One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/8/10


Episode # 10791

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Echo: Well, I guess I'll be going now, too.

Viki: Not quite. Echo, you and I are going to get a few things straight.

Echo: Careful--I bruise easily.

Viki: Really? Since when?

Echo: Okay, maybe you're right, Viki. Maybe we do need a little "you and me" time. What are you drinking?

Viki: I don't drink alcohol. I think Charlie made that very clear.

Echo: 2 milks--and could you throw a little rum in mine?

Viki: When are you leaving?

Echo: Leaving?

Viki: Town. Llanview. You've found Charlie. You had your little stroll down memory lane. There's nothing else here for you.

Echo: Oh, I have all kinds of unfinished business here in Llanview.

Destiny: Greg? Look, I know you can hear me. So I'm saying this for your own good. Wake the hell up! And yeah, that was me swearing. Look, you need to open those eyes. And soon. I mean real soon. Because Mama's at the airport picking up Daddy right now. And you know he's gonna hit the roof if he sees you lying flat on your back making us all crazy. So do yourself a favor and quit it. Wake up, okay?

Darren: Theo?

Price: Hey, little brother. Hey, how's he doing?

Shaun: Like you care.

Price: Look, man, I'm really sorry about the troubles that your family's going through right now. I really am. But if your brother wakes up--

Shaun: What do you mean "if"?

Price: When. When your brother wakes up--

Shaun: I'll call John McBain like I said I would. So do me a favor--stop hanging around here like some vulture.

Price: Look, I didn't do this to your brother.

Shaun: And stop acting like we know each other. We don't.

Price: All right. Fine. But the fact is your brother could help put away a man who's killed half a dozen people.

Shaun: Greg didn't have anything to do with Clarke. Why would he get mixed up with a creep like that?

Price: Well, that's what I'm gonna ask him myself when he wakes up.

[Machine beeping]

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: You're here.

Todd: Where else would we be?

Dani: We weren't gonna let you die alone.

Téa: But that's just it. I'm not dying! [Téa chuckles] Dr. Evans said I'm gonna live. The tumor is responding to treatment. I'm gonna come home.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Did you hear me? I said I'm coming home. Dani? Todd? Todd? Dani, where are you?

[Door opens]

Todd: Dad? Oh, my God, Dad! Dad! No, call an ambulance!

Todd: Sorry. It's too late.

John: All right. According to your brother, Danielle was in this apartment.

James: And she left. I told you this already.

John: Where'd she go?

James: I'm sorry. I can't tell you that.

John: You can't or won't? You think you're doing her a favor. You're not. This has nothing to do with the custody decision. If we don't find Danielle in time, you're gonna lose her for good.

Dani: What do you mean it's too late? Call an ambulance.

Todd: I'm sorry, Dani. He's gone.

Dani: No. No. Oh, my God. Daddy, it's gonna be-- it's gonna be okay. I'm gonna get you to a hospital and you're gonna be fine. Just stay with me. Dad? Daddy? No, you killed him. You did this.

Todd: No, I didn't.

Dani: No! You have a gun. You wanted him dead.

Todd: I'm not the one who killed him.

Dani: Then who did?

Eli: Get in. Move it!

Starr: You're dead. My mom killed you.

Eli: Apparently not.

Starr: How? Where's Hope? Hope!

Eli: Ah, ah. Ah. I wouldn't go in there if I were you.

Starr: What have you done?

[Machine beeping]

Nurse: Is everything all right?

Téa: My daughter and my husband. Where they just here?

Nurse: I'm sorry. No.

Téa: I need a phone. I have to call them.

Nurse: We've been over this. Only Dr. Evans can authorize that.

Téa: Well, then get me Dr. Evans. I need--

Nurse: He's not back yet.

Téa: Where is he? He can't just tell me I'm gonna be okay and then disappear.

Nurse: I understand. I'll call him for you.

Nurse: Dr. Evans, this is Nurse Cogswell. Your patient is improving and she's asked several times if she could contact her family, and quite frankly, I don't understand why I can't just let her use the phone. Could you get back to me? I've left several messages and I'm beginning to get concerned.

Destiny: Look, I don't know what you got yourself mixed up in, and I don't care. Just come back to me, okay?

Darren: How you holdin' up, baby?

Destiny: Will you stop hovering? I'm fine.

Darren: No, you're not.

Shaun: I already told John McBain everything I know, which is pretty much nothing.

Price: All right, but you said that your brother hasn't exactly been acting the same since Téa died, right?

