Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 7/8/99

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Kevin: Just light conversation. You know, "Why don't you meet me after my girlfriend goes to sleep?"

Eve: What's Italian for "fat lip"?

Kevin: I was just being my charming self to make sure we got the largest suite in the place.

Eve: Uh -- your charm is slipping.

Kevin: What's this, the closet?

Eve: No. Oh. This is the closet. Huh.

Kevin: I pity the poor suckers who are in the small rooms.

Eve: Wait. Shh, don't speak. You'll use up all the oxygen.

Kevin: Gee. I've never seen that before. They used a phone booth for a shower. Guess we'll just have to make due for now.

Eve: All right, well, we shouldn't be complaining about the accommodations when we still don't have a clue as to where Victor is.

Kevin: I just can't see that Italian Customs would get it that screwed up. I'm sure in their mind they just deported Bill Dyson back to the States.

Eve: Only it wasn't Victor.

Kevin: Scoot over.

Eve: I'm about as far over as I can go, buddy.

Kevin: Ok. Ok, ok, ok. I wonder if Victor made a switch somehow and the real Bill Dyson got deported.

Eve: That would free up Victor to move around Rome as himself.

Kevin: Or someone else. Bill Dyson isn't the only alias he had.

Eve: Are you the real Kevin Collins?

Ken: Well, if I'm not, he sure has great taste in women.

Eve: Ok. Now, we have to get serious here. Where do we start? We know that Victor got on a plane to Rome. So if he wasn't deported, he should probably still be here. 

Kevin: Unless his itinerary was another decoy.

Eve: Well, that would put him where?

Kevin: Anywhere on the planet.

Scott: My name is Scott Baldwin. My father, Lee Baldwin, was brought in with some kind of a heart attack.

Karen: Scott.

Gail: Scott. Oh, Scotty.

Scott: Is he here?

Karen: Paramedics are en route.

Scott: From where?

Gail: From Ferncliff. He was in his meeting with Julie and --

Scott: I know. I had a feeling he would go out there. But how did this heart attack happen?

Gail: I don't know.

Chris: Need a cardiac room.

Gail: Oh, Lee --

Scott: Lee, Lee, we're all here.

Gail: Lee, it's all right. It's all right, darling.

Chris: Draw blood for C.B.C., chem 10, cardiac enzymes with M and T, E.K.G., portable chest. Go.

Karen: I'll go with him.

Scott: Ramsey, what happened at Ferncliff?

Chris: We were meeting with Julie.

Scott: What do you mean, "we"?

Chris: Me, Julie, Darren Leopold. Lee came in there with some words.

Scott: Yeah, I know. He wanted to strangle you because of that interview you gave on the news.

Chris: Yeah, well, he was fired up, all right. Kept going on and on about how Julie was going to replace him as her guardian. Then he grabbed his chest, and he collapsed.

Scott: You gave my father a heart attack.

Chris: Hey, I just spoke to the media.

Scott: No, you defamed him to the media.

Chris: You know what? You're a lawyer. You should know something about freedom of speech.

Scott: Well, let me tell you about my freedom of speech.

Chris: You know, I could sue you for this.

Scott: Well, then sue me, Ramsey.

Gail: Scotty. Scotty, don't. That's not going to help Lee.

Scott: Yeah, well, it'll make me feel a lot better. He just gave Lee a heart attack.

Chris: Hey, don't blame me.

Gail: You have been trying to undermine Lee's work on Julie's case for weeks now.

Chris: There's nothing personal going on here. I just don't think Lee is the right person to be Julie's guardian.

Scott: Excuse me. Now, listen, Ramsey. I don't care what you think!

Lucy and Gail: Scott --

Scott: If anything happens to my father --

Gail: Scotty, don't!

Scott: I'm coming looking for you! What's going on?

Gail: Karen, what's going on?

Karen: They're working on him.

Chris: Mind if I go do my job now?

Scott: Just do it away from my father.

Chris: Fine. But your father probably would have died in the ambulance if it hadn't been for me.

Kevin: Well, they showed me a picture of the guy they deported, and it definitely was not Victor. You and I are thinking alike again, Mac. Now, if you find the Bill Dyson --

Eve: Excuse me.

Kevin: That customs shipped home, then maybe he knows where Victor is.

Eve: What the --

Kevin: Uh, listen, Mac, you have the number where you can reach me. Call me if anything changes. Thanks.

