Port Charles Transcript Monday 3/5/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

[Fire alarm beeps]

Kevin: Lucy? Lucy, where are you?

[Lucy coughs]

[Fire alarm stops]

Kevin: What's burning?

Lucy: It's ok. It's just breakfast burning. See, I was trying to make the coffee just the way you like it, and then the eggs started burning. So I tried to save the eggs, but at the same time, the bacon started burning, and so then I just threw more in there and then everything started burning, and now we don't have anything left.

Kevin: It's ok. It's no big deal.

Lucy: No, it's not. It isn't -- it's a big deal. It's not ok. I just wanted to do something really special and different for you.

Kevin: Lucy, everything you do is special.

Lucy: Oh, you're just saying that.

Kevin: And I mean every word of it.

[Fire alarm beeps]

Lucy: Uh-oh.

Kevin: "Uh-oh," what?

Lucy: The coffee pot. When I was trying to save the eggs and the bacon, I shoved it in without any water. It's on the burner!

Kevin: Good morning. Welcome to a day in the life of Lucy Coe.

[Telephone rings]

Frank: Hello?

Karen: Hi, it's me.

Frank: Hey. How's Tennessee?

Karen: Far. I've been studying all night and I'm about to crash, but I wanted to hear your voice.

Frank: Well, I've been up all night, too -- with Nellie, trying to kick some digital butt, but she wore me out and I fell asleep here.

Karen: No luck, huh?

Frank: No. But now that you've called, my day is looking better already.

Karen: I like the way you sound when you wake up.

Frank: How's that?

Karen: Hmm, very sexy.

Maya: They look so peaceful.

Chief: That can change in an instant, Maya. You never should've given them the morca and the power to go back in time.

Maya: But they're meant for each other. They only returned to a life they've already lived.

Chief: Yes -- lived and died, Maya. Don't you see? No one can say what may come now or what they may find back there.

Ian: Hold the pose.

Eve: I am holding.

Ian: Well, don't move the mouth.

Eve: This sty, the heat -- it's an outrage.

Ian: Will you look at that -- good color of your cheeks when you're angry.

Eve: How long is it going to take to finish this portrait?

Ian: Great art takes sacrifice, and great artists take their time.

Eve: You, sir, have an ego the size of -- the size of this unholy garret.

Ian: I will take my time because I like to take my time.

Frank: You know, I can still smell your perfume. What's it called?

Karen: Magic noir. Black magic.

Frank: That explains the spell I've been under. You know, you're on my mind way too much.

Karen: So you were up all night. You know, maybe it's time you turn Nellie into that old planter.

Frank: Nellie just has a mind of her own, and that mind is firmly stuck in 1973, before you were even born.

Karen: Well, I don't think I missed much. Have you seen those hairstyles? I mean, what were they thinking?

Frank: Or smoking?

[Frank laughs]

Frank: Well, I was just a kid then. I don't remember much. Now, the sixties -- that would've been a cool time to live.

Karen: Yeah. Woodstock and the Beatles.

Frank: Hippies, miniskirts.

Karen: Free love. Sounds interesting.

Frank: Free love has always been around.

Karen: Well, I haven't seen much of that lately.

Frank: Hmm. Well, that could very easily be changed.

Maya: May the power of your love protect and keep you safe.

Eve: You'll take your time? How dare you talk to me that way.

Ian: Your husband wants a perfect likeness.

Eve: Your instructions were to paint me as I am today, not 200 years from now. This process of yours is endless. It goes on and on and on. Are you aware that my time is valuable?

Ian: So is mine. Now, keep your face in the light. Bring it up. Bring it up. Ok, now to your left. Left, I said.

Eve: Move it yourself.

Ian: All right, I will.

Ian: There. Feel the light on your cheek? Keep it there.

Eve: If your time is so valuable, why waste it on portraiture? The process is endless.

Ian: It pays for my real work.

Eve: Your what? What is this? What am I?

Ian: My private work. Is that better?

Eve: Tell me about this private work of yours.

Ian: Your Paris and mine are two very different cities. You're here for the food and the fashion and society balls.

Eve: And you're here for?

Ian: I'm here for the possibility.

Eve: The possibility?


