One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/2/10


Episode # 10807

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Téa: Todd, Todd--

Todd: Here, here, here. I'm here. You're safe. It's okay.

Téa: You know how many nights I dreamt that I'd wake up and you'd be right next to me but then I'd open my eyes and you weren't there?

Todd: Yeah. I know, but you're not dreaming. I'm here, and I'm never leaving you again.

[Knocks on door]

Viki: Clint?

Clint: Viki, what brings you here so late?

Viki: I'm sorry to disturb you. I was just wondering if your people turned up any information on Echo yet. Have you found out why she's here?

Clint: Hasn't Rex been able to dig up anything for you?

Viki: Well, yes, actually. He has. Unfortunately, it's made this whole case very personal for him.

Gigi: Well, I knew that was gonna happen. Shane is totally wired off Halloween candy. He is never gonna get to sleep tonight. So--

Rex: Huh?

Gigi: Spill. Did you and Viki ask Echo why she's got the other half of the necklace that we left on your mother's grave?

Rex: Yeah. We did.

Gigi: And?

Rex: Well, you should've seen her reaction when I told her I had the half my mother left with me when I was born.

Roxy: What are you doing oogling my kid?

Marty: You would've if you could've? That's all you have to say?

Natalie: And that I'm very sorry.

Marty: You're not sorry, but you will be because I'm gonna make you pay for destroying my family.

Natalie: Marty, I know that you're upset, and I know that you didn't mean that.

Marty: I did mean it. I did. I'm gonna make you pay for taking away everything that ever mattered to me.

John: Where's Cole?

James: I don't know. I haven't seen him.

John: How about Starr? You seen her?

Dani: Oh, my God. Starr? Starr!

Starr: Dani! Oh, my gosh!

Dani: Hi. You're really okay.

Starr: And you, too. Dani, I have no idea what I would've done if anything had happened to you. What--

Dani: Hey, where's Hope? Is she okay?

Starr: She's okay. Yeah. She's in there. Gosh, she's being smothered by kisses from all the Cramer women. And Téa? Is it true?

Dani: Yeah. It's true. My mom is alive. It's a miracle. I can't believe everything has worked out all right.

James: The last time I saw Starr, she said she was gonna go clean up and go be with her family.

John: Check the rooms. And you have no idea where Cole is?

James: No, sir.

John: You're lying, and don't call me sir.

John: You told me you were gonna stay at the P.D. until you could make a full statement about Hannah. Instead, you come here, and the people who are supposed to be here are nowhere to be found. What the hell are you doing, man?

James: I came to see if Starr needed a friend.

Starr: Dad? Téa?

Todd: Ah! Starr! Whoa. Hey, wait a sec. The cops told me that-- okay. Yeah.

Starr: Get out of my way. Téa!

Téa: Hey.

Starr: Oh, my gosh.

Téa: Thank God you're all right.

Starr: Me? What about you? Téa, we thought that you were dead.

Téa: I know, thanks to Eli and Greg Evans.

Starr: Greg Evans? But he's the one that was treating you.

Dani: No. Mom never had a tumor. Dr. Evans gave her drugs that made her sick.

Starr: What?

Todd: Yeah. He was working with that evil son of a bitch.

Téa: You know what? I don't want to think about Eli right now. The good news is that the doctors said that they've gotten all the drugs out of my system and I'm gonna be fine.

Todd: Hey, I want to look at you. Turn around. Are you okay? Make sure you're okay because I thought Eli had you.

Dani: That's how Dad found my mom. He ran into an exploding building to save you and Hope.

Todd: Yeah. It was nothing. I'll do anything for the people I love.

Starr: I know what you mean.

Viki: You know that Rex has been looking for his father, right? Well, he went back to New Mexico to get that half-heart necklace that he left on his mother's grave, the one that was left with him as a baby, and it was gone, and then he came back here, and he discovered that Echo has the other half of the necklace, the half he thought belonged to his father. So obviously, she knew him.

Clint: You think that's the case?

Viki: You kidding? Yes. It's more than possible.