Eve: Look what I found.

Kevin: Oh, boy.

Eve: Is it a bug?

Kevin: This, my dear, is a drag.

Eve: Yeah, I know. We're not having any fun yet, but we --

Kevin: No, no, no. D-R-A-G. Digital Remote Position Attainment Gear. This is a tracking device.

Eve: Wait a minute. Wouldn't that make it D-R-P-A-G?

Kevin: Well, I guess in espionage the P is always silent.

Eve: So, what does this mean? Does this mean we're being followed?

Kevin: This means that someone knows exactly where we are.

Eve: How did you know what that is?

Kevin: Victor showed me a whole slew of surveillance tricks. This model happens to be one of his favorites.

Eve: So, what are we going to do with it?

Kevin: I suppose if we want to have real fun, we could always attach it to the back of a speeding bus.

Eve: Hey, wait a minute. What about a carrier pigeon?

Kevin: Never use a carrier pigeon. Could be a double agent.

Eve: So, what do we do, drop it in a glass of water?

Kevin: Why don't we use the method that Victor taught me?

Eve: Heh.  Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eve: Very high tech.

Kevin: I don't know who put this bug in your bag, but actually I'm glad they did.

Eve: What do you mean? You're happy that we're being followed?

Kevin: This means that someone is really worried that we're here.

Eve: And that means that we are probably in the right place.

Scott: Hey, Karen, what's the story?

Karen: Well, Lee's E.K.G. came back with the normal limits. But the nitroglycerin Chris used isn't doing anything to alleviate his pain.

Gail: But if the E.K.G. is normal and the nitro isn't working, is it his heart that is the problem?

Karen: We don't think so. Oxygen saturation was 85% on 15 liters.

Gail: Oh, my god. He's been suffocating.

Lucy: What? What do you mean? Are you saying he didn't have a heart attack?

Karen: No. We suspect he suffered from a pulmonary embolism.

Scott: How did that happen? First of all, he was not sick.

Karen: Blood clots can form without us knowing. This one traveled to his lung. Now it's blocking the flow of oxygen.

Scott: Well, all right, then let's just remove the clot.

Karen: Well, Joe's on duty. He took Lee down to nuclear medicine for a lung profusion scan. It'll be a while before we get the results, but the situation is critical.

Gail: I called Monica. She's coming just as soon as she can.

Scott: Good.

Lucy: That's good. Hey, you. Listen, I really don't want to leave, but I think the camp bus is going to be dropping Serena back at the firehouse pretty soon. I got to get there.

Scott: Yes. No, we don't want Serena to find out from anybody else.

Lucy: Ok. Hey, everything is going to be ok. It's going to be fine.  I got to go.

Scott: Lucy's going to bring Serena over.

Lucy: I won't be long. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Gail: Ok.

Lucy: Ok, ok.

Gail: Yes.

Lucy: It's ok.

Gail: And the baby?

Lucy: Ok. Yeah. Karen.

Gail: Give her my --

Scott: Gail, Lee has got a lot of life left in him. He's not going to let this get to him.

Gail: No. Of course not. I mean, that man has been fighting something or other ever since I've known him.

Scott: Most of the fights were with me, so it shows you how tough he is.

Gail: Right. Mean, you two -- you two have had some pretty big battles.

Scott: This embolism has got nothing over those fights from the old days, I'll tell you that.

Karen: So I've heard.

Scott: You know, sometimes I think he wanted to take his kidney back from me.

Gail: Oh, never. Not for one second. Of course he'd get mad at you sometimes, but that -- he never regretted giving you anything in his life.

Scott: Yeah, well, he gave me a lot. Everything that I am today is from him. I'd like to take Ramsey's lung right out of his chest and give it to Lee.

Gail: Oh, sweetheart. Scotty, don't say that. Don't say that. That's not going to help Lee.

Scott: I just want him to get better. And I would do anything to make that happen, Gail.

Gail: Scott.

Scott: I would.

Gail: I know. I know that, and so does your dad.

Kevin: So you had your bag with you all the way from Port Charles?

Eve: Yes. So whoever planted that on me must have been on the plane.

Kevin: But they had to have an opportunity.

Eve: Hey, wait a minute. What was the name of that guy -- Mr. Zorro? Remember? The guy that -- the guy that spilled tomato juice on your pants. What was --

Kevin: Mr. Zorin.

