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Port Charles Transcript Monday 12/11/00

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Livvie: Please, Chris, just give him his picture back.

Chris: It's not his picture. It's mine. It's a picture of me and my kid brother, so you want to tell me what you're doing with it?

Jack: Yeah. I'll tell you. It's me.

Chris: What?

Jack: Yeah. It's me and my brother.

Chris: You -- you're --

Jack: Yeah, Jack, yeah. I don't believe this.

Chris: Neither do I.

Livvie: What, you didn't have any clue?

Jack: You think I'm lying?

Livvie: Jack, I don't know. I mean -- you kept asking so many questions about Chris.

Chris: Questions? What kind of -- what? About my finances? Huh? Because I have a lot of money. It's no secret. And there are a lot of people who'd like to get their hands on it.

Jack: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches. You remember that, Chris? You used to make those for us every night -- when Dad was too blitzed and Mom couldn't get out of bed. Saturday morning cartoons. You remember Saturday morning cartoons? You used to watch those with me every Saturday morning until our old man took the TV away to pay off his bookie.

Chris: Anybody could find that out.

Jack: Oh, yeah? What about this? Hmm?

Chris: Where did you get that?

Jack: From you on my fifth birthday, Chris. You sold your Mark McGuire rookie card for it. It wasn't worth much then, but the point is it was your favorite card. But you know what was special about this was my name. Right there. Now, you took a kitchen knife and carved it in there so that I knew that it would be mine.

Chris: Nobody knew that.

Jack: Only your brother.

Eve: Ian?

Ian: Hmm?

Eve: Before Harris' men grabbed us, when we were in your car --

Ian: Mm-hmm?

Eve: You said that you had something to tell me, something that was important.

Ian: That was a long time ago.

Eve: What was it? What were you going to say?

Eve: I want an answer.

Ian: It's late. Let's talk about it in the morning.

Eve: No. No. Let's talk about it right now. I was on my way to the hospital when I saw you outside and I asked you why you were leaving Port Charles. And now all of a sudden I find myself being held prisoner by some lunatic who has a vendetta against you. The least you could do is tell me what it is you were going to say. Damn it, Ian, don't you think I deserve the truth?

Ian: All right, you want the truth? I'll tell you.

Lucy: Answer the phone, Kevin. Answer the phone. Just pick up the phone! Pick it up! Oh, my -- gosh, I know something's wrong. I just -- I know it. Keys. Keys, keys, keys. Where are my keys? Keys -- keys, keys, keys -- oh, damn you, Doc!

Lucy: Hmm, hmm, hmm. There you are. Thank you, God -- Goddess. Goddess, God -- thank you, whoever you are. Thank you. All right, Doc, here I come.

[Lucy sighs]

Livvie: Chris, it really does look like Jack's your brother. Aren't you going to say anything?

Chris: How'd you find me?

Jack: I didn't. I didn't even know it was you.

Chris: What, you're telling me this is just a big coincidence?

Jack: Hey, man, I'm just as blown away as you are. I mean, here all along I've been bumping into my own --

Chris: More like bumping up against him.

Jack: Yeah, but if I'd have known, then -- I mean, look, we're brothers, man.

Chris: Brothers.

Jack: Yeah. And I guess I don't have to ask how you've been. I mean -- yeah, looks like you're doing great -- you know, doctor and all.

Chris: How about you?

Jack: Okay. After I got out of the foster homes. Hey, man, it's not your fault Dad dumped me there. Then Mom found me.

Chris: Mom?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, she didn't die like the old man said.

Chris: So you've been living with her?

Jack: Up until a little while ago. See, when Mom found me, she was sick. She was dying. Except for real this time.

Livvie: God, that must have been so hard for you.

Jack: And then I heard about this treatment. You know, that would've helped her a lot, but we didn't have any money or any insurance. I mean, good luck trying to find a doctor when you have none of that stuff. So, I looked around and I got her into this free clinic. But by that time it was too late.

Chris: Then she's gone?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. She's gone.

Livvie: I'm so sorry.

Chris: It was a shame you didn't find me sooner.

Jack: Yeah, well, we looked. But, you know, I mean, Mom, she got so sick that she couldn't travel. But -- but, hey. You know what? I wish she could see us now. I mean, you don't know how happy this would make her.

Chris: So -- you didn't come looking for me. You just -- came to Port Charles. How did you get here? Why?

Jack: I don't know. I just kind of been drifting around.

Chris: Just sort of drifted here.

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Livvie: Or maybe it's fate.

Chris: Fate. Yeah, maybe it is. Because I believe in fate. Just not this time.

Eve: I'm not going anywhere.

Ian: What difference does it make what I say?

Eve: I already told you.

Ian: Okay. Okay. It's a computer disk with all of Rachel's research on it -- I thought you should have it.

Eve: What?

Ian: Yeah. And all the notes that we took when we were trying to save Lucy. I wanted to get it to you.

Eve: All this is over some stupid computer disk?

Ian: Yep. What did you think it was about?

Eve: Anything but that. I already told you I made a copy of that computer disk.

Ian: Oh, no, that's right, you did. Must've forgot with all the packing going on and all that, but, well, it's a good thing because I don't think my disk survived the bomb blast.

