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Episode # 10825

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Viki: How did you even know that Joey was back in town?

Kelly: I was actually just in London seeing Zane--

Charlie: You know, I think that Shane inherited his model-building skill from me.

Echo: Well, he got his good looks from me.

Kelly: Rex? It's true? Charlie's your father?

Rex: Yeah. This is my mother, Echo DiSavoy.

Kelly: Wow. That's great.

Viki: Oh, yeah. We're just one

Inez: I have something to tell you.

Bo: What's on your mind?

Clint's voice: I want you to sleep with my brother.

Inez: It's about your brother Clint.

Ford: I need your help.

Clint: You want me to help you? Are you under the delusion that I have forgotten what you did to my daughter, my Jessica?

Ford: No.

Clint: You took advantage of her when she was at her most vulnerable.

Ford: Yeah, I understand that, and I've paid for that mistake.

Clint: Yeah, well, you'd still be paying for it if that mistake had resulted in a child, but luckily for you, the DNA test proved that Jessica's baby is definitely Brody's.

Ford: Yeah, I heard.

Clint: You stay away from my daughter, do you understand me?

Ford: Not a problem.

Clint: I'm glad we understand each other. But I'm curious. What is it you wanted from me?

Ford: $50,000.

Todd: Starr?

James: She's not here. She went to Statesville to see Cole. He got in a fight or something.

Todd: That's a surprise.

James: Mr. Manning, I know you're not exactly Cole's biggest fan.

Todd: Yeah? What's it to you?

James: Nothing, except I understand you have a couple of things to say about my brother, and you should know Nate's a good kid.

Todd: No one's good enough for my daughters.

[People speaking French on TV]

Nate: The director is amazing.

Dani: Yeah.

Nate: He really knows what he's doing.

Dani: He certainly does.

Kelly: I need to get going.

Viki: Really? Don't you want to wait for Joey to get back?

Rex: Joey?

Viki: Yes. Joey just showed up out of the blue as a surprise. Isn't that wonderful?

Aubrey: Joey, I missed you so much.

Joey: Me, too. So how was your flight?

Aubrey: Not bad. It went by fast.

Joey: London to Llanview?

Aubrey: I sat next to a very interesting woman on the plane. You know, she said she's from Llanview. Maybe you know her.

Kelly: I do need to get going. It was nice to meet you.

Echo: Nice meeting you, too.

Kelly: Good night, everybody.

Rex: Hey, I'll walk you out.

Echo: Now, see? That's nice. It's really wonderful that a man and a woman can be friends even when the man is attached to someone else.

Charlie: Echo.

Echo: What? I'm just saying that we should all learn from their example.

Viki: Well, it has been a very educational evening.

Echo: Yes, and exhausting, so if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna go up to my room.

Viki: Echo? We got a problem.

Rex: Well, you weren't kidding when you said you were in control. You wanted Joey. Where is he? Here in Llanview. How'd you do it?

Kelly: It was simple. Packed my bags, went to London.

Rex: That's where you were calling from? What happened when you saw him?

Kelly: Actually, I didn't see him. There was a slight miscommunication with Nevil, Nigel's cousin.

Rex: Okay, what did Nevil say?

Kelly: That Joey was on his way home, but what he really meant was...

Rex: He was on his way back here.

Kelly: And now he's off who knows where.

Rex: So you haven't seen him?

Kelly: No. But on the bright side, he didn't get any of the messages I left him.

Rex: The ones where you're telling him he's the love of your life?

Kelly: Thanks for reminding me.

Rex: Well, he's got to come back to the house sooner or later.

Kelly: But I mean it is pretty amazing, don't you think, Joey showing up in Llanview right when I'm thinking of him? That's a pretty big coincidence, isn't it?

Rex: Maybe not. Maybe Joey's been thinking about you, too.

Joey: You do realize that not everyone from Llanview knows each other, right?

Aubrey: Yes. I just figured that all the handsome men from Llanview who travel first class might know all the gorgeous women who do as well.

