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Episode # 10835

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Gigi: Brody. Thank God. I don't know what to do. Rex didn't come home last night and I can't reach him.

Langston: Please be okay.

Ford: I ain't sleeping. Hi, baby.

Starr: Is James here?

Langston: No. I haven't seen him since last night.

Ford: Starr, what's wrong?

Starr: I've been calling him all night. He's not answering his phone and he isn't at the apartment. I don't know. I think that something happened, so I'm gonna call the police. James? Oh, my gosh, you're all right. Where have you been?

Bo: Inez?

Dorian: Oh. Goody. I was dreaming about omelets. Make mine [Speaking French] My goodness. You're up awfully early. This is a sign someone's in a good mood. Go on, tell me. Is Joe back in your life? What did he say when you told him that you were still in love with him?

Blair: Ha. Kelly's in love? God help her.

Jessica: You're--engaged?

Joey: Yup.

Jessica: Well, that's great. Who is she?

Joey: She is the most amazing woman. Her name is Aubrey. We met in Spain.

Jessica: Spain? During your last trip?

Joey: Yeah.

Jessica: That was like, what, a month ago?

Joey: Something like that.

Jessica: Wow. That's impulsive.

Joey: You surprised?

Jessica: I guess. I just-- I don't know. Usually there's a reason that people wait before they get married. Actually, sometimes more than one reason.

Joey: Did Mom and Dad tell you to say that?

Jessica: No. Why? Are they giving you a hard time?

Joey: Understatement. It seems like the only one who's 100% supportive of Aubrey and me is Kelly.

Rex: What the hell? Where's Nora?

Brody: When was the last time you saw or heard from Rex?

Gigi: Not since yesterday. I got home from work late and he wasn't home yet. Then I don't know. I must've fallen asleep studying for finals. When I woke up this morning, his car wasn't there. He never came home.

Brody: Did you call the station?

Gigi: No. I got Shane off to school and I ran over here to find you. Brody, this isn't like him. Something is wrong.

Brody: Do you have any idea where he was going?

Gigi: He was doing some P.I. work, looking into some lowlife named Eddie Ford. Robert Ford's--

Brody: I know who he is.

Starr: Where have you been? I was so worried about you.

James: It's cool. I'm fine.

Starr: After you left the gym, I called you and you weren't answering your phone.

James: I'm sorry. I was wiped and I guess I was still a little wobbly from my dad cold-cocking me at the gym last night, so I turned my phone off and I just crashed.

Nate: You got what you deserved.

Bo: What the heck happened last night?

Inez: You don't remember anything?

Bo: Well, I remember that I was upset--thank you--about Nora. And I couldn't believe that what I'd said about Sam, that whole thing, could possibly get this crazy. And the texts that she was sending me, telling me that she couldn't forgive me and that I should sleep with you.

Inez: You were going through a lot last night.

Bo: I remember having a beer. And then the next thing, I woke up in your bed. Inez... did we sleep together last night?

James: You guys really need to stop worrying about me. I'm fine, all right? Question is, how are you doing, Bobby? Did Dad's kick to the gut cause any major damage?

Ford: Not as much as he wanted. The doctors seem to think it's not too bad.

James: Well, then why the IV?

Ford: It's just saline. There wasn't any internal bleeding like last time.

Langston: Yeah, lucky for you.

James: You never did say who gave you that beatdown.

Ford: Nice try.

Langston: Believe me, we've already been through this. He won't say.

James: So did this, like, cause a relapse or--

Ford: Not really. The tech kept me for tests and then kept me overnight for observation.

James: Good. Okay, then I'm gonna go to the house and get you anything you need. All right?

Langston: No, wait. I already did that. Ford gave me his keys so I wouldn't wake you, except the door to your room was wide open and your bed didn't look like it had been slept in.

Starr: James? Where were you last night?

Kelly: I think I should talk to Dorian alone.

Blair: Oh. Okay. Fine. I'll go back to bed.

Dorian: No. No, no. You will not. Cramer women do not keep secrets from each other. Besides which, Blair could use a nice, healthy dose of your hope and optimism [Speaking French]

Blair: Whatever she said. Well, I can just say that my last stroll down lovers' lane ended in road kill.