Ian: The possibility of a great rain that comes down and washes away the sadness and the pretense and leaves this beautiful city free to breathe again. Do you understand?

Eve: Where is she? She should've been here with my tea an hour ago.

Ian: Other appointments?

Eve: My dressmaker. I need to choose new silks for my new ball gown.

Ian: Topaz and amber.

Eve: How did you know?

Ian: Those colors match your eyes, and with them your beauty will be unsurpassed.

Eve: You know far too much about me, monsieur.

Ian: You can never know too much about a woman, madame. But I do hope I know enough to give you justice on my canvas.

Eve: Well, I think I'll be the judge of that. Show me my painting.

Ian: It's not ready.

Eve: Ready or not, I will see it. Show me my painting right now or forfeit your full commission. Well?

Ian: As you wish.

Eve: But it's me.

Ian: Yes, it is.


Eve: It's already finished.

Lucy: I can't believe it.

Kevin: Dead coffee pot, huh?

Lucy: Oh, boy. It's so dead, on an empty stomach you don't even want to go near that kitchen.

Kevin: Oh, come here. Let's just forget about the coffee.

Lucy: I really wanted to start your day off with something nice and warm.

Kevin: Yeah, well, how about something sweet and warm? And one of a kind?

Lucy: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: A little early for company, isn't it?

Lucy: Oh, no! I forgot -- I ordered brunch from the Port Charles Grill. I will take care of everything. You just sit there and read your paper.

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Hmm?

Kevin: Might be a bit chilly, don't you think?

Lucy: Oh, well, give me my robe.

Kevin: Just let me get it.

Lucy: Are you sure you want to be seen like that?

Kevin: Why not? I might start a fashion trend. Good mor-- duck.

Man: You got it, pal.

Lucy: Sigmund, you got out of the yard again? Oh --

Man: Not so fast.

Kevin: Hey!

Lucy: Wait a minute. Give me my duck!

Man: Your duck bit my dog, lady.

Lucy: Well, I'm sure your dog must've provoked my duck. Are you ok? Are you ok?

Man: Thing's probably got rabies.

Kevin: Ducks don't have rabies.

Man: Oh, that's easy for you to say, Mary Sunshine. But that is not an ordinary duck.

Kevin: You're going to lose that finger, pal.

Man: Look, I want some compensation and I want it now, or else.

Kevin: Or else what?

Man: Or else this!

Lucy: Oh! Doc!

[Sigmund quacks]

Kevin: Ah!

Lucy: I sent Sigmund to his room on a time-out. How are you feeling?

Kevin: Like a man with a sack of frozen peas on his face.

Lucy: Oh, I still say we should've had that hothead arrested.

Kevin: Oh, let it go, Lucy. I wasn't exactly Mr. United Nations myself. Besides, I got a few good licks in.

Lucy: Oh, you sure did. But I just picture that guy at home with some vegetable on his head melting, running down his big, ugly schnoz.

[Kevin laughs]

Lucy: I was not trying to be funny.

Kevin: Oh, Lucy, you don't have to try. Look around. The kitchen's a disaster, I look pretty darned good in your robe, and I have a bag of peas as an accessory.

Lucy: Yeah. I guess I should be laughing, doubled over.

Kevin: Yes, you should be. So why aren't you?

Lucy: Oh, Doc. While you went to get the frozen peas from the kitchen, these arrived for me.

Kevin: It's your divorce papers. You having second thoughts?

Lucy: Oh -- no, no, not at all. This is -- this is right. This is what Scott and I agreed on.

Kevin: But?

Lucy: But it's just -- it's just like tangible evidence of me making a mess of my life all the time.

Kevin: Lucy, you're being too hard on yourself.

Lucy: No, Doc, I'm not. I just want one thing, just one thing to go absolutely right instead of everything always going haywire.

Kevin: Shh. Come here. Come here. Come here. This is right. Don't you see that? This is as right as it gets.

Karen: I wish you were here with me. I miss you.

Frank: Yeah, well, I miss you, too. So there.

Karen: Good.

Frank: Hey, maybe one weekend I could come join you, get your mind off of work.

Karen: Mmm, I'd love that.

Frank: So what's your room like? Tell me so I can picture you now.

