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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 12/19/00

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Lucy: You lovely little cards. I know it's been quite a while. It's been a very long time, but, see, I think I really need you right now. I've been having a little wacky time here lately, especially lately, lately. You know, I've been actually doing the unthinkable. I -- I've been doubting myself. Yes, me, doubting myself. See, so I don't want to do that anymore. I want to make sure that I did the absolute right thing, so I need your help. Now, listen, there's this man, you know -- or person, a special person in my life that I'm very, very close to, and -- well, you know all about him, don't you? He's my Doc, you know. Anyway, the point is, is he's going through an awful time right now, and to help him out, I sort of told him this little white lie. Actually, it's a great, big, fat lie and, you know, I'm not sure I did the right thing. But it's just -- I did it for the right reasons. You see, he is going through such bad times and he's so miserable, I want to make it better for him. And I know you, the universe, everything, will begin to make everything clear to me as soon as you're ready, but I'm not patient. You know that about me. I need to know right now. So in the meantime, let's just do it. Let's just do it. Let's tell me if I'm on the right track. I need to know right now so, ok, cut to the chase. Here we go. All right. I'm thinking, I'm ready, and -- oh my gosh, the Love card. The Love card? It is. It's the Love card.

Kevin: I should have treasured every second. What did I do instead?

Eve's voice: Kevin, you're having a bad dream.

Kevin's voice: Damn you! The other day when you awoke me from my nightmare --

Eve's voice: I was afraid for you.

Kevin's voice: You were afraid of me, Eve. Only you can make me forget Eve.

Lucy's voice: Eve. Oh, this is wrong.

Kevin's voice: No, Lucy, no.

Lucy's voice: This is so wrong, Doc. It's so wrong. It is. It is so wrong.

Kevin's voice: No.

Lucy's voice: It's wrong.

Livvie's voice: Stop it! Stay away from her!

Kevin: I hurt them all. Eve, Lucy, Livvie.

[Knock on door]

Livvie: Kevin?

Livvie: You there? Kevin, it's me. Kevin?

Kevin: Go away. Go away before I hurt you again.

Eve: Ian, I'll tell you a little secret. I'm finding out that I'm not so good without you. Please, Ian, come back to me.

Harris: Time's up, Eve. I've come to collect.

Eve: Get out.

Harris: We had an agreement, princess. I allow you to comfort Ian, and in return, you spend some quality time with me.

Eve: No agreement we've made goes into effect until Ian is better, and I mean 100% recovered. Is that clear?

Harris: As long as we're on the same page.

Eve: We'll never be on the same page. But I will stick to my word.

Harris: A woman of her word. How refreshing.

Eve: There's just one catch. If Ian hears a word about any of this, all bets are off.

Harris: That's fine by me. I'll look forward to Ian's full recovery and -- ahem -- seeing you later.

Eve: Ian. Ian, come on. You've got to come through this for me, ok? Please. Please, I'm begging you.

Lucy: You know, you're right. I am the queen of hearts. I always have been, you know. But lately my love life has sort of been on the hold button in the cosmic department there up in the universe. Sort of on hold -- you know, at least for a while and everything. So, what is this about? Oh, no, no, no, I'm not going there with you. Not Eve and Ian. No. Absolutely not. Not after what they've done to Doc. I mean, faking their deaths like that and running off together. I don't think so. You know, they've sent Doc into this deep abyss, and no man as good as my Doc should be sent down to that level. No, this is too selfish and too cruel. It has nothing to do with affairs of the heart. It actually has more to do with affairs of certain body parts, so, no. Shame on you. Let's just move on. Ok.

[Lucy gasps]

Lucy: Ok, treachery. Um -- I can go with you a little bit on that. You know, it was a bit treacherous that I changed the DNA report to make Doc think that Eve and Ian really are dead, but see, I had to. What was I going to do, let this beautiful man think that his witch of a wife faked her death so she could run off with Ian? I don't think so. He needs to know that Eve is gone, gone for good, gone away for really, really good. You know, so that's why I did it, so he could get on with his life. And if -- if you think -- you know, splitting hairs, maybe that's treachery. Listen, I did it for the right reason, ok? I need Doc to have a life, to have a wonderful, peaceful existence and be happy for once. Ok. Let's just move on again. The queen of hearts. That's me! I'm the queen of hearts. Oh, my goodness, what are you saying here? Ok, first we have love, treachery, and then love overcomes treachery? Is that what you're -- it's obvious, isn't it? I guess I should've known it all along. I love Kevin. I love Kevin Collins, and I guess he's always been in my heart and my soul and I should've seen this. I should've known this all along. What are you trying to say here? Are you telling me that with everything that's happened that maybe what this all means is that Doc and I are going to get another chance?

Livvie: I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. And I brought you something.

Kevin: Well, you shouldn't have. I mean it. I don't deserve it.

Livvie: Well, I wanted to.

Kevin: I don't understand why you'd want to see me.

Livvie: Well, maybe because of the things you said. I mean, nobody's perfect.

Kevin: Some of us are less perfect than others.

Livvie: When I was in the fourth grade, we were given this special assignment we had to do for Father's Day. We had to make something, and I just made up the most spectacular dad that a girl could ever have. I mean, he was kind and strong and smart and understanding. And he didn't judge me, and he never let me down. He was you.

Kevin: You kept this all this time?

Livvie: Yeah. I mean, something deep down inside told me that I might need it someday.

Kevin: What does this say, the writing?

Livvie: It says "world's greatest father." Look, the last thing you need right now is me getting in your face, so I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you, ok?

