Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 3/28/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Karen: Hey.

Frank: Hey. Wow, you're a sight for sore eyes.

Karen: Any luck connecting with our computer pal, Cookie?

Frank: Now who's obsessed? No, I've sent messages out there, but no answers. I think Cookie's really a 60-year-old trucker with a beer gut who's just doing this for a joke.

Karen: No way. It's pretty obvious that this is a kid that's going through the same torture I went through in high school.

Frank: I just wonder why she cut us off so suddenly, when we were having such a good discussion.

Karen: Who knows? She's a teenager. Remember?

Frank: You got to admit, though, it's mysterious. I mean, all of a sudden, out of the blue, I am in contact with this 16-year-old girl.

Karen: I know. The computer guy said we're not connected to the Internet. Come on, let's send her another message.

Frank: I thought you had to be back at the hospital.

Karen: Well, there's time. I want to know more about Cookie and how we connected to her.

Frank: All right.

Man: Cookie!

Cookie: Yes, Daddy?

Man: Don't "Yes, Daddy" me! I told you about this.

Cookie: I know, but --

Man: I warned you over and over not to mess with my machine.

Cookie: I just was using it for a minute.

Man: You spend way too much time on this damn thing, and I am sick and tired of it.

Cookie: Please, Daddy --

Man: It's too late for that now. You went against me again. Give me that locket.

Cookie: No, not this. You know who gave it to me.

Man: Damn right I know. That's why I'm taking it. Maybe now you'll understand I mean what I say when I'm saying it. Now, give it.

Cookie: No.

Kevin: Jamal, you're supposed to be done. When can I get my bike back?

Jack: Well, as soon as it gets ready.

Kevin: I thought Jamal would be working on it.

Jack: Don't worry. It'll be done in a few. Then you can take it for a ride.

Kevin: I'll wait, then.

Jack: I'll work, then.

Kevin: So, how's the tug of war coming?

Jack: I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Kevin: I mean the game that you and your brother are playing with my daughter -- the one that's ripping her heart out.

Chris: So, Livvie, you really meant it when you said that you wanted us to be together.

Livvie: I mean it. I -- I just need some time to figure some things out, but you will not be sorry you waited. I promise I'll make it up to you.

Frank: It's not connecting. Man, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Karen: When the poor girl was going on about high school, it was like I was right back in those hallways, counting the seconds for the bell to ring.

Frank: It's too bad I went to another high school. I would have kept you company.

Karen: Oh, you would not have been caught dead with me.

Frank: Yeah, you're probably right. What can I say? I was a dumb jock.

Karen: Well, you sure looked great on the field.

Frank: You came to the games?

Karen: Only when PC High played St. Edward's, and maybe a couple of other times.

Frank: I thought you said football was stupid.

Karen: Well, I pretended it was. I used to stand underneath the bleachers and watch.

Frank: I made some good plays.

Karen: Yeah, on and off the field. I used to watch you during the off season. You were sitting in the bleachers with your dates, eating hot dogs, laughing, making out. God, you looked so normal.

Frank: You know, it suddenly struck me. All the things I missed doing with you -- you know, proms, games, school activities, making out before fourth period.

Karen: Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you and I had connected back then?

Frank: Only all the time.

[Pager beeps]

Chris: I have to go to my office.

Livvie: Oh, don't -- don't worry. I'll wait here.

Chris: Be back as soon as I can.

Livvie: Ok.

Lucy: Livvie, please tell me I didn't see what I think I just saw.

Livvie: Lucy.

Lucy: You aren't -- tell me you're not thinking of going to bed with that idiot Chris.

Livvie: Look, Lucy, either you accept that I'm with Chris, or I have nothing to say to you.

Lucy: Come on, you know I'm just trying to help.

Livvie: I know, I know. I know what you're trying, and I appreciate it, but I don't want your advice on Chris. Ok? He has been incredible to me. You just won't give him any credit.

Lucy: Oh, I'll give him lots of credit -- credit for trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Livvie: He knows my heart, Lucy. Things I've wished and hoped for, Chris figures them out.

Lucy: Really? Such as what?

Livvie: Music. I mean, he got me tickets to the Brad Masters concert, and they are, like, my absolute favorite group. I didn't tell him. He just knew.

Lucy: Well, of course he knew that. All kids your age today like Brad Masters.

Livvie: Ok -- pre-med. Helping me get into the program at PCU, and I never said a word to him about wanting to be a doctor. What, you think all kids my age just want to be doctors?

Lucy: Uh, no, but --

Livvie: It's like he's -- he's like a soul mate, like the universe is sending me a sign. You know, your friend the universe -- it's telling me that we are perfect for each other.

Lucy: Oh, Livvie, please.

Livvie: Come on. How else could he know?

Lucy: I don't know. But I do know him, and believe you me, simpatico is not Chris Ramsey's middle name. Come on, Livvie, really. He is incapable of ESP. That is certainly not his strong suit.

Chris: I was hoping this was you.

Kim: I saw you and Livvie when I came in, so I beeped you.

Chris: That's a smart move. Oh, is that her diary?

