Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 4/11/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Alison: Done. Oh, yes! I do not know how we did that. We managed to cover all of our costs.

Jamal: You mean for this month.

Alison: Meaning next month we will make a profit, and then all of the extra money that we get we're going to be able to use to open up our cafe!

Jamal: All right! That gets my heart pumping.

Alison: Jamal.

Jamal: Look, I'm just saying I cannot see bike repair and lattes going together, that's all. You know? But look, if I don't start getting some of these babies fixed, we won't even have a bike shop.

Alison: Hmm.

Jamal: So do me a favor and hand me that wrench over there.

Alison: What -- you mean the greasy ones?

Jamal: Yeah, the greasy ones. And while you're at it, hand me that pair of pliers, too. Hey, you want a cafe? Start getting your hands dirty, Spunky.

Alison: This grease is going to get under my pink nail polish.

Jamal: [As Alison] "This grease is going to get under my pink nail polish."

Alison: Huh. So where's your partner in crime, anyway, hmm?

Jamal: [Normal voice] Who, Jack? I don't know. Probably in his room or something.

Alison: Well, don't you think maybe we should, like, get him out here? I mean, what are we paying him for?

Jamal: Yeah. Considering what we're paying him, you'd be lucky if he answers the door when you knock.

Alison: Oh, no, he will the answer the door when I knock. Calling all mechanics! We really could use a hand out here. That is if you're not too busy -- oh!

Jack: Oh, hey.

Livvie: Oh, Alison. Oh.

Alison: So I guess that means you guys are talking now, huh?

Karen: The drug's been so successful in infants, I thought maybe -- mm-hmm.

Colleen: Oh, Frank. Good. Dr. Quartermaine's waiting for that paperwork. Frank?

Frank: Huh?

Colleen: I'll take that up for you, ok? Unless of course you'd rather do it yourself. No, probably not.

Karen: Ok, well, thanks. Let me know as soon as you can.

Frank: Hey. I, uh -- I brought you something.

Karen: Oh, want to give me a clue?

Frank: It's Nellie's heart. It was either hers or mine, and I wasn't about to lose you over some old computer, so -- so Nellie's history. Just tell me we aren't. Karen?

Eve: We've been over everything. The only way to save Arianna is with a liver transplant.

Ian: She'll never survive the procedure.

Eve: That's why we have to get her on the hepatin first.

Ian: There are no guarantees with that drug.

Eve: Well, there are no guarantees in life. Maybe this will make her stronger.

Ian: I said no! I'm not going to use some experimental drug on Arianna in the condition she's in now.

Eve: Ian, please.

Ian: I'm done here.

Eve: Like hell you are!

Alison: So a little romance in the woods, huh?

Livvie: Oh, I have never been this happy, Ali. These last few days have been like a dream come true.

Alison: Oh, God.

Jamal: So, ride's a lot more fun with company, huh?

Jack: Yeah. Someone you care about's sharing the seat, it's a whole different trip.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah. Well, if it's Livvie, man, you'd better hold on tight.

Livvie: Hey! Alison was just telling me the plans for the new cafe.

Jamal: Ah --

Jack: So it's happening, huh?

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, birth of a business empire. You sip a mocha, we'll tune your muffler. Check out our cappuccino, we'll check out your carburetor.

Livvie: Oh, chock full o' nuts and bolts, right?

Alison: Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Jamal and Jack: Whoo!

Alison: Just keep laughing it up. You know, pretty soon, we are going to be coast to coast, ok? We're going to be like your mechanical and specialty coffee specialists.

Sam: Jack? Got a minute?

Jack: Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam.

Alison: Oh, my God.

Sam: You and her.

Livvie: Me?

Alison: Listen, sweetheart, you are, like, the last person on earth that anybody wants to see.

Jamal: Ok, ok, Spunky. Let's go catch some rays, all right?

Alison: No, but I just want to see.

Jamal: No, Alison, stop.

Alison: I just want to see Livvie take down the leather slut.

Jamal: Look, we'll catch the blow-by-blow later. Come on.

Alison: No, I just --

Jamal: Stop. Shh. Look, we don't need to be the live studio audience for someone else's trouble. Especially when we have our own trouble to deal with.

Alison: What? Oh, not again.

Amanda: Alison.

Alison: What do you want now, Nana?

Karen: What's over here?

Frank: Privacy. And a big-time apology. You came over needing to talk and I couldn't take my eyes off that dumb computer.

Karen: Well, it still didn't give me the right to kill it.

Frank: Hey, if I had just found a picture of my dead aunt and saw that we could've been twins, I'd have been on fire, too.

Karen: That really shook me up. I mean, not only do I look exactly like her, but I've been wearing this locket almost my whole life and didn't even know it was hers.

Frank: And to find out she wanted to be a doctor, too.

Karen: I suddenly got this bizarre connection to someone who died even before I was born. It's like Aunt Carolyn was guiding my whole life this whole time.

