Port Charles Transcript Monday 4/23/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Frank: "Ok, Frank, here's your note. Cookie." I can't believe it's here. Can I really be talking to somebody from 1973 or have I gone completely crazy? Oh, man. I've got to get out of here.

Alison: Let's toast -- to the four of us, shall we?

Livvie: Yes, I'd say to a pretty amazing team. Whoa.

Alison: And to the fabulous opening of --

Livvie: Wait, wait, wait -- let's hear it.

Alison: Muffins and Mufflers.

Livvie: I like it.

Jack: Hey, sounds like a nationwide chain to me.

Alison: Yeah, but we have to change the name because Jamal really hates it. Maybe something with, like, "Alison" in it, huh?

Zach: I got it from here, guys. Wait for me down at the bikes.

Zach: Sorry little Alison started her empire with money from the wrong people. Now it's payback time.

Jamal: Zach, you're whack. All right? And there's no way Alison would have anything to do with a scrub like you.

Zach: She doesn't have to like me to take my money.

Jamal: You know what? You better jet, ok, before I call the cops.

Zach: You might want to rethink the whole cop thing because they'd sure be interested in seeing this.

Jamal: This is Alison.

Zach: Girlfriend wasn't exactly practicing better banking. Takes a nice picture, though, huh?

Jamal: Where'd you get this from?

Zach: What did she tell you, man, huh? What, that she got the money waitressing, that it fell from the sky?

Jamal: Look, you set her up, man.

Zach: Hey, watch the threads unless you can pay for them.

Jamal: Look, you used Alison to get to me.

Zach: Only now we have a little situation -- money's gone, but I'm willing to look at it as a down payment.

Jamal: A down payment on what?

Zach: A down payment on the race you're going to ride for us.

Jamal: Like hell I am.

Karen: I can't believe this is happening.

Eve: Hey. Please tell me you have good news.

Karen: We have a match.

Eve: Oh, my God. Let me see this. My God, Karen, this is better than I expected. You're a match for eight out of 10 markers.

Karen: That's almost perfect, isn't it? I qualify to give a section of my liver to Arianna.

Eve: Oh, Karen. Finally, thanks to you, Arianna's got a really good chance.

Karen: That's why this is so hard.

Eve: What do you mean?

Karen: I can't do it, Eve. I can't be a donor. I can't.

Jamal: There's no way you own me. Ok, so you can take this race of yours and shove it.

Zach: You're in a lousy position to be making demands.

Jamal: You know what? If Alison did use this dirty money of yours, I'll sell everything she bought. Hell, I'll sell everything in the shop. But there's no way I'm laying down with dogs again.

Zach: What do I look like, man, huh? The bank of Port Charles? Two days ago, your girl took 25,000 with interest.

Jamal: Dude, you played her. Ok? She didn't know what the hell she was doing.

Zach: Then enlighten her. Huh? Today with interest, the payback will be 30,000. Next week, 40,000. Do the math.

Jamal: I'll get your money. All right?

Zach: Where, huh? From your wealthy relatives? Come on, face it, dude -- you'll never be able to pay me back, but I'm trying to be fair.

Jamal: Yeah, like hell you are, Zach.

Zach: Look, we could've threatened your squeeze in the beginning and forced you to race.

Jamal: You know, Zach, you go anywhere near Alison, I swear you will not walk away on your own two feet.

Zach: Fine. Fine. Just remember, huh? We respected your little business and your pride. When no one was there to help, we helped you get started. Now it's time to help us.

Jamal: You better bounce, ok? This is my place.

Zach: For now. Come on, you race and we give you the money that Alison borrowed as payment. No interest attached. Sweet.

Zach: You make us happy, you make her happy. And keep her safe. Take it from me, Jamal -- you're in no position to turn us down.

Bartender: Whoa-ho-ho. You're drinking like a man who's just seen a ghost.

Frank: Well, maybe I have. I have got the most amazing story, although I doubt you'd believe it. I'm not even sure I believe it.

Bartender: I've heard them all, pal -- lost dogs, lost wives, alien abductions.

Frank: No, I doubt you've heard this one.

Bartender: Try me.

Frank: All right. All right, I will. I have spent the last couple of months talking to someone who lives in 1973. And here's my proof.

Eve: I know it's a shock when you realize that you're a perfect donor match and you're facing surgery --

Karen: I just didn't think I'd match up, Eve. It was just Arianna and I had the same blood type, and, being a doctor, my instincts kicked in.

Eve: I don't get it. You -- you tested yourself so that you could rule yourself out? But I don't understand. Karen, this is a miracle! I'll tell you what -- let's call Ian. I'll call Ian and I'll tell him about this --

Karen: No, no.

Eve: And then we can all sit down and discuss this, ok?

Karen: No -- Eve, I think we should keep looking, ok? We found one match. There'll be another one.

