Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 4/18/01

By John
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Lucy: Oh, you know, last night was just pretty deliciously amazing.

Kevin: Yeah, this morning wasn't too bad, either.

Lucy: Mmm. Hmm. Why?

Kevin: You have to ask?

Lucy: No. I don't mean about that. I mean, it was pretty darn, darn --

Kevin: Incredible.

Lucy: Yes.

Kevin: Incredible.

Lucy: Yeah. It's just, Doc, it's all been incredible. I mean, everything is wonderful and amazing and awesome, and I don't understand it. Why is all of a sudden everything working out between us?

Kevin: You want to know why? Because we're not fighting it.

Lucy: Not fighting what?

Kevin: Not fighting loving each other.

Lucy: Mmm. Ooh, this is nice, isn't it?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: It's going to get a lot nicer, too.

Lucy: So, I mean, on that subject, what is next for us?

Kevin: Breakfast. I'll meet you downstairs?

Lucy: Ok. Order me some coffee.

Kevin and Lucy: Decaf.

Kevin: I know. Don't keep me waiting.

Lucy: I won't. I'll be right there.

Lucy: Yes, hello. Mr. Silver, please. Yes, it's Lucy Coe. Hi, Richard. Listen, I just want to confirm our breakfast meeting this morning at the Port Charles Grill. It's still on, yes? Oh, good. No. Kevin is very anxious to have his divorce finalized, really. No, no, no, no, I'll recognize you. You're a lawyer, right? You'll be in a, what, dark suit, kind of blue, with maybe a striped tie, and you'll have a briefcase, of course. I'll see you then.

Jamal: Where do you want this thing?

Alison: Right over there, right over there.

Jamal: Come on, Jack.

Alison: Yeah.

Jamal: Whoo!

Alison: Ok, let's go get the rest.

Jamal: There's more?

Alison: Yeah, lots.

Jamal: I thought you said you were starting off small, this was it.

Alison: Well, I know, but the place was auctioning off everything we needed, so I had to move.

Livvie: Yeah, and -- and at those prices, this stuff would've never lasted.

Jamal: I'm almost afraid to ask how much this all cost.

Alison: Jamal, it was a steal.

Jamal: You think you could be a little more specific?

Jack: You know what? Livvie and I'll just be getting the other stuff.

Alison: Look, Jamal, don't look so grumpy, ok? This stuff, it's going to pay off for all of us.

Jamal: Look, I just don't want you to blow your whole bank on this thing.

Alison: Look, I'm not blowing any of it.

Jamal: Ok, well, then how much of the $25,000 bond money you got left, then?

Alison: Ahem. Well, uh, technically nothing.

Jamal: You spent 25 grand in one morning? You're down to zero, Ali?

Alison: No, not down to zero. We owe two hundred and eighty bucks.

Ian: Thank you.

Karen: Ian.

Ian: Hey.

Karen: Hey. How's Arianna?

Ian: Hepatin's kicking full throttle now.

Karen: Well, that's great. Ups the chance that she could survive the liver transplant.

Ian: Yeah. Now all we need's a liver.

Karen: Ian, you need to get some rest. You look like hell.

Ian: Well, you're not going to win any beauty contests today, either.

Karen: I guess it's going around. But you really need to get some rest.

Ian: Yeah. Have you talked to Eve today?

Karen: Not yet. Why?

Ian: Just want to make sure she's ok.

Karen: "Ok?"

Ian: With Arianna almost dying yesterday and then we --

Karen: Then -- then what?

Ian: We ended it.

Karen: What?

Ian: It's over between Eve and me.

Waiter: Coffee?

Kevin: One regular, one decaf. Eve?

Eve: Kevin. Hi.

Kevin: You alone?

Eve: Yeah. Yeah, I needed to take a break from the hospital, to just kind of take care of me for a little bit.

Kevin: Why don't I take care of you?

Jamal: Whoo! 25 grand. You spent 25 grand-plus on a coffee machine and a couple of chairs.

Alison: It's a cappuccino machine, ok, and a full set of commercial cookware and the cutest little --

Jamal: Ali, Ali, stop, stop.

Alison: What?

Jamal: Look, I thought you said you were going to start off small first.

Alison: Look, Jamal, come on, once we get this place going, we are going to make all of our money back and then some.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, 25 grand. 25 grand. That's a lot of blueberry muffins there, Spunky.

Alison: Look, I got to go, ok? My nana's expecting me at the hospital.

Jamal: Oh, and this ought to brighten her sickroom, you know, just knowing that you have all this money just to burn like this. Come on.

Alison: Nana has always been one for good business deals, ok, and this is good business. Bye.

Jamal: Bye. Ahem.

[Door closes]

Jamal: Oh, good business. Oh! "Yes, sir, we can fix your bike and make you a fine latte to go with that, or maybe a sandwich! Or how about a slice of quiche to go with that brand-new carburetor of yours, huh? You like some quiche, huh, quiche?" Oh, boy, I must be in love.

Alison: Ahem! Yeah, I'd say get a room, but you probably would.

