One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/6/10


Episode # 10789

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[Knocks on door]

Bo: Yeah. Come in.

Nora: Do you have any idea what time it is?

Bo: Yeah. We were supposed to have lunch an hour ago.

Nora: Actually, we were supposed to have lunch now. You were supposed to call me an hour ago to see if I was free.

Bo: Ah. You free?

Nora: Swamped. You?

Bo: I'm still dealing with Danielle Rayburn's disappearance.

Nora: Oh, my God, that poor kid.

Bo: Now with Elijah Clarke back on the scene--

Nora: I don't understand how that guy could still be alive.

Bo: Well, McBain has got our people looking, but until we have proof that Clarke is back in Llanview, we still have a missing girl.

Nora: You'll find her.

Bo: Yeah. That's what I keep telling Manning. You know what? He took her, he's sure putting on one hell of an act.

Nora: Well, it sounds to me like you got your hands full.

Bo: Sorry about lunch.

Nora: Oh, that's okay. I couldn't get away, either, which is why God

Bo: Aw, God, Red, I love you so much.

Dorian: I want you to take two pills and wash them down with a nice glass of water.

Kelly: No. I don't think so.

Dorian: Well, excuse me. I happen to be a doctor. I know what I'm doing, dear. Blair has not had any rest at all. She needs her sleep.

Kelly: Blair doesn't need to be knocked out.

Blair: What Blair needs is a little peace and quiet, so please. Kelly is right. I'm not' gonna get any rest until Dani is home safe.

Hannah: "Brody Lovett, Jessica, Robert Ford"? "Lying about all l these things. Can't be honest. Hurt too many people

James: He'll go away.

Brody: I know you're in there, Ford. The super said you were home.

James: Don't tell him.

Brody: You're gonna talk to me.

James: Don't tell him. Don't tell him.

Starr: James, is Dani okay?

James: He can't come in without a warrant, right?

Ford: Who said he doesn't have one?

Starr: What's going on?

James: Did the police find out what we did?

Starr: No, not from me, not from anyone over here.

Natalie: Hey, Cole.

Cole: Hey, didn't know you were still here.

Natalie: Yeah. I just finished collecting all of the evidence we need.

Cole: Did you come up with anything?

Natalie: Unfortunately not, but I did just find this. It's a chain with a bullet on it. Ever see anything like this before?

Blair: I just keep seeing Dani's face when they brought her over to Todd's to pack her things. I mean, she couldn't even put two words together.

Kelly: Do you think it was real? I mean, was she planning anything?

Blair: Well, the shock was absolutely real. No. She wasn't planning to run off from Todd and Ross or a court order. She was numb. She was scared. I should've grabbed her. I should've grabbed her. I should've put her in a room. I should've done that.

Dorian: No. Lot of good that would have done.

Blair: Dorian, I made a promise to Téa that I would look after her daughter, and I've done absolutely nothing. Now Dani is off God knows where, and it's all my fault!

Dorian: The kid has a father.

Todd: Dorian, hey, would you tell your guys to back off, please?

Dorian: Oh, and why should I?

Blair: What's going on?

Todd: Blair, Elijah Clarke is alive.

Ross: Hey, hey, hey!

Eli: I have a safe way out of town.

Ross: Man, this makes no sense. Listen. Why didn't you wait for us where we were supposed to meet you? That was the plan.

Eli: Well, sometimes plans have to change, Ross. I wasn't safe where I was.

Ross: Oh, right, so you come back to Llanview, where half the city wants to shoot you if they see you?

Eli: Yeah. That's why we got to move.

Ross: But this is nuts, man.

Eli: Listen. I know what I'm doing. I can get us both out of here safely. Now let's just go pick up Danielle and go.

Ross: We can't. That's the thing. Dani is gone. 

Man: Let's go.

Todd: Wait a minute. You heard the lady. Back off.

Kelly: Wait a minute! Stop! He's family.

Dorian: Oh, ex-family, but she's right. Gentlemen, you may go.

Todd: Don't bother coming back, either. You're not safe here, Blair.

Blair: Because of Eli?

Todd: Yeah. He's alive.

Blair: What, did you get a call from him? Like you got a call from Téa?

Todd: No. I'm not hearing things. This is coming straight from John McBain. He's definitely alive.

