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[Knocking on door]

Todd: Hey. Here you go.

Marty: What is this?

Todd: Court order.

Marty: For what?

Todd: Keep you away from Hope.

Marty: What? You can't-- who did you bribe to get this?

Todd: Why would I have to bribe anyone?

Marty: What is this? Why are you doing this to me?

Todd: Sorry. Can't blame me this time. You brought this all on yourself.

Jessica: Brody, what is it?

Brody: Whatever this DNA report says, whoever the baby's father turns out to be... nothing is gonna change between us. This a promise. I promise to marry you and love you for better and for worse, no matter what happens.

Jessica: Brody, that means so much to me, but you don't have--

Brody: I know I've said all this before, but... now that we're doing it, now that we're gonna finally find out... I want you to know that I mean it with all my heart, and whether this baby is mine or Ford' doesn't matter.

Natalie: Okay, please, just...let this be John's baby. I know that I've had a lot of screw-ups in my life, but just give me this one, okay? Please? Please?

John: Natalie. What are you doing in the genetics lab?

Vimal: I'm so glad you're here. Mr. Buchanan, I know that you've been trying to reach me about that business in the lab...

Matthew: What business in the lab?

Vimal: Um...

Rex: First page is all about comparing my DNA to Echo's.

Echo: And it's official? I'm your mother?

Natalie:, I'm surprised to see you here. Is everything okay?

John: I was just getting a witness statement. I saw you heading this way and I figured the amnio results must be in. Is that them?

Brody: I know I haven't exactly made the last couple of months easy for you. Sometimes I let what happened between you and Ford get between us.

Jessica: I told you, I understand.

Brody: From now on you won't have to. I promise you, from now on, Ford will not come between us again, because... because this is our baby, and no lab report can change that. Nothing can.

Jessica: Okay. Let's do this.

Langston: Wow, Ford. I don't think I've ever seen you at a loss for words. I like it.

Ford: This is a surprise. And I think it's great that you're unpredictable.

Langston: You do?

Ford: Yeah, of course. It's just it's not like we haven't had sex before, you know?

Langston: Sex was all we had before. And whenever we were together, I couldn't help but wonder if you were just keeping me around just for the sex, and guess what? I was right.

Ford: Okay, that was then, Langston, but this is now. I've changed. I meant it when I said I want a relationship with you. Now, I know I've never been in one before and I don't even know how to go about it. But I'm willing to try.

Langston: So then try this. For us. How else am I supposed to know that you care about me for me? For who I am? For how I think, what I believe in, and not just for the sex?

Ford: Langston, there are a million other ways that-- wait a minute. Do you mean no sex ever?

Langston: Would that be a problem?

Natalie: Yeah. The lab called and said that the results were in, so I just thought I'd come by and pick them up. I wasn't gonna open it without you.

John: Gee, thanks. I guess I don't blame you for being worried that everything's all right.

Natalie: Thanks.

John: I'm here now. Since we're in this thing together, have you had a chance to read them?

Natalie: No.

John: What do you say we have a look, all right?

John: What does this mean?

Rex: It's true. You are my mother.

Clint: Congratulations.

Charlie: How does that feel, now that it's official?

Echo: I already knew. But at least everyone else knows now, too.

Viki: At least that part wasn't a lie.

Echo: I know how confusing all of this must be for you, finding out that I'm your mother after all this time. How do you feel?

Rex: Well, I grew up thinking Roxy was my mom...then some native American woman named Lili who turned out to not even be real. Now it turns out that a woman named Echo DiSavoy is my mom. A woman who tried to wreck Viki and Clint's marriage before she abandoned me at birth and never looked back. How do you expect me to feel, now that some lab report says you're my mom?

Vimal: Actually, I meant the other Mr. Buchanan. Clint Buchanan. He left me several messages saying that he needs to speak to me, but this isn't something we should talk about on the phone.

Matthew: My uncle is in a very important meeting right now. But I might be able to interrupt him. What is this about?

Vimal: I really can't say.

Matthew: You said something about the lab. Did you mean the lab at the hospital?

