One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/29/10


Episode # 10824

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Kelly: I can't believe you got me to Heathrow in time for this flight, not that I wouldn't love to see you more, but you know what? I have to get back to Llanview. Joey is there.

Viki: Joey!

Joey: Hey, Mom.

Viki: Oh, my God, what are you doing here? I mean, how are you? Oh, honey, did something happen? Why?

Joey: I came here to see you. Can I get a hug?

Viki: Oh, God. Oh, honey, honey, honey, honey. Oh, goodness, you're the best Thanksgiving surprise ever.

Ford: Okay, James. Let's go.

James: Why? What's the rush?

Ford: We need to get your head checked.

James: No. I'm fine.

Starr: You don't know that. Your dad hit you really hard.

James: You guys, come on. It was nothing, and I really wish you guys would stop freaking out about it.

Ford: We're not freaking out about it. It's not nothing. You have a black eye.

James: My ears aren't ringing. When Dad really clocks-- when Dad really clocks me, I can't hear.

Ford: James--

James: Just let it go, all right? Just let it go.

Dani: Hello. Happy Thanksgiving. How's everyone's holiday?

Nate: That good, huh?

Eddie: This is a family thing, all right? You got no right sticking your badge in the middle of it. I don't know what the hell kind of town you think you run here, but, believe me, I'll sue: Wrongful arrest, wrongful--mmph!

Bo: There. Now you can add wrongful adhesive to your list.

Nora: Hey.

Bo: Hi

Nora: Hi. Hmm. Any chance that was voluntary?

Bo: Ah. No. I volunteered him.

Nora: Well, you must be Edward Ford. Ah, yes. Serial family abuse, multiple grand larceny, thefts, menacing drunk, disorderly, dui, assault. What a charmer. How could Inez resist you?

Inez: You've been so good to me and my boys, but I'm just not ready to sleep with you.

Clint: I don't want you to sleep with me.

Inez: You don't?

Clint: I want you to sleep with my brother.

Inez: You want me to sleep with Bo? Are you joking?

Clint: I've been blessed with many gifts, but being a comedian is not one of them.

Inez: You're serious. Why?

Clint: He destroyed my marriage. You and I are gonna return the favor.

Natalie: Look. That's daddy's plane. What? No. He wants this baby. Hi.

John: Hi. George, this is Natalie. Say hi to Natalie.

Natalie: Well, hello. Why do you have a baby?

John: Oh, I got tired of waiting, so I just grabbed my own. Ah, here's mommy now. You want to go back to mommy?

Mother: He looks very happy with you.

John: Well, the feeling is mutual.

Mother: Thank you for helping us off the plane.

John: Well, thank you for letting me have the practice.

Mother: Ha ha ha! Oh, when are you due?

Natalie: Oh, we still have a few months.

John: It's our first.

Mother: Oh, wow. Great. You're in luck. He'll make a great dad, huh, sweetheart?

Kelly: I will. I'll call Joey and tell him I'm on my way right now. You, too. Thank you. Bye.

Woman: Don't touch that button.

Kelly: Excuse me?

Woman: I just got one of those polite British orders to turn my mobile off now.

Kelly: From the flight attendant?

Woman: I told her it was really important. She threatened to deplane me.

Kelly: Oh, is that a thing?

Woman: I decided my call could wait.

Kelly: Well, thanks for the warning. I've waited too long to talk already.

Viki: Are you staying?

Joey: I bought an open-ended ticket.

Viki: Oh, honey! Oh, I'll take it. I'll take it. I'll take it. My Joey. You must be starving.

Joey: Oh, mm-hmm.

Viki: Okay. I'll fix you a plate. Everything is still warm.

Joey: Oh, that sounds great, and I will just go take my bag up to my room and--

Viki: Oh, you can't.

Joey: What?

Viki: Uh, honey--oh-- I have to fix up another room for you.

Joey: You rented my room?

Viki: Ha ha! If only. No. We have a very nonpaying guest that we are stuck with.

Joey: Who?

Viki: It's an old friend of your father's.