Eve: Why? When we have you?

Karen: Arianna's not strong enough for a transplant right now, so we have time to find another match.

Eve: What, what -- a needle in a haystack? Come on, Karen, that's you. Do you think we're going to get this lucky again?

Karen: Someone might have nine out of 10 markers out there.

Eve: I don't understand. Karen, you're the one that told me to hold onto hope.

Karen: I just didn't think it would happen to me. So if you can respect that and drop it, please.

Eve: Drop it? Karen, this isn't like you.

Karen: I'm sorry. My good Samaritan days are over.

Eve: Look, if this is about the surgery, we only need a small portion of your liver.

Karen: I know, and what you take will regenerate right away. I know that.

Eve: Exactly, exactly. And the long-term impact on you will be minimal.

Karen: That's just it, Eve -- it won't be minimal. To go through surgery, I'm going to have to rely on narcotic analgesics. Drugs, Eve.

Eve: And you're a recovering addict.

Karen: Not too long ago, my whole life was about getting high. I had a screwed-up career, no relationship. I was in one long free fall. It almost killed me to go straight.

Eve: I -- I know, but --

Karen: No, you don't know. You can't imagine the willpower it takes to turn your back on that addiction.

Eve: But you did it. You are the strongest woman I know.

Karen: I just don't think I have what it takes to stay away from drugs for a third time.

Eve: Karen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't think about what you were going through. I was just so damn happy that we found a match.

Karen: I know it's selfish. I'm a doctor, for God's sakes. Saving lives is what I do.

Eve: Yeah, but now it's personal. And taking a risk is scaring you.

Karen: If I agree to be a donor for Arianna, I may be saving her life.

Eve: And in turn, destroying yours.

Alison: We have just officially sold out of our super-fabulous banana muffins.

Jack: Yeah. Told you they'd be a hit.

Alison: I know. I'm going to go check stock in the back.

Livvie: Well, muffins aren't the only thing there's not enough of around here.

Jack: Oh, yeah?

Livvie: Yeah. I cannot seem to get enough of you, Jack.

Jack: Oh, well, good, because that's a demand I can fill.

Livvie: Why don't you say we skip out of here early?

Jack: Well, I told Jamal I'd cover the shop for him.

Livvie: Oh, are you sure? Because I'm thinking that you look a little tired and you could probably use some bed rest.

Jack: Hmm. You think?

Livvie: Uh-huh.

Jack: First, I want to take you out to a nice --

Livvie: Oh --

Jack: Romantic dinner.

Livvie: No, no, no. We can skip dinner.

Jack: Oh, I like the way you think.

Livvie: Yeah?

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: Ahem.

Livvie: Hmm -- Jamal.

Jack: Oh, hey.

Livvie: Hey. Aren't you totally proud of Alison? I mean, she really pulled this off in here.

Jamal: Yeah, Alison's very enterprising. Hey, can I snag Jack for a minute? I've just got a little business problem outside.

Livvie: Yeah, fine, but I want him back in good working order. Ok?

Jack: Ok.

Jack: What's going on, man?

Jamal: I ought to take you down right now. What were you thinking?

Jack: Where'd you get those?

Jamal: From your banker, Zach, who took them -- from the scum who set Alison up and is now demanding payment in full. But, then, you should know all about it.

Jack: Me? What, you think I'm running around with Zach's gang?

Jamal: Yeah, you were pretty tight with nice little Sammy there.

Jack: Yeah, I dumped her for Livvie, and you know that.

Jamal: Do I?

Jack: You -- you think I set up Alison, don't you?

Jamal: You tell me.

Frank: This isn't scotch.

Bartender: Perceptive. Now, let me see if I understand your story.

Frank: Well, all right, fine. Then you can explain it to me.

Bartender: You bought a 30-year-old computer and you started getting messages on it from a kid in 1975?

Frank: Uh -- absolutely not. It was 1973.

Bartender: Fine, fine, fine. Well, you've never seen this kid. You have no idea how you're connected, but you have proof.

Frank: It's -- it's in the note. It's right -- it's right in the note.

Bartender: Yep. This proves it. But maybe I should consult my good friend Abe Lincoln just to be sure.

Frank: All right, see -- all right, see, I told you you wouldn't believe me, but this is true, I swear it.

Bartender: You're going to feel a whole lot saner in a few hours.

Frank: I doubt it.

Bartender: Ok, pal. Let's say this fairy tale was true. Why you?

Frank: What?

Bartender: I mean, out of all the computer geeks in the world, why'd your 1970s friend pick you? Why don't you think about that while I get you a cab?

Karen: Poor Arianna, to have an ex-drug addict as her last chance.

Eve: You're right, Karen. I have no idea what you're going through. I've never been addicted to anything except caffeine.

