One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/16/10


Episode # 10837

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John: Found this at the scene.

Téa: What is it?

John: It's a cufflink with the initials "T.M."

Todd: What does that have to do with me?

John: Well, it's your cufflink... found at the Minuteman motel in the room where Eddie Ford was murdered.

Viki: Oh, come on, Charlie. Pick up. Please pick up!

[Cell phone ringing]

Echo: Why are you looking at me like that?

Charlie: I think you know why.

[Phone continues ringing]

Echo: You should answer your phone.

[Shuts off phone]

Charlie: No, not until we deal with this. Echo, you've got a problem with alcohol.

Viki: Yeah, Charlie, where are you? What's wrong? Why on earth would you need Echo to meet you? Look, would you just please call me? Please?

Dorian: Hello, Viki.

Viki: Oh!

Dorian: What a surprise. We better sit down and have a chat.

Darren: At least you know your parents love you. Not everyone can say that.

Destiny: You really have to stop calling them my parents. Okay? They're my grandparents--my lying grandparents.

Darren: There's nothing okay about lying, but what about all the years they took care of you? Doesn't that buy them a second chance?

Destiny: No! And I don't want to-- Matthew, are you okay?

Matthew: Fine.

Darren: Then as team manager, I respectfully suggest that you get your butt into the gym and start practicing.

Dani: Whoa! Hey, you trying to murder that ball, or what?

Nate: Dani, there's something I need to tell you.

Bo: Nora was in the car when you had the accident?

Rex: I was bringing her home to you after I found her at the Minuteman Motel.

Bo: That's where she was holed up.

Rex: Not by choice. That guy was holding her.

Bo: Okay, what guy? What guy?

Rex: Eddie Ford. He had her tied up in one of the rooms.

Bo: Tied up?

Rex: Nora was kidnapped, Bo. She was lucky to get out of there alive.

Bo: I need to talk to you, Inez. Call me when you get this, okay? It's police business. It's important.


Clint: Sounds like lover boy wants a return engagement.

Inez: How did you get in here?

Clint: The door. It was unlocked. You gotta be more careful.

Inez: What do you want?

Clint: I got your message. Congratulations. I knew that you could get Bo into bed if you just put your mind to it. So on a scale of 1 to 10, how was he?

Inez: Stop it! I slept with Bo last night for one reason only. I said I would do anything to keep my sons safe from Eddie, and I did.

James: Yeah, your dad's not perfect, but at least he cares about you, Starr. My dad? All he ever did was hurt us. It's about time someone hurt him back.

Starr: Someone? James, did you kill him?

James: Is that what you think?

Starr: I don't know what to think. You told me you went to your dad's motel room last night. What you didn't tell me is what you were doing there? 

James: I didn't know I was gonna end up in that motel room, Starr. It just sort of happened.

Starr: Okay, so, after you left the gym--

James: I didn't have a plan. All I know is that everything went wrong. My dad took that cheap shot at Bobby and he said those disgusting things to you and Langston and Dani. It was all just a blur. In the confusion, I saw my dad's duffle bag and I looked in it.

Starr: What were you looking for?

James: I don't know, but...

Starr: But what?

James: But I found a gun in there, and I took it.

Starr: James. Why?

Dani: Whatever it is you want to talk about, looks like it's serious.

Nate: It's about what happened last night.

Dani: Whoa.

Nate: What the hell is wrong with you, Buchanan? Calling my girlfriend and talking smack about my mother?

Matthew: I didn't say anything that wasn't true.

Nate: You're not gonna get a chance to say anything--

Darren: Hey, hey, hey! You want to get suspended from the team?

Nate: Do you think before you shoot your mouth off?

Matthew: Just calling it like I see it, Nate!

Darren: What did you say to the guy's mom, anyway?

Destiny: Didn't you tell me the coach asked you to do something before practice?

Darren: Update stats.

Destiny: Go ahead. I'll talk to Matthew. Okay, what's going on?

