Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 4/4/01

By John

Karen: You know, it's incredible what you guys have done.

Frank: Yeah, you don't see too many bike shops that look like this.

Jamal: Yeah, well, it's all Ali, and she worked very, very hard.

Karen: Where'd you get the stuff, anyway?

Alison: Well, on our budget it was not easy, but I discovered this very cool new thing -- a garage sale. They're awesome. Yeah.

Frank: I think I've heard of those.

Alison: Yeah.

Karen: Well, you've done a fantastic job.

Alison: Thank you. I'm just glad that you guys finally got a chance to come over and see it.

Karen: Well, thanks for inviting us. It's nice to get out for a change.

Alison: So, who's ready for some hot apple pie? It's Jamal's mom's recipe and it is awesome.

Jamal: Oh, yeah.

Frank: Sounds great.

Alison: Ok, cool. It's just in the apartment, so I'm going to run and go get it. Be right back.

Jamal: So, Frank, how's that old computer coming? What, did I say something --

Frank: Well, no, it's just --

Karen: It's just that that old computer has turned Frank here into a cyber fiend from hell, and the last time I touched it it tried to kill me. Can you pass the bread, please?

Alison: Livvie? Is that you?

Livvie: Yeah. I was just trying to work up my nerve.

Alison: To do what?

Livvie: Tell Jack what a huge idiot I've been.

Jack: Whew.

Sam: Thanks again for the ride.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, no problem.

Sam: I can't believe Zack totally flaked on picking me up.

Jack: You said you needed to use the phone?

Sam: I'm in no hurry. So, this is your pad, huh? Right behind the bike shop?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, it's not much, but, hey, you know, it works for me.

Sam: Oh, I think it's perfect. It's so cozy, you know? Just room enough for two.

Sam: I like you, Jack.

Jack: I like you, too.

Sam: So what do you say we take this to the next step? Actually, the next couple of steps -- to your bed.

Kevin: Why don't you sit down? You need some rest.

Eve: Oh, like I could really relax. If Arianna doesn't make it through this surgery --

Kevin: Try and think positive. Monica and Chris are doing everything they can.

Eve: I know. It's just that Ian feels so guilty. He left her alone and he didn't protect her from Ben.

Kevin: Eve, Ian couldn't possibly be there every minute, now, could he?

Eve: No, you don't understand. Ian shouldn't have been away so long. He should've been there for her.

Kevin: Eve.

Eve: Oh, God. If Arianna dies, Ian will never forgive himself for what happened. And I'll never forgive myself, either.

Kevin: Forgive yourself? For what?

Eve: While Arianna was being attacked, Ian and I were together.

Ian: Collins had you locked up in the psych ward. How'd you get out?

Ben: Do I look like an amateur?

Ian: All right. Let's get on with it. I'm here alone.

Ben: But we're not alone.

Jamal: So you're talking about this computer like it's -- like it's dangerous or something.

Frank: Jamal, maybe we shouldn't get into this.

Karen: Oh, no, no, no, Frank, why don't you tell him? Tell him about all the weird stuff it does, like how it connects with another computer without having any server.

Jamal: What? That's impossible.

Karen: Well, that's what our computer expert said. There is no way to send or receive an e-mail on a computer built in 1973.

Jamal: But you are?

Karen: Oh, yeah, yeah, just by typing on the screen.

Frank: Karen --

Karen: You know -- oh, you should also tell him about Cookie, a 16-year-old we're getting technically impossible e-mails from. She's never heard of the Internet.

Jamal: Ok, so, what, she's been living in a cave.

Karen: Oh, maybe. She says she has no friends.

Frank: She is a very troubled girl.

Jamal: Ok, so, so -- what's this about the computer trying to kill you?

Karen: Well, when I finally decided enough and it was time to pull the plug on old Nellie, she zapped me with enough volts to light up California.

Jamal: Whoa. That's some whacked-out machine you got there.

Karen: Yeah, well, tell Frank because he doesn't believe it.

Alison: So you're saying you want Jack back?

Livvie: No -- well, I'm just saying that I want to talk to him about -- about maybe -- maybe getting back together.

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: Look, I know I've been jerking him around some. Ok, ok, maybe a lot, but things have changed.

Alison: Like what?

Livvie: Well, for one, I have finally seen Chris for who he really is -- a self-centered, manipulative, dishonest ass.

Alison: Hello, I have been trying to tell you that forever.

