One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/28/10


Episode # 10804

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James: Okay, you know what? I'm not wearing this.

Starr: Me either.

Hannah: Put your masks back on before somebody recognizes you. Come on! Where's your Halloween spirit?

Nora: What--what happened? Where's Bo?

Brody: He's still at the site. Nora. I heard Elijah Clarke detonated a bomb. What the heck?

Brody: Bo's okay.

Nora: Thank you. Thank God. What about the girls? Did he let the girls go--what's going on?

Brody: Clarke's dead.

Marty: I shot him. Please, let me call Cole now. He thinks Starr and Hope died in that explosion.

Cole: Damn you, Clarke. I'd kill you again if I could.

Ford: Ah.

Langston: Hey, how you feeling?

Ford: Did you get James?

Langston: No. He's not picking up.

Ford: Ah. Something's wrong.

Langston: Hey, you're not going anywhere until they checked out your x-rays. Finally.

Doctor: Sorry. Radiology was backed up.

Langston: Well, did you figure out why he was coughing up blood?

Doctor: He has a lot of internal injuries.

Ford: I told you.

Langston: Could this have happened if he was working out at the gym?

Doctor: Only if he was the punching bag. Somebody gave you a serious beatdown.

Inez: Of course, Nate. You stay there with her. I will see you later. Daniella's safe.

Clint: Oh, thank God for that. What about the others?

Inez: Bo has a team over there looking for survivors.

Bo: Fire chief won't let us back in until there's an all clear. They have to make sure that the floor won't cave in... before we start searching.

Natalie: Yeah, we got to get back in there.

Bo: We're gonna send in a team just as soon as they let us.

Natalie: Search and rescue, not recovery, right?

Bo: Yeah.

Natalie: 'Cause John isn't dead.

John: Hey, come on. Hey, be careful. Go easy.

Todd: Uh! [Panting] You go easy. Half my family could be back there.

John: I know, but you have no idea where this debris is gonna fall, who it's gonna hit. One of the kids could be down here.

Todd: Starr!

Téa: Wait, did you hear that?

Blair: No.

Téa: It was a voice.

Blair: Are you sure?

Téa: Yes, I'm sure! I couldn't hear what it said? Hello! Hello! Is anyone there?


Téa: Hello!

Natalie: This doesn't mean that he's dead. You know, a building collapsed, and he could have dropped it. I mean, it's not like he would have gone back in to get it. You know, he was trying to save people, so I mean John wouldn't have thought twice if it fell out of his pocket.

Bo: I know.

Natalie: Or he could have dropped it on purpose, like he was trying to lead us so that we would know where to find him, like, you know, like a clue. Do you know exactly where you found it? Because I'm telling you, Uncle Bo, that's it. He's trying to send us a message.

Bo: All right, no, no. Natalie, do you want to sit down?

Natalie: No, no, no, no. I'm fine. I'm totally fine because John is going to come out of that building any minute because he wouldn't die like this. He couldn't. There's still more people to save, right? I mean, that's what he does, right? Right? Oh, my baby.

Cole: My baby girl. How can you and your mommy be gone?

Hannah: Okay, we're here. You can take your masks off now.

Starr: Where are we?

Hannah: Off the beaten path, but you can still get beaten. Ha ha! Oh. Okay, start digging.

James: What?

Hannah: Those two shovels-- there's one for each of you. Oh, let's make it into a game. Um, whoever gets to 6 feet first, wins.

Starr: 6 feet?

James: No. No!

Hannah: Yes. Ha. You're digging your own graves.

James: We're not doing it.

Hannah: Okay, it's your funeral. Ha ha! Oh, I don't remember Halloween being this fun. Ah! Ha ha! Go ahead.

Starr: What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do, Hannah? Are you gonna shoot us or are you gonna bury us alive?

Hannah: It depends on how the next hour goes.

James: You won't do it. Hannah, you're not a killer.

Hannah: Push me and find out!

James: You'd kill a mother in front of her baby?

Hannah: She's not gonna be a mother for long, will she? No. No, she won't. Mommy's going bye-bye.

Starr: You're not gonna get away with this, Hannah!

Hannah: Yes, I will. It'll just be like a game of hide and seek. Except nobody's gonna find mommy and her special friend, Uncle James because nobody will look here. Graveyards are the perfect place to hide dead people.

Marty: Starr and Hope weren't in the warehouse.

Nora: What?

Marty: Look, Cole thinks they're dead. Please, you have to let me call him.

Brody: I'll make the call for you.