Vimal: No. No, not that lab. I mean the research lab here at Buchanan Enterprises, where I work. I have some research that I need to discuss with Mr. Buchanan. And only Mr. Buchanan.

Natalie: John, just let me explain.

John: What's an alpha-fetoprotein level?

Natalie: Oh. Um...uh...

John: Look. You translate it.

Natalie: Yeah, the...the AFP's fine. There's no problem. The number here just means it's in normal limits. So that means our baby's perfect.

John: Perfect?

Natalie: No health issues.

John: Then I guess all that worrying was for nothing.

Brody: Negative, negative, negative. That's good, right?

Jessica: Yes. Yes. I mean, I have to talk to Dr. Wright about it, but it means the baby tested negative for all of these genetic abnormalities.

Brody: So the kid aced his first test. Or hers. So I guess that means... time for the big one. Paternity test.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Brody: What is it?

Jessica: We have to talk about something first.

Brody: Why, is there something wrong with the baby?

Marty: You're trying to keep me from my granddaughter?

Todd: I'm not trying. I've succeeded.

Marty: What have I ever done to hurt Hope?

Todd: Do I really need to refresh your memory, Marty? You nearly got her killed. Her and Starr. When you decided to vouch for that psycho Hannah and got her released from the nuthouse--where she should've spent the rest of her life in a padded cell.

Marty: I made a bad call.

Todd: You made a bad call? You mean, like when you let her live here, even though you knew she was obsessed with your son?

Marty: I believed I could help her.

Todd: How? By letting her fantasies about Cole run wild? Until she decides she wants to bury my daughter alive? Forgive me if I don't trust you with my children, especially my granddaughter.

Marty: What exactly would I ever do to hurt Hope?

Todd: How do I know? I'm not a shrink. If there's any justice in the world, you won't be much longer, either. You've obviously got emotional issues that are affecting your judgment.

Marty: Emotional issues? You're talking to me about emotional issues after everything you've done to me? After everything I've lost?

John: Have a seat. What do you say we have a look at the rest of that?

Natalie: No. You can't.

John: Why? What can't I see?

Natalie: It's just Dr. Wright said that we shouldn't read the end of the report if we don't want to know what the sex of the baby is.

John: You don't want to know if it's a boy or a girl?

Natalie: You don't want to be surprised?

John: I thought I did, but that was before Dr. Wright and some guy in the lab found out. If they know, shouldn't we?

Jessica: No, no, there's nothing wrong with the baby.

Brody: Then what?

Jessica: Well, we never talked about whether we want to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

Brody: You're right. We never talked about that. Although we have had a couple other things on our minds.

Jessica: One or two.

Brody: Okay, so what do you want to do? Should we find out?

Jessica: I don't know. You know, we've been so stressed out about this baby--wondering who the father is, if it's... that I know, wouldn't it be nice to wonder about something that's a good thing? Something that, no matter how it turns out, we get a happy ending?

Natalie: You know, I don't care if Dr. Wright or the lab guy or anybody else saw the sex of the baby first. I'm just happy that our baby's healthy.

John: Me, too.

Natalie: That's all I wanted the amnio for. Besides...I don't know. We just got some really good news. I don't wanna jinx it.

John: I understand.

Natalie: Don't you want to save some suspense for the big day?

John: I think it'll be suspenseful enough, but...okay.

Natalie: Okay?

John: If that's what you want.

Natalie: That's exactly what I want.

Brody: Did I ever tell you you're a genius?

Jessica: I'm not sure.

Brody: Well, you are. Why don't you put that page back in the envelope?

Jessica: You sure?

Brody: Definitely. I don't mind waiting for good news. And boy or girl, either way, it'll be perfect.

Jess: I couldn't agree more.

Brody: So now...time for the moment of truth.

Echo: I'm sorry. I never should've asked you how you feel. I know that this is a very complicated situation for you and it was wrong of me.

Charlie: You know, Rex, Echo could've let the past stay buried, but at least now you know.

