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the murderer used to disguise his -- or, shod s, her voice.* Es &r fied her. Qh

lark: Wyou thin k my mother is the "general homicide" killer?

Frank: Well, that's what we want to find out.

Clark:Es no, someone ha d to setqh her up@[ Tfo buying that device.Po

hhfr@[Ank: How hacorlme your name was on the purchase receipt?

Lark: Look, I'm in much c the dark about this as anyone. This I s a a P.

frank: Susanne, did you buyh fhh@[C% _

susanne: I believe I did.

Frank: Why did you buy it? Where did you get the money to buy it?

Susanne: I got the money from herha.Hd pohh%_ it was all lark's idea. %@nqhh c qhc%*lq cha

kevin: Can't this thing get any lower?

C ranger: Any closer to the tree line, they'll encour bodies.

Kevin: Well, lucy has to bees@n down there* somewhehhre. Cwe have to find a betterha way * ab to look for her.

Ranger: I'll fly% as lowhd as I can, dr. Collins.*@[ Cwe lose a lot of hikers in these canyons.Crt she'll be ok if the woods. Is she a regular camper, houtdoors* type?

%Kevin: _Not in this lifetime. Please go lower. Cesc

ranger: We're getting some heavy weather.

Kevin: And I hdon't care. Just get down there.Lqhhaw lucy's car ov er that last ridge, which means she has to be down there somewhere.Qhes@[D rl

lucy: Oh. If I never see another marshmallow again, it'll be tooc soon .Ha %[ Ok.C I got to get up.* Rtha come on, luce, you got -- oh. Look at my shoes, my new satin shoes. They're ruined. They're gohne.Es %e --lqpo stop it. Come on.Es abellen. Think about ellen.Harlhd_%lqhh got to geset o utlq@[Iab%@n*portesab

[Helicopter approaches]

Lucy: Ow. Come on, you got to think aboutqh ellen.Hd oh, my god.es hhoh , my god.@N a helicopter!Rt crl@[Rt hey! Hey! Start a fire, start -- no, use your flashlight, use your flashlight. Hey!Porl hdcome% on! F hey! Hey!'M down here!Hrt I'm down --_lq@[C% qh come back! Don't go! Listen, I'm down here! I'm here! Come get me! Come save me! Don't go! Don't go! I'm here! Here! C come back! Come back!

[Bear growls]Ha hdu }}

[Captioning made possible by U.S. Department of education]Rl _ abc cesj@[Qabqhpo@nh_ter ride wasn_'t so bad down the mountain, hwa s *it?Po_ abhhq how you feeling?

Ellen: I'm fine.

Matt: Yeah? They're going to be waiting for us at G.H.Hes abc you're going to be just finenesa.h*haes % elhhlen: What about lucy?Esabwhere is she?H have they found her yet? %

Matt: Kevin's up there in a chopper right now lookingc for her as we speak. He's not going to give up until he findshd her and shhhe's s afe.

Ellen:Po the conditions arehd rtterr ible for a slqearch.[_ Rt

matt: Qhi hknowpo.Rt

ellen: I'm worried about her,% matt.Po she's -- she's not used to roughing it.Ea* rt hab@[Hd_rt*@nrl ces /

lucy: Fancy meeting you here hdagain.%Po@n c ok, what do they sayh?Po c play dead. Play dead, right? I can't play dead. You just saw me flailing around, right?. I'm alive.* Ok. Qhnot for long if @[I don'pot rtthink. Hd@n* lqf %I'm h( c hh rtI'm going to back up slowly, very slowawllqy. _Rt c no sudden movements, and I'm% pogoing to blend in here. Just going to sort of blend into the scenery.% Going to become like a leaf or a pine needle or maybe _ju st*qhpo c ab%

a branch. [Bear growls*]

[Lucy rgasps]% Ablqhhr

lucy: No?Es@n ok. Ok. Listen, well, smoky bear, c you've got to give me a break* here. What's the odds of a personh runninig into trlhees sam e becar port cha on the same mounta day, huh?Po *hdit_'s jusrtt ridiculous.