Clint: Well, the other half of that necklace could've changed hands a dozen times or more since Rex was born. Echo herself could've picked it up easily along the way somewhere. So how can you be so sure that she had a connection to Rex's father?

Viki: Her reaction when Rex and I confronted her this evening. If you had seen her face, you would have no doubt.

Clint: Well, you're really going after Echo with a vengeance, aren't you?

Viki: No. I'm not. I'm being pre-emptive. That woman has a history of destroying people's lives.

Clint: Viki, it's been quite some time since she's done something like that.

Viki: Okay. Granted. Yes. The dynamic is not quite the same as it was back then, but she's still a manipulator. She's here for a reason, and I know that that reason is not a good one. I can't figure out why that reason has something to do with Rex's parents, though, this Rick and Lily.

Clint: I haven't got a clue.

Echo: I thought I put the "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Roxy: Oh, believe me, honey. I knocked, but you were looking at so many pictures of my son, maybe you couldn't hear. Now, I admit, I'm a jaguar, but when my kid is the prey, that's disgusting.

Echo: Oh, no. Roxy, you have the wrong idea. I was investigating Rex.

Roxy: Oh, really? What for?

Echo: Because he's investigating me. My old friend Viki hired him.

Roxy: What would Viki want information about you for?

Echo: It seems she can't get over the fact that I seduced Clint all those years ago, and now she's trying to find dirt on me.

Roxy: Like what?

Echo: I couldn't tell you, but I did catch Rex in here going through my things.

Roxy: Well, maybe he was just bringing you some fresh towels.

Echo: He mentioned something about being in the wrong room, but then today he admitted that he broke in.

Roxy: Well, you're not gonna make an official report because the police commissioner is, like, his best friend. He'll dismiss it just like that.

Echo: I have no intention of involving the police.

Roxy: Very good because I'm running a real classy establishment here.

Echo: I have nothing to hide. I have no secrets.

Roxy: Well, good because my son is really good at what he does. So if there's any dirt on you, he's gonna find it.

Rex: I couldn't get anything out of Echo. She threatened to have me arrested for breaking into her room, but then for some reason, she backed off.

Gigi: Thank God. Wouldn't have been much fun explaining that to Bo.

Rex: No. He knows I was just doing my job.

Gigi: Oh, I was talking about Viki. She really wants to find out why Echo is back in town.

Rex: I know. Echo got pretty intense when I asked her about the necklace, and then she got even weirder when I showed her the letters my father wrote to my mom.

Gigi: What'd she say?

Rex: Nothing. She just had this look. That's got to be it. She's got to have some connection to my father...

Gigi: Sounds like it.

Rex: But so far, the only thing I've been able to dig up on her is that she got a speeding ticket in Llanview a little less than a year after she left and that she lied about being h--

Gigi: What?

Rex: This speeding ticket was issued right around the same time that my mom left me at Llanview Hospital. Echo was in town when I was born.

Gigi: What are you thinking, Balsom?

Rex: Maybe I'm looking for a connection with the wrong parent. Maybe Echo is somehow connected to my mother.

Viki: There's any number of things Echo could be up to, right? It's even crossed my mind that maybe she's trying to get money out of Rex for information about his father, although he has no money.

Clint: Viki, hold your horses and think this through, okay? Now, if Echo is here simply for the Balsom kid, then it doesn't concern you at all. My people haven't turned up anything about Echo that I didn't already know, and I am seriously considering just letting it go, and I think you should, too.

Viki: That's what Charlie said, but he remembers her differently. He has a certain fondness for her.

Clint: Yeah. Well, I don't blame you for despising the woman for what she did. People only change so much...

Viki: Precisely.

Clint: But maybe you may not be the one in Echo's crosshairs this time, and it could be a very good time to call it quits.

Viki: No. I know that I am not overreacting, okay, even though Charlie thinks I am. He is very upset with me.

Clint: Have you two gotten into it over Echo?

Viki: Oh, oh, yeah. We have argued at length. I really think that she's here to cause trouble between us.

Clint: Sounds like she already has.

Roxy: Now listen, Echo. Rex is a P.I. with a heart of gold. So if he was digging up dirt on you, I'm sure he didn't mean you no harm.