Eve: I can't believe this.

Ian: Can't believe what?

Eve: You said that this was serious.

Ian: It is serious. What if somebody else comes in with the same symptoms, I'm not here, and you didn't have the treatment for them?

Eve: Ian, you know what I'm talking about.

Ian: I don't have a clue.

Eve: That night at the Recovery Room when I went outside to ask you why you were leaving, I had a feeling that you were just about to tell me --

Ian: I did tell you. I was leaving to find a new life for myself, a new beginning, with new challenges.

Eve: Yeah, and you were going to tell me the real reason. What's the real reason?

Ian: That's it! That's it. Good night.

Eve: For God's sake, Ian, we almost died! My friends and family, the people I love, my husband included, thinks that we're dead! We still could be. And for what? For what? For nothing!

Lucy: Doc, where are you? Doc? Doc? Oh -- oh, my Doc. Doc! Oh -- Doc! Doc --

[Lucy coughs]

Lucy: Hello. Listen, my name is Lucy -- Lucy Coe. There's a fire at the lighthouse. It's -- Kevin Collins has a -- yes, yes! Listen to me, that's the one. Please hurry. Immediate-- yeah, all right, thank you. Oh, my God. Doc! Doc, where are you? Oh! Oh, Doc! Doc! Oh! Are you okay? Doc, we got -- oh, my God! We got to get out of here. Listen -- oh, my. No wonder. Listen, you got to get out of here, Doc. Please. Get up. You can't just lie here and die. Doc, I can't pull you up. Get up!

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah. It's me -- Lucy. Please, let's go. What are you doing?

Kevin: Get out of here! Leave me alone!

Lucy: No! What, and let you just burn up?

Kevin: Yeah! Let it all burn!

Lucy: No, Doc, you're just drunk. You're drunk. That's why you're saying that. Please come with me, Doc. You got to -- you got to come with me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Doc -- oh -- oh, my --

[Lucy coughs]

Lucy: Oh! Doc, come on.

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, cover your head and get out!

Lucy: No. No. I'm not going anywhere.

Kevin: You have to.

Lucy: I can't. No.

Kevin: Yes, you can.

Lucy: No, Doc, I can't. I'm not leaving you. Listen, please go with me. I don't want to die. You may want to die, but I don't want to.

Kevin: Lucy, quit playing games and go!

Lucy: No, I am staying here.

Kevin: But you just said --

Lucy: I know what I said! If you stay, then I am going to stay. Do you hear me? If you want to die, then fine. I'll die right along beside you.

Lucy: Okay, Doc, you tell me, Kevin Collins, what's it going to be, huh?

[Lucy coughs]

Kevin: Let's go.

Lucy: Doc --

[Lucy coughs]

Lucy: Come on. Are you okay, Doc?


Jack: Finally run into your long lost brother and you think it's a scam. That's sad, man.

Chris: You know something? I could almost buy it -- the idea that we're coincidentally in the same place. But with the same girl? I don't think so. It's a little too convenient. You can see that, can't you, Livvie?

Livvie: What I see are two brothers who are a lot alike, and maybe it wasn't either of you who found me. Maybe it was me who found something in the both of you, something that was the same because you are so much alike.

Chris: The same? The same? He's nothing but a con artist. I knew it the minute I saw him, before I even knew who he was. He's after something. I just don't know what it is yet.

Jack: You know, I take it back, about what I said before -- wishing Mom could see us. All she wanted, Chris, was to find you. That's all she talked about at the end -- was being a family again. But this? No. No, this would've broke her heart.

Chris: Livvie, wait.

Eve: Why did you even come to the Recovery Room that night? You must've known that I would be there with my husband and my friends. How could you even think to barge in on it?

Ian: Eve, I was leaving --

Eve: All for some stupid computer disk.

Ian: I was --

Eve: You could've mailed it, you could've left it at G.H., anything. But no, you had to come deliver it in person so I could get in the car with you and blow up!

Ian: If I could --

Eve: God, when I think of what my friends and my family are going through right now, when I think of what this is doing to Kevin -- what I would do if it were -- you know what? I've had a hard life. But I managed to pick myself up and become a doctor and marry the most wonderful, caring man I've ever met, the kind of man that I would never have thought could love me.

Ian: Don't sell yourself short there, Lambert.

Eve: Oh, I don't. I don't because of Kevin. Because he made me believe that I was special. And I must've been to have someone like that love me. And now I could lose it, all of it, everything that's important to me because of you and some stupid computer disk!

Ian: If I could do it over again, I swear --

Eve: Oh, I don't want to hear it, okay? I don't even want to hear it. You were right when you said you were going to leave G.H. without saying goodbye. I wish you had just kept on going! What the heck is wrong with you?

Ian: Hey!

Eve: Why didn't you leave?

Ian: That's enough! I know you want this to be my fault. I understand that, but maybe it isn't.

Eve: You think this is my fault?

Ian: I came looking for you. That's all I did. I was looking for you, and I saw you through the window with your husband. And I didn't want to interrupt, so I left. You came after me. So you tell me why.

Kevin: No, I'm okay.