Echo: No, no, it's okay. Rex has every reason to be angry with me. I mean, I wasn't around all those years when I should've been your mother.

Viki: Just what were you doing all of those years?

Echo: Nothing I'm proud of. But I would like to make it up to you now. I have no right to ask anything of you, but I would like to be a part of your life. I would like to get to know just a little bit about you.

Rex: I guess that would be okay. But don't expect me to think of you as my mother.

Viki: I don't think even Echo is that presumptuous. It's one thing to share some DNA on a lab report, but I think we all know that that is not remotely the same as being a mother.

Marty: I didn't think you could hurt me any more than you already have. But for you to do this to me now, when I've never been more alone in my life?

Todd: [Snickers] That's not my fault.

Marty: No, it never is, is it? Because you can't care for anyone more than you do for yourself. My son is gonna be locked away in prison for years. I lost the baby that I wanted so badly. I'm a mother who's lost her children, and, see, I had my granddaughter, I had my granddaughter, I had Hope. She's the only thing I have, and now you want to take her away from me?

Todd: Just wanna do what's best for her.

Marty: See, no. You're not allowed to do--you're not gonna do that. You're not allowed to do it. I'm not gonna let that happen. I am not gonna let that happen. Because you know what? A lot of things have happened since college. I've learned to fight back.

Todd: Here's the court order. Deal with it. Gotta go. I've got a daughter at home who's a wreck because your son killed a man.

Marty: Who nearly killed half your family.

Todd: I never thought the day would come when you would condone murder. You really are as toxic and as dangerous as your son. If I want to keep Hope safe, I'm gonna have to keep her away from you.

Marty: Wait. Does Téa know about this? Or Starr?

Todd: Yeah, Starr knows. That's her signature.

Marty: That's impossible.

Todd: No. It's right there in black and white.

Marty: Fine. You think I'm dangerous? You have no idea.

John: I'm happy about this baby.

Natalie: I know.

John: Sometimes I think I make it hard for you to tell.

Natalie: I'm good at translating, remember?

John: I think you understand why part of me was holding back. I... I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes.

Natalie: That's all right.

John: Let's bet it all, right? It's amazing.

[Cell phone ringing]

John: Hey. I'm sorry. Back to work.

Natalie: Oh. It's okay.

John: McBain.

Todd: I thought you might like to know what your crazy ex-girlfriend has gotten herself into.

John: Don't do anything, all right? Let me take care of this, all right, Manning? I'm sorry. I gotta go. Todd has a court order against Marty and she's about to violate it. I need to get over and stop her before she's gonna do something she regrets.

Natalie: It's okay. I'll see you later.

John: All right. I can't remember being this happy.

Charlie: All right. Now that we know who your mother is...who's your father?

Vimal's voice: You want me to alter a DNA test?

Clint's voice: Oh, now, it's really very simple. All you have to do is get yourself into the hospital lab, undetected, of course, and then you make sure that the DNA test results for Rex Balsom identifies only one man as his father. Charlie Banks.

Clint: Hold on. I'm sorry. This is gonna have to wait.

Ford: No sex? Ever? How would a relationship like that even work? Is that even physically possible?

Langston: Plenty of people, you know, do it, not just people who are old or sick or married.

Ford: Okay. Then how do you define "sex"? Or "ever"?

Langston: [Laughs] God, you should see your face right now. You look like I just asked you to jump off a building.

Ford: I think I'd rather do that.

Langston: I did not mean forever.

Ford: You didn't?

Langston: No.

Ford: Oh, so then you're thinking...a few weeks?

Langston: I was thinking a few months, like 6 months. Just, you know, as a little test.

Ford: What kind of a test?

Langston: Well, I actually got the idea from Rex and Gigi. I overheard them talking about it and clearly it worked for them.

Ford: Great. Remind me to thank Rex and Gigi.

Rex: Forget it. I've waited my whole life for this. I'm not waiting another second.

Clint: I just need a few minutes. It's an urgent business matter. I have to make sure that it's been taken care of.

Viki: Clint, stop.