Matthew: You don't want to know.

Destiny: Why? Is Nate telling the truth? Did you really say something about his mom?

Matthew: Yeah, I called her a whore.

Destiny: What?

Matthew: I called her a whore and a bitch and a homewrecker, because that's what she is.

Destiny: Matthew, that's so messed up. Why would you even think that?

Matthew: Because she's sleeping with my dad.

Rex: When I got there, Nora was alone. She had been fighting like hell to get free, but he had tied her to the chair pretty tight.

Bo: He what?

Rex: I hate having to tell you this.

Bo: That son of a bitch. How long had she been there?

Rex: A while. I guess she thought she was someplace else.

Bo: I thought she'd gone off somewhere else because she wanted to be alone. Then she kept sending me these text messages--

Rex: Right. Those came from Eddie.

Bo: He's--he used her phone?

Rex: She was freaked out about that. I don't know exactly what the text messages said, but she kept going on about...Eddie was pushing you to sleep with your assistant?

Bo: God. How was she when you found her? Was she hurt?

Rex: Mad more than anything, worried about you getting those messages.

Bo: I mean physically, she was well enough to get out of the car, so was she strong enough to...Balsom are you sure she was in the car when you crashed?

Rex: I don't remember every detail, but yes, Nora was in the car when we hit. When I woke up, I was alone.

Bo: All right, she must have gone looking for help. We'll find her. I'll find her.

Inez: We had a deal. I did my part when I slept with Bo. Now it's your turn.

Clint: Eddie won't be bothering you or your sons... or anyone ever again.

Inez: How can I be sure of that?

Clint: He's on a slab in the morgue. Eddie was shot to death in his motel room last night.

Inez: You have proof? You can guarantee that he's dead?

Clint: Your grief is touching. Yes, I can guarantee it.

Inez: So you killed him?

Todd: I don't hang out at the Minuteman. I was nowhere near your murder scene.

John: This is yours, though, isn't it?

Téa: You are under absolutely no obligation to answer any of his questions, Todd. For the record, I think as his wife I would recognize his possessions, and I've never seen this in my life.

Blair: Todd doesn't know who Eddie Ford is. He wasn't over at Dorian's at Thanksgiving when Eddie was making trouble.

John: No, but he might have heard about it, you know. James Ford was Eddie's target that day. From what I understand, James and Starr are very close, aren't they?

Blair: Does James know that his father's dead? Do any of the boys know that--

John: We are working on that right now. If they don't know, I'm sure they'll find out soon enough. The media's all over it. Present company excluded.

Todd: What, I have to cover every story personally?

John: Is that your beef with this guy Eddie? Starr was upset 'cause he was knocking James around?

Todd: Whatever was going on between Eddie Ford and his son is none of my business. Like Blair said, I didn't know the guy.

John: That's your story, Manning?

Téa: What is this?

Blair: Are you accusing Todd of murder here?

Dorian: So, tell me what happened after you left the Palace.

Viki: Okay, fine. I did as you suggested and I went home. And I gave Charlie the opportunity to tell me what had happened with Echo.

Dorian: Did he admit to kissing her?

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: Ha!

Viki: Eventually. I mean, he said there was a kiss, but he did not instigate it. She did.

Dorian: You believed him?

Viki: Yes, of course I believed him. Come on, Dorian. She was drunk! Well, you know that. You got her drunk.

Dorian: Oh, please. Don't blame your husband's indiscretions on me.

Viki: Charlie didn't do anything wrong, okay?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Viki: He was trying to help Echo, and apparently she just threw herself at him and took him completely unawares. But it is not going to happen again.

Dorian: So what was with that message you were leaving Charlie that concerned Echo?

Viki: Um...okay. I was talking to Echo and her phone rang, and it was Charlie. And apparently he said he needed to meet with her immediately or something.

Dorian: And you don't know why?

Viki: No. I asked her what was wrong, but she took off and never gave me an answer.

