One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/22/10


Episode # 10801

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[Indistinct police radio transmission]

Officer: You're all set, Commissioner.

Bo: Thank you.

Todd: You guys doing what I think you're doing?

Bo: We're familiarizing ourselves with all points of entry.

Blair: So you can storm the place?

John: We're gonna do whatever it takes to save your kids.

Hannah: Hey, any word?

Cole: No, but I left a message for John. Hopefully he calls me back.

Cole: Where the hell did Eli take Starr and our daughter?

Hannah: Cole.

Cole: Sorry.

Hannah: No. I'm the one who's sorry.

Cole: For what?

Hannah: I have to tell you something terrible. Last night I had a dream that Starr and Hope were dead.

Langston: Oh. All right, I got some bad news. They don't have the veggie burger anymore.

Ford: So you got me the big and meaty?

Langston: Okay, so just have the curly fries.

Ford: One bag of those is worth 3,000 crunches. You know that, right?

Langston: Oh, my God, so sorry.

Ford: Oh, hey, I didn't say I wouldn't have any.

Langston: Oh, but think of your abs.

James: Guys, stop! We're here to watch Dr. Saybrooke's house, not get our flirt on. So could you put the romance on hold for a minute and keep your eye out for Hannah? Please? Sooner or later, she's gonna come out of there and lead us right to Starr, all right? Okay?

Langston: Okay.

[James sighs]

Brody: Natalie, what are you doing here?

Natalie: I need to see John. Where is he?

Brody: Taking the lead at the warehouse. Are you all right?

Natalie: I'm fine, but I got to see John. It's urgent.

Brody: It'll have to wait.

Natalie: It can't wait! I need to see him right now!

Brody: He's dealing with Eli, Natalie. The guy has 3 hostages.

Natalie: How about 4 hostages? He's got Starr, Dani, and Hope, and he's got one more.

Dani: Oh! Ow!

Téa: I swear to you, Eli, if you hurt my daughter...

Eli: What?

Téa: I will kill you.

Eli: Ha ha. Don't you love it, how people who have never so much as killed a rat can be so liberal with their death threats?

Téa: I've killed plenty of rats in my life.

Eli: Oh, really? Then how'd you ever miss Todd? Let's go, doll face.

Téa: Where are you taking her?

Eli: Will you relax already? Pretty soon Danielle is gonna be back with her father, just like you want.

Dani: Wait. What about my mom?

Eli: What about her?

Dani: Aren't you letting her go, too?

Eli: Actually, no. She's gonna stay here.

Dani: Why?

Eli: Well, Téa's lucky she made it this far. 'Cause if it weren't for Greg Evans, mommy dearest would be long dead.

Destiny: It's not possible. You would never do anything to help that maniac.

Greg: I wish you were right, Des, but your faith in me, I, um...I don't deserve it.

Shaun: Why would you work with Eli Clarke? The man's hurt people, killed people.

Destiny: There's only one way this could have happened: Elijah Clarke was forcing you, wasn't he?

Greg: He gave me a choice.

Shaun: What choice?

Greg: Either I'd help him or he'd expose the truth.

Destiny: What truth?

Shaun: What did Eli Clarke have on you, Greg?

Greg: That I betrayed my family.

Dani: Oh, please, Eli, we can't leave my mom!

Eli: I'm sorry, but that's the way it's got to be.

Dani: No! But my dad's here! He'll give you whatever you want! Please!

Eli: It's really nice of you to have faith in Todd, but you'll forgive me if I don't. Just a little insurance in case Todd decides to pull a fast one. Pretty likely, so Téa stays.

Dani: No, wait! Mom! Mom!

Eli: Hush, now. Hush, hush, hush. Much, much better. Can't have you ruining the surprise, now can we? Move it!

Dani: Aah!

Bo: Get it done.

Officer: Yes, sir.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: It's Marty. I'll fill her in.

John: Thanks, Bo.

Bo: Hey, we've got news.

John: You figure out the best point of entry yet?

SWAT leader: South side. Around the corner from the loading doors. There's no window so Clarke's got no sightline.

John: All right, have your men standing by, ready to go.

Todd: So you're gonna cowboy up, is that the plan? With half my family in there?

John: You heard me, Manning. SWAT's just standing by, but we need to be ready.

Todd: Okay, then let's send them home.

John: Hey, look, take it easy, all right?

