Port Charles Transcript Monday 2/22/99

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eve: I'm fine.

Eve: There you go.

Ellen: I was not.

Ellen: Will you stop looking at that thing?

Lucy: Oh. I can't help it. My -- my psychic connections have been so much stronger now that I've gotten my life back on track with scott.

Ellen: Lucy, it was not fate that brought sebastian to port charles. It was your broadcast of our encounter on national television.

Lucy: Would you please just stay open to the possibility? If I hadn't done that, if I hadn't have stayed open to what the universe was trying to tell me, I might not have ever put that dress on in the mansion, and then I never would've been reunited with scott. And I needed to be. I was at the absolute lowest point of my life because I had lost kevin, and I didn't think that I would ever, ever be happy again. But now, every day, scott fills my life with a lot of joy.

Ellen: Oh, lucy.

Lucy: No, come on. All I'm trying to say is that infomercial is kind of like you putting on that dress, and an old love came back into your life just like it did for me.

Ellen: A, I am not at the lowest point in my life. I am with matt, and I'm very happy. And b, all this "the universe is talking to me" is just your way of trying to rationalize the fact that you're with scott and not with kevin. It was not the dress. It was not fate. It was you. Which is fine. I think it's great that you're with scott. But please, stop trying to cut my life to fit your pattern.

Lucy: I am not. And I'm not saying that you have to be in love with sebastian or that he's your true love or that you shouldn't be with matt. I'm just saying please, ellen, stay open to what is out there.

Ellen: Oh, ok, I will stay open, if you promise not to interfere.

Lucy: Deal.

Ellen: All right. I got to go to work.

Lucy: Oh, but there is one teeny, tiny, little thing.

Ellen: What?

Lucy: I was very, very good. I didn't tell sebastian how to find you. But he found you anyway.

Ellen: He doesn't know that.

Lucy: The point is, is you have to be prepared because whatever's going to happen is going to happen, whether I'm involved or not.

Eve: Ow! Since when did you get your ear pierced?

Chris: Oh, it's probably courtney'S. She was stuck here in the blizzard.

Eve: Now I know how you kept warm.

Chris: Come on. Nothing happened.

Eve: Yeah, right.

Chris: I'm serious. Evening didn't go beyond pg. Wasn't nearly as eventful as yours. No one around here said they were falling in love.

Eve: Why do you suppose kevin said that?

Chris: Well, he probably thought you were a goner and just wanted to make you feel better. He's probably sweating bullets right now, hoping you don't remember.

Eve: That is something that you would do. But kevin wouldn't do that -- not for that reason.

Chris: Hmm. Are you sure?

Eve: No.

Chris: Eve --

eve: Well, no, I mean, you know, he did think I was dying.

Chris: I was kidding.

Eve: Well, people tend to say all kinds of weird things to other people when they think it's the end.

Chris: Look, kevin could have said this because he actually meant it.

Eve: Well, maybe he meant it and then changed his mind.

Chris: You are so overanalyzing this.

Eve: I can't help it.

Chris: Is it so hard for you to believe that a guy could actually fall in love with you?

Eve: I don't know. I don't know. Isn't it strange that kevin said that to me last night, but this morning he didn't say a word?

Chris: Not necessarily. What did you say to him?

Eve: Well, I told him that I didn't remember anything between the avalanche and waking up in the hospital.

Chris: Well, there you have it. I mean, if he's anything like you, he's probably agonizing right now over whether you really don't remember or this is just your way of avoiding the issue.

Eve: You're right. You're absolutely right. And I didn't say anything. Oh, my gosh. I got to go over to his place right now and straighten this out before I go nuts.

Victor: Where's eve? I thought you were going to bring her back with you.

Kevin: Oh, she wanted to rest in her own bed.

Victor: Are you all right?

Kevin: Just spent the last hour driving around trying to figure out what's going on between eve and me.

Victor: But I thought you were very happy together when we started that trip.

Kevin: We were! I am!

Victor: But?

Kevin: I started dating eve as a distraction, a diversion. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The more time I spent with her, the less time I would have to think about lucy. But frankly, I think deep down, I've always believed that lucy was the only woman I'd ever really love. But things are different now. I find myself thinking about eve more and more. I look forward to being with her. I miss her when she isn't around. She brings out the kid in me! I feel uninhibited around her! I love that!

Victor: It's true that eve can light up a room, but the same could certainly be said of lucy.

Kevin: Now, wait a minute. My relationship with eve is a lot different than the one I had with lucy. For one thing, it's a lot less complicated. Eve and i have a lot more ways that we're similar. We have similar backgrounds and attitudes.

Victor: Well, it seems to me that, from what you've said, you're just falling in love with someone you've been dating. Nothing wrong with that.

