One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/24/10


Episode # 10823

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Kelly: Hi.

Nevil: There you are. I have the turkey roasting, and I looked up guiblets on the internet.

Kelly: It's "giblets," like "gerbils."

Nevil: Oh. I was thinking gimlets.

Kevin: Oh, man, I could really go for a gimlet right now. I'll tell you that. Hey, scratch the turkey. We took Zane to a full-on American feast at that restaurant near his school, so--

Nevil: Oh, but we have to celebrate. Cousin Nigel told me all about Thanksgiving. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Kevin: You do realize why the pilgrims had to turn to the Indians.

Nevil: They were gentlemen, didn't know how to farm.

Kelly: We wanted to run from the mother country.

Nevil: Oh, and I don't blame you. Imagine going to jail for failure to pay your bills or wanting to worship the way you pleased, which is all the more reason to celebrate. You people, you're so accepting, and I do love pumpkin pie, and smell that turkey. It's mouth-watering. Having one day a year when all regrets are set aside, it's brilliant.

Brody: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Brody: How are my Jess and Bree doing? Are they still down with colds?

Natalie: Yeah. Lois just checked on them, and Jessica is sleeping. Bree is curled up in her lap watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. So how much money did you raise?

Brody: Well, with the department sponsoring me, a lot...

Natalie: Great.

Brody: And with that DNA test that proves that Jessica is carrying my kid, seeing Ford was no big deal. I ran around that course. Why are you upset? Now that you know John is the father, you should be thrilled.

Natalie: I am.

Brody: No, you're not, and I know why. I'm gonna check on the girls.

Nevil: On Thanksgiving, greed melts like a pat of butter in a mound of smashed potatoes.

James: No. I never thought I'd see the day you'd run a 10K for charity.

Ford: It's cardio.

James: No. With heart, man. We raised big bucks for the homeless.

Eddie: Hey, did I just hear big bucks for the homeless? Very nice. Now, what about that 50K you owe your old man, hmm? Aw, look at those faces. Whatever. It's Thanksgiving, huh? We settle up later.

Ford: I'm gonna take a shower.

Eddie: Oh. Where you gonna take your father for Thanksgiving dinner, huh? And I am thinking turkey and all the trimmings. Ha!

Nevil: In the spirit of the pilgrims and their Native American brothers, it's a day of peace and harmony.

Starr: Oh!

Langston: Hey.

Starr: Langston, good thing you're here. I just got a message from James asking me what he should bring for Thanksgiving dinner.

Langston: That was nice of him.

Starr: If he were coming, which he isn't, right, Lang?

Langston: Okay. So I invited Ford to Thanksgiving dinner, and he asked if he could bring his brother.

Starr: How could you do that?

Langston: Oh, what is the problem? James knows that you're just friends, right?

Starr: Right.

Langston: So, unless you're still into him...

Nevil: On Thanksgiving, we strip the carcass to find the wishbone of gratitude.

Blair: What is all of this?

Cristian: It's my way of saying thanks. With my mom away visiting Antonio and Jamie, it would've been king of lonely in my apartment.

Blair: Well, I'm glad you're here, but come on. Champagne, flowers all tied up with pretty bows?

Cristian: Well, I was hoping Layla would surprise me, but she's working, so--

Blair: I'm sorry.

Cristian: Well, what are you gonna do? And then there's this.

Blair: Yeah? What's that?

Cristian: That box Eli Clarke left behind. You need to open it.

Nevil: It's a day to treat your worst enemy like a friend.

Dorian: We've won. Ha ha! I would've come over here right away, but I had another commitment. I was the grand marshal of the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Viki: And what it is that we have won, exactly?

Dorian: Roxy has booted Echo out for nonpayment. Ha ha! It's over. We have seen the last of Echo DiSavoy.

Echo: Oh, that turkey smells divine. When do we eat?

Nevil: A day to welcome the less fortunate, expecting nothing in return.

Clint: So what did you bring us here?

Inez: Well, it's Thanksgiving. I didn't want to come empty-handed.