Todd: Listen, there are kids in there, my kids are in there-- my daughter, my granddaughter.

John: Right, and I understand that, all right? And we're gonna do this as safe as we can, but we need to be ready.

Todd: For what? I hand over the cash, he hands over the girls. Doesn't get much safer than that.

John: Unless Clarke changes the rules.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: It's him.

John: Yeah. Clarke, it's McBain. I guess I'm running the show now.

Eli: Hey, Johnny, wow, you've rolled out quite the welcome wagon. I'm really touched.

John: You ready for this exchange?

Eli: Well, that depends, John. I don't see the helicopter I asked for.

John: Yeah, it's not here.

Eli: Wow. That's really disappointing.

John: There was no room to land one. We have one at a helipad a couple blocks from here. I got a van with GPS ready to take you there. The ransom's inside.

Eli: Ha ha! A van? A van, really? That's not what we agreed on.

John: Yeah, well, that's the reality.

Eli: No, the reality is I'm in charge, not you. Now, I will consider your change of plans but only after I speak to my wife. Put Blair on the phone.

Hannah: I know it's awful, and I'm sorry. It's just this dream was really real. It was like...I don't know, like my subconscious was preparing me for--

Cole: Wait. Don't--don't--don't say it. Starr and Hope are gonna be fine.

Hannah: It's just...Eli is a psychopath.

Cole: Well, he's not the first one that John's had to deal with. He's gonna find Clarke, and he's gonna rescue Starr and Hope.

Hannah: I hope you're right.

Cole: I am right. And as soon as Starr and our daughter comes home, we're gonna fix everything that's gone wrong between us. We're gonna get things back the way they were, the way they're supposed to be.

[Television playing indistinctly]

Ford: Hey, anybody got any aspirin?

Langston: Uh, yeah, I think I do. Are you okay?

James: Oh, he just killed himself at the gym again yesterday. Nothing new.

Langston: You're still sore from that?

Ford: Ah, it doesn't help that I've been cooped up in a car for several hours waiting to see if my crazy ex has a fatal attraction for Cole.

James: Dude, I mean, come on, this is not about you. It's about Hope and Starr.

Ford: abs say different.

James: You know what? Fine. You want to go, just go. I don't care.

Ford: We're in my car.

Langston: Okay, okay, no one is going anywhere, not until we get some answers about Starr.

Ford: How long before that happens?

James: As long as it takes.

Brody: Thought he only had Starr, Hope, and Danielle.

Natalie: There's a good chance there's someone else, and I have got to get in there and tell John what's going on so he knows what he's dealing with.

Brody: I can't radio him in the middle of an operation like this when he's dealing with Clarke.

Natalie: Let me go in there!

Brody: I can't let you anywhere near the strike zone.

Natalie: He needs to know Téa Delgado is alive, and I think Eli has her.

Clint: Don't mind if I do. Delicious.

Matthew: Keep it. I'm not in the mood.

Clint: Matthew, what are you doing here? I thought you were at B.E. going over that list of potential acquisitions.

Matthew: I took a break. It's Destiny's birthday.

Clint: Doesn't look like much of a party.

Matthew: Well, it's over now. Her brother Greg just woke up. She and her parents went over to the hospital.

Clint: I guess we'll finally find out if Dr. Evans is in cahoots with that maniac. Delicious.

John: Whatever you do, don't let him get to you.

Blair: What do you want?

Eli: My blushing bride. You look ravishing as ever, by the way.

Blair: Let the kids go, Eli.

Eli: Soon, only after I'm certain McBain's committed to ending this peacefully.

Blair: He is.

Eli: Are you?

Blair: Of course I am. I'll do anything for the kids, you know that.

Eli: Then get in the van. 'Cause the only way you get what you want is if you leave here with me.

Eli: This town is no good for either of us, Blair. Let me take you away from here so we can have the life together we were always meant to have.

Blair: How do I know that you'll let the kids go?

Eli: Because the only kids I want are the ones you and I are gonna have together. Now, if you're so concerned about these other ones, all you need to do is get in the van, and I'll come out with these kids, and everyone will see they're okay. It's you or them, Blair. What's it gonna be?

Natalie: Let me through, Brody!

Brody: Slow down! You're not making any sense. I thought Téa Delgado died of cancer.

Natalie: Yeah, that's what everyone was led to believe including Téa, but she was never really sick. It was Eli all along.