Echo: Usually the strongest thing in my purse is a bottle of aspirin, but when you called and said that Rex was in the hospital, I panicked. And I just grabbed for the first crutch I could find.

Charlie: Because you're so worried about Rex, huh?

Echo: I didn't know what kind of condition he was gonna be in when I got here. I needed something to calm me down. I needed to find something to take the edge off.

Charlie: And so what about the other day when you were dead drunk at noon? What was it that was panicking you that time?

Echo: Oh, no. That was Dorian's fault. I swear she had some kind of agenda. Oh, Chuckles, come on. You know I enjoy a good cocktail. I always have. You used to like that about me.

Charlie: Well, that was a long time ago. That was when I was taking the edge off myself every chance I got, but that was a dead end, Echo.

Echo: I'm not an alcoholic.

Charlie: I said the same thing! But then I started realizing that I was losing all the people who were most dear to me--my son. Come on. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you and your son.

Rex: Look, I'm okay. Nora got out of the car. That's a good sign, right?

Bo: Not if she's running on adrenaline and collapsed somewhere.

Rex: No, Bo. You can't think that way.

Bo: I'm gonna find out what happened. You're gonna be okay, Balsom.

Rex: Yeah, Gigi will be here soon. Plus, my... Charlie and Echo are here, too.

Bo: You're in good hands. You take care of yourself.

Rex: Bo. Just remember one thing, okay? Nora went through hell, but she never gave up. She was determined to get back to you.

Destiny: Look, Matthew, I have no clue how you got this idea in your head, but there's no way your dad could cheat on your mom, okay? They love each other. They just got remarried.

Matthew: Yeah, that's what makes it even worse.

Destiny: Where did you hear this anyway?

Matthew: I didn't have to hear it. I went to Inez Salinger's apartment, and I saw her and my dad. There's no doubt about it. I saw them with my own eyes.

Destiny: Oh, my God. That's... Matthew, that's terrible, but I still don't understand. What were you doing there in the first place?

Matthew: Someone told me that there was something going on between her and my dad, so I went to go see if it was true.

Destiny: Who told you?

Matthew: Why does it matter? The point is it happened.

Destiny: I'm really, really sorry.

Matthew: You're sorry? I'm sorry Inez and her whole family ever came to this town.

Dani: Hey, just forget about Matthew. Forget about him. I used to think he was a good guy, but he's different. He's angry and he's bitter and he's just trying to provoke you, okay? That's all.

Nate: Because he thinks I stole you from him.

Dani: Which makes it sound like I don't have a mind of my own. If that's what Matthew wants to think, then let him. You cannot let that get to you, Nate.

Nate: Easier said than done.

Dani: Besides, you wanted to talk about what happened yesterday. I know you had some kind of plan to get your dad out of town. Just tell me what it is, and I'll help.

Nate: You can't, Dani. It's too late.

Clint: No, Inez. I did not kill Eddie. I went to his hotel to complete our business transaction and to send him out of town, but when I got there, he was being carried out in a body bag.

Inez: How did you know it was him?

Clint: One of the perks of being the brother of the police commissioner is that cops talk to you. And one of them told me that Eddie had been shot.

Inez: Do they know who shot him?

Clint: No one's been arrested as far as I know.

John: Look, I'm just asking a couple questions.

Blair: A couple questions? You make it sound like Todd's a murder suspect, John.

John: I'm sure Todd can clear this whole thing up, right? Where were you last night?

Todd: I was with my wife.

John: All right. Now we're getting somewhere. The whole night?

Téa: You're basing a lot on one cufflink, Detective.

John: No, I'm just following the evidence. The "T" and the "M" stand for Todd Manning and it was found at the scene. I gotta come talk to you.

Téa: You should be concentrating on other suspects. In fact, I have a couple names for you.

James: Starr, why do you think I took it? My dad is the last person on earth who needs to be carrying around a loaded gun.

Starr: I can't argue with that.

James: And when I took it, I thought he was still gonna be fighting Bobby. But then he backed out, and when he left he didn't make sure it was still in there.