Eve: Zorin.

Kevin: He moved your bag while he was looking for his pen.

Eve: He gave you his business card.

Kevin: He sure did. He invited us to dinner.

Eve: Spaghetti with a secret agent?

Kevin: Osso bucco with an operative.

Eve: I say we take him up on it.

Kevin: Well, I hope you packed something to go fishing in. We need to find out if he knows anything about Victor.

Eve: Fine. Just as long as you don't offer me as bait.

Kevin: Mr. Zorin. Yes, this is Dr. Kevin Collins. We met on the plane over. Fine, thank you. How are you? Well, we thought it might be nice to take you up on your offer for dinner. Lovely. Why don't you meet us at our hotel. We're at the Firenze. Terrific. See you then.

Eve: Huh. Very slick, O Master of Intrigue.

Kevin: Was I good?

Eve: Collins. Kevin Collins.

Kevin: Let's not get carried away. I like aqua vitae, not martinis, shaken or stirred.

Eve: Hey, do you think this Mr. Zorin guy might know where to find Victor?

Kevin: Possible. But I also don't want to lead him to Victor by mistake.

Eve: Ah. So, what do you think about this as fishing gear?

Kevin: Where's the rest of it?

Eve: This is the rest of it.

Kevin: Oh. Well, actually, we're not going out to dinner for a while. Were you planning to put that on now?

Eve: Well, yes, I was. But, you see, I'll have to take a few things off first.

Kevin: Come to think of it, it is awfully crowded with all these clothes on.

Eve: Then, by all means.

Kevin: All right, Mac. Thanks for the update. I'll be in touch.

Eve: Well, that didn't sound like good news.

Kevin: Mac can't find any information on Bill Dyson at all. We are walking completely blind. We have no idea where Victor could be.

Eve: Or who he could be. You know, he could be anyone. If this Bill Dyson alias is dead, how in the world are we supposed to find Victor?

Kevin: Seeing that Victor doesn't want to be found, our only lead is this Mr. Zorin.

[Knock on door]

Eve: Speak of the devil.

Kevin: Mr. Zorin. Thank you so much for meeting us.

Mr. Zorin: I'm glad you called.

Eve: Hi. Come in, please.

Mr. Zorin: Thank you. Is this the only room they had available?

Kevin: No. Actually, we just like it cozy.

Eve: Yeah.

Mr. Zorin: So, what brings you to Rome?

Kevin: Actually, my father came in a little bit ahead of us, but unfortunately, he didn't leave us any information on where we could find him.

Eve: We think he might be missing.

Mr. Zorin: Well, as I mentioned, I'm attached to the American Embassy. Perhaps I can be of assistance.

Kevin: That's wonderful news. We were hoping you would say that.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Mr. Zorin: Well, if I had someone as attractive as your companion to travel around Rome with, I might not be able to think about missing persons.

Kevin: Oh, I understand. It's not easy. By the way, would you happen to recognize that?

Mr. Zorin: It's something electronic. It looks broken.

Eve: I found it attached to one of my carry-on bags.

Kevin: It's a tracking device.

Eve: I think someone planted it on me from Port Charles to Rome.

Mr. Zorin: Why would someone want to keep track of your whereabouts?

Kevin: We don't know. But if you find out, please, let us know.

Mr. Zorin: I'll do that. In the meantime, let's go to dinner. You can tell me everything you know, and maybe we can find a way to locate your father.

Kevin: Yes. I think if we put our minds together, we just might be able to do that.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Scott: The lung scan -- what'd it show?

Woman: They're still running the test on your father. It shouldn't take much longer. Dr. Baldwin, this is an admission form for your husband. I need your signature.

Gail: Oh. A pen -- I don't have -- Scotty, do you have a pen?

Scott: Here.

Gail: Thanks.

Gail: There you go. Thanks very much. Hey. I remember this.

Scott: Oh, yeah. Lee gave it to me when I graduated from law school.

Gail: And you've kept it all these years.

Scott: Yeah. It's leaky and it's ruined a few of my shirts, however.

Gail: That would make your dad so happy to know that you still have the pen.

Scott: Well, this pen reminds me of the kind of lawyer that Lee wanted me to be, you know? He had high hopes for me when I got out of law school.

Gail: Yeah, well, don't ever tell him that I told you, but he still has high hopes that maybe someday the two of you will be in practice again.

