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Episode # 10803

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Eli: What have you done?

Cole: That was for killing Starr.

Starr: It's okay, sweetie.

Hannah: Twinkle, twinkle, little Starr how I wonder what you are

Starr: Aah! Aah! James! Oh!

Hannah: Ah, that is no way to greet your boyfriend. Ha ha ha!

Dani: What happened? What happened to the warehouse?

Natalie: Dani, Dani, don't-- I don't know, honey, but you are still hurt.

Dani: No. My mother is in there. When Eli took me out, she was still tied up.

Natalie: I know, and John went back into the building. He's gonna make sure everybody gets out.

Dani: Yeah, but what if he can't?

Natalie: If I know John, he will move heaven and earth to make sure everyone gets out.

Téa: [Coughs] Blair? Oh...

Blair: Téa, are you all right?

Téa: Oh, I think I am. You?

Blair: I think I am. Oh...

Téa: What happened? Last I remembered, you'd untied me, and we were racing out of the warehouse.

Blair: Yeah. Well, Eli must've set the bomb off.

Téa: Uhh! Oh...

[Rubble crashes]

Téa: Where are we? Because if this is heaven, I want my money back.

Blair: Well, we're definitely not dead, thank God, but, my God, we got to get out of here. We have to get to the girls.

Téa: Do you see a way out? Because I sure don't.

Bo: Let me know when it's safe to start searching.

Fire chief: My guys are still reporting back.

Brody: Oh, my God.

Bo: Yeah. This building wasn't sound, and it imploded in the center.

Brody: We'll be able to get Starr and Hope out first?

Bo: We don't have confirmation that they were in the building. There's only two people that I know of that were in the building when this ceiling collapsed, and that's Manning and John.


Todd: McBain? John?

Bo: Where's Clarke?

Brody: He's cuffed to a cruiser. He's not going anywhere. I'll see if I can radio John.

Bo: We already tried. There's no response.

Fire chief: We'll start clearing what we can, search for bodies.

Brody: Bodies?

Bo: Look. I'm not writing John off or Manning or Starr or her baby.

Brody: They may not have been the only ones in here.

Bo: Well, Blair was on the scene. She's unaccounted for. She might've come back in here looking for Starr.

Brody: Téa Delgado might be in here, too. I know it sounds crazy, but it's all part of Eli's scheme.

Bo: Eli?

Brody: I'm not sure I understand it myself, but Téa didn't die...


Brody: At least when we thought she did.

Téa: Looks like the explosion brought the place down around us.

Blair: Yeah.

Téa: Blocked the entrance.

Blair: Téa, we can't be trapped in here. I've got to get out of here. I got to find Starr. I got to find Hope. We got to make sure that Eli lets Dani go.

Téa: See me arguing?

Blair: No, but you're being pessimistic, okay, and we don't need that right now. We do not need it, Téa.

Téa: Give me a second to process the fact that I am trapped in a confined space with you yet again.

Blair: My God, I can't believe you're alive. Oh, my God.

Téa: And I'd like to keep it that way, so let's try to get out of here.

Blair: Okay. Why is it that we are always getting trapped together?

Téa: Oh, beats me. Last time in the basement of the K.A.D. house, I thought I was gonna die.

Blair: Yeah, but we passed out before you could tell me you and Todd had a child.

Téa: Who would've guessed that I'd end up asking you to be a mother to my daughter when I--

Blair: I tried to be the best I could, but she...needed her own mama. She needs you, Téa.

Dani: Don't. You need to help me. I need to find out if my mom got out of the warehouse, if she's okay.

Natalie: You're not in any shape to go anywhere.

Dani: Please, please help me.

Natalie: No, honey. You're just gonna have to wait, okay? We will get news. Brody knows I'm here.

Dani: But you could go, couldn't you? Aren't you a cop?

Natalie: No, not exactly.

Dani: Yeah, but they'd tell you. I'm sure they'd tell you. You can go, and you can find out what happened.

Natalie: Marty asked me to stay here with you.

Dani: Look. I'll be fine.

Natalie: No. I'm not going anywhere, not until the ambulance comes back for you, okay? Besides, I gave my word. I'm not going anywhere near there until it's safer.