Kevin: Then why do I feel so disloyal to lucy? What does it mean when you feel unfaithful to the woman you broke up with?

Matt: Hi.

Ellen: Hi.

Matt: Where'd that come from?

Ellen: I can't be happy to see you?

Matt: Well, certainly. It's just not standard operating procedure for ellen burgess.

Ellen: It's just that snowstorm kept us from being together last night.

Matt: Let's say we make up for lost time with dinner over at my place?

Ellen: You are on. Has it been busy today?

Matt: No, not really. Someone came in looking for you this morning.

Ellen: Who?

Matt: Oh, he didn't say.

Ellen: "He"?

Matt: Yeah, he didn't want to say what it was about -- only that it was personal.

Ellen: What did he look like?

Matt: Oh, a tall african-american with a goatee, fairly handsome.

Ellen: Great.

Matt: Is there a problem?

Ellen: It sounds like the man that's looking for me is sebastian dupree, the man that I met 10 years ago at mardi gras.

Matt: So the man that you met at mardi gras is here?

Ellen: I'm afraid so.

Matt: Ellen, how did he find you?

Ellen: It's kind of a long story.

Matt: Well, I've got time.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Harmon to room 604. Dr. Matt harmon, room 604.

Matt: I'll be right back.

Ellen: I'm not going anywhere.

Sebastian: Excuse me. Dr. Ellen burgess, please.

Nurse: Right over there.

Sebastian: Dr. Burgess.

Ellen: Oh, hi. It's so nice to see you again.

Sebastian: Nice to see you again, milady.

Ellen: You know.

Sebastian: Yes.

Ellen: I figured that's why you were here.

Sebastian: Why didn't you tell me last night at dinner?

Ellen: It has been so many years, and frankly, I forgot about the day completely until recently.

Sebastian: I've never forgotten about it. But you know that from dinner last night.

Ellen: I should've said something.

Sebastian: Yeah.

Ellen: I apologize.

Sebastian: I have so much I want to discuss. Can we meet for coffee later?

Ellen: I can'T.

Sebastian: How about breakfast tomorrow? I mean, whatever you want, you name it.

Ellen: I'm seeing someone.

Sebastian: Oh.

Ellen: Matt.

Matt: Hi.

Ellen: This is the gentleman I was telling you about, sebastian dupree. Sebastian, this is dr. Matt harmon, my significant other.

Sebastian: Nice to meet you.

Matt: Likewise.

Ellen: I'm sorry you came such a long way to be disappointed.

Sebastian: Well, this trip wasn't a complete bust. When you left last night, I had a conversation with a gentleman at the bar who was having a little problem with his company. I made a few suggestions, and he offered me a job.

Ellen: Amazing.

Sebastian: It's funny how things work out sometimes, huh?

Ellen: Fate.

Sebastian: Yeah.

Matt: So does this mean that you'll be staying in port charles?

Sebastian: For a while. I was wondering if I can take you guys out for lunch sometime while I'm here. How about it?

Victor: Hello?

Eve: Ha! Take that, earth scum! Oh, I'm sorry, victor. Wrong foe.

Victor: It's a good thing for you that my at de-energizer gun is in my other jacket.

Eve: Is kevin here?

Victor: No. What are you doing outside in the cold after your close call the other day?

Eve: Well --

victor: You -- you should be home resting.

Eve: I was resting. I was. But I got bored, so I thought I would come over here and bring this laser tag game over as a thank-you gift for kevin. So, when will he be back?

Victor: Uh, I -- I don't know.

Eve: Oh. Well, where is he?

Victor: Well, it's hard to say where -- where he is this exact minute.

Eve: Victor?

Victor: Yes?

Eve: You're hiding something.

Victor: Well, it's -- it's nothing to make a big to-do over. It's --

eve: Well, great. Then I don't see why you can't tell me where he is.

Victor: Well, he's with lucy. They had a few things to straighten out -- but I'm sure he'll be home any moment. Why don't we just play laser tagvbpo

cuntil he gets back?

Eve: Oh, thanks, victor, but I think you were right. I do need to get some rest. I'm not feeling very well. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Lucy: Scott baldwin, you tell me at least how the meeting went, ok? Well, can't you at least give me a couple little details? Ok. All right, I guess I can wait if I have to. By the way, I have an incredible meal waiting for you when you get home. I've been slaving over the stove for hours and hours and hours. It's called italian takeout, ok? All right. Hey, I could order dessert, too. Ooh. Mmm, that sounds very, very nice. And you do remember that serena's on that sleepover, huh? Ok. Yeah, you, too. Hurry home because I really am starting to miss you when you're away. Ok. All right, ta.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucy: Doc.

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