Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 3/13/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Alison: How could Nana do this to us?

Jamal: Come on, Ali, you don't know for sure it was her.

Alison: Well, who else would want to shut us down right before we open?

Jack: Hey, let me see that. What, are you kidding? Oh, most of these violations are crazy. It won't take that long to fix.

Jamal: Yeah, well, some will.

Jack: All right, then we'd better get started then. Yeah.

Jamal: I don't know how he thinks we're going to finish all this in 48 hours.

Alison: Well, we have to, Jamal. We have worked too hard and I'm not giving up.

Jamal: Oh boy.

Lucy: Mm. Hi.

Kevin: Hi. I am so sorry about dinner.

Lucy: Mm, is it -- is it really that late?

Kevin: Would you accept a peace offering?

Lucy: They're beautiful.

Kevin: So are you.

Lucy: I always did like your apologies. Doc, what is it? What happened to your hand?

Eve: Arianna is in love with you, Ian.

Ian: No, she's not. She's afraid that Immigration's going to find out that this marriage isn't real, that they're going to deport her back to her own country where her own family's going to kill her.

Eve: Well, it may have started out that way, but it's much more than that now.

Ian: Do you think maybe you're overreacting a little bit?

Eve: I -- I've seen the way she looks at you. It's the same way I look at you. She's not just afraid of the INS. She's afraid of losing the man she loves.

Jamal: Ali, this isn't going to happen.

Jack: Ow.

Alison: Just don't talk, ok, just work.

Jamal: How we going to rewire the whole place in 48 hours, huh? And that's just the electrical. I mean, we're not talking about the plumbing, the insulation --

Alison: Look, stop being so negative, ok?

Jamal: Look, I'm just being realistic.

Alison: Look, we cannot let Nana win.

Jamal: Look, we won't. We'll find a new place.

Alison: Where, Jamal? Where? Where are we going to find somebody who's going to back us, right, and give us a place rent-free with no startup costs and who's going to split the profits with us 50/50? Nowhere, that's where.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, now who's being negative?

Alison: Look, you want to be realistic? I'll be realistic with you. If we don't get this shop off the ground, then we're going to be right back to where we started, with nothing, and that's exactly where Nana wants us.

Jamal: Ali, we lost a round, ok? We didn't lose the whole fight.

Alison: Well, if a fight is what she wants, then a fight is what she's going to get.

Jamal: Ali, come on, what are you talking about?

Alison: I'm going to the press and I'm going to tell them that Nana knew all along that it was me who killed Cedric. I warned her that if she interfered with our lives that this was going to happen. Just wait until I let them hear the tape of her and her little buddy Curtis. She wants to play dirty, I can play dirty.

Jamal: Ali, you just leave it alone, ok?

Alison: No, I'm not going to let her walk all over us. Who knows what she'll do next?

Jamal: Well, it's not what she'll do next that I'm worried about.

Alison: Look, I am just trying to save this place.

Jamal: Look, you're not going to do anything.

Alison: Excuse me?

Jamal: You see the sign out there? It says "Jamal's Bike Shop," ok? That's my name, it's my shop, it's my decision.

Kevin: Just as I was leaving the hospital to meet you for dinner, the police called.

Lucy: And? And what happened?

Kevin: Well, this poor guy had gotten in way over his head. It's really no big deal.

Lucy: It's no big deal? With this huge, bigger-than-average bandage on your hand that looks like it hurts, it's no big deal? I want to hear about the guy and what happened.

Kevin: Well, he got into a fight with his wife. Things got a little out of hand and -- well, when I got there, he was holding a gun on her.

Lucy: So this guy shot you?

Kevin: No. No, no, no, he didn't shoot anybody. I got through to him. It turns out the gun wasn't even loaded.

Lucy: Oh. So then how did your hand get hurt?

Kevin: Well, you see, his wife was pretty upset because he didn't go directly to jail. I had him admitted to the psych ward.

Lucy: So she shot you?

