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Episode # 10833

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Langston: You don't have to do this.

James: She's right, you know.

Langston: You can call off the fight.

Ford: Langston, I don't wanna fight anybody. I want to get rid of Eddie. I owe that to James.

James: This is crazy. Bobby's never been in a ring and now he's gonna go one-one with that junkyard dog?

Starr: Listen to what Cris said. Your brother's built for it. He has the stamina, agility, and strength, and not to mention, he wants your dad gone.

James: Gee, thanks, Starr. But we all want him gone. And anyway, who says Eddie's gonna play by the rules?

Starr: I wouldn't worry about that. There are gonna be plenty of people here to watch the match.

James: Starr, I'm talking about afterwards. Suppose bobby somehow flattens him, okay? You think my dad's just gonna leave town with his tail tucked between his legs? No way. Llanview's been way too good to him. He's got people willing to pay him to back off, girls don't know his rep. He's not leaving town till he's ready.

Eddie: Be nice.

Nora: Why?

Eddie: Because you and me could be friends.

Nora: Friends?

Eddie: We got a lot of time to kill. We gotta have something to do.

Nora: What are you gonna do? Add rape to your list of charges?

Eddie: Is that what you're into? 'Cause I'll do anything. There's women who'll pay me to be with them.

Nora: I'm not them.

Eddie: Who knew? I'd do you for free.

Inez: "Do not take with alcohol. May cause disorientation and drowsiness."

Bo: Do you need any help in there?

Inez: No. I think I got it under control. Is light beer okay?

Bo: Sure. Whatever.

Clint: Your father is cheating on your mother. Bo's having an affair with Inez.

Matthew: No. No, there's no way. You're lying.

Clint: I wouldn't lie to you, Matthew. You're my nephew.

Matthew: You're lying to Rex-- and he's your son.

Rex: Hey, John. How you doing?

John: Okay.

Rex: Good. Good.

John: You okay? You seem a little caffeinated.

Rex: Yeah, I've been hitting the double espressos kinda hard. You?

John: Just black coffee.

Rex: Right. Right.

John: You sure you're okay?

Rex: Why wouldn't I be?

Natalie's voice: John doesn't even know that I slept with Brody. He thinks this baby is his.

Rex: I'm good. I'm great. But enough about me. What are you up to?

John: Just looking for Natalie. Have you seen her?

Natalie: Marty, I am so sick and tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in your life. I did not make your son commit murder. And I did not make you steal hospital records and I did not send a psycho loose. You did all of that.

Marty: ....You lying, little--

Natalie: Ooh! Don't. You slap me once, shame on you. Slap me twice, I will kick your ass, Marty.

Marty: You'd like that, wouldn't you? An excuse to take out all your fear and all your frustration on me, but not without risking your baby. John's baby. Do you have any idea what it did to him when I was pushed down those stairs and I lost our baby? Something inside of him just gave up and died and I never got him back. You're gonna lose him, Natalie. When he finds out you lied to him and that you cheated on him--

Natalie: Whoa, no, no, no. I never cheated on John.

Marty: The paternity test says otherwise.

Natalie: Okay. Marty. You're right, obviously. You just--you know everything. Whatever. Do whatever you want.

Marty: You know what I want? I want my son back. I want him out of prison. He's dying every day, a little bit more that he's there.

Natalie: Marty, I am sorry that Cole is in prison, but he murdered a man.

Marty: And you don't think what you're doing to John's gonna kill him?

Natalie: Depends on if you tell him or not.

Marty: I don't want to hurt John. He's been hurt enough, but he deserves so much more than you. And you? You deserve to lose everything, just like me.

Rex: I saw Natalie--I don't know, must've been an hour ago. I hadn't seen her in a while. Boy, what a difference, huh? Popped.

John: She is pregnant. And?

Rex: And...

John: And is she still here?

Rex: No. No, she's not.

John: Do you know where she is?

Rex: She went out. I couldn't tell you where.

John: Oh. I was supposed to meet her here. We were gonna go over these Lamaze brochures. She wants me to take this class with her.

Rex: You're really loving this dad thing.

John: What's not to love?

Clint: I'm sorry, Matthew. I shouldn't have said anything. Let's just forget it.