Nigel: May I take this from you? Oh, and, Master Salinger, there's a Z-box set up in the living room. Mr. Buchanan thought you might like to play.

Nate: Cool. Thank you, Mr. Buchanan.

Inez: It's really nice of you to think of Nate.

Clint: Sure. You know, I was hoping that you would wear that necklace that I sent you.

Inez: I'm sorry. I can't accept it. It's much too extravagant.

Clint: Inez, is that the real reason?

Nora: Hey. Oh. I thought it was just gonna be family today.

Matthew: Don't tell me Nate is here, too.

Nevil: It's a day of forgiveness.

Dani: Hey, you. Hi. Oh, hey, can you stay for dinner? Come on in.

Destiny: Um, I'm going to Darren's later, but I could stay a little if you want.

Dani: Okay.

Destiny: I just stopped by to see if your mom could help me divorce my phony, lying, fake parents.

Dani: Oh. Well, you're gonna have to pry my parents apart. They're so lovey-dovey these days, it's almost sickening.

Nevil: But most of all, Thanksgiving is about love.

Téa: Care to explain this?

Nevil: Love. It's all you need, which, I'm proud to say, is something that we Brits gave you.

Kelly: Yes. You gave us the Beatles--thank you so much--but--

Nevil: Love is all you need.

Kevin: Nevil, please. Did Joey call?

Nevil: Why, yes. Yes, he did. It's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving. Master Joseph is on his way home. 

Echo: Hello, Dorian. My goodness, I guess we're dressing for dinner, huh?

Viki: Oh, no, no. Anything you feel comfortable in.

Echo: Well, I could stay in this robe for the rest of my life, but I guess I'll go pretty myself up. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dorian: Happy Thanksgiving. What's going on?

Viki: As you discovered, Roxy threw Echo out, and so--

Dorian: And so Chuckles begged you to let her move in here with you? Oh, I can just hear her now. "I'm homeless. Help me. Help me."

Viki: Yep. That's about the size of it. Oh, I cannot tell you how angry I am.

Dorian: Viki, I know I can help you. You see, I am sure something is going on between Echo and Clint. We just need to find out about Rex.

Rex: What about me?

Inez: I think I'm gonna tell the cook to warm up the tart.

Bo: Here. Let me show you where the kitchen is. It gets to be a real maze back there.

Clint: I certainly hope that you'll be polite to our guests.

Nora: Oh, of course. I was just so surprised. I think it's wonderful that you had invited Inez here.

Matthew: Was it necessary to invite Nate?

Clint: Remember what Asa said-- keep your friends close...

Matthew: Yeah, and your enemies closer. I know. I'm trying.

Nora: Do you have to quote Asa?

Clint: Asa was a good judge of character, and he loved you.

Nora: Yeah. Thank you. Still--

Clint: I bet he would tell you to take a page out of his book, too.

Nora: What do you mean?

Clint: You're not worried about your husband and that assistant of his?

James: Are you sure Langston cleared this with Starr? Man, I really think she doesn't want to see me.

Eddie: Don't worry. I'll smooth it over for you.

Ford: You're not invited.

Eddie: Ooh, whoa, not invited? What? Hey, whoa, whoa. I'm your old man, you know? I raised you--me, myself, Eddie. You mean, you're not gonna give your old man bird on Thanksgiving, huh? What?

James: Bobby, maybe I should just stay here.

Ford: No. You're coming with me. Bye, Eddie.

Eddie: Oh...

James: Hey, Dad, I hear that they do a great bird down at the diner.

Eddie: A diner? By myself? On Thanksgiving? Unacceptable.

Starr: I am not into James, Langston.

Langston: So then what about the other night, hmm?

Starr: The other night, he made me feel better for a while, okay, until Hope woke up and I came crashing back into reality.

Langston: Oh, yeah. I know that this sounds harsh, but Cole is in jail, and you're not. You and Hope can't stop living your lives.

Starr: You know, Marty is gonna want to see Hope for Thanksgiving, so I'll just go over there.

Langston: Starr, you can't stop having fun just because you feel guilty about Cole.

Todd: Where'd you get this?