Brody: How could that be?

Natalie: Because he had Greg Evans in his back pocket. You know, when Greg was supposedly treating Téa for cancer, all along he was poisoning her so she thought that she was dying. In reality, she was as healthy as you and me.

Brody: How do you know all this?

Natalie: Because Greg Evans confessed.

Shaun: What do you mean? What's the secret Eli knew about? How did you betray our family?

Greg: Listen--

Mrs. Evans: Shaun, your father and I need to have a word with Greg.

Shaun: Go ahead.

Mrs. Evans: Alone.

Greg: Mom, I need to have my say.

Mr. Evans: Greg, listen to your mother. I need you two to wait outside.

Shaun: That's not gonna happen.

Destiny: If Greg has something he wants to tell us, why can't we hear it?

Mrs. Evans: Destiny, your father wasn't asking. Now, you need to leave. Both of you. Now.

Shaun: Come on, Des.

Greg: Mom--

Mrs. Evans: Gregory, I know what you're thinking about doing.

Greg: I can't stay quiet anymore. I'm through keeping this secret.

Mr. Evans: Son, let's talk this through.

Greg: Oh, no, it's too late for that, Dad. I've already told the police what I did for Eli. It's only a matter of time before they figure out why, and then the whole story's out!

Mrs. Evans: Not necessarily.

Greg: Mom, Dad, I love you both...but I have to do this. Shaun and Destiny need to know the truth.

Mrs. Evans: Over my dead body.

Destiny: What do you think is going on?

Shaun: I don't know. Seems like Mommy and Dad already know whatever it is Greg was gonna tell us. And whatever it is, it's big.

Matthew: I hope it's not true about Greg...for Destiny's sake.

Clint: Could hurt a lot of people.

Matthew: What, like his patients?

Clint: Oh, his patients, every hospital that ever hired him. Hell, even me. I was the one who brought him to town to operate on you.

Matthew: Well, he's innocent until proven guilty, right?

Clint: Huh. Tell that to the press. I might have to do some damage control.

Matthew: Well, if you need any help...

Clint: You want to help?

Matthew: Whatever I can do.

Clint: Well, thank you, Matthew. I appreciate that. And you're doing a hell of a job. You know that, don't you?

Matthew: [Scoffs] What, filing and copying?

Clint: More than that. How about when you caught that snake-in-the-grass Rex Balsom when he broke into my office?

Matthew: I just called security.

Clint: You did more than that. You showed a quality most prized by the Buchanans: Loyalty. Your first instinct was to protect the company, not to mention the family.

Matthew: From Rex?

Clint: Hell, yes.

Matthew: What were those files about?

Clint: Corporate secrets. Rex was trying to steal corporate secrets.

Matthew: Are you serious?

Clint: Yeah. Don't be surprised. Balsom would do anything for money.

Matthew: So what do you think is gonna happen to him?

Clint: Well, you don't have to worry about that. I dealt with him by reminding him how much he has to lose.

Gigi: That slideshow was amazing.

Cristian: You really think so?

Gigi: Yes. The way you described all those paintings, the brush strokes, the use of light. I felt like I could see exactly how they were created. It was fascinating.

Cristian: The people napping in the back might disagree with you.

Gigi: No one was napping.

Cristian: Gigi, they were snoring so loud I thought the projector broke.

Gigi: It's their loss. I could look at those painting for hours.

Cristian: You really like the French impressionists, huh?

Gigi: My favorite was the Renoir.

Cristian: The girl combing her hair?

Gigi: Yeah. How she's turned away from the viewer. You think at first she's just concentrating on what she's doing, but the more you look at it, it's like she knows you're there, like she's got a secret, and if you figure it out, maybe she would look back at you.

[Cristian sighs]

Gigi: Are you okay?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. It's just that that was Layla's favorite, too.

Marty: I just got off the phone with Bo. John found Eli Clarke.

Cole: Are Starr and Hope there?

Marty: They don't know for sure. Todd has agreed to pay--

Cole: Where are they?

Marty: The police have the site blocked off. They're not gonna let us past the barricade.

Cole: That's as far as we'll go.

Marty: Cole--

Cole: I can't wait here and do nothing. Would you just wait at home if Eli had me and Dad?

Marty: Of course not. Hannah?

Hannah: No. It's fine. Go. I don't want to get in the way.