[Pounding on door]

Ford: Chill out! I'm not dressed.

Brody: Get dressed. I'm not going anywhere.

Starr: James, what happened?

James: I don't know. I gotta go, okay? Dude, don't turn Dani in.

Ford: The cops are here. You want to go to jail?

James: Look. That cop doesn't know she's here.

Ford: You want to bet your future on it?

James: It's just a hunch, dude. If they knew she was here, they would've busted down the door already.

Ford: They're already here, and they're at our door.

James: Okay. Just get rid of the cops, please, and if you want her gone, I'll move her, okay?

Ford: Yeah, like that would be easy.

Brody: Clock is ticking, Ford. Put on some pants and open up.

James: Please. Nate would do it for you, dude.

Ford: You don't know that.

Brody: Last chance.

Ford: Go, go. What right do you have to barge into my apartment?

Brody: You let me in.

Ford: You're alone.

Brody: You were expecting the cops?

Ford: I was expecting some peace and quiet at home. What do you want?

Brody: What are you hiding? In here?

[Cell phone vibrates]

James: No.

Starr: Uh! Why won't you answer?

Natalie: It's very strange. Is this maybe a new trend?

Cole: What?

Natalie: I mean, have you seen it around campus?

Cole: No.

Natalie: So it's not a Goth thing.

Cole: Not that I know of.

Natalie: So who would wear something like this?

Cole: Huh. It would take a total jackass to wear something that stupid.

Natalie: Like who?

Starr: Cole.

Natalie: Does this jackass have a name?

Cole: Ask Starr.

Kelly: How could Eli be alive?

Blair: I shot him.

Todd: With blanks.

Blair: What?

Todd: What happened in Tahiti was staged. He and his brother rigged it because the heat was on them.

Blair: Todd, come on. That's not true.

Todd: Well, if you don't believe was me, ask John McBain. He's the one that figured it out.

Blair: I just don't believe it.

Kelly: Eli is coming here, isn't he?

Todd: That might be his next stop. Yes.

Eli: Whoa, wait a second. You said you won, right? You won in court. You got custody of Danielle, and the will worked. Everyone believed it.

Ross: Yes, yes. I won. Dani and I were supposed to leave last night.

Eli: Then what the hell happened?

Ross: She took off.

Eli: How could you let her out of your sight, Ross? You had one job.

Ross: Hey, you know what? The judge told me to just leave her while she was packing and saying her good-byes. Come on, man. The cops were crawling all over the place.

Eli: So what, did she just disappear?

Ross: Yeah. She gave them the slip.

Eli: Or Todd Manning had her taken.

Ross: No, no. I was all over that. So were the cops. That had nothing on him.

Eli: And what are the cops doing right now?

Ross: They're looking for her full force.

Eli: Oh, my God, that's perfect, just what we need--a whole town crawling with police

Ross: If they find my daughter, I don't care.

Eli: You'll care if Todd Manning took her and you'll never see her again.

Ross: Don't say that.

Eli: Come on, Ross. How could you let this happen? I'll lose everything I worked so hard for.

Ross: I'm sorry. What have you worked so hard for?

Todd: I'm gonna check out back. You guys stay here. Stay put, all right? Don't leave this room.

Blair: My God, I still don't believe it.

Dorian: If Elijah Clarke is alive, then this house could be his first stop.

Blair: Oh...


Dorian: This is Mayor Lord. I want you to bring the police...

Kelly: He must have snapped.

Blair: Do you believe it?

Kelly: Yeah. I do. Eli has nowhere else to run.

Blair: Oh...

Dorian: He's got nothing left to lose. He's hell-bent for revenge. Kelly, your investigation is what exposed him. Blair, you tried to kill him. It's just a question of which one of you is gonna be his first target.

Ross: So what have you worked so hard for?

Eli: Getting Danielle back for you, bro.

Ross: Dude, why do you seem more upset about Dani being gone than I do?

Eli: We need Danielle.

Ross: Look. You know what? Go back to Caracas, okay? That was the plan. Wait there, and I'll meet you as soon as I find Dani.

Eli: Why?

Ross: What?

Eli: Why would you even ever go to Caracas? You have everything you want. What about me, Ross?

Ross: What about you? Dude, you're free. Everybody thinks you're dead, okay? I'm the one who has to leave the country. So go so you can become another guy again.