Joey: Gorgeous, huh?

Aubrey: Excuse me?

Joey: Hey. As far as I'm concerned, there is only one woman in the whole world. She's standing right in front of me, and I cannot wait till she meets everyone I know. So come on, let's get your bags.

Aubrey: This is it.

Joey: Really?

Aubrey: Yes. I told you I travel light.

Joey: I knew there was a reason I loved you, Aubrey. So, you ready to go face the troops at Llanfair?

Aubrey: Actually, Joey, I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

Joey: Why not?

[People speaking French on TV]

Dani: This movie is only rated "R?"

Nate: It's foreign, so they rate them differently. I totally forgot about this part.

Dani: How? I think it's gonna be burned in my memory for life.

Nate: We can fast-forward.

Dani: Okay. You know, I got it. It's okay. I wasn't exactly concentrating on the movie, anyway.

Nate: So...we can just talk?

Dani: Yeah, good idea.

Nate: Okay.

Dani: So what do you want to talk about?

Nate: Sex.

Todd: Nate might not be a cold-blooded killer like Cole, but he did drag Dani into a situation that could have gotten her killed.

James: Yeah, because of me. I stole money from my old man, and if I hadn't done that, none of this would have ever happened.

Todd: That's right. You're an idiot. So is your brother. Starr had the right idea to shoot you. She give you that, too?

James: I ran into a wall.

Todd: Like I said, you're an idiot. And a wuss.

James: Got that right. I can't even stand up to my own dad.

Todd: Your old man gave you that?

James: Yeah. So go ahead, laugh all you want.

Todd: No, nothing funny about that, man. Believe me, I know.

James: You know?

Clint: And what do you need 50 grand for?

Ford: It's my father. He's in Llanview now.

Clint: Your mother mentioned that, yeah.

Ford: He wants the money that James took from him, which is $50,000. I need to get him away from James. I figure we pay him off and he'll leave town and be out of our lives.

Clint: And what makes you think that I would give you this money?

Ford: Because if you don't, I'll tell the cops that it was you who had me beaten up.

Bo: Inez, did something happen with Clint?

Inez: I think that you need to know.

Nora: Bo, listen. I...Inez! What the hell are you doing here? Didn't we say good night to you at Clint's?

Inez: Yes, you did.

Nora: And yet you're back here at Bo's office. And you're not working, and there are no cookies, so what exactly are you offering my husband this time?

Clint: Are you threatening me?

Ford: Call it what you want. I just think the cops would be interested to know that you had two guys rough me up a little.

Clint: And why would they believe you? I'm a pillar of the community; a respected citizen who employs half the people in this town, and just for good measure, the police commissioner is my brother.

Ford: Yeah, and he has a reputation for integrity.

Clint: While you, on the other hand, gave false information to the police about this person who beat you up this past spring, allowing Eli Clarke to roam free. And didn't Clarke go after you because you were blackmailing him? Honest to God, who would believe anything you say?

Ford: You got a point. The police probably wouldn't believe me. But you know who would? That woman you're dating. Who is she again? Oh, that's right, my mother.

Inez: Nora, if you let me explain--

Bo: Inez, you don't owe anyone an explanation. You and I are going to finish our conversation, but first, I need a word with Nora.

Nora: No, actually, I don't have time for a word. I just came to tell you that the charges against Edward Ford didn't stick and he's being released.

Inez: No, no, no. He hit James in front of witnesses, including the mayor. So how could this happen?

Nora: I'm sorry. I really, truly am, believe me. I am very sorry. Mr. Ford claimed that it was an accident, and his lawyer pled it down to a misdemeanor, and the judge agreed.

Inez: What if he goes after James again?

Todd: Yeah, I knew a kid like you a while ago was getting roughed up by his adoptive father. The father felt like picking on his son's the only way to make himself feel like a man.

James: I left Ohio to get away from my old man. I should have known I can never get out from underneath of him.