Dani: And when will that be?

Natalie: I don't know, okay? We're just gonna have to be patient. John is doing everything he can. He would never leave that building without your mom and Starr and Hope.

Dani: Starr and Hope aren't there.

Natalie: Whoa. What do you mean?

Dani: The last time I saw them, Eli had us at the clinic at Cherryvale.

Natalie: So all this time--

Dani: I don't know where they are. I don't. I thought that Eli might have been keeping them in a different room at the warehouse, but when I was finally able to check, it turned out to be my mom.

Natalie: So there was no signs of Starr and Hope.

Dani: I don't think Eli has them anymore.

Eli: You can't--

Cole: And this is for Hope.


Marty: Cole? Oh, my God. Thank God you're all right. Are you okay? I heard-- what happened?

Marty: He's dead.

Cole: Good. He should be. Starr and Hope are. He should be, too.

Starr: James. James! Hannah, why did you bring him here?

Hannah: It wasn't my idea. Your little puppy dog is a lot less easily convinced than I thought.

Starr: What do you mean?

Hannah: He found out that I had you and your little brat here. He was gonna follow me here so that he could play hero. Good thing me and my little friend found him first.

Starr: James. James? Oh, my gosh, if James figured out that you had me, Cole will, too.

Hannah: Not any time soon. He still thinks you're with Eli. He and his mom just ran off to the ransom exchange.

Starr: James? James, come on. It's gonna be okay. Wake up.

Hannah: I thought about killing him earlier. I decided not to because I didn't want to deprive you two of this sweet, little reunion, especially since it'll be your last.

Starr: Hannah, what are you gonna do with us?

Hannah: Obviously, I can't leave you here because the smell of rotting flesh would make even my clueless parents suspicious when they get back.

Starr: If you let us go now, I promise I won't tell anyone that you had us here. I really promise. I'll tell them that Eli left us off in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't get to a phone until now.

Hannah: Yeah, and I believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, too.

Starr: Hannah, please!

Hannah: I don't need your help, okay? I have the perfect plan. I just need to get a few things ready...

Starr: What--

Hannah: For your final journey. Ta.

Starr: You bitch! James. James, come on. Come on. You got to wake up.

James: Uh...

Starr: Hey, hey!

James: Hey, twinkle.

Marty: Cole, you need to tell me what happened here.

Cole: The building collapsed, and I--

Marty: I know. I heard it.

Cole: Just-- Starr and Hope, they didn't make it out.

Marty: Oh, dear God.

Cole: The paramedics said that no one survived, and Eli killed them.

Marty: Uh, honey, you try and tell me exactly what happened here, okay?

Cole: Everyone went to help, and--oh, God.

Marty: Okay. Okay. It's okay.

Cole: They left, and I just--

Marty: Okay. Listen to me. Right. Cole, you need to get out of here, okay? You need to leave. You need to leave, honey, because I know what Eli was and I know what he did, but he was handcuffed, honey. He was handcuffed. Do you understand? He was trapped, and he was defenseless, and no matter how you justify what you did, they're gonna say it was cold-blooded murder.

Cole: Look. I don't care what I did.

Marty: But you have a record, honey. They're gonna put you away for the rest of your life.

Cole: I don't care, Mom. I don't care. I have no life without Starr and Hope.

Starr: Be careful, okay? Take it easy. I'm just glad that you're all right.

James: Where's Hannah?

Starr: Hannah locked us in here, and she left, but you are okay, aren't you?

James: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Starr: Hey, be careful.

James: Where's Hope? Are you and Hope okay?

Starr: Hope is right there. She's okay, okay? I've been keeping strong for my little girl.

James: I know you have. She looks good, Starr. She looks good.

Starr: You think so? I've been trying to tell her that everything is going to be okay and acting like I believe it so that she wouldn't be scared by it. I didn't know if it was working or not because I just don't know how much longer I could do this. James, I really started to think that no one was gonna find us.

James: I found you, Starr. I found you.

Starr: I know. I know you did.

Natalie: Okay. Thank you. All right, honey. We're gonna get you to the hospital soon as the paramedics get back.

Dani: No. I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving until I know that my mom is okay.

Nate: Dani, oh, my God. You okay?

