Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 3/14/01

By John

Frank: Hi. Karen Wexler, please. Yes, I would. Tell her that Frank called and I miss her. Yeah. Thanks.

Chris: Well, well, well. You and Karen.

Livvie: Hey, Ali.

Alison: Hey, Livvie. What's going on? Chris is inside.

Livvie: Yeah, I know. I'm late. But I wanted to give you something first. This is my donation for the save the bike shop fund. I know it's not a lot, but it's all I could get my hands on right now.

Alison: Oh, my -- Livvie -- thank you. Thank you.

Livvie: I wish there was more I could do. I mean, having Jack loafing around can't make it any easier.

Alison: Loafing? No, no, he's been, like, working his butt off. As a matter of fact, Livvie, I was totally wrong about him.

Livvie: Are you serious?

Alison: Absolutely. In fact, if I were you, I would do everything I had to to get him back.

Eve: Lucy.

Lucy: Eve.

Eve: I -- I know it's early, but I need to talk to Kevin.

Lucy: I'm sorry, he's not here. He's out on somebody else's emergency.

Eve: Oh. Well, I can't keep dumping my problems on him anyway.

Lucy: No, you really shouldn't.

Eve: Yeah. You know, if Kevin calls, could you just tell him that I stopped by and, if he has time -- no, never mind.

Lucy: Eve? Wait, wait, wait.

Eve: What?

Lucy: Listen, you really don't look so good, like maybe you have a lot on your mind. You obviously wanted to talk, so is there anything maybe I could help you with?

Ian: Colleen. They bring my wife in here?

Colleen: Yeah, she's in 809.

Ian: Ok, thanks.

Colleen: Ian, Ian, wait a minute. You can't go in there.

Ian: Why not?

Colleen: Because.

Ian: Because what?

Colleen: Because you need to talk to her doctor first.

Ian: All right, who's Arianna's doctor?

Kevin: I am.

Lucy: Here, listen, I didn't want to take the time to find the tea, so I brought you juice.

Eve: Tea's in the cupboard -- sorry.

Lucy: No. That's ok. Forget it.

Eve: No, you know what? This isn't going to work.

Lucy: You're right. I have the same feeling. It isn't. It shouldn't, but it might. Just wait. Look, I'm as uncomfortable as you are, but that look on your face -- I've had that look before, when you get all twisted around about someone you love, and this is about Ian, isn't it?

Eve: What this is about is a mess that just keeps getting messier.

Lucy: Ok, well, maybe you could try what I do sometimes. You just step back. You know, take a break from it all, clear your head, maybe go out of town or something.

Eve: Oh, oh, out of town. Yeah, that would be good. What's the matter? Are you afraid I'm going to try and get Kevin back, because we're still married.

Lucy: Yes, technically you are. But Kevin told me you agreed to give him a divorce.

Eve: So?

Lucy: Ok, so is this bad because Ian is in the same position with his little wife yet, hmm?

Kevin: Her problem's not physical, it's psychological, Ian.

Ian: What are you talking about?

Kevin: They're finishing up an exam with her right now to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Ian: Hurt? Did someone attack her?

Kevin: No. She did the attacking. Look, I'll know more once I have a chance to talk to her.

Ian: What do you know now?

Kevin: It happened at the docks.

Ian: At the docks? What was she doing at the docks?

Kevin: Well, no one here knows. The fisherman who tried to help her said she completely lost it when he tried to talk to her, so he called the police.

Ian: And the police brought her here. That doesn't make sense, Kevin.

Kevin: No? It's not the first woman I've seen around you to get hurt.

Ian: Ok, it's my fault, now, is it?

Kevin: Well, you tell me. I can only imagine what she was doing down in that area at that hour.

Ian: Well, I can't imagine. I'm going to go find her.

Kevin: No, you're not.

Ian: She's my wife.

Kevin: She's my patient. If you care about her as much as you say you do, let me do my job. I'll let you know when she's ready for company.