Livvie: I know. I know, you have, everyone has, but he was totally messing with my head, and because of him, I almost lost the only guy I -- I now know that I ever really wanted.

Alison: Jack.

Livvie: I just hope it's not too late.

Alison: No! Are you kidding? It's never too late. Oh, my God, I'm so excited because now we get to, like, double date --

Livvie: No, no, no, no, no. Look, look, first, I need to talk to Jack.

Alison: Ok -- but he's not here right now. No, no, no. No, he'll be back any second. Why don't you wait for him?

Livvie: You think?

Alison: Oh, absolutely. I know that Jack will not want to miss getting the shock of his life.

Sam: You know, this could be a lot more fun if you helped.

Jack: I -- Sam -- don't take this the wrong way, but --

Sam: Oh, man, I don't believe this. I -- I thought you were into girls.

Jack: Oh, I am. I am so much I even like to make the moves sometimes.

Sam: Sorry.

Jack: Hey, it's all right. Look, Sam, I really like you. It's just that I have a feeling that this might complicate my life right now and believe me, I do not need any more complications. So what do you say we just take it kind of slow?

Sam: Sure. Whatever you say.

Jack: Thanks for the compliment.

Sam: Ahem. See you around.

Jack: Definitely.

Eve: Ian told Arianna that he would just be gone for a little while, that he was coming here to pick up her medical records and he'd be right back. And then he ran into me. And one thing led to another. And I kept him here. I kept him from going back.

Kevin: Eve, what happened to Arianna is not your fault. It's not Ian's fault.

Eve: You don't know!

Kevin: I do know. I saw what Ben did to her. I spoke to him. Believe me, he was going to do this, no matter what.

Eve: I don't care. He still should have been with Arianna, not me.

Kevin: And if he had been, then we'd be wondering whether two innocent people would live.

Eve: You always know just what to say to make me feel better.

Kevin: All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. And I still want that.

[Pager beeps]

Kevin: Psych ward.

Eve: Is it Ben?

Kevin: I don't know. Are you going to be ok here?

Eve: Yeah, I'll be ok. Arianna's going to be in surgery for hours.

Kevin: Ok. See you later.

Eve: Oh, God. Ian, how are we going to make this right? Oh, I need some air.

Ben: I am tired of your interfering, Thornhart. It's over.

Ian: What are you going to do with that?

Ian: How's it feel? Huh? How's it feel when someone else has your life in their hands? That's how your sister felt for the last month!

Ben: Yeah, go on, kill me. Push me! Come on, huh? You can't because you're pathetic and you're weak, just like that whore wife of yours. Oh! Ooh!

Eve: Ian! Oh! Ian!

Ben: Go ahead, say goodbye to your girlfriend, brother-in-law!

Frank: Hey, Livvie, hi.

Livvie: Hey, Frank. Hey, Karen.

Karen: Hi. Actually, goodbye. We're taking off.

Alison: Uh-oh. What did I miss?

Jamal: It's my fault. I sort of opened a can of worms.

Frank: No, no, no, no. Karen and I have been going 'round and 'round about this for a while.

Karen: You could say that again.

Frank: So, hey, yeah, next time, dinner at my place, ok?

Jamal: All right.

Karen: Yeah. Goodnight.

Livvie: Bye.

Jamal: Goodnight.

Alison: Goodnight.

Alison: Ok. What did you do? They were all lovey-dovey when I left.

Jamal: Don't blame me. Blame Nellie, ok?

Alison: What?

Jamal: Nellie, that freaky old computer that Frank keeps in the garage.

Livvie: Oh. Yeah, I should go, too.

Alison: Wait. You're not chickening out, are you? No, no, you can't. Jack's going to be back any second. I know it.

Livvie: Yeah, Alison, I just really think that --

Alison: Livvie, look -- that's your problem, you think too much.

Livvie: That's what Jack says.

Alison: Ok, look, here is the key to his room. Why don't you go wait for him in there?

Livvie: Gosh, I couldn't.

Alison: Livvie, you guys have wasted way too much time to begin with. You can't afford to waste any more.

Livvie: You know, you're right. We can't.

Alison: Ah!

Livvie: Wish me luck.

Alison: Well, I really don't think you're going to need any.

Alison: Good luck.

Jack: Hey, thought you had company.

Alison: Jack -- uh, where have you been?

Jack: Went by the Recovery Room for a sandwich. You finished up here?

Alison: Yeah, um, but it --

Jack: Good, then I can get some more work done on this bike.