Dani: Yeah. I'm fine.

Nate: Are you okay?

Dani: Yes. I'm fine. You see? I'm not alone. Nate is here, okay?

Natalie: I see. I see.

Nate: Okay. So you can go and find out what happened, please.

Natalie: All right. Let me see what I can do, as long as you promise you're gonna stay with her.

Nate: I promise.

Natalie: Okay.

Dani: Hurry, please.

Natalie: Sorry, Brody, but people's lives are at stake.

Bo: Natalie found proof that Téa is still alive.

Brody: Greg Evans confessed, and his story syncs up with this nurse at the Cherryvale clinic who says that Evans was treating a woman there just about the time that John almost caught Clarke there. Natalie thinks Clarke grabbed Téa from the Cherryvale clinic and stashed her in this warehouse.

Bo: Hey, chief, can we get in there yet?

Fire chief: Just be careful. The foundation is still unstable.

Bo: All right. Thank you. Brody? No stone unturned. If there are survivors in here, we find them.

Brody: Yes, sir.

Bo: Okay. I'm gonna take the east. I want you to take the west. Stay on your radio.

Brody: Well, you'll know the second I find anything.

Téa: Hey! Is someone there?

Blair: Okay. Okay, Téa. Obviously, no yelling, all right? Obviously, this building is gonna come down on us if you yell any more.

Téa: Blair, someone is gonna come looking for us.

Blair: Oh, I don't know about that. They don't even know that you're alive.

Téa: Well, Eli and Dani know, and if Eli turns Dani over, she'll let the whole town know that I'm here, and they're gonna come looking for you, Blair.

Blair: Well, I don't know about that because I snuck out before anybody knew that I was even gone.

Téa: Please tell me you're joking.

Blair: No. I'm not joking. My daughter and my granddaughter were supposedly in here, and Eli said he had this place rigged to be blown up. Of course I was gonna do whatever I had to do, so don't look at me like that.

Téa: So it's just you and me, huh?

Blair: Yeah. It's just you and me.

Téa: Oh...

Todd: John?

Nate: They tried to keep me away from here, but I had to come.

Dani: No. I'm glad you did. I'm so glad. I didn't think that I'd ever see you or anyone else ever again.

Nate: I am such an idiot.

Dani: What are you talking about?

Nate: It was stupid to hide you from Ross so you wouldn't have to go with him. I mean, yes, you'd have been in Tahiti, but you would've been safe.

Dani: No. I wouldn't have. I found out that Eli wanted me to be with Ross to begin with.

Nate: You're kidding.

Dani: No. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't helped me escape, but I know it wouldn't have been good.

Nate: I know Eli killed Ross. Dani, I am so sorry.

Dani: Even though he wasn't perfect, I really loved him. I really loved Ross, and now he's gone.

Nate: You've had to deal with so much.

Dani: But it isn't all bad. A miracle happened. I still can barely believe it.

Nate: What?

Dani: My mom... she's alive. She's alive, and now she needs another miracle.

Blair: Téa, are you sure you're all right? You were so sick.

Téa: Oh...seeing Dani, that made me feel strong.

Blair: But your brain tumor.

Téa: Yeah. I don't have a brain tumor.

Blair: What?

Téa: I don't have a brain tumor. Eli somehow got Greg to make me sick.

Blair: Your own doctor?

Téa: Yeah. Eli needed me to die so he could control Daniella's custody.

Blair: But why?

Téa: Why else? Money.

Blair: And Ross played right along with it.

Téa: I guess so.

Blair: Your will--Eli changed every bit of it. He faked it. Todd and I tried to fight it tooth and nail, but no. Eli had it all worked out.

Téa: What a heartless psychopath.

Blair: But Greg-- why would he work with Eli on that?

Téa: I have no idea, but apparently, I owe my life to Greg's guilty conscience.

Blair: My God, I don't believe any of this.

Téa: I don't, either. I don't know that I ever will.

Blair: You're alive, and that is all that matters. Oh, poor Todd. He was a wreck. He was a wreck when you died, when everybody thought that you died.

Téa: I hate thinking about him going through that.