Eli: See, that takes cash, cash I no longer have, thanks to John McBain and Kelly telling Blair everything.

Ross: Look. I'm sorry about that, okay, bro, but I'm not leaving until--

Eli: You have the answer. Don't you get it? We can use Danielle to squeeze Todd Manning for every penny he has.

Kelly: He'd be crazy to show up here, Todd. He'd be crazy.

Todd: Yeah. Of course he's crazy, and her highness' security guards barely stopped me.

Dorian: Excuse me. I have already called in the police.

Blair: Oh, my God, Dani. Todd, Eli has Dani.

Todd: No. He doesn't. He doesn't. No. McBain said he wouldn't have had time to get here.

Blair: Well, you don't know that for sure. I mean, what are you sitting here worried about us when Dani is out there.

Todd: I think I know who has Dani.

Dorian: Well, why didn't you just tell us when you came in?

Blair: Where is she?

Todd: I don't know where she is. I just know who has her.

Blair: We got to find her, Todd!

Todd: As long as she stays hidden, she stays safe.

James: Just stay there, Dani, okay? I don't know what Bobby is gonna say. Stay.

Ford: What do you think I'm hiding here?

Brody: An underage girl. That is how you like them, right?

Ford: Come on. I don't have a girl here.

Brody: You just like to walk around naked in the middle of the day?

Ford: I took a shower.

Brody: You alone?

Ford: No. My little brother is studying in the back room. So what do you want, Officer?

Brody: Oh, this isn't a police visit. I'm here about Jessica.

Marty: Hey, Hannah.

Hannah: Hey.

Marty: What are you doing?

Hannah: I was just trying to clean up, and I made a bigger mess.

Marty: Those are my case files.

Hannah: I think I got them all back in order.

Marty: No. They're confidential.

Hannah: I know. I have been one of these files. I wasn't being nosy. I just dropped them, and I was picking them up from the floor, and I started dinner, so I'm gonna go check on it.

Ford: Jessica? I've got nothing to say about her. Why won't you take yes for an answer? The baby is both of yours.

Brody: You don't know that until the paternity test proves you're not the father.

Ford: I can't wait.

Brody: Neither can we. Meantime, I have to make sure Jessica stays healthy until the baby is born.

Ford: I'm sure you will.

Brody: Not that simple. The idea that it's even possible that you are the baby's father is stressing her out. I just came from the doctor's office. Jessica has been put on bed rest--

Ford: Why? Is she okay?

Brody: What's it to you?

Starr: Did you want to ask me something?

Natalie: Yeah. I just finished collecting evidence trying to figure out where your sister might be, and I found this. It was right here outside Dani's window. Thought maybe it must've fell off of her when she left.

Starr: It doesn't look like hers.

Natalie: No. No. It doesn't, does it? Kind of looks more like a guy thing. Maybe the person who helped her was wearing it?

Starr: Maybe it's been here for a while.

Natalie: No. It's actually pretty clean, and it rained the night before last, so if it's been there a while, yeah, it definitely would show it. You know what? You can also tell more things about would like this bullet is no ordinary bullet. It's been fired from a .38. Couldn't you tell?

Starr: I don't know guns.

Natalie: But didn't you fire a .38 when you shot James? You know, James is Dani's boyfriend's brother. Small world.

Starr: I guess.

Natalie: Starr, is this James' necklace?

Starr: Yeah.

Bo: There's CSU on the case?

Nora: I'll bring the evidence down there myself. I'm not letting this guy walk.

Bo: All right. Let me know when they finish.

Nora: Right. Just let me know as soon as you can. Any luck? Natalie is working the scene at Manning's house, but if she found anything at all, a smoking gun, we would have heard something by now.

Nora: If he finds anything at all, his lawyer is gonna file a suppression.

Bo: Hmm. How's the Muhhy case?

Nora: Oh, my God, the lawyer says nothing was in plain sight. The evidence was not in plain sight. The cops found it by walking in there. How much me plain sight can you get? What are you looking for?

Bo: Ketchup.

Nora: Oh. Here.

Bo: What?

Nora: I only used half.

Bo: Not enough. This is not right.

Nora: What, the ketchup.

Bo: No. This. All of this.

