One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/25/10


Episode # 10802

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Marty: Enough of this.

Natalie: Marty--

Marty: Let me through right now or I'll start asking questions about why Brody's so damned interested in your baby! I heard you talking to Brody. I saw the way he looked at you. I heard what he said to you. It's almost as if he were the baby's father instead of John.

John: Eli, put it down, all right? It's over. Our lives may not mean anything. What about all these kids?

Cole: Are Starr and Hope still inside?

Eli: Hey, Manning. If I can't have my wife, you can't have yours, either.

Dani: No. No, no, no.

John: Get down!

Cole: No!

Marty: Oh, my God. What happened?

Natalie: I don't know. It sounded like something blew up.

Marty: Cole's in there looking for Starr and Hope. Were they caught in all that?

Cole: Starr!

Brody: Cole!

Bo: Brody.

Brody: Yeah, yeah.

Bo: He's alive. This is the commissioner. We had an explosion. Believe that victims are inside, possibly one child. Need fire and EMS ASAP.

Destiny: I don't get it. First you're my parents, then you're not, and now you are again?

Shaun: Y'all need to stop beating around the bush and tell me and d exactly what's going on right now. How can you not be her parents but be her flesh and blood?

Greg: Because! They're not her parents. They're her grandparents. Destiny...I'm your father.

Destiny: What is he talking about?

Mrs. Evans: Oh, baby. Oh, sweetheart. It doesn't change what's in our hearts. You are our baby girl and we love you the same way we always have.

Destiny: You're not my parents.

Mr. Evans: No, honey, no. We're not your parents. We're your grandparents.

Eli: Should've listened, McBain. Should've given me Blair.

John: Starr and Hope don't make it out of there alive, neither do you.

Hannah: Tell me the truth. You were spying on me.

James: What are you talking about? I just came to see if Cole had any news about Starr, Hope, and Dani.

Hannah: You haven't heard?

James: What?

Hannah: Eli Clarke is getting the ransom from Starr's dad right now.

James: Seriously?

Hannah: Yeah. Cole and his mom just went over there to make sure that Starr and Hope are okay. Cole wanted to be the one to bring them home.

James: And do you think that's gonna happen, Hannah? Do you think they're gonna be able to bring them home?

Hannah: Why? Don't you?

Starr: I know. Honey. I know. I wish we were home, too. I miss Daddy. I miss Daddy so much. But he just can't be here right now.

Cole: Starr! Starr! Hope, Daddy's coming.

Gigi: This one looks interesting.

Cristian: "Nude descending a staircase"?

Gigi: That's what this is supposed to be?

Cristian: An art critic once called it "Explosion in a shingle factory."

Gigi: That makes more sense.

Cristian: You don't like abstract, do you?

Gigi: No, I do, I just... I don't think I could ever paint that way. Although, it'd probably be easier if I did.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Gigi: You saw what happened with Joel.

Cristian: The model?

Gigi: Yeah. I could barely concentrate. I don't see how artists do it.

Cristian: Well, you just have to--you just have to look at them as objects. Shapes.

Gigi: Yeah, big, naked shapes.

Cristian: You'll get used to it.

Gigi: So you're telling me that if the model was a beautiful, naked woman, you wouldn't get flustered?

Cristian: No.

Gigi: Really?

Cristian: Well, no different than if I was sketching a fruit bowl or a landscape.

Gigi: Yeah, but the fruit bowl or a landscape can't look back at you while you're looking at them naked.

Cristian: Yeah, but you see, it's not like the model has a personality. You have to-- you have to see them as objects. They don't move, they don't talk. They don't tell you how much they love you when you tickle their feet.

Gigi: Call her.

Cristian: Yeah.

Destiny: You didn't know about this?

Shaun: No, Destiny. I didn't.

Destiny: It means you're not my brother anymore.

Mr. Evans: But what we mean to each other--that doesn't change, and it never will.

Destiny: All this time I didn't know who my own father was. How did that happen?

