Port Charles Transcript Thursday 6/4/98

Provided By Suzanne

(This still needs extensive proofreading because it is pretty messed up. Sorry, it's from an old tape so there is a lot of "noise". Also, the first few minutes are missing)

ve so much f or me fh do  going on there.Lafhla well, listen, that is really nice of you, aland I really appreciate the offer, but I think th at -- I think that your daddy and you really need your space.

Scott: Besides, you know, when girls grow up, do you know what happens in the bathroom? There's this makeup, and then fh there's fhhair curlelarsfh, xdof thing s xd z xdall fhover theyd plalace, and ydit's not good.fh

serena: Oh. So when I get bigger, I have to move out?

Scott: Oh, I'm going to toss you right out. No, never, never, never. Hey, listen, you know what? Will you go in there and clean up that clay before it hardens on that counter?S -- ooh ,jdlajd a lanightmoare -- wfhe can't get it off.

Eve: No good.Ld

serena: Ok.

Scott: All right. I'll see you later, ok?

Pdeve: See you later, girlfriend.

Serena: Bye, eve.

Eve: Oh, man. No one can ever say that kid isn't cute.

Scott: You know,@e I'd just love to have you here, la la eve: "But, uh -- but, uh --"la

scott: Don't think it would be good for serena.

 ev he fhrigh T. You couldn't keep your hands off me is what you really mean.

Scott: I think it'd be vice versa. I think you would have me up and down that staircase --

eve: Oh, nuh-uh. You wish.

Scott: Mo ing, noon, and night.

Eve: Well, now I kind of want to stay.Fh

scott: If I was alone,lala I wouldn't hesitate.La

eve: What abofhut b

scott: Well, we would work something out there -- you know, get those panties off the -- listen, serena runs around so much, and she would eventually just catch us in some --qfh

eve: In an advanced biologyla lejesson. lafh kela I knlela lela fhscmott: Mm-hmm. La eve: I know.Fh  scott: Whoeere are you going to stay?Fhevpee:La fhwell, I think I'm going to go to the on-call rfhoom.Gla it won't be the first time.

Scott: Yeah, but I suppose we could deal with one night if you wanted to stay here on the couch. dffh fh la lala

sc ott: Probably not.

Eve: I don't think so.

Scott: I'll get you a room at the port charles hotel.La

eve: No, thank you. I'll go ahead and go to the on-call room. I probably won't get into too much trouble there.

Scott: Ok.

Eve: Ok.

Scott: So long.

Eve: Bye.La fh xfla

lucy: ~Listzfen to me -- I refhally nee[ D to know the refhal} name of marie curious -- the real name!

Ftammy: Zexcuse me, would you get off me? friend of yours.

Lucy: Oh, well -- ooh, actually, I fibbed. See, at this party once, I got to know her, kind of, and I turn my back, and she stoler my money, my hard-earned moneyla. I want it back.

Tammy: Oh, no, no, that does nnot sound likfke marie curiousfh.kflal l lflalucy: Okla, fhwell, that's what I'm tryi I'm trying to get confirmation who the real marie clauriousi I fhhlah you knowla, get the real name. So what is her reagl name?Fhgfh what is her real name?La

tammy: Wait, wait. No, I pride my

lucy: Oh, goody. Ok, well, then relax. Deep breaths, ok?La breathe deeply. While you're breathila though, co uld l you tell me how long she worke d for enchanted?Cglafh fh dgmmlay:Fh about a year.Dgla

lucy: Lafhok, thatlaok , keepla breat hing.Lafh did she work agglllahe time?Gglatehgn?Fhlala

tammy: She kept herseiglfla pretty busy because she safhid she needed the money.

Lucy: Ok. Breathing, breathing. Was she a toxic, sort of self-centered, vain person, really?

Tammy: Well, I mean, she was kind of tough, but you have to be in this life. But she had a wicked sense of humor.Lafh ug lafhused to imitate her clients. Lashe us edwg tlao have us inla stitches.Fhxgfh fh lucyyglayg ?Fh zgfhwell}, you laknfhow, }be forefhfh she rippla like her, too.Fhg so has that brgeathing kind ]Gof name come to you zyet?Fh lafhfh

tammy: It'll come to me.

Lucy: Ok. Well, keep breathing, and in the meantime, is there anything else I could do for you?