Starr: But you held onto it?

James: Yeah.

Starr: I don't want to say this, but I have to. Did you think you could take care of Eddie yourself?

James: That's why I went to his motel room, Starr.

Starr: If you went to Eddie's motel room with a loaded gun, you must have had a plan.

James: Yeah, maybe in the back of my mind. But when I was standing there in that doorway, I couldn't even think straight. I didn't know what I was gonna do or say. And then my dad was standing there and I was holding that gun.

Eddie's voice: How did you get in here? And what the hell are you doing with my gun?

James' voice: What does it look like?

James: I never hated anyone like I hated him in that moment. Starr, for all the things that he said to you girls, for the way that he treated Bobby and my mom, for all the times that he left me bleeding on the floor-- Starr, I wanted him gone. And that's when I remembered what your dad told me.

Starr: My dad? When did you talk to him?

James: I ran into him the other day at your house, and he saw my bruise and he figured out what was going on.

Starr: What did he say?

James: He told me there's only one way to ever get rid of an abuser. Death.

John: You have some ideas about who killed Eddie Ford?

Téa: I most certainly do, Detective. Let's take this step by step. You found a cufflink.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Téa: The initials are "T" "M." Hold on. Those are my initials. Téa Manning. Maybe I did it. Hold on, hold on! Tad Martin.

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Or--here's a thought. Isn't your father Thomas McBain? Are we getting close? The fact that Todd shares the same initials with whomever left the cufflink at the scene, that's a pretty flimsy basis for an accusation of murder.

John: No one's accusing anyone of anything. We can settle this very easy. Why don't we just go upstairs and we'll check Todd's little jewelry thing to see if the matching cufflink turns up.

Dorian: I cannot believe that Charlie and Echo are together and you don't know where.

Viki: No, thank you. But I will know as soon as he gets my message and calls me back.

Dorian: And as soon as he gets finished doing whatever it is he's doing with Echo.

Viki: They're not doing anything, Dorian. There is nothing going on. Charlie gave me his word.

Dorian: Did Echo give you hers?

Viki: I told her I knew what she'd done. She blamed it on the alcohol. Said that she'd put Charlie in an awkward position and apologized.

Dorian: That woman's apologies mean nothing.

Viki: I know that, and that is why I told her if anything like that ever happens again, she will be out on the street in a heartbeat.

Dorian: You mean you haven't kicked her out of your house already?

Viki: I can't, Dorian. Charlie begged me to let her stay because she's trying to build a relationship with Rex and Shane.

Dorian: There's only one relationship she's interested in building, and that's one with your husband.

Echo: Charlie, I know how much I have at stake right now. Rex is giving me a second chance to make up for the biggest mistake of my life, and I'm not gonna mess that up.

Charlie: I know you don't want to.

Echo: I won't. He's letting me back in his life again, and I intend to be fully conscious.

Charlie: Echo, you know what they say about intentions, don't you? Those are the things that you step over--

Echo: Stop worrying about me! I can handle this! One drink every once in a while is not gonna hurt anyone.

Charlie: When that drink comes out of a flask that you've got hidden in your purse, then yes, that's definitely gonna hurt someone. Because then that is not just a drink, that is a dependency. The sooner that you face up to that, the sooner you can get some help.

Echo: I don't need it. Not the kind of help you're talking about. I can stop anytime I want.

Charlie: Okay, then why don't you? Right now. Come on, Echo. If you won't do it for yourself, why don't you do it for your grandson? Do it for your son.

Rex: Do what for me?

Officer: Okay, you can back it up now.

Bo: Officer, I have some questions here. Commissioner Buchanan, Llanview PD.

Officer: What can we do for you?

Bo: I'm gonna have to take a look around before you tow this car. I have reason to believe that there was a passenger involved in this accident who's unaccounted for.

Officer: Really?

Bo: That passenger was my wife. Tell that truck it's gonna have to wait. I need access to this car. Now.