Destiny: He was a mess.

Police officer: Detective, we've charged up Dr. Evans' phone.

Price: Good. Thank you.

Shaun: Don't you need some kind of warrant to check a man's phone?

Price: What, so he's guilty now?

Destiny: He didn't say that.

Price: Look, we're trying to catch Eli Clarke. And if he tried to contact your brother, this phone may help us catch him.

Eli: I did what I had to do.

Starr: If you have hurt my daughter, I will--

Eli: You'll what? By the way, the landline's dead. You wanna join it?

James: I have no idea where Dani went.

John: You're lying.

Nate: It's okay. You can trust him.

James: He's a cop.

Nate: So? He's trying to help.

John: Listen, I don't give a damn about Rayburn. I don't give a damn about Manning. I don't even care what you two amateurs did. My only concern is for Danielle. And she's in danger. From a real nutjob by the name of Elijah Clarke.

James: The guy who tried to kill Bobby?

Nate: He knows what's going on. It's okay.

John: But we need to get to Clarke in time or he could kill her.

Todd: Come on, we gotta get--

Dani: No, I'm not leaving him. Dad. I'm sorry. I should've gone with you.

Todd: None of this is your fault--

Dani: No, this is your fault! You always hated him because I loved him. Because he's more of a father to me than you'll ever be. That's why you killed him.

Todd: I didn't kill him.

Dani: You threatened him.

Todd: But I didn't make good on the promise.

Dani: No, you were just waiting to see if you'd win custody. And when you didn't, you killed him.

Todd: Dani, I didn't kill him. It was his brother Eli.

Dani: What, he came back from the dead to shoot my dad?

Todd: Yes.

Starr: I'll do whatever you need me to do. I just need to make sure that my daughter is all right.

Eli: Just like your mother. I still love her, you know, even though she tried to kill me. Unfortunately for her, the bullets were blanks. Go ahead.

Starr: Hope. Aah!

Viki: You left Llanview more than 25 years ago. What unfinished business could you possibly have here?

Echo: I haven't seen Clint yet.

Viki: Clint? You ruined the man's life, or tried to. You framed him for murder.

Echo: That was my brother's idea. But you're right--I do owe him.

Viki: So what, this is some sort of amends? Minus sobriety?

Echo: I'm as sober as they come. When I'm not drinking.

Viki: Clint actually knows you're here. And he has no wish to see you.

Echo: What would chuckles have to say about that-- you running interference for Clint?

Viki: Oh, I'm not running interference.

Echo: Really? You seem awfully interested in what I'm up to.

Viki: Yes. Yes, I am, because I don't trust you. You're here looking up my husband and my ex-husband. Why? Don't you have a husband of your own somewhere, some long-suffering "count"?

Echo: Viki, you want to know why I'm really here? I want something from you.

Destiny: You really think Eli called Greg?

Price: Do I need to remind you where we found your brother? On the floor in Eli Clarke's room.

Destiny: But if Eli thought Greg was dead, why would he call him?

Price: I don't know. Maybe to see if he finished the job or to threaten him. But either way, I can trace the call and probably get a lead on Clarke. He's got one message. Damn. He's got a passcode. Do you know it?

Shaun: If I did, I wouldn't give it to you.

Destiny: I know it.

Price: Thank you.

Voice on phone: Message one.

Nurse Cogswell: Dr. Evans, this is Nurse Cogswell. Your patient is improving and she's asked several times if she could contact her family.

[Door opens]

Téa: Did you speak to Dr. Evans?

Nurse Cogswell: I left him a message.

Téa: You left him a message? I want to talk to my family.

Nurse Cogswell: I'm sure Dr. Evans will get back to me.

Téa: Where is he? When? When is he gonna get back to you?

Nurse Cogswell: Dr. Evans has very sick patients all over the world--perhaps one of them needed him. Since you're doing so well, I'm sure he thought it safe to leave you in our hands. In any event, your husband knows where you are. He was here a few days ago.

Téa: Why hasn't he been back?

Nurse Cogswell: I have no idea, Mrs. Manning.

Téa: Something must be wrong. My daughter. That's the only reason Todd wouldn't come back to me. Something must be wrong with Dani.

James: Okay, she was here. And she was fine. And then some cop showed up looking for my brother. Not about Dani, about something else. And then we got worried that people might catch on to us, so she left.

John: Where'd she go?

James: To go hide out on her dad's boat.

John: By dad you mean...?