Matthew: I'm sorry, but if you want me to interrupt my uncle, I'm gonna need some more information.

Vimal: That's all right. I'll call him myself.

Matthew: I thought you didn't want to do this over the phone.

Vimal: I'm afraid it can't wait.

Matthew: Sure. Go ahead. But maybe you could tell me why I found a Llanview Hospital key card in that envelope my uncle made me get from you.

Viki: You know perfectly well that your business can wait. Besides, it's obvious that you are stalling.

Clint: I don't think you understand.

Rex: Does it have something to do with the necklace that I left on that woman's grave? Viki told me you had it.

Clint: Then you know I had Echo investigated, something I think we should continue to do.

Viki: Okay, that's enough, all right? You're gonna have to face the truth eventually. It might just as well be now.

Echo: That's right. The truth's out there somewhere, Clint, and I think it's time that we all found out what it is.

Rex: Okay. And the winner is...

Brody: Am I reading this right?

Jessica: Yes. Yes, it's right there in black and white. "The DNA is a match with..." Brody Lovett. The baby is yours.

Brody: Ours.

Jessica: Ours. Ha ha.

Brody: I love you, Jess.

Jessica: I love, you too. I love you so much. Whoa.

Brody: Whoa. Are you all right?

Jessica: Yes. Ha ha. I'm fine. I'm fine! The baby is fine. It's just--I'm gonna remember this moment for the rest of my life. What were you gonna say?

Brody: I think I'm too happy to talk.

Jessica: Ha ha! It's okay. You don't have to say anything. Oh. You know, I know that you meant it when you said that this baby would be ours no matter what, but now--

Brody: Now it really doesn't matter. This is our baby. It's our baby. I can't stop saying it.

Jessica: Neither can I. Oh. And now we can just be happy about our baby. Nothing is gonna get in the way of that, no matter what.

Rex: It says Charlie Banks. Charlie's my father.

Vimal: That envelope was private. For Mr. Buchanan's eyes only.

Matthew: You know, I'm a "Mr. Buchanan," too. And that entitles me to look at anything I want. Now, why did my uncle need a hospital key?

Vimal: I really have no idea. And I suggest you forget you ever saw it.

Clint: Charlie, congratulations. Echo, congratulations to you. Rex, I know this is a highly unusual way to meet your family, but I'm sure that all of you will find much happiness. And meanwhile, our relationship will stay just the way it is.

Rex: Great. Now you got time to get to that pressing business matter.

Clint: Yeah. Yeah, yes, I do. I will see all of you very soon.

Viki: I'll walk you out.

Clint: Is there something that you need?

Viki: What just happened in there?

Clint: What I knew would happen, what I told you would happen: Science has proved that Rex is not my son. And you and Dorian were wrong. And Echo's plot to wheedle her way into the Buchanan family has been thwarted again.

Viki: So you have every reason to be pleased.

Clint: I consider myself very fortunate to have Echo out of my life. But I am truly sorry that she's now smack dab in the middle of yours. Good luck.

Ford: 6 months. 6 months of being with you, next to you, but not being able to touch you.

Langston: Look at it this way. It'll be a way for you to prove to Dorian and Blair and all the naysayers that we're for real this time. If we pass, that is.

Ford: I don't care what Blair and Dorian think. I know how I feel about you. I don't need to prove that to anybody.

Langston: You need to prove that to me. I need to know that this isn't just another series of booty calls.

Ford: Okay, I get that. I do. And I want to prove this to you. But 6 months is 6 months!

Langston: Okay, well, at least it's not 10 years. Which is how long Starr promised to wait for Cole.

Marty: Starr! Starr, open up. It's Marty. I want to talk to you about Hope.

John: Marty, wait.

Marty: Starr!

Jessica: Natalie! Natalie, the baby's Brody's.

Natalie: Really? Aah! I'm so happy for you. That is the greatest news. I'm so happy.

Jessica: You know, over the past few years, with Nash dying and losing Chloe, I thought I'd never be happy again.

Natalie: Jess.