Cole: We can take my car.

Marty: You'll be all right here?

Hannah: Yeah, sure.

Marty: All right, come back as soon as we can.

Hannah: Okay.

[Door closes]

Hannah: Yeah, I'll be fine. I've got plenty to keep me occupied.

Ford: Okay, one of us should go around the other side just in case Hannah comes out the back.

James: Dude, her car's parked right there.

Ford: Well, what if she decides to take a walk? I mean, if she doesn't want anybody to see her, she's probably not gonna hop in her car.

James: Okay, you know what? Can you just stay focused on the front door, please? Thank you.

Langston: I wish we could get the police involved with this.

Ford: And tell 'em we think Hannah kidnapped Starr? Based on what? A hunch about some lost chain?

Langston: Why not? They already know Hannah was so obsessed with Cole that she lied about Starr's dad attacking his mom.

Ford: Lying is one thing, but kidnapping? Come on, the cops wouldn't even give us the time of day, especially after we helped Dani hide from Ross.

James: Hey, you guys, there's somebody coming out of the house. It's Cole and his mom.

Ford: Ah, yeah. They're moving pretty fast.

Langston: Wonder where they're going in such a rush.

James: I don't know.

John: Let me talk to this guy.

Todd: What's going on?

John: Hey, listen good. Manning brought you your money, all right? I got a nice, shiny van here ready to take you to the chopper, and that's all you get.

Eli: Yeah, but this whole LPD rent-a-car service was never really a part of the plan, John.

Bo: SWAT is getting in position.

John: Yeah, well, the situation on the ground changed. Until I see those kids, you get nothing else.

Eli: Well, it looks like Blair disagrees.

Blair: I'll give you what you want, Eli. Let them go, Eli.

Todd: What are you doing?

Eli: That's my girl.

[Dani whimpering]

Blair: Dani! Dani! Huhh...a sideway

Blair: Well, where are Starr and Hope?

Todd: Eli! Take the gun off my daughter right now.

Eli: Shut up, Todd. No one's gonna get hurt as long as McBain does what I tell him to do.

Todd: Dani, stay calm, stay brave. This will be over soon. Why doesn't he have Hope and Starr with him?

John: Clarke, where are Hope and Starr?

Eli: Tell your men to stand down.

John: Nothing happens till we see all the hostages alive and well.

Eli: Oh, well, then we have a problem. I can't give you Starr and Hope.

Langston: I wonder if Cole and his mom got worried about Starr.

James: No way. Hannah would have made a break for it if he did, but she's still in there.

Ford: Maybe we're wrong. Maybe Hannah has nothing to-- [Coughing]

Langston: Hey, here, here. Try some of that.

James: Well, Hannah--Hannah definitely has something to do with this, you guys. We just have to wait for her to make her move.

Ford: Well, get it figured out 'cause I can't sit here... [Coughing] much longer.

Langston: Well, you wouldn't have this problem if you didn't feel the need to stop and flex every time you saw your reflection.

Ford: Then where would you get your eye candy?

Langston: How exactly did you hurt yourself at the gym?

Ford: Free weights. Why?

Langston: Do free weights make you cough up blood?

Brody: Why would Greg Evans work with a serial killer?

Natalie: It wasn't by choice. Eli had something on him.

Brody: What?

Natalie: I don't know, but Greg was able to turn the tables on Eli. He faked Téa's death, then moved her to a clinic in Cherryvale. Eli must have found her, figured it out.

Brody: Wait. The same clinic where John almost caught Eli?

Natalie: Yes. There was a nurse there that said that Evans was treating a woman. That patient disappeared the same day John saw Eli drive away. I think that Eli must have found Téa and took her prisoner.

Brody: You're right. John needs to know.

Natalie: All right. Let's go.

Brody: No. I'll go.

Natalie: No. Brody--

Brody: I'm not letting you within 100 yards of that scene.

Natalie: You know what, Brody? I've got an I.D. just like you.

Brody: And you're pregnant.

Natalie: And I'm not an invalid.

Brody: I'm not taking any chances. Don't argue with me, okay? There's enough going on without you risking your life. If something happened to you, I couldn't take it. Do you know how much you and that baby mean to me?

Mr. Evans: You're not thinking, Greg.

Greg: Dad, I've done nothing but think all these years. I have to stop lying.

Mrs. Evans: Why?