Matthew: Forget about--you can't just say something like that, that my dad is cheating on my mom and just expect me to forget about it.

Clint: Maybe you're too young to understand.

Matthew: I understand it, Uncle Clint. Remember Dani cheated on me with Nate?

Clint: Yeah, I remember how hurt you were. I can only imagine how you feel knowing that your father-- well, Inez could not have been more clear about it. She broke up with me in order to be with Bo.

Matthew: That doesn't mean my dad wants anything to do with her. He doesn't care about Inez. He would never do this to my mom.

Clint: You can only push a man so far.

Matthew: What is that supposed to mean?

Clint: Let's just say that Bo would not cheat on Nora without a very good reason.

Matthew: What reason? What are you talking-- are you saying my mom cheated on my dad?

Nora: Don't do it, Eddie. Don't do it. Don't you touch me. Get your filthy hands off of me.

Eddie: Ooh. [Indistinct]

[Telephone ringing]

Nora: That's a phone. That could be Bo.

Eddie: Luckily... "Nora, I don't plan to sleep with Inez, but I have to tell you, the way you're behaving, I don't plan to sleep with you anytime soon, either." I think we're getting to him.

Nora: You are so wrong.

Eddie: Am I? Don't forget little Miss Inez is gonna be doing her best to convince him. Now, what I gotta do to convince you. Hmm?

Inez's voice: All right. I'll do it. I'll seduce Bo and try to ruin his marriage. One condition.

Clint: That would be what?

Inez: You make Eddie disappear.

Bo: You okay in there?

Inez: No.

Bo: Inez?

Inez: I'll be there in a sec.

Matthew: So my dad is cheating on my mom because my mom is cheating on my dad? Is that what you're telling me?

Clint: Matthew, I'm just talking--I'm trying to figure it out, okay? Why would a man like your father, who's never cheated on your mother, why would he start now?

Matthew: You don't know if he's started anything. He loves my mom.

Clint: I think he does, and I think she loves him, but human beings, you know, they make mistakes. God knows I've been guilty of indiscretions and as far as that goes, so has your mother, with Sam Rappaport and then again with your father while she was still married to me.

Matthew: Yeah, and I know that was hard on you, but I think that's clouding your judgment.

Clint: Maybe. And I hope that you're right. But in the past couple of weeks, you must've picked up on the tensions. Hell, your parents don't even look happy.

Matthew: So they've had a couple fights. That's just a part of being married, right?

Clint: Sometimes it is, yes, but to run away from your problems? That's not like your mother, is it?

Matthew: None of this is proof of anything. How do you know Inez isn't lying to you, and how do you know my parents are even having problems?

Clint: You've got a good point. We need information, and in my experience, you go right to the source.

Matthew: I'm not talking to Inez.

Clint: What about your mother? We could settle this right now. Matthew, call her and ask her point-blank what's going on.

Eddie: So how about it, hot stuff? Whoo. You still got what it takes.

Nora: To put you away for the rest of your life. Aah!

Eddie: I like your spirit.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nora: That's probably Bo.

Eddie: How the hell am I supposed to get a rhythm going on up in here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Eddie: There we go. Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Sorry. Minuteman Motel and pleasure palace.

Matthew: Who the hell is this?

Eddie: Who's this?

Matthew: Put my mom on the phone.

Eddie: She's tied up right now.

Clint: Well?

Eddie: That creeps me out a little. Listen, baby, I'd like to scratch your itch, but I gotta go take my son down a peg or two. And if there's one thing a boxer knows, he gotta conserve his juice before a bout. But don't you worry, baby, you'll get yours just as soon as I beat the little bastard. Shouldn't take more than an hour and I'll be back--sweated up, keyed up, and ready to take you to the mat.

Eddie: Sometimes it bites being together.

Bo: Thank you.

Inez: If you want to make a call, I can leave the room.

Bo: No. No, I've already said everything I have to say, so...

[Glasses clink]

Bo: Bottoms up.

Natalie: Do you think I'm just gonna stand by and let you ruin my life, Marty?

Marty: Pretty much.

Natalie: Like I said before, you're on probation. I don't think it would take much to convince the hospital board to fire you. And with what you've done, you would lose your license, too. Oh, and my uncle is the police commissioner, so I am sure he would love to hear how you've been rifling through my medical files and how you've been blackmailing me. You would go to prison. So I'm not the only one here with something to lose. If I go down, Marty, you're going down with me.