Echo: Well, everyone has to earn a living.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, especially because his main squeeze is going back to school, and it takes a lot of cash to raise a rug rat.

Echo: Rex has a child?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. I got a picture. Well, it's difficult, of course. This is Rex with Shane, greatest grandchild in the world. All right. I want to talk about those pictures. I've really been thinking about those glamour shots, and I got a whole load of ideas. So what do you think about leopard?

Echo: I hadn't really considered--

Roxy: Look. Am I disturbing you?

Echo: No. No, no. Actually, this is the perfect time.

Roxy: All right. Then break out those good lenses. I am gonna burn up those digital files, but first, I got to get into something more appropriate.

Echo: All right.

Roxy: I'll be right back. Excited.

Rex: Echo might've known my mom. She might have been with her when I was born.

Gigi: Maybe.

Rex: You think?

Gigi: Yeah. We don't know anything about your actual birth. It makes sense that someone helped Lily deliver.

Rex: Yeah, but then--

Gigi: What?

Rex: If Echo was friends with Lily in Santa Fe, Otto would've known her. He didn't recognize her from the picture when I showed it to him. Nobody recognized her.

Gigi: Yeah, and you think even the name Echo DiSavoy would be pretty recognizable.

Rex: It's driving me crazy. I know who my parents are, but there's still this huge piece of my life story that's missing.

Gigi: I know--what happened to your father.

Rex: Did he marry somebody else? Did he have other children?

Gigi: You could have brothers and sisters out there you don't even know about.

Rex: Echo has the key. She can tell me about my past and give me answers.

Cristian: Hey, guys. Shane told me you guys would be here.

Rex: He was right.

Gigi: What's up?

Cristian: Well, sorry to bother you so late, but I'm about to offer you the chance of a lifetime.

Dani: That's so crazy. What Hannah put you and Hope through is just as bad as what Eli did to us.

Starr: It's okay. It's all over. Hannah is in jail now.

Dani: Yeah, and Eli is dead.

Starr: Yeah. Mom told me that Marty killed him.

Todd: No, no. It wasn't Marty. It was Cole.

Starr: What?

Todd: Yeah. My reporter down at the P.D. said that Eli was a sitting duck, and Cole-- so I guess you haven't seen him because he's probably in custody already, I would think.

Téa: I can recommend a good lawyer for him.

Starr: It's too late for that.

James: I overheard you at the station talking about how you were gonna arrest Cole.

John: Yeah. I figured.

James: Yeah. So I came here to wait for Starr to get home from the hospital. Like I said, I thought she needed a friend.

John: Yeah, like you were a friend to Danielle when you hid her from Ross Rayburn.

James: Look. I know that didn't go according to plan.

John: I told you not to take matters into your own hands, didn't I?

James: Yeah, and if I hadn't, Starr would be dead right now.

John: Oh, and you'd risk everything for Starr. Is that it? What do you got?

Cop: Thornhart was definitely here after he killed Clarke. The clothes he was wearing are on the floor.

John: You want to start from the beginning?

Marty: I begged you to help me protect my son. I tried to get through to you woman to woman, mother to mother.

Natalie: Marty, if there was anything that I could've done--

Marty: You know what you could have done. Cole snapped. He killed a man who he thought murdered his family, a man who's murdered countless others, and for that, he's going to go to jail for the rest of his life. Does that make you happy?

Natalie: No, of course not.

Marty: Do you really hate me that much?

Natalie: Marty, this isn't about us.

Marty: Isn't it? You hated me when I was with John. You hated the fact that I was gonna have a life with him and you weren't. You hated that I had a baby, his baby, growing inside of me. You prayed that baby would disappear, and it did. It did. I lost that baby, and I lost John, and now I'm gonna lose Cole, and it's all because of you, you selfish, little whore. But I need you to know something. Your day will come because having a baby, that brings such happiness, and it brings such heartbreak. I only hope that one day, your heart will break like mine is breaking now, and when it does, I will be there to laugh in your face.

Natalie: Hey, how did it go at Cole's apartment?

Cop: Lieutenant McBain is bringing in the kid.

Marty: Cole?

James: I'm telling you the truth. I don't know where Cole is.