Greg: You have to ask?

Mrs. Evans: Who is this going to help? Is this so that you can feel better, hmm, so that you can ease your conscience? What about the rest of us? Now, you aren't the only one who has to live with the consequences.

Greg: So you want to keep living like this?

Mrs. Evans: Like what--safe, happy, healthy, surrounded by the family we built? And not just the 5 of us. What about our community, huh, our family, our friends?

Greg: I can't keep thinking about them.

Mr. Evans: Son, if you open your mouth, you'll destroy everything that we have.

Greg: Dad, Mom, I have to tell the truth. I have to believe that the family we've built is stronger than the lies I've been telling.

Destiny: We've waited long enough.

Shaun: Whatever you're fighting about, it's time to let us in on it.

Greg: You're both right. It is time.

Mrs. Evans: Let us.

Mr. Evans: Look, Destiny. There's something that your mother and I have to tell you and Shaun, and it's not gonna be easy.

Destiny: What? Is Greg okay?

Mrs. Evans: No, baby. Greg is fine. Greg is going to be fine. It isn't that.

Shaun: What's it about?

Mr. Evans: It's about family, son, and we're gonna deal with this as a family, but before we do that, Destiny, your mother and I need you to know how much we love you.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, so much, and no matter what you hear here, that isn't gonna change.

Mr. Evans: It'll never change, no matter what.

Destiny: What are you talking about?

Mrs. Evans: Your father and I, we're not your real parents.

Bo: Stay put, Manning. Don't screw up now.

Blair: Give me my daughter. Give me my daughter and my granddaughter back, or, I swear to God, Eli--

Eli: Blair, honey, calm down.

Blair: Don't tell me to calm down. If you laid a hand on her hands, I swear I will kill you.

Eli: They're in the warehouse, Blair. No harm has come to Starr and Hope. Just get in the van. We'll make the exchange. It's hinging on you now, Blair.

Dani: No.

Eli: All right. Now all that's gonna change if John and his men try anything before you and I are way far away from Llanview. You got me? Now, I've rigged this whole warehouse with explosives. All it takes is a press of this button, and bye-bye, love.

Gigi: Me and my big mouth.

Cristian: You liked the painting.

Gigi: That just happens to be Layla's favorite.

Cristian: And a lot of other people's favorite. You know, there's a reason I showed it in class.

Gigi: Yeah, but how many of those people convinced you it'd be a good idea to fly to Paris at the last minute?

Cristian: It was a good idea.

Gigi: Yeah. Maybe Paris, Texas. A plane ticket costs as much as my car.

Cristian: Which is why I'm gonna book my ticket for next month now.

Gigi: Oh, I completely forgot.

Cristian: What?

Gigi: I turned my phone off, and Rex is supposed to call me.

Matthew: So why didn't you turn Rex over to the police?

Clint: I had my reasons.

Matthew: You don't want to see him end up in jail?

Clint: Hardly. I would gladly let the little weasel rot in jail for the rest of his days, just like anybody else who would threaten this family.

Matthew: So then why didn't you?

Clint: Well, I didn't want to hurt Bo. For some reason, your father cares about that guy, and Natalie, she still thinks that lowlife is a brother.

Brody: I need your word you won't leave. Promise me.

Natalie: Brody--

Brody: Natalie, please. If I can't trust you to take care of yourself and this baby--

Natalie: Okay. Fine. Fine. Just go. Go. I won't move. Go!

Cole: Mom, hey, where's John?

Marty: I was just about to ask Natalie. I'm assuming he's up there.

Natalie: Yeah. Brody just went up to see him.

Marty: Any word on Starr and Hope?

Natalie: They should be making the exchange right now.

Bo: Send the full squad. It's a large area to cover. There could be multiple explosive devices.

Todd: He's bluffing, all right? He can't have the place wired to blow.

Blair: Screw this. Not gonna let that maniac kill my kids. I'll get them myself.

Todd: What the hell is the matter with you? We'll give you your money if you just get your ass down here. Let's get this over with.

Eli: Not until Buchanan and McBain and all of those guys with the big guns stand down. I want safe passage, boys, or this whole place goes up.

Blair: Oh...

Hannah: If the cops catch Elijah, they'll find out that he doesn't have Starr and Hope, and they'll keep looking, but how long until they look my way? If Starr and Hope get rescued, I have no chance with Cole. The only way that this works out in my favor is if those two are out of the way.