Kim: Yes, I -- you're welcome.

Chris: Perfect. Ok, I'm going to make copies of the pages I need, and then I'm going to put the diary back in that drawer.

Kim: Where I can pick it up.

Chris: Yeah, and put it back where you found it.

Kim: When?

Chris: Stop by tomorrow morning.

Kim: What if she misses it before then?

Chris: Believe me, I'll be keeping Livvie too busy. She -- don't worry about her diary. You need to get back to Estelle.

Kim: Yeah. I told her I wouldn't be gone long.

Chris: Well, then go.

Livvie's Voice: I still can't believe Chris is doing all he's doing to help me get into college. He's amazing.

Chris: Yes, he is.

Livvie: All my dreams are coming true. Except --

Chris: "Except -- if I do get into the program, it means so much studying. I guess I'll have to give up the idea of taking a year and traveling around the world with Jennifer. We talked about it all through high school, but as much as I want to see Paris and sit in a little cafe and look out at the most romantic city on the planet, I guess it'll just have to wait. Or maybe I'll never get there."

Lucy's Voice: Ooh, that snake! He hasn't been reading her mind. He's been reading her diary.

Karen: You and I would've never gotten together in high school, even if we had gone to the same one. I mean, you were the star jock. I was the outsider living this weird double life -- honor student by day, lonely kid with mom passed out on the couch at night. Am I sounding sorry for myself or what? High school was not a lot of fun for me.

Frank: I wish you'd come and talked to me.

Karen: Yeah, right.

Frank: No, no, really. You know, my dad, he went on his share of benders, too. And being the older kid, I guess I always kind of felt like the man of the house -- you know, protecting my mom and Joe.

Karen: So, in a way, we were connected and didn't even know it.

Frank: Oh, I'm so sorry I never paid more attention to you back then.

Karen: That's just what you needed, somebody else to take care of.

Frank: No. No, I would've told you how beautiful you were, how special.

Karen: So, would you have taken me to your prom?

Frank: You bet.

Kevin: I'm still waiting for an answer to my question.

Jack: If you want to talk, don't start by lumping me in the same category as my brother. Ok, I know you don't like me. Hey, you know, I can live with that.

Kevin: Well, I have a lot of reasons for that.

Jack: And good ones, too. I'm not saying you don't. I made some lousy choices. But Chris -- well, Chris is his own -- pick your favorite animal -- and I'm me.

Kevin: But you tried to use Livvie.

Jack: Yeah, I did. In order to get back at my brother. And believe me, it was a mistake.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. That was a big one.

Jack: Look, Dr. Collins, I don't think you understand. But from the moment I met your daughter, there was something different. And that's the truth. Something incredible happened between us for the first time in my life, and hers, too.

Kevin: Which was?

Jack: We were honest with each other. We were honest with each other in a way that we had never been with anybody else.

Kevin: Well, Livvie was.

Jack: Look, I know I screwed up from the beginning with her -- you know, for all the messed-up reasons. And I know there's nothing I can say or do, you know, that can make up for it. I learned my lesson. You know, you can't take it back.

Kevin: That's a hard one.

Jack: Well, it's over. I lost her to Chris, and I don't blame her for that. And now I got to live with that for the rest of my life. But just so you know, there's nothing you can do or say that'll hurt me, not more than I've hurt myself.

Lucy: Hey, Chris. You got a minute?

Chris: Why, Lucy? So you can jump all over me about Livvie again? You know, why not? Let's do it.

Lucy: Oh, no, no, no. Au Contraire, I'm not here to give you a hard time, actually. I'm just here to tell you I had a wonderful conversation with Livvie about you. It was very mature, a very calm and understanding thingy. You know what she said? She explained to me why the two of you are just so good together.

Chris: And you agreed with her 100%.

Lucy: Ooh, I guess that would be a bit of an overestimation.

Chris: Oh, right, right, because you can't stand the sight of me.

Lucy: Oh, boy, that's an underestimation. But hey, you know, it doesn't have anything to do with how I really, really feel about you. What's important here is that I respect Livvie and I respect her wishes. That's what I want to try and do. So, if she's going to choose to have you in her life, then Kevin and I are just going to have to come to accept that. I guess we're going to have to learn to tolerate you.

Chris: I see. So you stopped by to let me know that you're going to do your best to tolerate me. Gee, thanks.

Lucy: Well, you know, actually, that's not quite the only reason I stopped by. I really wanted to tell you I just want you to treat Livvie right.

Chris: This coming from the woman that Livvie found in bed with my little brother -- a guy that Livvie happened to be dating at the time. Hey, you know what? What do I care, right? I should be thanking you. I mean, if Livvie hadn't found out about you two, then she wouldn't know what kind of a guy Jack really is. So thank you so much for opening her eyes.

[Door opens]

Livvie: Chris. Oh.

Lucy: Hey.

Chris: Hi.

Livvie: Hi. She giving you a hard time?

Chris: No. No, she just stopped by to tell me that she's finally come to the decision that she understands everything. She's coming to accept us. Isn't that generous?