Rex: John, you're... you're looking almost happy.

John: I guess if I was to stop and think about it, I am happy.

Rex: Wow. That's good.

John: Well, you know, Natalie and a kid--that's pretty hard to beat.

Rex: She's the best.

John: Yeah.

Rex: I'm not saying she's perfect. But you gotta know that she'd never hurt anybody on purpose, you know? She might make mistakes--we all do--but... you gotta understand that... she is terrified of failing you.

John: Did she tell you that?

Rex: She didn't have to. She was raised a Balsom--it kind of goes with the territory.

John: Well, you know, between you and me, I don't think there's anything she could do that would change the way I feel about her.

Rex: That's good to know. But I gotta jet. I gotta track down this guy Eddie Ford.

John: Why is that?

Rex: For a client who wants me to find out whatever I can on the guy.

John: I could point you in the right direction.

Cristian: Keep moving. Just keep moving. Work.

James: If he can't take Brody, how the hell is he gonna take my dad?

James: Guys, take it easy.

Ford: That's how you learn how to duck, right?

Cristian: If you don't put your hands up, you're gonna pay for it.

Ford: It's okay.

Cristian: Let's go. Hands up. Keep them up.

Ford: You don't have to do Eddie's work for him.

Brody: Sorry, I thought I pulled that one.

Cristian: Why don't we take 5?

Langston: Hey. You okay? How many fingers?

Ford: 11? Still got my sense of humor. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Langston: Okay, I don't want to bruise your ego...

Ford: That's okay. I think it's been bruised enough.

Langston: Okay, well, I'm really scared that you're gonna get hurt.

Ford: Oh, I'm definitely gonna get hurt.

Langston: Then why are you doing this?

Ford: Langston, I told you.

Langston: No, and I'm telling you. Walk away right now and I will have sex with you.

Nate: Do you like Ford's chances?

James: Bobby can hold his own.

Nate: Eddie's got inches on him.

James: Yeah, but who's younger, tougher, and a hell of a lot angrier? Besides, it's not like he's just gonna drop out because we want him to, so there's nothing we can do.

Nate: We can even the odds.

James: How?

Nate: Cheat.

Eddie: Hello, Llanview! Are you ready to rumble?! That's what I'm talking about.

Marty: No, you are right about one thing. You have the power to take away my career.

Natalie: And send you to jail, so stay out of my way.

Marty: And that would constitute a threat, if I cared about my career or my future, but all I care about right now is my son, the one that's in prison. You're about to become a mother. Try to imagine this, if you will. Imagine you're having a son. Imagine that you go to see him in jail, and every week, you see him change. You see the hope in him just disappear, and you see it replaced with bitterness and with anger and despair. And soon you see that everything you loved about him, everything you nurtured in him-- is just fading away, is just fading away, and all you have is...everything you loved about him--his sense of humor, his optimism. Tenderness. It's gone away. It's gone. It has to, because otherwise... he wouldn't make it.

Natalie: Marty, again, I'm very sorry about Cole, but he murdered a man.

Marty: And you lied to John and your own sister about the paternity of your child.

Natalie: I'm not proud of what I did, but it's not a crime.

Marty: So you don't deserve to be punished?

Natalie: Not by you.

Marty: It's not gonna be me. It'll be John and your family. You're right. You're right. I'm just the messenger. And the big question for me is, when? I mean, do I do it now before you give John his baby? Or do I wait till he's holding his baby? You know what? Why don't I just wait till the christening, you know, when all the family is there? Then again, if I'm gonna wait, I should make it worthwhile. Oh, we could go to first day of kindergarten. First day--first little league game. Ah, that's a good one. You know what? I'm gonna make-- I could make you wait. I could-- I could wait till I get my son back. 10 years. And then I could take John's baby away. Or I might not just do it at all. Ha ha. See, what the whole good part is, you... will never know.

Rex: What do you know about Eddie Ford?

John: I know he's holed up at the Minuteman Hotel. Brody responded to a disturbance call there and he found him.

Rex: Did he bring him in?