Marty: No, I have to do it--his mother! He's a mess right now.

Brody: You only get one phone call.

Marty: I know that.

Brody: You need a lawyer.

Marty: I don't. I don't. I don't. I shot him. I killed him.

Nora: Okay, you know what? You need to stop talking.

Marty: No, I don't. I've already said it. I shot him. I killed him. I wanted to kill him.

Nora: Just--did he attack you?

Marty: He pushed me down the stairs.

Nora: No. I mean tonight. Were you defending yourself?

Brody: Clarke was under arrest, in handcuffs when she shot him.

Nora: No. No. No. God, Marty, what the--what--why did you do that?

Marty's voice: Cole! Oh, my God. Thank God you're all right. Are you hurt? What happened here? He's dead.

Cole's voice: Good. He should be.

Marty: It's true. Eli killed my baby, so I killed him.

Bo: Come here. Sit down. Do you need a doctor?

Natalie: No.

Bo: Medic!

Natalie: No, no. No. He moved.

Bo: What?

Natalie: I mean, he or she. It's the first time. I mean, that's a sign, isn't it? He's trying to tell me something.

Bo: Yeah, he's trying to tell you to get out of the smoke and get some rest.

Natalie: Like his dad. He's in there, and he's in here. This baby wants to be born. He wants John to be his father.

Bo: Well, yeah. Who else would it be?

Brody: Marty, you should listen to Nora and stop talking.

Marty: I don't care!

Nora: You will tomorrow!

Marty: Take this down, Brody. I thought Eli had killed my granddaughter and Starr on top of ending my pregnancy. I wanted him dead, so I killed him. Please let me use that phone and call my son!

Bo: Copy that. Come on, Nat. Let's get you out of here.

Natalie: You know, I can help.

Bo: No, you can't. Look, you're not trained in search and rescue, all right? That fire chief won't even let my guys back in the building right now. I need you with the department. I need you working that Clarke shooting, okay?

Natalie: Yeah, but that won't take long.

Bo: Well, then come on. Let's get after it, then. Look, John is gonna give me hell for not getting you and his baby out of all of this smoke. Do you want to make John happy, huh?

Natalie: Bo...I have to know.

Bo: I know, and you will because I'm gonna come back here, and you are gonna be the first call I make after I find him. Okay?

Natalie: Okay.

Bo: All right. Come on. Let's go.

Todd: Did you hear a voice? A woman's voice?

John: No. You think it was Starr or Blair?

Todd: No.

John: Hey. What exactly did you hear?

Todd: I--I don't know. Some--some wind, ghost. Nothing. Forget it.

Blair: Okay, stop it.

Téa: [Muffled yell]

Blair: Stop it! Yelling like that, you want to bring this place down, huh, do you? Stop.

Téa: You think that's really a thing--"my little voice"?

Blair: Your little voice is like a bullhorn!

Téa: Yeah, it is like a bullhorn.

Blair: Yeah.

Téa: It feels good to use it, too, to yell.

Blair: Yeah, why don't you just sit down and take a break, all right?

Téa: Oh, I think I'd better. I don't know how many times I can come back from the dead. Blair. Oh.

John: Yeah, well, I don't believe in ghosts.

Todd: Neither did I before Téa.

John: Uh! You do now?

Todd: Can we just keep digging, please?

John: Hey, look, Manning, what you went through...

Todd: Yeah, I thought losing Téa was the worst thing that could happen to me. Try losing your kid.

John: I can't. Whoa. Do me a favor. Hold this while I try to pull this away.

[John straining]

Todd: Why are we even bothering? Do you really think we'll find them?

John: We got a shot.

Todd: I got to get Blair back to the kids, man.

John: Hey, listen, she might have made it out of here already.

Todd: She and Dani and the boys might be the only people in the world left to care about me... and who I care about.

[John straining]

Todd: What?

John: I'm just digging, man.

Todd: Well, you can say it. I'm getting what I deserve.

John: You think that someone's dead and that's punishment for you?

Todd: Seems as good a reason as any. What, you got something to say to me, go ahead and say it, John.

John: You may not be as alone as you think.

Todd: Is this gonna be some kind of come to Jesus pitch? Find the Lord and I never walk alone again?

John: Forget it.

Todd: You sure? I mean, you don't want to hold hands--

John: I said forget it!

Todd: Oh, I've already forgotten. [Indistinct]. God lost my number a long time ago.

John: All right, there's something you should know, but you got to promise to hold it together.

Todd: Like how?

