came here for a reason -- to talk to me. Now, what is it?

Karen: You know, it's not half as exciting as a talking computer.

Frank: All right, I messed up. You punished me. Now talk. Whatever's going on has got you upset. Just tell me. Let me help. What happened? Karen, please.

Karen: I'm a match.

Frank: A match?

Karen: For Arianna Thornhart.

Frank: For her liver transplant? Karen, that's -- that's great. That's incredible! Isn't it?

Karen: Well, if it is, why am I scared to death, Frank? Can you explain that to me? With such wonderful news, why am I scared out of my mind?

[Music plays]

Cookie: What am I doing? I know his number. I know it backwards. Wait till I walk in that room, with not just any stupid boy, with -- hello? It's me. Cookie? Well, I was just thinking. I mean, I should have asked before, but only I didn't think I wanted to go. Then I thought that maybe you'd like to? To the dance. Yeah, with me. Oh, you do. Well, have fun. Ok, I'll see you around the halls and everything. Bye. Oh, God. They were right. Even if it wasn't so late, I'll never find anybody to take me. What did I get myself into?

Woman: Please help me. My baby!

Eve: When's your due date?

Woman: Two weeks. Something is wrong!

Eve: It's ok.

Joe: All right, I'll get a gurney.

Ian: Just breathe, deep breaths.

Eve: What's your name?

Woman: Summer. Oh!

Eve: It's all right. It's ok.

Chris: I'll call delivery, get a room.

Eve: There's no time! The baby's crowning! Cord's coming first.

Ian: Need a BOA kit, towels, and linens.

Chris: Yeah, and a fetal warmer. I'm on it.

Ian: Thank you.

Eve: Summer, breathe with me, ok? Nice, steady breaths.

[Summer pants]

Summer: I can't!

Eve: Yes, you can. Come on.

Ian: It's all right.

[Breathing slows]

Joe: Ok, here we go.

Eve: Good, good, good.

Ian: No, there's no time. We got to do this right here.

Eve: Come on, let's get her up there.

Summer: Please save my baby. Don't lose the baby.

Eve: You're not losing anything. No one's losing anything.

Ian: One, two, three!

Summer: It's happening.

Eve: Got it, got it, got it.

Ian: Let's get her in there.

Eve: All right.

Ian: Come on, Joseph.

Eve: Breathe. All right, Summer, you're going to be just great. The baby's just anxious to come out and see Mom, that's all.

Ian: Where the hell is Ramsey?

[Summer yells]

Eve: It's ok. Ian, we got to get that cord taken care of!

Ian: Ok, little help here, Joe.

Joe: Got it.

Eve: All right, shh. All right.

Ian: See if you can get some pressure off the cord there.

Chris: Ok, now we're in business.

Eve: All right, here we go.

Ian: How we looking there, Joseph?

Joe: Almost. Just a little more.

Ian: All right, good, good, good. Now what we need to do is push, just push.

Summer: Oh, please, please, I want you to --

Eve: Ok, ok, ok, ok. I'm taking over. All right. We just need a little push. Come on, Summer, one more push, one more push.

[Summer yells]

Joe: Just a little more.

Eve: Ok. Ok. Ok, he's almost there.

Ian: How you know it's a he?

Eve: Only men cause this much trouble. Just one more push, Summer. You can do it now, come on.

Ian: You're doing it, you're doing it.

Eve: Here we go!

[Summer yells]

Eve: Ok, we got it!

[Baby cries]

Eve: Ok. It's a beautiful baby boy.

Ian: Right as always, Lambert.

Summer: Is he ok?

Eve: He's beautiful! He's got a perfect little nose and two beautiful brown eyes.

Summer: Can I hold him, see him?

Eve: For many happy years to come. Say hello to your baby boy.

Summer: Oh, God. Look at you. Conrad, hi. We made it.

Chris: With a little help from your friends.

Frank: You know the procedure's almost risk-free for the donor.

Karen: But not for me, Frank, not any procedure. I can't take painkillers. I can't even take a mild anesthesia. I'm an addict. I won't go back.

Frank: That won't happen.

Karen: It's too easy to give in. We've talked about this.

Frank: Yeah, I know, the night your mom fell off the wagon.

Karen: I can't get hooked again. If it means having drugs in my system, I can't be a donor.

Frank: Well, I'm sorry. I guess I thought because you're under supervision --

Karen: It's the same. It's all the same. I could be Arianna's only hope. And helping to save her life could help Eve and Ian get back together again. I feel so selfish.

Frank: You're not.

Karen: Oh, please. I don't even know why I'm listening to you. Nothing you're going to say is going to make it better.

Frank: Whoa, whoa, whoa, why, because I had a few beers?

Karen: Because I need you. Because I thought you'd understand what I was going through. I thought you might help.

Frank: Well, you won't let me.

Karen: Because you're drunk!

Frank: Look, Karen, I'm sorry I wasn't 100% when you needed me, but I'm here now and I'm listening.

Karen: It's on your breath, your clothes. When I look you in the eye now --

Frank: What, what? When you look at me, what?

Karen: I feel less strong than ever, less sure. All I see is how easy it is to lose control, and that's not the message I need to hear.

Frank: Listen to me --

Karen: No, Frank. Frank, please don't.

Frank: Oh, Karen, Karen, please --

Karen: No, no, no!

[Music plays]

Cookie: And now, boys and germs, ladies and janitors, it's the moment you've all been waiting for, where we crown this year's queen of the dance. And the name of the lucky, most popular girl in school is -- not Cookie. That's right. Give her a hand, folks. It's not me. Not Cookie.

Granya: You brought a brand-new life into the world, Ian. Though you wouldn't know it from the looks of you.

Ian: I'm tired.

Granya: Then go home, go to bed. What are you praying for?

Ian: To make Arianna well again.

Granya: And?

Ian: And to keep Eve out of my mind. But when I saw here today standing there, looking so beautiful holding that baby in her arms, cradling a new life -- I'm trying, Granya, I really am. Arianna deserves that. But hard as I try, I can't stop loving Eve.

Eve: Ian?

Ian: How'd you know I'd be here?

Eve: Oh, I had a feeling. I'm praying for the same thing you are -- that Arianna pulls through this, that we find a donor, and that she'll be well again one day.

Ian: Well, then you're praying for a miracle because I think that's what it'll take.

Eve: What if I told you that I had one? That I might have one? I mean, it's not 100%, but --

Ian: Wait, wait, a donor? You found one? Give me a name.

Eve: I can't, I can't. They want to remain anonymous.

Ian: For how long?

Eve: I don't know. I mean, just as long as it takes for them to decide to volunteer. Don't push this, ok? Just trust me.

Ian: Of course I trust you. But there's a chance, a good chance?

Eve: There's a very good chance. I mean, there's no guarantee, but I really believe that this person will really pull through for us.

Ian: For us?

Eve: For Arianna.

[Music plays]

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