Jessica: No, but now I have Brody, and we're gonna have this beautiful baby. And I finally believe in happy endings again.

Natalie: You deserve a happy ending. You both do.

Jessica: We all do. But if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back. I just have to go and take care of something. And when I come back, all 3 of us will celebrate.

Brody: Did you get your results?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Brody: And?

Marty: Todd called you, didn't he? What are you gonna do now-- arrest me?

John: I'm just here to uphold a court order.

Marty: Unbelievable. Now he's got you doing his dirty work for him?

John: I'm not doing this for Manning. I'm doing it for you.

Marty: Keeping me from my granddaughter?

John: Don't you see what he's doing? He wants you to do this. He wants you to cause trouble.

Marty: He wants to keep me away from his kids.

John: And there's no better way to accomplish that than provoking you into doing something crazy.

Natalie: We can all stop worrying.

Brody: You mean...

Natalie: It's John's. My baby is John's.

Marty: Todd can't do this to me. He can't keep me away from my granddaughter.

John: I know. Come on, let's get you out of here.

Marty: She's all I have left.

John: That's not true. I know it's a small consolation, but I promised I'd be your friend no matter what, and I meant that.

Marty: I know you did.

John: Then let me be your friend. Let me take you home.

Charlie: Well, this is pretty awkward, but I really think that this is a gift, a small miracle.

Vimal: I think I'll be going now.

Clint: Vimal. You're here.

Matthew: Uncle Clint, this guy--

Clint: Matthew, thank you very much. You can head home now.

Matthew: Sure. See you tomorrow.

Clint: Where the hell were you? You were supposed to call me to confirm that you did what I asked.

Vimal: I'm so sorry, Mr. Buchanan. I meant to call you as soon as I got home, but my stress levels have been so high that I developed a migraine, and I tried to take an amlodipine A.C.E. inhibitor, but I grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake, which I don't know how it happened, because I had them very clearly labeled--

Clint: Vimal.

Vimal: I took a sleeping pill by mistake and I slept through your phone messages. I am so sorry.

Clint: One call, just one phone call would've saved me a hell of a lot of grief.

Vimal: I realize that, and again, I apologize about the sleeping pill and what happened in the lab, but it's the first time I've been asked to alter a DNA result--

Clint: Vimal. What did you do? What happened at the lab?

Ford: Okay, so, yeah, 6 months isn't 10 years, but-- [Cell phone ringing] Hang on. Sorry, I've gotta take this.

Langston: Go ahead.

Ford: Hello?

Jessica: It's Jessica. I thought you might like to know I got the paternity results back're off the hook.

Ford: So it's--

Jessica: Brody's. My baby is Brody's, not yours.

Ford: Okay. I'm happy for you.

Jessica: Thank you. Thank you. I'm happy, too.

Langston: Is everything okay?

Ford: Yeah. That was Jessica. The...the baby's Brody's.

Langston: Oh, my God, that's great. That's great news. Isn't it?

Brody: It's John's baby for real?

Natalie: Yeah. Can you believe it?

Brody: No, I can't. We lucked out.

Natalie: Yeah. We dodged a hell of a bullet.

Brody: All that worrying and the stress and the freaking out, it was all for nothing. Everything's worked out perfectly.

Natalie: Yeah.

Clint: Did something go wrong?

Vimal: No. Except that someone saw me... in the lab.

John: Look, call me if Manning bothers you again.

Todd: Oh, hey. What took you so long? She give you a hard time?

Marty: What the hell are you still doing here?

Todd: I just wanted to thank you for upholding the law like a good little soldier.

John: Why don't you get out of here, Manning?

Todd: Okay, I will. Oh, just so you guys know, Marty, if you come anywhere near my granddaughter again, I'll make sure you and Cole have adjoining cells.

John: You okay?

Marty: Yeah, I will be. Thank you for stopping me causing a scene at Dorian's. That's exactly what he wanted. I just couldn't think straight.

John: I understand.

Marty: I'm so sorry. I've been such a burden lately.

John: Hey, stop. Look, I think I accepted this apology last night.