Kevin: Livvie, wait -- oh, brilliant. You did it again.

Livvie: Kevin, I forgot my --

Kevin: Ugh!


Eve: What kind of an idiot swallows poison to make a point? Why did you do that? Why do you have to make my life so difficult? You know what? You are the most maddening man I've ever met in my whole life!

Eve: Ian, listen to me. I know I get on your nerves sometimes, but you always seem to put up with it. You remember that night at Jake's, in the bar, when I got a little tipsy and I was dancing up on the bar like a crazy woman? Remember that? And when I fell, who caught me? You did. And you managed to make it seem like it was all perfectly normal.

Eve: Who -- who caught me when I fell? Damn it. Ian, you've never let me say the last word before. Why are you doing it now?

Ian: Will you stop yelling at me, woman? Please.

Kevin: Livvie, let me look at that. Oh my God, you're bleeding.

Livvie: No, it's just a little scratch.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Livvie: It's ok.

Kevin: Are you hit anywhere else?

Livvie: No. I'm fine. Please, just leave me alone.

Kevin: Livvie, listen. Listen, I didn't mean to break that. If I could take that back -- there's so much I want to take back. I just -- I don't know what I'm doing --

Livvie: Look, I said forget it, please.

Kevin: No, Livvie, please listen to me. I was at the hospital today when the DNA results came in, and there it was in black and white. Eve is dead.

Livvie: I am very sorry.

Kevin: No, don't you be sorry! I'm the one! I'm the one who made it hard for her in the end. Now's the time when everyone tells you, "Oh, remember the good times. It'll get you through the grief," but I can't remember any good times. All I remember is the pain that I caused, and the fear. Because that's who I am, Livvie. That's what I do. And I can see the fear in your eyes. You're afraid of me now. That's why it was wrong for you to come here, Livvie. I'm not ready. I can't give you what you need.

Livvie: I didn't even ask you for anything. I just wanted to help.

Kevin: But you can't help. No one can help!

Lucy: What is going on here? Kevin, what?

Livvie: Just ask him. He is living in hell and trying to drag the rest of us down with him.

Eve: You are the most stubborn man I have ever met in my life. And I'm so glad.

Ian: Hmm.

Harris: Looks like the good doctor's going to make it.

Eve: He needs his rest to let the poison work through his system.

Harris: You have quite a bedside manner, Doctor. Now it's payback time.

Eve: I've been awake for 48 hours. I really don't think I'd be very good company to you right now.

Harris: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Eve: Let me get some rest and take a bath, and I will hold up my end of the bargain.

Harris: Of course. I'm not a monster, Eve. I want you to be relaxed. I want you to be at your most sensuous when you come to me. You're worth the wait.

Livvie: God, I'm so happy you're here. I was afraid I wouldn't find you.

Jack: You'll never have to be afraid of that. What --

Livvie: It's nothing. It's nothing.

Jack: What happened?

Livvie: When I was -- when I was at Kevin's, he was just, you know, really upset.

Jack: What, did he hit you?

Livvie: No. It was an accident. He didn't even mean to hurt me.

Jack: Yeah, well, obviously he did. He's not getting away with this.

Livvie: Jack, please. I'm not even that mad anymore. I just -- I really feel sorry for him.

Jack: You know you have the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met?

Livvie: You know, when we're alone like this, I stop feeling like my life is falling apart. You know, everything feels right.

Livvie: Hey, Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Livvie: Look, I -- I really don't want to be alone tonight.

Kevin: It seems like every time I turn around I just leave damage in my wake. Ow!

Lucy: Wait, Doc, wait.

Kevin: I can't do this anymore! I can't keep going on just hurting the people that I care about the most. I destroyed Eve. I'm destroying Livvie and you.

Lucy: No. You are not destroying me.

Kevin: Well, I will if you stay. So please, Lucy, please -- please don't. Just go before you get dragged into something awful.

Lucy: No. I know where you're going, and I'm not afraid.

Kevin: You don't want to go back there with me again.

Lucy: Don't shut me out.

Kevin: It's for your own good.

Lucy: No, you don't get to do that, Doc. You don't get to tell me what is for my own good.

Kevin: I have learned the demons never really go away. They just go into hiding, Lucy, until you start to believe that you actually deserve happiness and love. And then they just swoop right back into your life -- ugly, and twisted, and hurtful. And then you realize that you really are living the life that you deserve.

Lucy: I don't believe that. I don't believe that. You are a good, kind, loving, decent man.

Kevin: See? They even have you believing it, and that's why I have to go.

Lucy: Go where?

Kevin: I don't know. Away.

Lucy: Do you realize you've always taught me that. All these years you tell me, "Lucy, you can't just go away because your problems go with you." You, yourself -- you go there, too.

Kevin: But I can handle that as long as I stop hurting everyone else.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, fine. Why don't you go away. That's a good idea, actually. Go somewhere warm and beautiful and relaxing, and you get your strength back. And then when you come home, we will fight your demons together.

Kevin: You're not listening to me, Lucy. I'm going away. I'm leaving Port Charles, and I'm not coming back.

Harris' voice: I want you to be at your most sensuous when you come to me. You're worth the wait.

Ian: Relax. Just relax. There. Isn't that better?

Ian: Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of you.


>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Chris: You're using that girl to get to me, and it's not going to work.

Lucy: There's no reason for you to leave Port Charles.

Kevin: Yes, there is.

Lucy: Fine. Name one.

Kevin: You.

Ian: Go get dressed. We got work to do.

Harris: You mean you have work to do. Eve's coming with me.

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