Inez: You said Bo and Nora were meant to be together.

Clint: Oh, now, once upon a time, they were, yes, but Nora cheated on Bo, and then Bo stole Nora right out from under me.

Inez: Didn't you marry someone else?

Clint: I did, yes, but then Bo's idiot son David drove her away.

Inez: So now you want to destroy Bo's marriage? It's revenge?

Clint: It's a start.

Bo: Behave yourself.

Eddie: Thanks, babe.

Nora: Mm.

Bo: District Attorney Buchanan.

Eddie: Your old lady? Nice rack.

Bo: I've got a whole roll of that tape.

Eddie: No. I'm just saying, I thought she'd be a hag, the way you chase after Inez. No, indeed.

Inez: All the gifts and the attention and everything for James and Bobby--:

Clint: All of those things came from the bottom of my heart.

Inez: With a big string attached.

Clint: I thought that we could do business.

Inez: Ruining your brother's life is business to you?

Clint: Personal business. It's time for payback.

Nora: I have witnesses that saw you assault your son James.

Eddie: Assault? Oh, please. Is that what buddy boy said?

Nora: No. James didn't have to say anything.

Eddie: So...he didn't file a complaint?

Bo: Obviously, the kid has been terrorized.

Nora: Yeah, for years, I would guess.

Eddie: Hey, I watch "Castle," all right, and I know that this is what they call speculation, Counselor. How do you think you're gonna prosecute me if the alleged victim won't cooperate?

Nora: I have witnesses.

Eddie: Who saw a disagreement between a father and a son. Now, that kid is all lip, big attitude. I didn't assault him, but let me say this. That kid could use some sense knocked into him.

Nora: And you think you're the guy for the job.

Eddie: Never stop being a dad.

Dani: We were just coming to say Happy Thanksgiving, but if this is a bad time--

James: No, not at all. Have some pie, you guys.

Nate: Dude, what happened to your face?

James: What happened to your face?

Nate: Were you in a fight?

James: No.

Ford: Would you just tell him?

James: Bobby, stop.

Ford: Hey, he deserves to know. It's his dad, too.

Nate: What happened?

James: Nothing happened, nothing, you guys. Nothing happened.

Starr: Eddie hit him.

James: Starró

Nora: Please, could I get someone in here to remove this...gentleman?

Eddie: Ha ha ha! You're a good time.

Bo: Watch it.

Eddie: Oh, you're busy bird-dogging Inez. I mean, don't--

Bo: Shut up. Look. I mighty decide to take my chances with that judge.

Eddie: All right. Okay. Listen. I won't be in long, okay? So you call me, I treat you right.

Nora: I can just imagine.

Eddie: Hey, you can already see where it's going down with top cop over here and Inez, who, by the way, is very good at this victim thing, eh?

Cop: You want the prisoner transported?

Bo: Finish up with the paperwork. On your feet. Come on.

Eddie: All right. Okay.

Bo: Then escort Mr. Ford over to the courthouse for his arraignment.

Cop: Yes, sir. Let's go.

Eddie: Uh-huh. See you later.

Bo: Not a chance.

Nora: What a delightful guy with all the charm of a repeat offender.

Bo: Can you imagine being married to that?

Nora: Hmm.

Bo: Inez was nothing but a kid herself. It's a wonder she even survived. Honey, I'm sorry he went after you.

Nora: Oh, please. I can handle that sort of-- he does make a good point, though.

Bo: About what?

Nora: Inez.

Inez: Where's my purse?

Clint: What, are you leaving?

Inez: Yes. I'm leaving. I'm not gonna participate in this sick game of yours.

Clint: Inez, you're already in it.

Inez: No. This is despicable.

Clint: Good thing that it was my idea, then. Inez, I am giving you permission to do what you've wanted to do all along. You want Bo. I'll make sure you get him.

Woman: Are we there yet?

Kelly: I keep watching the flight map with the little plane on it. It looks like we haven't gone anywhere. You ever been to Llanview?

Woman: First time. What's it like?