Natalie: What's going on?

John: Cole wasn't home, but this guy was there. He's covering for him.

James: No, I'm not. Why would I? I'll be glad when Cole is out of the picture.

John: Yeah? Why's that?

James: Because I want Starr for myself.

John: That may be the first true thing that's come out of your mouth.

Todd: Why is it too late to get Cole a lawyer?

Starr: Well, I just meant that if Cole really did kill Eli, then--

Téa: They're saying there's proof.

Starr: There have been so many charges against him, would any lawyer really be able to help him?

Todd: [Clicks tongue] You're hired, and we get the family rate with her.

Starr: You would really help defend Cole?

Todd: Of course she would. Kid did something right for a change, right? Shot Eli down like the dog he was. What do you say?

Téa: You know I'd do anything to help you, Starr, and Cole, too, but I'm not really in any shape right now.

Starr: Oh, no. I understand totally. No. You need to rest and get better.

Téa: But I will give Cole this piece of advice for free. Don't do anything stupid. Play by the rules, okay?

Marty: Cole got away. He got away.

Viki: You're right. She has. We've been bickering ever since she got here, and that's so unusual for us.

Clint: You see?

Viki: I know. I'm letting her get to me. I can't help it. I am convinced that she's trying to destroy my marriage again. Look. Charlie keeps telling me that he's--oh.

Clint: That he isn't me?

Viki: I'm sorry.

Clint: No. That's all right. Charlie is right. He's a good man. He loves you.

Viki: So did you.

Clint: Yeah. To this day, I'm still sorry that I hurt you and let Echo turn my head back then. I loved you, Viki, and you know that. Echo was this terrible mistake, a mistake that I'd still be paying for if I hadn't done what I did.

Viki: What did you do?

Roxy: Hi.

Echo: Oh, hey.

Roxy: Listen. I know, like, I'm kind of photogenic, but I'm so nervous. I don't know why I'm nervous. It's not like I haven't modeled before. It's just, I haven't done it for a professional.

Echo: Well, it's fine. I know how to make my subjects relax.

Roxy: So do I, but don't worry. I've taken care of it on my own.

Echo: Oh, no. Roxy. Put that away. I need you to be sober.

Roxy: You do? Why?

Echo: Yeah. Well, I'm sure you know that modeling takes a lot of focus, and I can help you relax through conversation, talking about the things that matter to you.

Roxy: The things that matter to me. Oh, like my promotion. Oh, first Saturday of the month in my salon, strip poker night. Okay. We're gonna appeal to the spring break crowd.

Echo: Right.

Roxy: Of course, it's the fall already.

Echo: Yes. Well, we could talk about that, or we could talk about you and your kids.

Roxy: Rex and Natty. I could talk about them all day and all night.

Echo: There you are. There's an idea.

Rex: What's up?

Cristian: Okay. So I put my name in to be considered as a guest artist at this conference in Paris sponsored by the international universities association. You know those guys? It was a long shot, but they chose me.

Gigi: You're kidding. That's fantastic.

Rex: Way to go, Cris.

Cristian: Thanks.

Gigi: It's a huge honor to be selected for those conferences, and you get to see Layla.

Rex: Bet you never thought of that, huh?

Cristian: Well, it was kind of my main reason for applying.

Rex: So where does my girl come in?

Cristian: You're coming with me.

Roxy: Rex loves Gigi like nothing you've ever seen before. Oh, listen. I got a tidbit for you. He was married to Dorian's daughter Adriana.

Echo: Uh-huh. No kidding.

Roxy: Yeah, and before that, he was a real bad ladies man, I mean, like, the original panther magnet. He even slept with a mother and a daughter. Oh, not at the same time. I mean, you know. You get the picture.

Echo: Yes. I do know. Now, Rex did mention that you're not his biological mother.

Roxy: What'd he tell you that for?

Echo: Well, it just came up, you know, in the search for his biological parents.

Roxy: Yeah. He went all the way to Santa Fe. Turned out, it was a dead end. His mother is dead, and his father, who knows? But I got to tell you something. I love that kid like he was my own, and I always will. So what about you? You got any kids?