Dorian: Pay no attention to her.

Blair: No, no, I mean that. I'm serious here. Kelly, if you feel that you have the need to give me a dose of your hope and optimism, you bring it on.

Starr: What happened last night? Where did you go?

James: Not home. Like you said, I stayed out.

Starr: All night?

James: I couldn't go back to the apartment. What if my dad came back? After everything that happened at the gym last night, I would've been a sitting duck.

Starr: Why didn't you just say so?

James: Because I didn't want Bobby to feel bad.

Langston: For what?

Ford: For leaving him alone.

James: See? Now you're getting all guilty about it, but you needed to be here at the hospital. It's not like you could've done anything anyway.

Starr: Why didn't you just call me?

James: I guess--I guess I just felt stupid. To be so afraid of my own dad.

Starr: But I know what that's like. Anyway, where did you spend the night?

James: Well, I walked, and then I drove a little, and then I sacked out at L.U. library.

Langston: I hate this. The whole point of you challenging your dad to a fight was so that you could chase him out of town, but instead, he chickens out, fights dirty, and puts you in the hospital.

Starr: How are you ever gonna get rid of him now?

Inez: You had a lot to drink last night.

Bo: I did? Did I drink all of these?

Inez: I had one or two, but you had the rest.

Bo: I did? The first one must've gone straight to my head. I don't remember anything.

Inez: Oh, you know, you probably drank on an empty stomach and you were really upset about Nora.

Bo: Yeah, I was. But Inez, listen, I gotta know, okay? Did...did we have sex last night?

[Knocking on door]

Bo: You're expecting somebody?

Nate: I forgot my keys.

Inez: Nate! Where have you been?

Nate: What's the commissioner doing here?

Brody: Okay. Thanks. No one matching Rex's description was brought into the ER last night.

Gigi: But he still has to be out there somewhere. He may be in trouble and I don't even know where to start looking for him.

[Cell phone ringing]

Gigi: Rex, where are you?

Rex: Geeg, I crashed my car.

Gigi: Oh, my God. Are you okay? Rex? Can you tell me where you are?

Rex: Route 7. Off the road.

Gigi: Where on Route 7, baby?

Rex: West, near... the... minute... minute...

Gigi: Rex? Rex? Hang on, baby, we're on our way. He's somewhere on Route 7. All he said was near the minute?

Brody: Minuteman Motel. Let's go.

Joey: Kelly and Aubrey were on the flight together from London. That's how they met. They didn't realize they both knew me until last night.

Jessica: Some coincidence.

Joey: Which totally worked out. Kelly loves Aubrey. At least she's happy for me.

Jessica: Joey, I'm sorry. I'm just surprised, you know? Usually, you tell me about this stuff. Last I heard, you were just going on one bad date after another...after another... after another.

Joey: You have no idea.

Jessica: And then you went away on this trip and that's the last I heard anything.

Joey: And that should tell you something. I have been wrapped up with this--with Aubrey-- day and night.

Jessica: Sounds like mostly at night.

Joey: It's more than that. Aubrey and I have nearly spent every minute together since we met.

Jessica: So tell me all about her.

Joey: She's funny, sexy, smart, independent, unpredictable. A little mysterious. We both had given up on trying to find "the one." She's learned as much from her past mistakes as I have.

Dorian: Blair, do I need to point out that Joe is certainly no Eli?

Blair: Joe? You mean Joey? Buchanan?

Dorian: Your cousin realized that the reason that her relationships have been so troubled is because she never really stopped loving Joe.

Blair: Seriously?

Dorian: Absolutely. So she went over to the Palace yesterday to tell him exactly that.

Blair: Oh, do tell.

Dorian: Yes, indeed. Tell us what happened, sweetheart. Enlighten us. What did Joe say when you confessed to him your true feelings?

Kelly: He proposed.

Dorian: Oh! Ho ho ho! Oh, my darling. Give me a hug. Give me a hug. Ha ha ha ha! When's the wedding? Ha ha ha ha! Oh!

Dorian: Oh, this is so wonderful. I knew it. I knew it. I am always right about things like this. Always. Always. So Joe was thrilled, right? When you confessed to him that you still love him the way that he loves you.

