One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/18/10


Episode # 10797

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Dani: Okay, 1...

[Metal clanking]

Dani: 2... 3!

[Kicks door]

Dani: [Crying] Mom?

[Elevator door closes]

Jessica: You okay?

Brody: Jess, you called me at work, asked me to meet you at the hospital so that we could do a paternity test. What if you're having that bastard's kid?

[Knock on door]

Ford: Hang on. Clint?

Clint: Mr. Buchanan. And these are my associates-- Mr. Black and Mr. Blue, and they can't wait to get acquainted.

Ford: Oh.

James: Where did you get this? I had this made. Starr shot me with this bullet. A surgeon dug this out of my gut. It's a one-of-a-kind piece.

Hannah: Okay.

James: So, what are you doing with it? Starr had this. I put it on her myself. So you want to explain to me how it got in your purse?

Starr: Uhh! [Breathing hard] Mommy is not having much luck with this door. But don't worry, sweetie. Hannah's not gonna beat us, okay? I'm gonna find a way out, one way or another.

Vivian: Baby, you gotta relax. These shoulders are hanging from your ears.

Shaun: You don't like the look?

Vivian: Seriously. This much tension is not good for you. I know you're worried about your brother, but I'm worried about you.

Shaun: I'll be fine soon as I know Greg's out of the woods.

[Door squeaks]

Eli: Hello, Dr. Evans. Remember me? The man who promised to keep your little secret in exchange for one small favor? You were supposed to kill Téa Delgado. Remember? So imagine my surprise when I found her cowering in the stairwell of Cherryvale Clinic. You broke your promise, Dr. Evans, and now you're gonna have to pay.

Nate: Todd...sir... Mr. Manning, I'm really--

Todd: [Clears throat] What do you want?

Nate: To apologize.

Todd: For what?

Nate: For making you lose Dani.

Dani: No! You're gone! You're dead! I saw them! I saw your ashes! I saw them! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, mom! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Clint: Ford, you mind if I help myself?

[Sounds of fighting]

Clint: It may take a while. I'm pretty much famished. What's that you say? No problem?

[Grunting and coughing]

Clint: That's awfully good of you. You are a very generous host.


Clint: What's that? I didn't quite catch that. You're gonna have to speak up.

Ford: Ohh!


Clint: I still can't hear you.

Ford: Why?

Clint: Ask my daughter.

Jessica: We don't have to do this. You know, you said so yourself. This is our baby, no matter where the genes came from.

Brody: So, what are you saying? You don't want to do this?

Jessica: Not if you don't.

Brody: Okay, before we make a decision, let's just think about this, what that means and what we want.

Jessica: Well, what I want is to marry you, raise this baby, and then have more babies, a whole houseful. That's what I'm gonna do. You know, no matter who the father is, you're the man I love and you're the man I'm gonna marry.

Brody: How many is a houseful, exactly?

Jessica: At least a half-dozen.

Brody: 6? More. So, 8.

Jessica: At least. Yeah. That's the first time I've seen you smile in weeks.

Brody: That's a happy thought.

Jessica: Brody, this is eating us up. We have to face it, okay? So I say let's get the test done, and then we'll know. But no matter what...

Brody: A houseful.

Starr: Well, I found a bunch of crayons. Want some of them? What I need to find is something to break that lock. Um... Hope! Look. It's a baseball. You wanna play? Okay, ready? I'll roll it to you. Okay? I'm just taking a break for a minute, okay, try to come up with a plan. Here, I'll roll it back. Ready? Batter up? Whoo! Uhh! Roll it back to me. Oh, good job.

[Hope speaks indistinctly]

Starr: Well, I didn't want to try that window, but looks like it may be our only way out of here.

James: I want an answer, Hannah. How did you get this necklace?

Starr's voice: I love Cole.

Hannah's voice: Then why are you wearing this around your neck, huh? How can you say that you love Cole when you're wearing this around your neck?

Hannah: Cole found it in his apartment. He thinks that it got ripped off of Starr when she was taken by Eli.

James: Starr must have put up a good fight then.

Hannah: Not if she knows what's good for her.

James: Excuse me?

Hannah: I just mean that she has Hope to worry about, and she doesn't want to make Eli angry. So, were you here for Dr. Saybrooke?

James: No. Cole. I thought we might be able to put aside the fact that we hate each other for a minute so we could try and find Starr.

Hannah: Anything for Starr. I think it's really big of you, but Cole's not here.

James: I know.

