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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 1/25/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

[Music Plays]

[knock on door]

Ian: Good morning.

Arianna: Morning.

Ian: How are you feeling today?

Arianna: Sort of numb. Yesterday I was pregnant and today I'm not.

Ian: It's going to take some time. Lucky for us, time heals all wounds.

Arianna: Do you really believe that?

Ian: That was it. That was my top-of-the-line bedside manner. You better show me some respect here. You just need to rest. You've been through a lot.

Arianna: The baby is gone, but the threat to my life isn't. My brother still wants me dead.

Ian: If your brother wants to get to you, he needs to get through me.

Arianna: It's a terrible thing when the person you love lets you down.

Ian: That's the truth. But the good news is you're being released today.

Arianna: It feels safe here.

Ian: Stop running. Start living your life, starting today.

Arianna: You never quit, do you? Helping me.

Ian: I helped you because you need a hand. And it was the right thing to do.

Arianna: There aren't many men generous enough to put another's happiness before their own. You even walked away from the woman you love because you believed it was the right thing to do.

Kevin: You look about a million miles away.

Eve: No. Oh, no, no, no, no. No, I'm just -- I'm just, you know, hoping everything will go very smoothly today at the ceremony. After all, it's not every day you get to marry the man of your dreams all over again.

Kevin: This really is a second chance for us.

Eve: We are so lucky. All right. I want everything to be perfect. I'm going to go get your orange juice.

Victor: I love your place. Very interesting feng shui. I brought you a little housewarming gift.

Lucy: Well, thank you. Here.

Victor: Thought it might perk you up a little bit.

Lucy: Oh -- why? Do you think I need perking up?

Victor: Oh, not at all. I think it's fabulous how you're moving ahead with your new life. Carpe diem. On y va. And you look spectacular.

Lucy: Stop, cease, and desist. It's ok. You don't have to tiptoe around the fact that today is the day Eve and Kevin are renewing their wedding vows.

Victor: Are you all right with that?

Lucy: I couldn't be better with that. In fact, I'm just deciding what to wear.

Victor: Oh, good! Where are you going?

Lucy: Well, you know, I'm going to the ceremony. I wouldn't miss that thing for all the tea in China.

Lucy: All right, what do you think? There's the green. Now, it's very dignified but sexy -- I mean, it's strapless and everything. And then green to -- there's the white. It's beautiful, huh? So -- so -- so --

Victor: So like a bride?

Lucy: No! No. That's not what I meant at all. It's so spectacular because it's sexy, yet classy, and I want to look spectacular. Why are you looking at me like that?

Victor: Because I can't believe you're serious about wanting to go to the ceremony. Are you?

Lucy: Well, yes, of course I am. I belong there.

Victor: Oh, Lucy, how can you say that?

Lucy: I belong there. It's ok for me to go because it's not going to happen. You see, as sure as the sky is blue, I know Doc loves me, so he's not going to be able to go through with it.

Victor: Well -- yes, Kevin does love you, but he also loves Eve, and he's committed to her. That's why he's marrying her again, today.

Lucy: Victor, Eve and Kevin are like two ships that passed in the night and they pulled into port, but it's done. It's time for them to pull out.

Victor: Lucy, I'm not sure you're thinking clearly.

Lucy: Thinking clearly is highly overrated. You know I think with my instincts, and everything is screaming at me that Kevin will not go through with this.

Victor: Lucy, Kevin and Eve are going to exchange vows. They're going to renew their ceremony today, and you are going to get your heart severely mangled again if you don't accept that.

Lucy: Oh -- look, you're going to find this hard to accept because it's not logical. Of course, nothing with Kevin and me, you know, it's never been very logical. I tried, Victor. You know how hard I've tried. I tried to put Kevin completely out of my life. I've tried changing my whole life, taking different paths. Tried alternative lifestyles, but none of it worked. All roads lead back to Doc, and I know it's the right thing because it's so obvious. And the universe is screaming at me. Can't you hear it? Now I got to find shoes!

Victor: Lucy, please don't do this.

Lucy: What, find shoes? I got to wear shoes.

Victor: Lucy, I know what you're doing. You once told me that if you behave as if what you want has already happened, the universe will go along. But listen to me -- the ceremony is going to happen today. Kevin is going to stand up in front of God and everybody and tell us all how much he loves Eve. Do you really want to be there to witness that? Lucy, stay home. Unpack. Start living a life without Monk.

Lucy: I can't do that.

Victor: Well, it's high time you started to try.

Eve: So I think that we should stand right here in the center of the room and then have all of our friends and family around us.

