One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/29/10


Episode # 10805

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John: I got you. You all right? Hey. You okay? Easy.

Blair: It's a miracle, right?

Téa: You want another one?

[Téa laughs]

John: Be careful, Manning.

Todd: You really are.

Téa: I really am.

John: Hey. You sure you're okay?

Blair: Yes, but we gotta get to Starr. We got to get to Hope, John.

John: Okay, they were caught in the blast--

Blair: No. No. Dani told Téa that they got away from Eli.

Hannah: Come on, Starr.

Starr: No. No, James...

Hannah: James is dead and now it's your turn. Get in the grave.

Starr: James is suffocating in there, Hannah. Please.

Hannah: Please.

[Mocks Starr crying]

Starr: Stop!

Hannah: God. You really should stop worrying about your boyfriend and start worrying about your kid.

Starr: You said that you wouldn't touch her.

Hannah: I know. I'm not gonna. Hope is gonna be the glue that binds Cole and me together. But if you try anything, I swear to God, I'll kill her in a heartbeat.

[Doorbell rings]

Charlie: Hey.

Gigi: Sorry I'm late.

Viki: Oh, honey, I hardly noticed the time.

Gigi: Shane's not bouncing off the walls on a sugar high?

Viki: No. No, although that would actually be a welcome distraction. There's still no news on Starr and Hope.

Gigi: I'm sure you'll find out something soon. Thanks again for watching him.

Charlie: Hey, it was our pleasure. You know, after we finished trick-or-treating, he helped me work on this model that I'm putting together for my new project, and I'm telling you, the kid has got a great eye for architecture.

Gigi: Seriously?

Charlie: Absolutely. Next time Rex leaves town on short notice and you're in a jam, you just send him over here. I'll put him to work.

Viki: Where did Rex go? Is he off on a new case?

Gigi: No, an old one. He went back to New Mexico to check out something about his birth parents.

Viki: I thought that was all settled.

Gigi: Not anymore.

Clint: I figured you would've hightailed it out of town by now.

Echo: Clint. I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Clint: I can tell. Looking at something you don't want me to see.

Natalie: So if you shot Eli, how did Cole's fingerprint wind up on the trigger?

Marty: You made a mistake. You're too worried about John to do your job right now.

Natalie: Marty, no. This has nothing to do with me or John. I ran the prints through the computer 3 times. Cole's prints are in the system and they're on that gun. I know that you confessed to killing Eli Clarke, but the evidence says that Cole did it.

Langston: I don't know how to say this, but I think Hannah has Starr and Hope.

Cole: Hannah? What are you talking about? Hannah doesn't have them.

Langston: Well, we're pretty sure that she does. James figured it out.

Cole: No, Dani said that Eli had them and they got away.

Langston: Well, Eli might have had them first, but Hannah has Starr and Hope now.

Hannah: Come on, Starr. Chop-chop. Just think about how you and James are gonna be together forever once you're dead.

Starr: Do you seriously think that Cole's gonna love you?

Hannah: Yes. He already does.

Starr: Wake up, Hannah. Even if he never finds out what you've done, that you murdered the mother of his child--

Hannah: Don't forget her new boyfriend.

Starr: He still won't love you, Hannah! Even if you bond with Hope, he still won't love you!

Hannah: You're the one who needs to wake up, Starr. Okay? Cole told me himself that the only thing getting in the way of his feelings for me is you! And after tonight, that won't be a problem. And neither will your stupid boyfriend James. God, what a pain in the ass he was. Aah!

Starr: Stop! Don't--

Hannah: First he tries to be a hero and then I have to get you to do my dirty work and bury him alive.

Starr: Are you really enjoying yourself here?

Hannah: Listen, I have got my work cut out for me. I mean, who's gonna bury you? You can't bury yourself, right? Get in the grave. Or should I put Hope in it instead?

Todd: Are you real?

Téa: I think so.

Rex: Trick or treat. Gimme.