Echo: Well, it's just, you know, with my international lifestyle, it was a little hard to raise a child, but, you know-- okay. Now let me see. I'm looking for something edgy, really edgy in your face. Ooh! Nice. Nice. Oh, okay. There you go.

Roxy: See, I'm a Leo, you know, like a lion...

Echo: I see that. Yes.

Roxy: Although sometimes I really wish I was a Scorpio.

Echo: Oh, well, it really doesn't matter. Let's hear you roar. Roar.

Roxy: Raar!

Echo: Oh, goodness! Okay. Now get ready to pounce. There you are. Oh, that's good.

Roxy: Kids raising kids, very, very difficult, no doubt about it.

Echo: Yeah. What was Rex like as a child?

Roxy: Oh, he was the cutest little angel.

Echo: Okay. I need edge, more edge.

Roxy: But I didn't raise him when he was little...

Echo: Oh, really?

Roxy: Because it was very complicated.

Echo: Uh-huh. Okay. Now let's see sex. Show me sex. Oh. Okay. Yes. Good. Good. Now love, all right? Let me see love. Oh, yeah. There you go. Now, you said it was complicated?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. I didn't get him till he was a teenager, and, ooh, he was such a bad boy.

Echo: Sad. Let's see sad. That's good.

Roxy: He tried to scam Viki...

Echo: Oh, let me see scared.

Roxy: Because he was a con artist and a golddigger...

Echo: Uh-huh. Happy.

Roxy: And if you didn't know that Rex and me weren't blood related, you'd think he had traits just like his mother.

Clint: What I did was beg for your forgiveness, and I just never gave up until we could put the Echo incident behind us.

Viki: I'm glad you didn't give up.

Clint: Other things came between us later on, but DiSavoy wasn't one of them. We were stronger than that...

Viki: Yeah. We were.

Clint: And I think that you are stronger than Echo, whatever her agenda may be.

Viki: Thank you. I appreciate you saying that. I know. I should just put her out of my mind.

Clint: Well, it's easy if you think about Natalie and Jessie. They're gonna make us grandparents again very soon.

Viki: Isn't that wonderful? And after everything those girls have been through. See? Love conquers all. You know what? There's another thing.

Clint: What?

Viki: Okay. Rex has love letters that his parents wrote to each other, and he read one out, and there was something about it that was so familiar to me.

Cristian: This is all thanks to the grant that allowed me to hire you as my classroom assistant. There's money budgeted so I can take you to Paris with me.

Gigi: Are you serious?

Cristian: Hell yeah, and I'm gonna need your help. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be set up and, well, some other odd jobs that I can't do myself.

Gigi: Like?

Cristian: Like running interference so I can spend some time with Layla.

Gigi: sounds great.

Cristian: But?

Rex: You did hear the word "Paris," right?

Gigi: Yeah. Oh, my God, Paris.

Rex: She's going.

Gigi: Wait. I can't leave Shane.

Cristian: It's only for a week.

Rex: That's nothing. Rox and I got it covered.

Gigi: I don't know.

 Cristian: Think about it--the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, the seine, and I could be with Layla.

Gigi: When would we leave?

Cristian: Tomorrow.

Gigi: Ha!

John: Why don't you take a seat, take a minute to get your story straight?

James: It's not a story.

John: Obstruction of justice is a felony. So is accessory to murder after the fact. Hey, listen. You should know this. There are men posted outside your house. So Cole shows up, they'll have to take him in.

Marty: Then he better not show up there.

John: Hey, listen. I hate that this is happening, but it would be best for Cole if he turned himself in.

Marty: What, so he can get started on his life sentence?

John: If he's evading arrest, he'll be considered a flight risk. There won't be bail.

Marty: What do you want me to do, John, have my son lock himself up in jail? You used to care about him.

John: I still do.

Marty: Yeah. Well, you have a funny way of showing it.

Natalie: She's just trying to cope.

John: I know. I know. How are you?

Natalie: Oh, it's nothing.

John: No. It's not nothing. You're upset. I can tell.

Natalie: It's Marty. Marty said some pretty brutal things before you got here.