Jack: Yeah, well, we were just --

Livvie: We were just taking a break.

Alison: Right.

Livvie: Are you off to the hospital now?

Alison: Yeah, I am. I feel really bad leaving you guys with so much work.

Livvie: Hey, don't worry about it.

Jack: Yeah, it's no problem.

Alison: I so owe you both.

Livvie: Um, Jack, could you grab something? A box or something?

Alison: Wait, wait, wait, Jack. Let me talk to you for a second.

Jack: Yeah, what's up?

Alison: Look, Jamal's really freaking out over all the money that I spent, and if he ever found out that it came from Nana --

Jack: Hey, Alison, I told you, I'm not going to say anything, all right?

Alison: Ok, but not even to Livvie. Come on.

Jack: I got it. No one.

Alison: Ok, thank you. You're the best.

Jack: No, your nana's the best. She's the one who flipped out 25 Gs.

Alison: And I intend on thanking her today, whether she likes it or not.

Karen: Why would you and Eve split up now? I mean, Arianna's doing better.

Ian: Yeah. And, God willing, she'll make a complete recovery.

Karen: Yeah, and then --

Ian: And then I'll be with her.

Karen: For how long?

Ian: Karen, I'll -- I'll be with her.

Karen: Ian, this wasn't your fault, and you and Eve are in love and --

Ian: What I need to worry about right now is to get Arianna well, to find her a donor.

Karen: I know, but Eve --

Ian: Eve agrees with me. Can we drop this? Do you mind?

Karen: Fine. I noticed her blood type's AB-neg. That's pretty rare.

Ian: That's only half the battle. We got to find an exact tissue match.

Karen: Well, what about her family? Any hope there?

Ian: They won't return my calls.

Karen: Well, maybe they'll return mine.

Ian: I doubt it.

Karen: Hey, I could always try. Maybe after losing their son, they'll realize how precious their daughter's life is.

Ian: Yeah, why not. It's worth a shot.

Karen: Ian, I'm sorry about you and Eve.

Ian: Me, too.

Eve: I'm fine, Kevin, really.

Kevin: Want to try that again? It's Ian, isn't it? What did he do now?

Eve: We can't be together. I mean, we both realized it's not going to work out.

Kevin: Why not?

Eve: It's complicated. He feels his place is with Arianna, making sure that she gets better.

Kevin: And you agree with that?

Eve: Yeah.

Kevin: So what are you going to do?

Eve: I don't know. I can't eat or sleep. I can barely even work. I mean, I had to take myself off of Arianna's case because I couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle the way I was feeling.

Kevin: You were right to do that. You need to take care of yourself.

Eve: You know, if it wasn't for you, knowing that I still have you as a part of my life -- that makes me feel so much better.

Kevin: I am here for you, for as long as you need me.

Lucy: Uh, yes. Hi. This is Lucy Coe for Mr. Silver again. Please, I need to cancel our meeting this morning. What do you mean he's already left? Look, you have to go out there. Just stop him. Grab him. Stop him, please!

Jamal: Hey, this guy, he wants his bike before noon, so I'm going to get on it.

Jack: Yeah, cool, I'll help you.

Jamal: All right.

Livvie: Yeah, I can do this by myself.

Jamal: Actually, this is definitely a two-person job, so don't worry about it.

Livvie: Hey, Jamal, I know it looks like Alison went nuts on all that stuff, but she really did get a bargain.

Jamal: Whatever. You know, it's her money.

Jack: Hey, he's just a little worried she's getting in over her head.

Livvie: Come on, she's going to be fine. I mean, how lucky is it she came into all that cash, anyway?

Jack: Well, I guess we're all on a lucky streak.

Livvie: Yeah, we do have a lot to be thankful for, you know. Yeah, you've got the shop and I got into school just in time for the third quarter.

Jack: What?

Livvie: I didn't mention that?

Jack: No, you did not.

Livvie: Well, it must have slipped my mind. You are officially looking at a student in the Port Charles pre-med program, and I did it all by myself, without Chris' help.

Jack: Hey, gosh, that's so awesome. Congratulations.

Livvie: Thank you.

Jack: You're going to be a great doctor. And you can treat me anytime.

Livvie: Well, first I'm going to need lots and lots of practice -- starting with, oh, physiology.

Jack: Oh, yeah. That's my favorite subject.

Livvie: Oh, yeah?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Livvie: Oh, good.

Alison: So I'm sure that you're wondering how my cafe is doing.

Amanda: The cafe? Oh, yes. How is that?

Alison: Well, actually, I just went to this auction and I bought a ton of stuff -- everything that I needed.

Amanda: Oh, my goodness. How did you afford it?

Alison: Well, a very wonderful and very generous person sent me a key to a post office box, and inside was a very large bag of money.

Amanda: Well, if you don't want to tell me, I won't push you.

Alison: All kidding aside, Nana, it is just a loan. I do intend to pay back every single penny once we start turning a profit.

Amanda: But of course you will, my dear. After all, you're a Barrington.

