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Port Charles Transcript Monday 1/15/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Alison: Ok, so that's turkey meatloaf with carrots and a side of potatoes.

Man: Tomatoes. I said tomatoes.

Alison: Ok, tomatoes. Don't get so snappy with me.

Jamal: Oh, man. Hey, bro. You got, like, a socket wrench or something like that in the toolbox in the back? Can't get this thing to budge, man.

Bartender: I'll check it out.

Jamal: Cool. Thanks.

Alison: Socket this.

Karen: Ooh. Did the temperature just go down in this place?

Alison: In direct correlation with the rise in testosterone. What is it with guys and their tool belts, huh?

Karen: I don't know, but it's always worked for me.

Alison: So who's leather man over there?

Karen: Some guy looking for his runaway sister.

Ben: No, I haven't found Arianna yet. But I'm getting close. She can't hide from us forever.

Frank: What are you doing here?

Arianna: You're the one who turned me in to the police.

Frank: Who let you in?

Arianna: It's not your concern.

Frank: It's my house and I have a right to know what the hell the woman who nearly killed a friend of mine is doing in it.

Ian: Eve --

Eve: Oh! Ian, you startled me.

Ian: I'm sorry about that. There's something I have to say to you. Something you need to hear.

Lucy: Oh -- Doc, wait. Wait a minute, this isn't why I came here. Look, I really want -- I want to try to respect your wishes and I want to let you have the life you choose. I just need you to forgive me for doing what I thought was right.

Kevin: Lucy, you make it sound so damn simple.

Lucy: It's anything but simple. You have two women in love with you. How could anything be more complicated than that?

Ian: Why don't we go someplace? Someplace where we can talk.

Eve: No, I don't want to talk. What I want is for you to go now, please.

Ian: Just hear me out.

Eve: No. I want to get back to my life. I'm tired of feeling --

Ian: Feeling what? Feeling what -- Eve! Eve?

Arianna: I thought this was Dr. Thornhart's place.

Frank: He's our tenant.

Arianna: Well, he knows I'm here. He asked me to stay.

Frank: I'm not about to buy whatever story you must have sold Ian, but I have a kid who lives in this house and I don't want any trouble around him.

Arianna: Look, here. It's Ian's number. He left it for me. I have his permission to be here. The judge said I can't leave Port Charles. I have nowhere else to stay.

Frank: Now, look, I'll tell you what. You can stay here until I talk to Ian.

Arianna: Thank you.

Frank: Just no more trouble, ok?

Arianna: No, I promise. Thank you.

Arianna: Oh, God. Oh. Please don't let my brother find me.

Alison: Hmm, he's cute.

Karen: I just get this weird vibe from the guy. But then again, I've been getting weird vibes from every guy I know lately. Guess it must be that old blinking red light I've put up. You know, like, if you're interested in me, forget it.

Alison: Oh, then I guess you wouldn't be the person to ask advice for.

Karen: About what?

Alison: Nothing. I know what I have to do. Hey.

Jamal: Hey, what up?

Alison: Uh, you can stop for just a second there.

Jamal: What are you talking about? What?

Alison: Well, Jamal, you haven't said two words to me in the last few days.

Jamal: Yeah, I know. I've been kind of -- kind of jammed up.

Alison: Well, unjam, ok? Come on. Come on.

Jamal: Ali, come on, you're going to freeze your butt off.

Alison: I don't care. I want you to stand here and talk to me.

Jamal: Ali, all I've been doing is working on my bike.

Alison: No. All you've been doing is shutting me out.

Jamal: Ok, come on, this is about getting my ride together, ok? This is not about you.

Alison: No, I think that you're lying. I think that you're still mad at me.

Jamal: What -- mad at you for what?

Alison: Good question! Is it about -- because I blew off that drunk in the alley who thought that you were my pimp?

Jamal: Oh, boy.