Viki: Ha ha ha. Here you go, little boy. Love your costume.

Rex: I know. Thanks, Viki.

Viki: Gigi's inside.

Rex: OK. Hey, Charlie.

Charlie: Hey, Rex. Shane's upstairs watching some vampire movie. I'm gonna see if I can tear him way from it.

Gigi: I missed you, Balsom.

Rex: Back at ya, Morasco.

Gigi: Mm-hmm. Mm. How was New Mexico?

Rex: Well, the best part was remembering what it was like to be there with you.

Gigi: Breaking and entering? Going to jail?

Rex: Realizing we should get back together. Or did you forget that part?

Gigi: Nope, not for a minute. So any luck? Did you find something that can get Echo DiSavoy to cough up something about your birth father?

Viki: Echo knows something about your father?

Echo: So what are you doing here? You're not sick, are you?

Clint: No, I'm here with a friend whose son was admitted.

Echo: I should've figured. Nothing can take down Clint Buchanan. You were always so strong and invincible. And in case you were wondering, I'm not sick, either.

Clint: I wasn't. But I am curious as to what you're hiding from me.

Echo: Well, I'm sorry. I really can't talk now because they're bringing in some of the victims from the big warehouse explosion...

Clint: Well, never mind. Keep it to yourself.

Echo: Clint, all right. I'll show you. Do you remember this?

Marty: I killed Eli Clarke. Cole had nothing to do with it.

Natalie: Then why were his prints on the gun?

Marty: All right. Cole thought Hope and Starr were dead. He picked up the gun. I grabbed it from him.

Natalie: So you're gonna change your story now? Because you told me that Eli was unguarded and you never mentioned a word about Cole.

Marty: Okay, I lied. I'm sorry. I didn't want my son involved. Cole left and then I shot Eli.

Natalie: The evidence says otherwise.

Marty: There's more?

Natalie: Yes.

Cole: My mom told me that Starr and Hope weren't at the warehouse. Why would James think that Hannah's got them?

Langston: Well, it's lots of things. It's little stuff, but when you add it all up... I found Mr. Froggy at your mom's place. And the way that Hannah kept telling James that he should go for it with Starr. But mainly it was that bullet necklace.

Cole: God, I am so sick of that thing.

Langston: Hannah had it. She told James that you found it after Starr and Hope went missing, and you got upset and threw it away, but she got it out of the trash to give back to James.

Cole: No, I talked to James about that necklace. He never said one word about Hannah being involved.

Hannah: What are you waiting for? Get in the grave.

Starr: No, I can't. Not until--

Hannah: What are you doing?

Starr: Not until I--I say good-bye to my baby.

Hannah: What do you mean? By next Halloween, you'll just be a distant memory. For her and for Cole.

Starr: I get it, okay? I'll be dead. You'll be with Cole. Just give me one minute to say good-bye to my baby.

Hannah: Okay. But one wrong move and both of you die.

Blair: So how's Dani?

John: Dani is okay.

Blair: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Listen, now if Starr and Hope got away, why hasn't Starr called? I mean, she would've called and let us know what was going on.

John: All we know is Clarke didn't have them here.

Blair: Where do you think that he took them? I mean, what--oh, John--

John: Hey. Hey. Listen-- listen to me. He knows to get paid, he had to keep them alive, right? Wherever they are, I am gonna beat it out of him when we get out of here.

Blair: I know you will. I think the problem is, how the hell are we gonna get out of here?

Todd: Wow. You are alive, right? You're really alive?

Téa: Todd, we gotta get out of this place, okay? We gotta get out of here.

Todd: Yeah, we gotta find Starr and Hope.

Téa: Yeah. Listen, Dani thinks that they were never here in the first place.

Todd: I thought Clarke had them.

Téa: No. Dani thinks that they got away, but, Todd, the last that I saw of Dani, Ross had her bound and gagged--I mean Eli had her bound and gagged and was dragging her--

Todd: Hey, wait a minute. Dani's fine. I just saw her. She's fine. And Starr and Hope got out.