Greg: I was just about to start med school. A girl I was seeing got pregnant. Neither one of us thought that we were in a position to take care of a baby.

Mr. Evans: So Greg came to us for help.

Mrs. Evans: And me being a social worker, he thought I'd be able to place the baby with a good family. But honey, once we saw you, there was no way on God's green earth that we would ever, ever give you up.

Mr. Evans: We always wanted a little girl.

Mrs. Evans: And you have been such a gift to us, more than anyone could deserve. Baby, please just try to understand.

Destiny: Here's what I understand. Greg is my father and he was gonna give me to strangers.

Greg: Don't say that.

Destiny: Why not? That's what happened, right? You took me in and you lied to me. All three of you lied to me my entire life!

John: If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand your rights as they've been explained to you?

Eli: Not really. Do you mind repeating that?

John: Bag these. Someone get this guy out of my sight.

Police officer: Coming through.

Eli: Hey, now, I get a phone call.

Brody: John, you okay?

John: Yeah, I'm okay. Has anyone seen where Blair went?

Brody: No, but she knows her daughter and her granddaughter were in the warehouse, so--

John: I'm going in.

Brody: John, no. Firefighters are on their way.

John: All right. You stay with Clarke. Make sure he stays where he is.

Brody: Wait. Natalie, she talked to Greg Evans. Téa is definitely alive and Clarke has to know where she is.

Natalie: Okay. Thank you.

Marty: What happened?

Natalie: Eli rigged the warehouse with explosives. One of his demands was that Blair was supposed to be waiting in the getaway van. When she wasn't there, he hit the detonator.

Marty: Where were the girls? Did they get out before--

Natalie: I'm sorry, Marty. The girls are still in there.

Cole: Starr! Starr, can you hear me? Starr! Starr, where are you? Starr! Starr!

James: In a hostage situation, there aren't any guarantees. But it's obvious we both want Starr and Hope to come back safely from wherever they are.

Hannah: Oh, I know where they are.

James: I'm sure you do.

Hannah: Yeah, I heard Cole and his mom talking about some abandoned warehouse on Route 22. You should have no trouble finding it.

James: Okay. Well, why don't you come with me?

John: You think Téa could be inside the warehouse?

Brody: I don't know.

John: Clarke said before he hit the detonator, "Manning, if I can't have my wife, you can't have yours, either."

Brody: You think that's what he meant?

John: Find out. I'm gonna see if Téa's inside with the others.

Todd: Help! Somebody help us!

John: What happened?

[Todd indistinct]

John: There's an ambulance about 100 yards down the road. They can help you a lot quicker than we can. Manning, move it!

Todd: What about Starr and Hope? I can't just leave them.

John: Listen, you take care of Danielle. She needs you, all right? I'll get Starr and Hope.

Todd: Get them out of there. Bring them back to me.

[Siren wailing]

Cole: Starr! Hope!

Mrs. Evans: Listen, we are still a family. Mm-hmm. We all still love each other.

Destiny: You're not supposed to lie to the people you love.

Shaun: How could you let her think you were her parents all these years? And you--you just had to stay on that doctor track. You couldn't let anything get in the way, not even your own kid.

Greg: I wanted her to have two loving parents. I thought I was doing what was best for her.

Shaun: And this is what Eli Clarke was holding over your head? That you had a kid that you never claimed?

Mr. Evans: Shaun, that's not fair.

Shaun: Let's talk to Destiny about what's not fair. Growing up not knowing where she came from, is that fair? Eli Clarke was gonna make you look bad so you let him ruin how many lives?

Greg: It's not that cut and dried.

Shaun: How 'bout you tell us?

Destiny: Stop! Who is my mother? My real one. I think I deserve to know that much.

[Indistinct voice on police radio]

Brody: Where's Téa?

Eli: Is that a metaphysical question, Officer? Because I don't think I believe in the afterlife.

Brody: You're the one who's cuffed to the cruiser. That means you're not calling the shots now, so cut the crap. We know from Evans that Téa's alive.

Eli: Dr. Greg Evans?