Ross: No, no, no. You actually think you can shake down Todd? Come on. You saw Téa's will. Dani's money is all tied up in a trust until she's of age.

Eli: You don't think Manning would be willing to cough all that up and more just to get his daughter back?

Ross: She's not going back to Todd. I won't give her back to Todd, not for anything.

Eli: What if she's not yours to give?

Blair: Can't believe that Eli is still out there walking around.

Todd: I can't believe I agree with Dorian, but she's right. It's not safe out there for you.

Blair: I'm not gonna let Eli intimidate me.

Todd: Then be smart at least. God, you need protection, and if you're not gonna do it, I'm gonna do it.

Ford: Well, Jessica is a human being. I know you guys want this baby.

Brody: You do not get to pass yourself off as human.

Ford: Fine.

Brody: Don't talk about her. You forget she exists.

Ford: That'd be easier if you weren't always in my face about it.

Brody: I'm serious, Ford. There will not be a fight over this baby. I have spent the last day looking for a runaway girl who had two dads fighting over her. That will not happen to me and Jess.

Ford: All right. Don't worry out it.

Brody: Okay. Oh, that missing girl is Danielle Rayburn.

Ford: Should that mean something to me?

Brody: She's your little brother Nate's girlfriend. You have a idea where she might be?

Ford: Nate and I barely speak. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend.

Brody: You hear anything about Danielle, you call the station. Otherwise...

[Door closes]

James: You could be a father?

Marty: Okay, Hannah. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to skip dinner.

Hannah: Aw, really?

Marty: Yeah. I've got business to take care of.

Hannah: Business?

Marty: Nothing to worry about. I will let you know when I'm gonna be back. Are you gonna be okay here?

Hannah: Yeah. I'll keep dinner warm, and we'll have it when you get back.

Marty: Sounds good.

Natalie: You know that this is James' necklace?

Starr: Yeah.

Natalie: And is this the bullet that you shot him with?

Starr: I know it's weird, but he had that made. He says that it reminds him of me.

Natalie: So he has a thing for you?

Starr: Sort of, but I told him that I was with Cole and that was it, and when he finally got it, he took off the necklace and threw it at me.

Natalie: James was here yesterday?

Starr: Oh, no, no, no. This was a while ago.

Natalie: Oh. So how did is necklace end up outside of Dani's window?

Starr: It must have happened while I was looking for Dani.

Natalie: So you carry this around with you?

Starr: I figure that James is gonna want it back eventually.

Natalie: You keep it with you.

Starr: Well, yeah. I mean, not all the time. It just sort of happened. I know it sounds weird, but have you ever gotten stuck with something of some guy's? You don't mean to end up with it, but you do and you can't just throw it away.

Natalie: Yeah. Actually, I do.

Starr: I'm really sorry that it's not a clue.

Natalie: So, James didn't just drop this outside of Dani's window.

Starr: No. No. No. It was definitely me. I dropped it. Can I have it back?

Natalie: Call me if you hear from your sister.

Starr: Sure.

Natalie: Cole didn't seem very happy when he saw that necklace.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Darling. Why don't you come inside, because it's just a bit chilly out.

Kelly: Why? You think being outside makes me a target?

Dorian: These men protect us if Elijah shows up. Do not make their job any harder.

Kelly: Come on, Eli. Show your face, huh? I'm waiting.

Ross: Kelly, Dani's mine.

Eli: Of course she is, Ross. I'm not saying she isn't.

Ross: Then what are you saying? What are we doing here, Eli?

Eli: Don't you want to stick it to Todd Manning? This is the way. Look, I'll be the bad guy. I'll take Danielle, and Todd won't get her back until he pays up.

Ross: You're not listening. Todd won't get Dani back.

Eli: Of course, I'm not stupid. I will bring Danielle back to you once Todd pays. Then you can live your life and I'll ride off into the proverbial sunset.

Ross: With Dani's trust fund.

Eli: Well, you can provide that payment for me getting you custody of your daughter. I thought that's what you wanted.

Ross: It is.

Eli: Great. Then this works for everybody. All you need to do is play along. Got me? Now let's go find Danielle and get out of here.

Ross: Let me check in and see if there's any word on where she might be.

Eli: Okay. Who you calling?

Ross: I'm calling the police. Like you said, they're expecting it.