Kevin: No, no, she cut me.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: With a pair of scissors.

Lucy: With a pair of -- you could be killed with a pair of scissors.

Kevin: No, it's just a scratch. I didn't even need stitches.

Lucy: Are you -- are you absolutely sure?

Kevin: Yes, ER checked it out already.

Lucy: Really?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Ok, well, thank goodness. Just promise me you're never, ever going to get involved in anything like that again.

Kevin: Well, actually, I can't promise that.

Lucy: Why is that?

Kevin: I met the interim police commissioner tonight. He liked the way I handled the situation, so we started talking and I told him about Mac's idea to start up kind of a psychiatric swat team.

Lucy: So this police commissioner person wants you to go ahead with this?

Kevin: Well, it's like a joint effort between General Hospital and the Port Charles PD.

Lucy: Great. Ok, so sometimes, occasionally, from time to time, you might pitch in and help out?

Kevin: Well, actually, he wants me to head up the team.

Lucy: Great. So let me -- let me just get this straight. You, instead of being in your nice, little, safe office in the hospital all fine and tidy, are going to be out on the street with cops and guns and bad guys and maybe scissors, where it's not so nice and very dangerous?

Kevin: I wouldn't put it like that.

Lucy: And I'm supposed to be ok with this? I just get you back and I'm supposed to be ok with this?

Ian: Ok, Arianna is grateful to me maybe because I treated her better than other men that she's known. It's only natural --

Eve: That she'd fall in love with you.

Ian: No.

Eve: Yes.

[Ian sighs]

Eve: Can you just consider what I'm saying, just for a minute?

Ian: Ok, there is a possibility that she might be smitten by a ruggedly handsome yet very sensitive man. It's not love. She's a young girl in a lot of ways.

Eve: I know. But to a young girl who thinks she's in love, those feelings are so real. Ian, you are her hero. And I -- I'm the other woman.

Ian: Shh. No. There is no other woman. You are the only woman that I will ever love.

Eve: After everything we have been through together, I know that. But I can't help but think about what the chief was saying to us. I mean, this marriage has turned out to be a lot more trouble than we thought, right?

Ian: It's only temporary.

Eve: I know. I know, you're right, you're right.

Ian: Shh, shh, shh. That was Victor on the phone earlier and I asked him if he could set up a new identity for her, find her a safe place to live.

Eve: And is he going to be able to help us?

Ian: He's already working on it.

Eve: Oh.

Ian: So we're going to be ok. It's going to be fine. Why can't you believe that?

Eve: I can't help it.

Ian: Ok. We're going to settle this right now.

Eve: How?

Ian: We're going to sit down -- you, Arianna, me -- going to sit down and discuss this right now. Arianna? Hey, can you come out here a minute? Arianna?

Eve: What?

Ian: She's not there.

Eve: What? Where'd she go?

Ian: I don't know. Maybe she slipped out the back. I don't know.

Eve: My God, do you think she heard us?

Ian: I'm not sure, but she shouldn't be out there alone. Going to go find her.

Eve: Ok, I'm going to go with you.

Ian: No. You stay in here. I've got to do this alone.

Eve: Ok. Be careful.

Ian: Yeah. Oh --

Ian: It'll be fine. I'm going to go find her.

[Arianna sobs]

Arianna: What am I going to do?

[Arianna gasps]

Alison: So this is your bike shop? I thought that we were in this together. I thought that we were partners. Now it's all about you?

Jamal: Look, what I said was it's my name, it's my rep.

Alison: Yeah, only because I convinced somebody that you could do the work.

Jamal: Yeah, well, I can. We can together if you don't screw things up, Ali.

Alison: By letting Nana win?

Jamal: See, you're so caught up in this Nana thing and who beats who and all this stuff.

Alison: So, what, you're just going to, like, give up, is that it?

Jamal: Did I say that?

Alison: Well, you're not exactly trying.

Jamal: Oh, because I'm not trying like you by going to the press. Ok, ok.

Alison: What, you got some better ideas?