Alison: Because I refuse to make this a black-and-white thing? Or, I'm sorry, is it about your new best friend, Jack, and him landing himself into jail? Me not taking his side? Or is it about something totally different that I know nothing about because you won't talk to me? Ok, I want the bottom line. What's it going to be?

Jamal: What -- what's what going to be? What are you talking about?

Alison: Are we finished?

Jamal: What?

Alison: Us. Are we over?

Jamal: Come on, this is crazy. Come on.

Alison: No, this is about me being really hurt and you acting like a really big jerk.

Kevin: All right, come on. Take it easy. Sit down.

Eve: Oh, what happened?

Ian: You got woozy and passed out.

Kevin: We found Ian holding you -- out there.

Ian: You were about to have a very painful meeting with the ground, so I --

Lucy: It sure is lucky that you were here with her.

Ian: I wasn't here with her. I came over to talk to her, and we ran into each other. She'd just gotten home.

Kevin: Ok. I'm taking you back to the hospital.

Eve: No. No, Kevin, wait. Please, sit down.

Kevin: No, really, I think we should --

Eve: Kevin, I want to be home, here with you. Although, it looks like I'm interrupting something. Lucy, what are you doing here?

Lucy: No. No, you didn't interrupt anything. I just -- I stopped by because I needed to talk to Kevin about some hospital business meeting stuff. Ian? Did you have something you really need to speak to Eve about? Is that why you were here?

Ian: No. I heard she was being released from the hospital and I thought it was too early. And apparently I was right.

Eve: No, you weren't, ok? Now, listen, I've never felt better in my whole life.

Kevin: Ha! Could have fooled me.

Eve: No. I mean emotionally. Emotionally, all right? Things are finally starting to come together for me.

Ian: What do you mean? Did you remember --

Eve: No, no. Nothing new. But I've started to realize that that's ok. I don't need to get that time back.

Kevin: You don't?

Eve: No. Those couple days that I can't remember? They don't matter, ok? They're in the past now. I want to -- I want to move on with my life. The most important thing is that Ian and I are safe and I'm here, right here, where I belong. That's all that matters, right?

Kevin: Right. Right, that's all that matters.

Eve: Hey. I have a great idea.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Eve: I want to make sure that my feet are planted firmly back on Port Charles ground, and I want everyone, the whole world, to know that we are moving on with our life.

Kevin: Terrific. What's the great idea?

Eve: I think that we should renew our marriage vows.

Frank: Hey. You finished with the bike?

Jamal: Oh, man, don't even ask. Thought you weren't coming back tonight.

Frank: Oh, I'm trying to track down Ian.

Jamal: What, is there a bomb or something?

Frank: No. Could be. You know the woman who ran down Eve in her car?

Jamal: Mm-hmm.

Frank: Seems Ian's letting her crash in his apartment, at least according to her.

Jamal: Hey, I'm not done yet. What are you doing? I'm not done.

Frank: All right, let me guess.

Jamal: Yeah, we're having a fight.

Frank: Your first one?

Jamal: Since we've actually been together, yeah.

Frank: Ok, look, here's some advice you didn't ask for. You cave in now, she'll take it as a sign she's right, and that's the way it'll always be, like it or not.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah.

Karen: Frank Scanlon, that is the worst advice I've ever heard.

Frank: You could do better?

Karen: There is no right and wrong to a fight. Bottom line is you have the power to fix it. Cards, poems, flowers -- oh, but not roses. They're a little too easy, too predictable. Something a little more special, like -- gardenias. And then take her somewhere wonderful. You know, you spend all your energy trying to prove who's right and wrong. You waste all this precious time.

Jamal: Ok, yeah, I'll think about it. All right?

Frank: You can't be serious.

Karen: That "advice" you gave him? When was the last time that actually worked?

Frank: Well, doesn't mean it couldn't work.

Karen: Ah, it occurs to me that you're a man in need of some enlightenment.

Kevin: Well, it's kind of unusual, isn't it? I mean, people usually renew their vows after a longer period of time.