Téa: Okay.

Todd: Yeah?

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: And you're alive.

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Okay.

[Todd and Téa laugh]

Todd: I'm just so sorry.

Téa: For what?

Todd: I gave up on you.

Téa: You didn't give up on me, Todd.

Todd: No, I did, I did. I gave up thinking I could save you. I gave up thinking that I was gonna see you again. I even gave up on being angry.

Téa: You gave up being angry? [Chuckles]

Todd: All I had was your damn ashes.

Téa: Todd? I know you never gave up on me. Just like I never gave up on you.

Todd: Hey, did you tell Greg Evans that you wanted to see Dani?

Téa: Yes, I did, but then I woke up in a hospital somewhere else. I didn't know where I was. He wouldn't let me use the phone, so I took the nurse's phone.

Todd: It was you? Was it really? I thought I was going out of my mind. Of course, I was going out of my mind without you.

Téa: I never stopped trying to get back to you from the moment I woke up. I was literally crawling my way out of the hospital when Eli grabbed me.

Todd: Son of a bitch. When I get my hands on that guy...

Téa: It's over now, okay? It's over.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah.

Starr: If by some miracle Cole does end up falling in love with you and you become Hope's mother--both of which I seriously doubt--there are some things that you should know.

Hannah: Like what?

Starr: Hope sleeps with two blankets--one that she holds and one that covers her. She'll kick the second one off if you don't tuck her in. And she needs to sleep with Mr. Froggy.

Hannah: Thanks for the toddler advice, but--

Starr: No, but... strawberries, they give her hives, and I haven't tried peanuts yet, but she cries when she's tired. She--she cries really hard when she has to say good-bye to my brothers.

Hannah: You think she's gonna see them again?

Starr: Please don't shut out my family.

Hannah: I said you could say good-bye to the kid, not order me around. Now let's go. Cole's waiting for me.

Starr: Oh, how am I gonna say good-bye to you, baby girl?

Cole: Why didn't James tell me he thought Hannah took Starr and Hope?

Langston: He didn't think you'd believe him. You kept saying what a good friend Hannah was being. And you were so worried about Starr and Hope, James didn't want to make things harder for you.

Cole: So he thought he'd just keep it to himself?

Langston: Well, he wanted to get some more evidence first and then tell you and the cops.

Cole: But Hannah--I mean, everyone was so sure that it was Eli Clarke. How--when would she do it, if she even did it?

Langston: We don't know. Maybe she was even in on the kidnapping with Eli. So the police are hoping to get some answers now that he's in police custody.

Cole: Eli's dead.

Langston: What?! What happened? Did the police kill him?

Cole: No.

Langston: Well, then who did?

Marty: Have you heard anything about John?

Natalie: Not yet. But I did get the results back from the gunshot residue test. Marty, you were clean. If you had fired that gun, there'd be evidence all over your hands.

Marty: I washed them.

Natalie: Right. I'm willing to bet that we would find evidence on Cole.

Marty: You won't.

Natalie: Marty, stop. Okay? I know that you didn't kill Eli Clarke. I know that you're covering for Cole. I heard what you said to him. You told him not to say or do anything. I'm sorry, Marty. I have to report this.

Marty: Please... please, don't do that.

Starr: Everything's going to be all right, Hope, okay? Your dad's gonna be there for you when you cry at night. He's gonna hold you and love you and I bet he'll even sing to you when I'm gone. He knows all your favorites.

Hannah: Okay. It's time to go.

Starr: Someday you're gonna have a new mom. That's okay, all right? I don't want you to miss me. I don't want you to cry when I'm gone. I just want you to be happy. I don't want you to ever be alone or ever to be scared. And one day... If you hear a voice in the wind... that's me saying that I love you. And if you ever need help blowing out your birthday candles, I'll be there, okay?