Todd: Wait a minute. So when I was over at your place the other day and you introduced me to that guy you said was a family friend, was that your dad?

James: Yeah. Now you can see why we deny it.

Todd: Yeah, that's a tough break. Dad like that really messes you up, huh? Not just your face. He screws with your head, doesn't he? You start to feel like you deserve what he's giving you. Kind of made you feel like the best you were ever gonna be was nothing. And then, of course, you're not worthy of trust or respect or love.

James: Is that what it was like for that kid that you knew? Pretty much sounds like my life. And Nate is so lucky. He didn't grow up with our dad, so he's a normal, healthy guy.

Dani: You want to talk about sex?

Nate: Yeah. I mean, we're getting closer, and we still haven't talked about, you know, stuff?

Dani: And by this stuff, you mean...

Nate: Have you--you know, have you done it?

Dani: Oh. Almost.

Nate: Almost?

Dani: One time I was sort of upset, and I was with Matthew.

Nate: Oh, right, yeah. You kind of told me about this already. At the quarry?

Dani: Oh, right. Yeah, right. Anyway, you probably don't want to talk about that.

Nate: It's okay. I mean, when Matthew mentioned it--

Dani: Whoa, whoa. Matthew told you?

Nate: Sort of.

Dani: Why am I not surprised? It happened when I found out that Todd was my dad and everything I learned about him. I was so angry, and I was so confused, and I just wanted to forget. But luckily, Matthew stopped it. I'm actually pretty grateful to him for that.

Nate: So you didn't really want to go through with it?

Dani: Well, if I had, it would have been for the wrong reasons and with the wrong boy. So you--have you done it?

Nate: Yeah, I have.

Viki: The problem is that the room we put you in is Joey's room, and that's where he stays when he's in town.

Charlie: I'm sure Echo wouldn't mind moving to one of the smaller rooms.

Echo: I don't think that's what Viki was suggesting.

Viki: Look. It's not you. Well, it's not just you, all right? It's that both girls are having babies, and Bree is into everything now. John and Brody are here all the time. Now Joey is home. The house is a little crowded for guests.

Charlie: Well, it's my house, too, isn't it? I mean, I'm not a guest, right?

Aubrey: I can't meet your family right now. I just got off the plane. I'm a mess.

Joey: Aubrey, you look beautiful.

Aubrey: You're my boyfriend. You're required by law to say that. I just want to make a good first impression.

Joey: And you will. So let's go.

Aubrey: Why don't we stop at my hotel first? That way, I can shower and change.

Joey: There are showers at Llanfair.

Aubrey: Joey, we talked about this. A hotel is more appropriate, at least for now. I'm sure your family will understand.

Joey: Actually, I haven't told them about you yet. I want you to be a surprise.

Kelly: I don't know if Joey's thinking of me or not, although when I told Kevin that I still had feelings for Joey, he didn't seem all that surprised.

Rex: Then I'll bet Joey won't be surprised, either.

Kelly: But Kevin also said one more thing that gave me some hope. Apparently, Joey isn't seeing anyone right now.

Dani: So what girl or girls have you--

Nate: Girl, singular.

Dani: Anyone I know?

Nate: No, she was someone from my old school.

Dani: So...what was it like? Don't pretend like you forgot, Nate.

Nate: I don't know. It was just, I always thought it would be better with a girl I really cared about.

Dani: Have you ever thought about having sex with me?

Nate: Only every minute of every day.

Inez: How does he always do this? How does he always slip through the cracks?

Bo: Don't worry. I'm gonna find out what's going on with Eddie's release.

Eddie: You took her apart. It was awesome. Well, hello. I'm sorry. Did I interrupt your threesome?

Inez: You're so disgusting. And you're still a bully, just like when you threw me out.

Eddie: I threw you out? Can you believe this bitch? I mean, she left me, right, because she wants to whore around.

Bo: Don't. He's not worth it.

Lawyer: Mr. Ford, you need to sign for your belongings.