Jamal: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.

Alison: Well, what are they?

Jamal: Going to the Building Department first thing in the morning and see if I can get an extension.

Alison: Well, don't I get a vote in this?

Jamal: On this? No.

Alison: Well, that's pretty uncool, Jamal. I mean, give me a break.

Jamal: Mm-hmm, well, maybe so. But that's the way it's going to be while you're acting stupid.

Alison: Oh, so now all of a sudden I'm stupid?

Jamal: No, I said you're acting stupid.

Alison: Well, it's basically the same thing, if you ask me.

Jamal: Did I ask you?

Alison: No, you didn't ask me. But then again, you don't ask me very much anymore these days.

Jamal: Oh, man, Ali. Are we going to start this again?

Alison: Look, Jamal, I'm sorry, but I didn't start anything, ok?

Jamal: Yeah, you are. You always do.

Alison: Well, I'm sorry. I don't know what else to do. Excuse me. Fine. Bye.

Jamal: Bye.

Alison: What?

Kevin: Lucy, I realize that there are risks involved in a job like this, but before you go crazy on me, I want you to know something -- this is something that I really want to do. This is a chance for me to make a difference, and I don't want to pass it up.

Lucy: It's ok.

Kevin: Now, I know you're worried -- what did you say?

Lucy: I said it's ok with me.

Kevin: You really mean that?

Lucy: The truth?

Kevin: Always.

Lucy: Ok. The selfish part of me wants you back in that little hospital office in a tweed jacket with elbow patches -- you know, those leather kind -- smoking on your pipe and spouting "Freudy-isms" to all the old society matrons who have big-time shopping disorders.

Kevin: I never puff on a pipe.

Lucy: Did you ever wear a tweed jacket?

Kevin: Well, there was a little while in the seventies.

Lucy: Ew.

Kevin: It was the time.

Lucy: All right, but the unselfish part of me says go for it. Doc, this is what you're good at, this is what you're great at. I mean, I watched you talk that poor woman down from the roof. She would've been dead right now, grieving for her husband. And that guy with that hand grenade, just scared us all to death? We would've all been blown to smithereens if you weren't so good at what you do.

Kevin: Look, Lucy, it won't always be situations like that.

Lucy: I know, and I can't, though, always promise you that I'm not going to worry about you.

Kevin: Oh, but the unselfish Lucy, the Lucy I love?

Lucy: That loves you very much says you got to do it, and I'm very proud of you and I'm happy that you found something that means so much that you're passionate about, so you got to go for it.

Kevin: So I have your blessing?

Lucy: Yeah. You know what? Maybe I could ride in the cop car with you. You know, I've always wanted to ride in a car like that and just go around town --

Kevin: Not in this lifetime. Besides, I want someone to come home to, like tonight. I'm glad you're here.

Lucy: I'm really glad I'm here, too. But it's very late. I -- I'd better just go home.

Kevin: Don't. Stay with me tonight.

Kevin: Ooh, ooh. Ow, ow, ow.

Lucy: What, what?

Kevin: It's ok, it's ok.

[Eve sighs]

Eve: Well, if he thinks I can just sit here and do nothing, he's got another think coming.

Joe: Stop right there!

Ian: Joseph!

Joe: Ian, what are you doing here?

Ian: I had to check the apartment.

Joe: In the middle of the night?

Ian: Arianna's missing.

Joe: Missing? What happened?

Ian: I don't know. She left the other place without telling anyone. I've looked everywhere. I thought she might be downstairs.

Joe: Well, I haven't seen her.

Ian: Ok, I'm going to keep looking for her. It's cold out there and she's alone and upset.

Gabriela: What's she upset about?

Joe: Oh, Ian's looking for Arianna.

Gabriela: Yeah, I heard. What's going on?

Ian: There may have been a wee bit of a misunderstanding.

Gabriela: I was afraid of that.

Ian: Why?

Gabriela: Just some things that she said.

Ian: What, she talked to you?

Gabriela: Well, we got kind of close while you were away.