Hannah: All right, that's enough.

Starr: Dream big, baby girl. Dream big. Because I'm gonna be there on the other side, making sure that all of those dreams come true. Okay?

Blair: So you were digging toward us, right?

John: Yeah. This side's completely blocked. We thought this was our best bet.

Blair: Well, I don't think that that's a good way, either.

Téa: So how do we get out of here?

Todd: I have no idea. I'll tell you one thing--you didn't come back to me just so we could die here together.

Téa: I wish I could be as sure of that as you are.

Todd: Are you doubting me again?

Téa: Some things never change.

Rex: My mother left a half-heart necklace for me at the hospital.

Viki: Well, that's why you went to New Mexico in the first place, isn't it? To find out where it was made?

[Doorbell rings]

Gigi: I'll handle the ghouls and goblins. I've heard this part of the story.

Viki: Okay.

Rex: While I was investigating Echo for you... I found this. It's the other half of the necklace. She had it.

Viki: Are you sure it's the same necklace?

Rex: The jewelry designer in Santa Fe said that it's one of a kind. Gigi and I left my mother's half of the necklace on her gravestone. Since we never found my father, we're just assuming that he had the other half.

Viki: And yet, Echo has it? Why?

Rex: Maybe she stole it. Maybe she knew my dad. Who knows. That's why I went back to New Mexico.

Gigi: Wait-wait-wait-wait. What'd you find out when you went back? What'd you find out?

Echo: You do remember it, don't you?

Clint: No.

Echo: You went on a business trip to New Mexico. You brought this back for me.

Clint: If you say so.

Echo: See? That's exactly why I didn't want you to see it.

Clint: Echo, when we were together, I was married to Viki and you damn near wrecked that, and then you faked your own death and you tried to put me away for life. So forgive me for not being nostalgic, okay? As far as I'm concerned, it was over as soon as it happened.

Echo: Well, I'm glad you were able to get on with your life.

Clint: And why couldn't you? Why the hell did you keep a trinket that I gave you years ago?

Echo: Because... It's special to me.

Clint: How special could it be? You're missing half of it. What happened to it?

John: This is--this gate is completely jammed.

Blair: Well, I still think this is the best bet, John.


Blair: Okay, what was that?

John: Hey. You guys okay?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Any idea how we're gonna get out of here?

John: Listen to me. This whole place is gonna cave in and that side's going first. We need to get you back over here now.

Todd: Why haven't they sent help yet?

John: Don't shout. It's about to--

Blair: Hurry!

Todd: Come on. There's only room for one. Let's go.

Téa: But wait. What if...

Todd: I'll be right behind you. Go.

Téa: Okay, okay.

[Indistinct chatter]


Téa: Oh! Todd!

Natalie: Marty, I know that Cole has been through a lot, but I--I can't just ignore the evidence.

Marty: Why not? Why can't you let me pay for this crime?

Natalie: Because you didn't commit it.

Marty: But this will be Cole's third felony. They'll put him away for the rest of his life. They will give me a much lighter sentence.

Natalie: I know. I understand. Believe me, I do. This world is a much better place without Eli Clarke in it, but... Cole shot Eli when he was handcuffed in custody. There's not even a case for self-defense. I can't--I can't change the evidence.

Marty: He's my only child. And he has a child of his own and a woman he loves. He has his whole life ahead of him. Please let me do this. I want to do this. I will be happy knowing that he is free. You will understand once you have that baby. A mother will do anything for their child.

Cole: Clarke got what was coming to him. So what did James find out about Hannah?

Langston: Well, after you left, James, Ford, and I, we were keeping an eye on Hannah at your mom's place. We figured we'd follow her and see what was up.

Cole: You were following Hannah?

Langston: Well, we were, but then Ford got sick and I had to take him to the hospital. And we left James there all by himself.

Cole: And he didn't say anything?

Langston: We haven't been able to reach him. We haven't even heard from him since. The cops are looking into it. They're taking it really seriously.