Eddie: Yes. Excuse me, won't you? I have to go collect what's mine.

Nora: I know that lawyer, and he doesn't come cheap. So how did Eddie even know to call him? And how could he afford him?

Clint: Son, all I have to do is snap my fingers and your job at LU disappears again. And that brother you claim to care about? How's he gonna stay in school when the money disappears? If you want to rat on me to little mommy, go ahead, make the call.

Ford: You wanted to score points with my mother. So you pulled strings for her sons. So all you do is use people to get what you want.

Clint: Don't you?

Ford: Not anymore. The days of following in my dad's footsteps are over.'re just like him. You know what, forget it. I'll find another way to get the money.

Clint: Son, hold on a minute. I wouldn't do anything for you.

Ford: Yeah, no kidding.

Clint: But your mother, on the other hand, Inez, is important to me, and she doesn't want Eddie around, either. So how much money was it?

Viki: Of course this is your house.

Charlie: Good. And I invited Echo to stay here, and I wouldn't feel right uninviting her.

Echo: And I'm sorry, Viki. I mean, if there was somewhere else I could go--

Viki: I had a thought. Rex's loft is vacant now because he's moved back in with Gigi.

Charlie: Well, you know, Gigi suggested that.

Viki: Good girl.

Charlie: But it's near the end of the month, and Rex didn't renew his lease.

Viki: Unfortunate timing.

Echo: Viki's right. I really shouldn't be here, and I don't want to cause any problems. I don't. I'll figure something out. I always do.

Charlie: No. Look. I'm not putting the mother of my son out on the street, and I can't imagine that you would want to do the same thing, either.

Viki: No, of course not. No, you're right. Okay. Echo, you're certainly welcome to stay in one of the other guest rooms tonight.

Charlie: Or as long as you need to.

Joey: Maybe you had the right idea about coming here first after all.

Rex: Call him.

Kelly: What? Now?

Rex: Why not? You're sober. Just call him and tell him to come home because you have something important to tell him.

Kelly: Look, I don't know.

Rex: Haven't you put your heart on hold long enough? What do you have to lose?

Kelly: Okay. When you're right, you're right.

Kelly: Got his voice mail.

Rex: Call back, leave a message.

Kelly: Are you kidding? I think I have left enough babbling, stammering messages for this entire millennium, okay? I need to tell Joey how I feel in person.

Rex: How's he gonna know where--

Kelly: Ah ah! Enough about me. I want to hear about you. How does it feel to finally know who your parents are, huh?

Rex: Well, I don't know. I still can't get over the fact that Echo dumped me in a hospital after I was born and just went on with her life.

Kelly: That's understandable.

Rex: Although desperate people do desperate things, I get that. I've done that. Plus Echo and Shane have really hit it off.

Kelly: You must be pretty happy that Charlie turned out to be your father.

Rex: Yeah. It's weird. When I'm with Charlie, I suddenly realize that I'm staring at him to see if we have the same eyes, same mannerisms, same anything--the way I noticed things with Shane before I knew I was his father.

Kelly: It's normal to look for those things.

Rex: Yeah, but when I'm with Charlie, I don't see them.

Kelly: You know what? That makes sense. You've known Charlie for years, and now to suddenly look at him in this new light completely, I mean, as your father?

Rex: Yeah, it's strange.

Kelly: You know what? On the bright side, at least Clint didn't turn out to be your father. Whatever it is you have against him, I know the last thing you wanted was to be his son.

Ford: You keep that kind of cash lying around?

Clint: You never know when a little emergency may crop up. Don't get mugged on the way home.

Ford: Don't worry. I'm a lot more careful these days.

Clint: Good. I'm glad we understand each other because this is the last business transaction between us, and you're not to say anything to anybody about that unfortunate incident that left you in the hospital. Is that understood?

Ford: Understood. Thank you.

Clint: No, Ford. Thank you.

Todd: Yeah, I remember your old man. Seemed like a low-life. Didn't seem like a killer, though.