Langston: How long have you been coughing like this?

Ford: I'm fi-- [Coughing]

James: Oh, my God, Bobby--

Ford: Damn.

James: All right. You know what? We're gonna take you to the hospital.

[Ford coughing]

Destiny: Is this a joke?

Mrs. Evans: No, honey. It isn't.

Destiny: But you and Daddy aren't my real parents?

Mr. Evans: You're our daughter and always will be.

Mrs. Evans: But I didn't give birth to you.

Shaun: That's crazy. I was around when you told me you had her.

Mr. Evans: No. You were in the middle of your stint at Statesville, and you never saw your mother enough to know the difference, Shaun.

Mrs. Evans: We just told you what we had to so that you would believe that Destiny was your sister.

Destiny: But I'm not?

Mr. Evans: No. Of course you are.

Destiny: How? If Shaun and me have different parents, Greg and Shaun aren't my real brothers. You-- are you saying I'm adopted?

Blair: Starr?

Téa: Mm! Mm!

Blair: Starr?

Téa: Mm! Mm! Oh, Blair...

Blair: Oh, my God.

Blair: Téa.

Téa: Blair, help me.

Blair: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh...oh, my God. No, no. I saw your ashes. I went to your funeral. You're dead.

Téa: Ha ha ha! Not yet. Ha ha ha! Blair, you got to help me, okay?

Blair: How did this happen?

Téa: Help me. Your fine taste in husbands. It's a long story. I'll tell you everything, but right now, I've got to know where Dani is. Where is she?

Blair: Dani is out there. She's with Eli, but she's all right. Todd and John are out there and a bunch of FBI, cops. They aren't gonna let anything happen to her, okay?

Téa: Okay.

Blair: They're gonna be just fine. Where's Starr? Where's Starr and Hope? Where did Eli keep them?

Téa: She's not here. They're not here. Blair, I don't think that Eli had them.

Destiny: This makes no sense. How can you not be my family?

Mrs. Evans: No. No, honey. We are. Your father and I are your family.

Mr. Evans: I know that this is hard.

Destiny: I can't be adopted. I've been with you my whole life. I'm Destiny Evans, nobody else!

Mr. Evans: Well, you're right, and that's what we've been trying to tell you. And it makes no difference who or where you came from.

Shaun: It made a difference to Greg. This is what Eli had over you, huh? You knew what Destiny and I didn't know, that she was adopted.

Richard: No. You got to calm down now, Shaun.

Shaun: You let yourself get mixed up with some scum like Eli instead of telling your family the truth.

Mrs. Evans: It's not that simple, sweetie.

Shaun: And you? Why didn't you and Dad say anything? Why would Greg sell his soul to the devil rather than letting little D. know that she was adopted?

Mrs. Evans: We never said she was adopted because she isn't.

Destiny: What?

Mrs. Evans: You are our flesh and blood.

Cole: Starr is up there right now?

Natalie: Yes, but I don't know if she and Hope are free yet, so that's why we just need to stay right here. John is working on it. Eli is armed and dangerous. Cole, what are you--

Marty: Cole! Wait!

Ford: You guys don't really have to come. I'm gonna get a cab, and I'll get myself to the hospital.

James: No, no, no. Not a chance, Bobby.

Langston: No. Nice try.

Ford: Well, what about Hannah?

Langston: Look. My car is right around the corner. I am driving you to the E.R.

James: Yeah, and I'll help you guys get over there, and I'll come back to my stakeout. It's cool.

Ford: Sorry I mucked it up.

James: Hey, the only thing I want to hear out of you is that whatever the hell is wrong with you is fixable, okay?

Ford: I'll be all right. I probably just need some extra-strength cough syrup or... [Coughing]

James: All right, man. Come on. Bobby, thank you, man.

Ford: For what?

James: For helping me to try and catch Hannah.

Ford: All right. Well, all I want to hear from you is that you found Starr. [Coughing]

Langston: Come on.

Ford: All right. All right.

Langston: You okay? Oh, careful, careful, careful.

James: All right.

Langston: Okay. Slow, slow, slow.

James: Here we go. Here we go.

[Ford coughing]

Bo: Start on the northwest, southeast corners of the complex, two teams working in.

John: All right. SWAT holds position. Have everyone else pull back.