Eli: All right. Ross, are you with me?

Ross: Yeah, sure.

Eli: Then hang up the phone.

Cole: I smell lasagna.

Hannah: It's the only thing I know how to cook.

Cole: My mom likes it.

Hannah: She had to go meet Detective McBain, but she should be back soon.

Cole: Well, I came to see you.

Hannah: Why?

Cole: To apologize.

Hannah: What for?

Cole: For avoiding you.

Hannah: I don't blame you. After everything I've done. And really, you don't have to worry. I am gonna keep my distance.

Cole: What--what if I don't want that?

Hannah: You don't?

Cole: No. I mean, I agreed to it, just like Starr agreed to stay away from James, but...she hasn't done it. So why should I?

James: You got some girl pregnant?

Ford: What were you doing eavesdropping?

James: I had to know if you were gonna tell him about Dani.

Ford: You're welcome, by the way.

James: Well, who'd you get pregnant?

Ford: I didn't. I hooked up with Brody's girlfriend after they broke up, and then they got back together and she found out she was pregnant.

James: And it could be your baby?

Ford: Like a completely slim chance, and he still shows up to threaten me about it.

James: Wait. Is it that blonde chick who was here a couple weeks ago?

Ford: It doesn't matter.

James: Dude, she could be having your baby.

Ford: No. Jessica and crazy cop are in love. They're engaged. They're gonna have this baby.

James: But what if it is your baby?

Ford: I don't want anything to do with this baby.

James: That's not what I heard.

Ford: God, you're as bad as he is. How many times do I have to say it?

James: I heard what you said when you were worried about her being sick.

Ford: I was being protective.

James: Mm. You were worried about that baby. You could be...

Ford: I don't want anything to do with this baby.

James: So, what? You're just gonna cut it loose? No matter what, you can't be bothered?

Ford: No, it's not-

James: Just like Mom?

Marty: Hey, Brody.

Brody: Hey.

Marty: This is becoming a regular event. How are you doing?

Brody: I've been better. I've been worse.

Marty: Well, you know, if you ever want to talk again, please call me.

Brody: I'll do that. Thanks.

Natalie: Hi, Marty. What can I do for you?

Marty: I'm just here to see John.

Natalie: Oh. What about?

Marty: It's personal.

Natalie: I can never do this right. Why do I even try?

Brody: I like Marty.

Natalie: I try to. I mean, I really do. I make an effort.

Brody: How you feel about her is your business. She's been helpful to me.

Natalie: Really? How?

Brody: We're not in the easiest position here. Between us, and me and Jess and Ford, it's been hard to deal.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Brody, you didn't tell Marty about us, did you?

Todd: We all get the kids and we'll be out of here in 10.

Blair: No, Todd, I am not gonna yank the boys out of their beds, scare them to death. Well, I'm not gonna go, then.

Todd: It is not safe here for you, Blair.

Blair: This is Dorian's house. She is the mayor. It's a mansion. It's got all kinds of security.

Todd: Security which Eli Clarke knows by heart, certainly. He lived here when you guys were engaged, right? Practically? You don't think he knows every weakness in the system?

Blair: Oh, what do you suggest? Maybe go to your house because it's so much safer?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Wait?

Todd: Yeah. We could drop anchor in the harbor and that way no one can sneak up on us. And when I get Dani back, we'll go sailing,

Blair: We can't just sail off somewhere, Todd. We have a life here.

Todd: Well, you won't have a life if Eli comes for you. damn it, just do this for me, please.

Blair: Why are you making this about me?

Todd: Because I lost Téa and I just don't want to lose you.

Eli: Give me the phone. The phone, Ross.

Ross: I’m your brother.

Eli: And look how much that cost me. I had a perfectly nice life until you called me last year whining about Téa taking your daughter.

Ross: I thought you wanted to protect your niece.

Eli: Oh, was that why you blackmailed me?

Ross: I was desperate.

Eli: And here you are again. The story of your sad, sorry life.

Ross: You won't kill me.

Eli: Why? Are you counting on our close family bond?

Ross: Eli, this isn't you, man.

Eli: Tell me again how you got your daughter back?

Ross: You faked Téa's will.

Eli: Which only mattered if Téa died, right?

Ross: She was sick she had a terminal illness.