Téa: My friends at the courthouse thought I might be interested to know what my husband was up to.

Todd: Well, that's illegal, isn't it? You can't just violate someone's privacy in that way.

Téa: Oh, but you can file a restraining order against Marty Saybrooke?

Todd: This has nothing to do with me. Look. Starr signed it.

Téa: Starr knowingly signed a document forbidding Cole's mother from seeing his daughter?

Todd: That's right.

Téa: I'm gonna call Starr, see what she says.

Todd: You're not gonna get a hold of her. She's watching the game.

Téa: Starr doesn't know anything about this, does she?

Todd: She thought she was signing something for Hope's-- what do you call it?-- trust fund.

Téa: Trust fund? You tricked your daughter into signing an order forbidding Marty from seeing her only grandchild?

Todd: Yeah. What's the big deal?

Téa: I'm married to a liar and a cheat.

Todd: Eh, well, you already knew that.

Téa: Yeah. It's funny. You're doing the same thing Eli did. Eli tricked me into giving Ross custody of Dani. He played with my daughter's life. You're doing the same thing with Starr.

Starr: So since when are you and Ford close enough that you invited him over for Thanksgiving dinner?

Langston: We're not, but that's the point. I want to get to know him, see if I can trust him because right now, I don't--not yet, anyway--but in 6 months, we'll see.

Starr: What happens in 6 months?

Langston: Well, if he's proved himself, I lift the ban on sex.

Starr: No sex for 6 months?

Langston: Yep.

Starr: That's not bad. It'll be 10 years until I can be with Cole.

Langston: Starr, have you not heard anything that I've just--

[Knocks on door]

Starr: You better go get that. I got to go to Marty's.

Langston: Uh...

Langston: Hey!

James: Hi. Happy Thanksgiving.

Langston: Thank you.

James: Good to see you.

Langston: Good to see you, too.

Ford: Hey.

Langston: Hi.

Ford: 179 days and counting.

Langston: Come in.

Ford: Okay.

Langston: Mm-hmm.

James: Starr, hey, wait, wait, wait.

Blair: I thought I told you to throw this away.

Cristian: That's right. You did.

Blair: And you just thought differently.

Cristian: So fire me.

Blair: Oh, Cristian--

Cristian: Blair, you need to deal with what's in there.

Blair: Oh, this coming from the guy who got so mad at his fiancée that he got drunk and kissed Gigi Morasco?

Rex: I heard my name.

Dorian: And here you are. Amazing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Viki.

Viki: I thank you, and the same to you. Happy Thanksgiving, Dorian.

Dorian: Thank you. Rex, Shane, Gigi, Happy Thanksgiving.

Shane: You, too.

Viki: Shane, hi, honey.

Shane: Hey.

Viki: What have you got?

Shane: Noelle's pumpkin pie.

Gigi: Remember those?

Viki: Do I ever. Thank you so much. Yum yum.

Shane: So who's coming?

Viki: Charlie is going to be here.

Shane: Charlie my grandfather, I mean, if he is my grandfather? If he's not the real deal, I give up.

Rex: I'm with you, pal.

Viki: I understand how you feel. It's been a little confusing, I think, for all of us, but from what I understand, DNA tests don't lie, so Charlie and Echo are indeed your grandparents.

Charlie: Yep, and you know what? If that means that I get a son like your dad and a grandson like you, I couldn't be happier.

Nora: Oh, Clint, there's nothing going on between Bo and Inez.

Clint: Good. I was hoping you'd say that because I gave Inez some jewelry, and she claims that she can't accept it because it's too extravagant, which it's not. It's just a simple necklace, but her reason didn't sound right to me, and, given my history, I was thinking maybe she didn't accept it because she's got this thing for my brother. Am I imagining things?

Inez: Yes. It is. I know.

Bo: Okay. Ha ha ha!

Nigel: I realize I might not seem the sort to get a tingle from blowing up large, armored mutants, but I have to admit--

Nate: There's nothing like it after a hard day, right?

Matthew: Nigel, can you get me some nachos?

Nigel: Oh, right away, Master Matthew. Anything for you, Master Salinger?