Kelly: Oh, it's great. It's great. There's plenty to see and do, and, well, it's really the people. They're the best.

Woman: Must be. You're practically glowing.

Kelly: Yeah?

Woman: Is there a special person you're going home to?

Kelly: Yeah, a very special guy.

Joey: You shouldn't have to deal with this woman. This is Rex's mother. Let him deal with her.

Viki: Well, he is. He is, but it's crowded in the carriage house.

Joey: Rex is here, too?

Viki: Yes, honey. He moved back in with Gigi and their son Shane.

Joey: Tell me he's paying rent.

Viki: No. I love having them here.

Joey: I left you alone for too long.

Viki: Well, then you can make up for it now. Tell me about London. Come on.

Joey: Mom, actually, I haven't been around that much.

Viki: Really? Just traveling?

Joey: Yeah.

Viki: Okay. Any new women in your life?

Joey: Hey, how is Natalie?

John: Michael sent us an early baby present.

Natalie: Oh, how cute. "My daddy's on the LPD." That is adorable.

John: Yeah, my dumb brother.

Natalie: Hee hee hee!

John: You okay? You look like you're about to be sick.

John: Hey, did you eat today?

Natalie: Like a horse.

John: I'm gonna call the doctor.

Natalie: No. No. Don't.

John: What do you mean? You look like you're about to pass out, and you felt t same way the other day at the lab.

Natalie: That's just stress. That was stress.

John: Yeah? What's this?

Natalie: I think it's just a turkey-coma thing, but it's over now. I'm fine. I'm fine. I want to hear about your trip. How are Michael and Marcie and Gabe?

John: They're good. They're great. Gabe is walking.

Natalie: Really? Is he now?

John: Yeah. I think he loves Seattle. We'll have to go as soon as you and the baby can travel. I missed you. I'm sorry I had to leave you like this.

Natalie: You don't get to see your brother all that often, and we have other Thanksgivings.

John: Every Thanksgiving from now on--you, me, the kid, yeah?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Ready? Let's get out of here.

Natalie: Okay.

Woman: Okay. So who's the guy?

Kelly: My ex.

Woman: Oh, so this is a second chance.

Kelly: No. We're way past that. This is the third or the fourth.

Woman: Oh, really?

Kelly: Yeah. It's not as crazy as it sounds, I hope. We were both really young when it was going kind of back and forth, and I was naive, and, well, before we met, he had this thing with my aunt, yeah, and that is as bad as it sounds, but we were both crazy about each other, so we got married.

Woman: What did the aunt say about that?

Kelly: Oh, she wasn't an issue by then. Amazingly, we worked it out.

Woman: That is amazing. So what happened?

Kelly: We got divorced, my fault. I fell for his brother, so we got married.

Woman: You and the brother?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, a great guy, great, but we're divorced, too, now. I know, I know. I know. I'm d a mess, but--I don't know--I get these great guys and I sort of mess it up, you know? There's all this history with us, and somehow--I don't know--it's just a really big mistake.

Woman: What?

Kelly: This is a really big mistake. I really can't even believe-- I must be completely out of my mind. I don't even know what I'm thinking. What the hell am I thinking?

Inez: I have said it a hundred times. I do not want Bo.

Clint: A hundred times? To whom?

Inez: I didn't mean that.

Clint: So somebody else has seen it?

Inez: Everyone is hallucinating.

Clint: Who's this everyone, huh? Is it Nora? Did Nora say something to you?

Inez: Nora misunderstood a few things. It was no big deal.

Clint: You know, it's like a thread sticking out of a sweater. You just give it a little pull, and the whole thing comes unraveled. You're closer than I thought you were.

Inez: To what?

Clint: Getting Bo.

Inez: I do not want Bo.

Clint: Inez, just let go. Do you think you have to prove to me how righteous you are?

Inez: No. I don't have to prove anything. I'm telling you the truth.

Clint: Well, maybe you are. Maybe you don't care about Bo, but I do know you care about your sons. You don't want anything bad to happen to them.

James: Dad came. I asked him to leave. He got a little physical, no big deal.