Officer: Okay.

Bo: Thank you.

Officer: Hold on.

Bo: Where are you, Nora?

Destiny: Does your dad know that you saw him? Did you tell him anything?

Matthew: I couldn't. I felt like I was gonna be sick. I just wanted to get the hell out of there, get back in my car.

Destiny: So you called Dani from your car.

Matthew: Seeing Nate's mom and my dad really made me think of how Nate screwed everything for me and Dani. And now his mom? I don't take back a word I said about her.

Destiny: Did it make you feel any better?

Matthew: No, not really. I just kept driving, just kept replaying in my head over and over my dad and that... slut. Then I ended up having to pull over anyway because I almost got into an accident.

Bo: Officer! I have evidence that my wife was definitely in that car. Call area hospitals, see if anybody has admitted a Nora Buchanan. This is a picture of her.

Officer: Thank you.

Bo: Thanks. Why aren't you wearing this, red?

Bo, thinking: Why would Eddie want to push me toward Inez? And why the hell did I let him?

Inez: So you have nothing to do with Eddie's death? Nothing at all?

Clint: Nope. My hands are clean.

Inez: Not if you lived 100 years. But if you didn't shoot him or hire someone to do it, then you didn't live up to your end of the bargain. You promised you would make Eddie go away, and you didn't do that, did you, Clint?

Clint: Turns out I didn't have to.

Inez: I didn't have to sleep with Bo either.

Clint: But you did. Don't worry. It's for a good cause.

Inez: Besides Bo, you and I are the only ones who know. So if Bo and I deny it, you think Nora would take your word over ours?

Clint: It would have been better if Nora had witnessed your little encounter, but unfortunately that did not quite work out, but don't worry. I'll make sure that she gets the whole sordid story.

Inez: What if there is no story?

Clint: What do you mean?

Inez: I lied. Bo and I didn't really have sex.

Destiny: You need to talk to your dad.

Matthew: Why?

Destiny: Maybe there's something he can explain.

Matthew: He slept with a woman who's not his wife. I hope my mom never talks to him again. And I don't see why I should either.

Dani: If you still want to try to get your father to leave, I don't think it's too late. Really. Just tell me what I can do to help.

Nate: Nothing. It was a dumb idea. I don't know why I thought of it in the first place.

Darren: Nate. I'm sorry, man. I didn't know.

Nate: Didn't know what?

Darren: I was just online, and I saw the news.

Dani: What are you talking about?

Darren: I thought--if you don't know, I probably shouldn't--

Nate: Dude, if you got something to say, stop being weird and tell me.

Darren: Your dad. His name's Eddie Ford, right?

Nate: Yeah.

Darren: There was a shooting at some motel. The guy that got shot was him.

Dani: Are you sure it was Eddie Ford?

Darren: He's dead.

Dani: Oh, my God.

Starr: My dad just says things sometimes. You can't take him literally.

James: Even if he's right?

Starr: You're two different people. My dad barely even knows you. And for him to tell you that--

James: Okay, just drop it, all right? I don't think we should talk about this anymore.

Starr: Why not?

James: Because you're already too involved as it is. I need to stop making my problems your problems, Starr. Ever since the moment we met, I do nothing but bring trouble to your life.

Starr: It's not you! Have you met my family? I've had trouble ever since I was born.

James: I'm serious, Starr.

Starr: So am I. The last time we were in trouble together, you saved me from being buried alive. I owe you my life. The least I could do is listen. What happened when you went to your dad's motel room?

Téa: You really think you're gonna find the mate to that cufflink amongst my husband's possessions?

John: Well, if I don't he's off the hook, isn't he? Unless he's got something else to hide.

Téa: Detective McBain, you know damn well you're not conducting a search here without a warrant.

John: Yeah, I know. When I'm getting one, I'll give you a chance to move things around. I'll tell you what, I'm just gonna go talk to Rex Balsom.

Blair: Wait, John. What does Rex have to do with any of this?

