Port Charles Transcript Monday 4/9/01

By John
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Karen: Amazing. If it weren't for the different dress style and hairdo, this looks just like me.

Rhonda: Oh! It's getting chilly out there. I can't believe it. Oh, my gosh! I didn't know I had that picture in my things.

Karen: I -- I don't get it, Mom. All these years, you never showed me a picture of Aunt Carolyn, and now I find out that we look enough alike to be twins? How come you never told me?

Frank: Talk about a small world. "I live in Port Charles, too."

Cookie: "Far out!"

Frank: "It's great we live in the same town. I can help you better." Kevin. Kevin would be the perfect person for Cookie to talk to. "I know a great doctor, a friend who can help you. Let me give him your number so I can hook you up."

Cookie: "Nooooo! I don't want anyone to know about my problems or me. Only you, Frank."

Frank: "No. I don't want anyone to know about my problems or me. Only you, Frank!" Ah!

Serena: I can hardly eat.

Lucy: Oh. Sweet pea, you don't have to. Put -- put your fork down. You do not have to eat. Remind me never go into that kitchen again. It's bad. It's bad, bad, bad.

Serena: Mom, the food's fine. It's just I'm excited about the school trip tomorrow.

Lucy: Oh, good! Really? I am so excited, too. Do you know this is going to be our first official mother and daughter trip to the Big Apple.

Serena: Kevin, I'm surprised you're not coming with us to New York.

Kevin: Oh, I wish I could, honey, but I have got a lot of work to do.

Serena: There's something I got to do, too. May I be excused?

Lucy: Yes. I'll make you some toast or something later. You don't have to pretend you like my food. All right, see you in a minute.

Kevin: I like it.

Lucy: Yeah, yeah, you've eaten none -- one bite. Listen, I know there's a lot of stuff going on at the hospital -- I mean, between what happened with Arianna and Ben's nosedive into eternity.

Kevin: Yeah, death of a diplomat. It's bound to raise a lot of questions.

Lucy: Yeah, so, Doc, I am serious. I can postpone this trip. I don't have to go. I mean, I don't have to head out of here right now.

Kevin: No, no. I want you and Serena to go down to New York and have a wonderful time. I'll be fine.

Eve: What are you saying? You -- you can't honestly believe that for a moment, this is over between us?

Ian: Arianna needs me. She -- she needs me, and I owe her that.

Eve: Ok. Ok, but when she gets better --

Ian: She's lying in a hospital bed clinging to life because I wasn't there when she was attacked. I was with you.

Eve: Oh, stop it, Ian! I blame myself, too! But we cannot let this tear us apart.

Ian: It already is. And this is not about blame. This is about responsibility, my responsibility. We can't build a life with her blood on our hands. We can't.

Karen: Come on, Mom. How come you never mentioned how much I look like Aunt Carolyn?

Rhonda: Even after all these years, I find it difficult to talk about her.

Karen: But this is more than a passing resemblance. It's -- it's almost like looking in a mirror.

Rhonda: Oh, yes. And you are so much like her, too, and I just don't mean in looks. I -- you know, I was always the big family screw-up, and she was definitely the special one. She had this -- oh -- jeez.

Karen: Well, tell me more about her.

Rhonda: Ok, well, she wanted to be a doctor just like you, and she had the brains and ability to be a really incredible one.

Karen: I guess back in those days, it was harder for a woman to get into med school.

Rhonda: Oh, definitely. It was an uphill fight for Carolyn, I mean, especially with all the stuff that was going on in her family. Neither of us had a very easy time of it at home.

Karen: I can relate to that.

Rhonda: Oh. I am so sorry that I didn't make it easier for you. You know, you deserved a mother who was sober enough to listen to your dreams. I mean, the happiest day of my life was when you became a doctor, and Carolyn would've been so proud of you.

Karen: You know, it's funny, I guess. In a way, I'm living the life that Carolyn never had a chance to live.

Rhonda: I never told you this, but this belonged to Carolyn.

Karen: Really?

Rhonda: Yeah.

Karen: Well, it's nice having something of hers so close.

Rhonda: Somehow, I just wanted you to have the locket so somehow it might connect you to the woman that you were named after.

Karen: Hmm. You know, you never told me how she died.

Rhonda: Oh, I don't know. Even after all these years, it's so hard to talk about. It was this really terrible accident and she was just too young.

Karen: What happened?

Rhonda: You know what? I -- I think I'm all talked out. Maybe we could just finish the packing later. I --

Karen: Yeah.

Rhonda: Think I'm going to go home.

Karen: Ok. Um -- can I keep the picture?

Rhonda: Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm sure Carolyn would've loved that. Um, I'll -- I'll talk to you later, all right, honey?

Karen: Who are you? What were you like? There are so many questions.

[Monitor beeps]

Deneice: Hey, do you know anything about this business with her brother's death? The whole hospital's buzzing about it.

Chris: Well, all I heard was that Kevin Collins put Arianna's brother -- Ben?

Deneice: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, in a much-deserved 72-hour psychiatric hold. Then the guy broke out of the ward and took a swan dive off the roof.