Blair: It was bad for him, too, if it'll make you feel better. Hey, look. He was so there for Dani every minute. He was there, just like he promised. You know, he was falling apart inside. He had such a hard time. He couldn't accept that you were gone. I mean, he thought that he heard your voice on a phone.

Téa: He did. I called him.

Blair: No. Todd called the number back.

Téa: Yeah. The nurse took the phone away. She had been given orders not to let me use the phone. I couldn't understand why. I thought I was still in the hospice. I couldn't understand why Todd and Dani weren't there with me.

Blair: Oh, must've been awful.

Téa: But when I heard Todd's voice, I knew everything was gonna be okay. Oh, what I wouldn't give to hear that voice right now.

Todd: John, can you hear me? Listen to me now.

Todd: What should I do, Téa? No. No way. You kidding? All right. Fine. Guess no one has to know, right?

John: Don't even think about it, Manning. Uh...

Brody: Anything?

Bo: John's badge. There's no sign of him or anybody else.

Brody: John was in here doing his job, trying to save people, and that son of a bitch killed him.

Bo: Hey! Look. We still have ground to cover.

Brody: What if they're all dead, Bo? What kind of a monster is he? How did he kill an innocent child?

Starr: Hope is out like a light. Luckily, Mommy's little girl sleeps through anything. James, James, I've already tried every single way out of here, okay? Rigging that door is our last shot.

James: Well, then fine. I'll jump on Hannah the next time she comes through the door.

Starr: She has a gun.

James: I'll do it fast. She won't know what hit her... except I can't risk you or Hope getting shot.

Starr: I still can't even believe that you figured out that Hannah had us. She did tell me that you found the bullet necklace on her.

James: That was my first clue.

Starr: But she told me that you bought her story.

James: I just made her think I bought it. I knew that you were wearing this necklace, so I needed to confront her, and she gave me this whole story about how Cole threw it in the trash and she went back in and she dug it up because she wanted to give it back to me.

Starr: Why would she even care?

James: Exactly. That's what I thought. So I knew the whole thing was bull.

Starr: Did you tell Cole?

James: Starr, I didn't want to tell Cole about Hannah until I knew for sure. He's been so destroyed about you and Hope being missing, it's--

Starr: Poor Cole. I can't even imagine what this must be like for him.

Cole: I don't care. Mom, I don't care what happens to me.

Marty: But I do. I can't lose you. I lost so much. I can't lose you, too. You have to get out of here.

Cole: Mom, no.

Marty: You cannot stay.

Cole: Mom, I can't leave them. I can't leave Starr and Hope.

Marty: I understand, but, honey, they're not here anymore, not anymore, okay? I need you to go.

Cole: Are you gonna come with me?

Marty: No. I will find you later, and everything is gonna be okay.

Cole: Okay. Where are you gonna go?

Marty: I don't know. I don't know, but I need you to go. I need you to go, okay? You need to not answer your phone, okay? Don't talk to anyone. I need you to go. Go. You got to go. Cole, go.

Cole: Mom--

Marty: Do it for me, okay? Go. Do it for me.

Cole: Okay. All right.

Marty: It's okay. It's okay. Go. Go.

Natalie: he--

Marty: He's dead. I shot him.

Natalie: this?

Natalie: He was handcuffed.

Marty: He's how I found him. He wasn't being guarded. He wasn't being watched.

Natalie: He couldn't go anywhere.

Marty: Eli Clarke kidnapped my granddaughter from her home. He told a young girl in a psych ward to take her own life. He blew up a building right in front of you. Nothing was gonna stop him.

Natalie: Marty, we had him.

Marty: He killed my baby. What was I supposed to do, just wait for justice to be served and then watch him get off on a technicality... so he can go murder more people, so he can kill my granddaughter, Starr?

Natalie: Well, at least those are two murders Eli never got to commit.

Marty: But he did. They were in the warehouse.

Natalie: No. No. They weren't. Dani just told me. Starr and Hope were never there.

Marty: Oh.

James: I thought I could get Hannah to lead me to you. Then she surprised me with that gun.

Starr: Me, too.

James: Starr, I had no idea how dangerous she really is.

Starr: She's not playing with a full deck of cards, James. She still thinks that she has a chance with Cole as long as she gets rid of me in some way.