John: Oh, Todd hired Rex to investigate Eddie Ford.

Todd: Did he tell you that?

John: No. You did. I knew he was investigating someone, but by your reaction you just confirmed it. Why did you hire a private investigator to investigate someone you didn't have any connection to?

Viki: Dorian, I've been in Charlie's shoes. He lost a son. And obviously Jared can never come back, but having Rex in his life now, it feels like... it feels like redemption.

Dorian: But with Echo being Rex's mother, it can only be a disaster.

Viki: Well, he's not focusing on Echo. He's focusing on building a relationship with Rex and Shane. And I have to let him do that, even if it means I have to accept Echo.

Dorian: So you're just gonna let her get cozier and cozier inside your house and then one night when you are away, she'll go wandering down the hallways and by accident open the wrong door. Oh! And stumble into the wrong bed.

Viki: It's not going to happen.

Dorian: You're practically drawing her a map.

Viki: Look, she's the mother of Charlie's son. I cannot push her out of the house now without looking like an absolute villain.

Dorian: Of course not. That's my job.

Echo: Rex, you look so much better than you did. We were worried.

Charlie: What did the doctor say?

Rex: I'm gonna be fine.

Echo: Oh, thank God. Are they releasing you?

Rex: Let's go back to what you were saying a minute ago. You were telling her to do something for me.

Charlie: No. I was just asking her if she would donate some blood--

Echo: No, don't. Stop. I've been lying to this child his whole life, and it's gotta stop. Charlie here thinks that I have a drinking problem.

Rex: That's yours?

Echo: It was in my purse.

Rex: Maybe Charlie's right. In case you care, Shane already has one grandmother with... alcohol issues. He doesn't need to hear about you spending the night in the gutter or ending up in the drunk tank. He's had enough heartbreak in his life.

Viki: Yeah, I know, and you don't have to worry, because I won't add to that because Charlie's wrong. I don't have a problem.

Charlie: The first step is admitting it, and I know how hard that can be. But you can do it. Look, you've been alone for a long time, but you don't have to be. Not anymore. If you want, I'll see you through this. I promise I'll be right there with you every step of the way.

Echo: Then maybe it is time I admit I have a problem...for Rex's sake.

Todd: Why don't you get over yourself, John? I never said that I hired Rex to work for me. You did.

John: Whatever you say, Todd. I look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Blair: Okay, you want to tell me what's going on here? Why did you lie to John?

Téa: How do you know he was lying?

Blair: Because I had those cufflinks made for Todd when we were married, and they were one of a kind.

Dani: Even though you barely knew your father, for anyone to die like that, that's horrible.

Nate: I guess.

Dani: I know how you felt about him, but no matter what, he's still your father.

Nate: Right. I know I'm supposed to feel something, but I can't. All I can do is wish that he never came here. It would have been better for everyone. So do not ask me to feel sorry, Dani, 'cause I will never feel sorry that he's dead.

Destiny: I hate that you have to go through this, Matthew. It's not fair.

Darren: Okay to interrupt now?

Destiny: Relax, Darren. Matthew's going through some pretty heavy stuff right now.

Darren: Not as heavy as what Nate's going through. Trust me.

Bo: She hasn't turned up anywhere?

Officer: I'm sorry, Commissioner.

Bo: Thanks for checking.

Officer: Anytime.

Bo: Why weren't you wearing this, red?

Bo, thinking: Remember what I told you when I gave you this ring? I said, "You’re my home. You always have been. I promise to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you've made me. I meant it."

Bo: And I still do.

Clint: No, no, no. You told me that you got Bo into your bed.

Inez: I did. I had to drug him first, but I did. Got him into bed, and then...

Inez's voice: Don't worry, Bo. I didn't betray your wife.

Clint: Then what?

Inez: I kissed him. I did everything that you're supposed to do until he pushed me away.

Clint: Inez, you shouldn't have let him do that.