[Bear growls]

Lucy: Or not. Have it your way. Zb@[ Ok, look, I may appear to bepoharlab@nand I guess I'vertes hd qh hh]Rl po cbeen tol look, I'm just skin and bones here. There's really nothing nourishing -- nothing you'd want to eat, all right? So, really , just lqheave me al cone%s because th cerhae's reallyab nothing c% hh hd poiblqport crl he%re excep tpohaesab mrtc% these.Qh ok, listen, you're going to like this . Don't jump when I throw it, but you're going to like I ct. It's tastier thartn luhacy on rye. d* hd_porl rt yes. Hdok. I don't have too many. Wow, you ate that fast.Rl abok, here goes. Anotpo *hah lq see?Ha_ oohh, yum. C% yum, yum, yum. Eat up. Tasty, huh? Rlohes, no .* You've got five minutes at the mhd % lucy, think.Rl mthabink of s@nomethhing. Po esgo on. Hd

cok, here clqomes@[ Number @[ *@Nh% hd cab

lark: I can'@nt believabe you're turning me in. I didn't do anything.

Frank: I am not turning you in. We're all in this together. Now, if someone you up , don'hht you want* t o get to the bottom of it? Ab

garcia: Yo u macy wishlq * Hyou weren't involved,%@n _ frhaank: Now, garcia, there are a lot of clues pointing at ahh lot @nof different people. I brought lark with us to help us try to figure out what's going on.

Garcia: And I'd appreciate your cooperation.Halqhh@[R po hab qh susanne, why didn't you tell meheno hI qu*estioned you earlier? _ Susanne: Call me mrs. Madison.

Lark: Cmom.Rl % _ susanne: It's my name. I deserve some respect. Qh*rtrlabc I di dn*'t tell cyou because hd you didn c't ask.C%qh es abcia: You said lrlark wa s hthe one who asked you to purchase the voice activator. Is that true?Lqab

susa nne: I did?Rl c @n qhfr an k:* Before we cameh here, yes,rt y couha did. Bdhh qhc_ she's pretty unbalanced. I don't know if she has a clue what she's saying.

Hdsusaesnne: It's rude c lpo@[ L,% *hakdI needpo trto ask ndyou some questions.Ha c%es

su salnne: I hate people like you.Rl

garcia: Now, you were just_ recently r eleased from a psyc_hiatric hopospital. Rles

absusanne: Yes.Wd lq@[What ocf it?L _abcwd@[*

Lark: My mothe r sk.Pohahh] She's been in and out of institutions for years.

Susanne: Nobody asked your opinion.Zd

frank: What day did lark ask you to buy the device? Where did yolu two meet?* V

susavnne: *I podon't ree detartil cs.Harllq@[

Frank: Ok. haif you don't r emabember the ti me or the place, do you remember what lark was wearing?

Lark: I wasn't the one that m put her up to buying it. Esnow, mom, was it another woman? Was she tall, skinny, with long, curly brown rthair?

Crl frank: Now, don't try to haqhng this on julie!Lqhh

@Nlark: Don't tr y to hang it on me! I haven't done anything wrong!

Susanne: Don't listen to lark. She's a cbad girl. She always has been. She's been trying to kill me since she was a baby.

Garcia: Is that so?

Lark: Please stop lying, mother!% Clq she shouldn't be out of the hospital. She has no idea what she's saying. Now, come on, guys, I know I have pulled some stupid stunts in the past, but this is about murder. C I am not lying. I did not buy that device, and I have nothing to do with any of the "general homicide" deaths! %She has to be somewhere out here. c she can't ju%st disappear into thin air.

Ranger: Ground team might have better luck on foot.

Kevin: Then do both. You and I will keep searching from the chopper. They can comb the woods.

Ranger: I'll call it in.Hdabrles

kevin: There she is! 2:00, right there. There's something with her. Oh, my god. It's a bear. C *all right, we got to put this thing rldown.*

Ranger: There's no place to land.

Kevin: Look, we've got to do something now!

Lucy: Oh, no. Oh. Oh. Oh, no, don't go. Please don't go. Don't le please don'T. That's it. Ok. Mr. Beary, that's it. That's theo last of the

cmarshmallows. You lookc happy, right? You look fit. Are you happy and stuffed? Oh. I bet you don't like that word, "stuffed." You probably have nightmares about being stuffed or --

[Bear growls]

Lucy: Mounted or somebody's rug on the floor.C forget I said that. Hdplease forget I said that. I'm out of marshmallows. This was supposed to be the big bag! Music. @[Music soothes the savage beast.fhhrl _c ok, try this on.