Hannah: I'll definitely let him know that you stopped by.

James: No, hang on. What about the necklace?

Hannah: I just told you.

James: How Cole found it. I want to know how it ended up in your purse.

Todd: Yeah, all right, but I don't have all day.

Nate: I just wanted you to know that we never meant for any of this to happen. We just figured if Dani could disappear for a couple of days, then her father Ross--

Todd: I'm her father.

Nate: And that was part of it. Dani didn't want to leave you or her sister and her brothers, her school, her friends, me. She has a whole life here, you know. We wanted to help her keep that. We never thought in a million years that her uncle would lose his mind and kidnap her.

Todd: Is this an apology or an excuse?

Nate: It's an apology. Mr. Manning, I'm very sorry.

Todd: Yeah, me too. Apology not accepted, though.

Shaun: What do you think his chances are?

Vivian: According to his chart, there's no brain damage, so as long as he keeps making progress and there's no setbacks, no pneumonia, no hemorrhaging, it looks like he just might pull through.

Shaun: You just made my day. Ohh!

Vivian: Okay, wait. Will you do something for me?

Shaun: Anything.

Vivian: Take a deep breath...

[Shaun breathes deeply]

Vivian: And relax. Doesn't that feel better?

Shaun: I don't know what I would do without you. I gotta go. My parents took Destiny to get a bite to eat, and I don't want to leave Greg inside there alone.

Vivian: Okay.

Shaun: All right?

Vivian: All right.

Eli: I really have to hand it to you, Greg. I didn't think you had it in you. Spiriting Téa away from St. Kitts to Cherryvale, convincing me that she was dead, while all the while you were keeping her alive and hidden, talking me onto the operating table so you could kill me. Bravo. Bravo. You remind me of me. It was a really good idea, Greg. Too bad you blew it. You lost your nerve, didn't you? Hey, it's understandable. You knew once Todd Manning was reunited with his bride and found out you were the one who gave Téa a false diagnosis, you were the one who pumped her full of poison, and you were the one who took her away from her daughter, he'd see to it that you lost your license and spent 20 years in prison. And then he'd kill you. I don't blame you for backing down, though, Greg. The thing is, once you start down a path with me, there's no turning back. After all, look what happened? I'm alive. Téa's right back to where she started, and you, well, I'm afraid this is the end of the road for you, my friend. As you doctors are so keen on saying, "you're about to have a very bad outcome."

Dani: I thought you were dead! I thought you were dead!

Téa: It was all a lie. It was all a lie.

Dani: So this is really you?

Téa: Yeah, it's really me, sweetheart. It's really me. It's really me.

[Dani crying]

Téa: And I'm never leaving you again. I'm never leaving you again. I love you, sweetheart.

Starr: Okay, sweetie. Mommy is going to try to climb that tower over there. Do you think I can make it? I hope so. Okay. Just promise me that you will never do anything this stupid. It's now or never. Because we sure can't depend on anyone else to come and rescue us.

James: How'd you get the necklace, Hannah?

Hannah: The truth is that Cole threw it away. He didn't want any reminders. The necklace is yours, remember?

James: Yeah.

Hannah: Well, he blames you for Starr getting kidnapped. I guess he was just taking his anger out on the necklace.

James: That still doesn't answer my question.

Hannah: I fished it out of the trash.

James: Why? You have a thing for bullets?

Hannah: No, but you do. At least for this one. I mean, there is a reason that you're wearing it around your neck all of the time, right?

James: Yeah. This bullet almost killed me.

Hannah: And it reminds you of Starr. Anyway, I just thought you might want it back. It belongs to you, and so does Starr.

Todd: Of course you never thought Eli would kidnap Dani. You're just thinking of yourself. I love that crap about keeping her here because of me and her family. Come on, dude, it's all about you. You just don't want your girlfriend in Tahiti. You never thought what might happen to her if she ran away from Ross.

Nate: I know. It was dumb.

Todd: Mmm. Yeah, it was dumb. Stupid. Idiotic. Selfish.

Nate: You're right. I'm really sorry, and I know--

Todd: Okay, shut up. Shut up. Shut up. All right?

Nate: I'll go.

Todd: No, no. Hey. I didn't say you could leave.

Nate: Sorry?

Todd: I said I couldn't accept your apology because I would have done the same thing in your position.

Dani: I don't understand. You told us you were dying. Greg told us you were dying!

Téa: Oh, sweetheart, we thought I was, at least I thought I was. I'm so sorry I ever left you, sweetheart. I missed you and your father so much.