Ian: I'm not waiting long.

Kevin: You're always so anxious to help, aren't you, Ian? Did you ever stop to think that maybe your kind of help gets people hurt?

Livvie: I don't get it. First you warn me away from Jack and now you're like head cheerleader for him. I mean, what's changed your mind?

Alison: He played cupid for me and Jamal when we were fighting over, like, nothing. He locked us in the bike shop and wouldn't let us go until we worked things out.

Livvie: Oh, how romantic.

Alison: I know. Well, you can have that, too, if you give him a second chance. Don't write him off so fast.

Chris: Not the first time you scooped up some of Joe's leftovers, is it?

Frank: I'm warning you, Ramsey.

Chris: You know, I bet this new relationship of yours will be the biggest disaster yet -- and you've had some big ones. I mean, first you got Courtney pregnant and then Julie, and then you started stalking your brother and Karen. And, well, now Karen's not popping pills anymore, so she's actually --

Frank: All right, all right, you want to push it, huh? You want to push me? Go ahead, do it.

Chris: Something I said, Frank?

Chris: You should've hit me, Frank. Wouldn't be the first time, would it? What's the matter, truth upset you?

Frank: What truth?

Chris: You're going to ruin Karen's life the same way you did Courtney's and Julie's.

Frank: All right, that's it, Ramsey.

Livvie: Hey, Chris. I am so sorry I'm late. Thanks for waiting.

Chris: Oh, it's no problem. Gave Frank and I here time to have a little chat -- and I gave him plenty to think about. Goodnight, Frank. Ok, let's sit down.

Livvie: So what was that all about?

Chris: Oh, it was just guy talk.

Livvie: I'm sorry if interrupted something.

Chris: You didn't. Besides, we need to get you prepared for this interview.

Livvie: Yeah, I still can't believe you got the university to consider me as a pre-med candidate.

Chris: Yeah, well, my recommendation will only get you so far. Now, the sooner we get you prepared for the questions they're going to ask and, more importantly, the answers they're going to want to hear, the better. Now, you are going to have to give 100% effort, ok? No distractions. Stay focused. Livvie? Livvie?

Livvie: What?

Chris: What are you thinking about?

Livvie: Oh, I'm sorry, Chris. I'm just so nervous about this interview. I can't even concentrate right now.

Chris: Ok, it's fine. Tell you what -- why don't we get together later on after my shift is over?

Livvie: Yes.

Chris: We'll go over it.

Livvie: That sounds great. Later would be perfect.

Chris: All right. How about I give you a call at home?

Livvie: Yeah, I'll be there.

Woman: You've been holding out on me long enough. I want to know when I can come over and see that computer you're always talking about.

Frank: Oh, I'm sure we could work it out sometime.

Woman: How about today, after work? We can grab a bite at the Pizza Shack, then you can take me home.

Frank: Uh -- yeah, sure. Why not.

Woman: Great. It's a date, then.

Livvie: Did you get the extension? Oh. I guess not, huh?

Alison: No. It's all over now.

Jack: Hey, Jamal's still back there trying to turn it all around.

Alison: Yeah, but it doesn't look good.

Jack: You're not giving up, are you? Huh? No, no, you don't give up. So we'll go back to the shop and we'll come up with a plan to work this whole thing out.

Livvie: Yeah, I'll come with you.

Jack: Livvie, we really appreciate it, but I think it should just stay between us, the three partners.

Livvie: Yeah, right. Sure. Um, can you just give me a call later then, Alison?

Alison: Yeah, I'll call you.

Livvie: Ok.

Jack: Let's go.

Chris: Listen, I know how tight things have been, so thought I'd leave behind a little something extra for you.

Frank: Speaking of leaving behind, what happened to your girlfriend, Ramsey? She run off with somebody warm-blooded -- like your kid brother, maybe?

[Telephone rings]

Chris: Recovery Room. Oh.