Kevin: Or we could stand on the steps coming into the living room.

Eve: Sure, we could do that.

Kevin: No, I want to do what you want to do.

Eve: No. No, no, no. Hey, this is your day, too. So the steps it is.

Kevin: Look, when I think about it, I think the center of the room is a better idea, so the center it is.

Eve: All right, fine. Then in that case, logistically it would make sense if we put the violinist in that corner right over there.

Kevin: Fine.

Eve: Or -- this is where your idea would come into play. We could put the violinist on the steps.

Kevin: Sure. Anywhere. I really don't care.

Eve: You don't care?

Kevin: No, no, no, no. Of course I care. But what I care about is what this day means to us, not where anybody sits or stands. What matters to me is recommitting myself to you and to our marriage. So, whatever arrangements you make will be fine. More than fine.

Eve: Thank you for the vote of confidence. I just want this day to be as perfect as our first wedding. I mean, don't you think we deserve that after all we've gone through?

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: You know what?

Eve: Hmm?

Kevin: If that's the violinist, he can swing from the chandelier for all I care, as long as he doesn't block my view of my beautiful bride. Hey!

Mac: Hey. Hey, Kevin. You want to shoot some hoops or do you have something better planned?

Eve: Oh, ha-ha, very funny.

Mac: Congratulations, Eve.

Eve: Thank you.

Mac: You bagged a great guy again.

Eve: Yeah, well, I kind of think so. Hey, would you mind keeping my groom busy while I go and change?

Mac: I'll try.

Eve: Ok. No funny stuff.

[Doorbell rings]

Eve: Oh --

Kevin: I got it, I got it, I got it.

Eve: Ok.

Kevin: Go on, go on, go on. Ah, the lucky caterer. Please, come in. Why don't you go on down into the kitchen -- ceremony's in a few hours -- and just do whatever it is you do. It doesn't really matter. What?

Mac: Well, from the look on your face, I can't tell if you're planning a celebration or a wake.

Ian: I walked away from Eve because it was the right thing to do. She's married to somebody else.

Arianna: You spoke with such passion about being in love. Giving her up must have really hurt.

Ian: Who's the patient here? It's you that needs cheering up, right? Let's talk about your future. It's a new start today. New beginning.

Arianna: Is that shelter you found for me really safe? My family is very powerful and they're determined to find me.

Ian: No, they're used to dealing with women who don't want to be found. Security's very tight. It's best that way. You can always get in touch with me, you know that you can call me.

Arianna: You're very good at fixing everybody's life but your own. Maybe someday you and Eve --

Ian: No. This is good. This place will be perfect for you.

Arianna: I'll never find the words to tell you how grateful I am.

Ian: Well, then don't say anything. I just want you to be safe and happy. I'll check in on you later.

Joe: Hey, how's our patient?

Ian: Well, physically she's on the mend. It's going to take a little while to fix the rest of her life.

Joe: Yeah, it's -- I can imagine. Dealing with loss is tough, even when it's something you never really had.

Ian: Will you get off my back about Eve, please.

Joe: I was talking about what Arianna lost. Her baby, not you.

Ian: I'm sorry. I'm tired. I'm sorry.

Joe: I know. Forget it.

Ian: The sky is blue and the sun is high, and Eve's getting married again. This may just be the worst day of my life.

Ian: Eve actually invited me to the ceremony. What, so I can watch her walk into the sunset with someone else?

Joe: Look, Kevin's a decent guy -- I mean, if that makes you feel any better.

Ian: It doesn't. Joseph, what do I do here? Huh? What do I do?

Joe: Forget it, no. I'm not butting in. Kevin's my friend and I don't -- I just don't want to --

Ian: And you're my friend. I need your help here. Tell me something.

Joe: All right. Look, if I were you, maybe I'd give Eve one more chance to remember what happened between you before I walked away for good.

Ian: You're sending me over there on her wedding day. You told me to back off. I don't want to hurt Eve. If she wants to live her life without me, so be it.

Joe: I know, but are you sure this is what she wants? Look, Ian, you blow into town, no strings attached. You don't want to set down any roots. You don't want to commit to anything, not even a houseplant or a parking space. But you know what? The gods had other plans. You fell in love with a married woman and you say she fell in love with you.

Ian: She did fall in love with me, but she doesn't remember. Now, how is that for uncomplicated?

Joe: Maybe -- just maybe falling in love with Eve was the right thing and the walking away part is wrong.

Karen: Want some company?

Eve: Sure. Hey. Yeah, can't seem to get myself in gear here.