James: Todd. He's got a yacht docked in the harbor.

John: Which marina-- south or north?

James: I didn't even know there was more than one.

John: Okay. Yeah, I need to find the location of a yacht registered to Todd Manning.

Dani: You expect me to believe that a dead man shot my dad when you've got a gun?

Todd: I was defending myself from Eli, who shot your-- who shot Ross.

Dani: Eli is dead.

Todd: That's what he wanted us to believe.

Dani: No, he is dead. He was shot. Blair shot him. And then he burned to death in that fire. They found his body.

Todd: That wasn't his body.

Dani: Oh, my God. You're insane.

Todd: Wait a minute. Settle down. I'm sorry to tell you, but it's true. Eli found out the cops were on to him and he faked his own death. He is alive. He shot Ross. I pulled Ross out of the water.

Dani: Now I know you're lying. You'd never lift a finger to help him.

Todd: I did it for you! Why don't you go check him out? He's soaking wet. Go check him out.

Dani: So maybe you felt guilty. So what?

Todd: Honey, wait a minute. I know how hard this is for you. I know how much you loved him. We have to get out of here. Eli is out there somewhere. He's very dangerous. And he's after you.

Dani: No, I don't believe you.

Todd: Ross told me. He said, "Eli wants Dani." Okay, come on.

[Eli grunts]

Starr: It's okay, sweetie. I am so sorry that I had to scream. I just wasn't expecting Carla to be on the floor, okay? It's okay.

Eli: Sorry about the sitter. Oh, gee, I didn't know she meant so much to you.

Starr: She was a very good person.

Eli: With a very limited perspective, Starr. See, if she'd just handed me the child when I asked her to instead of putting up such a fight, I wouldn't have had to shoot her. It's really very simple.

Starr: Do it your way and no one gets hurt?

Eli: Ah. See? I knew we'd get along.

Starr: What's the plan, Eli? What do you want?

Viki: You want something from me? What would that be, countess?

Echo: You remember how a title used to open doors? Well, not anymore. In fact, it's no help at all and it sure as hell doesn't pay the bills.

Viki: You want money?

Echo: Who doesn't? But no, that's not what I'm here. I don't want a handout. I want a job. I think I'm just what you need to boost sales at "The Banner."

Eli: Oh, I am afraid the plan has changed, Starr. Thanks to my idiot brother, who just couldn't see the forest for the trees. And now Danielle has disappeared. She is no longer an option.

Starr: For what?

Eli: See, Danielle was supposed to end up with Ross--that's why I forged Téa's will, so that he could get custody. So that in the event your mother proved to be difficult, I'd have a plan B. Danielle. So now it's time for plan C. You and that little girl of yours will do just fine.

Starr: For what? What do you want with us?

Dani: All I know is my father is dead and you're here with a gun.

Todd: That's true, but I didn't kill him.

Dani: No, that's right--a dead man killed him.

Todd: Why would I make this up?

Dani: Because you're a liar. And you hated my father and you would do anything to get what you want. Blair. Blair told me that you lied about jack. You said that he was dead when you knew he was alive.

Todd: That's so much different.

Dani: God, even my father warned me. He said that you were crazy, and that you'd lose it if you didn't get custody. That's why the judge gave me to him, because even she didn't trust you.

Todd: No, she didn't. But she didn't know me. You know me. You know me. Look at me.

Dani: No.

Todd: Dani, look at me. Please? Please? I love you, honey, and I know that you love me. I heard you say it. You know what I want you to do? I want you to think about... think about your sister. Think about Starr. What would she do right now?

Dani: I don't know.

Todd: Yeah, you do. She trusts me. Doesn't she? And Blair trusts me. It'd be nice if deep down, you trust me, too. I'm just trying to protect you, honey. I really am. We have to get out of here. Right now.

Dani: Where?

Todd: We're getting on my boat and we're gonna somewhere where Eli can never find us.

John: I need 2 units to the south marina. We're looking for Danielle Rayburn and Elijah Clarke. Clarke is considered armed and dangerous and proceed with extreme caution. All right. You boys hear from Danielle, you find out where she is, you're gonna call me as soon as possible, right?

Nate: Yes, sir.

John: Excellent. the way, don't even think about handling this yourselves, okay?

James: Yes, sir.

Nate: I was just trying to help. She wanted to stay here. I wanted her to stay here. I put her in danger.

James: Dude, I want to know how the hell Elijah Clarke came back from the dead.