Kelly: That isn't exactly how it happened.

Blair: Why don't you let her tell the story?

Dorian: Why don't you say something to your cousin? Hmm?

Blair: Congratulations.

Dorian: Best wishes. Life.

Blair: Your first love, actually. I got a murderer with 3 aliases. Yeah. Married women, rich women, then made them disappear.

Dorian: Kelly had to kiss a few frogs.

Blair: Did Kelly’s men ever-- her toads ever try to lure her to her own death?

Kelly: You know what, Blair?

Blair: What?

Kelly: The one thing all of your failed relationships have in common--it's you.

Dorian: Okay. That's it. Why can't we just be happy for Kelly?

Blair: I will be happy for Kelly, but she's miserable. Look at her.

Dorian: She is not miserable. She most certainly is not miserable. She's just--

Blair: Miserable.

Dorian: Honey, you were way over the top with [Indistinct] Honey, what's wrong?

Kelly: Joey didn't propose to me. He proposed to someone else.

Joey: There will always be a special place in my heart for Kelly, but things between us have been over for a long time.

Jessica: Okay. I just wanted to make sure.

Joey: Jess...

Jessica: I just--Kelly has been such a good friend to me, you know? After all the fallout from last year, I spent last spring thinking that I was still in high school.

Joey: I know. I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you then.

Jessica: Joey, there was nothing that you could've done. I was really...confused, you know, and to top it all off--ha ha-- some guy took advantage of me.

Joey: Yeah. I heard a little about him.

Jessica: Yeah. His name's Robert Ford and you know, Kelly was the only one that I could talk to about it, and she really stuck by me.

Joey: I hope I never meet this jerk. Although, actually, a part of me really hopes that I do.

Jessica: Oh, no. Forget about it. It's just not worth it. Not anymore, anyway. For a while, I thought that he might be my baby's father.

James: Right now, I'm just glad that you were stuck here last night, because I know if you had the chance, you would've went after Dad.

Ford: You're damn right I would've. It was all I could think about. I'd do anything to keep that S.O.B. from beating you again.

James: Don't worry, man. It's not gonna happen again.

Starr: What do you mean?

[Knocking on door]

Maid: Housekeeping! Hello?

[Key turning in lock]

Maid: Aah!

Inez: The commissioner is here because of you.

Nate: Me?

Inez: Yes. I was scared to death when I realized that you hadn't come home last night. You got your father out there somewhere ready to do God knows what to you boys, and I was scared that he'd gotten to you, and so I called Bo.

Nate: I'm sorry, Commissioner. I didn't mean to cause any problems.

Bo: No, it's all right. We're just--we're glad you're okay.

Nate: And Mom, I'm sorry, but I did call you. Twice. I told you I was taking Dani home and that I'd be late.

Inez: There's late and then there's late.

Nate: Yeah, but then I called you and I told you that Dani and I fell asleep watching a movie.

Inez: Yeah, but--yeah, but, you know, I didn't know you were gonna not come home at all. I thought you'd come home right then.

Nate: I did, but I forgot my key. I knocked a couple times. You probably didn't hear.

Inez: Where did you go? Why didn't you just call?

Nate: I didn't wanna wake you, so I just hung out in the lobby. Mom, it's fine, okay? I gotta shower and get ready for school.

Inez: There's something he's not telling me.

Bo: And there's something that you're not telling me. Yes or no...did we have sex last night?

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Don't answer that.


Bo: Inez, answer me.

Inez: Yes, Bo. We had sex last night.

Brody: Rex!

Gigi: Oh! Oh, God! Is he-- is he--

Brody: No, his pulse is weak, but he's alive. You hang in there, buddy. We got an ambulance on the way.

Gigi: Balsom, baby. Baby, can you hear me? Baby, can you hear me? Baby? Oh. Oh, thank God. Okay, okay, you're awake. You're awake.

Rex: Where's...

Gigi: Where's what?

Rex: Where's...

Gigi: Where's...

James: All I meant was that my dad can't beat up on me if I'm not around for him to do it. So I'm just gonna stay out of his way.

Starr: How? By hiding at the library like you did last night?

Eddie's voice: Where's the gun?

James' voice: It's right here.