Brody: You thought you were gonna shut him up but the joke's on you. He regained consciousness.

Eli: And this is my problem, why?

Brody: Because if you don't tell me where you stashed Téa, I'm gonna make your life very painful.

Eli: You wouldn't be talking about police brutality, would you?

Brody: You want to find out?

Eli: You got the wrong guy, Officer Lovett. I have no idea where Téa is.

Natalie: Marty, there are 4 uniforms that I know of up at the scene. You know that there's Uncle Bo, John--

Marty: There's an explosion. The warehouse could've collapsed. Is it burning?

Natalie: I don't know. The firefighters are going on up.

Marty: Did anyone see Cole?

Natalie: Not the person I spoke to, but that doesn't mean that he's not safe. There's a lot of confusion right now.

Marty: Exactly. Smoke and rubble. Oh, my God. They can't tell who's trapped and who's alive.

Natalie: The odds are...

Marty: The odds? I don't want your odds, Natalie. We're not gambling with my son's life!

[Cole grunting]

Marty: If Cole knew Starr and Hope were in the building, there's nothing would've stopped him from going in after them.

Natalie: They would never let Cole do that.

Marty: I can't take your word for that. My family is in there. I need to get to them. If you don't let me through now--

Natalie: Just go.

Todd: Dani's hurt. You need to help her, please.

Marty: No, I can't. I'm sorry!

Todd: Help us, please.

Starr: Close your eyes and sleep. And dream of being home again. While Mommy thinks of a way out of here. Hannah tried to take you away once, and I talked her out of it, but this time, she'll...she'll be back and she'll be ready for me. So I have to be ready for her.

Hannah: I told Cole and his mom I'd stay here. I feel kind of funny. I'm not family or anything.

James: Neither am I. But we are friends, right? Concerned friends.

Hannah: There are gonna be cops there to keep people just like us away.

James: We never know unless we try, right?

Hannah: You try. I'm gonna stay here in case Dr. Saybrooke calls. She may need something.

James: Hannah, that's really nice of you.

Hannah: She's been really good to me. It's the least I can do.

James: You know what? I think you're right. The cops will probably have everything on lockdown, so I might as well stay here with you.

Cole: Uhh.

John: Starr! Blair! It's John McBain. Can you tell me where you are?

[Cole whispering]

Cole: John? John? J-John?

John: Starr! Where are you?

Gigi: That was fast.

Cristian: All circuits are busy.

Gigi: Damn it. Kill me now.

Cristian: Come on, it's not your fault. Look, Layla and I live in different continents now and this is just how it's gonna be. So did you find the next painting?

Gigi: Either the red dot on the white background or the white dot on the red background.

Cristian: I can't decide.

Gigi: It'll get easier, you know.

Cristian: What? Picking slides?

Gigi: Being away from her. You'll figure it out-- you know, like when the right time to call is, visit. Pretty soon, it'll be like she never left.

Cristian: Did it get any easier all those years when you were away from Rex?

Gigi: Well, that's completely different. I didn't have any contact with him at all.

Cristian: Maybe that's what'll happen with me and Layla.

Gigi: I don't think so.

Cristian: Why not?

Gigi: Things have a way of working out. Like this painting.

Cristian: Ha ha. You're comparing my life with "Explosion in a shingle factory"?

Gigi: Well, at first glance, you know, it looks like complete chaos. But the more you study it, it starts to make sense, and pretty soon, before you know it, a beautiful woman is walking towards you.

Cristian: You think Layla and I can make sense of that?

Gigi: You just have to give it time.

Destiny: I need to know who my mother was.

Mrs. Evans: She was someone Gregory was seeing for a while, but it wasn't going to last.

Destiny: I don't care. Who was she?

Shaun: What's wrong with you people? It's a simple question.

Greg: She was a girl from the old neighborhood.

Mrs. Evans: And when she gave Destiny up, her life path, it changed. She just moved on.

Shaun: Are you telling me you let Greg turn his back on a neighborhood girl just so he could put that diploma on his wall?