Nate: Where is he now?

Ford: He's in jail. Now pay attention since you're his son, too. You don't cross him, and if he ever gets in your face, you get away, okay?

Nate: Does Mom know?

Ford: Her boss just came in, locked Eddie up.

Dani: Is she still out with Matthewís uncle?

Nate: I don't know. I have to find her.

James: No. No. Don't do that.

Nate: What if Eddie gets out of jail and he's mad and he comes looking for her?

Dani: Yeah. We should go. We'll see you guys later. Happy Thanksgiving.

Starr: Hey, call me, okay?

Dani: Okay.

Inez: Leave my sons out of this.

Clint: Are you sure that's what you want?

Inez: Yes.

Clint: Do you want all the good I did for them to just disappear? Bobby got his job. James is in school with a scholarship.

Inez: You'd take that away.

Clint: No, no. You work with me, and I will make sure that your sons are sitting pretty, and not just these two, but Nate sounds like a very smart kid, and I'm sure you want him to go to college. Well, I could make sure he goes to the best college in the country, and it wouldn't cost you a dime. Inez, I feel for you. You have struggled for a long time to take care of everything. Aren't you tired of all that? I could make sure you and your sons have it very easy or very hard.

Bo: How can you believe a word that comes out of that slug's mouth about Inez?

Nora: Well, he was married to her, so he knows her, or knew her.

Bo: Well, yeah. He knew her, and he abused her, threw her out of h the house. He took her boys away from her.

Nora: Okay. Easy, Commissioner. I'm not saying he's a stand-up guy, by any means.

Bo: Okay.

Nora: Okay. Mm.

Bo: Uh, why the look?

Nora: You know every bad thing that's ever happened to Inez.

Bo: But I bet there's a lot I don't know. What?

Nora: Well, that's what Eddie said. She's the perfect victim.

Bo: Oh, come on.

Nora: No. Just saying, really, objectively, we don't know anything about. Inez except for what she's told us.

Bo: But that guy is abusive. No. Five minutes with that guy, I knew he deserves to be locked up.

Nora: And we will lock him up. We'll lock him up if we can without James' testimony.

Bo: Yeah, and if that doesn't stick, then I'll find something else. No. I'm not talking about making something up, but, believe me, I will be there the next time that Eddie screws up.

Nora: Bo, what are you talking about?

Bo: What?

Nora: You're the commissioner of police. You're not a patrolman. That's not your job.

Bo: She's my assistant.

Nora: Okay. So if she wasn't your assistant, you'd stay out of it?

Bo: Why is this a problem?

Nora: Really?

Bo: No. Honey, come on. Just say it, all right? That's our deal, you know, everything right out in the open.

Nora: So you know.

Bo: I know that you think that Inez has some kind of a crush on me, which is not true, but just for the sake of argument, we'll say it is. Why is that a problem for you?

Nora: Bo, she doesn't have a crush on you. She wants to come between and break up our marriage because she wants you.

Bo: There is no way that...

Nora: Donít. Donít.

Bo: Inez Salinger is trying to break up our marriage.

Nora: Don't do that.

Bo: Well, what do you want me to say?

Nora: This is serious.

Bo: Well, you think it is. I know. I heard.

Nora: Heard what?

Bo: You know, the other day, that thing with Inez and the plant.

Nora: Oh, oh, great. Oh, no. Let me guess. Let me guess. Poor, misunderstood Inez came running to you to tell you all about it.

Bo: No, no, no. That's not the way it was at all. In fact, I had to practically drag it out of her. I even had to fill in a lot of the blanks myself because she didn't want to incriminate you.

Nora: Incriminate?

Bo: Well, no. Okay. You know what I mean, though. She was trying to play down what you'd said.

Nora: Oh, this is great.

Bo: Well, honey, what do you want me to do? I came, and I asked you what was going on between you two, and you wouldn't tell me. So what was I supposed to do?

Nora: Let it go.

Bo: Like you did? Red, hey, this is what happens when we don't talk to each other and get things out in the open, you know? See, Inez was just trying to keep things between us from getting strained.