Livvie: Well, thank you. I really appreciate that.

Chris: Yes, yes. Thank you for being so willing to grit your teeth and suffer my existence.

Livvie: Chris --

Lucy: No, Livvie, it's ok. It's ok, really. Everything's just fine. Believe me, when Chris and I meet again, we're going to start a whole new chapter together.

Chris: I can't wait.

Lucy: Livvie, I'll talk to you soon.

Livvie: You know, Lucy, we are both really grateful.

Lucy: And you are both so very welcome. Ta.

Chris: Now we can finally begin our real first night together. I was thinking dinner first.

Livvie: Well, if you say so. I am all yours.

Chris: Oh, honey, I love the sound of that. I do have to make one quick stop, pick up a little surprise for you.

Livvie: A surprise?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Livvie: What kind of surprise?

Chris: You'll see.

Livvie: Tell me.

Chris: Well, then it wouldn't be a surprise, then, would it?

Lucy: Doc, hi. Listen, it's me. I hope you beep in soon and get this. Listen, about meeting you tonight -- it's going to be a little bit later. Something has definitely come up, and -- don't worry though, it's nothing bad. Well, it is kind of bad, but it's nothing wrong. It's just complicated, and I promise you I will explain as soon as I see you. So I'm sorry, and I'll see you soon. I love you. Ta. Oh. Hi.

Man: Hi.

Lucy: Listen --

Man: Yes?

Lucy: You know, I happen to be a very dear, dear, dear, dear, dear friend of Dr. Chris Ramsey's, and -- oh, you know what he did? He gave me a spare key, and I've been trying it and trying it, and I just can't seem to get it to work, and -- and so I really need to get in there because I'm going to leave Dr. Ramsey a surprise. In fact, Bennie, I'm going to leave Dr. Ramsey 50 little surprises. So I just thought, you know, since I can't get in with my key, I thought maybe that if you had the 50 little surprises, maybe you could let me in with your super-duper, handy-dandy, janitor-type key thingy, huh?

Bennie: Well, for a dear, dear friend, I don't see any problem at all.

Lucy: Great.

Frank: You think things would've been different if we'd hooked up back then?

Karen: It's not easy to look back and question the road you didn't take. It's a hell of a lot easier than owning up to the choices you made.

Frank: Tell me about it.

Karen: Although, I don't know if different choices would've stopped me from getting into drugs.

Frank: Maybe if we could've changed the things that were out of our control --

Karen: Like my mom's love affair with Jack Daniels?

Frank: You know, when I look back, I wish I could give the kid I was some advice.

Karen: Well, what would you say?

Frank: "Steer clear of the bumps, Frank. Ask for help. Don't try and tackle the world like some running back you're trying to take down all by yourself."

Karen: Hey, you helped your kid brother -- by working, by making sacrifices. I mean, Joe became a doctor, and that's because you gave him a shot, even though it cost you yours.

Frank: Well, I wouldn't have it any other way. You know, and although we know each other's pasts, it's like these two lonely kids in us are meeting for the very first time.

Karen: Hey. I'm Karen Wexler. I've been watching you.

Frank: Frank Scanlon. Glad we finally met, Karen.

Karen: You know, I guess it's not so important to have the prince in high school because princes get better with age and experience. So finding them later can be much, much better.

[Music plays]

Singer: o/~ One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do o/~

Lucy: Ok, all I have to do is quickly find a place to put Livvie's diary so she'll find it when she gets back from dealing with Chris. Ok. No -- coffee table. Maybe I could put it right here. No, that's crazy because that'd be too obvious. Chris would never leave it right on the coffee table. The desk. If I just lay it out on the --

Kevin: Lucy!

Lucy: Oh, my goodness! Doc, you scared me to death! What are you doing here?

Kevin: I'm following you!

Lucy: How'd you know I'd be here?

Kevin: How did I know? How did I know? You never disconnected. I've got your whole conversation with the super on my answering machine.

Lucy: Oh, oh. I hate these stupid things, you know? Maybe my little battery is going dead and so the little clicker thing didn't go off properly.

Kevin: Don't try and deflect the conversation. Now, what are you doing here?

Lucy: Doc, I am taking care of your daughter. Do you know Chris stole her diary?

Kevin: He what?

Lucy: He stole it. He's using it so he can get into her head -- you know, know all her hopes and her little dreams and everything so he turns out to be her dream man or maybe even her soul mate. Do you realize -- this is gross. How low can he go?

Kevin: Well, I don't know, Lucy. You bribed your way in here to do what, exactly?

Lucy: Obviously, I'm going to leave the diary here so Livvie finds it when they get back.

Kevin: Oh, no you're not. You're coming with me right now.

Lucy: I am not!

Kevin: Yes, you are. You're coming with me before Chris catches us both in here!

Lucy: I --

Livvie: Come on. Come on, open up!

Chris: I can't believe you talked me out of dinner.

Livvie: How can I enjoy dinner when I'm dying of curiosity? I have to know what the surprise is.

Chris: All right. Finally. Ok, prepare yourself.

Livvie: Ok.

Chris: One surprise coming up.

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