[Machine beeping]

Shaun: So was the message from Eli?

Price: No. It was a woman. I suspect it was a nurse trying to get in contact with your brother about--

Shaun: Because he's a doctor, not some low-life scum like Clarke.

Destiny: So who was it?

Shaun: He told you--a nurse.

Destiny: But wouldn't a nurse know if Greg was in the ICU?

Price: You'd think, right?

Darren: Unless she was calling from Cherryvale.

Price: What do you mean Cherryvale?

Darren: Tell him.

Shaun: There's nothing to tell. Greg has patients all over the world.

Price: Wait, so Greg does have a patient at Cherryvale clinic?

Destiny: And we were trying to figure out who she was, only...

Price: Only what? Big brother says no?

Shaun: Big brother checked it out himself.

Price: And?

Shaun: That's where I was when you told me Greg was hurt. I didn't have time to run it down.

Price: But there is a patient at Cherryvale clinic that Greg was treating? Correct?

Destiny: And he was really protective of her. He wouldn't let anyone in the room. I guess it's because of Téa--losing her really hit him hard.

Shaun: So he's got a patient in Cherryvale. So what? That's got nothing to do with Clarke.

Téa: Dani's in trouble. That's the only possible explanation. Why else would Todd come here and then leave me here? Something must be wrong.

Nurse Cogswell: This is why Dr. Evans wants to limit contact.

Téa: Todd must've gone home. Did he say anything about--about flying back to the states?

Nurse Cogswell: The states?

Téa: Yeah. The United States. Did he say anything about a flight?

Nurse Cogswell: You're obviously confused, Mrs. Manning. This is the United States.

Viki: You are going to boost sales at "The Banner."

Echo: Well, somebody has to. And I am an internationally renowned photographer.

Viki: Yes, you are an internationally renowned photographer, just like you're a countess.

Echo: Come on, Viki. I've been taking pictures all my life. I'd be more than happy to show you my portfolio.

Viki: I'll pass.

Echo: And it wouldn't be the first time I've worked at "The Banner." Clint hired me to take pictures the first time I came to town.

Viki: And he still regrets it.

Echo: I am so much better than any of those amateurs you have working for you.

Viki: Okay. The answer is no.

Echo: Why? Because you don't like me or you can't afford me? I know it's a struggle, Viki-- keeping "The Banner" afloat.

Viki: Excuse me?

Echo: It's amazing what you can find out on the internet these days. Who needs newspapers?

Dani: You wanted to run away with me before--when you were afraid that my father would get custody.

Todd: Not much chance of that now.

Dani: Oh!

Todd: I'm sorry. We gotta go.

Dani: No, you murdered him and you're running. You are running and that's why you want me to go with you.

Todd: I'm trying to protect you, Dani. That's what he wanted. He begged me to save you from Eli.

Dani: Yes, a man's been shot on the docks. At the south marina. Please send an ambulance.

Todd: Okay, fine. You called the cops. Now, we've got to go right now and discuss all of this on the boat, all right? Let's go. Come on. Dani--

Dani: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Todd: Dani!

Téa: I'm sorry. Did you just say that we were in the states? The United States?

Nurse Cogswell: Yes, of course.

Téa: But that's impossible. Dr. Evans said he'd move me into another room, but--

Nurse Cogswell: This is very normal, Mrs. Manning. Confusion, blank spots in your memory-- it's nothing to worry about. You're recovering from a brain tumor, and you're so much better than when you arrived.

Téa: Arrived?

Nurse Cogswell: Dr. Evans brought you here some weeks ago.

Téa: To die.

Nurse Cogswell: No. To recover. And now I understand why Dr. Evans was so insistent you not have a phone.

Téa: No, no, no. I thought Dr. Evans told me that I was still in St. Kitts in another room, but not in another country.

Nurse Cogswell: You need your rest, Mrs. Manning. Don't worry. It'll all make sense in time.

Téa: None of this makes sense. Dr. Evans told me that we were still in St. Kitts. He lied to me. Why?

Price: Do you know of any other patients that your brother was treating, other than the lady at Cherryvale and Eli Clarke?

Shaun: I won't believe Greg was treating Clarke until I hear him say it.

Price: But there was nobody primarily under his care at Llanview hospital, either.

Destiny: Not that we know about. Look, I'm telling you--Téa's death really shook him up. Maybe that's why he went to Cherryvale--to start fresh.

Price: Maybe.