[Tammy hums]

[Lucy hums]

Tammy: L a lgmy name is alice lafh mgla ?Lujcy :Mg fhb-- b- - ula  [Aill hogum]

Tammy:La b my name is betty la shh. Wait.D laskip C. Skip D. E. Something like elizabeth. Eleanor.

Lucy: E! E!

All: E

tammy: Evelyn eve! eve lambert!La mbert!Fh

lucy: Jackpot! We won! Oh, we hit the jackpot! Oh, yes! Fh

Lucy: Oh, thank you. Now, listen, could you please tell me everything you know about eve?

Kevin: Lucy, time to go.

Lucy: Oh, excuse me just one teeny, tiny moment.Fh listen, doc, I am really on to somewjthing he}re.Wjfh@ } +lafh la fh| could you |justyj --fh{ yj lajust slant $2,000 bzjailalifhng you and mfhy fazther[J oulat of jail for solila laxlaw]Jlafh ]Jla I' m no mood to be put offJ.Vvtu lafh ulucy:Fh uI knjow, but I havela the most wonderful news.

Kevin: And I don't want to hear it.Fh pnocjw, you either come out of there or I am going to leave, get my bail money back, and leave you in this cell until you actually begin to like the food.Kla

jlucy: Fhok. Okjj.Lala kjjust one ljlafh hey, listen,la my name imjs lufhcy --glaflalafhf fh oj )alucy coe -- and it's realllayf fh laa pleasuc ve to me et with yocu again. Could sjyolau fhtell m e sjyolaur name? sj

tammy: Tammy.

Lucy: Tammy?

Tammy: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Is that your real name?

Kevin: Lucy, you come outfh of there right now or I will leave and offer to testify for e prosecution.La 

lucy: Ok, ok. listlaenfh, guess lai have everythifhng I need.La lait was slawell mee tingla youlayou have ala lfhovel y voict E. Ek and,ek girls, th ank you. Eklafkla fh it w so to see l of ? You, and -- wellal, ta.La ikfh ikfhjkla

jkkevin: Just gfho.

lalu gow G.Fhfhlklkla mk

prostitute:La boy,bad. lafh  skfhvklala fhykykla zkla

joe: What's going on?La

julie: We're conductingfh our own investigation.Lala

joe: Isn't this eve's stuff? What are you guys going through it for?

Frank: Julie found a bottle of morphine in eve's medical bag.

Joe: What?

Frank: Mm-hmm.

Julie: She said someone else put it there, of course.

Joe: You guys don't -- she's not trying to hurt you.

Frank: We'll have the proof soon enough. The police took the bottle to dust it for prints, and meanwhile, eve moved out.

Julie: We're giving her a hand by packing up.

Joe: Something tells me eve wouldn't be too happy about helping her pack up.

Julie: Oh, ask me if I care. She'll land on her feet like the alley cat she is.

Frank: Speaking of unpleasant, guess who I ran into at the hospital today.

joe: I give up.

Frank: Courtney.

Joe: Yeah, I know. She's there because her son has leukemia.

Julie: Who's courtney?

Frank: Some skirt joe was chasing --

joe: It was a long time ago. We all make mistakes.

Frank: As long as you learned from yours.

Joe: Frank, don't worry, all right? The only person in my life right now is karen.

Frank: Hold that thought. Courtney is nothing but trouble.

Joe: I am the last person who needs reminding of that.

Chris: Hey. What are you doing here? I thought you were off tonight.

Eve: Julie morris devlin is a jerk.

Chris: Yeah, but what chance did she have? Loho raised her. Eve: Hmm.

chris: What did shef d o?Fhla e mllafhe

eve: Let's just say I'm ?R living in the lonolla colhouse of horrors.La fhlaql la la  chris: Thqley kickead yorlu laoutla rllaal`rerly?La or something.

evtle: Fhth^ey dulidlan't kick me laout. I left, gladly.Fhvlfhvlfh it's just going to be a pain in the butt looking for another place to live.

Chris: Well, you'll do fine. You always do. lacmlafh lacmlalafh

eve: I could use more than fm lafhjust ylaour co idenlacefh. inla mfhind?Jmla

kmeve:Fh not what you werkme lafh mmla last time we roomed together, you had me move out because the chemistry between us was "too good"?Lalafh is that what you said?

Chris: The word "tease" comes to mind.

Eve: Oh, come on. vm fh{thatvm is not true. You had me move outfhylayxmfhy becaxuse I was get inymg laclosfh t you didn'tfhlafh lahave a ny cash.Vuumfh twellla, so now we alfhl know youla'rfhetla ma sfake, sofh? m

chris: You know, if you're trying to butter me up for a favor, you're doingbmo a lousy job.