Dani: Todd tried to have people follow you, but then they lost you, and then Shaun told us where you were. And then we went to the hospice, but they said that you were dead.

Téa: Oh, mija.

Dani: It was the worst day of my life. We were so relieved. We thought we'd found you, and they said that we were just too late.

Téa: Sweetheart, I'm here now, okay? And I'm never, ever, ever leaving you again, okay?

Dani: [Crying] Hey, Mom, are you okay?

Téa: Yeah, I'm just dizzy.

Dani: Wait. Let me get you some water. I have some in my bag.

Téa: Dani, wait! Dani! Dani, come back! Come back!

Dani: I'm coming! I'm coming!

Téa: Come back! Oh, God, please don't leave. Please don't leave.

Dani: No, I'm never leaving you. Eli's gonna have to shoot me. Here. Mom, he's totally crazy.

Téa: Yeah, I'm getting that. No. Start with my hands.

Dani: So what happened? I really don't understand.

Téa: Neither do I. Apparently Eli concocted some plan to try to make us believe that I was dying.

Eli: If you think I've led a charmed life, you'd be right. Of course, once Starr took off, I thought my luck had run out for a second there. But then, Téa Delgado literally falls right into my arms. And not a moment later, dutiful daughter Danielle right behind her. So with mother and daughter on hand, everything else should fall right into place. So I really have to thank you, Doc, which is why I'm going to make this as painless as possible. You won't feel a thing.

Vivian: Jessica, come on in.

Shaun: Hey. Mind if I talk to you? Any word on Eli?

Brody: Between us? He made contact. Manning got a call. Eli has the girls.

Shaun: How much does he want?

Brody: It's ridiculous.

Shaun: So this is all about liquidating Manning?

Brody: We got the bureau involved. We're working on taking him down. I'll keep you posted.

Shaun: If you need anything, you let me know, all right?

Vivian: Brody? You can come in now.

Shaun: Jess, you got the glow. I'll talk to you later.

Vivian: All right, babe. Well, it's good to see you two looking so happy. I just need to check your blood pressure, Jessica, make sure that the bed rest is doing the trick. And that's about it. It's all pretty standard.

Jessica: Actually, maybe not.

Ford: Look, I don't know what you heard.

Clint: Oh, I heard enough. I heard that you lured my mentally impaired and emotionally distraught daughter into your bed. [Snaps fingers]

Clint: I heard how you used her. You used her but not a condom. [Snaps fingers]

Ford: Ohh!

Clint: She may be carrying your baby. [Snaps fingers]

Ford: Ohh! Ohh!


Ford: Ohh!

Clint: Anything more I should know? Ford. You're a mongrel. You know what I do to mongrels? Fix 'em.

Vivian: Great. The good news is your blood pressure is leveling off.

Brody: And the bad news?

Vivian: I still need you in bed with your feet up, at least for the next few weeks.

Jessica: But am I stable enough to do the amnio?

Vivian: Are you sure you want a paternity test?

Jessica: Yeah.

Brody: We're sure.

Vivian: Okay. Just so we're on the same page, the amnio can tell us about a variety of potential genetic defects, and given the complications with your past pregnancy, I think it's a good choice. It does carry certain risks, and I knew that you were concerned about those.

Jessica: Yes, but the risks are minimal, right?

Vivian: Usually, but with your BP being an issue, I just want to make sure that you're really leveled off.

Jessica: Okay.

Vivian: Okay, so we'll meet back here in a few days, and if your pressure cooperates, then we'll do the test.

Jessica: Good.

Brody: Will the other candidate need to be here?

Vivian: No. No. We can get our results by testing the baby's DNA against yours.

Jessica: Good.

Vivian: And if you want to save a little time, we can test you right now, Brody.

Clint: I really don't care whose baby it is, because you will never have anything to do with it. My Jessica will be marrying Brody. Together, they will be making a family. Is that understood?

Ford: That was always the understanding.

Clint: Good. Just in case you are still "that guy," know this. I'll be watching you.

Ford: I guess this means I'm out of a job, huh? Look, do whatever you want to do to me, but leave James alone. Let him have his grant. He had nothing to do with this.

Clint: James can keep his grant, and you can keep your job.

James: What do you know about me and Starr?

Hannah: Anyone with eyes knows how you guys feel about each other.

James: Hey! I don't think Starr would appreciate you talking about her like that.