[Disguised voice] Hi, Dr. Wexler. How are you? No, Frank's in the kitchen. Uh-huh. Oh, course ended early, getting back today? All right. No -- yeah, I'll give him the message. Ok, fly safe.

Frank: You still here?

Chris: [Normal voice] hey, man, you're lucky I am. I just took a call.

Frank: Yeah? Who was it?

Chris: Just an order. Three burgers to go. They'll be here in about 10 minutes to pick it up.

Eve: I'm done wasting my time here.

[Telephone rings]

Eve: What now? Hello?

Ian: Hey, it's me.

Eve: Well, where are you? Did you find Arianna?

Ian: I'm at the hospital. She's here.

Eve: Oh, God, what happened?

Ian: I'm not sure. I haven't been in to see her. But from what Kevin told me --

Eve: Kevin?

Ian: He's in with her now. It's a long story.

Eve: All right, well, I'll meet you at G.H. and you can explain it to me.

Ian: Arianna's in a fragile place emotionally and seeing you here might not help her.

Eve: Oh. Ok. Sure, I understand. When am I going to see you?

Ian: I'm not sure. I want to stay here until she's feeling better. If the INS shows up unexpectedly --

Eve: It's ok, Ian. Don't worry about it. Just call me when you can and I hope she's ok. Bye.

Lucy: Oh, listen, I didn't really mean to eavesdrop, but you're right there and you said Kevin, so what is it? Is something wrong?

Eve: Um -- oh, Kevin -- Kevin's with Arianna. He's at the hospital. They brought her in for some reason.

Lucy: Listen, what I said earlier about the little wifey and everything and Ian -- I'm so sorry. You know, I wasn't trying to make things worse, and I can see that you are very upset and I really would like to do something to -- you know, I could try to maybe -- I could make an effort, you know --

Eve: Oh, God.

Lucy: To help.

Eve: Yeah, I don't -- I don't know how anyone can help me right now. I don't know.

Arianna: You're Eve's husband, aren't you?

Kevin: Well, we're married, yes. Do you think that'll make it harder for you to talk to me? You should know that whatever you say to me is confidential, but if it makes you at all uncomfortable, I can arrange for another doctor.

Arianna: I don't want another doctor -- any doctor. I just want to leave.

Kevin: You're free to go anytime. But since you're here, why not give it a try? It might help.

Arianna: I doubt it.

Kevin: Can you tell me what happened down at the docks? What were you doing down there by yourself? You know, most people don't go down there that time of night. Except maybe the sea gulls and one or two fishermen.

Arianna: I don't want to talk about it! I don't want to think about it.

Kevin: Ok.

Arianna: You can't make me talk about anything I don't want to! I don't want to talk about the fisherman or just anything that happened --

[teacup drops]

Kevin: I got it, I got it.

Arianna: No! Stay away from me! I don't want your help. I never asked him to talk to me! I never wanted him near me! I didn't do anything.

Kevin: Arianna, listen to me -- you're safe here. No one here wants to hurt you.

Arianna: I just want to go home. Please tell Ian to come get me.

Kevin: Ok. I'll get him. Arianna, listen -- this place is like a safe haven. The people here only want to help you.

Arianna: I just want to go home.

Ian: How is she?

Kevin: She refused treatment.

Ian: What did she say?

Kevin: Not much. She's been traumatized badly.

Ian: What does that mean?

Kevin: Means your wife is in serious trouble.

Frank: Ok, this is officially a bad day. Another message from my mystery pal. "I want to know more about you." So you want to know more about me? Here goes. "I am single, never been in a successful relationship. I'm crazy about a woman I don't deserve. And I just made a date with a woman I am not really interested in." There. You figure it out because I sure as hell can't.

Frank: "Are you real?" What kind of a crazy question is that?

Eve: Sorry.

Lucy: That's ok. I really don't want -- I mean, I don't mean to pry, but you really seem like you need to talk to somebody.

Eve: My life's a disaster.

Lucy: Oh.