Deneice: God, that's terrible.

Chris: Yeah, it's a lot swifter death than I would've chosen for the idiot.

Arianna: Ben's dead?

Chris: Arianna. You're awake. How are you feeling?

Arianna: Ben?

Chris: Yeah. I'm -- I'm sorry you overheard us talking. We thought you were sleeping. Yeah, your brother -- your brother died.

Arianna: Soon I'll join him.

Eve: This is not the right time for us to make any decisions about our future, Ian.

Ian: You know this is not what I want.

Eve: Oh, I know that. But I feel just as responsible for Arianna's attack.

Ian: Ok, well, then you understand.

Eve: What I understand is this is not the time for us to be figuring out what we're going to do for the rest of our lives. We should be concentrating on getting Arianna well.

Ian: What if she doesn't get well? You saw how badly she was hurt.

Eve: Then all the more reason for us to act like the doctors we are and try and save her life.

Ian: I --

Eve: No, if you think I'm going to let you walk away from me, you're wrong! I did not come this far and fight this hard for you to end it like this between us.

Ian: First, it was my sister, then Arianna. Everything I touch, everyone I touch, I -- we can't go on like this.

Eve: No. We are in this relationship together. Together. I -- I won't let you do this to us. I won't let you do this to us.

Cookie: "I'll never forgive you if you tell anyone what I've told you."

Frank: "But you need help, Cookie. You can't solve your problems alone."

Cookie: "I have you, Frank."

Frank: "We have to stop contacting each other this way."

Cookie: "Is your girlfriend jealous?"

Frank: Let's see -- how do I explain that Karen isn't jealous, she just thinks I'm totally nuts? "It's okay, Frank. I can help myself. I know something that will make me feel lots better." "What are you going to do?"

Cookie: "Have a few drinks. It's no big deal. Cheers."

Frank: "Drinking's no answer."

Cookie: "I've done it before. It really helps mellow me out."

Frank: "Don't drink, Cookie. Bad move."

Karen: What's with you, Frank? You just can't stop, can you?

Lucy: Ok, here is our plan. First, don't you think the Natural History Museum -- and you have to see that great, big, huge whale hanging from the ceiling -- and then the new planetarium, although, I'm going to have to bribe somebody to get us through all those lines and --

Serena: Cool.

Lucy: Fifth Avenue. We'll stroll up Fifth Avenue with our charge cards out -- ready, ready, ready, ready, ready.

Kevin: Oh, cha-ching, cha-ching.

[Telephone rings]

Kevin: Oh, I'll get it.

Lucy: Oh.

Serena: Mandy? It's Mandy, Mom.

Lucy: You're kidding.

Serena: We have to talk over our CD list for the trip. I'll talk upstairs.

Lucy: Yeah, good idea.

Kevin: That's the third call from Mandy, isn't it?

Lucy: Yeah, I think so. I think the debate was N Sync and Backstreet Boys -- who's the cutest? Now it's Dixie Chicks, Shedaisy -- who really rocks the country world?

Kevin: Dixie Chicks.

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kevin: She's had her eyes on that phone all night long.

Lucy: I know, but she's not the only one. Doc, do you realize every time the phone rings, you seem to jump into some sort of crisis mode.

Kevin: Occupational hazard.

Lucy: Yeah. I'm just kind of worried about you, though, you know? I mean, you did mention that you're having sort of doubts about being able to do this new job so well, you know.

Kevin: You mean, can I handle all the sick and twisted things that I'll be dealing with? Like a brother trying to kill his own sister? Yes, I can, thanks to you.

Lucy: To me?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. You said something earlier that really got to me.

Lucy: What gem of wisdom could I possibly have imparted?

Kevin: That whenever things get to be too overwhelming, I should just come home and spend time with the people I love, like you and Serena.

Lucy: Oh, Doc. You know, I really do believe that love is the greatest healer of all.

Kevin: I think you might be right. And somehow, when I'm with you, the bad things just don't seem so bad. So how did I get so lucky anyway?

Lucy: Oh, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. I am the lucky one. Very lucky.

Eve: What happened to Arianna is terrible. But don't make this a worse tragedy by destroying us, too.

Ian: I'm trying to make this right.

Eve: How? By ruining three lives? Think about what you would be doing to all of us.

Ian: You're right. You're right. Let's not worry about the past, let's not worry about the future. Just worry about the present. We have a patient to save.

[Knock on door]

Chris: Ian? Arianna's awake again, and I really think you need to speak with her.

Ian: Did something happen?

Chris: Well, she overheard Deneice and me talking about Ben's death and she said something about she'll die soon --

Ian: She did what?

Eve: No, Ian, calm down.

Chris: Look, I'm sorry. It just -- I honestly thought --

Ian: Don't you think she has enough to deal with without that?

Eve: Hey, what Chris did could happen to anyone. It was a mistake.

Ian: Now you're defending him!

Eve: That's not fair!

Chris: Hey, I just spent the night saving your wife's life.

Ian: You're a doctor! You're supposed to take care of people that need you! That's your job. That's your job!