Eli: There we go. Nice work, McBain. That's using the old grape. No need for bloodshed, not when we're all so close to getting what we want.

John: All right, Eli. Now it's your turn.

Eli: Of course. Danielle and I are gonna make our way down to that van. Soon as we get there, I'll let Dani go. Blair and I will leave all of you in peace. Watch your step.

Blair: What do you mean, Starr and Hope aren't here?

Téa: Dani thought they were here, too, but Eli does not have them. Listen. Once we get out of here, we will find them. I promise you. Now untie me before Eli comes back.

Blair: No. Eli is not coming back here, Téa...

Téa: What do you mean?

Blair: Because he doesn't want to be in this building any more than we do right now.

Téa: Blair?

Blair: Listen. I don't want you to panic, okay? Do not get hysterical on me, but I'm telling you right now, this place-- Eli has rigged this place with a bomb, okay? Just stop. If everything doesn't go according to plan, well, he's gonna push a button, and then-- you get the picture, so come on.

Téa: Oh, my God.

Eli: You've been a great hostage. Ross would be proud. Get out of here.

John: All right. Everyone stand down. The suspect still has a hostage in the van and may be in possession of an explosive device.

Eli: Okay. Time to fly, Blair.

John: No one takes any action without a direct order.

James: What are you doing here?

Hannah: I could ask you the same thing. You spying on me?

Destiny: I don't understand. First, you're my parents. Then you're not, and now you are again?

Mr. Evans: No. That's not it.

Shaun: Then what is it? Y'all need to stop beating around the bush and tell me and D. exactly what's going on right now! How can you not be her parents but be her flesh and blood?

Greg: Because they're not her parents. They're her grandparents. Destiny, I am your father.

Matthew: I hope Destiny is okay.

Clint: There it is. What'd I tell you? Loyalty.

Matthew: Just think maybe I should go over to the hospital and make sure she's all right.

Clint: Mm. Did you say that her parents were with her?

Matthew: Yeah.

Clint: Well, then maybe this is a time for just family. I mean, if, God forbid, Dr. Evans is guilty, it's gonna take some time for them to deal with that.

Matthew: Yeah. I guess you're right.

Clint: Besides, we got to get to work on those portfolios. You now know enough to help me out with that, so come on. Let's go. From now on, this family is counting on you, too.

Cristian: Any messages?

Gigi: No. He was gonna let me know as soon as he got a flight out. I was hoping he'd come back tonight.

Cristian: You're wishing you'd gone with him, huh?

Gigi: Just finding his parents means so much to him. I just want to be there in case he needs me. I keep thinking about when we went to New Mexico last spring. We had been separated for so long, and then, all of a sudden-- and, oh, my God, there I go again with the separation talk.

Cristian: It's okay.

Gigi: No. No. From this moment on, we're gonna talk about something else, something that doesn't have anything to do with Rex or Layla being far away. So what do you want to talk about?

Cristian: Um... want to help me pick my next slide show?

Natalie: Marty, I'm sorry. I can't let you go up there right now. It's dangerous.

Marty: What, you're concerned about my safety?

Natalie: I don't want anyone to get hurt, including you.

Marty: My granddaughter and my son, not to mention the man who killed my baby, are up there. I'm sure even you can understand why I need to get up there.

Natalie: I understand, but John would freak out if he saw you, Marty. You don't want to risk anything going wrong with saving your grandchild. No, Marty. Please!

Marty: Let me through right now, or I'll start asking questions about why Brody is so damn interested in your baby!

Téa: For the love of God, Blair, hurry up.

Blair: I am. Would you just stop it? I'm hurrying.

Eli: Don't do this to me, Blair. Don't do this. We were supposed to have a life together.

Todd: Are you okay? Did he hurt you at all? You all right? Dani, you okay? I love you so much, honey. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Brody: John, we gotta talk about Clarke's hostages.

Todd: You need to get Starr and Hope, John.

Eli: Blair! You betrayed me!

Blair: Come on, Téa. Come on. I need you to come on. I need you to run. Come on.

[Téa coughing]

John: Eli, put it down, all right? It's over. Our lives may not mean anything, but what about all these kids?

Cole: Starr and Hope still inside?

Eli: Hey, Manning, if I can't have my wife, you can't have yours, either.

Dani: No. No, no. Don't.

John: Get down!

Cole: No!

Bo: Stay back, Cole.

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