John: No, no. He's got some high-priced lawyer and he's threatening harassment suits. Brody's on him now over at Rourke's Gym, but unless he steps way out of line--

Rex: There's nothing you can do. So Eddie's place is empty right now.

John: Yeah. Looks that way. Of course, if a capable picklock was to come along and find his way inside, who knows what he might find.

Clint: Who was on the phone?

Matthew: Some guy. He wouldn't put my mom on--said she was tied up.

Clint: Oh, God, Matthew. I wish to God I was wrong. I tried to stop it. That's why I was dating Inez, like I said.

Matthew: Keep your enemies close.

Clint: I was trying to distract her, but she was so intent on landing him, and Bo was probably so hurt and vulnerable after finding out that Nora--well, you heard for yourself. Probably made him ripe for the picking. I wouldn't doubt that Bo is with Inez right now.

Bo: I wish our sons would get over their differences. Oh. Sorry. You know what? I should get home.

Inez: No. No. You--you look really tired. I don't think you should be driving. I'll make you some coffee.

Bo: No. No, that's all right. I'm fine. I don't really need anything. I wish Matthew would get past this whole thing...

[Bo yawns]

Bo: With Dani. I know he's--

Inez: With Nate dating her now...

Bo: Yeah, but see, that's-- that's Nate's right. Matthew's just young.

Inez: He was hurt.

Bo: I never should’ve shot my mouth off about Sam. It's not like it still hurts anymore. She did it all for me. She wanted to give me a baby. That's because...after Drew... after Drew died... I love her. All this...all this crazy fighting we're going through, it''s not us. it's so far away.

Eddie: Well, Clint did say to keep the conversation going.

[Cell phone chimes]

Eddie: Ha ha ha.

James: Cheat how?

Nate: I've seen it in a couple films. What we do is we doctor Ford's gloves with something-- some kind of drug that'll make Eddie woozy. Or we could take the padding out of his glove. No, we can put something heavy in there, like brass knuckles.

Dani: Where are you gonna find brass knuckles?

Nate: Shh.

Starr: No. No. That is not happening.

James: Starr, we have to do something or Bobby's gonna get killed. Literally.

Dani: There's no way that he'd back down?

Nate: After what he did to my mom? Or you or James? Besides, who cares if we cheat as long as we get him out of town?

Starr: If Eddie really gets hurt and if someone like Brody catches on? Ford could go to jail for assault.

James: We can't all just stand around and watch Bobby get pummeled. All right? We've gotta make sure he wins.

Langston: I mean it. I will put aside the ban on sex for 6 months if you walk outta here right now.

Ford: It really means that much to you.

Langston: I don't want you to get hurt.

Ford: You see what you've done to me? Now I definitely can't have sex with you.

Langston: But I offered.

Ford: Because you really care about me, and I appreciate that. But you need proof that I'm not in this for the wrong reasons, and I intend to give it to you. I'm gonna show you that you can trust me again.

Langston: Okay, what if Eddie kills you?

Ford: Oh, ye of little faith.

Langston: Ford, be serious. The guy's a thug.

Ford: Langston, there is nothing more that I'd like to do right now than take you back home and spend the night with you. But I gotta take care of my little brother, so no sex. Not now.

Eddie: Hard up, honey? Daddy would be happy to oblige.

Ford: Stay away from her.

Eddie: I gotta warm up my hands somehow.

Langston: You're disgusting.

Eddie: What's the problem? The boyfriend here can't take care of business?

Brody: All right, let's break this up.

Eddie: Don't worry, buddy boy. Papa gonna show you how it's done.

Ford: Yeah, caveman style. Eddie's gotta knock a woman out before she'll come anywhere near him.

Eddie: Whatever it takes, meatball. At least I still got the juice.

Dani: Wow, no wonder your wife left you. You're pathetic.

Eddie: Just wait your turn, little Miss sugarlips. You're next.

Nate: You stay away from her! You touch her, I'll kill you.

Eddie: Don't make me laugh. I could take you all on and still have enough juice left to drag your little girlfriends over to my apartment and show them what they've been missing.

Brody: That does sound like a threat. I take that pretty seriously.

Eddie: No, sir, Officer, sir. No, I was just getting the energy up for the fight. You can understand that, right?