Frank: That must be so weird.

Karen: You know, there's so much I want to say to her and so much I want to know. If only there was a way.

Frank: Well, maybe you can.

Karen: What do you mean?

Frank: Come on. You know what? It's time for you to take a break.

Ian: I'm not pumping Arianna full of some experimental drug.

Eve: This is way past the experimental stage. It's been tested.

Ian: It's been tested on infants.

Eve: Successfully.

Ian: We both know that a premature baby's system is much different than that of a grown woman.

Eve: Ian, if we don't do this, Arianna could die.

Ian: If we do do this, she might die. And yes, I have used experimental drugs in treatment before and I will again, but not when there are other options.

Eve: What other options?

Ian: I'm working on it.

Eve: Ian, we both know there aren't any. And you can't just stand around and will Arianna to live.

Ian: Don't be so sure about that.

Jack: All right. What's going on?

Sam: The other day, my friends and I were looking to have some fun. I guess things just went a little too far.

Livvie: A little?

Sam: A lot. And we were wrong. I was wrong. And I'm sorry.

Jack: Fine. Apology over?

Sam: I owe you one, too, Livvie. Jack was as clear as a guy could get about not being interested in me. I just didn't want to hear it. Anyway, if I messed things up for you guys, I'm sorry about that, too, ok?

Livvie: Actually, it's very ok. In fact, I think I owe you a big thank-you. You know, what happened with Jack and me the other night was kind of a wake-up call and I'm pretty glad I got it. But I won't be needing another one.

Sam: I hear you.

Jack: Well, now that we all kissed and made up, Sam, you can do me a big favor.

Sam: Name it.

Jack: Tell your friends as far as Jamal and me go, thanks for the business but no thanks.

Sam: I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe you'll change your mind in the future.

Jack: I doubt it.

Sam: Well, I guess I'll see you, then.

Livvie: You know what I'm thinking?

Jack: Why don't you just tell me?

Livvie: Ok. I am thinking --

Jack: Hmm.

Livvie: Adios, Sam.

Jack: Hmm. Great minds really do think alike.

Alison: What, you came to see your own worst nightmare come true with your own two eyes? Well, take a look around, because Jamal and I are still together and the bike shop is doing fabulous, thank you, and we are about to open a new little cafe.

Amanda: A cafe?

Alison: We don't have the money just yet, but we will, and Jamal will be fixing the bikes and I will be fixing the food.

Amanda: Well, then congratulations are in order, aren't they? I think opening a restaurant's a wonderful idea. And combining it with a repair shop makes for a most unique, successful enterprise.

Alison: Oh, you think, huh?

Amanda: Enough to make an investment to help you along.

Alison: Like we would ever take your money.

Amanda: Why not?

Alison: Oh, jeez, I don't know. Maybe because for the last year, you've either tried to destroy us or break us up or lock us up.

Jamal: Yeah, so you didn't trot yourself all the way down here to write a check, now, did you, Granny? So what is it this time? You plan on buying up every bike in town just to shut us down?

Amanda: Even if I was trying to shut you down -- which I am not -- I see it's impossible. I see that now.

Jamal: Huh.

Alison: Then why are you here, Nana?

Amanda: I know that I have given you cause in the past to not believe me, but I love you, Alison, with all my heart. We're family.

Alison: Oh, don't pull that old trick on me again because it's not going to work. Ok? Jamal is my family now, and Livvie and Jack, not you.

Amanda: Alison --

Alison: No, you gave up that right when you tried to ruin our lives. Look, from now on, you are not my family anymore. You mean nothing to me. Nothing.

Frank: "Carolyn Cook Wexler."

Karen: That was my grandmother's name, too. It's a beautiful locket, Aunt Carolyn. I will always keep it safe. You know, we never knew each other, but something tells me that I could've learned a lot from you. I brought you gardenias. I don't know if they're your favorite, but these are mine. So I hope they're ok.

Frank: I know they are.

Karen: You know, I keep thinking the same thing over and over again, Frank -- what was she like? Did she have a sense of humor? Did --

Frank: What?

Karen: I can't help but wonder what it would've been like if we had the chance to meet. I wish we had. I wish we had a chance to be friends.

Cookie: Come on, Frank, don't do this to me. "Please, please." You've got to be there. "Please, don't abandon me, Frank. I need a friend so much." You don't know how much.

Eve: You're not actually planning on sitting by her bed and willing her to get better, are you, because it's not enough. We both know that. Arianna's liver has been seriously damaged.

Ian: The power of the human spirit is stronger than anything I've ever known. What Arianna needs right now is a will to live. She needs to know that there's someone there who needs her because without that, your medicine isn't going to do a damn thing.

Eve: Ok, fine. Fine. Do everything you possibly can, but give her the drug, too.

Ian: No.