Cole: But why? Why would Hannah kidnap Starr and Hope?

Langston: Why do you think? Hannah wants Starr and Hope out of the way so that she can have you.

Hannah: For the last time, get in the grave.

Starr: Please. Tell Cole that I love him.

Hannah: Why would I do that? You'll never love Cole the way I love Cole. You let your dad get between the two of you and then James. You can't undo any of that. Now, you know the drill. Get in there or else I hurt Hope.

[Starr sobbing]

Hannah: Get in.

Cole: I thought Hannah was getting better. I thought my mom was helping her.

Langston: Yeah, well, she fooled everyone, including your mom. But, Cole, Hannah told James that you had feelings for her. That if it weren't for Starr, you'd be with her.

Cole: But I didn't mean... did I make Hannah do this? Was Hannah planning on doing something to Starr and Hope this whole time and I just didn't see it?

Hannah: Don't be sad, Starr. It really will be better this way. Aah!

Hannah: Aah!

[James grunting]

Starr: James!

Cole: How could I not see this coming? All Hannah did was lie. She tried to break up me and Starr by lying about Starr's dad. She lied about Starr cheating on me with James. And I still believed she was getting better. What is wrong with me?

Langston: Nothing, Cole. You're a really good guy. Hannah's just a great liar. James wouldn't have even suspected anything if his chain hadn't fallen out of her purse.

Cole: I was so sure it was Eli.

Langston: Well, everyone was.

Cole: No, you don't understand. I made a huge mistake.

Téa: Todd? Todd--

John: No, listen. Stay here. This whole place is about to come down. I'll get Todd.

Todd: Téa, you all right?

Téa: Todd?

Blair: It's gonna be all right. Listen, no, it's gonna be all right. Come on. Hurry. Come on. Todd?


Natalie: Marty, do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? You want me to help put you away for a crime that you did not commit.

Marty: So my son can go free. He's not some dangerous criminal. When Eli blew up the warehouse, he thought both Starr and Hope were killed. The people he loved most in the world. So he lost it. Isn't that what happened to you?

Natalie: What are you--

Marty: After Mitch Laurence killed Jared, you stabbed him while he was in police custody. You almost killed him. How many people covered up for you? Even John. Even John tried to take the rap for you.

Todd: Everyone okay?

John: Yeah.

Todd: Good. Where are we headed? Hey--

Téa: Hey!

[Indistinct chatter]

Bo: Get this debris down here. Thanks. You're alive!

Blair: Bo, yes. Did you find Hope and Starr?

Bo: No, sorry, Blair. Not yet.

Blair: What did Eli say when you questioned him?

Bo: We can't question Eli. Eli's dead. Let's move the rest of this stuff. Need more men back here.

Hannah: Uhh!

[Hannah breathing heavily]

[James coughing]

Hannah: I should've done this a long time ago. Aah!

[Starr panting]

James: Nice one, twinkle.

Rex: I went to my mother's grave, where we left her half of the necklace. I figured it was a long shot, and I was right. It was gone.

Viki: Well, who do you think took it? Echo?

Rex: I'm not sure. I mean, why would she?

Viki: Why does she even have this half?

Gigi: Did anyone recognize her?

Rex: I showed her picture around. Nobody knew her.

Viki: Okay. Where did you find this necklace?

Rex: It was hidden in a keepsake box of hers. Since you hired me to find out what she was up to, I broke into Echo's room at the Angel Square hotel.

Charlie: Wait a minute. You broke into Echo's room? Viki, you have got to drop this witch hunt. Look, I am not Clint, okay? And I am not gonna be stepping out on you. And I'm telling you for the last time that Echo is not a threat to us.

Echo: I lost the other half a long time ago. I thought I might've left it here.

Clint: At Llanview Hospital?

Echo: They probably don't have it anymore. It was so long ago.

Clint: Why is it so important for you to find it now?

