Port Charles Transcript Thursday 6/4/98

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lucy: Hey, pumpkin head. It's your almost-mommy here. I had kevin run home and get me the dress you like so much -- you know, the little sundress that matches your eyes. And I got him to bring me the butterfly earrings that you love so much. You know, remember how I always tell you stories about when you were in my tummy? And remember how I told you how you used to squirm and kick me so much that at night I couldn't even sleep. And so I would stay awake, and I'd tell you stories. And I would make up these magical stories -- at least, I thought they were. Some of them were good -- the phony ones, you know, but the best ones were the true ones, the ones about you. Because I knew that when you were in my tummy you could hear me, just like I know that you can hear me and feel everything I'm saying to you. I love you, serena. I love you so much, and I need you to get better. Remember, too, when I was so sick? It's kind of like we've traded places here, you know. I was in a bed just like this, and you made me get better. You remember, you took my hand, and I could feel you telling me, "lucy, don't you leave me. You can't leave me."@[ Well, that's what I'm telling you right now. Do you hear me? You cannot leave me because I need you. I need you so very much. See, we're not done. We haven't finished playing all those dress-up games -- and concentration. And you know what? I'll tell you a little secret -- I'm going to talk to your daddy into letting you get your ears pierced when you get bigger. And you can borrow these butterfly earrings. I need to tell you how sorry I am, too. I never meant for this to happen. This wasn't what I planned on, see. I would never, ever hurt you -- not in a million, million years. And you're not going to understand this, and it's really hard for me to explain it. And I have to blame eve for this because if I don't, I will go completely insane. But, serena, I siphoned the gas out of eve's car. I did it. I am -- I'm so sorry. You have to forgive me. Please, please.

[Door closes]

[Captioning made possi U.S. Department of education]

Lucy: I was just telling her how sorry I was that this happened, you know, pand to forgive me for not being there, you know.

Scott: That's ok, lucy. Serena knows how sorry everybody is. I'm just glad you're here. I'm telling her little stories to try and cheer her up, but I think just hearing your voice is the best thing right now.

Lucy: Thank you, pal. I think that's probably the nicest thing I've ever heard you say to me.

Scott: Let's go outside, ok? Serena, everybody's pulling for you, so just work hard at waking up. I'm going to go outside with lucy for a minute.

Scott: She's just fighting so hard in there. Maybe this is too much to ask a little girl to do. Maybe I should just let her go and -- let her go. Let her to her mother.

Lucy: What are you -- what are you saying? Don't do this. Don't -- don't -- don't say that, ok? Listen to me, scott, you can't even think that. We have to stay positive. She can hear us. We have to encourage her as much as we can. Do you hear me?

Scott: Lucy, ellen told me the longer that she's unconscious, the worse things can get.

Lucy: No. No, you know doctors don't know anything. If she was leaving us, I would feel it. I know her presence. It's with us. She is not going anywhere.

Scott: But there's one more thing -- her eyes are damaged. Now, they don't know until the ophthalmologist gets in there and does some tests, but there's a possibility she's going to be blind.

Lucy: No. I don't believe that. I refuse to believe that. She's going to be fine. Do you hear me? She is going to be fine, and she's going to wake up and she's going to look right at us and she's going to demand one of those little ridiculous corn dogs you always give her. You tell the kitchen here to get a corn dogs for her. Do you hear me? You tell them!

Scott: She's got to be fine. She's got to be fine. She's got to be fine.

Eve: Karen? Karen, is there any change with serena?

Karen: I just talked to a nurse. Her vitals are still the same. She's unconscious.

Eve: Oh, god. This waiting -- this waiting is unbearable. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Karen: I just wish this had never happened.

Eve: Oh, no, karen. Oh, karen, you got to believe me -- I would rather die than hurt serena. If I could change what happened, I would.

Karen: I know. I didn't mean to blame you. I know it's not your fault, and I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. I just -- I'm kind of freaking out here, you know. She's my little sister. I feel so damn helpless. There's nothing I can do to --

eve: I know. I know. I know what you mean. I -- joe.

Joe: Serena is a scrapper, just like her big sister is, ok?

Karen: Ok.

Joe: She is going to pull through this.

Karen: Ok. How is it you always know how to come in at the right time and help me?

Joe: It's simple -- I love you. Do you remember when you were there for me when I didn't think frank was going to make it?