Marty: Well, thank you again and again. I mean it. Has...ahem. Has Natalie gotten the results from her amnio back?

John: Yeah. She did. The baby's good. Everything's good.

Marty: I'm really glad to hear that. Yeah. Fatherhood looks good on you.

Clint: Who? Who saw you break into the lab?

Vimal: Nobody saw me break in. I was already-- I didn't expect anybody to be there. It was so late at night. I was working as quickly as I could to finish my assignment when the door opened and a doctor came in.

Clint: What happened when the doctor came into the lab?

Vimal: She said she wanted to print something off the computer.

Clint: Did she realize that you didn't belong?

Vimal: I don't think so. Still, it was enough to give me a migraine. No aura or sensory/motor disturbances, though, just the straight-up headache. And no gastrointestinal--

Clint: Vimal! I don't give a damn about your migraine. Did you do what I told you to do or not?

Vimal: Yes. I did exactly what you asked. First, I made sure that Rex Balsom's paternity test stated that the father was Charlie Banks.

Charlie: I think this could be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to form new bonds. And maybe even to get some grudges to die.

Viki: Well, darling, it's a lovely thought. But at this point, I don't think we should push Rex into something for which he may not be quite ready.

Rex: Yeah, I guess I apparently didn't inherit my father's positive outlook. But I can try, at least, to get used to the idea that I have parents. And that they're you... and Echo.

Echo: I appreciate that.

Charlie: How about giving your old man a hug?

Clint: Whatever you did worked. The results said that Charlie Banks was Rex Balsom's father. Now, what about the other job that I asked you to do?

Vimal: Your daughter's paternity test? I took care of that, too. I pulled up the names of all the people having DNA matches done, went to the B's, and found your daughter's name on the list... just like you said I would.

Brody: That was fast. Is everything okay?

Jessica: I heard what you said. How you dodged a bullet and all that worrying was for nothing. So what you're saying is--

Natalie: Jess, listen.

Jessica: You were both a lot more worried than you let on. I mean, you were really scared this baby was Ford's.

Natalie: Yeah, but none of that matters now. I am just so happy that all this worked out.

Brody: You can say that again. Jess, maybe you should lay down for a little while.

Jessica: I thought we were gonna celebrate.

Brody: We are. Maybe we can celebrate with everybody else later.

Jessica: Natalie, you don't mind?

Natalie: No. No, you go rest. We'll celebrate with Mom and Charlie when they get back.

Jessica: Yeah. I guess we have the rest of our lives to celebrate, right? [Laughter]

Ford: Yeah, no, it is good news for Jessica. For everybody, I guess.

Langston: Are you okay?

Ford: All of this got me thinking that maybe someday I'd like to become a father.

Langston: You never thought about it before?

Ford: I figured it wasn't in the cards, considering the kind of dad that I had.

Langston: Just because you have a bad father doesn't mean you'll be one, too.

Ford: I Hope not. Who knows? Maybe one day, I'll grow up and become one of the dads that gets it right.

Langston: Stranger things have happened.

Ford: I'm glad you think so. And hey, if I've got the discipline to go 6 months without having sex with you, I can learn to be a good dad.

Langston: So you're agreeing to my terms?

Ford: I am. Because I think you're worth it. So, Ms. Wilde, should we make it official?

Langston: Absolutely, Mr. Ford.

Clint: So you scrolled down to my daughter's name. And?

Vimal: And it turns out you were right to be concerned about your daughter.

Clint: You mean...

Vimal: Yes. It was the other man's baby.

Clint: I see.

Vimal: But don't worry. I fixed it. I did just what you asked. I changed the father's name to Brody Lovett.

John: I Hope I'll be a good father. I know less about parenting than anybody on the planet. I guess I just gotta trust that Natalie and I will figure it out as we go.

Marty: Yeah, that's what you should do. Just trust Natalie.

John: Take care of yourself, okay? And this thing with Manning. Just let it cool down. Things have a way of working themselves out.

Marty: You're right. They certainly do.

John: Okay.

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