Nora: Getting strained? Where do you live, Bo?

Bo: What are you talking about?

Nora: Really, this is our conversation, our whole lives lately; it's all Inez all the time. It's her problems. It's her sons. It's her ex.

Bo: What do you want me to do, fire her?

Nora: Say, there's an idea.

Inez: Did you just threaten my family?

Clint: Oh, no, no. I don't have to threaten them. I would just leave them alone and let everything go back to the way it was.

Inez: You mean--

Clint: I would take back all the favors that I gave to them. It would be like going back in time. Robert would b unemployed. James would be out of school, no scholarship, and you and Nate could stay in that ratty, little apartment. If that's what your pride demands, Inez, that's what you can have. You can have a life with no hope for you or your sons.

Nate: I'll just go in and see Mom. You can wait here.

Dani: Wait, wait. Can't I come in with you?

Nate: It's not--we don't have company a lot, so it might be kind of messy, so--

Dani: Please. You've seen my room.

Nate: Yeah. I have.

Dani: It's fine.

Nate: Mom. Mom?

Dani: Hmm. Guess she's having a good time with Mr. Buchanan.

Inez: I don't need your help, and neither does Bobby.

Clint: Yeah. Bobby was doing really well on his own--almost got himself killed, slept with anything that moved, blackmailed a serial killer--no problems there, no, and James, once he gets kicked out of school--no job, no money--how long will it be before he's back stealing cars for dear, old daddy?

Inez: Eddie is in jail. He was arrested tight.

Clint: Well, Eddie got out of jail before. What makes you think he's gonna stay there now?

Woman: You're okay.

Kelly: I'm an idiot. I can't believe that I would think this would even work after all these years. I mean, we haven't been together in years, I mean, not in that way. It's not like I don't see him all the time. I see him all the time, you know?

Woman: So you've kept in touch. It sounds comfortable.

Kelly: Like an old shoe. He's gonna think I'm crazy. "Hey, I know that everything is fine with us right now, but I realized last week that you are the love of my life. I know that nothing has really truly been right since we broke up, so you know what? Let's mess up all this fine and try again."

Woman: I wouldn't put it like that.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I'm sure you want to put your headphones back on.

Woman: No. Really, I am done with "Titanic." You want to know what I think?

Kelly: Sure.

Woman: You're wondering how you can tell this guy you're in love with him, but how can you not tell him? You have to take the chance.

Kelly: Well, yeah?

Woman: Yeah. Of course. I would. I have, and most of the time, I fall flat on my face, but it always works out, and I'm glad that I tried.

Kelly: Well, you're a wise woman.

Woman: Oh, I don't know about that, but I don't have many regrets.

Kelly: Well, that sounds like a great life.

Woman: Just tell the guy how you feel. I bet anything that he falls right back in love with you.

Kelly: Let's hope.

Joey: It's getting late, but I will go and see Dad tomorrow.

Viki: Oh, that's good. That's good. It would be good for him. So who else is on the list for you to see?

Joey: Well, everyone, the whole family.

Viki: Okay, and Kelly?

Joey: Is she in Llanview?

Viki: Joey, you know perfectly well she's in Llanview.

Joey: No, I didn't. Like I said, I've been traveling.

Viki: I think Kelly would enjoy a visit from you.

Joey: Maybe...

Viki: Okay. Joey: But, Mom, there is something that--

Natalie: Joey!

Joey: Hey! Oh, it is so good to see you.

Natalie: You, too.

Bo: I'm not firing Inez.

Nora: Okay. So you're okay with this situation.

Bo: There is no situation.

Nora: Then I must be making the whole thing up. Am I being paranoid?

Bo: No, no. It's not that.

Nora: It's not that?

Bo: Mm.

Nora: Then what is it? Because you're not looking at me. You're not even looking, honestly looking at the situation, at how much this woman has made you her savior. I have to say, she is very, very smart. She's played into your greatest weakness.

Bo: And what's that?

Nora: You want to be everybody's hero.