Chris: I don't have to take that from him. He's completely lost it.

Eve: I'm scared for him.

Frank: Look, Karen, there is a very good reason I am back at the computer.

Karen: Not another word about the computer or you're toast, Frank.

Frank: But, really --

Karen: Not another word. I need to talk to you. I have to show you something.

Frank: I've never seen this picture of you before. When did you have your hair like this?

Karen: This isn't me. It's a picture of my Aunt Carolyn. She died before I was born. I mean, couldn't I pass for her double?

Frank: Yeah, totally.

Karen: That's what I thought. And then I started asking my mom all these questions, and she shut down, like totally freaked out. I mean, don't you think it's weird that we look so much alike and I haven't found out about it before today?

Frank: Yeah, it's weird.

Karen: So all my questions got my mom so upset, I told her to go to the bar, order herself a nice, tall drink, and then I'd meet her there, you know, to meet some sailors for the weekend?

Frank: Yeah, that's nice.

Karen: Ok, goodbye. I'm out of here.

Frank: Oh. Karen, wait, I -- oh. I'm sorry. I -- I was trying to read the message that Cookie sent me.

Karen: This whole thing is getting old, Frank.

Frank: I know! I know, but it's like this computer has a mind of its own and it seems it wants me in contact with Cookie.

Karen: Do you hear yourself? I'm sorry, but this is getting enough for me. This is my computer, right?

Frank: Yeah, I bought it for you.

Karen: So I can do whatever I want with it.

Frank: Feel free.

Karen: I am going to turn off this crazy machine permanently.

Karen: I'm not going to have my relationship strained by some 70s relic that's invaded our life.

Frank: I was this close to getting Cookie some help. Then she said she was going to do something drastic.

Karen: Don't you get it? We don't even know who is writing to us or how. I just know I had to put a stop to it somehow.

Frank: Can you calm down for just a minute and listen to me.

[Pager beeps]

Karen: This is the real world calling, Frank. I have to go to the hospital.

Frank: Oh. Karen, look, wait. You -- you came to talk about your aunt, right?

Karen: It doesn't matter.

Frank: Yes -- Karen, wait.

Karen: I have to go, Frank.

[Frank sighs]

Frank: Ah! What a mess. Cookie, I hope you're all right.

Kevin: Oh, you're not even gone, I miss you already.

Lucy: Well, soon as we get in that cab, I'm going to call you on my cell phone.

Kevin: Right from the curb?

Lucy: Right there from the door.

Kevin: Ok.

Serena: Jeez. We're only going to be gone for a few days. You guys don't have to get all mushy and disgusting.

Lucy: Excuse me, but I am very proud to be the queen of mushy and disgusting.

Kevin: And I'm the king.

Lucy: Hear, hear.

Kevin: Excuse me. Isn't that one more bag? Don't you already have three of them over there?

Serena: Oh, those are all Lucy's.

Lucy: Big mouth -- shh!

Kevin: Well, why don't I help you with this one until you guys can -- my gosh. What did you put in here, your whole room?

Serena: No. I didn't decide which CDs to pack, so I packed them all.

Lucy: Oh -- oh. Oh, dear, wait. Bring that -- bring that over here. We've got -- you know, maybe Britney could stay for once.

Serena: No.

Lucy: And how about Christina? You know, I never really liked all that that much anyway and --

[telephone rings]

Lucy: Maybe --

Kevin: I'll get it.

Lucy: Ok. Let's see what else, shall we?

Kevin: This is Dr. Collins.

Woman: Dr. Collins, you're wanted at an urgent meeting in Dr. Quartermaine's office. He said you'd know what this was about.

Kevin: Uh -- of course. I'll be right there. Thank you.

Lucy: What -- what is it? Is everything ok?

Kevin: It's nothing. I just have to go by the hospital, deal with a patient. I want you guys to get on the plane, go down to New York, and have a great time.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: I'll be fine.

Lucy: You sure?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: All right.

Lucy: I love you.

Kevin: I love you.

Lucy: Ok. Here I go. I'm leaving.

Kevin: Ok, you're going now.

Lucy: Ok, I'm leaving now.

Kevin: Call me from the curb.

Lucy: We're leaving. Ok, here we go -- ok.

Ian: Hey. I came as soon as I heard that you were awake. And I'm sorry that you heard about Ben from Ramsey. I wanted to tell you.

Arianna: Ben fell?

Ian: Yeah, he fell. He had a bad fall. It was an accident. And I know you loved the man, even after everything he did to you. I'm sorry.

Arianna: Ben came back for me.

Ian: The important thing is that you're safe now.

Arianna: Finally.

Ian: This --

Ian: This was found with you.

Arianna: I'm sorry. I left our apartment.

Ian: To get this. I know. And I know why -- you wanted to take some memories of this life with you. And that's when he -- the good news is that you can fill this scrapbook with as many pictures of Port Charles as you like because you don't have to run anymore.

Arianna: I'm so tired.

Ian: But you'll get better because I'll take care of you. And I will make sure that you get the life you deserve. I promise you.

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