Nate: Call me Nate.

Nigel: Oh, I couldn't possibly. Nachos?

Nate: I'm cool. No, thank you.

Matthew: Don't try and change the way we do things around here, all right? It makes Nigel uncomfortable.

Nate: Where do you get off ordering him around like that? He's not your slave.

Matthew: You'll get used to it.

Nate: What do you mean?

Matthew: The way your mom is playing my uncle, you'll be moving in here in no time.

Nate: She's not playing anyone.

Matthew: Could that dress get any tighter?

Nate: Hey, you are a real piece of work.

Inez: Nate.

James: I just want you to know that I heard you the other night, okay? You need your space.

Blair: Oh, a lying, cheating, lowdown man.

Cristian: Sorry, Blair. I shouldn't have pushed you. What's he doing here?

Blair: Trying to get into Langston's pants.

Langston: Actually, he's not, Blair, but we are dating.

Blair: Ugh.

Cristian: I thought he cheated on you when you were cheating on Markko with him..

Blair: Oh, you have been paying attention. Yes. Yes. That is the gist of it.

Langston: He's changed.

Blair: Right.

Langston: We've both changed, and he deserves to be with a warm, loving, nonjudgmental family instead of with his bully of a father.

Dorian: This gentleman just came to the kitchen door saying he was invited to the Cramer-Lord Thanksgiving feast.

Eddie: Toast to the family? Anyone?

Natalie: Okay. Just tell Marcie bye. John says hi.

Brody: Is it raining in Seattle?

Natalie: What do you think? Ha! Hey, listen. What you were saying before, I'm just tired, you know, and I miss John.

Brody: Natalie, you feel guilty. We both do, but that's the price we got to pay to keep Jess and John happy...

Natalie: Right.

Brody: Because Jess is having my baby, and you're having John's.

Brody: So it's all good. It's like our night together never even happened.

Kelly: Wow, Joey is coming home.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: And he didn't hear any of the messages, so he doesn't know what a blithering idiot I am when it comes to him. I guess I should change into something a little more or less, right I don't even know. I don't think I've got over him, you know? I should've never let him go. Kevin, I'm sorry.

Kevin: No. It's okay. I kind of figured you were still carrying a torch for him, so--

Kelly: Do you think he knows?

Kevin: I don't think he'd be surprised. I mean, do we ever really get over our first love?

Charlie: So, Gigi and Shane, this is Echo DiSavoy.

Gigi: It's nice to meet you.

Echo: Nice to meet you, too. Viki and Charlie here were nice enough to let me stay here with them.

Shane: And we just live out back, and now that Mom and Dad are back together, you can just—

Echo: I know. I can walk right across the lawn and see you whenever I want.

Viki: Echo, you know we were certainly happy to have you here last night, given your circumstances, but it was just for a day or two.

Inez: Nathaniel--

Clint: Inez, Inez, don't be too rough on him. Boys will be boys.

Nora: Clint, he was attacking your nephew.

Nate: I got to hand it to you, Matthew. You made me look like a jerk at basketball tryouts, and here you go again.

Inez: Don't you dare blame Matthew.

Nate: You know what? I turned down Dani's invitation so I could spend Thanksgiving with you, but I can't stay here. I'm sorry, Mom.

Inez: My son is not usually this rude. I'm very sorry.

Bo: Do you want me to have a talk with him?

Inez: No, but thank you. Dani makes Nate happy. He should be with her.

Dani: I can totally talk to my mom about taking your case...

Destiny: Thank you.

Dani: But I think that you should give this a little time, Des, okay? I couldn't even think straight when I first found out that Ross wasn't my real father.

Destiny: It's not the same.

Dani: No. You're right. It's not the same. It's different, which means that you have nothing to go by. So you don't know what could happen if you give it a chance. That's all I'm saying.

Téa: Do you honestly think that Marty is a threat to Hope?

Todd: Marty was the one who talked the judge into releasing Hannah into her custody. Hanna kidnapped them both, almost buried Starr alive.

Téa: We are talking about Marty here, okay?

