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Port Charles Transcript Friday 12/15/00

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Joe: You sure you're okay with this?

Frank: I wouldn't have offered if I weren't. Now, get out of here before I change my mind or Mom shows up.

Joe: Okay, okay, I'm going. But if anybody needs me --

Frank: I know -- you're just a phone call away. Yes, I've got Gabby's number and her cell and yours.

Joe: All right, all right. And if Mom asks --

Frank: Joe, don't worry. I know the plan.

Joe: Okay, I'm gone.

Frank: Okay.

Joe: Frank?

Frank: Yeah?

Joe: Thanks. I just want these couple of days with Gabby to be perfect, you know?

Frank: How could they not be?

Joe: Yeah, you're right. What could go wrong?

Lucy: "There is a 99.9% probability that the victims in the car wreckage do not match Eve Lambert and Ian Thornhart." They didn't die. They didn't die in the explosion. They're alive. They're alive.

Lucy's voice: So they weren't in Ian's car, only Eve's wedding rings were. But how could the rings be there and Eve not be, unless -- oh, they planned the whole thing to make it look like they died when that bomb exploded so they could run away together without anybody knowing. Only now once this comes out, everybody will know. Oh, no. It'll rip Doc apart if he finds out the truth from a report. I have to tell him. I'll just find the right way to do it and just the right time. But in the meantime, nobody can see this report.

Ian: Wait. I'll prove there's not enough poison to kill you.

Eve: Ian, don't.

Harris: You're either insane --

Ian: Or telling the truth. That poison will attack the parasite, not you.

Harris: Still, I'll wait for my dose until after you recover from yours.

Ian: Just get out.

Harris: I'll leave you to your suffering. If he dies --

Eve: You'll be the first to know.

Harris: I have found the perfect team to save my life -- Ian, the true hero, and Eve -- she's beautiful and smart. The perfect man and woman, absolutely. I have no -- I have no doubt.

Eve: Get your hands off me. And don't expect me to lift a finger to help you until I know that he's all right.

Harris: That's understandable.

Eve: Don't ever touch me again.

Harris: If I do?

Ian: Get out, Harris. Hanging over our shoulder is not going to help us do our best work.

Harris: I never thought I would be in a position where I hoped you'd live. In this circumstance, surprisingly enough, I do.

Eve: Are you crazy? The whole point of taking that dose of poison was to kill a parasite.

Ian: I know what the point was.

Eve: Yes, but you don't have a parasite, therefore we don't know what this is going to do to you. What were you thinking?

Ian: I was thinking I should stop him before he puts a knife in you.

Eve: Really? Do you really think he was going to kill me, Ian?

Ian: I didn't want to take that chance.

Eve: Oh, man. Fine. You know, what Harris said about you is true. You always have to be the hero.

Ian: Only when it matters.

Eve: You drank poison, Ian.

Ian: Yeah, but not enough to kill me.

Eve: You don't know that.

Ian: Sure I do.

Eve: No, you don't.

Ian: No, I don't.

Mary: Whoa. Oh, this looks even better than last year. Hi, Frank.

Frank: Mom. Thanks.

Mary: Well, what are you doing here? I thought Joe was going to hang the lights. You just got off your shift, didn't you?

Frank: Well, it's Christmas, and you know how I get around the holidays. In fact, why don't you take the night off, go out to dinner with Victor, and I'll cover this place.

Mary: Oh. What about Neil?

Frank: He's with Courtney. I had to give her some time with him. It is Christmas, and she's his mom.

Mary: And your brother?

Frank: What about him?

Mary: Well, where is he?

Frank: Look, whatever you need done, just say the word and stand back, okay?

Mary: He said he was going to be here.

Frank: I've got it covered, Mom.

Mary: All right, what's going on?

Frank: I don't know what you mean.

Mary: Just tell me what's wrong with Joe. What are you hiding?

Frank: Nothing.

Mary: Oh, my God. Did he take another H.I.V. test? Is he positive?

Frank: No, no. Mom, no. Stop. He doesn't take another test for months. Joe is fine. Look, he's a grown man, and what he does is his own business.