Hannah: Well, it's not like I'm making it up, okay? Starr told Cole herself that she has feelings for you.

James: How do you know this?

Hannah: He told me right before he kissed me. Why is that funny?

James: Hannah, I know that you've got, uh, issues with guys.

Hannah: What do you mean "issues"?

James: You get attached. Bobby's my brother.

Hannah: That was different.

James: All I'm saying, you and Cole--never gonna happen.

Hannah: So you're just gonna give up on Starr?

James: Starr and Cole are never gonna break up.

Hannah: That's what they tell themselves when they look at their kid, but the truth is that they've been breaking up for months. And yeah, it would be really sad for a little while, but people with kids get divorced every day. And Starr and Cole aren't even married.

James: Well, you've just got it all figured out, don't you?

Hannah: I'm not the one wearing a bullet around my neck. But hey, good for you. I mean, there's nothing wrong with caring about someone. I'm just saying. If Starr came to you and said she was free, what would you do? Send her home to Cole?

Starr: Okay, Hope. I'm almost there. Just a little bit. Just a little bit higher. Ah! Aah!

Dani: Dr. Evans lied?

Téa: Yes, but he couldn't go through with it, so he brought me here--well, not here, but to this clinic which is where I ran into Eli.

Dani: Wait. So, are you sick?

Téa: No. Honey, I'm not sick. There was never any cancer.

Dani: Oh, my God, Mom. That's so great.

Téa: Yeah, I just need to recover from all these drugs they've been giving me to make me feel sick, but I'm gonna be fine once we get out of here.

Dani: Yeah. Eli went somewhere, but he'll be back. He's been calling home about ransom. You think he'll tell Todd that I'm--

Dani: Oh, my God. Todd will faint. Mom, we had a funeral for you and everything.

Téa: A funeral?

Dani: Well, we thought you were dead. Dr. Evans even had the ashes sent over from the hospice.

Téa: Oh, God. I should have never left you and your father.

Dani: No, hey, hey, this is not your fault. This is not your fault, okay? Eli set you up. He set us all up, okay? He even killed his own brother.

Téa: He killed--

Dani: Ross.

Téa: Oh, God.

Dani: I was there. I saw his body.

Téa: Oh, sweetheart.

Dani: No, I can't think about that now. I can't. I just have to think about getting you untied and getting us out of here before Eli comes back with some new plan.

Téa: Yeah.

Dani: He wants money, which is why he set it up so that Ross would get custody of me.

Téa: Ross didn't have custody of you. I specifically set it-- oh, my God. I set it up with Eli. He changed my will.

Dani: So that it looked like you'd given me to Ross.

Téa: Oh, God. Todd. It must have killed him.

Dani: Todd knows that you wanted me to be with him. We both do.

Todd: Yeah, I have been known to act first and think later.

Nate: Like when we flew to New York? I'm just saying it was a good idea. Dani and her mom and the carousel. She still talks about that day. Or she did.

Todd: Yeah, sometimes it works out. Mostly it doesn't.

Nate: I know.

Todd: Truth is that Eli would have taken Dani no matter where she was. He killed his own brother to get to her. You're lucky to be alive.

Nate: If it meant Dani was safe at home...

Todd: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Eli: Dr. Gregory Evans, you have been a challenge. I'm really gonna miss you.

Shaun: Hey, Doc, how's my brother doing? Doc, any change in my brother coming out of it?


Shaun: Son of a bitch! Damn!

Vivian: All right, that's it.

Brody: That was easy.

Vivian: Yeah, I'm gonna take this down to the lab. I'll put a rush on it, and I'll be right back, okay?

Jessica: Hey. None of this is easy.

Brody: You know what, it is, because I love you, I love Bree, and I'm gonna love this baby no matter who the father is.

Jessica: How did I get so lucky?

Brody: I'm the lucky one. I have 2 beautiful girls and a baby on the way.

Ford: You're gonna let me keep my job? [Coughing] Why? You hate me. You just had your muscle beat the crap out of me.

Clint: I misspoke. You can keep your job for now. I can always call the dean and have you fired.

Ford: Is that before or after you toss me to the sharks?

Clint: Oh, I hope you noticed that my friends damaged only your torso. Wouldn't want to upset your mother. Oh, she would be so humiliated if she ever found out what you did to my daughter. I like your mother, but make no mistake. With me, family comes first.

Ford: For me, too.

[Door closes]


Nate: Whatever it takes to bring Dani home, I'm there.

Todd: Have you found any briefcases full of money lately? I think that's what it's gonna take.