Karen: Well, all brides get a little nervous.

Eve: Yeah. Well, I can't help thinking back to my first ceremony with Kevin. I was practically levitating with joy. I couldn't wait to run down the aisle and go into Kevin's arms. And then when I was kidnapped, I almost died, and the only thing I could think about was getting home to my husband. So shouldn't this ceremony mean more?

Karen: Will you kill me if I mention the "I" word?

Eve: Ian. No. No, I won't kill you. I think I'm going crazy. I mean, I am happy with Kevin, and Ian has clearly moved on with somebody else. But I can't seem to get him out of my head. The other day when I went to the hospital, I made sure that I wouldn't run into him, but a part of me was hoping that I would, you know? And then when I did it was like --

Karen: Ah, that crazy, romantic, heart-stopping adrenaline rush, right?

Eve: Karen, maybe I hit my head harder than I thought I did in the accident.

Karen: You know, sometimes our feelings make no sense, but we should listen to them all the same.

Eve: What are you saying, Karen?

Karen: I am saying that for any reason you don't feel right, don't go through with the ceremony. I mean, you and Kevin are already married. You don't need to prove anything to anybody.

Eve: But I do. I do, to myself. The life I have always wanted is right here with Kevin, and this ceremony is the first step to reclaiming that. Kevin and I are going to live happily ever after. You'll see.

Kevin: You know, it's really annoying to have a best friend who knows you too well.

Mac: Look, I know your doubts are about Lucy. Why can't you just admit it?

Kevin: Because I'm trying to focus on my wedding and make Eve happy. And I really want to do this, Mac. Really. Oh, these thoughts of Lucy just keep coming back to me and I can't outrun them no matter what I do.

Mac: Kevin, what I don't understand is if you're having these feelings, why are you renewing your wedding vows? Look, I know you think it's been tough for Eve and you're trying to make it up to her, but you need to find another way. You know, Felicia had feelings for someone else, and if she was open from the start, we both would have been spared a great deal of pain.

Kevin: But I can't bring myself to hurt Eve the way Felicia hurt you. No, I'm recommitting to my marriage. All Eve and I need is a chance to focus on each other and we can get back what we had.

Mac: I hope you're right -- and not just for you, but for everyone who has a stake in this.

Victor: Lucy, you have to start living your own life. You have to forget about Kevin. Most of all, you have to let go of this fantasy you've got that Monk is going to drop Eve and come running back to you.

Lucy: But fantasies do. They really do come true sometimes.

Lucy: Not this time, huh? I guess you're right. As sure as I know that Kevin loves me very much, I also know what a good man he is and I know he always does the right thing. It would be so very wrong of him to leave his wife who nearly died and come back to me. I guess I'm not going to get that happy ending. Not in this lifetime, huh?

Victor: I'm so sorry.

Lucy: I know. Hey, I guess it wasn't a very smart idea. Not a pure genius one of me, going to the ceremony like that wouldn't have been too good, huh?

Victor: So you're going to stay home.

Lucy: Yeah.

Victor: You going to be all right?

Lucy: Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know me. I'm a -- I'm a survivor.

Victor: Yeah.

Arianna: Ben! I want you out of here now.

Ben: Fine. I'm leaving. But not without you.

Arianna: You must be really crazy if you think I'm going anywhere with you.

Ben: That is where you are wrong, my dear sister.

Arianna: Who are they?

Ben: They're from Immigration. You're being deported. You are coming home with me whether you like it or not.

Kevin: I have something for you.

Eve: My wedding ring.

Kevin: When Mac gave me that and told me that you were gone, it was all that I had left of you.

Eve: I never thought I'd see this again. Or you.

Kevin: I had it restored. There's a nick in it that they couldn't fix, but that just means it's flawed but strong. Like us.

Eve: Things aren't perfect between us, are they? We haven't wanted to admit it for a while, but --

Kevin: They will be. We can get that back. I just wanted to show you this before the ceremony. And I wanted to tell you that I love you. And we can fix anything as long as we're together. Do you want that?

Eve: I do, Kevin. Yes, I do.

[Doorbell rings]

Mac: Lucy, what are you doing here?

Lucy: Ooh, let's just say I'm following my instincts.

Mac: Look, I've got to get back to the station for a meeting, but I'll be back for the ceremony. You behave yourself in there.

Lucy: Always do.

Mac: Hey.

Ian: Hey.

Mac: You haven't missed anything.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Ian: Better late than never.

Lucy: Yeah, well, it's a nice day for a wedding, huh?

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