Starr: James, you can't live this way. Staying out all night and hiding from your father?

James: You're right. I can't. And I don't have to.

Bo: We really slept together last night? I can't believe this.

Inez's voice: Don't worry, Bo. You didn't betray your wife.

Inez: It really happened. I'm sorry.

Bo: No, I'm sorry, Inez. I wish it hadn't, but I gotta tell you, I don't remember anything.

Inez: Then we can pretend it didn't happen.

Bo: I don't think it's gonna be that easy.

Gigi: Where's that ambulance?

Brody: I'll check.

Gigi: Balsom, you're staying here with me, okay? You stay right here with me. We survived too much last year, okay. Shane's leukemia, Stacy and Kim. We fought too hard and too long to get back to each other. And we've got another chance. And you finally taught me to trust you again. Stay here with me! Rex, please stay here with me, okay? And we're gonna watch Shane grow up and we're gonna grow old together. Please? Please, Rex?

Joey: I know you're going to love Aubrey, even though she's not Kelly.

Jessica: I am sorry that I asked you about your feelings for Kelly. It's just I've always secretly kind of wanted her for my sister-in-law again.

Joey: Well, guess what? She's gonna be.

Kelly: So I did go to the Palace to tell Joey how I feel about him, and right when I was about to spill my guts, I saw a ring box on the table. And like an idiot, I thought it was for me.

Blair: But it wasn't?

Kelly: No, it wasn't, Blair, as Joey was so quick to point out. And the worst part was, it turns out his fiancée is someone I really like.

Dorian: Wait. I thought Joe was single.

Kelly: Nobody knew about Aubrey.

Blair: Listen, consider yourself lucky. At least you didn't like blurt out your feelings and completely humiliate yourself. Did you?

Kelly: Well...

Dorian: You didn't.

Kelly: I started to, but then I changed my mind. Except I backed myself into a corner by admitting how much I was still in love with my ex-husband.

Dorian: You didn't!

Kelly: I did. At that point, there was really only one way to get out of it.

Jessica: Kevin and Kelly are getting married again?

Joey: I know. I was surprised, too.

Jessica: But are you sure, because she never mentioned anything to me.

Joey: Well, it happened a few days ago. Kelly flew back to London, and they worked everything out. But they are keeping it quiet.

Jessica: Really? Why?

Dorian: Kelly, honey, how can you be sure that Kevin won't tell Joe the truth?

Kelly: He won't.

Blair: You thought this was a good idea?

Kelly: Well, excuse me for having only a limited number of failed marriages to choose from, not the 17 the two of you have racked up.

Blair: 17? We have not been married 17 times.

Dorian: I think she's counting the annulments.

Blair: Well, yours, not mine.

Dorian: How can you be certain that Kevin won't tell Joe the truth?

Kelly: Because I talked to him. He promised not to breathe a word.

Blair: All right, Kevin's not gonna tell his own brother what's going on. I mean, Eli and Ross were as thick as thieves.

Kelly: Eli killed his own brother. Kevin isn't Eli.

Blair: Oh, right. Kevin. Kevin. We forgot that he is such a paragon of virtue and truth, except for the time that he slept with me when he was actually married to you.

Kelly: Yeah, well, you really didn't resist that, did you?

Blair: I guess I just didn't possess all your hope and optimism at the time.

Dorian: Okay, that's it! That's it! Kelly, I saw for myself how deep your feelings for Joe are.

Kelly: It doesn't matter. He's happy.

Dorian: But don't you think he has a right to know how you feel?

Joey: Kelly wasn't really clear as to why she and Kevin are keeping their engagement a secret.

Jessica: Well, maybe she just doesn't want to jinx it.

Joey: Maybe. Whatever the reason, I have to respect it.

Jessica: Doing a heck of a job so far, Joe.

Joey: Okay. Starting now, we cannot tell anyone else, and we cannot let Kevin know we know.

Jessica: Okay, Joey, but I am not really wild about secrets. They've never done me any good.

Starr: What do you mean you won't have to live like this? For as long as your dad is in Llanview, neither of you can go anywhere without looking over your shoulder.

James: Well, it's not that bad, Starr.

Starr: Oh, it's not? Is that why you were out all last night trying to avoid him? Unless you think that he left town or something, I...