James: So I guess that makes me an even bigger wuss, huh?

Todd: You stood up to that--the guy that kidnapped you guys. What's his name? Bull. Didn't you? And I understand you risked your life to save Starr and Hope.

James: Yeah, I guess. Anyway, my dad's in jail now, so it doesn't matter.

Todd: Oh, he's in jail for the little black eye there? They're not gonna keep him long.

James: He'll be out soon, and he will be angry.

Eddie: Thank you for your hospitality, Commissioner, but it looks like I won't be staying the night after all.

Bo: That's all right. You'll be back soon.

Lawyer: In the meantime, don't even think about tailing him.

Bo: Why would we do that?

Lawyer: Mr. Ford told me about your visit and your threats. I've got a great case for harassment.

Nora: Really? Try it.

Eddie: Did you see that? You're one feisty one. Tell me, Commish, which one of these ladies is better in the sack? Does Inez still do that--

Bo: Get the hell out of my station now!

Eddie: No problem, sir. You couldn't keep me here if you tried. Baby, you're still beautiful when you're angry.

Lawyer: All right, let's go.

Bo: You two okay?

Nora: I'm fine. He doesn't get to me. Just--yuck!

Bo: Inez? Look, why don't you come on in and sit down for a minute?

Nate: What about you? Have you ever thought about us doing it?

Dani: I don't know. Yeah. Yes, yeah. Yeah.

Nate: Really?

Dani: I mean, yeah, I have, but I don't--I'm not--

Nate: It's cool. I understand.

Dani: You do?

Nate: Yeah, of course.

Dani: Good, because it's important to me that you do. You know, it's's just a really huge step. And there's so much going on in my life right now and in yours, too, really. And I--

Nate: You're saying you're not ready.

Dani: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm not ready.

Nate: Okay. And I'm saying it's fine.

Dani: Are you sure? Because, I mean, obviously you're ready, especially since it wouldn't be your first time. So...I don't know. Is this a problem for us?

Viki: Are you seriously giving Echo an open-ended invitation to live here with us?

Charlie: Like we said before, we have plenty of room here. Her new family is living right across the yard.

Viki: And if you remember, we did not finish that conversation. Charlie, I never agreed to let her stay here for longer than one night. It is already becoming two.

Charlie: I know this is not an ideal situation, but we can make it work.

Viki: For how long?

Charlie: Not long. Just until we figure something else out. Hey, I'm not asking you to do this for Echo. I'm asking you to do it for me. And anyway, didn't I put up with a naked David Vickers for a little while in this house?

Viki: Yes, you did. Okay, Echo, fine. You're welcome to stay here until we figure something else out.

Echo: Thank you, Viki.

Viki: You cross me, lady, I will make your life a living hell. Good. I'm glad we worked that out.

Aubrey: That was incredible! I hope the people downstairs don't complain.

Joey: Don't worry. My grandmother owns the place. It's a good thing I didn't answer. Call was from Llanfair. It's probably my mother.

Aubrey: Probably better you didn't answer.

Joey: I told her I'd be back soon. And it is too late for you to meet anyone now.

Aubrey: It's okay. I'll meet them all tomorrow, when I look rested and less satisfied.

Joey: I hate leaving you, Aubrey. You know, we spent nearly every night together since we first met.

Aubrey: Believe me, Joey, I know. You know, it's only been a month, and already you're such a part of my life.

Joey: You're the most important part of me and my life. I just keep thinking, I never imagined this that day I was so bored and frustrated in London. I never dreamed that when I picked up my camera to go out and shoot something meaningful that you would walk right into the frame. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were somebody special. You looked so damned sexy. If I have to leave you, even for a little while, I want something to remember you by.

Aubrey: I'll give you something to remember me by.

Nate: We don't have any problems between us. I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Dani: Thanks.

Nate: I have an idea. Why don't we forget about this for the time being and go back to watching the movie?

Dani: Right, because the movie will make us stop thinking about sex.