Todd: Right, whose bad judgment nearly got them both killed.

Téa: Okay, so what do you think Starr is gonna do when she finds out that you tricked her, that you lied to her? You think she's gonna thank you, or you think she's gonna turn around and file a restraining order against you?

Ford: You followed us here?

Eddie: What?

James: Dad, it's time to go, Dad.

Dorian: Wait a minute. Is this man your father? He tried to have you killed.

Eddie: Oh, no. Big misunderstanding, see? In fact, that's why I came to town here. I want to make it up to my boy. Now, I'm sure you can understand that because you probably had run-ins or two or 3 with your kids, too, right?

Starr: A run-in? Please. You used to beat James when he was growing up. That's the reason why he left home in the first place, and, not to mention, you put a hit on him. You cannot believe a word that this man says.

Eddie: And you would know what, exactly, about raising kids?

Blair: My daughter happens to have a beautiful daughter of her own, thank you very much.

Eddie: Oh, whoa, somebody started young.

James: Whoa, that's enough, Dad. You say one more word about Starr, and--

Eddie: I'm talking about her mama. You are much too young to be a grandmother.

Blair: Well, I see where you get your fatal charm, Ford.

Eddie: Mm. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Blair: That wasn't a compliment.

Ford: All right. I think you've overstayed your welcome here. Now, you can pretend to be a gentleman and leave by yourself, or James and I can throw you out.

Dorian: Ooh. Heh.

Eddie: You sure that's the way you want to play it? You better watch out for yourself, kid, or this little slut will have you raising some other guy's kid.

James: That's enough.

Eddie: Take your hands off me.

Starr: James, be careful. Aah! Oh, my gosh, are you okay?

Dorian: You're not going anywhere. I've called the police. You're gonna be arrested.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bo: Buchanan. Happy Thanksgiving.

Inez: I wouldn't have baked anything, but you know, it's—a big meal, Thanksgiving, so I wanted to contribute something. So it's probably not even any good.

Nora: Oh, don't be silly. I'm sure you know everything about tarts.

Clint: Bottom line, you drove Nate straight into Dani's arms.

Matthew: I guess I'm just not a fast learner. Or maybe I just don't get it. How do you keep your enemies close?

Clint: Oh, there are lots of ways. I'd be happy to teach you.

Matthew: Not by example, though.

Clint: I beg your pardon?

Matthew: Well, there's Rex. I mean, you hate him, and you keep him as far away from you as possible.

Natalie: So Charlie's your dad.

Rex: That's what they tell me.

Natalie: Well, I'm happy for you. I mean, he's a great guy.

Rex: Yeah, he is.

Natalie: I know. It would've been something if you and I were related after all.

Rex: Hey, you're my sister in every way that counts.

Natalie: And you're my brother.

Rex: You talked to Roxy?

Natalie: No. How'd she take it?

Rex: She kicked Echo out of the hotel.

Natalie: Nice. Well, you don't seem too upset.

Rex: I don't know what to feel. I am just glad that this little baby knows who his parents are. Makes life a hell of a lot easier.

Natalie: Hmm.

Shane: You're gonna be the best dad.

Brody: Thanks, Shane. I know I made my share of mistakes with you--

Shane: That wasn't your fault. It was because of the war. I always knew that you loved me.

Brody: I still love you like a son, and that's the truth.

Shane: And now that you're gonna marry Jessica--I mean, you're going to, right?

Brody: That's the plan.

Shane: Well, Charlie's married to Jessica's mom. And if he's my grandpa, then that means that we're kinda related. It does.

Brody: It does. You're absolutely right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brody: That's Bo. I gotta take it. Hey, quit growing, will you? You're making me look bad.

Echo: So Rex has told me so much about you. You know what? I bet underneath all that makeup, you're a pretty young thing.

Gigi: Excuse me?

Echo: Mm. Oh, I'm so sorry. I apologize. It's just I'm a photographer, and I scrutinize everything.

Gigi: Great.

Echo: I've seen you before, too. At Rodi's. You're a waitress, right?

Gigi: Part-time. Till I finish school.