Bo: That's my job.

Nora: No. You've made it your job.

Bo: What, do you want me to quit?

Nora: No. Of course I don't want you to quit. I love how you care about people and that you want to keep them safe.

Bo: Then what?

Nora: Okay. Just understand. Because you're that guy, because you're that great guy, you have a blind spot, and people can take advantage, and they will.

Inez: Clint, even if I wanted to, I could never break up Bo and Nora.

Clint: You wouldn't have to do much. They're already coming apart .

Inez: No.

Clint: Yes. I told you that Nora cheated on Bo before, and he says that he forgives her, but he'll never forget that betrayal because it's right there between them all the time...

Inez: You're crazy.

Clint: And I know my brother very well. If the opportunity presents itself, he will settle that old score.

Inez: Bo is not like you, he would never go after --

Clint: Oops. He would never go after my girlfriend when he had no problems whatsoever stealing my wife? Inez, it's inevitable. It's going to happen. You may as well benefit from it.

Inez: You don't give a damn about helping me. This who thing has been an act to get me to this moment, hasn't it?

Clint: It's the way of the world, Inez. Take a look around. It's all give and take.

Inez: You give, and you take away.

Clint: That's right. Now here's what you do. You go tell Bo that we've broken up.

Inez: No.

Clint: That will get him thinking about you, and then he'll start worrying about you.

Inez: No. I won't do any of it.

Clint: You're declining my offer?

Inez: Your off-- yes. I'm declining your offer, and I am gonna tell Bo every disgusting detail of your plan.

Clint: You'll regret that.

Inez: I regret knowing you.

Nate: I'll just leave a note. We don't have to wait here.

Dani: What, and you want to go back to my house and deal with my dad? Come on. Look. We're alone. We can watch a movie. Remember, I've been deprived of all the classics.

Nate: That is true. I don't know. I was just thinking, the apartment?

Dani: What about it?

Nate: Come on. Compared to your house?

Dani: Well, my house in Tahiti was a shack on the beach. Look. Besides, you really think I care about stuff like that?

Nate: No. I know you don't, but how about the fact that my father is an abusive jerk?

Dani: Well, yeah. I hate that, but I'm not taking off because of it. Besides, my dad is Todd Manning. Can you live with that?

Nate: Hmm...for you.

Dani: Anything.

Starr: You know what? You need ice. Put some ice on it.

James: No. It's fine. Just leave it alone.

Starr: James, it'll make you feel better, okay? Be careful.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Will you hold it there?

James: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Hello. This-- yes. This is she. Statesville prison? Are you calling about Cole? What do you mean, he's been in a fight? Yes. I'll be there right away. Oh...

James: Go.

Ford: Go back inside. It's cold.

Langston: Well, what are you gonna do?

Ford: I don't know.

Langston: Well, just stay here, and we'll figure something out together, okay?

Ford: Lang, it's not really your problem.

Langston: So let me help.

Ford: Okay. You can keep an eye on James for me.

Langston: No. You do that.

Ford: I pretty much suck at it. Didn't you hear? He knows he's okay when his ears aren't ringing. How many times does somebody have to hit you before you realize at? How many times when I was nowhere to be found did my father use him as a punching bag?

Langston: Okay, but just let the police handle that.

Ford: No. That hasn't worked so far. I have to do something. I can't let that happen again. I'm sorry. I just--I it's not who I want to be anymore. I have to go. I'm glad we got to spend the day together.

Joey: So is it a boy or a girl?

Natalie: Definitely.

Joey: Come on.

Viki: Nope. She's not telling.

John: Eh, she wants to be surprised.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Joey: Well, Zane said something about wanting a boy, something about catching frogs together.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, any daughter of mine can handle amphibians just fine. I think he'll be very happy with whatever comes out.

Joey: Looks like you are.

Natalie: Yeah. I am.

Joey: Hey, congratulations.

John: Thank you.

Joey: So did I miss the wedding?

Natalie: Nice. Nice.

Joey: Oh, hey, he needs to make an honest woman out of you.