Nate: I'll fast-forward through the naked parts.

Dani: Deal. You have any popcorn?

Nate: You got it. Aww. Bad news. We're out.

Dani: Oh, that's okay.

Nate: No, I'll go to the corner and get a--

Dani: Nate, you don't have to do that.

Nate: Hey, you want popcorn, I want to make you happy, always. Be right back, okay?

Dani: Hey, Nate? Thank you.

James: Can you tell me something? That kid that you knew--how did he get out from underneath his dad?

Todd: Dad died. But I tell you something, I had enough by then. And if he hadn't died when he did, I'd have killed him myself.

Clint: Hello, Inez.

Inez: Did you hire that lawyer to get Eddie out of jail?

Clint: Why would I help your ex-husband?

Inez: To make a point. You warned me that you could do things that Bo couldn't, and now Eddie's back on the street.

Clint: I don't know what to tell you about that, but speaking of Bo, I take it you haven't made good on your threat to tell him my plan?

Inez: Your plan? You mean to use me to break up him and Nora? No, I haven't yet, but I am going to.

Clint: I don't think so.

Nora: You know that I'm genuinely sorry that Eddie got off, right? You know how much I hate it when the bad guys get away with just a slap on the wrist.

Bo: I'm just glad you didn't accuse Inez of springing Eddie to get my sympathy.

Nora: That's not fair. But do I think she's gonna milk the situation? You betcha.

Bo: It's police business.

Nora: And what are you gonna do, Bo, huh? What, are you gonna camp outside the boys' apartment and make sure that they're safe?

Officer: Commissioner? We have a unit outside the Ford brothers' place. They'll check in on them as you requested.

Clint: I just gave your son Robert $50,000.

Inez: Why would you do that?

Clint: So he could pay his dad to get out of town. He's very worried about his brother James, and I know you are, too. Well, now you don't have to worry anymore.

Inez: Just like that?

Clint: I told you I could get things done. And listen. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is totally up to you. And knowing how you love your sons, I bet you pick best friend.

Inez: I have to go.

Clint: Inez, you do what you need to do.

Todd: All right. Well, if you see Starr, tell her to call me. Hey.

Ford: Hey. James.

Todd: Hey, by the way, James, you're not good enough for my daughter, either.

Ford: What was that all about?

James: Nothing.

Ford: Are you okay? Good, because you're about to get a hell of a lot better. I've got a way to get rid of Dad for good.

Dani: What the hell?

[Wolf whistle]

Eddie: Nice.

Clint: Good work on getting Eddie Ford out of jail. Does he have any idea who hired you?

Lawyer: Mm-mmm. He assumed it was one of his Ohio connections.

Clint: Good. Let's keep the fact that I'm paying you just between us.

Bo: Okay. What if you're right? What if Inez in fact has a crush on me? Obviously, she doesn't intend to act on it. She's dating Clint. Here you go.

Inez: Thank you.

Bo: Okay. Before all hell broke loose out there, you were about to tell me something about Clint.

Inez: Yes. Clint. Clint and I broke up.

Charlie: Come on. I'll help you get moved into one of the other guest rooms.

Echo: Thanks, Chuckles. Well, it looks like I'm gonna stay here for a while.

Charlie: That's great.

Echo: Isn't it? And it's all thanks to Viki. Because of her, we're gonna get to spend more time together.

[Viki clears throat]

Echo: For a little while, anyway.

Viki: I'll have Lois make up a bed for you.

Echo: Thanks.

Rex: Well, as much as I've enjoyed us catching up--

Kelly: Go home and have sex with your girlfriend right now.

Rex: I do not want to lose another second with her.

Kelly: You know what, you're right. Enough waiting around, hoping that things were gonna just happen and get better. I need to tell Joey how I feel right now. I may never get this chance again.

Rex: What are you gonna do?

Kelly: I am going to leave a note, tell him I need to see him.

Aubrey: Hey, it's me. Guess where I am.

Kelly: Joey.

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