[Kevin coughs]

Karen: Yeah, you sound real okay.

Kevin: Yeah, well, it was Lucy's idea to come here.

Karen: Yeah, well, from what I understand, it was also Lucy's idea to keep you from killing yourself.

Kevin: She should've left me there.

Karen: Kevin, I understand how upset you are about Eve. We all are. She was my best friend. But we can't give up living our own lives because of what happened to her. She wouldn't have wanted that.

Kevin: We don't know what she wanted.

Karen: She loved you. And I owe it to her to make sure you're all right, even if it means pulling out the restraints.

Lucy: Okay, so Kevin is going to be all right, right?

Frank: He inhaled a lot of smoke by the time we got there, but his vitals seemed okay.

Lucy: Good.

Frank: But what the heck happened, anyway?

Lucy: He was very drunk. I think he had a whole bottle of wine. And he probably hit a candle over or something and passed out.

Frank: It's a good thing you showed up when you did.

Lucy: Yeah, we have sort of this uncanny ability to show up and help each other out when we most need it. It's just -- this was different this time, Frank. It was kind of weird because he didn't really want my help. He didn't want me to get him out of there.

[Pager beeps]

Frank: That's me. I got to run.

Lucy: Okay. Thanks for everything, really.

Frank: Yeah, okay.

Lucy: See you later.

Ian's voice: "Dear Eve, I knew from the moment we kissed --"

Lucy: "From the moment we kissed -- we kissed." Doc read this. He read it.

Livvie: Let go of me, Chris.

Chris: Livvie, I don't want you getting hurt.

Livvie: God, I can't believe you're acting like this.

Chris: Like what? Worrying about you? Looking out for you?

Livvie: No matter what you think of Jack, what you think he might be up to, he is your brother. You guys are family. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Chris: Yeah, it means a lot to me. But I'm not sure what it means to him.

Livvie: Why don't you give him a chance to show you?

Chris: This is that important to you?

Livvie: This has nothing to do with me.

Chris: No, it does, and I think you know that.

Livvie: Okay, then. You can either be the great guy that I thought you were before or you can be a jerk. It's up to you.

Jack: Lying bastard.

Lou: Everything okay?

Jack: Yeah.

Lou: Good. Take care of yourself, huh?

Jack: Thanks a lot.

Chris: Hey. Look, I'm sorry if I came on a little strong. Guess we have a lot to talk about, so why don't you come back to my place and sit down, catch up?

Jack: All right. That'd be great.

Jack: Just great.

Lucy: What are you doing? You need to lie back and just rest.

Kevin: Lucy, I'm fine.

Lucy: No, you're not fine.

Kevin: Then go ask Karen.

Lucy: That's not what I'm talking about.

[Kevin sighs]

Kevin: Then what?

Lucy: I'm talking about this.

Kevin: Where did you get that?

Lucy: It was in your jacket. I was just trying to brush some of the soot off. Doc, I wasn't snooping. It just sort of popped out of the pocket.

Kevin: Sure it did.

Lucy: It did. This is what this is all about, isn't it? This is why you didn't want to come out of the fire, isn't it, Doc?

Kevin: All the time she said she was working with Ian. I'm an idiot, Lucy.

Lucy: You're not. Maybe you're reading a lot more into this than there was.

Kevin: No, I'm not. They kissed. It says so right here. But how far did it really go? Were they having an affair? Maybe she was in that car because they were planning to go away together.

Lucy: No, no, that's not a possibility.

Kevin: You said yourself you saw them together. Did you know, Lucy? Did you have any idea this was going on?

Lucy: I knew that you and Eve were having trouble and -- Doc, I also know that she loved you very much, you and only you.

Kevin: Yeah, well, even if that were true, I let her down.

Lucy: No, you are not allowed to do this. I will not allow you to do this to yourself. Do you hear me?

Karen: Okay, Lucy, you're up. I can take you in the next cubicle.

Lucy: No. Karen, thank you very much, but I don't need checking up.

Karen: You took in a lot of smoke. And besides, Scott and Serena will never forgive me if I don't make sure you're absolutely all right.

Kevin: Go on, Lucy. I didn't drag you from the flames for nothing.

Lucy: I'll be right back.

Eve: Don't you turn this around on me!

Ian: Turn around nothing. I saw you and your husband, so I started to leave. Next thing I know you're jumping into my car. I didn't ask you to do that, so why did you?

Eve: Well, it's certainly not because I couldn't live without you, so get that out of your overblown ego! It's because I didn't want you to leave without saying goodbye first.

Ian: Well, you should've. Don't you realize that ever since you jumped into my car I've spent every waking moment wishing that you hadn't?

Eve: I want out of here right now. Get me out of here! Somebody get me out now!

Ian: Okay.

Eve: No!

Ian: Okay, okay, okay.

Eve: Oh!

Ian: It's not your fault. But I -- I just wish you weren't here. I wish you were in Port Charles safe and sound, not here with me.

Eve: I'm scared. Ian, I am so scared.

Ian: Come on. It's all right.

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Chris: How much is it going to cost me to make you drift away from Port Charles?

Kevin: I need to feel you, touch you.

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