Mr. Evans: You don't understand.

Shaun: Then Greg needs to make me understand. You took orders from a murderer. Why? It can't be just because you got your girlfriend pregnant.

Greg: Of course not. There's more to it than that.

Shaun: So spit it out. Who's the girlfriend?

Greg: That's just it. She wasn't my girlfriend.

Destiny: What does that mean?

Greg: She was Shaun's. Your mother was a girl that Shaun was in love with.

Todd: She hurt her head.

Marty: She has no obvious signs of skull fracture...

Todd: Dani? Dani, can you hear me, honey? I'm not gonna let you go.

Marty: Let's go, let's go!

Todd: Hey, you. You call your boyfriend right now and tell him to get in there and get Starr and Hope. Go. Do it.

John: Cole. Hey. Hey, buddy. Hey. Are you all right?

Cole: Yeah. Yeah. Um, Starr and Hope. Where are they?

John: Yeah, okay, listen. Take it easy. We are gonna get you outta here.

Cole: Are they alive?

John: Listen, you've taken in a lot of smoke. Don't try to talk, okay?

Cole: Starr--Starr and Hope. Starr--

John: Listen to me, Cole. We're gonna find them. We're gonna find them.

Hannah: You don't need to baby-sit me. I'll be fine.

James: I know.

Hannah: So go. Even if the cops only let you past a certain point, you can still figure out what's going on and then you can call me.

James: Hannah, I'm not going to that warehouse.

Hannah: Why not?

James: Because I don't believe Hope and Starr are there.

Hannah: You don't?

James: No, I don't.

Hannah: Eli Clarke kidnapped them. If he doesn't have them, where else would they be?

James: I have no idea. But you know something? I think you do.

Natalie: I can't reach John. Can you tell me if Starr and Hope are all right?

Brody: No. They're still inside, but the rescue team should be here any second.

Natalie: How bad is it?

Brody: Visibility's pretty bad. It's hard to tell.

Natalie: Do you know if John got a chance to question Clarke about Téa?

Brody: No, John--John's having me do that.

Natalie: Brody, what's going on? Where's John?

Brody: He's managing the situation. It's--

Natalie: Tell me the truth. He went into the warehouse, didn't he?

Brody: John's a pro, Natalie. Just stay calm, okay? This isn't good for you or the baby.

Natalie: How am I supposed to stay calm?

Brody: Listen, I promise you, the second I see John I will get him to call you, but whatever you do, don't even think about coming up here. You stay where you are, where you and the baby will both be safe.

Cole: Uhh.

John: Listen to me. Don't worry. We got a rescue team on the way.

Cole: [Indistinct] Go find Starr and Hope. We're wasting time.

John: Cole, you gotta listen to me. When I lift this, see if you can roll to your left just a little bit, all right?

Cole: No! John, listen to me.

[John breathing heavily]

Cole: Please, go find Starr and Hope, all right? I'll be all right.

[John grunting]

Cole: Leave me! Just go! Go!

Hannah: What makes you think that I know where Starr and Hope are? I just told you that Eli has them.

James: If he has them, why didn't he put Starr on the phone with her parents? Hmm?

Hannah: You'll have to ask him that.

James: No, Hannah, I'm asking you. Why did you give me that song and that dance about fighting for Starr?

Hannah: What does that have to do with anything?

James: A lot, because I think you wanted me fighting for Starr so that you could get a clear shot at Cole.

Hannah: That's not true.

James: Okay, then what about the story about how my bullet chain got in your purse? Is that true? Because I don't think so, Hannah.

Hannah: I told you what happened.

James: No, listen. I talked to Cole so don't give me that crap. He didn't find it with Starr and get mad and throw it in the trash. There's only one way that you could've gotten it and that's taking it off of her yourself, so when did you do that, Hannah?

Hannah: I have no idea what you're talking about.

James: You were just so obsessed with Cole that you would do anything for him. Even if that meant getting Starr and Hope out of the way, right?

Hannah: That's insane.