Karen: Well, it never goes away -- the craving, the need. It's like the shadow -- you can pretend it's not there, but you round the corner and suddenly you run right back into it.

Eve: And your mom brought that all back for you?

Karen: I guess, yeah. It can happen any time for any reason if you're not careful.

Eve: I'm so sorry, Karen.

Karen: Mom came up against something that she couldn't handle and reached for a drink. And guess who got the job of picking up the pieces -- again?

Eve: That must've been terrible for you.

Karen: You know what was terrible? The whole time I was taking care of her, I kept thinking, if I just had one little pill, I could handle this. One little pill and the pain would vanish.

Eve: But you didn't. You didn't take the pill. You're better now.

Karen: Am I? You walked into the bathroom and saw me with the needle. The first thing you thought of is that I was back on drugs, right?

Eve: That was a snap judgment. Ok? That's my problem.

Karen: We're best friends, Eve. But even you don't have a clue what this is like for me -- to live in fear every waking moment. That one little pill can turn me back into an addict.

Eve: Ok. I could help you with this. We could do this together. We have been through so much together, Karen.

Karen: I'm not so sure.

Eve: So -- so, what, you're just going to walk away? You're going to just pretend that you didn't take the blood test, that you didn't match?

Karen: Maybe.

Eve: Karen, I know you. You can't any more than I could.

Karen: I want to help Arianna. But I can't go back. I can't lose myself again.

Eve: But can you walk away when a woman's life is on the line?

Karen: All I know is that I'm terrified of taking drugs and losing everything that I worked so hard for. What choice would you make, Eve, if you were me?

Jack: Come on, Jamal. I mean, you got to believe me. I didn't know this was a setup.

Jamal: So you're telling me you and Alison score money from a post office box -- this is a lie?

Jack: No, it's not what you think. Listen, man, you and Alison have been good to me. All right? And we've worked side by side to get this place up and going. Believe me, I would not sell you out.

Jamal: I don't kn. I don't know, Jack. A picture's worth a thousand words.

Jack: Yeah, I can explain. All right, Alison thought her grandmother sent her the money as a peace offering.

Jamal: Since when do the Barringtons bank at a post office box?

Jack: I didn't know it was from Zach. And Alison didn't want to tell you because she thought you'd get mad --

Jamal: No --

Jack: That she was using the family money for the business.

Jamal: No -- you could've told me.

Jack: I messed up, big time. But instead of us sitting here butting our heads together, why don't we come together and fix it, you and me? Huh?

Jamal: Ok. Here's the deal -- Alison's not to know about any of this. Ok, you dig?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Jamal: Ok, and then -- and she's not under any circumstances to be left alone. If I'm not with her, you are.

Jack: All right, that's cool. That's cool. What are you going to do?

Jamal: I'm going to try to trap a weasel, see if I can figure a way out of this mess.

Jack: Well, you can count on me, all right?

Jamal: Yeah, I'm trusting you with Alison. Don't make me sorry.

Jack: So what the hell's going on with this Zach guy?

Jamal: He wants me to race for him.

Jack: Oh, man. I know Zach and his guys are trouble, but, I mean, it's just one race.

Jamal: You don't know these dogs like I do, ok? They fix races, and people get hurt.

Alison: Oh, Jamal.

Jamal: Hey.

Alison: Could life be any sweeter? Didn't I tell you that all of our dreams were going to come true?

Jamal: Yeah. You told me, baby. You told me.

Frank: So, now, who the hell are you? And what you want from me, huh? Huh? What, you -- you just reach out and touch the world's biggest fool? Is -- is that -- is that it? Is this some kind of a joke? Because if it is, I'm not laughing anymore.

Frank: I had a nice, semi-normal life. I don't need this -- this crap. I didn't need you messing with my mind, my relationship! Mysterious connections, troubled kids from the past, notes stuck in the wall! Why can't I get rid of you? And why did you pick on me? Huh?

Karen: Remember when life was simple?

Eve: When was that?

Karen: You're right. Oh, I don't know what to do. This is a big step.

Eve: Look, you're my best friend. If this decision is too tough for you, we will find another donor.

Karen: Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on Arianna. She doesn't have much time.

Eve: No, she doesn't. She's getting weaker by the hour.

Karen: You know what makes this even harder? I know if Arianna's better, if she's able to stand on her own two feet again, that you and Ian might have a chance.

Eve: No, don't even think about that. I told you -- I have had to put that behind me.

Karen: It'll never be right. I'm sorry.

Eve: So am I. Look, I am speaking to you now as your doctor and your best friend. You have to think very hard about this decision you're going to make.

Karen: Because I'm going to have to live with whatever I decide?

Eve: Hey, come here. I hate to see you suffer like this and I wish that I could switch places with you. But I don't know how to make this choice any easier.

Karen: I know. A woman is dying. And as scary as that is, I may be her only chance.

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