Echo: Because it's not the only precious thing I left behind.

Viki: Darling, Charlie, I'm well aware that you're not Clint. I don't trust Echo, okay? Believe me, she's up to something.

Charlie: And so you had Rex break into her room.

Rex: Viki did not know that I did that, okay? If you're gonna yell at anybody, yell at me, not her.

Charlie: Okay. I'm sorry. But, Viki, you have got to let this thing go. Look, Echo came to town to apologize to you and to look for work. That's all.

Viki: Okay, I don't think so. But let's say you're right.

Charlie: Okay. We'll talk about it later, all right? I've got a meeting. And oh, um, Shane is upstairs. He's glued to that movie, but don't worry. It's almost over.

Gigi: Thanks, Charlie.

Rex: Yeah. Thanks.

Gigi: Well, I should go get him. We should get home. I don't want angry trick-or-treaters smashing my jack-o-lantern.

[Viki chuckles]

Rex: I am sorry I got Charlie mad at you.

Viki: Don't worry about it. You were trying to help.

Rex: Now I just need to find out why Echo has this half of the necklace. What if she knows where my father is?

Clint: What do you mean? What other precious thing did you leave here, Echo?

Echo: I think I just hit the jackpot.

Bo: Yeah. All right. Well, have Officer Lovett call me as soon as you find him. Hey. Is that who I think it was?

Clint: Echo DiSavoy. Yeah. Is that who I think it was?

Bo: Yeah, that's Téa Delgado. What is Echo doing back in town?

[Cell phone ringing]

Clint: Look, I'll tell you later. You've got your hands full.

Bo: You watch your back, big brother. Hey, Brody. What'd you find out about Hannah?

Clint: Did you get it done?

P.I.: Mission accomplished, boss.

Rex: Nobody in New Mexico recognized Echo and my mother's half of the necklace is still missing.

Viki: What are you going to do now?

Rex: Maybe I should break back into Echo's room again and see what else I can find.

Viki: No. No, I think Charlie's right. And I can't really sanction a second break-in. You know what? Why don't we just go directly to the source?

Starr: The police should be here soon.

James: How's Hope doing?

Starr: Probably better than I am. How does it feel? Huh?

James: Okay, I was just about to ask how are you doing, but I see that you're fine.

Starr: Thank you, James. Thank you so much for saving my life.

James: Hey, you saved mine, too.

[Sirens approach]

Starr: You know, when I buried you alive, I actually thought that I'd killed you.

James: It takes more than a bullet, a booby trap, and a ton of dirt suffocating me to keep me down.

Starr: I really hope that you have more than 9 lives, because I've already taken 3.

James: As long as you have a face like that, I'm not going anywhere. She's over there.

Starr: Oh, my gosh.

Police officer: What happened here?

James: Look, Officers, I'll tell you everything, but Starr and her baby need to get to a hospital.

Police officer: Starr Manning? We better call this one in.

Starr: No, no, no. I'm okay. I just want to go home.

Police officer: We're still gonna need some statements.

James: Okay, well, can't you get them tomorrow? Look, she and her baby have been through a lot.

Police officer: I don't know.

James: Look, her dad is Todd Manning, you guys. Please? She needs to get this baby back home to her daddy.

Police officer: All right. Let's get you home.

Starr: Thanks. That's exactly what I was just going to say. Thank you so much, James, for everything.

Langston: What do you mean? You made a huge mistake because you didn't know Hannah would take Starr and Hope? How could you possibly know that?

Cole: Langston, it's worse than that.

[Cell phone beeps]

Cole: What's wrong?

Langston: It's from Ford. Brody went to your mom's place to look for Hannah, but there's no sign of her or James. I have to go back to Ford. He's really sick. But if I hear anything about Starr, I'll call you, okay? And you do the same. Come here. Maybe James found them. Maybe they're fine.

Marty: When you stabbed Mitch, so many people covered for you, including Cole and me. All I'm asking is that you return the favor. Let me do this. Let me do this for my son so he can have his life.