James: Yeah, it may be.

Langston: But he was so obnoxious about sticking around.

James: It was probably just a big act to save face for backing out of the boxing match.

Starr: You really think that?

Eddie's voice: And what the hell are you doing with my gun?

James' voice: What does it look like?

James: It might just be wishful thinking, but...I just have this feeling that he's gone.

Starr: What? What are you saying?

Gigi: Is he gonna be all right?

Paramedic: They'll check him out for a couple hours, but the doc's gonna check for head trauma.

Gigi: Oh, God, that's bad.

Brody: I'm on my way. Gigi, I'm sorry, but something went down at the Minuteman motel. I have to go check it out. Are you gonna be okay here?

Gigi: Can I ride in the ambulance?

Paramedic: Yeah, you got it.

Gigi: Yeah, I'm fine. Go. Thanks for everything. Rex, honey, we're gonna get you to a hospital now, okay?

Rex: Gigi...

Gigi: I'm right here, baby.

Rex: Headlights. We...

Gigi: Don't try to talk, okay?

Rex: But she--

Gigi: Who? Who?

Rex: No! No!

Gigi: What is it, honey? Are you in pain? What is it?

Rex: Nora.

Inez: I wish I could take back what happened last night.

Bo: No, no. This is on me. I have to own up to what I did.

Inez: I'm so sorry, Bo.

Bo: No. I'm the one that's sorry. I'm the one that's married. Never should have let it get this far.

Inez: Please. This is all my fault.

Bo: How do you figure that?

Nate: Later, Mom.

Inez: Wait a minute.

Nate: Yeah?

Inez: Something's wrong with you. What is it?

Doctor: Good news, Mr. Ford. Your tests all came back fine. Your breathing's fine, so we're releasing you.

Ford: Ah! Excellent. Guys, come on in.

Langston: Oh, okay.

Doctor: But come back right away if you have any pain.

Ford: Okay.

Langston: I'll make sure he does. Don't worry.

Doctor: And no more fights.

Ford: Okay.

Langston: I'm so glad you're okay.

Ford: Ooh!

Langston: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Ford: It's okay. It's okay.

Langston: I'll help you get dressed.

Starr: Oh, and that's our cue to go.

James: Yeah, glad you're feeling better, bro.

Ford: See you.

James: Well, I'm beat. I'm gonna go home and crash.

Starr: I don't think so.

Kelly: Dorian, the last thing Joey wants or needs is to hear that I love him.

Dorian: How do you know?

Kelly: Something about seeing him ask another woman to marry him.

Dorian: Perhaps if you had told him your true feelings sooner, he never ever would have asked this Aubrey person to marry him.

Kelly: The thing is, I promised this Aubrey person that I would keep my feelings to myself.

Dorian: Ah! So what? You owe her nothing.

Kelly: I gave her my word.

Blair: Like that's ever stopped you before?

Dorian: Blair.

Blair: What?

Dorian: Kelly, listen to me. Your cousin, however rude she may be, she does have a point. Please, tell Joe how you feel. That way, at least you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you did everything you could to be with the man you love.

Blair: Love! Love! Are you kidding me? That is an invented word for people who want to sell greeting cards.

Dorian: Blair!

Blair: Okay. Kelly, get your heart stomped on again.

Dorian: Honey, listen to me. Do this. Tell Joe how you feel before it goes any farther with this fiancée of his. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Joey: This is Aubrey.

Jessica: Wow. I can see why you fell for her.

Joey: Yeah, me too.

Jessica: So when are you two getting married? Brody and I have dibs on February.

Joey: February? No. Aubrey and I will be back from our honeymoon by then.

Jessica: Wow. You're getting married that soon?

Joey: What can I say? I love her. Why are you two waiting so long?

Jessica: Oh, gee, I wonder.

Joey: Oh, yeah. Right. Well, with Brody and you as parents, that is gonna be one great kid.

Ford: Hey... now that I was almost at death's door again, are you sure you want to wait 6 months to sleep with me?

Langston: You were hardly at death's door.

Ford: Oh, really? Then what was the whole... "Please be okay!"

Langston: Oh, yeah, keep that up, and you will be at death's door.