Eve: Ian, we took the same chance with Lucy. We make choices like this for our patients every day. Now, if this were anybody else --

Ian: But it isn't somebody else. I gambled with her life once before. I will not do it again.

Eve: We've been gambling for months now. You yourself said that it was a gamble keeping Arianna in this country safe and from harm. It's all a big gamble. That's what you've been telling me.

Ian: I should've been there. I could've saved her from this.

Eve: Ian, you really -- you really want to do everything you possibly can to save her life?

Ian: Of course I do.

Eve: Then use the drug that Karen's been telling us about. Because if we don't use it, we won't be able to say we tried everything.

Ian: I see. I see. This is my second chance at saving Arianna.

Eve: I don't understand.

Ian: Yes, you do. If I give her the drug and she dies, you can look at me and say, "You tried everything." And with that, I'm absolved of all my guilt, Arianna's dead, and everyone's happy.

Eve: Oh, my God. You think that I want Arianna dead, don't  you?

Amanda: Alison, how can you be so cold?

Alison: Because I learned from the best, Nana -- Mother, you, all the rest of the Barringtons.

Amanda: Really, Alison.

Alison: You know what scares me more than anything else in the whole world is the fact that I could end up like you. I would rather be penniless and homeless than be a Barrington.

Amanda: Dear God.

Jamal: Spunky --

Alison: I would rather fall on my face and not get up.

Amanda: Water. Alison --

Alison: What?

Amanda: I -- I need some water. Water, please.

Alison: Oh, fine, fine. I will get you something to drink. But then that's all you're getting from me, Nana. No pity and no going back ever. From now on in, you get everything that you deserve. All of the water and loneliness that you can stand. So drink it -- every last little drop.

Amanda: Darling, I --

Alison: No, drink it up, Nana. And then get out and don't come back.

Amanda: Oh, you're so much like me -- much more than you realize.

Alison: No, never.

Amanda: Oh, yes, yes, you are. When you hurt, you hurt so deeply.

Jamal: Granny, you ok?

Amanda: Yeah. Oh. You hurt to the core. Ah! Ah!

Alison: Oh, my God, Nana!

Livvie: Get a blanket!

Jamal: Jack, Jack, call 911!

Jack: Lay her down, lay her down right here.

Jamal: I got her, I got her.

Alison: Oh, my God.

Jamal: Jack, call 911!

Livvie: Hold on. Watch her head, watch her head.

Jack: Yeah, we need an ambulance.

Alison: Jamal, what's -- what's the matter with her?

Livvie: Give her some air. Give her some air, please.

Alison: Nana, please wake up, please?

Frank: You know what I think?

Karen: What?

Frank: She'd have loved you.

Karen: You think so?

Frank: Every inch. Except maybe for that crooked nose.

Karen: My nose isn't crooked.

Frank: And that temper and those two little moles.

Karen: Oh, stop.

Frank: Oh, sorry. My mistake. You don't have a temper.

Karen: Yeah, I do. You know, Aunt Carolyn could be the one I inherited it from.

Frank: Whatever she's responsible for, I'm grateful to her.

Karen: Sure you are.

Frank: Hey. Look at me. With all my heart, for everything you are.

Karen: You know, it really is amazing the way we're all connected without even knowing.

Frank: Yeah. None of us ever really know the kind of impact we have on other people. The tiniest thing we do today can make such a difference later on.

Karen: And we never know.

Frank: Any idea how she died?

Karen: All my mom said was it was some sort of accident.

Frank: You never asked?

Karen: She started to get so upset, I didn't have the heart. Aunt Carolyn's death really devastated her. It was so painful, she didn't want to talk about it.

[Music plays]

Cookie: "Waited all day and you never wrote back, Frank. There's nobody left now. If I can't talk to you, then there's nobody else. Everyone's gone, so I might as well, too, so goodbye, Frank. Goodbye."

Eve: Do you honestly believe that after everything we've been through together and after everything I've done to help Arianna that I want her dead?

Ian: No.

Eve: Ok. Then I'm asking you to do what any other doctor would do.

Ian: Which is what?

Eve: Take a step back. Put some distance between the two of you.

Ian: I don't have that luxury anymore, Lambert. The only way I can look at the situation is through the eyes of a man who wasn't there for someone who counted on him.

Eve: Ian, listen to me, ok?

Ian: I did.

Eve: You've --

Ian: I did. And I heard you. And now I'm telling you that I will not put Arianna into any more danger.

Eve: No one here wants to put her in danger.

Ian: But you are by insisting on using that drug. And I understand you're trying to do the right thing as her doctor, but I married her. And with that comes a promise that I will take care of her. And right now, I think the best way to do that is to take her out of here.

Eve: What? You can't do that.

Ian: I am. I will.

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Eve: I will not let you take her out of this hospital.

Ian: For the last time, I'm taking her! I will not let you or your people kill her!

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