James: I know. She told me the same thing. Starr, there's absolutely no way she could ever come between you and Cole.

Starr: James, I still can't believe that you've risked your life like this.

James: Well, I owed you one. Almost got you killed after only knowing you a couple of days.

Starr: No. I'm serious. Hannah is crazy. There's no telling what she's gonna do next.

James: All right. So what, you don't think we can take her? Bull was a professional killer, and we got through that. Starr, we can get through this, too.

Blair: So any progress? See anything?

Téa: I can't even tell which way is out of here.

Blair: Okay, Téa. Now, if we don't make it out of here--

Téa: Now who's being pessimistic?

Blair: Okay. If you don't want to hear what I have to say, then--

Téa: What, you have some deep, dark secrets you got to tell me?

Blair: Uh, I just want to make an apology, okay? It's because I was digging into your past that I got Eli involved in our lives.

Téa: I was a fool to let him draft my will.

Blair: Yeah. Well, I was a bigger fool. I married him.

Téa: Sorry about that, Blair. Dani told me what happened in Tahiti.

Blair: Yeah. Eli. I thought he was the anti-Todd. Turns out, he's the antichrist. Oh, God, Todd, he just turned out to be a stand-up guy, huh?

Téa: I must've been gone longer than I thought.

Todd: Hey, just so you know, I was doing that only because I need your help finding Starr and Hope and Blair maybe, too, if she went in here.

John: Oh, yeah. So you try to make out with me? Hey, hold on a second, all right? I can't move my arm. Think my shoulder is dislocated. I need you to help me pop it back in.

Todd: Oh, what? I can't do that. I'm not a doctor. I can't help you with that.

John: Listen. I will talk you through it. Just please help me up.

Todd: Uh, I think I've done enough for you already.

John: Hey! You want to try your luck finding your way out of here on your own, find the girls?

Todd: All right. Fine. What do I have to do?

John: Just get me on my feet. Easy, easy. All right. Listen to me. Bend my arm on a 90-degree angle, all right? All right. Slowly. Manning, slowly. Move the arm and the shoulder outward till you hear it click in.

Todd: Uh, it's gonna hurt.

John: Yeah, like nothing you can imagine. Ready? And... aah! Aah!

Blair: Did you hear that?

Fire chief: Hey, I need you to step out of here. This whole place could collapse.

Bo: All right. Thanks, Chief. Go check on the prisoner.

Brody: Does that mean--

Bo: It doesn't mean anything. We didn't find any bodies. I'm not declaring any deaths until we do.

Blair: Well, I know I heard something. Must have been an animal.

Téa: Who knows what else can be living down here?

John: Bingo. As good as new.

Todd: All right. Let's get out of here and find the girls.

John: Yeah. We fell through the floor into some sort of access tunnel.

Todd: There's got to be a way to street level, right?

John: I know one thing. We're not getting through this gate. Let's try the other way.

Téa: If I see a rat, I'm gonna scream. Rats hate it when I scream.

Blair: Yeah. So does this building, so no screaming, all right? We need to focus here, Téa. We need to get the girls, remember? Come on.

Téa: We've beaten psychos trying to kill us before.

Blair: Yes. We have, and you know what? We did it together. So instead of focusing on separate areas, let's focus together on one spot. We'll get it done quicker, and if we pick the wrong spot, then we'll know that, too. So what do you say? Come on.

Téa: Let's do it.

Blair: All right.

Nate: I can't believe your mom is alive and that she's not even sick.

Dani: Not since the last time I saw her.

Nate: Hey, hey, know what? Hey, listen. You know what? I cannot wait to see the look on Destiny's face when she sees that you're all right.

Dani: It'll probably be the same look that I had when I got back to Eli's car and saw that Starr and Hope weren't there.

Nate: Well, no one has seen them. We all thought--

Dani: I know. Everyone still thinks that Eli has them.

Nate: You think he stashed them someplace else?

Dani: I don't know. It's possible, but I don't see how he would've had the time.

Nate: So you think--

Dani: I am praying that Starr and Hope got away safe.

Starr: Oh, jeez.

James: Hey, hey, you're hurt. What's--

Starr: Oh. No. I twisted my ankle climbing up boxes and trying to get out the window.