Karen: Yeah. Watching you go through that was agonizing, but I didn't quite understand until now. Working pediatrics every day has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. And now with serena in I.C.U. -- I don't understand how people go through that when one of those children is part of their family.

Neil: Hey, dr. Karen, dr. Joe.

Joe: Hey, neil.

Neil: I heard serena was hurt. Is she going to be ok?

Karen: Yeah. We hope so.

Courtney: Karen, I am so sorry. Serena's a wonderful little girl.

Neil: Maybe I could cheer her up. Can I see her?

Karen: That's a great idea, but she's asleep right now.

Neil: Well, I always liked it when I have visitors, even when I am too tired to say anything.

Joe: You know, I'm sure serena feels the same way, but she doesn't look so good right now, so maybe now is not the best time.

Neil: I've seen a lot of sick kids, dr. Joe. I'm used to it.

Karen: You know what? That's a great idea. And you're a great friend, so -- well, why don't we go see how she's doing. Come on. Ok? Follow me.

Courtney: Thanks.

Frank: Julie, you have a bunch of my things in your apartment that I would like to get back. You want me to get them myself or --

julie: Oh, taken care of -- your beck C.D., Your ratty cubs sweatshirt, and michael moore book are already in the living room. So is your box of condoms. Did I forget anything?

Frank: No, that sounds like everything I'll be needing. Thanks.

Courtney: Hmm. The condoms, too? What are you going to do, make balloon animals?

Frank: Very funny.

Courtney: Well, it sounds like someone's been kicked to the curb. You'll need a hobby to get you through those cold, lonely nights.

Lucy: Oh, evie. Have you been up to I.C.U. Lately? Do you really realize what you've done to serena?

Eve: If I could change places with serena in that car, I would do it in a second.

Lucy: I was right about you the whole time. You saw a rich widower with a kid, and you went after the kid, and now you've put serena's life in jeopardy.

Eve: Can't you find some room in that miserable little heart of yours for some mercy?

Lucy: You don't deserve it from me. But I'll tell you what I will give you -- a promise to remind you what you did to serena every minute of every single day for the rest of your miserable life.

nurse: Excuse me. Children aren't allowed.

Karen: I know, but as one of the patient's doctors, I'm making an exception, so I take full responsibility, ok?

Nurse: Ok.

Karen: All right. Hey, scott. Neil wanted to see serena and cheer her up. Is that ok?

Scott: It's a heck of an idea.

Karen: All right. Here we go.

Neil: She doesn't look so bad.

Karen: Hey, serena. Neil's here to see you, sweetie.

Neil: Seems kind of funny, huh -- me visiting you? When you start feeling better, I'll show you the ropes and we'll have fun.

Scott: What do you got, a little picnic there?

Neil: It's a present. This is boba fett's slave i ship. Dr. Karen and dr. Joe made it for me. It helped me get better, like magic. Now it can help you, too.

Scott: Hey, thanks a lot for bringing your magic in.

Neil: Don't be sad. She'll wake up real soon.

Frank: How's she doing?

Joe: She's still unconscious.

Julie: Hey. The lab just dropped off these reports on the rodriguez kid. No rush, but I'd appreciate a second opinion.

Joe: Ok. I'll look at it when I get a chance.

Frank: Hi, julie. Running into you twice in one day. I'm a lucky man.

Julie: Has there been any change in serena's condition?

Joe: No.

Julie: Will you give karen my best and let her know that I'm praying for serena?

Joe: I will. Thank you.

Julie: Ok. Take care.

Joe: So, you want to tell me what's going on with you two? She barely even talked to you.

Frank: She's sore because I dumped her.

Joe: You guys broke up?

Frank: Free at last, free at last.

Joe: Without so much as a backwards glance, apparently.

Frank: Yeah, I am not going to waste my good looks and charm on somebody who brings me down.

Joe: So, does this mean julie's going to move out?

Frank: No, she's sticking around while she looks for a place.

Joe: So it's going to be like world war iii at the house.

Frank: Better strap on your helmet.

Courtney: Joe, I wanted to thank you for letting neil visit serena. It does him as much good as her.

Joe: Well, I'm happy to do anything to make those kids happy. Excuse me. I have a patient I need to see.

Courtney: Bye.

Frank: You know, courtney, for somebody who is a real pain in the neck, you actually seem like a decent mother.

Courtney: Oh. Is frankie cranky because the pretty doctor dumped him? Well, I know a place that sells inflatable dolls, if you're interested.

Frank: Oh. Well, that figures, because you are an expert at blowing hot air.