Mary: He's with Gabriela, isn't he?

Frank: Did I mention he's an adult?

Mary: No, I know he's an adult, she's an adult, and they have feelings for each other. But I worry so much about the fact that he could --

Frank: Mom.

Mary: Now, don't you dare, Francis Xavier Scanlon, try to tell me not to worry about one of my sons when you know darn well that's what I do best.

Frank: I wouldn't dream of it.

[Bell rings]

Gabriela: It can't be an hour yet. I just -- oh, my God. No. I set the timer! I set -- I set the right amount of time. Oh, God, no. Not tonight.

[Knock on door]

Gabriela: Oh, no.

Joe: Champagne delivery, ma'am.



Joe: Gabby, it's me. Are you okay?

Gabriela: Go away!

Joe: I can't hear you.

Gabriela: I'm not ready, Joe. Come back later -- in an hour or two. You have your cell phone, right? I'll call you. Just take a walk or see a movie. Have dinner.

[Door opens and closes]

Lucy: Hey.

Kevin: How did you find me, Lucy?

Lucy: I know you very well. I'm really glad, you know, you came here.

Kevin: Instead of drowning my sorrows in some bar?

Lucy: I didn't say that.

Kevin: You didn't have to. I know what you meant.

Lucy: So, what's in the bag?

Kevin: I emptied out Eve's locker.

Lucy: I'm sorry. Did anything show up that might help in the investigation?

Kevin: No, but the D.N.A. results should be back any minute. I guess I came down here to prepare for the inevitable. I already know what the report will say, but I guess it just makes it official somehow. I've also been thinking a lot about what you said.

Lucy: Oh, I said a lot of things.

Kevin: Yes, you did, but one of the things you said was to remember the good times. And there were a lot of good times with Eve. She touched a lot of people, Lucy. And as for that note that Ian wrote -- so what if he had a thing for my wife? Who wouldn't? She was an incredible woman. And I should know because I'm the man that she loved.

Lucy: Listen, Doc, there's something I really -- I need to tell you, and it's about Eve.

Eve: I don't understand you.

Ian: Sure you do, Lambert. I live a life of taking chances. Makes the world a better place.

Eve: Oh, that's very noble.

Ian: I know what I'm doing. Just trust me, okay? Now, don't try this at home. I'm a professional.

Eve: I'm a professional, too. Give me your wrist.

Ian: Oh, come on. There's no need for that.

Eve: Ian --

Ian: Heart rate's up, so is respiration. I am sick as a dog, and it's only going to get worse, so stop hovering, please.

Eve: Ok, just stop talking and save your breath.

Ian: Shh. Can you please go work on something? I'm doing my part, now you do yours. God!

Eve: Ian! Ian!

Ian: I don't want you here!

Eve: No, too bad. I'm not leaving. I won't let you go through this alone. I won't.

Ian: Will you stop fussing at me?

Eve: Hey, I just want to help you, okay?

Ian: All right. Get me a glass of Irish and be done with it.

Eve: How about a free checkup instead?

Ian: I don't need a checkup. I drank enough poison to kill a parasite, not a man. But it still has to work its way through me, so you may want to stay away so you don't get bit.

Eve: Did anyone ever tell you you make a lousy patient?

Ian: Oh, and proud of it.

Eve: Well, I'm too good a doctor to sit around here and watch you suffer. Hey, open up! We got a medical condition in here.

Man: What's the problem?

Eve: I need milk -- whole milk if you've got it -- and charcoal. Now.

Man: My orders are nothing but water for either of you.

Eve: But --

Man: "But" nothing. Anything else?

Eve: Yeah.

[Door slams]

Eve: You stupid son of a -- Ian? Hey. Hey.

Ian: It's a wee bit cold over here.

Eve: Ok. Maybe that's because you drank a whole glass of rat poison.

Ian: Oh, anything to save your life.

Eve: Who asked you?

Ian: Maybe next time I'll think twice.

Eve: Yeah. Do that, please.

Ian: Hey. That's a hell of a bedside manner you have here.

Eve: Yeah.