Eve: I know you can relate.

Lucy: What? Well, actually right now, things are going kind of nice. No. Yes, you're right, I can relate. I mean, between the first go-round I had with Kevin and Scott -- you know, we couldn't make it work, and Christina and not being able to get pregnant -- you're right, I relate.

Eve: Yeah, but you always bounce back. Lucy, how do you do it?

Lucy: Faith, I think. I have a lot of that, I mean, in the universe and whoever's pulling the strings up there running the whole show. You know, he or she -- I think they know what they're doing, probably, and so I think the glass is half full. And every time you go around the corner, if it's really bad, I always think that something better's waiting for me.

Eve: Yeah, but what if what's around the corner is even worse?

Lucy: What's that supposed to mean?

Eve: Nothing. Never mind. Just something somebody said to me once.

Lucy: What? Tell me. What did they say? Who? Who?

Eve: All right. I met this very wise man while I was away on the island.

Lucy: A wise man. As in a shaman? You mean someone spiritually wise?

Eve: Right. And he said that something could come between Ian and me.

Lucy: Well, Ian is married.

Eve: Are you trying to make me feel better?

Lucy: I'm sorry. It just -- you know, it comes out. Ok, what did this wise person say?

Eve: Ok. He said that Ian and I are meant to be together, absolutely, but that something or someone could come between us -- forever.

Lucy: Really? Wow. But you know what? Nine out of 10 times, all those guys, those shaman kind of pretend wannabes, are big fat fakers, so I wouldn't worry about it. And, you know, I do -- I know about these kind of things.

Eve: Yeah, I know. That's why I'm asking you.

Lucy: So whatever this person said to you is probably absolutely not true. It'll never come to fruition. It's just silly, ok? Ok? Ok?

Eve: Yeah, you know, the only thing worse than you making my life a living hell is you being nice to me.

Lucy: Gee, thanks a lot.

Eve: So, Lucy, the truth, ok? Just be honest with me. You think that I should listen to this guy, don't you?

Lucy: Do you really want me to be honest?

Eve: Yeah.

Lucy: Ok, I have this feeling that if this guy is on the up-and-up, yeah, things don't look too good.

Ian: So you can't help her at all?

Kevin: If I don't know what caused the problem, I don't know the best way to help her. Wait a minute. She trusts you. Did she tell you what happened?

Ian: Yeah, she told me. Arianna was attacked.

Kevin: Raped?

Ian: Yeah.

Kevin: I had a feeling.

Ian: And in her country, the woman is to blame for the rape and for bringing shame on the family.

Kevin: And that's why she's here -- because her family's abandoned her.

Ian: Oh, it's worse than that. They sent her own brother to kill her.

Kevin: You mean an honor killing?

Ian: Yeah. Lovely custom, is it not?

Kevin: Eve told me the reason you married Arianna was to keep her safe. I -- I never imagined. Look, the problem right now is that she's leaning on you so hard, she's not dealing with the problem.

Ian: Ok, great. So, what, she'd be better off without me? Is that it, doctor?

Kevin: Look, do you want my help or don't you?

Ian: Yeah.

Kevin: She needs counseling, first for the rape. But even before that, she has to be able to admit to herself that she needs help.

Ian: What can I do?

Kevin: Be with her. She may start to open up to you. If she does, she'll do it slowly. Don't push her. Just take her home, let her rest, and see what happens.

[Pager beeps]

Kevin: I've got an emergency call.

Ian: I'll take it from here.

Kevin: Arianna?

Ian: Hey.

Arianna: Ian.

Kevin: You can go on home now. But if you change your mind, that's my number. Call me anytime.

Ian: Kevin? Thanks.

Ian: You all right?

Arianna: Yeah, I'm fine. Really, I just want to go home now. Can we go home, please?

Ian: You're not fine. You know that. Don't you?

Arianna: Ian, I'm so sorry! God. I'm sorry for everything.

Ian: It's all right.

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