Lucy: A lot -- a lot, lot, lot longer. I mean, like, even after a year because, see, according to Emily Post, we still have time to give you a wedding present. Eve, you can't really renew your vows just yet --

Eve: Excuse me. I didn't ask for your opinion. Thanks, Lucy. Listen, we almost lost each other -- for good. I want the world to know that you and I, we can survive in the face of adversity. I want to thank God that I'm still alive and I want to remember why I fought so hard to get back to you.

Kevin: I think it's a wonderful idea.

Eve: Oh, and you two will be there, of course, right?

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Lucy: Uh -- yeah, I -- I suppose --

Ian: It depends --

Eve: Yes, you have to because it wouldn't be the same without you.

Ian: Well, congratulations. I've got to go.

Eve: Ian --

Ian: You just got home. You need to rest. We'll talk soon.

Eve: Thanks -- for keeping me safe and getting me back to Port Charles.

Ian: I just did what anyone would have done. Congratulations. Lucy.

Lucy: Oh -- I'll be right back. Ian, wait. You forgot something.

Ian: Thank you.

Lucy: I'm not talking about just your gloves.

Ian: What are you on about, woman?

Lucy: I know you didn't come here just to find out if Eve got out of the hospital too soon. You came over here to talk to her, to tell her something very important, so why don't we both walk back into that lighthouse and tell them? Just get it out in the open, please?

Ian: This isn't the time or the place.

Lucy: It's the perfect time. It is the perfect place. Let's just do --

Ian: Lucy, we don't belong here, either one of us.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: Take your gloves.

Kevin: Are you sure you feel all right?

Eve: I'm -- I'm going to be ok. Don't worry.

Lucy: Um, Eve, listen -- I'm not so sure it's such a good idea to renew your wedding vows --

Eve: Lucy --

Lucy: Just now.

Eve: Lucy, wait. There's something that I have to say about you and my husband.

Frank: So when do you plan to begin this massive reprogramming of my thinking?

Karen: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Excuse me, I said "enlightenment," not reprogramming. Besides, I already have a full-time job.

[Telephone rings]

Frank: Recovery Room. Hey, Scott. Yeah, yeah, she's right here. It's your father.

Karen: Oh. Hey, Scott. Just sitting here, waiting for you and Serena. Oh -- sure, if you have to go, I guess there's nothing you can do about it. Well, have a good trip and tell Serena I'll call her at Gail's. Ok, you, too. Bye.

Frank: Anything wrong?

Karen: He has to go out of town. Business.

Frank: Oh.

Karen: So, I guess there's no reason for me to hang out here anymore.

Frank: Guess not.

Karen: Well, I'll see you around.

Frank: Yeah.

Frank: Karen? Wait. Hey, I'm sorry.

Karen: You are?

Frank: I mean, I don't know if I did anything wrong, but just in case.

Karen: Well, see? It wasn't that hard, was it?

Frank: Actually, I may be mortally wounded.

Karen: Well, good thing I'm a doctor, then. Well, I'd better get going.

Frank: Yeah. It's cold.

Karen: Yeah.

Frank: Hey, Karen, there's this thing later in the week -- a dinner for paramedics, kind of an awards ceremony, hosted by the mayor.

Karen: Really? They have awards for that kind of thing? What, best supporting alarm or something?

Frank: Yeah, only for the real lucky.

[Karen laughs]

Frank: Anyway, I'm just a guest this time around in need of a date. So, what do you say?

Karen: Sounds great. Why don't you call me with the details?

Frank: Ok, yeah, great. I will.

Karen: Ok.

Frank: All right.

Jamal: Hey. Look, here's the deal.

Alison: Look, Jamal, I'm not going to pretend like this didn't happen because I just --

Jamal: Shh. Look, look, quiet. It's my turn, ok? Fight's over.

Alison: Oh, it is?

Jamal: Yeah. Look, I'm not mad at you. Ok? I never was.