Karen: Hey, neil, let's go find your mom. I think I just saw her.

Scott: I'm going to go with you because I want to talk to dr. May.

Karen: Ok.

Eve: Hi, girlfriend. You sure are popular. You know that? Because every time I've come by to see you, there's so many people around here. It's like there's a party going on. Serena? Baby, you have to get better, ok? Everybody loves you so much. Daddy loves you. And, you know, you just -- you just have this way, this certain way of just bringing out the best in all of us. And we need that. And besides, we were getting to be pretty good friends. And I hope that doesn't change when you wake up.

Scott: What are you doing in here?

Eve: Scott. I just came to see serena. I had to see her.

Scott: I told you to stay away from my daughter.

Eve: Come on, it was an accident. I never meant to hurt her.

Scott: My daughter is in a coma now because of your stupidity. I trusted you. I trusted you with the most important person in my life. And I should have known better than let someone like you --

eve: Come on, scott, please. If I could take it all back, I would. You know I would.

Scott: Well, you can't, eve. You can'T. So I don't see what the point is, you hanging around here, waiting -- serena.

Eve: Oh, my god. Serena.

Scott: Serena. Serena's waking up.

Scott: She's waking up.

Karen: Has she said anything yet?

Scott: No. No, no. She just moved her hand. That's why I just called for help.

Eve: Her vitals are fine.

Karen: Come on, honey. Time to rise and shine, sweetie.

Scott: Come on, serena. Come on, wake up. Wake up. Can you hear me?

Serena: Daddy?

Scott: Oh. Baby. Baby, you're awake. I missed you. You've been sleeping for a long time.

Serena: Why? Why can't I see you? What happened?

Scott: Serena, you had an accident.

Serena: What kind of accident?

Scott: It was a car accident. But you're ok. You're here at general hospital, and these bandages are just on you so that your eyes can just rest for a while.

Serena: What about eve? She was in the car with me, wasn't she?

Scott: She's ok. She's ok. Now, you just -- you just concentrate on getting better and getting these bandages off so -- so we can get you home. All right?

Serena: Daddy, is it daytime?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Serena: Seems like nighttime. Maybe if you hold my hand it won't seem so dark.

Scott: I'll hold your hand for as long as you want, serena.

Frank: You know how to read, too?

Courtney: And I don't even move my lips.

Frank: You know, I have spent so much time disliking you. I had no idea you were such a comedian.

Courtney: Are you hitting on me?

Frank: Now, why in the hell would I do that?

Courtney: This is all about your ego, isn't it? You got dumped, so I'm your next challenge. I hate you, so you figure if you can convince me to go out with you, then you're going to be a big stud.

Frank: No, I don't have to prove anything to myself or anyone else. But I am willing to overlook the fact that you are a conniving witch and take you to lunch.

Courtney: Your approach needs a lot of work. You may feel like a new man, but you're still a lousy jerk.

Joe: What is that about? Those two hate each other.

Julie: Somebody should warn her.

Joe: Julie, I'm sorry about your breakup, but I can't say that I'm surprised. I mean, frank hasn't been easy to deal with ever since the accident.

Julie: He's been a complete stranger. One minute he's sweet, the next minute he's bouncing off the walls.

Courtney: It is so obvious you are trying to make your girlfriend jealous. Where did you learn your strategy, junior high?

Frank: One lunch. What's the worst that could happen?

Courtney: Well, indigestion, for starters.

Frank: I'll bring the pepto-bismol.

Lucy: Oh! I just heard. Hi, love bug. It's me, lucy. I knew you'd wake up. I knew it. I kept waiting and waiting. I didn't think of anything else but you, and you did. I hope you had some great dreams.

Serena: While I was asleep, I had a dream about you and sigmund.

Lucy: Oh.

Serena: Did you bring him?

Lucy: Oh, no. Siggy couldn't come this time, but I will bring him for sure, ok? Oh, I love you. You're going to be ok! She's going to be ok! Oh, pal, I told you she is going to be ok.

Karen: I'm beginning to believe in miracles.

Eve: Scott.

Scott: Can I talk to you outside?

Eve: She's awake. Scott, isn't that great?

Scott: I was going to tell you something in there.

Eve: What is it?

Scott: I don't want to see you anymore.

Eve: No. No, no, no, no. No, you don't mean that.

Scott: I do mean it.

Eve: Scott, no.

Scott: Eve, not now. Not ever.

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