John: Just shut up. Listen quietly and stay cool.

Todd: Know what? Forget it. I don't want to hear it.

John: Yes, you do, but you got to promise.

Todd: All right, spit it out!

Blair: Ah, no, no, no. You sit your skinny ass down.

Téa: Hey, I do not have a skinny ass.

Blair: Well, okay, I won't argue with that, but no more talking about dying, all right?

Téa: Yeah, it's not an option.

Blair: No, it's not. You're not gonna leave me with Todd again.

Téa: Miss me?

Blair: Yeah, I did, but you know what? I'm not the only one.

Téa: I miss Dani so much.

Blair: And she missed you, Téa, and I'll tell you what. Your little girl's not gonna have to cry herself to sleep one more night because you're gonna sit there, you're gonna get strong, and you're gonna get home to her.

Téa: Can't wait for that.

Blair: Yeah, well, it's what we live for.

Inez: You don't have to stay.

Clint: Well, I want to, Inez. Makes me feel like I'm doing something. Unless of course I'm in the way.

Inez: Oh, no, no. I'm happy to have the company, too. You're a very kind man, Clint.

Clint: There's one you don't hear too often.

Inez: Well, it's true. You have gone above and beyond for me and my boys.

Langston: So who beat you up?

Ford's voice: Uh!


Clint's voice: I still can't hear you.

Ford's voice: Why?

Clint's voice: Ask my daughter.

Ford: It's no big deal.

Langston: No big deal? You were coughing up blood. I'd say that's a very big deal.

Ford: What are you doing?

Langston: Calling the police.

[Phone rings]

Inez: Llanview PD. Can I help you?

Langston: Hi. Yes. I need to report an assault. The victim's name is Robert Ford. He's at the emergency room at Llanview Hospital.

Inez: Bobby's hurt?

Langston: Who is this?

Inez: I'm Robert Ford's mother.

Langston: Mrs. Salinger, sorry. I didn't mean to just blurt it out.

Inez: What's going on? Is he okay? Thank you.

Clint: What happened?

Inez: Bobby's in the hospital. Somebody attacked him.

Clint: Come on. I'll drive.

[Phone rings]

Cole: Yeah?

Marty: Honey, it's me.

Cole: They coming to arrest me?

Marty: No, no, and they won't.

Cole: Look, I don't care if they do, not with Starr and Hope gone.

Marty: No, they're alive!

Cole: What?

Marty: Starr and Hope were never in the warehouse, honey.

Cole: What? Are you sure?

Marty: Yes. Danielle confirmed it. Eli just pretended he still had them.

Cole: They're alive?

Hannah: Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Good girl.

James: You okay?

Starr: No. She could really kill us.

Hannah: [Indistinct]

Starr: Look, she's completely lost her mind. Just listen to her.

Hannah: Hey, trick or treat.

Starr: She's just pretending like she's out trick or treating.

James: It's all right. She'll let her guard down.

Starr: No, she won't, James. She has my baby in her hand and a gun in the other. It's not like we can just make a run for it.

Hannah: Hey. A little less lip, a little more digging.

[Faint voices]

Hannah: Put your masks on. Put 'em on now! Hurry.

Man: Whoa. What's going on here?

Starr: Please help us! She's trying to bury us alive!

Cole: Starr and Hope are out there somewhere?

Marty: Yes, they must be.

Cole: Well, why haven't they come home?

Marty: I know, well, nobody knows, but the police are looking for them. The whole station's cleared out.

Cole: Well, you're at the police station right now?

Marty: Yes.

Cole: I'm coming down there.

Marty: No!

Nora: Oh, my God. Are you guys okay?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Natalie?

Bo: Natalie, I'm gonna need that evidence from the car shooting.

Natalie: Okay. I'm on it.

Nora: Bo, what happened?

Bo: There was an explosion.

Nora: I heard.

Bo: We had people inside. They're missing.

Nora: Was John inside?

Bo: Yeah. Then we started a search, and then the floor started to collapse. Where's Inez?

Nora: She had a family emergency. She had to run out to the hospital.

Bo: Well, I got to get back there. I want the thing monitored from here. Sanchez? Sanchez, call the next shift. Tell them to get in here now. Geez, it's the fire chief. Damn it.

Nora: What? What is it?

Bo: They had to call off the search because the building imploded. Now it's nothing but rubble and dust practically.

[Nora gasps]

Nora: And--and who's still inside?

Bo: John, Todd Manning, probably Blair.

Nora: So there's gonna be a body count?