Inez: It wasn't up to me. Bo just couldn't be unfaithful to Nora, and there was nothing I could do to fight that. So you see, Clint, there are certain things in this world that you can't control, like your brother's love for his wife.

Clint: Stop making excuses! You failed.

Inez: You failed me, too. So I guess our little deal is null and void.

Clint: What does that mean?

Inez: It means I owe you nothing. So if you think I'm gonna let Bo think that he cheated on Nora when he didn't, you're crazy.

Clint: Inez, you can't tell him.

Inez: Of course I can.

Clint: Not if your son's life means anything to you.

Viki: You're going to throw Echo out of my house? How? You'd need a crowbar.

Dorian: I have more subtle techniques in mind.

Viki: Ha ha! Dorian!

Dorian: What? What?

Viki: Subtlety is not your strong suit.

Dorian: Pardon me. Do you want that woman out of your house, or do you not?

Viki: Yes, you know that I do, and you know why I do. But I don't know why this is so important to you.

Dorian: Maybe because I'd like to see a happy marriage survive for a change. Or maybe because...I don't want to see you hurt the way David hurt me.

Viki: Dorian, that's a very nice thing you just said to me.

Dorian: Don't get used to it.

Viki: Oh, not a chance. Thank you.

Dorian: You're welcome. Let's shake on this, shall we? We are gonna bring that bitch down.

Echo: I can't argue with you, Charlie, because you've been there. You admitted you had a problem, and you beat it. But not everyone is that strong.

Charlie: You're stronger than you know.

Echo: Why don't we ask Rex about that? How strong was I when I left him here all those years ago?

Rex: Everyone makes mistakes when they're young and scared.

Echo: But the problem is, I'm still scared. I mean, I don't know if I have what it takes to go the distance with this.

Charlie: You won't be alone.

Echo: Really? Did you mean that, Charlie? You meant that when you said you would be here every step?

Charlie: Every step.

Rex: Yeah, me, too.

Echo: Then how can I refuse? How can I refuse to give this everything I've got?

Charlie: You won't regret it, but it's gonna take time, you know.

Echo: I'll give it time. I will. For my family.

Inez: You can't threaten me anymore.

Clint: I don't make threats, Inez. I make promises, and I make good on my promises, too. You know that. I got James the grant to go to college, didn't I? And who was it that got Bobby his job back?

Inez: I paid a big price for those things.

Clint: As well you should. Nothing is free in this world. I learned that a long time ago from my father. So now if you'll just follow through on this one last thing, your debt will be paid. All you have to do is keep Bo thinking that your relationship was indeed consummated.

Inez: And if I don't?

Clint: Then I will have to tell the police that your son was at the scene of his father's murder.

Dani: You know, it's normal to be numb right now. You're in shock.

Nate: You think so?

Dani: Nate, I was watching you. When Darren said that your dad had been murdered, you didn't even look surprised.

Nate: I wasn't.

Destiny: Is Nate okay?

Darren: I don't think it's sunk in yet.

Destiny: I guess that's no surprise. For a son to lose his father, doesn't get any worse than that.

Bo, thinking: Just come back to me, red. That's all that matters. Everything else we can handle. What I did, as bad as it was, we'll work through it. We'll find a way, 'cause I will do anything.


Bo: Nora? Nora? Oh, honey. Honey, thank God! Oh!

Todd: That's weird. I forgot you gave me these cufflinks, Blair.

Blair: You forgot.

Todd: I haven't worn them in some time. Found the other one upstairs.

Téa: That explains why I didn't know about them, but it doesn't explain why you lied to John.

Todd: It wasn't a lie. It was an oversight.

Téa: Was it an oversight when you didn't admit to having hired Rex to investigate Eddie Ford? Because I happen to know differently.

Blair: That's two for two, Todd. Why don't you tell us what else you're lying about?

Starr: Please! You need to talk about what happened, or it's gonna eat you alive.

James: I do need to talk, just not to you.

Starr: Well--

James: Starr, I need to go to the police.

John: This must be your lucky day.

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