John: Well, it's like you said. She's trying to cope.

Natalie: She blames me for turning over the evidence against Cole.

John: Well, you did the right thing. That's you doing your job.

Natalie: I guess it's a moot point if we don't find Cole.

Dani: Look. Hey, I know you're worried about Cole, but everything is gonna work out, you know, somehow.

Starr: Yeah.

Dani: I mean, look at us. Just a day ago, who would have thought that we'd have all been together like this?

Téa: Yeah. We're alive. We're together, and right now, I just want to go home.

Todd: So what's stopping you?

Téa: Well, the doctor did say I have a clean bill of health.

Todd: All right. Giddyap. Get dressed. I'm taking you home.

Téa: No. I haven't been officially released yet. We have the paperwork to wait for, remember? We have to play by those rules, those rules.

Dani: How'd I know you were gonna say that?

Todd: That's right. I'm gonna say that because we're Mannings, we play by our own rules. Am I right, Starr? Huh?

Gigi: Tomorrow? I cannot be ready to leave the country tomorrow.

Rex: Of course you can, and you will. Cris is right. An all-expenses-paid trip to Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Gigi: Yeah, but we'd be working.

Cristian: Not 24/7. You'd have plenty of time to see the sights.

Gigi: Oh, God, what about my job at Rodi's? I don't even have a passport.

Cristian: I already checked. You can get an expedited passport just in time.

Rex: You can definitely get Deb to cover for you at the bar. I'll cover for you if it comes to that, hell.

Gigi: Oh, I don't know how happy that would make my manager.

Cristian: I got to be honest with you. If you can't go, I can't, either.

Gigi: Oh, you're just saying that.

Cristian: No, no. I'm serious. There's no way I can get what I need together myself. There's too much to take care of.

Gigi: Oh, this is emotional blackmail. If I don't go, you can't be with Layla.

Rex: Are you actually gonna make Cris beg you to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris?

Gigi: Can I really do this?

Rex: You can't not.

Gigi: Okay. I'm in. Ha ha!

Cristian: Perfect. All right. Well, here. That's the itinerary, and the number that you need to call to get your passport set up, it's in there. All right. So I better get packed. I'll see you in the morning.

Gigi: Uh, yeah. See you.

Cristian: Thanks.

Gigi: Is this really happening?

Rex: Want me to pinch you?

Gigi: I always dreamed of going to Paris, but I thought the closest I'd ever get was Paris, Texas.

Rex: I am so happy for you. You'll be in the city of love.

Gigi: Ohh! Only my love will be in another city.

Roxy: I think Rex's bad-boy days are very far behind him. He's got smarts. Did I tell you that he owns a nightclub?

Echo: No. No. You didn't.

Roxy: Yeah. It's called Ultraviolet, and it is the hottest spot in town.

Echo: Ha ha ha! I thought you said he had money problems.

Roxy: Yeah. Well, you know, the economy is just terrible for going out and everything, but the kid has got smarts, I mean, real smarts. He probably got that from his bio folks.

Echo: Yes. How much do you know about his birth parents?

Roxy: Well, I just know that they're Indians who wrote, you know, these letters.

Echo: Native Americans.

Roxy: Oh, yeah. What's the matter with me?

Echo: It's okay. It just doesn't make any sense.

Roxy: Yeah? Why not?

Echo: Well, Rex, he doesn't look Native American.

Roxy: Yeah, but those hot-and-heavy letters, they prove he is who he is.

Viki: This letter that Rex read out, it was from his father to his mother. It was very romantic and actually very well-written. I can't place it. Where do I know it from. I don't know. Maybe--I don't know. Maybe I read it or saw it or something. I don't know.

Clint: I can't help you there.

Viki: No, of course not, but I thank you for your help tonight. Enjoy your evening.

Clint: Yes. You, too. Good night, Viki.

Viki: Good night.

Gigi: Okay. Cris is gone, so you can be honest. If you don't want me to go, I won't.

Rex: Morasco, I want you to go.

Gigi: But I feel like I'm abandoning you. You're in the middle of this investigation about Echo. She might know something about who your parents are.

Rex: And you going away won't change that.