Bo: Not on my watch, no. Look, if the fire department won't clear a search, then I'm gonna go in myself.

Nora: Oh, no, no. You hold on.

Bo: Where's Brody?

Nora: He's booking Marty Saybrooke for murder.

Bo: So you know about that?

Nora: Yeah, yeah, I-- did. I don't understand. I can't even believe that she did it.

Bo: I know. I mean, I can understand why she'd want him dead, but to shoot him when he's in custody? In cold blood?

Marty: Cole, you stay right where you are. Do not come down to the station under any circumstances/

Cole: Why not?

Marty: 'Cause I'm taking care of things, okay, honey? All you have to do is be quiet. Don't say a word to anyone. 

Marty: We'll talk later.

Cole: Look, if I can't come there, you come here.

Marty: I can't.

Cole: Well, why not?

Marty: Honey, please, just trust me, okay. Just stay there. Don't do or say anything until we talk again, all right? Just wait for Starr and Hope. I love you. Bye.


Nora: She's not cold-blooded.

Bo: Maybe she just snapped.

Nora: It's almost like she's in shock, you know, but I don't know. It's different. There's something wrong.

Bo: Huh. Well, we have to charge her with murder.

Nora: Oh, can we just hold off on the charge right now? She's our friend. We should help her.

Bo: And we will. But right now, we don't have a choice. All we can do is go by the book.

Man: You're under arrest, little lady.


Woman: "Help us!" Good one.

Starr: No, wait. You're not a real cop, are you?


Hannah: You'll never take me alive.

Woman: That gun looks so real.

Hannah: I got it from the prop closet in my film department at school.

Man: You guys making a movie?

Woman: Did we mess it up?

Starr: No, no, we're not making a movie.

Hannah: We are making a movie. Well, actually, we have a lot more rehearsing to do.

Man: We're going. Happy Halloween.

Hannah: You, too!

Woman: Cute kid.

Hannah: Thanks. Her daddy and I think so, too.

Starr: Don't you ever pretend that you are her parent!

Hannah: I'll be a good mother to her, Starr.

Starr: You will never, ever be her mother!

Hannah: She's gonna be a real comfort to her daddy when you're gone. That's why she's still breathing. Now why aren't you digging?! We're on a time schedule here.

Hope: Mommy.

Hannah: You are such a precious girl. Hmm? You know what you're gonna do? You're gonna help daddy forget all about your old mommy, and I'm gonna be your new mommy, okay?

Inez: Bobby? Are you okay?

Ford: Yeah. It's nothing.

Langston: He can barely move.

Inez: Who did this to you?

Ford: I don't know.

Inez: A stranger beat you up?

Ford: It was all a misunderstanding. I guess I messed with the wrong person.

Clint: It happens.

Inez: I'm sorry. You're Langston?

Langston: Yes, hi. Nice to meet you.

Inez: Nice to meet you. I'm so grateful that you called.

Langston: Um, has there been any news about the kidnapping?

Inez: Danielle was released, so she's safe.

Langston: Okay, what about Hope and Starr?

Inez: It turns out that they were never in the warehouse where Clarke had Dani.

Langston: Where are they now?

Inez: Nobody seems to know.

Hannah: This really is the only way. I mean, Cole would never move on while you're still alive, and I know that he wants to. I can feel it. I he can, okay? He'll love me completely and we'll raise our baby.

Starr: You will never replace me, Hannah. Ever! Even if you kill me, Cole will never--

Hannah: Yes, he will!

James: Hannah, listen to me. You are never gonna get away with this.

Hannah: I already did. Nobody knows I have you here.

James: Yes, they do. Ford and Langston know.

Hannah: You're lying.

James: They were in the car with me, Hannah, staking you out until about 10 minutes before you showed up. They're probably at the police right now turning you in.

Langston: You know what this means?

Inez: What?

Ford: Yeah.

Langston: We were right.

Clint: Right about what?

Natalie: Oh, I need the gun from the Clarke shooting, okay?

Brody: It's already tagged. It's at the lab.

Natalie: Oh, thanks.

Brody: Hey, hey, hey.

Natalie: Yeah.

Brody: Are you really okay?

Natalie: The baby kicked.

Brody: That's great.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah. I thought it was a sign that his father is alive, and then I remembered that you could be the father and--

Brody: Don't--don't say it. Don't think it. John's gonna walk through that door soon.

Bo: Give me another update in 10 minutes.

Nora: Any changes?

Bo: They still can't get inside. There's no sigh of John, Manning, Blair, Téa.