Nate: How much did he want?

Todd: 50 million.

Nate: Dollars?

Todd: Surprised he didn't ask for more.

Nate: She's worth 10 times that.

Todd: She's worth 20 times that.

Nate: Did you talk to him?

Todd: Yeah, briefly.

Nate: Did he say anything about Dani?

Todd: Yeah, I made Eli put her on the phone.

Nate: You talked to her?

Todd: Yeah, for a minute.

Nate: How did she sound? Is she okay?

Todd: Yeah, so far.

Nate: Thank God.

Todd: I just wish I could have talked to Starr.

Dani: Dad's gonna be so happy. Todd.

Téa: You call him dad now? That must make him happy.

Dani: Mom, he's such a mess. Ever since they told us you were gone, he can barely function.

Téa: And all that time, I was so close by at the Cherryvale Clinic.

Dani: Oh, my God! You were there the whole time?

Téa: Yeah. I don't think Greg told Eli I was still alive. I still don't know why he didn't just let me call Todd.

Dani: Maybe because he's been pumping you full of poison?

Téa: Yeah. I'm grateful to him for keeping me alive and bringing me back to the states.

Dani: Wait. So, have you been here since last night?

Téa: I think so.

Dani: Then where's Starr? I thought he stashed her away in here with Hope.

Hannah: I'm not gonna deny that I have feelings for Cole and you're gonna continue doing what you think is the right thing. But if you really want Starr, what you might think about is fighting for her.

James: The only thing I'm thinking about is Hope and Starr are out there somewhere and they're in trouble.

Hannah: I guess I just always sort of figured that they'd be fine, you know, that her dad would pay whatever ransom and they'd come home.

James: That guy who has them, he's a stone-cold killer.

Hannah: I know all about Eli Clarke. And I feel for them. I do. I guess I just have faith that things will work out. That's all I'm saying. And I think that when Starr comes home and everything goes back to normal, she's gonna have a hard time denying what she's feeling.

James: Well, I don't think you understand all that they've been through, how hard they've worked to try and stay together. Yeah, people split up and get divorced, but not Starr and Cole. They'll do whatever it takes to stay together, for Hope's sake. She means everything to them.

Hannah: You might be right, but if you're wrong, if Starr can't stay away from you, it's something to think about.

Starr: Ow! I think mommy twisted her ankle. Okay. Um, on to plan "C." I don't know what plan "C" is yet, but we'll figure it out. What do you got there, honey?

Hope: Ball.

Starr: Baseball?

[Ball hits floor]

Starr: Hope. You're a genius.

Nate: Why didn't you talk to Starr?

Todd: He refused to put her on the phone.

Nate: Why? Isn't that like the first rule of kidnapping? You convince the people with the money that the victim's still alive. I mean, I'm sure she's still alive. Mr. Manning, he probably just wants something to bargain with, you know? I'm sure they're fine.

Todd: I got you. I got you. No, that's fine.

Nate: I'm sorry--

Todd: Thanks, man. Take care.

Nate: Well--

Todd: It's okay.

Nate: [Sighs] Idiot.

Todd: I was nice to him, right? Boy, what a moron. I don't have time to worry about Dani's boyfriend's hurt feelings. I'm worried about the girls. Starr's okay. She's gotta be okay. You're not lifting a finger to help, are you?

Dani: Eli must have been a sailor. These knots are insane.

Téa: I'm betting he stashed Starr and Hope somewhere else.

Dani: Oh, I hope so.

Téa: Let's get out of here and call the police.

Dani: Okay, as soon as I get you free, I'm gonna start on the locks in the other room. Oh, my God. You need help?

Téa: I'm okay. Come here. I've been wanting to do this for months.

Vivian: I'll let you know when Brody's DNA is typed, and then we'll set up the amnio.

Jessica: Okay.

Vivian: Okay?

Jessica: Thanks.

Vivian: Great. Oh, my God. Shaun.

Shaun: Eli's here. I went in to see my brother. He was standing on top of him. He had scrubs on. I thought he was a doctor. Son of a bitch knocked me upside the head.

Brody: Where was he going?

Shaun: Stairwell. I lost him.

Brody: Suspect sighted in the north stairwell. We need to lock down the hospital.

Vivian: No. Shaun, wait!

Brody: Get her in that room and lock the door!

Jessica: Brody!

Starr: Okay. What do you think of this? "Mother and daughter held captive in attic. Call Todd Manning for a reward." Sounds good? Well, it's our only hope. Okay, let's see.