[Bear growls]

Lucy: Shine on shine on harvest moon oh, yeqhah, yeah ok, that's not good.Lq

[Beahdr _growls] Cc% @[ Po c lucy: Beautiful dreamer wake unto me po@[ C tflqhh@[A * po @ o .* Cqh es hh@[J abc% * hd_ po it I-- h lqha nc _% ab po@[ *--B* at hdk rlhhw %

Frank: I want to find out the @ntruth.hh that's the only reason we're here.

Lark: No, it's not. Your girlfriend, frank. You're only interested in saving julie.

Frank: I am not throwing you to the wolves. Don't you want to find out who the real killer is and help clear your name?

Lark: Well, I know who it is -- julie. Rt cqi@[* Poqirt chaes%es ab%lq

lark: When was the lpoast time you took your medicine, mom?

Susanne: Those pills are poison, lark.Es you can't fool me the way you did thos e othe cr people. H*% ]I@[U threw those pills away the minute I got out of the hospital. C c you're not murdering me.

Garcia: Well, that was the psychiatric hospital.

Frank: What did they say?Ab%

ga rcia:Hh @[Susanne cwas rele asedc over a month ago. Hh@[Hshe was being ctreated on an outpatient basis, but she failed to keep her appointments.

Frank: I was lark's guardian. Why didn't they notify me?

Garcia: Apparently, they called your house and spoke with lark. Es susanne: Notified.Hhd_ rt I saw her.Es she was there waiting when I got out, full of tears and concern. That's why I wasn't going to let her sink her teeth in rtme. That's why I went to livertha on the street.

Lark: Mom, that is not true. I would never hurt you.

Susanne: You're a sneaky, evil liar. Haven't you ever noticed that hdabout her?

Frank: Lark, why didn't you tell me she was released? I would've been able to help you with her.

Lark: I was afraid if you found out you wouldn't go through with the adoption,abhd and I was scared family court_ would with her again.

Garcia: Maybe you kept her a secret so you can use her to help you get rid of the people you don't like.

Lark: Does this woman look like she's in any condition to help anybody do anything? * Hdsusa nne: I have done everything you told me to do abfor %years! I used to be strong enough to resist her, but she fixed that.

Garcia: How did she fix that?

Susanne: She put a computer chip in my brain! It is no coincidence she works in a hospital. She needs access to medical tools and operating rooms. She inserted the chip, and she's had control over me ever since.C% @n

frank: Until lark's mother is back on her medication, it's going to be impossible to have a lucid conversation with her.

Garcia: I wonder what she'll tell us then. *Porles haes hh@[

Matt: Just keep that ankle elevated, ok?Qh

ellen: Ok.

Matt: And I brought an ice pack to keep the swelling down, so I'll just put ith %on there. Ok. Qh c

ellen: Chahave you heard anything about lucy?

Matt: Well, I'm in touch with the rangers up there, but nothing yet, no.*Ese conditio_nsab@[ Must make it very difficult.Abcpoc @nhpo hd_

matt: Yep. They're pretty unpredictable.

Ellen: I'm hoping for the best, but I just keep imagining the worst.

Matt: Come on, ellen, lucy's made ofstuff, just like you._ Po

ellen: All I %can see is lucyha@n c _hu rt and bleeding somewhere and needing help.Hac

matt: Don't ju mp we hcaven 't heard anything bad.Eslq hd_ ellen: Haor good.Ab% yk7

lucy: Beautiful dreamer@[ Go to sleep c oh, little baby bearqh c ha esoh, won't yo u ableav%e?F* it worked okha I'm going @n rt clittle smoky bear, I hope rtyou have sweet dreamsg forest fires.Rl you know, athd least somebody * liked my singing. And it's been swell. Hope you keep your fur on.Rl and see you again real soon. T ta.

[Lucy gasps]

Lucy: No!