Ian: Here's a man freezing to death and you're nagging at him.

Eve: Well, maybe he deserves it. Here, scoot over.

Ian: For what?

Eve: Give you something to really complain about, all right?

Kevin: There's nothing you can tell me, good or bad. Everything I need to know about Eve I know already.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Kevin: I'm sure. Lucy, it was easier feeling angry than it was to feel how much it hurt. It was easier thinking that she wasn't faithful than how much I miss her. But finally I listened to my heart, and Eve never would have betrayed me. And that's what's getting me through this -- just remembering her love.

Lucy: I'm very glad that you're finding a way to make peace with what's happened --

Kevin: The next step in that is the D.N.A. report. I'm going to see if it's in.

Lucy: No, you know what, Doc? You look so relaxed and peaceful. Why don't you just stay here and enjoy the quiet, and I'll go check on it. I'll come right back when I --

Kevin: No, no, no, no. Thanks for the offer, but this is something I should do myself.

Lucy: Doc, really --

[Lucy coughs]

Kevin: Lucy, are you all right?

Lucy: I just -- I swallowed wrong. Doc, can -- can I get a cup of water, please?

Kevin: I'll be right back.

Lucy: Ok, thanks. Hurry. Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't swallow wrong, okay? It was just -- it was a little white lie. I apologize in here, in the chapel. But listen, you got to help me here. I know I swore -- I promised that I wouldn't get involved. You know, I told Scott I wouldn't. But this is Kevin. Don't you see what he just said? You heard it. You heard it. Of course, this is your house. You heard what he said. He said that he trusted Eve and he knows Eve would never betray him. So don't you see I cannot let him know that that woman he married ran off with -- with Ian. Okay, so we have to fix this. Do you see? He can't see that report. So let's just concentrate, put our heads together here, and we can work it out so no one ever has to see that report. Are you with me? Okay. Be with me.

Joe: Come on, it can't be that bad.

Gabriela: I made a mess of everything.

Joe: That's impossible.

Gabriela: You keep thinking I'm so wonderful.

Joe: Because you are.

Gabriela: I'm not that wonderful. Not like you think.

Joe: Okay, you're not wonderful. You're just terrific. Now, will you open the door?

Gabriela: No. You can't see me like this. I wanted everything to be perfect for you.

Joe: Perfect isn't a perfect meal or a perfect apartment or the perfect wine or the perfect dress. It's not what you do or what you cook or anything other than who you are. The perfect partner is the person who you want to be with more than anyone else in the world who feels the same way about you. And that's what I've got -- the perfect --

Gabriela: Whoa. Joe.

Joe: Hey.

Gabriela: Hey.

Joe: You're perfect to me, and that's all that counts, isn't it?

Ian: No. Now I'm too hot.

Eve: Ian, please.

Ian: I'm burning. Stay away.

Eve: Ian, listen. Concentrate on the sound of my voice, okay? You have a high fever. I don't want it to get any higher.

Ian: No.

Eve: Let me help you, please.

Ian: Listen. Can you hear the children? They're crying. Can't you hear them crying?

Eve: There are no children, okay? It's just you and me.

Ian: I promised them, Eve. I promised I'd be there for them, I wouldn't give up.

Eve: I know.

Ian: I said I'd be --

Eve: You don't give up, Ian. You're a fighter, okay? So keep fighting, all right? The children are okay.

Ian: The children are dying.

Harris: How are we surviving our experiment in self-medication?

Ian: I'm losing them, Eve. They're all slipping away, and they're staring at me --

Eve: Get out.

Ian: They're staring at me.

Harris: I just came to see how our patient's doing.

Eve: If you didn't bring anything in here to help him, then get out of here. Get out of my sight now!

Ian: They're all waiting for me. They're all waiting for me now.

[Door closes]

Man: Do you think he'll make it?

Harris: My bet is he will. And if he can survive, so can I.

Man: And once you do, you'll get rid of them, right?

Harris: Just him. As for the lovely Dr. Lambert, there's no need to rush things. No need at all.