Eli: Oh, yes, she did, thanks to Dr. Greg Evans pumping her full of poison...on my orders.

Ross: What?

Eli: You see how hard I worked for you? I was trying to be a good brother.

Ross: You killed Téa?

Eli: And you're next.

Hannah: Whatever happened, James, that doesn't matter. She loves you and you love her. That doesn't change anything.

Cole: Then why is it every time we turn around, they're together? She promised she would stay away.

Hannah: You promised you'd stay away from me. But here you are. It doesn't mean anything.

Cole: Yeah, but we went through something, Hannah.

Hannah: Ahh. So did Starr and James. It doesn't mean that she loves you any less.

Cole: Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be dumping this on you.

Hannah: Well, you can tell me anything.

Cole: I'm such a hypocrite. Here I am going on and on about Starr having these feelings for someone else...but she's not the only one.

Hannah: It happens to a lot of couples.

Cole: No, I mean... I have feelings for someone else, too.

Ford: You are a clueless little punk.

James: And you don't even want to know your own kid.

Ford: It's not the same as our mom, dude.

James: Yeah: How? How is it not the same?

Ford: Well, for one thing, it's probably not even my kid. And the mom's a Buchanan, which means it's set for life.

James: Who cares, man? That's just money.

Ford: Well, it doesn't hurt, in case you haven't noticed. This kid is gonna be in a good home with 2 parents who care about it.

James: Yeah, one of which is crazy cop. Look, I'm just saying, Bobby, you would make a good dad. And the Fords could be a good family, too.

Ford: Not if we're in jail for kidnapping a minor.

James: No, no. That is not gonna happen.

Ford: Can you promise me that?

James: You want us to leave?

Ford: What "us"?

James: Look, you were cool with Lovett and that's all I asked, but if you want us to go, just say--

Ford: No, no. Quit talking like that. You'd really leave with this girl?

James: Well, I'm not just gonna throw her out.

Ford: Yeah. I know. Okay.

James: Yeah?

Ford: Just until we can figure something else out.

James: Ah, thank you, Bobby. Nate is gonna be grateful.

Ford: I'm not doing it for Nate. I just can't stand that smug look on Brody's face. No way I'd help him out.

Brody: No.

Natalie: You just said that you were talking to Marty and she was helping you deal with--

Brody: I never told her about you and me.

Natalie: So what did you say to Marty, exactly?

Brody: It was about Ford and Jessica, mostly, and I'm having a hard time dealing with the Ford thing.

Natalie: That's all?

Brody: I needed someone to talk to.

Natalie: You can talk to me.

Brody: No, I can't. Every time we're alone together, there's a risk someone catches on. It'll get better. Maybe I'll get better at it.

Natalie: At what?

Brody: Lying to Jessica. Marty told me I should tell her the truth.

Natalie: She would.

Brody: She's probably right, but I--when I saw Jessica, I couldn't do I not completely. She's still freaking out about Ford being this baby's father. Dr. Wright put her on bed rest.

Natalie: She did?

Brody: Today. Her blood pressure's too high.

Natalie: Is she gonna be all right??

Brody: She should be, but I can't pile any more on. Jessica doesn't need more stress.

Natalie: No. No, you're absolutely right. So you're gonna keep quiet about us?

Brody: For now. It's the best thing.

Blair: You are not going to lose me.

Todd: You can't say that. You almost died in Tahiti, didn't you?

Blair: Well, I'm not gonna be that stupid again.

Todd: No, you're not gonna be that stupid again. I'm gonna be there to stop you this time. Listen...I had to watch Dani hear that her mother was dead. It was devastating. I don't want to put our kids through that, okay? They need you alive. We all do, okay? Come with me.

Dorian: I want Elijah Clarke caught just as much as you do. But let's leave this up to the police.

Kelly: Yeah. How did that work out so far? You know, they wouldn't even know one thing about Eli if it weren't for me. Nobody even believed that my mother was killed.

Dorian: Yes, that is true, but you've done your job.

Kelly: No. Not until Eli Clarke pays.

Dorian: I loved your mother. I loved her so much. My sister never got anything she deserved in life except, of course, you.

Kelly: Don't make me cry.

Dorian: Sweetheart, she would not want you wrecking your life this way

Kelly: Don't you want to see this man dead?