Alison: Ok, well, it just --

Jamal: All right? No, no. Shh. I'm sorry I shut you out, ok? I'm just not used to, I don't know, just having someone, you know, like, care for me when I'm going through something, and I got to learn how to handle it better, right?

Alison: Ok, so then you get what I was trying to say?

Jamal: Shh.

Alison: I just wanted -- Jamal, I just -- I wanted to tell you that I -- I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry, too.

Jamal: Oh, you are?

Alison: I was temporarily possessed by a mega drama queen. It's just that I don't want anything to come, you know, between us and stuff. And even if it means you get to act like a Mr. Obnoxious --

Jamal: Get up. Shh, shh, shh. Come here. Come on.

Jamal: Now, do I have to kiss you all night to bring this fight to an end?

Jamal: Huh?

Alison: I'm afraid that's exactly what you have to do.


Arianna: Ian?

Ben: Hello, Arianna.

Arianna: Ben.

Ben: Did you really think you could hide from me forever?

Arianna: If my friend finds you here, he's going to call the police, or worse.

Ben: I'm not afraid. I'm your family and I have been charged with bringing you back home.

Arianna: You know what will happen to me there.

Ben: It's what happens when you break the laws and you bring shame to our father.

Arianna: You'd do that to me?

Ben: We don't have a choice.

Arianna: No, please --

Ian: Let go of her. You heard me. Take your hands off her.

Lucy: I -- I really need to leave now.

Eve: No, just wait two minutes. This won't take long.

Lucy: Ok, Eve, sure.

Eve: I know that there's no love lost between us and sometimes you even get on my nerves.

Lucy: Really.

Eve: And, well, vice versa. Anyway, but what you did with my husband while I was away --

Kevin: Um --

Eve: For that alone, I owe you my gratitude.

Lucy: You do?

Kevin: She does?

Eve: Well, you took such good care of him while I was gone and I kept hearing about how horrible it was for you and how torn up you were, and you really -- you know, you were there for him. You kept him company, and that Christmas party that you gave him, well, that was just a pure act of friendship.

Lucy: I -- I was just really worried about him.

Eve: I know. And maybe I'm feeling a little bit vulnerable right now, but I want you to know that I'm sorry for all the times that I misjudged you because you have a really big heart. And I appreciate that. And I know that Kevin does, too.

Lucy: Thank you very much.

[Knock on door]

Kevin: Uh, let me get that.

Kevin: Detective.

Garcia: I'm looking for Lucy Coe, doctor. They told me she might be here.

Eve: Is there a problem, detective?

Garcia: Just need to straighten something out with Ms. Coe.

Lucy: Uh, no -- you know, can't it wait, Garcia? Because, you know, we're in the middle of something here, and, you know, I could go down and see you at your grungy little nice office -- I could call you. I could put it on my book, my appointment book.

Garcia: No, I have a better idea. You can let me interview you now or I can drag you back to my nice little grungy office and we can do it officially.

Kevin: Is this really necessary?

Eve: What's the problem, detective?

Lucy: There's not a problem. Not a single little problem.

Eve: Well, he seems to think so, Lucy, so --

Garcia: I might as well tell you because you'll find out eventually. We have reason to suspect that Lucy changed the DNA report.

Eve: Whose DNA report?

Garcia: Yours and Ian Thornhart's.

Kevin: Do we have to do this now?

Eve: Yes. Lucy? You switched DNA reports?

Lucy: Look, Eve, I know it looks really, really bad, but it's not that bad.

Eve: You allowed the whole world to believe that Ian and I were dead? You -- you let my husband think that I was dead? Lucy! Why would you do something like that? What was in this for you?

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Ben: You don't tell me what to do!

Ian: Maybe you didn't hear so good. Now, I asked you to leave my apartment very nicely.

Eve: You wanted him to think I was dead so you could have him all to yourself. Just admit it, Lucy.

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