Nora: Téa?

Bo: Yeah. You don't know?

Nora: Know what? Honey, Téa's dead.

Bo: Apparently not.


Téa: Blair.

Blair: Okay, listen, don't panic. I think it came from over there, and I bet you that the building is just--it's settling.

Téa: That's not a good sign, Blair.

Todd: That's not a good sign. Place is gonna come down.

John: Yeah.

Todd: All right, so tell me whatever this is so we can get back to work.

John: You remember when you thought Téa called you at home?

Todd: Yes. Yeah. I thought I was hearing voices from the grave.

John: You weren't. Téa didn't die of a brain tumor.

Todd: Don't screw with my head right now, man.

John: I'm not. Téa didn't die of a brain tumor 'cause she never had one.

[Todd scoffs]

Todd: Really? So...she's alive?

John: I don't know.

Todd: Listen, man, you better start making sense right now or I'm gonna take one of these bricks and smash your head in.

Blair: Hey, don't move if you're not ready.

Téa: If I don't move now, we might never find our kids. Can't run out of time again.

Todd: Hey, just tell me.

John: Clarke wanted your money and he was willing to kill Téa to do it. His plan was to get custody of Danielle through Ross and then ransom her back to you for big bucks.

Todd: How was he gonna do that?

John: He blackmailed Greg Evans into giving Téa something that made her have the symptoms of a tumor. When the time came, he was supposed to finish the job. In the end, Evans couldn't do it, so he told you Téa was dead, then he secretly moved her to Cherryvale.

Todd: So she's in Cherryvale now?

John: No. Clarke found out about it, and he kidnapped her.

Todd: This is insane. I don't believe any of that.

John: Evans confessed.

Todd: Clarke's a dead man, isn't he? If I find him, I'm gonna tear his heart out with my bare hands.

John: Fine, when we get out of here, you can kill him.

Todd: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Bo: My guess is that Eli found Téa at Cherryvale when he was on the run.

Nora: I--I--did you know she was alive? Is that why Natalie was reading her obituary before everything--all hell broke loose?

Bo: She and John started putting it together. I found out after the explosion.

Nora: This is unbelievable. Unbelievable. The grief everyone went through. I said nice things about her. Not even Todd deserved that. This--this Eli, he's demonic.

Bo: Would have been real nice to lock that guy up for the rest of his life.

Nora: Yeah. Instead, now we're prosecuting Marty for his murder.

Natalie: Marty's watching us.

Brody: What?

Natalie: She suspects something about the baby.

Brody: No.

Natalie: She told me she saw something between us.

Brody: None of that matters right now.

Natalie: You're right. I have work to do.

Cole: Come on, Starr. Where would you go to hide? Why won't you come home? If you're out there, where are you?

Hannah: No. Ford and Langston don't know anything.

James: They know you lied about the story about finding my chain, Hannah.

Hannah: They can't prove anything.

James: And you left Hope's toy frog at Dr. Saybrooke's house, and Langston found it. Sorry. You're caught.

Starr: Hannah, I know that you love Cole and you want to be together with him, so you're never going to find out what that's like if you get caught and thrown in jail, right?

Hannah: Why wasn't...

Starr: Hannah, listen to me. Hannah, listen. If you stop now, no crime has been done, right? So you could just turn yourself in. That would be even better!

Hannah: How? How?

Starr: How? Uh, well, I already told you. I will say that you just found--that you found me and Hope and you wanted to hide us from Eli Clarke. I'll say you were trying to help us, okay?

Hannah: Ha! So now I'm trying to help you? This just keeps getting better and better and better.

Starr: Yes. I will say anything that you want me to say. I will do anything that you want me to do, okay? I promise you--

Hannah: Ah!

Starr: James!

Starr: Hannah! He's bleeding.

Hannah: I warned him. I said we're off the beaten path but you could still get beaten.

Starr: Hannah, he needs a hospital!

Hannah: You think I'm stupid? Shut up!

Starr: To get to the doctor!

Hannah: Shut up! You want to make me mad? You want to hear my angry voice? Then try and play me again. Your boyfriend did a really bad thing, so he goes first. Say good-bye.

Starr: What?

Hannah: Say good-bye, Starr. Come on.

Starr: What? What do you mean, say good-bye? No, this is not good-bye, Hannah!

Hannah: Yeah, maybe you'll see him on the other side. Come on. Hurry up!

Starr: No!

Hannah: Fill it in.

Starr: Oh.

Inez: James was outside Dr. Saybrooke's house.