Echo: You're still in school?

Gigi: I just started. I got pregnant in high school. Kind of puts your education on hold.

Echo: Pregnant by...

Gigi: That's right. Rex.

Echo: But from what I understand, he never knew because you never told him.

Gigi: Just like you never told Charlie.

Nora: Don't tell me.

Bo: Honey, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Nora: No. What happened?

Bo: Someone crashed Dorian's Thanksgiving. It got a little violent.

Nora: So send a couple of uniforms.

Bo: We're talking about the mayor.

Nora: And she wants the commissioner of police to escort a bum down to the station?

Bo: I made a point of putting this particular individual on notice.

Nora: Who is it?

Bo: Eddie Ford.

Inez: My God.

Nora: Who's Eddie Ford?

Inez: My ex-husband. You said he was violent. Did anyone get hurt?

Bo: I don't know, but look, I gotta go.

Inez: I'm so sorry.

Bo: It's not your fault. Look. Look on the bright side. This individual may have bought himself a one-way ticket outta town.

Dani: Nate. Ha. I didn't think you could come.

Nate: Hey, Des. So what are you up to?

Dani: Well, I was just telling Destiny how I felt when I first found out that Todd was my real father. But now look at us. One big happy family.

Téa: Todd, listen to me. You are gonna end up driving Starr and Hope out of our lives. What's next? You are. Listen to me. I know what I am talking about. You'll end up driving Dani out of our lives next. That's what gonna--yes.

Todd: The only thing I want in Dani's life that is not there is for that idiot Nate to be out of it.

Destiny: One big happy family? You gonna make me and Nate miserable just like you did with Starr and Cole?

Destiny: You know, Darren's mom is a serious cook, and I know she has room at her table.

Dani: Perfect. Let's go.

Todd: Stop her.

Téa: You want Dani to stay, you apologize, or I will call Starr and tell her.

Todd: Dani.

Dani: What?

Todd: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been such a... possessive father.

Dani: Mm-hmm. Not to mention an insensitive jackass.

Todd: Okay. There you go. I apologized.

Téa: Don't make me regret coming back from the dead.

Todd: Nate...

Nate: Yes?

Todd: I apologize. But you know, I did get you that half a million dollars after you stole that 50K that got you kidnapped, so... anyway, don't take everything I say so seriously.

Dani: Great. We'll remember that.

Todd: You know what I mean?

Nate: Yeah. I know what you mean, Mr. Manning. And I accept your apology. Dani?

Dani: Fine.

Téa: Fantastic.

Charlie: You know Echo's broke. We went to buy lunch for Rex the other day and they declined her credit card.

Viki: Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but how is that our problem, darling?

Charlie: I'm just saying. She has no place to stay. You heard Shane. They live right across the lawn. Look, it isn't like we don't have room here.

Viki: Charlie, are you seriously suggesting that she moves in here with us?

Clint: Sure you don't want something stronger?

Nora: Why?

Clint: The way Bo just took off. I'm sorry. Don't listen to me. I'm paranoid. Ever since you left me, I don't trust anyone.

Nora: Is that true?

Clint: After you ran off with my brother, yeah, it's true, and now this thing with Inez.

Nora: Okay. You think she may have a crush on Bo? She said no.

Clint: You asked her? Did you believe her?

Nora: I don't even know her. You know?

Clint: You think Bo is attracted--

Nora: No. Oh, how should I know? You know?

Clint: What is that? Is that a yes?

Inez: Sorry. Just thought you should know. Bo just texted me.

Clint: That was very nice of him.

Inez: He's just getting to Mayor Lord's house.

Dorian: Oh, thank heaven you're here. Come on in. Arrest that man.

Bo: How do you do, gentlemen?

Eddie: What do you know--it's the commish, come to make good on his little promise.

Bo: What happened here, mayor?

Dorian: well, this vulgarianisis is virtually trespassing-- I certainly didn't invite him in. When he was politely asked to leave, he brutally punched that young man.

Bo: Is that true?

James: Honestly, it was nothing. I'm okay.

Starr: James, what about your eye?