Ian: And what did she say?

Gabriela: I know you two got married because of Immigration and everything, but --

Ian: What? What? What?

Gabriela: I think she hopes it might become more than that.

Ian: Arianna and I, we had an understanding, an arrangement.

Gabriela: Well, she knows that, but with Eve leaving --

Ian: Eve is back.

Gabriela: Well, maybe that was enough to send her off.

Joe: Look, we'd better call the police.

Ian: No. The INS can't hear about this.

Gabriela: What are you going to do?

Ian: Going to keep looking for her and try to find her before something happens to her.

Man: A pretty woman like you should not be out here this late at night all alone.

Arianna: Get away.

Man: Did you hear me?

Arianna: Get away! Oh, damn it!

Man: What's wrong with you?

Arianna: Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Oh, God!

Alison: Ok. Bye.

Jamal: Where you going?

Alison: To the TV station. I'm going to call a press conference.

Jamal: Ali, come on.

Alison: Look, Jamal, I can't stop you from doing what you want to do, and you can't stop me from doing what I want to do.

Jamal: Whatever.

Alison: What's the matter with this door?

Jamal: Well, the deadbolt's probably locked.

Alison: Well, where's the key?

Jamal: I don't know.

Alison: Well, it was here.

Jamal: Well, not anymore.

[Alison sighs]

Alison: Look, not cool!

Jamal: What? I didn't do anything.

Alison: Well, then who did?

Jamal: You seen Jack anywhere?

Alison: No, not since we --

Jamal: Started fighting.

Alison: You don't think that he --

Jamal: Yeah, I think so.

Alison: God.

[Jamal chuckles]

Alison: It's not funny.

Jamal: What, no, I think Jack's having a pretty good laugh on us right about now.

Alison: No, I'm going to kill him when I see him.

Jamal: Oh, what, after you finish killing me?

Alison: Look, you do not want to be in a room with me right now.

Jamal: You know, it's better than having you out there starting trouble.

Alison: No, I'll show you trouble, ok? I'll show you trouble! God! God. God.

Jamal: Hey. Hey.

Alison: What?

Jamal: You know you don't want to show that tape of your grandmother. Ali, it'll just make you just like her.

Alison: I know, and I'm trying so hard not to be. But all it takes is one phone call from her and then I start acting like this stupid little spoiled brat, just like you said.

Jamal: Look, I didn't mean that.

Alison: Oh, look at me. I'm, like, throwing tantrums, wanting my own way. I just wanted to show her that she couldn't -- you know, that she --

Jamal: Spunky, it's ok, all right? Don't even sweat it.

Alison: No, it's not. She ruined everything.

Jamal: Not everything. Hey. She couldn't stop us from loving each other. Ok? That's something she can't ever touch. Ever. Ever, baby.

Joe: Yeah, thanks, Dan. Ok. And remember, keep this under your hat. All right. Any luck?

Ian: I checked the park. There was nothing. So was that your police friend?

Joe: Yeah, no word on Arianna yet.

Ian: He checked all the reports?

Joe: There's nothing involving anyone who fits Arianna's description.

Gabriela: Well, that's good news. You know, I should've thought of this sooner. Maybe Arianna went to my place.

Joe: Yeah, that's worth checking out.

Gabriela: Yeah. Call me there if --

Joe: We will, right away.

Gabriela: Ok.

Joe: Good luck.

Gabriela: Thanks.

Ian: It's been hours and no one's heard from her. Where the devil could she be?

[Telephone rings]

Joe: Hello? Yeah. Yeah, Dan, what have you got? Ok. Yeah, thanks.

Ian: What?

Joe: A police report just came in. A woman matching Arianna's description was taken to GH.

Ian: And?

Joe: I don't know. He didn't say.

Eve: Oh, this is stupid. I'm going crazy. I've got to talk to somebody.

[Knock on door]

Eve: Ok, answer the door this time, Kevin. Please answer the door.

Eve: Oh, Kevin --

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