James: Exactly. I guess that's why they assigned you a round-the-clock shrink. Give it up, Hannah. Game over.

Hannah: It's funny that you should mention games. Starr likes to play, too. You want to see?

Cole: John, just leave me. Just go.

John: Listen, I'm not leaving you, all right? You and I are walking outta here together, all right? So help me.

[John grunting]

Shaun: Charlene. You and Charlene.

Greg: It came out of nowhere. We never meant--Shaun, you were in prison and Charlene and I had been working together on your appeal.

Shaun: That was real hard work, wasn't it?

Destiny: How could you do that to your own brother?

Greg: I'm so sorry. It never should've happened.

Mrs. Evans: But because it did, Destiny happened. And you, baby, were our gift, our beautiful baby girl.

Destiny: The girl Charlene didn't want.

Greg: It wasn't you she didn't want, Destiny. And I know for a fact she couldn't stand the thought of hurting Shaun.

Shaun: Now, that just brings tears to my eyes.

Greg: It's true, Shaun.

Shaun: Charlene promised she'd wait for me. I loved her.

Greg: I know. And I swear to you, I don't think she ever stopped loving you.

Shaun: Don't insult me, Greg.

Greg: I'm trying to be honest with you.

Shaun: Damn, Greg. You could've had any girl you ever wanted. Any girl. But you had to have mine. Why is that? Why do you always have to take from me? Just to prove that you can?

Greg: I wasn't thinking of it like that. I wasn't thinking, period, and there's no excuse, okay? It was wrong.

Shaun: Oh, yeah. Just as wrong as you getting her pregnant and lying about it. You selfish bastard.

Mrs. Evans: Shaun, Shaun, Shaun, no! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! No! Stop!

Paramedic: Respirations are at 16. Pupils are dilated and sluggish. Possible concussion.

Paramedic: I'm gonna grab a collar.

Todd: Is she all right?

Paramedic: She's still unresponsive.

Todd: Dani, honey, can you hear me? If you hear me, squeeze my hand. Daniella? You know, I used to hate it when your mom called you that. I can't say it like she can, but I'll try, all right? Daniella. Honey, squeeze my hand. She did it. She squeezed my hand, sir. She heard me. She squeezed my hand.

Bo: The smoke's getting thicker. Have you tried going in through the back?

Fire chief: It's locked. We're gonna vent out one of the exterior windows.

Bo: We're not sure how many people are inside. It was a hostage situation. At the last second, all hell broke loose.

Firefighter: Chief, the team has access at the rear.

Fire chief: Go.

Brody: We know Téa was at a clinic in Cherryvale. Is that where you picked her up?

Eli: I'm telling you, as far as I know, Delgado is dead.

Firefighter: [Indistinct] To the back. Let's go.

Brody: Hey, hold up. Did they tell you that there's a young woman and her baby still in there?

Firefighter: Commissioner said there might be another woman, too.

Brody: Right--Blair Cramer-- and there could be one more woman, so be on the lookout for her and for one of our guys-- John McBain.

Firefighter: Copy that.

[John grunting]

John: Hey. All right. Hey, listen to me. Can you stand up? Come on. Cole, you need to move, all right? Can you make this?

Cole: Let's do this.

John: Okay. Up. Come on. That's good. All right. All right. Come on. This way, buddy. This way. Easy. Easy. This way.


Todd: Natalie, what did John say? How are Starr and Hope?

Natalie: I couldn't reach John.

Todd: Why the hell not? What's going on?

Natalie: Because he's still in there looking for them.

Todd: How's she doing?

Paramedic: Her blood pressure's stabilizing.

Todd: Good, good, good. Dani? Dani, can you hear me? I have to leave for a few minutes, okay, sweetheart? But I'll be right back. I'm gonna find Starr and Hope. We'll come back, we'll all be together, and we'll have a big group hug like your mom wanted, okay? All right? Stay with her.

Marty: No, I'm going with you. Natalie said that they wouldn't let Cole in the warehouse, but I don't know for sure.