James: Well, sit down. Let me--

Starr: Oh, and then I had the bright idea of writing an SOS on a baseball and throwing it out the skylight.

James: Starr, and was a really good idea.

Starr: Except for that Hannah found it.

James: Yeah. I know. She showed it to me, but if it makes you feel any better, she seemed to be pretty upset about it. Here. Come on. Here. Now sit down. Let's prop that leg up. Come on. Let me see it.

Starr: Aah!

James: Hurts?

Starr: Yeah.

James: Right there?

Starr: Ow! Right there. Yeah.

James: All right. Well, we don't have any way to ice it, but we could wrap it. At least that would help you stand on it, you know?

Starr: Okay. Go for it.

James: Okay.

Starr: Ha! What are you gonna--

James: Just gonna tear this here.

Starr: Ha ha! Look at you!

James: All right. Here we go. Let's see. Hold still, okay?

Starr: Where'd you learn this, in the Boy Scouts or something?

James: Yeah. I wish I could say that's where I learned this. Too tight? It's okay? It's okay?

Starr: Hey...I'm sorry for bashing your head in.

James: Yeah. About that, you're pretty bound and determined to kill me, aren't you, twinkle? I mean, first this and-- what's next?

Hannah: I was right. You two belong together, just like Cole and I do.

James: You're crazy.

Hannah: Oh, come on. I'm only giving you what you've wanted since you moved to this town. Now you and Starr can be together for the rest of your lives.

Marty: Starr and Hope could be alive?

Natalie: All I know is, they're not in that warehouse, and I'm hopeful that they're alive somewhere else.

Marty: I have to tell Cole.

Natalie: No. Wait. Wait. Wait. Where's Cole? He's not here?

Marty: I don't know. I haven't seen him since I was with you earlier.

Natalie: Brody, Brody, did you find John? Is he okay?

Brody: What the hell? What happened?

Natalie: Marty shot him.

Brody: Oh, my God! The gun. You took custody of the gun?

Natalie: Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Tell me about John. Is he all right? I haven't heard from him since he got Cole out of the building. Tell me.

Brody: John and Todd, they went back into the building to look for Starr and Hope. There was another explosion. Natalie! Don't! Natalie! Would you be careful in there?

Marty: Brody...

Brody: You really did this?

Marty: I did. I know you have a job to do, so go ahead. Arrest me.

Brody: Marty, as far as I'm concerned, you did the world a favor.

Marty: Yeah. I'm not sorry I did it, believe me. I know you have a job to do, so go ahead. Do it.

Brody: Marty Saybrooke, you're under arrest for the murder of Elijah Clarke. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


Starr's voice: Happy father's day, daddy. Happy father's day, daddy.

Hannah: Get up.

James: Her ankle is hurt.

Hannah: Then you get her up, Romeo.

James: Here.

Starr: I'm okay.

Hannah: All right, mommy. Get the kid ready. It's time for us to go.

Starr: Where are we going?

Hannah: You'll find out soon enough.

Dani: Yeah. Just take it off.

Nate: Take it easy.

Dani: Yes. Take it off.

Nate: Wait. All right. Here. You sure this is okay?

Dani: Yes. I'm fine. Please.

Nate: Wait, wait.

Dani: I just need to make sure that my mom is, too.

Nate: She will be.

Dani: No. She has to be. I did not get her back just to lose her again.

Téa: Looks like we're making some headway.

Blair: Oh, assuming that this is the way out. Uh! Uh!

Natalie: So John went back in there? What? What happened?

Bo: You can't be in here.

Natalie: Tell me where John is.

Bo: We think he was deep inside the building when it collapsed.

Natalie: What? No.

Bo: Oh, no. You can't go in there, all right? This foundation in this building is very unstable. There's a lot of smoke in here, and that's dangerous for you and for your baby. Look. We've already done a preliminary search.

Natalie: And you didn't find anything?

Bo: Yeah. Only this.

John: All right. Wait. All right.

Todd: I say we go too slow.

Blair: Hopefully, we're making a dent in all of this.

Téa: Oh, I just pray we find what we're looking for on the other side.

Blair: Oh, yeah.

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