Alison: Uh, no, forget about the bike.

Jack: Alison, don't worry, I'm not going to charge you overtime.

Alison: Look, Jack, just go to your room, ok?

Jack: Whoa. Whoa, are you grounding me?

Alison: Yeah. I am. But I think you're going to thank me when you see your surprise.

Sam: Surprise.

Eve: Ben, please don't do it!

Ian: Eve, get out of here.

Eve: No, I'm not going anywhere without you!

Ben: Oh, how touching. Well, I hope you brought a parachute. You're going down!

Ian: You think you're smart, don't you?

Eve: No, Ian, don't push him!

Ian: You think that once I'm out of the way, you can finish up Arianna. Well, once again, you made the wrong move.

Ben: Well, not from where I'm standing!

Ian: Only you're not going to be standing there much longer because once I go, you're going with me!

Eve: No --

Ian: You ready?

Eve: No! Ian, no! God! Ah! Ian, watch out! Watch out!

Kevin: Eve, no!

Sam: Oh, it's you, the mafia princess. What are you doing here?

Livvie: I was, um -- I was looking for Jack.

Sam: Can I give him a message?

Jack: Whoa -- Sam, Sam, Sam, what the hell are you doing?

Sam: I've been waiting for you, Jack.

Jack: I -- I thought I made this clear. This isn't happening.

Sam: Oh, why don't you hop in? Maybe I can change your mind.

Jack: Get your clothes and get the hell out of here, all right?

Sam: Oh, I'll get out. Just so you know, this was your last chance. You blew it.

Jack: Yeah, I'll try to survive.

Alison: Wait, Livvie -- what's the matter?

Livvie: Sending me to Jack's was the worst idea you have ever had. Thanks a lot.

Jamal: What was that all about?

Alison: I wish I knew.

Jack: Hey, nice surprise, Alison. You really think I wanted that?

Jamal: Ok. Now it's my turn to ask. What did you do?

Alison: I was just trying to hook Livvie and Jack back together.

Jamal: Yeah, it didn't work.

Alison: No. God, I mean, between you getting Karen and Frank in a fight and me getting those two in a snit, I don't know, sure batting a thousand.

Jamal: Ah, not quite. There's still one couple left standing.

Alison: Thanks goodness for that.

Jamal: That's right.

Frank: I was hoping this nice moonlit stroll would cool you off. Haven't said a word since we left.

Karen: It's just talking about the computer and Cookie and everything. It's just freaked me out all over again.

Frank: This is really getting to you.

Karen: What worries me the most is that I don't get the sense that you're ready to let it go.

Frank: Karen --

Karen: Listen to me, Frank. I need you to be able to walk away, to just completely break free of what's become this entity in our lives. And the fact that you can't, it scares me.

Frank: I was going to say I let it go. In fact, all I've been able to think about all night is one thing.

Karen: What's that?

Frank: This.

Frank: But all you can think about is that dumb computer.

Karen: You're right. I'm as bad as you are.

Frank: No, you're worse.

Karen: I guess I owe you an apology.

Frank: I'd settle for another kiss.

Karen: I think I can handle that.

Frank: Come home with me.

[Pager beeps]

Karen: Oh.

Frank: It's a wrong number, right?

Karen: I wish. It's the ER. I have to go.

Frank: Oh, man. What timing.

Karen: I will make this up to you.

Frank: Well, that's ok. I've still got Nellie waiting at home for me.

Karen: Frank Scanlon, promise me you won't step one foot in that garage.

Frank: I -- I was kidding.

Karen: Promise!

Frank: I promise! I promise. Besides, I'm sure Cookie's probably given up on us by now.

D.J.: That was "Crocodile Rock." Before that you heard "You're So Vain." Coming up on our news this hour, the last United States troops leave South Vietnam. More controversy over the recent Roe vs. Wade decision, and a full report on today's Watergate investigation, coming right at you after this.

Ian: I've got you. Just pull yourself up.

Ben: I can't! I can't hang on anymore!

Eve: Ian, be careful! Oh, God, Ian --

Kevin: Ok. It's all right, pull him up.

Ian: You got to help us here!

Ben: Help me! Ah! Hold me! Ah!

Eve: Ah!

[Ben screams]

Kevin: Ian, get Eve out of here. Go to Arianna right now.

Ian: I can't. I --

Kevin: Just go, please. I'll take care of this. Just go!

Eve: Oh, God. I was so scared. I don't know what I would've done if -- I love you so much. Oh, God.

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