Todd: She's right. He's fine.

Marty: You don't know that.

Todd: What I know is she's gonna wake up soon and she's gonna be scared to death. I need you to talk to her.

Marty: She's in good hands. These guys know what they're--

Todd: Yeah, but they're not you, okay? She's gonna be panicked. You'll know what to say. Maybe I have no right to--

Marty: Maybe?

Todd: I'm asking you anyway, Marty. Please.

Marty: Have Cole call me.

Todd: I will.

Marty: Wait a minute. Does Blair know that Dani's hurt?

Todd: Nobody knows what happened to Blair.

Marty: What?

Todd: Yeah, she was supposed to be in that van when Eli came out, but she wasn't. That's when he blew the place up.

Bo: Search these woods to the west in case anybody got out and headed in there.

Police officer: Yes, sir.

Bo: Where's Brody?

Police officer: Questioning the perp. Want me to tell him you want to speak to him?

Bo: No. No. Let him-- let him make Eli miserable, all right? Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Eli: Aah! For the last time, I thought Téa was supposed to be 6 feet under. If she's not in Fairyville or Cherrytown, that's not my problem, man. Aah!

Brody: Try again.

Eli: All right. All right. What I think I meant was that if I can't have my wife, Todd Manning can't have his, either.

Brody: We heard you the first time. So now you're gonna tell us what it means. Is Téa in that warehouse or not?

Eli: I thought I had the right to remain silent.

John: Hey! A little help over here! He's got a lot of damage on his left side. Inhaled a lot of smoke.

Cole: I need to find...

John: You need to let these guys do their job, all right?

Cole: [Indistinct] I need to find Starr and Hope. I need to find—

Starr: Sorry, Hannah. You lose.

James: What the hell are you doing?

Hannah: Relax. Look what I found yesterday.

James: "Mother and daughter held captive in attic. Call Todd Manning. Reward." Where did you get this?

Hannah: You're the big detective all of a sudden. Figure it out.

James: Hannah, where's the attic? Where are you keeping them?

Hannah: Starr thought she was so smart. So plucky. It's a good thing I found this before somebody else did.

James: Damn it, Hannah, where are Starr and the baby?

Hannah: Take your hands off of me or else you'll never see either one of them again.

James: Look. You have nothing to worry about, okay? I just need to know where they are and this'll all be over and done with.

Hannah: Right.

James: Clarke threatened you right before he kidnapped Starr and Hope, and he put you in charge.

Hannah: Not exactly.

James: This was all your idea?

Hannah: Just a lucky break. Starr got away from Eli and she called Cole for help, but I answered the phone.

James: You have got to be kidding me.

Hannah: I promised to tell Cole where they were. How shocked was Starr when I was the one who showed up? And now it's your turn.

Brody: All he did was repeat what he said before. If he can't have his wife, Todd can't have his, either.

John: Téa's gotta be in the warehouse. Anyone heard from Blair yet?

Brody: No.

John: She's probably in there, too.

Cole: John!

John: Hey. You gonna be okay? Listen to me. I'm going back in, all right? Wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?

Todd: Getting the rest of my family out of there. You want to stop me, you're gonna have to shoot me.

Natalie: Okay, thank you. Thank you. Marty. Cole got out.

Marty: Aah! He was in the warehouse? Is he hurt?

Natalie: He's just getting oxygen but he's gonna be okay.

Marty: What about Starr and Hope?

Natalie: There's still no news, but if Cole got out, then--

Marty: Your phone. I need your phone. I'm gonna call and see if I can talk to Cole. Keep an eye on Dani!

Natalie: Okay.

Paramedic: She's stabilized. They're sending another bus but they really need us at the site.

Natalie: No worries. I'll stay with her. Hey, Dani, hey there, kiddo. How you doing?

Dani: What happened?

Natalie: Well, you were in an explosion and you were knocked out but you're gonna be okay.

Dani: My mom. My mom. Where is she? Where is she?

Brody: If Téa turns out to be in that warehouse...