Scott: Well, I don't think so, Gail. All those fights we had -- we never got any work done.

Gail: But, you know, it didn't matter. He would love it.

Scott: So, no matter what I've ever done, how many fights we've had, he's never -- never stopped loving me, huh?

Gail: You got it.

Scott: Serena -- you know, when she was born and I just looked at her, I knew that I was going to love that little girl for the rest of my life. It's --

Gail: It's called unconditional love.

Scott: That's what it is.

Gail: And you know what, Scott? That feeling never goes away.

Scott: I wish I could thank him.

Gail: You do. You do just by doing what you do -- giving your child that love. He sees that. He knows how grateful you are.

Scott: I just wish I would have told him.

Gail: It's ok. It's ok, sweetheart.

Karen: No news yet.

Scott: This is crazy here. We're going out of our minds, you know? You got to have a crisis before you tell people what you really feel.

Gail: Scott, you know, that's what a crisis does. It kind of forces your hand.

Scott: Yeah, well, why can't we learn before that happens? You know, before the world comes just down on top of you and it's all --

Karen: The world hasn't crashed yet, ok? And hopefully it won't and you'll still have time with Lee.

Scott: Well, I needed him to be my father. But I'm going to tell you something. I was not the son that he really wanted me to be.

Karen: You never think you're all your parents want you to be.

Scott: You are. You're everything that I want you to be.

Gail: And Lee would be saying the very same thing to you. You know, that's one of the advantages of a crisis. It just makes you realize the people who are really important in your life.

Scott: Well, I've already realized it. So why doesn't somebody go in there and tell Lee so that he can get better?

Karen: I'm going to get some coffee. Would you like some?

Gail: Boy, I'd just love that, Karen. Thank you.

Karen: Ok. Anything?

Scott: Yeah, soda or something.

Karen: Ok.

Joe: Got the report from the scan.

Karen: A good Portion of his left lung is blocked.

Joe: Almost 35%. Do you want to tell your family?

Karen: Yeah. I should be the one.

Joe: I'm right here.

Karen: Thanks.

Scott: Karen, what's happening?

Karen: The clot has severely cut off the blood supply on one of his lungs.

Scott: What does that mean?

Joe: Monica Quartermaine wants to schedule Lee for the O.R. as soon as possible. I'll be assisting.

Gail: Joe, does that mean you're going to try and remove that lung?

Joe: We don't want that to happen.

Scott: What are the risks of this operation?

Joe: Well, the clot has to be removed in one piece. If it breaks off, it would result in more pulmonary emboli.

Scott: Joe, will you just speak English.

Karen: He could bleed to death on the table.

Joe: We've already ordered 10 units of blood.

Scott: Look, is there something else you could do? Why don't you shrink it with radiation?

Joe: I'm afraid surgery's our only option here.

Scott: So if he goes to surgery, he could die. And if he doesn't, he could die also. So that's great. Two nice options.

Serena: Are we going to the hospital to see Grandpa?

Lucy: Oh, yeah. Of course we are, just as soon as we can.

Serena: I hate hospitals. I had to be in one when I couldn't see. Now Neil has to go there because of his cancer. And now Grandpa's there.

Lucy: Yeah, I know. Um, hey, have you ever heard that saying, "an expert is as an expert does"?

Serena: No.

Lucy: Oh, well, I'm surprised. What it means is, well, you're an expert -- you are -- about hospitals because you were in the hospital so much with your eyesight problems. Remember? And because you were around the hospital so much for Neil. You know, your best friend was there. And, well, now he has to go back, and you are dealing with that. So this all makes you the perfect girl for the job.

Serena: What job?

Lucy: Helping your grandpa, of course. I mean, think about it. He's a lawyer. What does he know about hospitals? So you have to come up with some plan, you know, like an instructional idea for him to show him the ropes, teach him what to do.

Serena: You mean like the Jell-o that you get or the pudding or even which nurses are the best?

Lucy: Yes. See? An expert you are.

Serena: Ok. I'm going to go get some construction paper. Clear off the table. I'll be right back.

Lucy: Ok. Good. Hurry back.

Serena: Ok, I will.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucy: Oh. Well, Christina, we sort of handled that kind of off-the-cuff, didn't we? Yeah. I just wish we could help Grandpa the same way. Come on. Let's go see. Let's go see.

[Lucy hums]

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