[Gqhunhsh ot] Eslq!@N rtyou coesuld've klqilled my bear! What were you doing? He's just a harmless little creature! _You should be ashamed of you rself!% Po raqhnger it was a* estranquil_iz kevigln: Did you really say es"your" beacr?%es that harmless little creature ab could've ripped you to shreds!

Lucy: Doc!

Kevin:Qh all right, all right.*

Lucy: Doc, you're here.N: Citha's aesll rig@nht. Ab@[

Lucy:Rl oh, my god, cdoc!@Nqhpo c rles kevin: It's all right.Ha you' reab scafe no@nw.Qhh you're safe.

Lucy: Ohab, doc -- rt es kehdvin: It's ok.

Lucy: I tried to send you signals, you know, that I was in trouble. I figured you _migh t get them.Ha I tried worksending to youhar miesnd. @M I'm so grtlad! qh

kevin: Lucy coe, stuck up in the m ountains?Rt I figured it was safe to assume the worst.Port haare you hurt anywhere?

Lucy: No. Haohes, ellen!Qh ellen!

Kevin: No, no, no, it's all right.

Lucy: She's in the cabin!It's all rightpo. Jmwelq fou@[Nd her.*rl

%lucyhd:_ *.Po sh e's *al ready behaenrlc lmlqsent@[ In to G.H., Which is where I wantrt you to go because I@[ Want@nqh you checked out, all right?

Lucy: Lqreally worried about me?

Kevin: Of course I was worried. What kind of a question is that?Hd [@N@nhab vmlqhh xlucy:% Well, I just thought, _

kevin: Are you ready to go?Hhha

lucy: Oh, boy, am I really ready to go.Lq

kevin: Come on.Rt wahhtc@[H your sctep. Qh

lucy: Ok.Hh@nes po@[L

lucy : You certaiabnly don't look any worse for the wear.

Abellen: Thanks to you.Ep c rt c poha%lqfpo * hdrl

ellen: Well, I see you haven't had time to get your hair done yet.Rl I hope you 've at least been checke rtes lu: I'abm going toqh do that. I am. I just wanted cto% make sure that you're ok. Are you feeling ok? You know, I got to be honest with you -- when you fell downlq that well, I really wasn't sure yopou were going to make it.Es

lqelle@[N: Ohrt, I'm smesall, b ut* I'm@n tough.Abf c you gave me a scare, though. I mean, lucy coe and the wilderness aren't exactly a match made in heaven.

Lucy: Well, I've sort of become a regular danielle ab %boone.@Nmq@[ Ellen:Es well, have you looked in a mirror lately, danielle?Lqqh

lucy: No. Heaven forbid. I'm not going to do that until I take a nice, hot, long bath.

Matt: Well, rlthe wilderness is obviously no mlucy._H

lucy: Well, how could I no tyqlq win? My doc came along to save me.

Kevin: Ellen, you were lucky. I'm just glad we got there in time.H

ellen: Well, tell me all hhhthe details of lucy's rescue, because I hear you had quite an adventure.

Kevin: No, no, not really.

Lucy: Oh, baloney. He risked his life to save me.Kq I was trapped by that bear.

Ellen: The bear came back?

Lucy: The same bear.

Ellen: The same bear?

Lucy: Yes, the same darn bear. You know what I had to do? You remember_ those marshmallows?Rl well, abi kept feeding it and it saved me a little time, and then I ran out of marshmallows. And all of a sudden, I heard the sound of rolling thunder.

Kevin: Lucy --

lucy: And then there he was,%@nrt chaqh my d_oc , running in to save me.

Kevin: No, you're blowing this all out of proportion.

Lucy: No, I'm not. Doc, every time I need you, yoesu sense it and you come and find me. You do. Hdu

nurse: The doctor's ready for you now, miss coe.

Kevin: You know, I think that's a good idea. You should go get checked out now.

Ellen: Hey --l rl@n thanks for coming by.

Lucy: I will catch you later. Marshmallow, maybe? No. No, no.E

cexrlfoliations I n this h ospital, hmm?Hh thank you.

Matt: Pohey. C es pr@[ We were supposed to spend a romantic weekend together. You end up with lucy coe.

Ellen: I owe her my life.