[Cell phone ringing]

Price: Sorry. Hey, John. Yeah? All right. I'll be right there. I have to go. But I really hope your brother gets better.

Shaun: Why--so you could put the screws to him?

Destiny: The man is just doing his job.

Shaun: By taking down our brother? That's all the man cares about--making his case.

Price: Look. Greg will have to be questioned. But for now... I only wish the best for him.

Shaun: Your brother is barking up the wrong tree.

Destiny: I'm sorry.

Darren: No, I get it. Look, if it was Theo in there and Shaun all over me? I'd be the same. How'd you know Greg's password?

Destiny: It's my birthday. He told me it was a date he'd never forget, so he uses it for everything.

Darren: He loves you.

Destiny: I love him.

Shaun: Where does this cop get off? You and Eli Clarke? Please. I know something went down with you in St. Kitts, but I can't protect you if you don't wake up and tell me what's going on. So do us both a favor, bro. Wake up. Soon.

Todd: Dani!

Police officer: Freeze! Place your weapon on the ground and put your hands up. Now turn around. Slowly. Todd Manning. This is your handiwork, isn't it?

John: All right, officer. I'll take it from here.

Todd: It's getting better and better.

John: You seen Danielle?

Todd: She was here. She just took off.

John: Okay. Do me a favor. Get the unit at the entrance. Do a full sweep. We're looking for a female adolescent-- Danielle Rayburn. And send a truck for this guy. What the hell happened?

Todd: Well, this is new. You're not gonna arrest me first and ask questions later?

John: You wanna act like a jerk or you wanna help me find your daughter?

Todd: Eli shot him.

John: He shot his own brother.

Todd: And dumped him in the drink. I fished him out, but obviously it was too late.

John: You saw Clarke?

Todd: Yeah. I shot him in the shoulder, actually.

John: He shoot back?

Todd: No, which was strange, right? Because he had me in his sights and he just took off.

John: Any idea where he went?

Todd: No, not a clue.

Eli: Shh. Patience. You'll understand everything soon enough.

Starr: You know what? That sounds like it's going to take a long time, and you don't-- you don't look like you have a long time. You're already bleeding through that towel.

Eli: Gee. How awful nice of you to care. Guess you didn't inherit that warm heart from your father. He's the one that shot me, you know.

Starr: Too bad he missed.

Eli: Watch your mouth, missy. You're starting to be a pain in my ass. Maybe I should shoot you. What do you think?

Starr: You can't do that. How are you gonna carry a baby with a bleeding arm, huh? You need me.

Eli: Not for long.

Starr: Cole's gonna come home soon. He's gonna see that blood outside and then he's gonna call the cops.

Eli: Now, that is a good point. We better get moving. 

Viki: Echo, I am not going to hire you, and it really doesn't matter why. So I would suggest you go elsewhere. Far away, sweetie.

Echo: Oh. Well, maybe that bastard brother of yours needs a photographer. What's his name? The one who showed up in Llanview after I'd left?

Viki: Todd.

Echo: Yes. Todd. Todd Manning. He has that tabloid, right? "The Sun"? They're always looking for scoops.

Viki: My goodness, you've been a busy little girl, haven't you? Surfing the web, researching me and my paper and my family. But I'm afraid it's all for naught. Because I won't hire you, Clint won't see you, and Todd? Todd won't even take your call.

Echo: Well, I guess we'll see about that, huh?

Viki: I know--you're so keen on the internet. Why don't you log on right now and book yourself a bus ticket out of here?

James: No, we kept you out of it. Okay, just watch your back, all right? All right. Bobby's on his way home. Dude, don't worry about Dani. Starr's not gonna let anything happen to her.

Nate: Starr?

James: Yeah, she took Dani to the yacht.

Nate: You should've told Lieutenant McBain.

James: Well, I didn't want to get her involved, okay? Besides, it doesn't matter. He didn't even ask me. I told him where Dani went.

Nate: Okay. Okay.

James: Just relax. The only people who know about where Dani is is us, Starr, and now the cops.

Nate: All right. I'm gonna get going.

James: Hey, be careful, man. Clarke could be anywhere.

Nate: I should've just let her go to Tahiti with Ross. It's all my fault.

John: What were you doing here?

Todd: Well, the plan was to get my boat ready and get Blair and the kids and put as much water between us and Eli as we could.

John: So he was one step ahead of you.

Todd: Or maybe he was here to meet Ross. You ever think of that?

John: Did you call Blair?

Todd: When would I have time to call Blair?