Eve: Hey, do you want help with the rent or not?

Chris: You want the couch?I

eve: Oh, I want mfhore thanjm just thge cojmuclah.Fh fh ourself.Lmlm have half my bed.Fhfhd lac evlae:Fh in yoular dreacms.La fhbho w ablaoufht web move a futobn bpm a qmla chqmris: It's not big enough. Lafh eve: We canla mfhove allrm _your off^ice furniture out.

Chris: You're asking mela to live with a p\ossible serial killer.Vm going to up and murder me in the middle of the night with a fountain pen?

Eve: I'll get rid of all the fountain pens in your house and replace them with felt tips.

Chris: I'm not convinced.

eve: Hey.bnlafhla why would fhi kill yenou,lafh christopher?fh lafhla I need you .Gn

ch ris: Since en? La laeve: How would I be able to afford th e rent on your place ln lnlala la chri s: Oh, quit batfhting your eyelashes at me before I puke.La

eve: So do we have a deal?| la|ris: {Yeah. Whfhnovnlafhla I fhsuquppzos e if the urg e hilats me, s motherfhwnlafh layou withxn a pilloxw whilefhxnfhfhwynlafhwfhwfh znfhla  [N  nw n]Nfhs la]Nslalalarlanfh fhq lala pfhofhlanfhlamlalafhdnlenhfknla fhfhfh  ladofhyq layou thinyou're doing

julie: Helping yopack. Fh

eve: You have no rifhghtq to touch my things. Fh ]Q pjulie: What'sla the mat ter?Fhla do you have some thing to hid e?qla you got something else to plant on me?

Julie: I didn't put that bottle of morphine in your bag.

eve: Yeah, and you didn't steal my address book either, did you?

Julie: I didn'T.

Eve: You're a lousy liar.E julie: Well, I haven't had nearly as mudch practice as you.

eve: God, I used to feel sorry for you. Fhi ad D. Ght yolau had a crummyfhla lafamie ly , a crummy fathelar.oq fhpqfh la]Fh fh but now I see that bennett's the one that got the raw end of the deal. nosq wonder he came to metq for comfort.

Julie: And you sufhre gav e it to him, didn't you -- right through the heart.

eve: Oh, you seem to forget, julie -- your father didn't have a heart.

Julie: You're not going to get away with this. Fht.

eve: Oh, spare mefhcrfh the outrdraged daughter act.Er fherlafhlafhfh it's not going to work witlah me. lafh lajulie: Oh, i'm outraged, all right, thanks to you.La I have lost my father. Even my memories of him are tainted because of you.

Eve: Oh, boy. Freud would have a field day with this one. Little electra complex going on there, sweetie, hmm?

julie: Oh, you were the pathetic one looking for a father fure. I mean, isn't that why you werh my dad?fh fh t evxre: Hotw darela you!Xrlayrfhlafhszr

julie:La I hate you, q labring you down if itr ilas fhthe plastlarfh thing I do.Fhlafh rfhlafhrfh 't try it if I were you. Your father did, and he failed miserably -- and so will you.

julie: Just watch me.

Eve: No. You watch me.La I am sick irand fhtired ofir ylaour spoiled lalittle princess jrlaact, hollading your jrbreathfhakrla and stomping ylroular feet`.Fhlrfh `_ mrlapeople are going to find out^ ^ the trlauth ab^out yo] Orfhthey] Do, iw am not brlathg fh pr la\the prsala as you. Srfh I'm out of here.

Julie: You can't run that far.U

eve: I don't have to. I'm no grace. You come after me and you're going to be the one lying cold on t he floor.Asaslaaslath e rest offh my thingsla later .La es gs hslala is

[D r laams] lafhjs

victor: It was all my fault for involving lucy in my plans.

Lucy: Oh, victor, no, no, no. I am not going to let you take the blame for this one.