Bo: How long has it been?

Inez: The kids say they haven't heard from him in hours and he was supposed to check in.

Bo: All right, don't worry. We will find him. Think you, Inez. Brody.

Brody: Yes, sir.

Bo: I want you to go to Marty's house, okay. James Ford had the place staked out himself. Now nobody's heard from him.

Brody: I'll check it out.

Bo: All right. And pick up Hannah O'Connor. Bring her in for questioning.

Brody: On my way.

Nora: Okay, surprise me.

Bo: Hmm?

Nora: What did Hannah do now?

Clint: Inez, I bet James' phone went dead or something like that.

Inez: The picture's going through my head right now.

Clint: Yeah, well, try not to think about it.

Langston: Will you be okay? I need to go tell Cole what's going on.

Ford: Sure.

Langston: You're not gonna try to run out of here before you're supposed to?

Ford: No running. I can't. I promise.

Langston: Good.

Ford: Hey. Be careful.

Langston: I will. Gonna bring my best friend home.

Starr: No. No, Hannah. You can't make me bury him alive. You can't make me do that.

Hannah: You want me to shoot him first?

Starr: What's happened to you?

Hannah: This is your fault, Starr. If you'd just gone off with your new boyfriend, none of this would have happened. And if he had just minded his own business, none of this would have happened. You both made life really difficult. Now, start shoveling.

Starr: No, I won't. I won't.

Hannah: Do it or else your little pumpkin dies, too.

Starr: You said that you needed her. Right?

Hannah: Well, I'd like to keep her if I could, but if I have to live without her, I will. Go on.

[Starr crying]

Starr: I'm sorry. Oh, God.

Todd: So you knew all along that Téa was alive and never said a word.

John: I had it confirmed to me two minutes before I ran into this building.

Todd: This changed everything.

John: No, it wouldn't have. What are you gonna change? We still need to get your girls back. That's all we knew for sure, Manning.

Todd: Téa is alive?

John: I hope so.

Todd: What do you mean--

John: She was here. In this warehouse. She was here.

Todd: Téa!

John: Manning.

Todd: Téa!

John: What are you doing? Get out of there! Manning! Get out!

John: You got some death wish?

Todd: We gotta find Blair and Téa!

John: You do that again, we're gonna have to worry about someone finding us!


John: Hey, did you hear that? We got a sign someone's digging.


Brody: Inez, Bo sent me.

Inez: Did you find James?

Brody: He wasn't outside Marty's house.

Inez: Then he is officially missing?

Brody: I'm afraid so. I need as much information as you may have about what Hannah was up to.

Inez: I...I don't--she was in a mental hospital, wasn't she? Is she violent?

Clint: Well, we don't know that, do we, Brody?

Brody: No. I'm sorry. I'll just be over here.

Inez: Now, if the kids are right, she's the one that kidnapped Starr and her baby, what if she hurt my son, too?

Nora: Leave your cell phone on.

Bo: Listen, tell Natalie I'll call as soon as there's news, all right?

Nora: You be careful.

Bo: Eh.

Nora: Can I get you anything?

Marty: I'm fine. Brody notified the public defender's office.

Nora: Yeah, because that's the only phone call he can legally make for you. Jason Dailey. He's the best defense attorney in town, okay. Have your PD call him.

Marty: Okay.

Nora: Listen, there are--there are a lot of people that believe that Elijah Clarke deserves what he got, and what he did to you, that certainly gives you some mitigation. I don't need a big show of a trial, and I certainly don't need to put you away for life to show that I'm tough on crime, so I'll try to make this as easy as I can.

Marty: Thank you.

Natalie: Marty. I had the gun tested.

Marty: It's the murder weapon.

Natalie: Okay. But if you shot Eli, why is Cole's fingerprint on the trigger?

[Knock on door]

Langston: Hey.

Cole: Hey.

Langston: You look awful.

Cole: Well, I was worse about an hour ago, but now that I know that Starr and Hope are still alive somewhere...

Langston: That's why I'm here.

Cole: What? They found them? Do you know where they are?

Langston: I don't know how to say this, but I think Hannah has Starr and Hope.

Starr: You're not just crazy! You're a sadistic bitch, Hannah, because James is suffocating in there!

Hannah: Shut up. It's your turn now. Ha ha.

John: Easy. Easy. Watch yourself.

[Blair struggling]

John: ...All right. Give me your hand. Hey, you okay? Let's see?

Todd: Easy.

Blair: Uh, it's a miracle, right?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: You want another one?

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