John: Call her. Tell her to stay put. She's safer at Dorian's than anywhere else. I got units there and at your house.

Price: You seen the Rayburn girl?

John: Not yet. What's going on with Evans?

Price: He's still out, but we got his phone up and running and it turns out that he's been treating a patient at Cherryvale. Even his brother and sister think there's something up with that, so I wanna go check it out.

John: Go.

Todd: Yeah, and tell Jack inside means inside--no pool, no pool house, certainly no car, all right? I gotta go.

John: Did Clarke say anything?

Todd: No, but Ross did. His dying words were "Eli wants Dani."

John: He say why?

Todd: He died before I could get it out of him.

Eli: How much stuff does one kid need? Here!

Starr: Do you want us to have to stop for diapers and apple juice and--and cereal?

Eli: Just hurry up, okay? Dani would've been so much simpler.

Starr: Well, poor you.

Eli: But she's even mouthier than you are. What do you think, Hope? Are you my best Hope?

Starr: Do not talk to her.

Eli: Or what? Huh? You're gonna douse me with apple juice, mommy?

Starr: Okay. Listen. Why don't I just leave Hope in the crib and then you can just take me. You said it yourself--she's gonna be too much work.

Eli: Just hurry up before you both join that baby-sitter.

Starr: You're not going to shoot us. You need us. So where are we gonna go? Um, you know, I need to know what to pack.

[Knocking on door]

Dani: Starr, it's me. Open up.

Echo: Were you always this cold?

Viki: I'm not cold, Echo. I'm direct. And I pay for my own milk. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Eli: Here's to you, Viki. Always a class act.

Deb: Ready to settle up?

Echo: Gimme another. And make it a vodka stinger. I'm not going anywhere.

Darren: So me and your brother, we've got something in common. We both think your birthday's pretty special.

Destiny: He used to make a big deal out of it. Used to drive Shaun crazy because he couldn't get me the same kind of stuff. A 10-speed, computer.

Darren: Well, I'm no brain surgeon, but I'm gonna make sure your birthday's really special.

Destiny: There's only one thing I want. For my brother to wake up and be okay.

Shaun: I know you'd never go near a sleaze like Clarke without a reason. He have something on you? That's what the cops think. And mama-- she knows something. I know she does. She got this look on her face when I told her what the cops said--that Clarke maybe threatened you. Some kind of blackmail. Well, she don't want to talk about it. And you know mama--when she shuts down, she's like a bank vault. You ain't gettin' nothin' outta that woman. You know? But none of that matters. I just need you to wake up. We'll take care of the rest of it whenever. Okay? Greg? Can you hear me? It's me. It's Shaun. Oh, my God. Welcome back, brother.

[Greg mouthing words]

Shaun: Don't talk, don't talk. Just rest.

Greg: Téa.

[Machine beeping]

[Door opens]

Nurse Cogswell: Everything okay?

Téa: Yeah. You're right. I-- I've just--I've been groggy. I was in a hospice in St. Kitts and then Dr. Evans must have told me that he moved me here to... what's--what's the name of this place?

Nurse Cogswell: Cherryvale.

Téa: Cherryvale, Pennsylvania?

Nurse Cogswell: That's right.

Téa: Why would I be so close to home?

John: Go home, Manning, all right? Go to Dorian's. I will call you there.

[Door opens]

John: What the hell are you doing here?

Nate: Oh, my God, is that--

John: It's Ross Rayburn.

Nate: Where's Dani and Starr?

Todd: Starr?

[Knocking on door]

Dani: Starr, open up!

Eli: Not a sound. You understand me?

James: Hey, Starr, it's me. I know I shouldn't be calling you, but the cops were here and they know about Dani. But don't worry--I didn't tell them that you were involved, okay? Just be careful. I know your dad probably filled you in about the Eli Clarke situation, and I don't think that he's after you. But Starr, still, keep your eyes open, okay?

Todd: What's Starr got to do with this?

Nate: Starr's the one who brought Dani down to the docks.

John: Why didn't you tell me that before?

Nate: I didn't know. I just found out.

Todd: Starr's been helping Dani.

Nate: She's been helping her all along. Are they on the yacht?

John: All right, Dani saw Ross die, so she's scared. She's gonna wanna go someplace safe.

Todd: To Starr? You think they're together?

Dani: Starr, let me in! Ross is dead. Todd killed him. God, he won't even admit to it. He said that Eli is--

Eli: Alive? Who says Todd Manning's a liar?

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