Eve: Shh. It's okay, it's okay. Ok. Ian, shh, it's all right. It's okay. It's okay, all right? It's not your fault. It's not your fault. You did everything you could. You always do. You always do.

Frank: Okay, Mom, let it out before you rub your way through that glass.

Mary: Well, I just don't understand it. In a couple of months, God willing, he'll have a clean bill of health. Why can't they just wait?

Frank: Mom, Joe and Gabriela both understand the risk, and they're willing to take it. They love each other, and they want to show each other how much. And, no, they don't want to wait because it's like you always taught me and Joe -- we're all here as a matter of grace.

Mary: Oh, thanks for throwing my words back in my face. Give me a hug if you're going to do that.

Frank: You know, they will take good care of each other. I promise.

Mary: I know. It's an important time for the two of them. I respect that.

Frank: Well, then you're taking a step forward, too.

Mary: Why don't you think about taking a few steps forward with your life?

Frank: Mom, you know something?

Mary: That I'm right, right?

Frank: I like talking about Joe's life a lot better than mine.

Gabriela: I told you. Total disaster, right?

Joe: No, I wouldn't say that exactly.

Gabriela: Yeah? What would you say?

Joe: It's the thought that counts. How about that?

Gabriela: How about we order in when we get hungry?

Joe: What if we're hungry right now?

Gabriela: Promise you'll resist the urge to tell everyone in your family about everything going wrong tonight.

Joe: There's only one thing about tonight that I'm not going to be able to resist.

Lucy: Colleen, hey. What's going on now? You got some trouble?

Colleen: Oh, it's this darn computer again. This time somebody pulled the plug on the stupid thing.

Lucy: Oh, no, that's awful. When that happens, don't you lose everything that was on the screen?

Colleen: No, no. All the hospital computers are tied together, so anything that was on there I can retrieve.

Lucy: Oh, that's great. So you didn't lose anything, huh?

Colleen: Well, I doubt it. It's just that the stupid machine take so long to boot up again I could scream.

Lucy: Oh, I've had that happen. You know what? I really am not doing anything right now, and I'm sure you have much more important things to do with your patients than watch this thing reload. I could watch it to make sure it's loading properly if you want to do something else.

Colleen: Are you sure? You already helped me out once today.

Lucy: Positive.

Colleen: That would be great. I do have a couple patients I should check on.

Lucy: Well, good. Then go. Run on. I'm here for you.

Colleen: Great, thanks. You're a lifesaver.

Lucy: All right. See you.

Kevin: There you are.

Lucy: Oh! Oh, Doc, thank you so much.

Kevin: I just spoke to Mac a few minutes ago. He said the D.N.A. results should be back up on the computer any minute.

Lucy: Really? That fast, huh?

Kevin: Fast? I feel like I've been waiting forever. Listen, Lucy, I know I said I wanted to go through this myself, but I really would appreciate a friend to be with me when it comes in. So if you're not in a hurry, could you just stick around a little while? I really would appreciate it.

Ian: I should have told you.

Eve: Hang in there, Ian! I'll be right there!

Ian: I should have told you what I felt, Eve. I love you. I love you, Eve. I do.

Eve: I can't hear you!

Ian: I should have told you.

Eve: Hey, hey. Shh. Told me what?

Ian: The truth.

Eve: Okay, okay.

Ian: I should have told you the truth.

Eve: All right, whatever it is, I'm here now. You can tell me whatever it is, all right?

Ian: Eve, I --

Eve: Shh. I'm listening. I'm listening.

Ian: Eve --

Eve: Ian, what? Ian. Ian.

Harris: Dr. Lambert?

Eve: He's unconscious.

Harris: The man took an overdose of poison. It was his choice. There's nothing anyone can do about it.

Eve: No!

Harris: Whether he lives or dies is out of your hands. You have to come to terms with that. You have to forget all about him. There's nothing you can do for him now. But you certainly can for me.

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Frank: She is going to figure you out.

Jamal: There is no way Alison's going to find out about this.

Alison: I'm not going to find out what?

Gabriela: Make love to me. Now.

Eve: What's this deal you want to make?

Harris: I want you.

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