Ford: All right, let's get out of here.

Langston: Let's go home.

Ford: Hey.

Langston: Yeah.

Ford: Langston.

Langston: What?

Ford: Thank you.

Langston: For what?

Ford: For staying here with me last night, all night.

Langston: Ford, is everything okay?

Starr: Okay.

James: This is new. Usually I'm the one kidnapping you.

Starr: James--

James: I kind of like it.

Starr: Stop.

James: What?

Starr: I know you, and you're hiding something.

Eddie's voice: Ha ha! What are you planning to do, buddy boy? Shoot your dad?

Starr: I'm right, aren't I? Hi,

Jessica: So I guess it doesn't really matter if you do have unresolved feelings for Kelly because she's marrying our brother.

Joey: Well, I'm marrying Aubrey.

Jessica: Ah!

Joey: What?

Jessica: You didn't deny that you have unresolved feelings for Kelly.

Joey: Aren't you supposed to be resting?

Jessica: Okay, I get it. You have unresolved feelings for Kelly. You just don't want to talk about it.

Joey: Jessica!

Jessica: I'm going. I'm going.

[Doorbell rings]

Joey: Kelly! What brings you here?

Blair: I cannot believe you, Dorian.

Dorian: What? That I still will advocate for la grande amour?

Blair: That you sent Kelly down the gangplank. Haven't you learned one thing from all your David disasters?

Dorian: Yes, I've learned David is a louse, but not all men are.

Blair: Really? Then why aren't you out looking for your own passionate affair?

Dorian: Because nobody has shown up that remotely interests me.

Blair: Oh, that is so... you are so full of it! You're afraid. That's why you're sending Kelly out to battle for you. You know what, if that's what you want to do, if you want to see her be heartbroken, if you want to see her live this sad, lonely, tragic life, don't let me stop you.

Dorian: You know something, I think you're right.

Blair: I am?

Dorian: Yes.

Blair: I know that I am, but I wasn't expecting you to agree with me.

Dorian: Yeah, I do. I think you're right.

Blair: Wow.

Dorian: I am...afraid of allowing myself to ever love again, and that's why I want Kelly to be the courageous, strong-willed young woman that she has always been.

Blair: Please.

Dorian: Scoff if you like, but Kelly’s courage really does encourage me to believe that someday I will get over my fear and love again. But you, my darling Blair, unless you get over this Eli thing... you will never, ever truly trust or love anyone again. And that, my darling, would be a real tragedy.

Inez: Nate, tell me what's bothering you.

Nate: I'm fine, mom. I gotta go. I'm gonna be late.

Woman: Officers, this way.

Bo: I gotta be heading out. You know, if someone would have asked me last night if I'd cheat on Nora, I would have thought they were crazy. I hate that I hurt her like this. I love her.

Inez: I know. I hope you find your way back to each other.

Gigi: Rex, did you say "Nora"? What about Nora?

Paramedic: Ma'am, we need to get him to the hospital.

Gigi: Okay.

Bo: Oh, I'm so sorry, Nora.

Brody: I know this guy. His name's Eddie Ford.

Ford: I'm just grateful you put up with all this craziness with my dad. Not a lot of people would do that.

Langston: Well, Dorian Lord is my mother and my best friend's dad is Todd Manning. I'm pretty sure I'm used to crazy by now.

Ford: Still, you know what I mean.

Langston: I know. Well, maybe James is right. Maybe your dad changed his mind and decided to leave town.

Ford: Maybe. All I know is that bastard will never hurt James again.

Brody: This guy hurt a lot of people, and somebody finally decided to put a bullet in his chest.

James: The only thing I'm hiding is how exhausted I am. [Forced yawn] Oh, yeah, not even doing a good job of--

Starr: Would you just tell me the truth? Where did you go last night?

Eddie's voice: What are you gonna do, buddy boy? Shoot your dad?

Starr: After you left the gym, you went to see your father, didn't you?

John: On the next "One Life to Live"...

Tea: Todd, tell me you didn't do anything stupid.

Viki: You kissed my husband.

Charlie: We're not gonna lose him.

Starr: Something happened last night. Tell me! Todd: What do you want?

John: A murderer. You know one?

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