John: Eh, she's already the most nice. Nice. Honest woman I know.

Joey: Oh, come on. I know you played pool with her.

Viki: Ha ha ha!

Joey: Um, I'll see you guys later. Mom, I actually have to run out for a little bit.

Viki: It's so late, honey.

Joey: Yeah. I know. This can't wait.

Viki: Okay.

Joey: Okay. Bye.

John: Good-bye.

Natalie: So sorry about that.

John: About what?

Natalie: Joey and the whole wedding thing.

John: We should talk about.

Natalie: Joey?

John: Marriage.

Joey: So is my car still in the garage?

Viki: Oh, absolutely. Keys are inside.

Joey: Excellent.

Viki: Darling, it seemed as if you wanted to tell me something.

Joey: I do but later.

Viki: Okay. It's wonderful to have you home.

Joey: Oh, Mom, it is so good to be back.

Viki: Oh...

Kelly: Thanks for talking me off the ledge. I'm sorry I sucked all the air out of the plane and the conversation. Did you say you're meeting your boyfriend here?

Woman: Yes.

Kelly: Aw. What's he like?

Woman: He's amazing. It's still new, but I think this is it.

Kelly: Oh. How did you meet?

Woman: We were traveling. Now we see what it's like in the real world.

Kelly: Oh, well, you know what? My money is on you.

Woman: Thanks.

Kelly: You know, we've been traveling over 5 hours together, and I never got your name.

Woman: Oh, yeah. Aubrey.

Kelly: Kelly. Hey, do you need a ride?

Aubrey: Oh, that's okay. Someone is picking me up.

Kelly: Oh, okay. Enjoy Llanview.

Aubrey: I will.

Natalie: Forget it.

John: Forget it?

Natalie: Yea I'm not interested.

John: Oh. You don't want to get married.

Natalie: No, I mean, not now, not like this.

John: Like what?

Natalie: Joey. Just because he comes home and gets all man of the family on us, that's not a good reason, you know? I mean, I'm not in any hurry. Are you? Were you even thinking about this before now? Want to see what I stole?

John: Sure.

Natalie: Could be, like, our little Thanksgiving tradition.

John: Yeah. Okay.

Natalie: Hmm.

John: Did you make a wish?

Natalie: Yeah. You bet.

Dani: Dude, subtitles?

Nate: It's French. Guess I forgot to mention that.

Dani: Oh, you are so lucky I like you

Nate: Come on. Give it a chance.

Dani: Okay. I'll give it a chance.

Nate: Cool.

[Accordion playing on TV]

Langston: Hey, where are you going?

Starr: Uh, Cole got into a fight.

Langston: Oh.

Clint: Are we clear? Then make it happen. Listen. I got to go. What do you want?

Eddie: You here to post bail?

Inez: You should rot in jail for what you did to our son.

Eddie: Whoa. Toots, whose son?

Inez: You can't push me out anymore. Our sons have a safe home with me whenever they want it.

Eddie: Does boss man Bo really fall for this mama bear act? Because I ain't having it.

Inez: You're a pig. You wouldn't know a decent man or a decent relationship.

Eddie: Ooh, we're having a relationship. You gotó

Inez: Stop!

Eddie: No. It's okay. It's fine. It's working. You can make your move because the little woman, she is already plenty wound up about you.

Bo: Nobody is gonna make a chump out of me...

Nora: Okay.

Bo: Or you, either, unless you let them.

Nora: Okay.

Bo: Where are you going?

Nora: I am off to personally handle Edward Ford's arraignment.

Bo: Good.

Nora: Yes! Now we can all rescue Inez.

Bo: Yeah oh, hi. What is it?

Inez: I have to tell you something. 

Clint: I asked you a question. What the hell are you doing here?

Ford: I need your help.

Viki: Kelly, hi.

Kelly: Hi. Is Joey here?

Joey: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Aubrey: Joey!

Kelly: Joey should've arrived by now.

Viki: He did.

Kelly: Is he upstairs?

Viki: No, darling. He went out. You just missed him.

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