Alison: I'm so glad that we're family again.

Amanda: So am I, darling.

Alison: Good.

Amanda: Well, you run along. I must go back to my room. I'm getting a little tired.

Alison: Oh, well, I'll just -- I'll walk you back.

Amanda: Oh, no, no, no, no. You go take care of your cafe. Terence will take care of me.

Alison: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yes, I'm positive.

Alison: Ok.

Amanda: Goodbye, darling.

Alison: Goodbye. I'll come check on you later, ok?

Amanda: All right.

Alison: Ok.

Amanda: Thank you.

Alison: Bye.

Amanda: Bye bye. Terence, did I give her money?

Terence: No, ma'am. You simply asked that Alison be reinstated in your will, that's all.

Amanda: Oh, that's what I thought. Oh, well. I promised to stay out of her affairs, so -- but I wonder.

Ian: Any luck with her family?

Karen: Long-distance operator couldn't get through. Circuits are busy or something.

Ian: Thanks for trying, anyway.

Karen: Ian, I'm going to keep on trying. I will reach them.

Ian: Thank you, Karen, for everything.

Karen: You know, if you really want to thank me, there's something you could do for me -- go home. Sleep.

Ian: I can't do that.

Karen: Well, then go relax, go for a walk. Do something to get your mind off of this for a while.

Ian: I've never been real good at the relaxing.

Karen: Come on, there must be something that calms you.

Ian: Used to be.

Karen: Well, what is it? If it worked before, maybe it would do the trick this time.

Ian: Chess. I used to play chess with my sister. I used to play chess.

Karen: Well, it's been way too long since you played. I think it's time. I think you need to play again.

Ian: I'll think about it.

Karen: Good. I'll keep an eye on her for you.

Ian: Thank you.

Ian: I miss our games, Granya. I miss you.

Ian: And I miss you, too, Lambert.

Lucy: Eve. Hi. What a surprise to see you.

Eve: Oh, hi, Lucy. I was just going.

Lucy: Are you ok?

Eve: I'm fine.

Kevin: No, she's not. Look, you're not in any condition to drive right now, Eve.

Eve: Really, I'm fine.

Kevin: No, Eve.

Lucy: Doc, she -- she said she's fine.

Kevin: Well, she's not. She's upset.

Lucy: Ok, you're right. I can see that. Listen, Doc, you need to get to work. You really need to go. You're late, and I can drive Eve home. I have nothing to do. Let me drive you.

Eve: No, no, no, that's ok. My car is here. I'll be ok.

Lucy: Ok. Uh, would you excuse me? I have to make a really quick phone call. Excuse me.

Man: Excuse me?

Lucy: I am so glad to see you. Thank goodness you're here. Listen, we really need to talk. Okay?

Alison: Oh, my God, I cannot believe you guys did all this.

Jack: Thank your boyfriend.

Livvie: He wanted to surprise you.

Alison: Jamal.

Jamal: Yeah, I was a little hard on you earlier, so --

Alison: Yeah, just a little bit.

Jamal: Well, you know, I realized if anyone can, you know, make this place hop, it's you.

Livvie: Aw!

Alison: Could this day possibly get any better?

Jamal: Yeah, you could come over here and plant one on me. Right there.

[Telephone rings]

Jack: Hey, I got it.

Jamal: No, I got it, I got it. It's probably that guy again. Bike shop. Yeah, yeah, it's ready.

Alison: You guys did not have to do all of this.

Livvie: Well, it hasn't all been work.

Jack: Hey, so you guys want to hang the sign?

Alison: Yeah, yeah, let's do it. After you.

Jack: So how'd it go?

Alison: Oh, Nana. God, she is so cute. Even when I told her that I would repay her every single penny that she gave me, she still pretended like she was totally clueless.

Lucy: Thank goodness. I'm so glad I caught up to you.

Man: Oh, excuse me.

Lucy: Oh, excuse me. Sorry.

Man: So how much do you charge?

Lucy: Me charge? No, I'm going to pay you, of course.

Man: Oh, even better. I'm in Suite 419.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness, wait a minute. You think I'm a -- no, I'm not. I'm not a -- I mean, no, no, your name is Mr. Silver, right?

Man: No. But I sure struck gold.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness. Wait! Excuse me! Pardon me. It's been really swell. Nice meeting you.

Man: Can't we just --

Lucy: No, no, I really -- I got to go. Excuse me.

Man 2: Excuse me. Dr. Collins?

Kevin: Yes?

Man 2: I'm Richard Silver. I'm here for a consult on your divorce?

Karen: Come on. Get through this time, for Arianna's sake -- and Ian's. Yes, Mr. Shapour? This is Dr. Wexler at General Hospital. Yes, it is about Arianna. Your daughter needs you, sir, desperately.

Ian: Your move, Granya.

Granya: You've got quite a mess on your hands, don't you, big brother?

Ian: I know.

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Eve: You should've just told me straight up that you were filing for divorce.

Kevin: But I'm not. I didn't ask for this meeting.

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