Karen: It's nice. There's this plush carpet that's feeling so good underneath your bare feet. And soft, soft light. Not much furniture, though.

Frank: No?

Karen: Just a very large bed.

Frank: Are you in it now?

Karen: Yeah. I'm lying in bed, just talking to you.

Frank: So, what are you wearing?

Karen: The thinnest, silkiest nightgown. It's almost like a whisper.

Frank: Any buttons?

Karen: Three tiny pearl buttons, right at the top.

Frank: Only three tiny buttons, huh?

Karen: There. I unbuttoned them. That feels so much better. So how is it there?

Frank: Hot. Very hot tonight.

Karen: What are you wearing? You can't have all the fun.

Frank: Just sweatpants, no shirt. Because it's --

Karen: Hot. Yeah, I can imagine. No shirt, bare chest. Just skin.

Frank: So how much longer until you're home?

Chief: There's been no movement?

Maya: Nothing. What does it mean?

Chief: They were given too much of the herb.

Maya: I was trying to help them.

Chief: Instead, you've done a terribly dangerous thing, Maya.

Maya: Dangerous?

Chief: Maybe even deadly.

Eve: When did you finish it?

Ian: The first week you sent for me -- from memory.

Eve: But you brought me back week after week. Why?

Ian: Because I wanted to look at you. You inspire me.

Eve: I am not your muse. You used me without my consent or my knowledge. Because you knew that I would never agree --

[Eve gasps]

Eve: Oh!

Lucy: You know, after everything we have been through, don't you think we sort of deserve normal? I mean, haven't we earned normal?

Kevin: This is normal for us.

Lucy: Well, then can't we maybe change it?

Kevin: Well, even if we could, I wouldn't trade a minute of the time we've spent together.

Lucy: Ahem.

Kevin: Well, most of them, anyway. The point is we've lived a lot and we've learned a lot from our mistakes.

Lucy: I think we made an awful lot of mistakes. Don't you?

Kevin: Well, we just traveled a lot of different roads, and that's what's brought us to where we are now. Lucy, the thing is, we made it. We're right where we're supposed to be -- together.

Lucy: So you're saying we've become indestructible? Is that what you're saying?

Kevin: What I'm saying is I have no regrets. You're one of a kind, Lucy. You trying to change is like --

Lucy: What? Like what?

Kevin: Like trying to throw a blanket over a shooting star.

Lucy: A shooting star?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Yeah.

Kevin: A whole shower of them.

Frank: So, did you?

Karen: What?

Frank: Mean it about me coming to see you in Tennessee?

Karen: Well, if you can tear yourself away from Nellie.

Frank: Well, no problem. She's not as nice as you are.

[Knock on door]

Karen: Um -- can you come back and clean the room, please?

[Computer turns on]

Frank: That's strange. The computer just switched on. Finally, and now it won't shut off.

Karen: Well, I got rid of the maid. Can you ditch Nellie?

Frank: Ok, but can you believe? I finally got her turned on.

Karen: Not only her.

Frank: Oh. Where were we?

Karen: Getting back to reality. I really should get some sleep.

Frank: Ok, but let's do this again, soon.

Karen: It's a date.

Frank: Bye.

Frank: Ok, Nellie. What's up? You don't turn on before when I ask you nicely. Now you want my attention? Yeah, well, it's my turn to play hard to get. Catch you around.


Frank: What the heck is going on here?

Eve: This painting -- this painting is a nightmare! You'll be my ruin!

Ian: No. I'll be your freedom.

Eve: Don't.

Ian: There's a glimmer of beautiful light right behind your eyes, and I saw it the first moment I met you. And it's a spark of hope that reminds you of the woman that you wanted to be, the woman you once were. And I tried to capture it. But I didn't. I did not.

[Knock on door]

Woman: Madame, I have your tea. May I come in?

Ian: Help me. Help me set her free.

Eve: Madeleine, wait for me downstairs. I'll call.

Madeleine: Yes, madame.

Chief: The signs are not good.

Maya: But wherever they are, I can feel it's a place they were meant to be.

Chief: But the place and the time holds them so strong and tight, they may never come back at all. They may remain lost in time forever.

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