Matt: Well, then I owe her mine --lqqh olutesely out c qhof my head if I ever lost you. @Nh ha qh *hh_ poha

kevi*n: Sohh, how did you get ellen out of that well?C ha v % lucy: Well, I got the sheets off the bed-sofa thingpo anesd I tied it getherabd en* I took my gianni wrap and I tied it on the end and I threw it down the well and I just pulled her out. Must've been adrenalinelhd ores something.Qh

kevin: That is amazing.Hpoablqhh@[ Ha doc, w%hat's amazin*g@n cha c hh c is you.% @[ Abyou came and rescued the woman that you love. And now it's ok because we can crl hd put everything behind us. Po crl ant to start o ver, start fr*es h, y_ou know? Charlc%h

kevin: Lucy,c ots misunderstand.Rlab lucy: Oh, I don'T. _ * Don't worry, I don'T.Ha ab% I know that you love me so much and you were so concerned that you came.

Kevin: No, no, lu cy, that doesn't -- it doesn't matter.C _ *@nqhhrlc cab *lq cha I mean, hhwhat happened_ha on the mountain hasn't changedhaclq anything for me. Chh_@nqh 7 ab_porl chaes qtlqhh@[V rl luqhcy: But thrlat's not possible.Rlabhh chah* ces

ke c r yo_ grlrohh@[Ab impression.Rtm harl% @nqh ces hh%hd_porlrlrl * c%

lucy: But you came to me. You came seswoopin g out hdof the skyrt c in * hel@nicqhhr to% po @[What isswerepo you c hoping for? * hd% cha *ithd_%it

kevin: I know this isn't easy;haes hdto hea r, especially given whatab hd c o out,8 + abc qhrtharl rthh@[5ab% *hd_ lu, can't rglq whhma derl abcus separate @nin the first placepo@nqhab @[Harleslq@[ Ab%t we c anab fix it.2rt

chawe can f_ix that to ge th*er. cwe c an't lq tha porl I @n@es hh, po c%*lq,po%t c t hdpoh % lucy, buyou hhwouldn 'tpo have beenes% in trouble in the first ple _erfue, es ab han crl realqso@[U went u hab s b+ rap *erthvepo @n ab hd_rtqhabclqhhrt% lq qhh I hhlove youab_ha%*rl _ *es c *uu lqI loveou.Es qh portuu@[Q c_*

cbut I don't trust you,_%@nh%@[K crl_ % and rti can'rlt live like th@[At.C*port[Ulqkhdc*lqhhrlh_urtharlcu : Thenabh you ha 't* ha lqsavefd me.* Po I wish yhou'd let that bear eatrl lq@[ Rtmeha becau se I@n would prefer thatgu ohaabi' gu cesh po gulqhhqhh *chh< qhhab_ _*qhhhd_posuhdlq es ab ha

lark: I'll come and visit you, mom.Rtharl

susanne: You may have*rl everybody else f ooled, lark, but you can'ht fool me.Po c c@n you' re capable of anything. Murder is a hobby to you.Qh lq\ *lqyabc%lvhclvhhy@nqh *

frank: Hey, going back to the hospital is the bestrt thing @nfor hrlrvlq@[ Hshe *needs constant supervisi on.% * Cha rthaeshh@[ Ohh cj I y hell myself hath at all the time, but% it*rt

c n'hdt _c difrence. Rtrlc esxv

garcia: It's time to go,@n _xvpoha@n popleaha dones't s tr uge. %

Port who' s @nin7 flark c%an make pehaoprlle t hink_qhwhever she wan ts*.Chdharl *open your eyes! Poha

ab k:@Nge heouhaofer rt @n susanne: Evdetective,po * * if y'tel ie mabrl c hdthrte voicrlac titor, thehuttoabn hvlqpo crl li tqhhe trupoth!Hahv hh cgarcia:_ Hort ihat!Rl hesold it!Lqhh charl bn? @Nqhh crles kv cqh *abrl lqhh7 *c harl susanne: Th*e button labark hidrtnvhh at d@narmoab she tried lq to kill him.Poes qv qhab*qv@[6 po @nharl es ga@[Rc.Ia: I found --abha lqi fo.Un d aba button on cthhae flqhc poofrl mes t 's bathrooc meha mpli@nqhevinhd%port coll o bhhut@[ I+ dn'buy

frank: Was it planthded?

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