Victor: I prtically forc gvo wiusth me.vsuvsu

lakevin: Wsvictor, it's not your job to protect lucy.  viysctorfh: Weysll, it's notzso juladge her.La la kevi n: Victor, lelaave us s alone.Fhla ]Slaslafh

victorla: Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah. It's ok, victor. Listen, I am really sorry that I got you arrested. I didn'tntend for thatf to happen at all.Fhd

victor: It was fun. LaI haven't had so misuclah excite meisntis in years.ls la la mslams fhla la nslatefhr. Ns fhlaps la[ Lazfhqslafhzqsz qsla

lucy: Um --vow that you're mad. I know you are really, really, really, really, really mad, but, you know, when you hear what I have to say, you're going to know it wa s alatl worth it.Fhtlafh la lafhctlafhlafhfh

kevin: My father's just outetfh ofla an institution, and yfhhim arrelasted f or being a p imp.Ftfhgtla gtla lafh

lucy : I fhknow -- itbut he l ooksla realfhly good in purple,jt and he said he had fun. You just heard him.

Kevin: Thank god he thinks he's don quixote. Fh lucy: Oh, doc, come on, at the jail you wouldn't llaet me -la you whawt I founfhd out, fhbut I did it.Lauut uvtla I got thvte goods on eve!T las wtwtlas

wtlaken: And a new entryr q  lalucyq: Ohfh, that 's oykfh labecause mac will take lacare

[To laheo'll clear your ftathefhr's nname. List to me- in the jail lai fhmet this]T hoofhker who used to work for the enchanted escort service, and she told me eve was an escort at the service. Don't you see? It's wonderful. I got it.

Kevin: It's pathetic, lucy.

Lucy: Well, yeah, actually, you're right.ht you're nlaa itthe naame eitve used.Ala jtfh jtshe called herself madame curious -- kind ltoffh a tak eoltff on that womanlafh scientist, you know, madame curie -- yuck. laot

kevin: You should be veryqt

lucy: I am. FhI am, doc. Don't you see? Finally can protect scott and serena. I am protecting them from that lying slut.

Kevin: Well, good show. You went digging for dirt and you fo und it.Fh tla olucyla: I ditd, didn't I?@Ula oh, I can't believe I did this.cefh -- those fools -- they didn't even try half as hardcu as I did to getcula dulathe proof, and I diddu ilat. proof on eve.Lafh fh fu fhi did it, fhi did itgu, I fhdid it.Fh kevin: Lucy, you still don't haveiu the proof that devlin knew anything about eve's past or that he threatened her with it.

Lucy: Oh, doc, come on. What did devlin do? He hired an investigator to investigate eve. Why would he do that if he sudiladn't have somethin on her?  kevin: I still don't beuulilaevett uufhevte killed himt.

Lucy: And you did not believould actually turn tricks.Yu yuwell, she did a lot of them. la zulalanlafhf eve killedla devlin in a ]Ufit of rage,la ]Uthat doelsn't explain grace sullivan's murder. That was a cold, deliberate act, and eve doesn't have it in her.Fhd lad

lucy: I don't believe thlais. This is real ly not abobut eveb or grace or murder or anything,a la`is it?Fh`julaju ju ku^ ku^kufh^^ y fhthis i]Lu fi namulllay I get to blae rightmumula  and you'renufh ouz lalafhlaz zyou can't stand it!Yy

kevin: I wishx that were true,x lucy.

Lucy: Look at you. You're doing it. That's what scott always says you do. You condescend to people. Well, you're right -- I did nobut I happenfh to pbe yu very smart. Zuoufhnu  av kevi n: Lufhcy, yo u arela the smartest, most beautiful woman I have evecvr known.La dvfh la lafh evfh en almost a year since you said yo u wod marry mela, and lookla at you.Ivfh 

lucy: Well, you know what? I'd like to get out of my braids, but I can't because we can't stop arguing!

Kevin: I remember a warm summer night at the duck pond. I asked you to marry me.x qvfhyo I was going to fly.v rv lafhufh la sv  lucy:U i remembfher etvery mlaillisesconduvlas uvlafh suv tfhhat moment? lafhq of us has gofhtten marriedfh, luqcy.Fh la xv you did -- to rex stnfhm[Vlam [Vla [Vvfh klafhk fhand now that that marriage has been annulled, you're going out on a series of dates with strangers.

Lucy: That's not fair. I have a reason I'm doing that.

Kevin: Yes, I knocw, I know -- you were helping scott. you alwaysa have a reason,a an excuse, or some noble plot that khveeps you` fromg on us, lucy. La la la  --mv dlao you ev enmv walant to marrnvy me?Ovovfhyl ov

lucy: Xoh, doc, you knolaw I do.La I love you more than anything in the world.

Kevin: Then why is it almost a year since we got engaged we're still not married? and why am I bainling ylaou out fh of jail for doing something that you told meou'd awnever doawlaaw ag ai n?

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