Gigi: You don't need moral support?

Rex: Of course I do, but there is this invention. I think you've heard of it. It's called phone.

Gigi: You're pretty amazing. You know that?

Rex: Well, if you say so.

Gigi: Mm-hmm.

Rex: Shall I take you home so we can peel our son off the walls he's probably been bouncing off of from sugar shock?

Gigi: Only if you kiss me bonne nuit.

Rex: But of course. Huh huh huh!

John: We got a trace on Cole's credit card and an APB out on his car, but I want the team to make every effort to make sure he is brought in unharmed, okay?

Cop: You got it, boss.

John: Don't call me boss. Why don't you go home? I'll call you as soon as I know anything.

Marty: I hope Cole is someplace already that you're never gonna find him.

John: What do you say we cut the crap? I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you're helping Starr, right? The only thing is, you're making things worse for her. So if you're not lying about your feelings for her, hurting her seems like the last thing you should want to do, kid.

Téa: Can't believe that after all this time, I finally get to go home.

Dani: I can't wait. I've got it all planned out. So the first week, sleep, junk food, and trash TV.

Téa: Ooh, I'm glad to know I have a schedule.

Starr: You know, guys, I really love this, but I should go find out what Cole is up to, okay?

Téa: Starr, I'm really sorry you have to go through this.

Starr: Hey, no. Gosh, it's okay. Just being able to hug you makes me believe in miracles again. Mm. Bye. Oh, my gosh, I almost forgot something. Dani, I think you dropped this at Cherryvale.

Dani: What? No. This isn't mine.

Téa: This is mine. This was at my bedside at the clinic.

Dani: Oh, my God... I was in that room right after you'd been there. If I had come a minute earlier--

Starr: Hey, you know what? That doesn't matter anymore because we're all together and I love you all so much.

Todd: All right. See you later.

Starr: Yeah, definitely.

Todd: All right.

John: Cole tries to contact her, she'll be aiding and abetting a fugitive. D.A. doesn't mess around with stuff like that.

James: I can't tell you what I don't know.

John: But you do know what could happen to Starr if she gets caught in the crossfire. Hey, look at me. You got any feelings at all for her, you'll tell me what you know about Cole's whereabouts.

[Telephone rings]

Clint: Clint Buchanan.

Echo: It's Echo.

Clint: What do you want?

Echo: I need to see you in the morning. It's urgent.

Roxy: I found more duds! Let's rock and roll!

Echo: Oh, you know what? I think we're really good for the night.

Roxy: You don't like it?

Echo: Oh. No, no, no. I think it's great, but even the best models need to stay fresh. Don't want you to lose that freshness.

Roxy: Any fresher, you'd have to slap me.

Echo: Oh, ha ha ha! Well, most professional models need some down time between their shots, and I don't want to waste any of your money. I want to make sure you get your money's worth.

Roxy: You're an okay broad. Thanks for looking out for me. All right. Same time tomorrow, same place. I got more clothes. I was thinking feathers.

Echo: Oh, feathers. Yes. Here. You forgot that.

Roxy: Oh, thank you.

Echo: Yes. Oh. You'd like that back. Of course.

Roxy: Thanks. All right. Tomorrow.

Echo: All right.

Roxy: Love ya.

Echo: Ohh...

Téa: I can walk, Todd.

Todd: You arguing with me?

Dani: Well, don't you get it, Mom? We just don't want to let you go.

Téa: Yeah. I'm getting it.

Dani: All the bad stuff from before, we can just forget about that now and just let it all go.

John: You really want to send Starr into a life like that? Hmm? Her life in constant danger? Think about it. Hey, don't you think maybe you should head on home? It's been a hell of a night.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. It really has, and I don't want to keep our baby out too late, you know?

John: Sorry, kiddo. Your parents are a couple night owls.

Natalie: I'm really glad that you're alive.

John: So am I.

John: Hey, anything to tell me? All right. Fine. You can spend the night in lock-up. We'll talk about this again in the morning.

James: Oh, fine. Okay. I know where Cole is.

[Knocks on door]

Cole: I was so afraid you wouldn't come.

Starr: Of course, I came.

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