Natalie: Marty, I understand why Cole lost it. And believe it or not, I understand how you feel because I would already give my life for this child.

Marty: Then let me do this. Let my son go free.

Natalie: In this case, Marty, the evidence against Cole is already in the system. It's different. You're asking me to tamper with evidence. I--I'd have to lie to everyone here. I'd have--I'd have to-- hey.

Clint: You followed Balsom?

P.I.: He went straight to New Mexico. I had to hustle.

Clint: Did you get there first?

P.I.: Yeah--just minutes before the kid.

Viki: Echo. Come in, please.

Echo: I have to admit I was surprised when I received your call.

Viki: Oh. Well, I certainly appreciate you coming over so quickly. I wanted to apologize to you for losing my temper when I found you with Charlie.

Echo: Oh. Well, it's okay.

Viki: I also wanted to thank you for this. It's really good. You are very good.

Echo: I'm only as good as my subjects.

Viki: I actually have a friend who has a photograph I would love you to have a look at if you wouldn't mind.

Echo: Oh, I'd be happy to.

Viki: Oh, good. He's right inside.

Echo: I love nurturing talent. Oh. You again.

Viki: Oh, you know each other? Oh. Rex, would you mind showing Echo the photograph you showed me, please?

Clint: Did you get it?

P.I.: I got it.

Natalie: Thank God. I didn't know what happened. I thought you--

John: Come on. Think I was leaving this kid without a father?

Natalie: He kicked.

John: He?

Natalie: It's just a guess. Bo gave me your badge.

John: Oh. Yeah. I must've lost that when Manning and I were searching the building.

Natalie: Yeah.

Marty: You found--you found Téa and Blair?

Natalie: Are they okay?

John: Yeah. Yeah, I sent them to the hospital to get checked out. I think they're both gonna be fine.

Natalie: Good.

John: Bo told me about Clarke. Is it true? Did you kill him?

[Knocking on door]

[Child speaking indistinctly]

Boy: Happy Halloween.

Girl: Halloween.

Cole: Hi.

Téa: I'm fine. Really. I just want to see my daughter.

Todd: Sit back. She's still in x-ray. There's nothing you can do.

Téa: Well, how long is that gonna take?

Todd: I don't know. It'll take as long as it takes. She'll be back when she's finished. Just relax and let the doctors take care of you, okay?

Téa: God. After everything Eli did to me, the last place that I wanna be is in a hospital, Todd.

Todd: Eli's dead.

Téa: He is, isn't he?

Todd: He is very dead. You win. You win. You're the winner. Tell you what--after this, we're gonna go down to the police station and see if there's any word on Starr and Hope, okay?

Téa: Why don't you go there now? I know how worried you are. I'm fine...

Todd: No, I'm not worried. You know why I'm not worried? I believe in miracles now.

Téa: It's a miracle right there.

Todd: You're alive and Eli's dead. That's all the proof I need. So as far as I'm concerned, Starr and Hope have to be alive.

Langston: Oh, my--Blair. What happened? Are you okay?

Blair: I'm fine, but please tell me that you have some information about Starr and Hope. Please? Eli's dead and he can't tell us anything.

Langston: Well, I think I know someone who can. Hannah O'Connor.

James: Well, crazy. I guess it's all over now, huh?

Hannah: It's all over for you, too. I may have lost Cole, but you lost Starr. She's probably running into Cole's arms right now.

Cole: Here you go.

Girl: Thank you.

Cole: You're welcome.

Cole: Here you go.

Girl: Thank you.

Cole: You're welcome. Happy Halloween.

Girl: Happy Halloween.

Cole: Okay. Here you go.

Boy: Thank you.

Cole: You're welcome. Bye.

Girl: Bye.

Woman: Gotta go.

Girl: Good-bye.

Hope: Daddy! Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.

Cole: Hi, Starr.

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