Eli: She'll be dead again. On the bright side, they already had the funeral, didn't they?            

Brody: You think this is funny? A little baby could be dying in that smoke right now.

Eli: Why are you wasting time with me? If you're so worried about who's in that warehouse, maybe you should think about who's not in that warehouse. Think about that.

Paramedic: Breathe normally.

Greg: Aah! Shaun!

Mrs. Evans: Have you lost your mind? Not in front of your sister.

Shaun: Don't you mean my niece?

Destiny: I want to know where Charlene is now.

Mrs. Evans: Honey, I told you. She's--

Destiny: I want to hear it from Greg. Where is she?

Mr. Evans: She ran off.

Destiny: Ran off?

Shaun: When I got out, I tried like hell to find her.

Mrs. Evans: Well, maybe she wanted to disappear.

Greg: No. Look, it's time for the truth.

Shaun: Haven't we had enough truth for one day?

Greg: Look, I was trying to protect you. That's why I couldn't tell you.

Destiny: Where is she, Greg? What happened to my mother?

Greg: Charlene is dead. I am so sorry. Des-- Des.

Police officer: You can't go in there.

Todd: My daughter and my granddaughter are in there. I'm going in there.

Fire chief: No way. The structure's failing. I've already ordered my people out.

John: Nobody's ordering me out. Not until everyone's safe.

Fire chief: ...Gas. You don't want to be in there when it blows.

John: This way.

James: Hannah, don't do this, okay? We can still make it right.

Hannah: It's too late. You just had to try to save Starr. Just like I knew you would.

James: Hannah, you don't want to hurt me, okay? Just put the gun down.

Hannah: Why? So you can ruin everything? Starr doesn't deserve him. Cole belongs to me now.

Cristian: All right. That's it.

Gigi: Think we got enough slides?

Cristian: We better. I'm seeing spots.

Gigi: Well, I better get home to Shane. Make sure he hasn't turned the house into a Pollock painting.

Cristian: I don't think you have to worry.

Gigi: You obviously weren't there when he thought he could redecorate his room in magic marker.

Cristian: You're lucky, you know that? You waited all this time and now you have Shane and Rex.

Gigi: And you have Layla.

Cristian: That's right. I do. And everything's gonna work out.

Gigi: I just wish Rex would call.

[Cell phone rings]

Gigi: Hey! Did you get a flight?

Mrs. Evans: I'll talk to her.

Shaun: No. You've told her enough lies. I'll go.

Mr. Evans: Shaun, we didn't know about Charlene.

Mrs. Evans: Gregory never said anything.

Greg: I was trying to protect you.

Shaun: You were trying to cover your own sorry ass.

Destiny: Leave me alone. Let go of me!

Mr. Evans: Greg. Why didn't you tell us that Charlene was dead?

Mrs. Evans: Why would you make up a story about her running off?

Greg: Don't you see? Elijah Clarke wasn't just threatening to tell the truth about Destiny. He was gonna tell the truth about Charlene, how she died.

Mrs. Evans: Well, how did she die?

Greg: I killed her.

Brody: Who's not in the warehouse? What the hell does that mean?

Eli: You'll see.

Dani: No. Stop. It's not my mom. My mom. I know that everyone thinks--everyone-- but she's not. She isn't.

Natalie: I know. I know. I talked to Greg Evans. I know that your mother is alive. All right? I just need to know was she in there with you and Eli? Was your mother in the warehouse?

Dani: Yes. Yes.

Todd: Starr! Starr!


Bo: Hey. What was that?

Fire chief: I told him that this building wasn't sound.

Bo: Let's move! What can we do?

Eli: Ow. What--are you gonna just leave me here? Hey, if this whole building comes down--

Brody: Yeah, it'll be a tragic accident, won't it?

Man: [Indistinct] Let's go!

Paramedic: If that building's gonna blow, they're not gonna need us.

Second Paramedic: No, they're gonna need body bags.

Hannah: Twinkle, twinkle little Starr...

Starr: Aah!


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