Starr: Strike. But who's keeping score, right?

James: What happened to you?

Ford: Overdid it at the gym.

James: I told you to lay off the free weights.

Ford: Yeah, well, lesson learned. Any word on Starr?

James: No. I went looking for Cole to see if we could just work something out.

Ford: Now who needs to learn a lesson?

James: Dude, just relax. I went over to see if we could hash things out and try--

Ford: Uh-huh. I bet you made his day.

James: He wasn't there. But I saw Hannah.

Ford: Oh, God. You know, just stay away--uhh!

James: Are you all right?

Ford: There's another bag of frozen peas in the freezer. Would you get it for me, please?

James: Yeah. Hey, just how crazy do you think Hannah is?

Ford: Oh, she's certifiable. I'd stay away from her.

James: No, I will. It's just-- I don't know. She tried to-- it seemed like she wanted me to help her break up Starr and Cole.

Ford: Well, I'm not surprised. When Hannah sets her sight on somebody, watch out.

James: Man, it's like she knew something.

Ford: Like what?

James: This was in her purse. Bobby, I put this on Starr. She was wearing it.

Ford: What are you telling me?

James: Do you think that Hannah could have had anything to do with Starr's kidnapping?

Jessica: So Eli's gone?

Brody: Yeah.

Jessica: Well, how's Shaun?

Brody: He's fine. He could probably stand to get his head looked at.

Jessica: Well, Dr. Wright is going there right now. How are you?

Brody: I just wish we'd caught him. I'm gonna check out the security tapes and see if I can find out which way he was heading. Can you--

Jessica: Yes. Get a ride home. Of course. I've already called my father.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: And he's here right now.

Brody: All right, love you. I'll talk to you later.

Jessica: Okay, bye. Dad, thank you so much for coming.

Clint: Sure. You all right? I'm fine. Brody just got called away on police business.

Clint: Oh. How was the appointment? Are you doing any better?

Jessica: I'm fine. My blood pressure has stabilized, and we're gonna do the paternity test. We want to know.

Clint: Of course we do.

Jessica: Yeah. You know, I'm gonna be okay, no matter what.

Clint: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah.

Clint: Well, Brody is a good man. I trust him to do the right thing, and I don't think Ford will be any problem at all.

Nate: Hey. Did you hear about the ransom call?

James: No. Who did they call? Cole or Starr's dad or what?

Nate: What happened to you?

Ford: I tripped.

James: Dude. Ransom call.

Nate: Eli called Todd. I just came from there.

Ford: So Manning pays up and everybody goes home.

Nate: Well, maybe.

James: What do you mean "maybe"?

Nate: Todd said there was something weird about the call, that Eli let him talk to Dani but he refused to put Starr on the phone.

Hannah: What do you think, Dr. Saybrooke? Is James the type of person who's gonna take my advice, or is he suspicious, resistant, prone to paranoia? Well, if he is, if he starts to believe that I've had a hand in Starr's disappearance, well... I might have to move things along.

Starr: Ready, Hope? Ready? I'm gonna try again. Okay. Uhh!


Starr: Yes! Did you see that? Home run! Yes! Okay. Oh, gosh. Now all we have to do is just wait until someone finds it and calls grandpa.

Todd: I'll just pay whatever it takes. Dani's gonna come home. They're all gonna come home. I'm not gonna let you down.

Dani: Oh, Mom, careful. Mom, careful.

Téa: I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm actually feeling stronger. I think walking down all those steps helped. It's just my legs are asleep now.

Dani: Okay, think about something else. Like, what's the first thing you're gonna do when you get home.

Téa: That's a trick question. Todd's not gonna let me do a thing. Ha ha!

Vivian: Behave yourself.

Shaun: You just smell so good.

Vivian: All right. Just one more minute. All right, no concussion. Do you have a headache?

Shaun: Just right where he hit me.

Vivian: Your brother is lucky that you came in when you did. There's no telling what Eli could have done to him if he had the chance.

[Monitor beeping]

Dani: Mom, let's get out of here.

Téa: Yeah. You know, first thing I'm gonna do is take a lavender bubble bath with that baby oil you gave me, remember? And maybe some flan from the Buenos Días. We can order some of that. Will you play Money Honey with me?

Dani: Yes, as soon as we get out of here. Uhh!

Eli: Ah, Danielle. You been busy. But you weren't gonna leave without saying good-bye. Were you?

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