Cristian: Save it for the ring, huh?

Ford: You still want me to call off this fight?

Langston: If you don't put him in the ground, I will.

Clint: You okay, son?

Matthew: I gotta get out of here.

Clint: Well, I don't think that you should be alone right now.

Matthew: I'll be fine.

Clint: I want you to know, Matthew, whatever happens, I'm there for you.

Matthew: I know.

Clint: And what about that other situation? Rex?

Matthew: What about him?

Clint: You had no choice. You had to stop him from telling Bo that Rex is your son.

Inez: Bo.

[Cell phone chimes]

Inez: "Well, I don't want you, either, not until you get Inez out of your system. Just sleep with her already. I don't want to hear from you until you do."

[Cell phone ringing]

Inez: Hello?

Clint: Did you get it done?

Inez: No. Not yet, but Bo's here.

Clint: Well, then get off the phone, get into bed, and get to work.

Inez: It's okay. He's resting.

Clint: Inez, like I told you, I am giving you the perfect excuse to do what you've always wanted to do. Inez?

Inez: Those messages from Nora-- are they really from her?

Clint: What messages? And what the hell do you care? Just get it done. Or do you want Eddie Ford to be a permanent resident of Llanview?

John: Of course, if somebody was to break into this guy Eddie's room at the Minuteman Motel, now would be the time to do it--the night manager's relieving the day guy.

Rex: I'm assuming the security's pretty thin.

John: Security? What security?

Rex: I gotta go.

John: Yeah. Be careful. The roads--they're a little icy.

Rex: Thanks.

John: What for?

Rex: For loving my sister. She hasn't had it easy. You and this baby is the only thing she's ever wanted. I would hate to think what would happen to her if she lost you-- or that kid.

Natalie: Marty, I know that blame me for Cole going to prison. But maybe if you had been a better mother, Cole wouldn't have committed murder in cold blood. Because...where do you think he learned it from, Marty? He wanted revenge, just like you. This isn't justice. This isn't concern for John. This is you getting payback.

Marty: I might not even have to tell him. He's a smart man-- he might figure it out all on his own.

Natalie: Or maybe I'll just tell him myself.

Marty: Like you did when you betrayed him with that other man?

Natalie: Mm. Okay, so this is about the fact that John loves me, right? This is what this is about? You're still upset about the fact that he left you for me? You don't care. You don't care if you hurt John.

Marty: I didn't hurt John--you did, when you slept with your sister's boyfriend.

Natalie: Okay. We're gonna clear something up here, not that it's any of your business. But when Brody and I slept together, John and I were not together and Brody and Jessica were not together. So...what if I do tell John the truth now? Tell him that you've been trying to torture me, hmm?

Marty: You're not gonna tell him. You don't have the guts.

Natalie: We'll see about that.

Marty's voice: You're not gonna tell him. You don't have the guts.

Natalie: You deserve to know the truth, John. About everything-- about Brody, the baby-- and you, Marty.

Brody: We good here?

Cristian: Yeah, I'm good. Hey. Focus.

Brody: I'm gonna grab a kit.

Nate: There's still time.

James: For what?

Nate: To screw with his gloves.

James: No, we can't do that. Starr was right. It's gonna cause too many problems.

Nate: Did you hear what he said to Dani?

James: Yeah. Yeah, I heard him.

Nate: And what if he goes after Starr? Or Langston? Because that's what he's threatening to do.

James: He's not gonna get that far, man. The cops are all over him.

Nate: The cops can't touch him and you know it. He's got some lawyer holding them off.

James: Look, it's just a matter of time, all right?

Nate: I'm not gonna wait till he hurts somebody. If you won't help me, I'll take care of him myself.

James: I'm gonna take care of it all right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eddie: Now what?

Clint: Watch the tone of voice.

Eddie: If you want polite, you got the wrong guy. And what were you thinking, having her kid call? I almost gave the whole game away.

Clint: It was necessary. How's our guest?

Eddie: I left her resting comfortably.

Clint: You left her? Left her where?

Eddie: At my suite.

Clint: Where are you?

Eddie: Out. I got some personal business to take care of.