Dorian: Yes. Oh, I would. But you see, vengeance is a vet dark and messy road to go down, and you could lose your soul. So I'm not gonna let that happen to you. No way. No please, let's leave this up to the police. Now, come into the house.

Todd: Do I have beg you? All right. Go get the boys.

Blair: I'm not gonna wake them up until I have them all packed.

Todd: That's fine. Gotta go get the boat out anyway. All right. Be right back.

Blair: Todd, hurry back.

Ross: Oh, man, I can't believe you killed Téa.

Eli: My brother wanted his daughter. I did whatever it took.

Ross: I'm gonna be sick.

Eli: Not for too long.

Ross: Eli, what the hell do you want?

Eli: Nothing. You have nothing for me, Ross. If only you could've held on to Danielle for an hour, gotten her out of the country--

Ross: You would've killed me anyway once Todd gave you the money.

Eli: Don't get mad at me. Be mad at John McBain. I'd be a rich, married man right now and you and Dani would be off surfing somewhere if it weren't for him.

Ross: He told me you'd do this. He said you'd turn on me.

Eli: You should've listened.

James: Where you going?

Ford: To get some food for our guest. I hope she likes spaghetti, because that's all that's in the budget.

James: Thanks, Bobby. Hey. You are a good guy. I mean, you're protective.

Ford: Don't.

James: What? I'm just saying. You're a natural.

Ford: I don't want to hear it. The baby isn't mine. End of story.

James: Okay.

Natalie: Look, I'm really sorry that things are so intense for Jess right now, but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

Brody: Keep her company so she doesn't go stir crazy. I know it's hard, with everything.

Natalie: Are you kidding? It's a piece of cake. If I can hold it together to do that, you've got to stop talking to Marty.

Brody: I would never tell her about you and me. Even if I did, she'd have to keep I confidential.

Natalie: I don't care. I know everyone around here thinks that she's St. Marty and such a great doctor and all, but I don't trust her. So please, find a new therapist.

Nora: Oh, my God, my God, oh, my God. Are you saying--what are you saying? You've lost your taste for Rodi's burgers? Because if that's the case, I have to question a few things, starting with, like, the order of the universe. Bono. I mean, the burgers, they're great.

Nora: It's me. It's me. Oh, my. God. Is it me? It's me.

Bo: Come on. Red.

Nora: Then what is it?

Bo: It's this. It's a lot of this here. Do you realize that we've eaten the last--what, our last 8 meals out of 10 in this office?

Nora: It's really more like best of 7.

Bo: Those aren't great numbers.

Nora: Yeah. But, I mean, we want to see each other, you know?

Bo: Yeah, ah, but if we see each other, don't we have to have, like, eye contact?

Nora: Yeah. I miss you. I miss us.

Bo: Well, I miss you, too.

Nora: Well, then, what are we supposed to do? What do you suggest?

Bo: You know, McBain is handling the Rayburn disappearance and everything. Can your assistant take care of things for you for, say, about an hour?

Nora: Probably. Wait. Just to before? Clear, what exactly is it that I'm agreeing to?

Bo: We're gonna blow this joint.

Hannah: This isn't a joke?

Cole: No, it isn't. I care about you, Hannah. More than care about you.

Hannah: Why would you say that?

Cole: Because it's true.

Hannah: If you're trying to make a fool of me, I do a pretty good job of that on my own.

Cole: Look, that's the last thing I want to do. I--

Hannah: Don't...say... no.

Cole: You don't even know what I was gonna say.

Hannah: Well, it sounded like you were about to say what I've always wanted to hear from you and that can't be, because you'll say it and then you'll take it back.

Cole: Hannah, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, okay? This isn't a joke. It isn't revenge. It's the truth.

[Knocking on door]

James: Well, that was fast. What'd you forget--your keys?

Dorian: They're going to catch him.

Kelly: Know what? They're gonna try. But I'm gonna feel better when they catch him and they put him in jail. How long has Elijah Clarke been gotten away with murder? Literally. He's capable of anything.

Ross: What's wrong with you?

Eli: I really am sorry it ended up like this, Ross. I always loved you, even when you were a pain. It was nice having a brother.

Ross: Ah, Dani--

Eli: Shh. Shh. Don't worry. You'll be together again soon.

Ross: Aah!

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