Dorian: It was a brutal attack.

Bo: Cuff him.

Eddie: Whoa. Come on. Son, tell him. It was just a big holiday misunderstanding, right?

Bo: I don't think anybody misunderstands what happened here. Mr. Ford, you punched your son.

Eddie: You can't arrest me for that.

Bo: Watch me.

Eddie: You know, buddy boy, you're gonna pay for this on top of what you already owe me. A pleasure, Mayor.

Starr: James.

Ford: Let me go talk to him.

Starr: No. I'll go.

Ford: Uhh. I--I can't believe I left him with that son of a bitch. I'm never gonna forgive myself.

Cristian: Hey, listen. You know what? I can throw away Eli's box if you want me to. Just say the word.

Blair: No. I'll keep it.

Dorian: All right, I don't want this to confuse you. I still don't like you. But nobody, nobody should have to go through what you and your brother did at the hands of that monster.

Starr: Why didn't you tell Bo, the police commissioner, what your dad did to you?

James: Starr, you heard him. It just makes things worse. He's just gonna come at me harder.

Starr: I get that it was hard for you growing up, but you're free now.

James: Free? Starr, am I free? Look at my face. Okay? Is that free? I came to a nice house with nice people to have a nice me and he shows up and humiliates me front of everyone. He's never, never gonna let me go. It's just t way it is. He's got the power and I don't, okay? It's useless. "Useless," that's what he used to call me. Useless. And you know what? He's right. He's right because I thought stealing 50 grand and running away would get rid of him forever. Talk about useless.

Starr: You're not useless, James. James, look at me. You’re wonderful.

Starr: Listen to me. I promise that you are not alone. Okay? You have your brothers and your mother and you have me. Come on. Let's go have Thanksgiving dinner.

Viki: I would like to make a little Thanksgiving toast. I just want to say how thankful I am, because I am very, very blessed indeed. I have my wonderful, wonderful Charlie. And I am grateful to God every single day for bringing us together. And I have two beautiful daughters who are both expecting babies. I cannot wait to welcome those children into the family. And Brody and John, the fathers, and Rex is part of our family now. I am very proud to call you my son. Gigi and Shane have been in my life, thank heavens, for years, but now I can officially welcome them into the family. And of course, at Thanksgiving, we always have room for those who have nowhere else to go. So welcome.

Charlie: Hear hear.

All: Cheers.

Shane: So can we eat yet?

Viki: Oh, absolutely. Let's eat.

Nevil: Dinner's on the table.

Kelly: Shouldn't we wait for Joey?

Nevil: Why?

Kelly: Because you said he was on his way home.

Nevil: Oh, dear. I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear.

Dorian: Most of all, I am grateful to the Native Americans for teaching us a new way. How to survive a harsh environment. How to reach out to each other when we're in need. How to be gentle, how to be kind. Okay, who's hungry?

Langston: I am.

Blair: Let's go.

Clint: It was a very tough year, but we all got through it. So friends, here's to better times.

Nora: I'll drink to that.

Nigel: Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Dinner is served.

Téa: Where are you going?

Todd: Thought we were gonna eat.

Téa: First we're gonna do something else. Everyone hold on. Come on. Indulge me, people. Dios bendiga esta familia. I am so grateful, I have to say it in two languages. See that? I never thought I'd see another Thanksgiving, but here I am with my daughter and with her friends who mean so much to her. And with my husband, with whom I never thought I'd argue again. Now I know I'm home.


Nevil: When I said that Master Joseph was coming home, I didn't mean to suggest that he was coming home to London.

Inez: I really should go check on my sons.

Clint: Inez, what's the real reason that you can't accept that necklace?

Kelly: Joey isn't coming here?

Nevil: No. He's going home--to Llanview.

Joey: Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.

Viki: Joey?

Inez: Clint, this necklace, it makes me feel like you want to take our relationship to the next level.

Clint: You're right. I do.

Inez: You have been so good to and my boys, but I'm just not ready to sleep with you.

Clint: I don't want you to sleep with me.

Inez: You don't?

Clint: I want you to sleep with my brother.

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