Clint: The only business you have is with me. I am paying you a small fortune to do one simple thing--keep your eye on Nora. Now, you go back there and get Nora and get her to your ex's apartment. Something is gonna happen and it's crucial that Nora sees it.

Clint's voice: Inez, like I told you, I am giving you the perfect excuse to do what you've always wanted to do.

Inez: I can't do this.

Clint's voice: Just get it done. Or do you want Eddie Ford to be a permanent resident of Llanview?

Inez: Bo. Bo, wake up. I need you to do something for me. Can you hear me?

Bo: Yeah.

Inez: I need you to... I need you to make love to me.

Nora's voice: Please.

Bo: Nora...

Eddie: Are you sure this can't wait? All I gotta do is knock my feeble son on his ass, and that can't take more than a round or two.

Clint: Look, you've got 20 minutes to get Nora over to Inez's apartment or you don't get paid.

Eddie: Hang on a minute.

Clint: Not one red cent until the job is done.

Eddie: I'll take care of it.

Clint: See that you do.

Cristian: Just remember--keep your hands up to protect your face.

Ford: Yeah. I got it.

Brody: Drop those elbows when he goes to hook for your ribs.

Eddie: Whoa. Team Ford. Very impressive.

Ford: You ready, old man?

Eddie: I'm always ready, but you see, the thing is, you're kinda looking like a girl out there, dude.

Ford: Let me worry about that.

Eddie: I can't let you wet yourself in front of your girlfriend.

Langston: Are you kidding me?

Eddie: She is the feisty one. Can I watch you go a couple rounds with that?

Cristian: Listen, listen, guys, I got stuff to do, okay? If we're gonna do this, let's do it.

Eddie: I gotta give the kid a rain check.

Ford: Wait. What? What are you talking about?

Eddie: I'm giving you a break, son, to know your left from your right before I take you down.

Ford: We had a deal. You lose, you leave town.

Cristian: Okay, okay. So is the fight on or off?

Ford: Fight's on.

Eddie: Just not tonight.

Cristian: You know what? I got stuff to do. I gotta go. See you.

Starr: Cristian--

Cristian: Starr, I'm sorry. I gotta go. I got things to do. Just let me know when you set a date, all right?

Starr: Okay. Thank you.

Cristian: Sure.

Nate: Now what?

James: You conceding, Dad?

Eddie: Not on your life. Bobby, I got someplace I need to be.

Rex: This must be the place.

[Knocking on door]

[Nora's speech muffled]

Ford: No, we're doing this right here, right now.

Langston: Who's gonna ref?

Brody: Oh, I'd love to.

Eddie: Not tonight, Louise, but I'll be in touch.

Ford: Sure you will, coward.

Eddie: Excuse me?

Ford: You heard me.

Eddie: Bobby. I could take you apart with one hand.

Nate: You're all talk.

Eddie: Who the hell asked you, junior?

James: You think you can take on Bobby, huh?

Eddie: Yeah.

James: He's younger, he's tougher, and he's ready to take you on, old man.

Eddie: Hey.

Ford: Only Eddie's afraid. Aren't you, Eddie?

Eddie: Tomorrow morning. 10 a.m.

James: Yeah, we'll all be here, but I'm sure you'll--

Eddie: I will be here.

James: You're right. You will.

Eddie: Yes.

James: With your arm in a sling.

Eddie: Ha ha ha!

Nate: I can't fight. I hurt my arm.

Eddie: I don't make excuses.

James: No, you don't. You just run away. Because you're chicken.

Eddie: I'll show you chicken. Aah!

Langston: Oh, my God!

[Knocking on door]

[Nora's speech muffled]

Marty: I mean, honey, if I'm gonna use this, I gotta do it when it's right. I wanna destroy Natalie. I gotta do it when it's the best for me... and the worst for her.

John: Hey. I didn't hear you come in.

Natalie: I need to talk to you.

John: I need to talk to you.

Natalie: Me first?

John: No, you always go first. How about me go first this time?

Natalie: Okay. What's up? What are you doing?

John: Will you marry me?

Bo: On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: If you spoke to john and if you did, what did you say?

Rex: Be happy, Natalie. Take a chance.

Nate: What does Matthew Buchanan have against my mother?

Matthew: She's a whore and a bitch and a home wrecker!

Inez: I think we should go to the bedroom.

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